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live uncensored video & pics!

well, here's a couple of 20 second videos, it's pretty shaky, as if someone with the DT's was holding the camera...

the 1st is of fred playing drums.... i make a cameo appearance (3mb)

the second is during "everybody loves jill" and is mainly of flailing arms and one red spoon (3mb)

blurry fred

sweaty fred walking through the crowd before he climbs up the balcony

said balcony.

as i said, i caught the last drumstick of the evening that fred flung out there.... here's proof, baby... (that's fred again. can you tell that, eh, i MAY dig fred leblanc?)

--- so that was friday...

saturday i was onstage for 3 hours...working the chinese auction circuit down the shore --- okay it was a fundraiser for this girl named patty that has leukemia...

i was asked to read the winning numbers for the auction, but it was still "stage time" in a firehouse in front of 500 people i grew up with... hopefully i will move on to calling bingo and possibly the lottery numbers.

but before that, i got dolled up and got my hair cut and highlighted... will show you the results later.... right now - at the risk of having this posted all over the internet, here is the "before" image of me....


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