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October 19, 2002

woo! i have switched!

hey all! so this is what MT feels like, huh? i really dig it so far! now to figure out the "moving my old blogger files" over thing....

where's my old stuff?

hey! okay so i haven't quite been able to switch all of my old files over to MT.... not to worry... they can all be found here in my blogger archives.... whch can be accesses in that little link on the right for now... the one that says old gc entries

OR, better yet, go visit them at the saved version of my blogger files... i know i will

the mighty quinn

ah.... i have to throw kudos at quinn (again) for helping me set this up --- you are a godsend, my dear!!

just a note: hugh hefner is on mtv cribs showing his spider monkey.... no... really! it's a real spider monkey! get yer head outta the gutter!

who let the ghost dogs out?

boo. boo. boo. woof.

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allow the bidding war to commence...

so in between wrangling MT today, i have placed two bids on ebay...

one for an old version of dreamweaver for the mac, and another for an old version of image ready...

that's all i need. that's what i was using before the Great Crash of 2002 when i lost everything.

on a lighter note... quinn may be heading into town next weekend and if it's a go, we's having din-din.... keen!

October 20, 2002

theories from a sneeze

well, i woke myself up sneezing again... a split second before the rugrat upstairs began screaming "Daaaaaaad? Daaaaaaaaad?" and stomping around over my head.

i also dreamt that i was trying to piece together all the sniper clues and was heading down to find him.

i do think that this jackass has been parking on backroads and walking/running back to the van through trees,etc and having an easy getaway. i also think that there are more than 1 van...

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fiddling and tired

so for a little while last night and this morning, i got a bug in my head to try and "change this site up" a bit...

it's not there yet, but i have been futzing around.... there are kinks and i want y'all to test it out, see if you throw up from it, tell me if you like the regular site, or if you want me to go a "little bolder"

see, i don't have dreamweaver or image ready anymore, so i have been designing this in simpletext and an old photoshop, so it may be effed up terribly.

trying to fiddle with the links and such, i know they are a bit dark on the one side - yrt not on the other... can't figure out how to make it so they aren't universal throughout the site

neither nor

actually i don't like the newer "design" that i mentioned in the last post. and i am getting a feeling of weak blah about this regular version as well...
7 hours and 20 minutes til dreamweaver is mine... and another day and a half til image ready is mine as well (then i have to wait for shipping)

comedian with kleenex

was supposed to meet my comedy sister, Monica, in the city tonight to see comedian - the seinfeld documentary - and then we were gonna go to an open mic...

had to cancel... i have been feeling punky since friday night, but it's blossomed into a horrible cold... gonna go rummage around in my fridge for some cherry flavoured nyQuil or cherry alka seltzer cold (the drugs of choice here at

ya' snooze ya' lose

eff. i took my alka seltzer cold cherry flavoured beverage (the official drug of gigglechick�), fell asleep at 3pm and i just woke up.

i woke up to find that some !@#*& outbid me by one effing dollar at the last minute.


so i took it into my own hands and shelled out $63 for this beauty

endzone dance!

i won my pool at work!!! wooooo! i think that's $130.... yay! that'll help out with the ebay purchase! usually i am in the pool where my mom works... unfortunately, this week she didn't have to work on friday and didn't get my picks in. dang. that would have been another $100 or so.

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October 21, 2002

dragging my body

*sniffle* *cough*

i am sick. very sick.

unfortunately i was out sick 2 days last week, we have another designer starting today and i have a ton of stuff to work on....

the alka seltzer knocks me out. gotta get gas before work, no time to buy cold meds...ahh....just remembered we have a little store in the bowels of my i never go there.

snaggin' the sniper?

Police looking for the sniper who has terrorized the Washington, D.C., area for nearly three weeks picked up two men for questioning Monday, federal law enforcement sources said.

never answer a ringing payphone

RICHMOND, Va., Oct. 21 � A SWAT team working with the sniper task force seized a man in a white van at a gas station Monday, but less than an hour later, investigators issued a statement suggesting the man was not the gunman terrorizing the Washington, D.C., area.

click below for my theory as to why this fella isn't the sniper.

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more incredibly important news...

Ozzy Osbourne Freaked Out Meeting Queen Elizabeth

He confessed to Britain's Radio Times: "I freaked out. I assumed I was the in-house joke. The queen spoke to me but I haven't a clue what she said. Look at photographs -- I'm in shock."


does anyone know why parasites have simple sensory systems?

(girl at work needs to know the answer)


October 22, 2002

sniper didn't hit snooze

so now the sniper (possibly) has struck at about 6am... sheesh... dude, get some rest, you manic little bastard. maybe a little rest and relaxation will help you...

i suggest utilizing the cultural facilities that are near you before heding to mexico....

try this... Deceptions and Illusions:Five Centuries of Trompe l'Oeil Painting

looks quite interesting and you like deception, right?

i doubt they allow guns, so please leave that at home. oh, what the hell, take the gun with you so they can effing catch you.

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outbreak monkey

so last week a girl i work with had pink eye - a.k.a - conjunctivitis... oh joy.

this weekend, as you know, i wasn't feeling very keen... sneezing, tired, ill. still feeling that way - except yesterday and today my eyes have been burning.


well i freaked out, went to the doctor (new doctor. cute physician's assistant named mike...)

wasn�t pink eye � just to ease your mind

was bad allergies � how embarrassing, eh? here i thought i had a perfectly good contagious disease�

so he slapped me on Zyrtec-D... hopefully this will kick clarinex's ass.

smokey is my friend, bandit

woo! got the police report back for the accident last thursday! i am IN THE RIGHT! woo!

apparently the driver of the other vehicle was some 29 year old @#%! named, get this, this is her first name - not giving the last...


what the heck?

take that, freak...

#1. for ramming into my poor cavalier...
#2. for saying i ran the stop sign - which i most certainly DID NOT.
#3. for talking the "eyewitness" into saying that i ran the stopsign 5 minutes AFTER he said to me that was in the right and that "Paagiota" was "going way too fast and hit" me....

bring it.

October 23, 2002

afghani mange lip

have chapped lips. arrrrgh.

so last night, i went to the weight watchers meeting in paramus... who should the leader be but the leader i used to have in jersey city... yay! she's the one that was really inspiring and i had much success with...

after the meeting i headed to shop-rite and bought a whole slew of good stuff...

made myself a salad at 7:30am and had it for lunch... (baby greens, cucumber, sunflower seeds, reduced fat feta and fat free balsamic vinagrette...)

was good...

i AM going to kick ass with this losing weight thing THIS time... 55pounds by june... i can do it... that's like, 2 pounds a week... can do~!

in france, they're called garb�ge...

gotta say tonight was cool.... cathy and i went to see Garbage and No Doubt at the continental airlines arena... garbage was great! gotta admit, i never really was a garbage fan - or so i thought...didn't know that i knew a handful of their songs... i am so bad with remembering names of groups and matching up their songs...

cathy wrote an article about the lighting guy/production dude for garbage who's also a friend of hers... so we sat in the lighting console.... twas cool... THANKS CATH!!! pass to the show...

also went to joanne's to see her new baby!! so cute!!! so teeny!!! :)

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October 24, 2002

like a duck in a noose? huh? or moose?

The two men are believed to be driving a 1990 blue and burgundy 1990 Chevrolet Caprice with a New Jersey license plate NDA-21Z

john allen williams.... go. see if you know him.

hmmmmm interesting title/author for an article in 2000 ... coincidence?

(not this guy)

the moose call about the duck noose

had no idea what the hell he meant by "like a duck in a noose"...

apparently, it's some sort of folktale...

version 1

version 2

version 3

alzheimers is a blessing

Hi Erin,

I guess since you have not heard from me that you probably assumed that we
are not going to get together tomorrow night. The story is that I got back
together with the person I was recently dating and we are going to give it
another try. I'm sorry if you feel like I was playing around here. That
was certainly the case. You were nice and I just wanted to be honest with

Good luck in your search,


eh....yikes...i'd forgotten all about the blind date....

heh. oh well... no big deal...

October 25, 2002

no credit! bad credit! no problem! right.


so here's the skinny - my credit seems to be "not so desirable"... i am in debt about $300... seriously. that's it. (not counting the car payments, but that's not an issue)

i am turned down for credit cards left and right... meanwhile there was a lottery winner a year or so ago who was an immigrant from the philipines, was $600,000 in debt, had declared bankruptcy twice and still had SEVENTY TWO credit cards...

i can't even get a secured Capital One...or even a Sears card for that matter...

so i went on the experian website tonight - they used to be TRW - to see what's what with my history

first off, they spelled my name wrong... WRONG

second... eh... they have my birthday as 06/21/1971

if i am not mistaken, i was born in 1970

they have me working for only 2 companies and according to them, the last time i worked was in 1997... before that was 1993 (i have only had a total of 11 months unemployment between 1993 and 2002... and eight jobs to show for it)

as far as my previous addresses... they have me listed as living in 8 different homes... they have 3 addresses duplicated... with the apartment numbers being the difference... so i look like i move around a LOT... i have been in this apartment alone for 5 and a half years.


and my student loans are listed as outstanding (outstanding in a bad way)... i paid them all off in FULL last february of 2001. asses.


this WILL get straightened out. as God as my witness [insert Scarlett O'Hara drawl and drama here]



i just set up and did the huge honking gif for this site...
yay... i can almost smell the freelance check right now - hellooooo car payment!

oh sweet nectar of the sea

cafeteria has a guy prepare sushi every friday - i have to tell you that i could eat about 756 tuna rolls from this guy if they let me... really good - and no one has died yet

gigglechick darwinism

it's evolving... slowly... a very subtle remodeling is taking place on this blog...

October 26, 2002

just you wait, 'enry 'iggins

so i am supposed to meet quinn today.... i have a ton of stuff to do during the day so i think that we should probably meet this evening... he drove down with his buddy from nova scotia to see his pal's girlfriend in brooklyn...

whoa... hold the phone, just read his post - he'd called me yesterday:

And Erin has the cutest phone voice, with just a touch of the Jersey accent. She says "cahwbs", not "cabs." Hee hee hee..

i don't have that kind of accent! that's not a jersey accent, that's a speech impedement that quinn wrote there, and i certainly didn't say it like that! i MAY have said it like "kêhbs" but so didn't say it like "cahwbs"... i say that when i am saying "corn on the cahwb"

and he's one to talk! quinn has that crazy canadian accent thing going!

(note to self: instead of saying 'cabs' say 'taxis')


think i am really getting a cold... the allergy medicine is not helping with sniffles... i have so much stuff to do today - laundry, dishes, cleaning the apartment - and feel like a slug... then i am meeting quinn at 6pm in the city... i gotta shake this thing.

am baking a potato right now which i am eyeballing through the oven window every 5 seconds... why's it take so long... i should just put it in the microwave, THEN slap the fat free cheddar and salsa on it in the oven... think that's what i am gonna do... (the salsa and f.f. cheddar are ww friendly)

from the mouths of babes...

snagged from nutz'so:

oh so classic...

when i grow up, i want to be a web designer... a freak. use terms nobody understands and convince myself i am no longer the geek i was in high school...

October 27, 2002

bloggers in the real world

so at approximately 6:10pm, i met quinn at the Harp bar on 32nd street... my usual rendevouz point to meet folks at... it's near the PATH train...

had a good time, walked around and then had turkey burgers at Dewey's Flatiron... where he actually gave me a kickass gift of OS 9 and OSX... yay!

quinn at 25th and broadway...

walked around more and then got likkered up on 4 cups of coffee apiece...

then i found him a gypsy cab and headed towards the PATH train...
quinn and i after 8 cups o' joe at midnight

a swell fella... glad to have met him finally... so he and his buddy are trekking back to Nova Scotia (or NoSco as i am officially dubbing it) tomorrow...

i feel complete now


i am once again with dreamweaver (now in MX!) and have imageready... as well as a buncha other goodies.... and my machine is running smooth as silk since i have now upgraded to os9.2


now i can hunker down, do freelance work, redesign my site and have a general feeling of peace and fulfillment with my mac...


(note to self... borrow font cd from work since i am working with 10 fonts)

set yer body clock back an hour, too

by the way, i got up at effing 7am on a sunday... i never get up that early without an alarm... yet the one effing day i CAN get an extra hour's sleep... *sheesh*

touch my 26 rallymonkeys

woo! angels! yep... i have grown to actually love this team ever since they beat the crap outta my yankees a few weeks ago...

just got back from mom's went down there for the day, watched the football games in leggett's... i met a few guys... saw a few ex's... saw a buncha other folks i hadn't seen for a while...

then i found my halloween costume i shall be wearing on thursday - all day.

drove home listening to the series.... happiness!

of course, happiness that the angels won the series is intermingled with sadness that baseball season is over.

October 28, 2002

my cubist period...

pretty effing cool...

flash rubik's cube....

[snagged from allofthegoodonesaretaken]

what i do at work

what i was working on for a good part of the day at work...

the 'model' is my friend/co-worker Fred... and this is an email that i have to send out to folks in the company

miss 20 below.

man alive! my landlords haven't turned the heat on... i am effing freezing... i have no control over the heat... dammit

October 29, 2002

a little test

hey all i am trying out a bit of script that i snagged off of click the "more" link below and hopefully all will be swell....

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overactive fork is broken

yay!!!! i just got back from my ww meeting and i LOST....


October 30, 2002

insomnia + boredom = change

well... i did it. i have done a "slight" makeover on the blog... i plan to carry the design throughout the rest of the site soon... i am really tired right now, but i would absolutely love to hear what y'all think of the new layout - yes, i kept the ABV (anti-baby vitamins) image... had to!

anyway... i am going to try and get some rest, since i have to code other website stuff for work tomorrow... sort of 24 hours of coding if you will...

have i mentioned how much i am in love with moveable type?!?

all hallow's eve eve

well, i have to tell you i am pretty excited about this layout. i have to implement it into the other templates on my site, so maybe i will try to do that tonight... probably not though... have to go out for a cocktail after work with the marketing kids... then i wanna go home and watch west wing... i have to get some sleep so i can get up early and throw on my halloween makeup and costume.... yay! halloween is tomorrow!

October 31, 2002

the unveiling!

happy halloween! okay - for those who wanted to know what i was going to be for this spectacular holiday.... here are a couple of photos already!!!!!! enjoy....

here i am being really serious at my desk

here i am with full frontal view!

(yes. i am a sack of potatoes... i went for the sexy look this year)

poppy's halloween trick

today has been the absolute BEST day for me in years!!!

everyone was freaking out about my costume... totally loving it! i got some EXCELLENT news at work (nope. sorry. can't talk about it on here) then prior to the halloween luncheon they nominated employees of the quarter - normally each manager only nominates one person - my boss nominated me and Fred, that was very cool. then the check for some freelance work i'd done came in... then i won the company costume party ($25 starbucks card... COFFEE!!!) a little later our desks we've been waiting for for months arrived and they look so keen!

then i got out of work at 6:30.

got home... took a shower... washed the goop off of my face... feeling fresh and relaxed and calm...

i sit down at my mac and on the keyboard is a folded piece of paper... i didn't have anything on my keyboard when i left for work this morning - and no one else has been in here...

i open it up and it's the piece of paper that i read from at my Poppy's funeral on February 13th, 1999... after i read it that day, i put it in a shoebox... the shoebox is in my closet... i haven't opened that box up since february of '99...

the paper contained the poem by Rudyard Kipling...

When Earth's Last Picture Is Painted

When Earth's last picture is painted and the tubes
are twisted and dried,
When the oldest colours have faded, and the
youngest critic has died,
We shall rest, and, faith, we shall need it -
lie down for an aeon or two
Till the Master of All Good Workmen shall put
us to work anew.

And those that were good shall be happy;
they shall sit in a golden chair;
They shall splash at a ten-league canvas with
brushes of comets' hair.
They shall find real saints to draw from -
Magdaline, Peter, and Paul;
They shall work for an age at a sitting and
never be tired at all!

so that is the poem i read at his funeral... i could barely get through it then - and as i just typed it out again, i am sitting here with happy tears... no i haven't been drinking.

see, when Poppy died, i had to do a reading and i didn't know what to say - he was an artist so they wanted me to read something about his artistic side... kerry read something that showed his love of the ocean...

i couldn't think of anything... McLean's "Starry Starry Night" popped in my head - but that's about VanGogh and he went loopy - Poppy wasn't loopy.

The day before the funeral about 2 hours before the wake, i was going through an old scrapbook of his and a page was bookmarked, i opened to that page and that poem was on a typewritten sheet of paper... and i knew he wanted me to read that.

and i know right now he's pulling a Halloween stunt saying hello and trying to freak me out - much like he did when i was young and he would rig wires to ghosts and witches outside to scare the hell out of us when we would come trick or treating at his house...

poppy, i miss you and i love you.... Happy All Saints Eve

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