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November 1, 2002


it's a "tibbar tibbar!" day

hair we grow.

wanna get my hair cut but have to keep growing it - at least so it looks like this again

cripes, he's teeny!

so my friends/ex bosses, joanne and peter had a baby on october 14th... cathy and i went over there last week to meet the new little rugrat... cute lil' guy...

hmmmmmm.... first time in 6 years i've held one of these critters...

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hippy hippy shake

so tonight after work i went to a place called Curves for Women

a few girls from work go there and even more folks at weight watchers go there... so i figured i might give it a shot... i signed up. i will start working out monday...

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November 2, 2002

excedrin's written all over it

headache. all day. staying in.... actually went and bought a ton of good stuff at the food store earlier and ran some errands... now am watching "behind enemy lines" - so far, it's pretty good

wooo! and New York is the U.S. nomination for the 2012 olympics! go new york, go new york go!

November 3, 2002


this keen link i snagged off of this page intentionally left blank

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very therapeutic

so i received an email yesterday from my former therapist - i haven't seen her in about 10 or 11 years... she was doing a search on her son and i guess using her last name and i apparently wrote good stuff about her back in march... so there was gigglechick.com staring back at her on the search engine... lo and behold, she wrote to say hi! she was my best therapist - not like the freaky woman i went to 3 times last year who kept calling me "Ann"

anyway - wants to meet for coffee soon... i did a search on her and she's doing seminars entitled "the positive power of humor" and "Positive Humor, Productive Perceptions, Powerful Results!" heh. cool.

i feel like i've graduated... i am able to meet her outside the office i spent a good 6 or 7 years in...

my mama's homebrew

so as i am getting ready to head down the shore for the day to help mom out around the house, i am sitting here winding down after a long hot shower in my fluffiest robe, slippers, towel around my hair and sipping from my first cup of homemade joe - brewed fresh from the coffee maker that my blog sugar daddy sent me about a month or so ago.... yum.

(it took me this long to use it because i hadn't bought milk for the fine beverage... although i HAVE been using the mug as my travel cup in the car and getting it filled every morning by the coffee cart at the corner of my street)


heh, i haven't read the comics in a while... i was on the homeless guy's site and found out that doonesbury has been yapping about blogging recently
just one of the strips...

November 4, 2002

impulse buying

so i almost shelled out $1450 today - actually i DID shell it out, i just had to cancel the order today...

what was i buying?

a PC *gasp* yes, i almost went over to the dark side...

i most likely WILL buy the damned thing after my next paycheck... i just have to figure out finances a little more...

i was so psyched when i ordered it online... we have a discount with DELL through work... then after i got the order confirmation, i began feeling ill...

so i cancelled... i am a woos. yup.

i have insurance and car repairs to pay for and the cash is whittling away quickly

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November 5, 2002

sweatin' like a hog

i went to Curves tonight! really had a good time... nice girls there. and i also got an effing workout. had to do the circuit 3 times... know that my body's gonna ache tomorrow...

actually heading to bed so that i wake up early and hop on the treadmill (that's the plan)

my future husband votes

as i was walking around the corner to the school behind my house where the voting takes place, i noticed a man walking down the stairs of a newly renovated brownstone that has apartments in it.

this was from 30 feet away... i saw him turn the corner in the direction of the polls...

as i approached the polling area, he was standing there... looking puzzled... he asked me, "is this the right place?" no, he's not a dolt. the place isn't marked well and is a little daunting with children running all over the place.

"it is, here, follow me" said i...

his last name starts with a K... i shan't say what it is...

i don't know the first name, but i know where he lives and his last name. yes... i am planning on stalking.

as i left the school, i had to walk the block and a half to my car.

i heard footsteps behind me... it was K...

as i reached my car, he was still there and slowing down, stepping into the street near me...

i took off my coat before i got into my car and he stopped at a red car that was parked in front of my house... opened the door and got in...

he looks like my ex-eric... but cuter... nice voice... and lives 40 feet from me...

jersey city isn't looking too bad right now~!

oddness with pc/mac/MT/blogger

strange. i have my fat yappings and open mics housed under blogger... i can see the pages fine on the mac... on the PC, however, i only see the right nav bars and they are squished over on the left of the page...

what the heck? help!


so my old office was like a cave - no light.... the new designer here, MD, and i decided to have a tall guy here, CF, remove some of the fluorescent lights...

after removing 5 of them... the 6th was pretty warm... and CF's hands were pretty sweaty...


yup... it exploded... all over the office...

MD and i are sitting here feeling like naughty kids who messed something up...

at least the room is pretty dark :)


now my old old archives from blogger are effed.

November 6, 2002

methinks it's fixed

okay - temporary band-aid on the other sections...

went to weight watchers last night....

going to Curves tonight... still sorta sore from monday...

happy anniversary to me!

ir was THREE YEARS ago today that i first walked onstage and did my set at Stand-Up NY...

remind me that i have to get back to an open mic...

so THAT'S how it's gonna happen...

i love the west wing. i say that every week. i didn't know how they were gonna get rid of rob lowe... now it's becoming clear.

right now i am watching barbara walters interview the osbournes... eh... barbara just said the word "tits"

i went to curves tonight - man i am beat... i am heading off to bed shortly... that darned place kicks yer arse in 30 minutes. really digging it! anyone else out there a member of it or know gals on it? i would love to hear if ya' are...

i have had approx. 450 visitors (an average) each day for the past few days (actually it's been like that for a year).... why are y'all so damned quiet!!??!

speak up, poppets!

November 7, 2002

mmm... turkey

so i had to draw a turkey today... real quick i slapped this together in 10 minutes... and i have made it into a desktop for anyone who wants this silly creature

turkey lurkey desktop

November 8, 2002

waste time at work

i've gotten p45.net's five o'clock shadow emailed to me for a good year and a half now, i suggest you go there and sign up for it...

it's good craic!

plans may be shot

so 6 of us from work were supposed to go grab a few cocktails tonight and force our boss to get a belly ring... now 3 girls are sick and i am actually hoping to postpone this - i am going out tomorrow night and don't wanna waste valuable ww points on 2 nights of drinking... sad, yes.

of course, if it's postponed til next week, i can't go because friday is when cowboy mouth plays at the bowery ballroom!


ah.... my job is so drab n' dreary ;)

this is what i did the last hour or so of work

holiday party - invite for headquarters....

November 9, 2002

goodbye, ruby tuesday's

so i got home last night at around 10... 3 of us from work went to ruby tuesday's for some grub and beer.
(i was good. turkey burger, fries, 2 beers - corona... oh. and some spinach con queso dip)

we had a good chat... started off with work, then it started off with relationships... which, once i lose the weight, get a new wardrobe, clean and reorganize my apartment, grow my hair - which, by the way, i am coming to terms with because i was able to use my old ConAir hot styling brush yesterday... do you KNOW what that means!?!?! DO YOU!?!?

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whoa, the dark side. yeaheahhh

snagged from starjewel...

Anakin's Switch Commercial

spoke to dad

haven't talked with my dad since october 8th... nope, it's not because of a fight or anything, we just aren't big phone people. although i speak with my mom every day. go figure...

anyway... around the beginning of this year his girlfriend had to have part of her lung removed because of cancer.... they had gotten it all... but then about 2 months ago it had attacked her trachea... so this week she starts chemo and radiation

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are you married!?

hey! if you are married or know of anyone who is AND also have a kick ass online wedding album, let me know.... post the link in the comments here!!!!!!

(example: dooce had a great one...)

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changing it up...

so i bought a new domain today so i could free up some of the space on gigglechick.com

it'll be called erinsportfolio.com to house my designs and illustrations and whatnot... instead of taking up a ton of space on this site...

my server allows 200MB of space and i am already at 170mb... this should seperate things pretty well...

not as if i am wanting to use the portfolio to find a job since i really dig where i am at, but if anyone is looking for a freelance thing, they can go there without having to see the rest of my site and freaking out.

November 10, 2002

twas a grand time...

i just got in... right now pasta is cooking on my stovetop... yep late night eating, blowing the weightloss all to hell in a handbasket... oh well...

first we saw Bloody Sunday which had me in tears.... please. go. see it. now.

then we went to Scratchers pub in the east village...

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dry hangover death mouth


nothing a LOT of toothpaste and water can't cure.

am heading down to mom's today. be back later.

random re-do!

woo.... My Favorite Stalker�, lee, has revamped his site! love it! and he did all this when he's in vacation jaunting around europe!

can't wait til he gets back so he can jaunt over to jersey and i can meet him face to face (yep. you have better get over here to NJ, mister)

November 11, 2002


i missed the sopranos last night... caught the repeat tonight...

i have to tell you - and this is sad - i felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders when tony whacked ralph! yay! happiness.

and i am glad that Pie Oh My's murder caused this wonderful thing to happen to effing ralph.

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November 12, 2002

j. blow

oh shepard smith... heh. he's gonna have a long day ahead of him today.

Talk about blowing it on national TV.

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith had something fairly egglike on his face last week when he launched into what should have been a straightforward item about tension between Jennifer Lopez and her old Bronx neighbors.

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dang. i had 10 wins and lost the oakland/denver game last night... HAD been in the running to win another week. poop

what's another word for thesaurus?

anyone need a kick ass thesaurus!?!?

November 13, 2002

fiddling with the site

so i am slowly - but surely - making the site uniform...

i just fiddled with the ireland section... go ahead... take a peek!!

Tagliatelle piccole a matasse

ah, hello, my little noodle

November 14, 2002

eh... get the (turkey) crave?

well, i really haven't had much to say lately... a few links hither and tither...

i gave you the turkey thanksgiving desktop....

now, i give you the White Castle Stuffing Recipe

merry thanksgiving!

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baaaa-lated halloween costume

this was forwarded to me. nope, i don't know this guy

live nude girl... and a boy!

this play is being performed across the street from me in the barrow mansion, put on by the Attic Ensemble.

it's causing a ruckus on the news (t.v. AND papers!) because the lead actors are nekkid onstage.... and mainly because it's a community theater.

i wanna go see it now.

November 15, 2002

rock'n'roll Jesus with a Cowboy Mouth


tonight is the mouth at the bowery ballroom!

November 16, 2002

isn't it great to be alive?

i just walked in the door from seeing the boys perform at the bowery ballroom.

i am sweaty, smelly, disheveled, eyeliner melted on my face, hair a big sweaty irish afro and i am spent.

it was a great effing show!

one of the best ones i've been to in a long time! (and that's saying something, because i have never been to one of their shows where i haven't had a great time)

-- because i upgraded to 9.2, my usb/digital camera stuff isn't flying right - i will have photos and 2 choppy twenty second videos with no audio - just fred wailing and arms flailing - up on monday when i upload them at work--

they played their heart out and the bowery was a fantastic place to see them... i was jumping up and down, 3 of my toes on my left foot are most likely broken by this guy, david, who was standing in front of me all night - hell, that's the price you pay at a mouth show.... found out that he beat me out over the summer with their logo.... the merch dude, wil, had a handful of designers vying for the logo... oh well.... reminds me of hoopty's site logo.

saw todd - guy i met about 5 years ago on the mouth website and we'd hung out a few times.

met a fella named jason, another named todd - different todd - and some other guy named john.

see, i always meet great folks at their shows. that's the one show i feel i can go to alone... in fact i have gone alone more than times i've gone with friends... cathy had a good time too... glad she came with....

there was a proposal in the crowd tonight - this is the fourth show i've been to where someone's proposed. they've all accepted. who could resist marrying a mouth fan?

gawd, i wish that i could download these darned images.... because tonight, after the last song, i caught one of fred's drumsticks.... that makes 3 since 1993.

i am going to throw my stinky self into bed and hunker down under the flannel sheets til about 7am when i have to get up -- am going to finally get my hair cut tomorrow....shaped more like it.... it's been since april that i last cut it.

(watch for more photos of that!)

okay... enough. i am going to sleep like a baby now.

*** also, i lost 4.2 pounds tonight - that's my cowboy mouth diet ***

November 18, 2002

live uncensored video & pics!


well, here's a couple of 20 second videos, it's pretty shaky, as if someone with the DT's was holding the camera...

the 1st is of fred playing drums.... i make a cameo appearance (3mb)

the second is during "everybody loves jill" and is mainly of flailing arms and one red spoon (3mb)

blurry fred

sweaty fred walking through the crowd before he climbs up the balcony

said balcony.

as i said, i caught the last drumstick of the evening that fred flung out there.... here's proof, baby... (that's fred again. can you tell that, eh, i MAY dig fred leblanc?)

--- so that was friday...

saturday i was onstage for 3 hours...working the chinese auction circuit down the shore --- okay it was a fundraiser for this girl named patty that has leukemia...

i was asked to read the winning numbers for the auction, but it was still "stage time" in a firehouse in front of 500 people i grew up with... hopefully i will move on to calling bingo and possibly the lottery numbers.

but before that, i got dolled up and got my hair cut and highlighted... will show you the results later.... right now - at the risk of having this posted all over the internet, here is the "before" image of me....

November 19, 2002

listen to howard stern at 8:30am

my comedy coach, lisa lampanelli, is on Stern this morning starting at 8:30am

she is the nicest broad you'd ever wanna meet...

(i never usually listen to stern, but this is a special occasion)

hair i grow again...

so here's the aftermath of the highlighting that occured on saturday... whatcha think?


November 20, 2002

the book v. the movie

am going to see the Harry Potter flick tonight.... can't wait!

November 21, 2002

oh, that little wizard!

wheeeee! cathy and i just saw harry potter & the chamber of secrets tonight.... LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!

now i have to raise $9500 for this

bigger, stronger, faster... more famous

Mike needs to be famous... and fast.

and while you're at it... don't forget
erin needs to be more famous... and faster than mike.

just post the following link to your blog... please!!???

<a href="http://www.gigglechick.com/erin/blog/000110.html" target="_blank">erin <i>needs</i> to be <i>more</i> famous... and <i>faster</i> than mike.</a>

November 22, 2002

the student surpasses the master

well, mike is #1 on blogdex today... congrats... hmmmmmmmm... to think that i was there in the beginning...


they grow up so fast...

proof that he's #1

and if you'd like to help me get back on blogdex... i would really appreciate the link!!!!!


i know that i am copying this link whore thing, but, hey.... show this old gal some generosity!!!

erin needs to be more famous... and faster than mike.

November 23, 2002

pierce me baby one mo' time...

well... i went out with the girls from work tonight.

the goal of the evening:

get pam's bellybutton pierced at pleasurable piercings

goal completed.

what's that? a really cool, cute, funky hand-blown glass piece of jewelry for the belly?

hmmmmmm... i've had my navel pierced twice, the last being back in '97 - that one lasted 9 months.... the first one lasted 4 days and then i couldn't stand the infection and pain that followed - needless to say, the 2nd time i had it done, things didn't go awry... then i got sick of it after it healed and i said "enough, that's it.... i've been there, i did that, i got that out of my system"

eh... until tonight.

there will be photos posted on monday - still trying to get this software to work here at home...

in the meantime, i drew a quick sketch as to what it looks like... this is my incentive to stick with weight watchers...


eh.... what did i do?

okay... so as i was sleeping last night, it seemed as if my bed kicked and bit me in the stomach about 6 times...

i am used to sleeping on my tummy and last night i had to do so very gingerly...

VERY gingerly.

(note to self: keep repeating the mantra "it'll be okay, erin, it'll be okay, your belly won't become an infected mass of goo, it'll be okay")

November 24, 2002


i don't think i did the track back set up right.... help! anyone? please? it worked off of 1 site. that's it, and i know there've been more links...

ha... gotta love my fans...

don't you just love waking up and finding that someone has gone insane at 2:04am and posted a delightful comment on your site?

i sure do. my oh my.... it's just grand.

of course when the ip address is and they've used what is most likely a fake name and fake email address... it makes you wonder how disgustingly unhappy they are with their own lives that they are lashing out calling someone a "fat strumpet" (which, in and of itself, "strumpet" is up there in my top twenty favourite words...so that's fine by me with the strumpet usage)

fat, on the other hand, well, i could care less what this "person" thinks about my weight. i am nowhere near stomach stapling size and i just went down a dress size over the past week... so if you think i am fat, i suppose you should meet me in person, eh? right.

as for the birth control, i use that in my stand-up act... i also use it to regulate my menstrual flow... on top of that, i don't want children at this point in my life, so i choose to take OvCon35 - the official anti-baby vitamin of gigglechick.com�.

i also use my birth control as a calender/day planner.

as for dating someone with vision impairment... actually no, usually the guys i date have 20/20 vision, so that nips that theory in the bud.

and for those of you, especially "kristin gallegos", who are interested in my birth control pills... i have just started my sugar pills...

do you know what that means?

it means "effing bring it."

cheese wit!

as a former cheesesteak slinger on south street in philly (the now defunct "Inky's"), i must raise my large paper cup of birch beer to david patrone and his
The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Part Three:
Proper Ordering Protocol for The Philadelphia Cheesesteak

[link via .paradox1x.org]

happy birthday, dad!

today is my dad's 65th birthday... he doesn't have a computer but i wanted to say it on here anyway.

he's spending it by taking his girlfriend to her radiation treatment.

i was supposed to meet him at 11am today, but since the radiation treatment was moved to today because of thanksgiving, i will see him next sunday...

November 25, 2002

third time's not the charm

so i got my bellybutton pierced for the third time on friday... very cool funky blown glass piece of jewelry... here is the close up... click the image... yes, those are red panties i am wearing


and then, this morning at about 4:30am when i woke up down the shore... faced with the prospect of driving in pain for 2 hours with a throbbing navel... i unscrewed the one end and removed it... slapped on the peroxide and have been pain free ever since...


my boss/friend, pam, on the otherhand has her bellyring in still... here's a 3MB video i took of when she got it done on friday... the "piercer" is named Adam

November 26, 2002

that wet white stuff

i mean snow.

it's on the way. i can smell it. i can feel it in my neck.

4-6 inches possible well north and west across extreme northwest New Jersey

yep. i work "north and west" of the city.

people around here can't drive in the effing RAIN, much less, SNOW!

i haven't had to commute in the snow in 5.5 years... i am a little nervous. not because of my driving capabilities, but because my tires (except the one i had replaced after the slashing) are pretty much bald. no grip. turnpike. route 80. benny drivers. thanksgiving traffic.

that's my future.

fowl antics

had to create another "make someone's day" email for work...

freaked people out in the grocery store.

happy birthday ej

today is my ex-boyfirend ej's 33rd birthday.

we started dating the summer between high school and college. i was working at carlson's corner and he would come in there every night and ask me out. i said no. no. no. then finally his persistance started to seem cute.

our first date consisted of dinner and then watching the "three amigos" on his boss' boat "the dorado" in brielle.

we had been dating only a couple of weeks and he had to go away for a week, then he came back on july 9th, arrived at my mom's house where i proceeded to open the door... with a shaved head and sprouts (braids that "sprouted" out of my head - out of a triangle shape, a square, and a circle shape - i named them "russell - he was the small one- fred & kook)

he said "hey, new haircut?"

mr. republican going off to scranton. clean cut. reminded me of my dad. fell for him.

we saw each other on and off, holidays and such, but we wound up experiencing college and dating other people... but we always stayed in touch and talked.

my favourite chat with him was one night sitting on the lagoon in his adirondack chairs smoking cigars and yapping about life while curled up on an august night at 2am under woven blankets.

then in the fall of 1998 i got a phone call from him... informing me not to make plans on january 15th, 2000

i was going to his wedding.

i went and i drank. and i drank. i was the only ex-girlfriend there. i sat with his friends from scranton who i remembered from the time i went up there.

then the moment during the reception that single girls either love or hate...

the bouquet toss.

i was forced out on the floor with 25 others.

i never raised my hands except to shield my face.... that's when his bride's flowers smacked me in the head.

and my jaw dropped.

and i tried to hold in tears (i succeeded at that)

my boyfriend cringed.

ej looked shocked.

his wife looked pissed - she was aiming for her friend.

and i carried it back to my seat.

and drank jameson's and ginger ale.

then i danced. and ran into ej's parents - whom i love - and i slurred something to the effect of "it's ironic that i of all people caught the bouquet, isn't it? ISN'T IT?"

they were tipsy too so i don't feel bad.

ej has 2 little girls now.

and he just turned 33.


saving a traffic advisory link for myself


they have traffic all over the country.


grassroots advertising....

i've deleted the contents of this post...

osbournes review...

holy crap! the closing credits.... Jeff Stilson is the executive producer.... i absolutely LOVE him... have dug his stand-up set for nearly a decade now...

he also wrote for letterman, the chris rock show and the daily show...

one of my favourite bits of his:

"Winning players always give credit to God, while the losing players blame themselves. Just once I'd like to hear a player say, 'Yeah, we were in the game -- until Jesus made me fumble! He hates our team'"

an ex of mine, about 6 years before we dated, had to open for jeff in delaware... so tom (the ex) actually got him to autograph a headshot - this is in 1994 - and stilson said "what is she? insane? who the heck would want my picture?"

another bit of his is:

"I had a linguistics professor who said that it's man's ability to use
language that makes him the dominant species on the planet. That may be.
But I think there's one other thing that separates us from animals. We
aren't afraid of vacuum cleaners."

November 27, 2002

ferrell claus

snagged blatently off of quinn's site:

santa claus lawyer switch ad

santa claus ipod ad

(yes. with will ferrell... *sigh* i lurrrrve him)

happy turducken day

well... i am heading down to my mom's this afternoon... maybe i will be able to pop onto the computer at my aunt's house, but not sure...

i want you all to have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!!! go eat a turducken

and for the second year in a row, i will leave you with this:

gobble gobble goo and a gobble gobble giggle!!!!

(yep. it's now officially a tradition here.)

cheers! see ya' monday!!

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