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December 2, 2002

how was thanksgiving?


how was everyone's thanksgiving? mine was fine... so were the 72 hours of leftovers to follow...

archie_square1.jpg beri_square1.jpg

saw my dad for his birthday (a week later) - was good to see him. it's been a few months.

picture of dad and i spending quality time at the beach in 'squan

went and saw the ring on saturday. pretty creepy. i liked it. wasn't all that keen on the ending, but it was good.

pretty low-key weekend. eating, sleeping, cleaning, etc...

now am back at work. but i have put in for PTO days (personal time off) on the 23rd, 26th, 27th & 30th of december - apparently i have 120 hours of PTO days coming to me. who knew?

would love to take more, but i am swamped.

i learned something funny...

billy rocks... he IM'd me the link to this video short... good stuff! especially if you are in advertising/design/film

"The Reel Truth"

go. view it. sound up, folks...

still at work

sitting here illustrating some stuff and watching jeopardy - yep, we have a tv and cable in the office. about 7 feet away from me. gotta love it.

i have to head home soon. i have so much stuff in my car.

my dad gave me a set of golf clubs with extra irons and woods... so that is a total of about 27 clubs that i have to lug into the apartment.

hoping to get a parking spot close to the apartment.

so a guy from match.com wrote to me... i wrote him back... seems like a nice guy so far... eh... unfortunately i didn't realize when i wrote him back that my email automatically added the footer that says gigglechick.com, the perfect combo of estrogen and a sense of humor.

so much for me keeping my darned site a secret from potential dates.

a look back

ah... apparently, i, too, can be a "retro girl"

[link via cocokat in slumberland]

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stalking for dummies 101

eh... what does one do when one's "so-called-stalker" is off galavanting with another blogger who flew off to see him?


that's right.

one gets jealous.

so.... very...dry....

when i got home from work tonight at about 8:30, i found out i had no running water. so i called my landlord upstairs.

"we're working on it", she said. "it'll be working shortly"

that was almost 2 hours ago...

one minute ago, i got a phone call saying:

"we won't have water til maybe tomorrow afternoon. the pipes burst or something underground, so the water company and plumbers will be here in the morning and will have to tear up the street and sidewalk in front of the apartment."


so i will be working from home tomorrow. i just realized that i am screwed car-wise... my parking permit expired on november 30th. so that means i have to actually go outside and move my car every 2 hours. and my yankees cap is in the car... okay, i will wrap my head up in a scarf so as not to frighten people from my unwashed face and hair as i go do that.... OR i could drive to the parking authority and get a new sticker. no. that's way on the west side... and folks will see me, even though 98% of them haven't bathed in 4 years.

i can mail my permit request in.

i will also be calling myself Showerless Joe McCool until i get H2O and soap slathered all over me.

a moment of inspiration... and boobies

well, sandee had her breast reconstructive surgery... go... now... wish her well... (and have the extra added bonus of seeing her cute boobie specialist!!)

December 3, 2002

nyet h2o

still no water.

my mom called me and informed me that i forgot to give her her atm card back, so i had to go outside when i moved my car, and i had to mail the atm card back.

my watch stopped ticking.

my microsoft word is on the fritz.

i am trying do 25 illustrations today and i think that may be impossible since the script for the flash file is at work and no one has emailed it to my home account yet. arrrrrgh.

at least i got 2 buckets of coffee when i went out. (and a bagel) i'd forgotten to eat dinner last night

water watch 2002

still no agua, aqua, wet stuff, wa-wa, h2o

a million thank you's & change

so after toiling with re-vamping the links on the right-- actually the random blog links -- i still have to revise the dropdown list and add and subtract blogs from it --

i have 5 random blogs on the right nav....

got the script off of scriptygoddess...

then i had a few problems...

first, quinn came to the rescue...

and jennifer, one of the goddesses, of theworkingmom.net helped me out tremendously!!!

thank you!!!

now everyone, go click on some random blogs!!!!

here's the skinny...

since i have to use php now, if any of you have my site listed as http://www.gigglechick.com/erin/blog/index.html, change it so that it's now


water water everywhere!!!

i am so happy!!!! the water has been turned back on!!!!!

cannot wait to shower...

god, i feel gross... my creative director said if i needed to, that i could use his place to shower at... but driving 20 miles to shower is ridiculous. nice offer though.

yay!!! breaking out the ivory soap....

fluffing up the terrycloth robe...

sick of sitting here stewing in my own gravy today... (nice visual, huh? no photos, kids)

December 4, 2002

dress in layers...

sweet baby jeezuz!

it's freezing... not in my apartment, in fact for the past 24 hours my apartment has been toasty warm... that NEVER happens.

but outside it's effing freezing....

21�F outside.... with a wind chill factor of 9�F

mother of gawd. i don't think i have rnough clothes to bundle up in.

woo-hoo (grab your crotch)

by the way.... i've been meaning to get this link up for you fr a week or two now...

catch michael jackson's baby

tap..tap... is this thing on?

hey.... is anyone having trouble commenting on my site? let me know... try commenting and let me know type of browser or shoot me an email only if you can't post...


(quinn i know the comments work for you.)

go rent a vermont retreat

i just designed this site for a fella that does work with our company....

so if anyone is seriously interested in renting a great place in vermont for weekends or daily during the winter or summer, check out vtvacationretreat.com

very sick

everyone...please send good thoughts, wishes and get well vibes...

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December 5, 2002

coffee for dinner

okay... so maybe that bucket o' joe i had for supper wasn't the smartest idea that i've had.

i just wasn't hungry today... at all.

and now i am wide awake... watching the weather channel and gearing up for what could be 6 inches of snow (as opposed to last week's 6 inches of snow forecast)

not really looking forward to the jackasses on the roads.

this morning there was an 11 mile backup on the turnpike... and that was without any precipitation!


might as well find my snowboots and thick socks.... just in case the weatherdudes are right.

at least, at this time of night i get to hear the rummaging and rustling of the homeless as they rip apart the trashbags that i set out a couple of hours ago...

i enjoy opening my front door (inside the gate, of course), turning on my outside light, then slamming the door and hearing them scuttle off into the darkness.

happy 100th birthday strom

i was sent the photo of me below last night...
i need to grow my hair back... and quick.
sad that i miss it... although my hair IS growing, i swear that it's grown 2 inches since i got it cut 3 weeks or so ago.... it's going insane.

these sites are my right arm(s) today:


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a very special blizzard


this isn't a decent photo of it - am trying to download others of in front of my house

i left work at 1:45pm and made it home by 3:45pm.... hoorah! 2 hours door-to-door!

there's about 5 - 7 inches on the ground now and it's still coming down

the commute in was okay - the turnpike had changed the speed limit from 65mph to 45mph... i was driving 55mph.... some !@#*&$ in an SUV comes up behind me flashing his high beams and tailgating me...

there was nowhere to go, so i did what any normal jersey girl would do...

i flipped him the finger. effing effer.

here are a few 3MB video cips of my commute into work...

nothing great. in fact in these, there's barely any snow....

i didn't dare use the camera tonight when i was driving.... horrendous.

can't see it, but the sign says "snow ahead" -- eh... okay

here i am fed up with the traffic and this was about 2 miles after that *!&@$ was a @!*$&#

the first building in this shot is "Satin Dolls" - otherwise known as the Soprano's Bada Bing! - can't really see much.... snowy.

okay... here's my office... the big black glass building... and snow

so i wore my hat at work all day because of hat head and my COO was calling me Six... as in Six, the sidekick of Blossom (remember a "very special blossom" when six's car went skidding off into a snowbank?)

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snow night, flannel phone call

so tonight i hunkered down on my couch under my flannel throw and answered the phone at around 6pm-ish...

the first phone call.

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December 6, 2002

snowy jersey city

my apartment...


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December 7, 2002

apple martinis and odd hotels

well, another bite of my bagel should erradicate this hangover i am sporting. not so much headache, but the 7 (various) shots i did last night on top of the 2 coors lights and the 4 apple martinis have reaked havoc on my stomach...

the office christmas party.

i saw drunk people.

i was drunk people.

didn't do anything foolish. no afghani kissing. no kissing of co-workers. co crying. no hamburger throwing. just a little trying-to-be-funny-dancing. that's about it.

and i walked the 50 yards to the Radisson nearby, plunked down my credit card (fleet bank card... since you know my credit history) and slurred something that sounded like "i need a room"

then i flicked the t.v. on and fell asleep...

woke up with my tongue stuck to the pillow and made a cup of tea... which i promptly, eh, got rid of.

felt like i was on vacation. sadly, i was in a hotel overlooking the paramus park mall and it is 25 degrees out.

am home.... trying to get my bady back into fighting shape so i can clean my apartment like i had planned.

how much do you wanna bet i will most likely be a slug on my couch all day?

look all around you...

wow.... it's almost like being there....

the panoramas on this site are breathtaking. very keen.

also, check out this advent calendar... great stuff!

{both blatantly snagged from dollar short}

this just in.... another advent calendar....

screw the Segway...

forget the segway.

save a little cash and time walking, by getting yourself a "Megway"

[winona'd from a bridge to nowhere]

December 8, 2002

pass me the claritin-D...stat!


go to "rate my kitten"

i miss Phil and Chris... the twin kitties i had back in 98 for a week until my landlord said no cats.... do you know who i named them after????

crippled tunnel syndrome?

jeezuz! my right wrist is killing me, no idea why... possibly from trying to breakdance last night like an epileptic white girl at my holiday party... that's the only thing i can think of.

i used to have a therapeutic wrist brace from my car accident years ago.

can't find it.

so i am wearing a rollerblading wrist guard... not too comfy... nope. not gonna wear it during tomorrow's date...

.... big happy birthday shout out to zannie...... go visit and say hey!!!

ho ho ho... oil change whores

mother of eff. i get out to my car to go to get something snazzy to wear tonight and my right rear tire is semi-low... thinking "well, i have to get back to jiffy lube by next saturday anyway" i went there to get the tire checked and an oil change.

after shopping and waiting another 30 minutes (even though they said it'd be 40 minutes it was an hour and a half) they hand me off my car.

the tire is still low - so i ask them if they put air in it "oh, yes yes yes"

i ask them to put more in it since it's as low as it had been prior to going there

okay. so that's done

they DID clean the windshield and semi-vacuum the floor... but i noticed the "jiffy lube next service due" sticker hasn't been changed.


whatever - probably got hosed by those ass*!@&#'s for $55...

gonna try to go to sears in the morning before work to have a look at the tire sale - not that i can afford it, but i know that the tires DO need to be replaced.

i was in sears after jiffy lube, but it was a 2 hour wait for the tires to be changed. eff that , i have to get ready for the blind date... plus it was like a third world country in there and i was already annoyed by the JL folks, and the billions of kids running into my legs... who the hell let's their kids run around jiffy lube and sears auto repair places like lunatics!?!?! effing jersey city derelicts. that's who!

grumble. gotta get outta this ranty mood before the date.

did i mention i have a date!?


December 9, 2002

good date & am alive

met the fella at the cedar tavern... nice guy. had a lovely time...

watched the sopranos... didn't quite care for it, although carmella and tony's schtick was really good.

had a few pints of guinness at the pub with B (yep. just going by one initial at the moment) and a half of a turkey burger... i was yapping a lot and didn't finish it (eh... plus there may have been a little kissing going on at the table... heh.)

just spoke to him - he called me at work - possibly getting together at the end of the week (though not friday - i am getting together with cathy on friday... cathy what the heck do you want for xmas!?!?!?!?!) although saturday i am supposed to go to a "porn party" - dressed as a porn star with a porn name and bring a wrapped adult gift... it's a girl at work who's having it. don't really know if i am up to dressing like a ho. although i DID plan on carrying a jar of fluff and being a "Fluffer"

know what a fluffer is?

incriminating evidence

photos from my holiday party on friday...

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i'm a rambler, i'm a gambler...

eff. i only lost ONE game this weekend... and i STILL didn't win the football pool. dagnabit. *grumble*

yapped with the new boy quite a number of times via email and IM today. sounds like he had as good a time as i did. good good. we'll see. we'll see.

i have to admit, and some of you will yell at me for being unwise and naive, but it was getting close to 9pm (about 8:30) and we were still at the bar...

the sopranos come on at NINE! ack... what to do?!

eh... well... i hopped in a cab with him and we hightailed it to brooklyn heights.

(keep in mind: i was not murdered, maimed or violated - well, no more violated than i wanted to be)

nice area. nice apartment. better yet, nice guy. after the show ended he had a car service take me home safely sans irritating pakistani songs or incense wafting into the back of the car. just a little mellow billy joel "piano man" and new car smell... twas lovely.

and it took all of 17 minutes from brooklyn heights to jersey city... not bad. not bad at all. (one has to take these things into consideration, you know)

did i mention that he seems to be a swell egg? the kissing isn't shabby either -- yes. kissing and telling about the kisses... heh.

so uncouth of me.

i shall refrain from getting giddy...

i am trying to clean and organize my apartment... using him as incentive to get this place out of Shamblesville status

December 10, 2002

blatant plug - tough crowd

am so happy... colin has a new show! i am hoping that this one takes off!!

i just called to try and get tickets for next week.

have dug him ever since i first saw him on the now defunct Remote Control (saw that live with him and adam sandler...)

a few years ago, i went to see his one man show, Colin Quinn -- An Irish Wake... loved it.

i have to admit, when i've seen him perform at the cellar it's not stellar, but hell, he's trying bits out... gotta give it to him for always working on fresh stuff... something i still have to make time for and get to an open mic...

just want to wish the best to his show and tell you all to watch it on comedy central... at 11:30pm... right after the daily show.


ha ha ha ho ho ho

the new boy and i are heading to a comedy club on thursday - i have to see who's performing where... thinking of gotham or the comic strip live.

i can't hear anymore

um. what?

i am still at work and they've been testing the fire alarm for the past 25 minutes. non-stop



i have now officially lost it.

i still have hours of work to do here with no end to this racket in site.

what's that? oh. blood trickling from my right eardrum... okay.


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make it stop!!!!!!

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it figures...

just as i put my coat on... the effing fire alarm stops piercing my ears...

no. no. wait. it's back...

fuck it. i am leaving.


for over a year now, i have visited this site... and each time i am in awe - yet wracked with jealousy - over the illustrations....


(my portfolio is down as i change my domain for it)

not sprinting too fast

i saw i had a voicemail on my cell today... from saturday night.

it was eric. and i got it 4 days later... effing sprint pcs

for those of you just joining me - eric is my ex (this will take you to days way before my blog ever was born)... one of them... but an important one to me. we dated back in 1996 - 1997 - most of which he was stuck working in japan, while i was working in nyc.

anyway, saturday, he called me on the cell from las vegas at 10:45pm when he was supposed to be at his friend's bachelor party... i hadn't heard from him in almost 2 months-ish. i really would have loved to chat with him.

he's one of "those" types of ex's... even though we've seen each other 2x in 5 years, we still yap on the phone and i still get a pang in my chest... he reads this site and will probably freak when he sees this. but he knows.

then today i was at work and my pc has yahoo messenger on start up... i rarely use it... all of a sudden, a guy that used to consult with pwc and was at methodfive IM's me...

he was a few years younger than me. i met him on halloween 1999 when i was dressed as potatoes... he was pretty shy, then again, so was i when it came to him. i mean we worked 10 feet from each other. he was cute. i felt odd trying to flirt... there was something there though... from october til april we would catch looks and throw looks... and then one day his project ended...

and he came up to me and said that he had to ask me to have a drink with him before he left or he would regret it.

that night was cool and slightly misty out in new york.

we walked around the city, finally talking after so many months of hiding behind blocked personalities...

he had the name of a joplin song that my mother used to sing me to sleep with when i was younger.

he took me up to the top of the empire state building at 10:30 that night... very few people were up there and i'd not been there for 20 years... it was foggy and cooler than it was below... and he wrapped his jacket around me because i was shaking, more likely from the idea of finally standing so near to him than the weather.

he had a room at the marriott in times square, but took me to "the view" - the bar/restaurant atop the marriott - and we drank champagne...

after looking at each other, talking, smiling til my cheeks were going to burst we took the bottle of leftover champagne and went to his room where we stayed cuddled up for hours... til daybreak... til i had to go home and he had to catch a flight to texas.

he's now in vancouver, bc on another consutant gig.

and i am glad i heard from him today, it brought back a great, yet bittersweet, memory.

December 11, 2002

comic dream team

on "tough crowd"...

janeane garafalo, nick depaulo, colin quinn and the ever delightful jim norton...

poor medical syndrome

so i have to go visit the "girly doctor" this morning... this one sort of creeps me out because he's close to 80 years old - at least he looks like it. gotta love my health plan and the list of doctors i can choose from - although, good news, they are switching plans on january 1st.

my first "girly doc" that i went to back when i was 18 - well, my mom asked me to ask him if there's anything to aleviate PMS... back in 1988, i received this as an answer...

"Tell you're mother to quit reading those women's magazines. there's no such thing as PMS"

eh... i think if he saw me over the past 14 years, he would change his tune

sitting in paper

the office was cold and the gown was paper...

as i sat there in the room waiting for the doctor for 15 minutes i had my choice of pregnancy magazines...eh... sorry, not my cup of tea at the moment.

then his assistant pops her head in saying he'll be here shortly, he had to go deliver a baby...

so i waited an hour and he got in there.

okay so he's not 80 he's in his sixties. really nice guy. put me on the ovcon35 still - apparently since june i gained 10 pounds since my last appointment... i then told him in all actuality, i had gained 20 and then lost 10...

i asked about the new anti-baby vitamin that's out there that's also helpful in weight loss... it's called yazmeen (no idea of the spelling) and he didn't recommend it since i am on the ovcon for my complexion and the other one would most likely screw that up.

anyway... gotta go back in 6 months.

odd. congrats?

well. apparently after meeting a girl twice in his life and knowing her for all of 3.5 months, mike is engaged.

i find this odd.

sorry, mike, i know i was a bitch on the IM, but i really find it utterly and freakishly impulsive. and not in a good way.

** and because i expressed my opinion to him, he has taken my link down and said:

njmike1969: at this moment you mean nothing to me.

well... alrighty then. just was concerned that he was taking a big effing leap into marriage with a girl 2000 miles away and only meeting her twice. whatever. good luck to you, jackass

ho hoe hoo ha ho ho

well, i ordered and sent my secret santa gift today... hope he likes it...

things on my list

ah. the infamous list. not the xmas list, but my crap i have to do before i got to bed list:

put away all my laundry
put clean sheets on my bed
� put together entertainment center (they didn't drill a hole so that's scratched)
dishes (they are actually under control again)
put garbage on the curb
stop sleeping on couch - going on 3 weeks - * see sheets on bed/laundy items
throw out empty pots & potions containers in bathroom
vacuum and mop kitchen floor
scrub toilet
� scrub bathtub
vacuum and mop bathroom floor


� hire cleaning lady (this is not an option. one must clean the first layer before hiring cleaning service)

why am i saying i need to do this tonight? eh... well... i have a date tomorrow with B and there is a possibility that i may let him come by here...

for now, the apartment is acting as my $825/month chastity belt.

December 12, 2002

focus, erin, focus!

so i am working on stuff for work from home today - i need to focus on this and for some reason it's a tad difficult sitting in the middle of an open space with 7 other people plus the other 4 that are in their offices...

deadline on monday.


performance art?

hmmmm.... some jackass did a number on the union square subway station yesterday


my theory is that it's some crazy-ass "artist" who thought it would be funny to do this and make some statement as well. what's the statement? "Fear" terrorists? "Fear" the looming transit strike?

an odd holiday card

cathy rocks! she sent me this card via oddtodd.com

heh. thanks cath.

next wednesday

woo! "tough crowd" just called... i will be at the 7pm show next week... gotta be there by 5:30.. which means either i have to work from home that day or i have to leave at 4pm... and gawd only knows WHAT will happen if there's a transit strike.

yay! hope there's decent guests. hoping for norton. tonight norton will be on with jerry seinfeld... i won't be home to see it. going to the comedy cellar - darryl hammond and a few others are performing.

December 13, 2002

haha funny? no. ha ha strange.

ah... scratch another off the dating list.

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December 14, 2002

baaa. i said baaa.

so, the rugrat upstairs is having a tough morning - i know this since she's been screaming & crying for two EFFING HOURS!!! it seems as if she's getting a little exercise by running around on the hardwoods above my head as well.

mark o'meara kills me... go listen to his "dolly (don't be a sheep)" now...

holy sh#t!

the jerk from the other night called me and said my MOTHER called him this morning!

he called me and said "erin, i just got a call from a maureen... do you know her?"

eh... not knowing any of what justhappened i say "no" and i hang up.

i call my mom (because her name IS maureen)
she says "yes. i called that bastard after you told me what happened on thursday - i looked it up with 411 and decided to call"

a sickening feeling is sweeping my bowels at this moment.

while i am flattered by her protecting me and trying to fight my battles, i am so very angry. sort of.


kerry was supposed to come up tonight, but she's feeling sick. actually so am i - sore throat, sniffles, etc - so i am heading down to mom's to help her with decorations and such... and to make sure she doesn't use the phone at all today

the aftermath. the rising.

well, after that little dating stumble, i am dusting the lint off me and moving on.

i really feel that match.com should have "user ratings" or "reviews" sort of like amazon or ebay have after someone has gone on a date with the person they should be allowed to rate them and comment - sort of forewarning the next victim.

the closest thing i could find that combines these elements with match.com is greatboyfriends.com

where women can write-up recommendations of these wonderful fellows, show their pictures and vouch for them.

they might have something here...

(of course, nothing compares to the dick list - but that's not a dating service)

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December 16, 2002

strike on hold?

hmmmm... just walked in the door from mom's place... looks like they are still in negotiations with the nyc transit strike

had to put the tree and lights up and help mom around the house as well as get a @#*!-load of groceries for xmas...

i bought mom a cell phone that i plan to share minutes with... i also broke down and bought a new cell for myself - the current one i have is almost 3 years old.

so i bought the same one for both my mom and me. the samsung sph-n400

i hate when i can't get a hold of her, scares the hell out of me, her car isn't the most reliable thing and she's up there in the age bracket, so it was time i gave her total trackdownability :) although now she can call guys i date at any point during her day. crap

go go gadget

i am smitten with my new phone and i haven't even switched it to vibrate! seriously, this thing kicks ass.

how's everyone's day going? haven't stepped outside except to head to work. and here i still sit. illustrating and redesigning a site.

very tired. i wanna go home and pass out on my couch - the one i rearranged the other day - am really enjoying the layout - photos at another time... the place still isn't spotless, but it's better than it had been. still have to put my entertainment center together - hoping that i get a power screwdriver for the holidays. silly, ain't i?

anyway, just taking a moment here to breathe at work, hoping that it doesn't start to snow till after i get home.

staying a little late here so that i can take off early on wednesday when i have to go to see Tough Crowd

(big shout out to neil, you rock, my friend!!)

light. tunnel. credit.

cathy sent me this link about fixing one's credit report... cool!

for those who are just joining us, my credit is not so desirable for some darned reason...

here's the good news... as i walked in the door today, i picked up my mail (my mailbox is actually the ground between my gate and my door.... i digress)

capital one is giving me a card with a $500 credit limit!!!!

okay, so i have to secure it with a $99 deposit, but STILL!!!! i will have an actual CHANCE to regain some credibility to my credit!!!

a second (or 3rd or 4th) chance!!!

all hail Capital One... they are much better than Providian - who offered me a card for $200 and took my money without ever giving me a card (class action lawsuit ensued, blah blah blah, i received $15.00)

so far today wasn't half bad. the elevator arrived this morning without delay, it also closed on the first try and only one other person was in it instead of 16... work was fun, still redesigning an outside site, so it's a change of pace, had brainstorming meetings - my fort�, then lunch was kielbasa and noodles...i love kielbasa - don't get gutter-minded... i am polish. blah blah blah, got my phone changed over, hooked mom's up and i have been entering in the numbers and all good stuff. picked up my freshly fluffed and folded laundry,AND got a parking spot in front of my house... then the credit card approval. next came relaxing with some baked ziti on my erin-feng-shui couch while watching "Legally Blonde" (eh, LB2 is in the works) followed by a hot bubble bath and reading a little james patterson's violets are blue

pinch me!

December 17, 2002

great day... part deux

i forgot to mention that i also received a free cheesecake!

and then as i stepped out of the door to go to work this morning, there was a package... from my stalker-with-the-mostest, lee *sigh* i love snowglobes... thank you, pumpkin!


and - there's no sound - but a girl at work brought this in (3MB) - it sings the heat mizer song

slaving away... sort of

am still here at work, it seems as if they've shut the heat off because my nose is an icicle. gonna get outta here soon since it's a little creepy in the parking garage.

it is nice and quiet here right now and i am debating whether or not to stay. getting a lot done - and i have to skidaddle early tomorrow for Tough Crowd. judy gold was on last night - yes. the same comic who i saw on thursday with that fiasco (or "fiascal" as my friend fred's mom calls it)

yeah, i am gonna go home. i seem to have lost feeling from frostbite in my lower extremities.

December 18, 2002

still mourning


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watch 'tough crowd' thursday night

i had a GREAT time at the taping of tough crowd... it was the last show unless it gets picked up again - so tomorrow night is the show that i was at... i am not sure, in fact, i doubt, if i am in any crowd shots, but if you see a girl in the front row in a pink top on the end near the aisle....

that's me.

jim norton was part of the group tonight - and afterwards i went up to him and introduced myself (here's the entire transcript):

me: hi jim, i used to stalk you online... gigglechickha

(insert hearty handshake and gaze into eyes)

norton: you're lovely

me: more like stalkeriffic, but thank you

and then i shrunk back into the departing crowd

yep. i am smooth. very smooth. apparently i have forgotten to introduce myself by my god-given name anymore.

colin was great, norton was great, depaulo was funny, giraldo was okay and keith robinson who i've seen a number of times was pretty good, too

(neil a million thank you's!!!!)

watch tough crowd tonight at 11:30pm on comedy central...

and definitely watch tough crowd THURSDAY DECEMBER 19th @ 11:30pm - right after the Daily Show!

nope - didn't get any pictures for fear of being tossed out

December 19, 2002

ho ho HO...


December 20, 2002

see me over on the right?

dang. i wasn't in any audience shots (all one of them) on tough crowd... oh well... will have to get my own comedy central special to actually be on camera i suppose.

happy happy merry merry!!

ah, memories...

well... i am heading off to mom's for the next week or so - i am taking off
of work until january 2nd... i may or may not be online between now and
then... so i have compiled a few posts that i feel were significant to me
this year....


global hosting loses most of my sitecausing me to switch
to tera-byte

january 11th - the last time i took the stage (i
swear i will be back up in 2003)

� after 8.5 months of unemployment, i officially became employed again... at astoria graphics

GSB� and i broke up

� i walked out on the job at astoria graphics

� i figured i had to explain why i walked out

� i then decided to go back to the job and suck it up

a week later i was offered a job here

started my first day of work here on march 18th

i yapped about my old bouts with depression

i chopped my hair off

my ford escort's axle sheared in half and i bought a new car

my ford escort's axle sheared in half and i bought a new car

i stripped the wallpaper off my bathroom walls - i have yet to paint

sunburn from hell

crap... i have to leave work now - we're all going drinking and then i am heading down the shore to mom's...

happy holidays!!!!! merry christmas!!! happy new year!!!!!

December 30, 2002

out with the old

hey all... i am hijacking my aunt judy's computer right now - i have been down the shore and going through computer withdrawal since the 21st... ack! i hope all has been great - holidays safe and happy...

i am over my aunt's house because i am waiting for new tires to be put on my car (YAY!)

got a sewing machine for christmas - don't laugh - i am going to get all kinds of domesticated this year!

this will be a quick post - but i wanted y'all to know i didn't drop off the face of the earth - this has been the longest that i have left my site hanging without a post since i started it!

crikey -

i will be back at work on thursday - and home in jersey city on wednesday evening (barring snow)

saw "catch me if you can" - dug it. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the opening credits...LOVE.

got a parka to go snowboarding in - going at the end of january.

a number of other good stuff i got for xmas - saw a lot of family... and all is swell..

gotta figure out my resolutions now - what are yours? i will post mine when i get back to JC...

have a safe and happy new year~~!

hugs and kisses to y'all

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