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spoke to dad

haven't talked with my dad since october 8th... nope, it's not because of a fight or anything, we just aren't big phone people. although i speak with my mom every day. go figure...

anyway... around the beginning of this year his girlfriend had to have part of her lung removed because of cancer.... they had gotten it all... but then about 2 months ago it had attacked her trachea... so this week she starts chemo and radiation

it's from smoking. dad smokes too, he's trying to stop... slowly but surely... actually i am not worried about his smoking. i am more worried that this will stress him out to the point where he starts drinking again (i think it's been 2 years since he stopped... i don't know about slips or anything)

he assures me that he's okay and i told him if he ever feels that he is to that point - to call me.

hopefully he'll be okay - he's retired so that sort of helps a bit... he's gonna have to drive her from tom's river up to long branch 5 times a week for radiation therapy.

karen - his girlfriend - and i butted heads at first... hell. when you're 16 years old and your dad and mom have been seperated for 3 years already and then he gets a girlfriend, well, that really shatters all hope for that reunited family thing, y'know....

anyway we butted heads and i hated her... then around the time i was 23 i started to come around...i mean it's not as if i am THRILLED that they are together, but i am okay with it now... dad has companionship and they never got married or had kids (that would have killed me. seriously. so for that i am thankful)

but i am okay with her now. we get along when we are in the same house and i have a few words with her on the phone...

she's nothing like my mom.

which strikes me as odd... but whatever, erin, let it go.

anyway, apparently the cancer is in a part of the trachea that is hard to get to with surgery... he says they said that it'll be small doses of both and that she won't lose her hair - which is good because she's a hairdresser (would've been ironic)

dad's birthday is the 24th... so i am going to be down there that weekend and i am meeting him at my aunt ann's that sunday to take him to lunch... haven't seen aunt ann in a few months either so it should be nice... karen will be staying at home or maybe have her mother over to watch her... i'll send flowers or a fruitbasket.

this saturday coming up, i have to go to a fundraiser for a girl at the union landing in brielle... she has cancer, so my mom and aunt made a gift basket (there's a chinese auction)... mom painted wine glasses and aunt judy gathered up wine and some cheeses...

okay i have to clean my apartment before i go out with cathy tonight - we're seeing Bloody Sunday then off to a party at some bar in the village


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