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January 2, 2003

official happy new year

hey everyone it's 01.02.03 !!! cool - it's always nice to wake up and have one's mother say to them "you should have gotten married today"

that stumped me. here i am - it's 5:30am - and i was still down the shore waiting to drive up here... mom springs that on me.

eh... well, if i had an opportunity to wed someone, sure... 01.02.03 would have been a neat day... looking more like 08.09.10 nowadays.

anyway, i digress... how was everyone's new year's eve/day?

mine was really keen. went to a party at my aunt's and had a good time... then around 4am i get a phone call on my cell phone - i was still awake...

it was eric. ex-eric. the one i yap about a lot. he was up in maine for the holidays... and called me. i hadn't chatted with him in a couple of months. i missed a call from him on december 4th... he'd called me from las vegas at 10pm - he was going to a bachelor party and called me before he went out (the next day i had the first date with the brooklyn lawyer)

apparently, later that week, eric was introduced to a step-daughter of a friend of his from where he used to work. i found this out on new year's early morning. so they've been dating for about 3 or 4 weeks. said he spoke with her on new year's eve early evening... but who did he call and talk to for about 45 minutes on the first day of the new year???



damn my heart fluttering around in my rib cage. it got bruised when it heard that he was dating someone new... the ol' ticker slammed itself into one of my ribs and has sort of been limping around a tiny bit since hearing this.

i joked around and said "when's the wedding?" and he got all flustered and said "oh no way it's nothing like that"

a layer of krazy glue wrapped around my heart and i felt better... sure we broke up 5 years ago... and he lives in michigan, but still..... ya' know?

what else?

oh the night that i left you on the 20th... folks from work and i went to a pub in ridgewood... my boss has been telling me since september that he wants to set me up with this guy "robbie mcmurphy" -- over and over, saying "mcmurphy, when are you going to meet robbie mcmurphy... he's got red hair... blah blah blah"

so finally, our paths cross at this pub. cute guy, red hair... and i say, "well, hello, robbie mcmurphy..." and he looks at me and says "my last name's not mcmurphy... it's [insert completely different name... not even close...]"

and i look at my boss - who is at this point saying he'll pay for a wedding if we get married that night - and he says "well, i had forgotten his last name and by the time i remembered it, i didn't want to lose my credibility..."

god love him.

so he called me on christmas day - i was down at mom's i just got the message today... so i have to call him back... wouldn't be opposed to meeting up with him.

what else?

ah, was at leggett's on monday night celebrating my cousin's new teaching job... and i ran into a guy that i knew many moons ago... used to call me molly ringwald, back in the day... he lives up north. nice guy.

was yapping with a guy later that night who turned out to be a cousin of a guy that is best friends with an ex of mine, jeff

saw another ex earlier in the evening... didn't recognize him at first - kerry and i were eyeing him up and all of a sudden he walks over to me and says "hey erin, how've you been?" turned out it was this guy rich that i was with back in 86 or 87...

leggett's - you can't swing a dead cat without running into an ex of mine.

the worst was about 6 years ago i was there and in one fell swoop, i counted 13 guys i had dated at one point or another.

what else?

eh... that's all for now.

***wait - neat... a collection of blogger's wishlists -- although i sort of wish they had spelled "GiggleChic" with a K... ***

mmm... pasta

i must tell you that i want this...

football bettin' goddess

by the way - i walked into work today and they handed me $140 because i won the pool here during xmas week... wheee!!! life is grand i tells ya'!

resolve. gets out stains

i nearly forgot to post some resolutions...

1] lose weight (that's a given and always on the list. shouldn't even have to say)

2] date more (actually it should read "date less... freaks")

3] start walking UP and DOWN the 9 flights to my office (we'll see if this is the rule that really is broken... just made it up now, so i haven't started it yet)

4] go back to Curves

5] curse less... use more "effings" and "mother scratchers" rather than the real terms.

6] hang out online a little less *gasp* yes. i really want to try my hand at that sewing thing. once again... we'll see

7] clean up credit

8] file my insurance papers from my october accident - no. still haven't done so.

9] dust off my treadmill at home

10] organize organize organize my apartment!

thank you thank you thank you!

oh my dear secret santa, sarcasmo... i absolutely LOVE it!

quinn... thanks so much for the cd and the books!!

see, i just got home tonight after being away from my apartment since the 20th... great to be back and even cooler to have gifts!!!!

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January 3, 2003

friday five.

time for the friday five (yes. i know i do them once every blue moon)

1. Do you wear any jewelry? What kind?
claddagh ring - silver - heart facing out... on my right ring finger. sometimes i wear a celtic cross necklace.

2. How often do you wear it?
the claddagh is every day (the necklace used to be daily til the stone fell out of it)

3. Do you have any piercings? If so, where?
ears. and the attempted belly ring (in the dormant stage)

4. Do you have any tattoos? If so, where?

5. What are your plans for the weekend?
relax after being at mom's for 2 weeks... and then saturday i have to trek back down there again... another family function on sunday. christmas with the 2nd cousins... the other twin got engaged to the effed up freako jackass she's been dating for a while. can you tell i don't care for him? whatever. as long as i am not marrying a schmuck, i am fine.

flying frozen water

ah... there was a 50 car pile-up last night on the road i take to and from work. luckily, i decided to get the hell out of work at 5:45pm

see... i take the turnpike extension - 14c to the turnpike... get on what's called the eastern spur... which turns into 95.... and then get off on route 80 - all of which had mayhem and devastation on them last night and that was before any snow... that was only light icy drizzle.... wish me luck this morning when i have to deal with schmucks in the SUV's that think they are invincible and go about 90 mph in the snow....

(click here to get updates on the *%!@#'s on the road)


as i look out the extra-wide window of my darkened office overlooking route 80... seeing cars skid below me and brake lights flicker in the distance, cutting into the gray and charcoal coloring the scene, i am daydreaming of my couch... thinking wistfully of my old fireplace in the house where i grew up... a monster of a hearth with a black walnut mantle made from a tree on my family's former golfcourse.

now i live in jersey city. 26.2 miles from where i am now. route 80 to 95 to the turnpike to downtown jersey city where people walk out in front of you without looking... and when you step on your brakes they just stop in the middle of the street...look at you with a cold stare as if they own the world.

i digress.

it's gray out. terribly gray and it's only 2:30pm...the monochromatic tones are causing my body to ache for my afghan and a hot cocoa in an oversized mug which makes me feel like i am five again sans marshmallows.

friday...hunkering down

slop. freezing rain. slush.

what's a girl to do while it's like this outside?

well... leave work at 4:30 with her boss and co-worker to go across the street to the saddle club lounge in the marriott and have a couple of beers and appys...

4 hours (and only 2 beers i swear! a lot of seltzers) later i was headed home.... there were hardly any cars on the road and the "wintery mix" had calmed down

was good yapping and doing the girl talk thing.

so i am home and as i stepped out of my car it began sleeting again. lovely. perfect timing! the couch is beckoning me.

i want to go to the salon tomorrow and get a tune-up... but that probably won't happen. debating on staying up here until sunday morning and then going down to the shore (party with 2nd cousins) or head down tomorrow and shop for their gifts there.

have i mentioned that i really don't want to go? i can't stand the one cousin's husband... and it's all about the "baby baby baby" (the kid is 4 or something. they send me photos of him all the time... the envelopes, besides having the photo in it, are usually filled with confetti that flies all around my apartment and i wind up cursing them instead of laughing at the poor attempt at "cutesy")

the other cousin (they are twins) just got engaged... to a schmuck who's been out of work about 3 of the 4 years they've been together...

flashback: they just started dating and he'd moved in with her after 3 weeks... my poppy just died and my mom asked me to call her to tell her the funeral arrangements...

the schmuck answers the phone. it's my first time dealing with him

i ask to speak to her.

he says: "who is this and whaddya want?"

me: "this is her cousin erin, i am calling to talk to her about my grandfather's funeral arrangements."

schmuck: "she ain't here"

me: "could you take a message please?"

ass-schmuck: "no. i'm watching t.v."


January 4, 2003

over the river...

well, i am off, heading down the shore once more for the last of the holiday parties with the family.

January 6, 2003

grrrrr... double grrrr

well, i thought after last year's shindig with the loopy twin cousins, things might be different.



i didn't want to get them gifts. they forgot me last year - even though i bought them and their boyfriend & husband gifts...

but - once again - i got them stuff because i didn't want to "embarrass" my mother...

$20 kick ass really unique candles. yeah. candles. it's not the most unique gift in the world, but it's something and they were really neat looking and the different scents i picked out for them i chose wisely and different for the both of them.

okay. that said...

they hand my mother 2 gifts.

they are made out to "aunt maureen and erin"

one... from the married twin and her husband - is a door knocker engraved with Bennett.

the other from the newly engaged (and sweet jeezuz, if she shoves that ring into one more face without them asking to see it...) and her skeezball fiance was a small photo album for dogs...

so apparently - even though they send me effing xmas cards at my apartment in jersey city - i have to SHARE a door knocker and a doggy photo album with my mother even though i haven't lived AT HOME FOR SIX YEARS.

god, they make me sick.

the only one that i was happy to see was my cousin chrissy and her husband rich - and their 2 kids who rock! they are normal - all four of them.

back to the asses... they make me cringe.

it's not the fact that i didn't get a gift really - it's the fact that apparently, since i don't LIVE with a guy or am not MARRIED to one, i don't warrant an individual gift...

i - over the past 3 years - have gotten the one cousin an engagement gift, a bridal shower gift, a wedding gift - 3 months after the wedding gift, i had to splurge on the baby shower gift (oh, did you do the math? yes.)

oh... and then... THEN one of them actually said "well, it must be nice to still be out in the dating scene, although i am sure since you are that old, that you need to start looking for guys on the clearance rack."

OH NO SHE DIDN'T JUST SAY THAT... did she?!?!?!?

(click more for the ideas for thank you notes)

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hello joe!

okay... i already love this show... fricking gold diggers...

i think it's a good premise - even if it is crappy to lie to them (oh well)...

the thing is, i wish they had made the guy sort of "normal" looking - instead of this guy who i am ready to say:

"hell! $19,000 a year is fine, i'll be your sugarmama as long as you show me your dimples and open up stuck jars of peanut butter!"

there are a couple of girls that i am glad he picked (yep. already getting wrapped up in this thing - see, i didn't watch "the bachelor", so this is giving me the 'fix' for the crazy dating reality show thing)... but the one girl, Heidi, has got to go...

January 7, 2003

woke up. fell off the couch.

remind me to clean my bed off. i have been sleeping on my couch since before xmas.

last night i had a headache for 4 hours - no matter what i took for it - excedrin...alka selzter cold meds.... nothing. and i NEVER get headaches. very rarely.

this morning it's blossomed into sniffles and feels like i have a sleestak living in the back of my throat

have a meeting at 9:30 in the city today - of course i am running a tad late (and should be in the shower instead of on here)

and tonight i am re-registering at ww with a friend from work. she's getting married in a month, so, i will hop on her "extra-incentive to lose weight" bandwagon - even though she so doesn't need to lose a pound ( i swear - but i am not dissing her - am saying that as a compliment)

okay - time for me to slather on the lather...

equals 6 years of therapy

why kids move out

bless this meal

signed up for weight watchers (again) tonight with a girl from work...

on the way home i picked up my "last supper" of chicken mcnuggets and a small fry from the big M

black sabbath skivvies

oh. dear. i really didn't need to see ozzy walking downstairs in his underwear (black jockey shorts)

sweet elixir

well, for the past few days i have been fending off the light symptoms of a cold... a guy at work has been sick, my mom is ill, and one of the effing cousins was sick - or actually the fiance was - on sunday....

� i have sneezed constantly for the past 5 hours.
� i have a sore throat.
� my cough has moved from being slightly annoying in the back of my throat to being a shock of pain in my chest/lungs and very "hacky" loud.

� have i mentioned the constant headache that i've had for 3 days now? i NEVER get headaches....


what's a girl to do when she doesn't have the makings for chicken dumpling soup on hand????

enn-why-BIG EFFING Q -uil (cherry flavoured, my dears)

i should be passed out in about 4 minutes - although the expiration date was september 2002... so it may kill me altogether.

may you all stay well and healthy...

take your vitamin C!!!

January 8, 2003

the couch is my friend

i am a slug.

stayed home....

of course i set my alarm for 9:55am because i have to move my car to the other side of the street at 10am for the street cleaner...

so i struggled to remove myself from between the sheets... and slapped on some jeans, no bra, a big ol' hat to disguise my bedhead... and pulled on my warmest coat to meander out into the living world...

it snowed last night so once i made it to my car - a block away - i had to scrape it off...

then i did a spectacular job of moving it across the street... i was curious to see that there were still a number of unmoved cars on the side that i had been on... didn't these people care about getting a ticket?

and the fact that there were spots open on the opposite side of the street was strange, too.

i get out of the car, go to the coffee stand on the corner... noticing they were giving me funny looks...

was it my hat? my coat? my lack of make-up? good god! could they tell that my "girls" were footloose and fancy free through my coat!?


one of them reminded me it's wednesday and that i didn't need to move my car.... dammit! wednesday is a free day! i thought it was tuesday


so i bought my coffee and trudged back home in the snow.

Happy Birthday Elvis

by the fan-damn-tastic Loudon Wainwright III

Happy birthday, Elvis;
You're not really dead.
It's a lie, it's just a crock,
Something some people said.
I heard a cassette of you speaking
On a telephone;
From a bunker beneath Graceland,
The king sits on his throne.

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i really am feeling sick... and i am outta nyQuil....


the bachelorette

okay... i flicked back and forth between the west wing and the bachelorette...

i am ready to hand my rose to.....

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shuddap. shuddap. shuddap!

child. upstairs. hardwood. running.

erin. downstairs. headache. throbbing.

child. stomping. clomping. screaming.

erin. meditating. growling. screaming.

January 9, 2003



stayed home from work again.


cherry flavoured killer

have i mentioned that i have been taking alka-seltzer cold medicine that's expired?

oh, did i mention that it's also on that list of drugs that've been recalled?

"taking PPA increases the risk of hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding into the brain or into tissue surrounding the brain) in women."

well, at least my headache will have subsided

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my family lawyer died

my mom just called to tell me that the best lawyer in the world died on tuesday. smart, funny and he got me a good settlement from my accident in 1987 - as well as being my family's lawyer for as far back as i can remember...


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January 10, 2003

effing telemarketers

okay... THIS time i was awake... effing "UNAVAILABLE" phone calls... that don't serve any purpose. this time i didn't answer it when it rang at 7:44AM... AM!

i have gotten them at 12:05AM, 12:15AM, 6:10AM... about 6 different days over the past month.

and when i answer it, all it does is either beep once and hang up or there's a whir and then it hangs up.

and when i don't answer it, it doesn't leave a recorded message....


they (whoever THEY are) are lucky i was awake and showered -- yep i am heading into work.

meow, rape and pillage

ah.. the joy of the co-worker emails

viking kittens!!!! ahhh--ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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read THIS book.

so, i am home tonight still on the disabled list. resting up for the jaunt into the city tomorrow.

i have been dying to read this book for a year now. finally i got off my arse and bought it at barnes and noble. and i can't put it down (except to tell you to read it)




Seabiscuit: An American Legend by Laura Hillenbrand

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sweet gawd i am blind!

in my right eye! oh jeezuz!


get burt's bees lip balm on my finger and absent-mindedly rubbed my eye...

ow ow ow ow ow!!!

ow...eh... wait a second... hey... it's calming down.... hmmmm.... that feels kinda nice and cool on my cornea....

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January 11, 2003

the miserables

well, mom, aunt judy and kerry should be here around 11:15am.... aunt judy got us all tickets to see les miz for xmas...

then we are heading down to our (kerry and me) restaurant in little italy that we always migrate to... caffe napoli

should be fun... although with the new smoking bill taking effect, we can expect a nicotine fit or two...

plus... it's effing freezing!

i just woke up and have to do my dishes, that's why i am whining... it'll be a fun day

January 12, 2003

did i mention i am drunk?

so tonight mom, aunt judy, kerry and i went to Les Mis at 2pm - seen it. love it. cried (again)...then went to the MacDougal Ale House where i COULD very well be in love with the bartender (ANDY) -- then went to ye ol' caffe napoli... where i was hit on hy every single waiter and host (*prinscepessa, bella, bellisima, you are the most beautiful woman ever...) okay buddy... i know that is BS... but i will accept it and give you a 25% tip - gpd bless you.

they remembered kerry and i from previous visits...

i hjave had to spellchec k this post a few times and i am sick of spellchicking to msake you think i ain;t tipsy....

okay i am stinking at spelling......

photowhore - i mean photographer - walked around and we got him to take some pics...
me foreground, mom next to me, aunt judy on the right and kerry in the far right


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eat this.

all consuming

good site for all you book lovers!


i knew the face was familiar, yet i didn't really recognize it...

joey lawrence has a weekly role on american dreams on nbc


darned jets lost tonight. looks like i am rooting for a philadelphia v. tennessee superbowl... hopefully philly will come out on top.


ah.... so, i succumbed to the ink blot emode test...

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another call

another call from ex-eric...

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January 13, 2003

slow down, child

wow... for some reason i woke up at 6am without my alarm... that NEVER happens... got up... relaxed... drank a cup of earl grey... and am 1/2 an hour ahead of schedule...

this feels strange not rushing

mix n' match?

got this email (below) from match.com

um... is it me, or does it sound like a "swingers" party?!?!?!?!

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leave breadcrumbs

hey all... mother of pearl... you KNOW it's been a while since you've been to the gym when you get LOST for an hour and a half trying to find it... then you give up, call them and transfer your membership to a branch closer to home.


uncle ben...

hey... anyone watching a&e's story about my great-great-great-granduncle?

January 14, 2003

ww... the first week back

JUST weighed in... lost 5.4 pounds!!!!

it's got excedrin written all over it

for the past 2 and a half weeks, i have been getting headaches.

they usually start around 3pm... sometimes 4pm.

it's not from having caffeine and it's not a sign of caffeine withdrawal, as i've gotten them on days when i have had coffee, and days with just water intake.

it's not from not eating... believe me... i HAVE been eating...

it happens when i am AT home.

it happens when i am AT work.

it happened when i was walking around NYC

and it's always from 3 or 4 pm on... and lasts til i go to bed.

maybe i have seasonal affective disorder... i haven't searched for symptoms. i know that in the past i used to get depressed in the winters but i don't remember anything about getting headaches... nor do i remember hearing about that as a symptom.


have i mentioned that i RARELY get headaches? maybe, just maybe, 3 times a year on average... and now it's been every stinking day.

stress? possible. quite possible.

[[ i just looked S.A.D. up and yes. it does list headaches as a symptom... maybe it's time to go to tanning again!!! ]]

January 15, 2003

oh harry!~

woo!!! i want this for my birthday!!!

thank you J.K. for releasing it on that kick ass day!!!!

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i lost 5.FORE pounds!!!

off of one fat bitchy poo:

combining golf with weight loss....


thanks to all who expressed their concerns about the headaches!

actually, today i didn't get one.... see there was a little stress that i can't really talk about right now that may have been taken care of yesterday...

although i DO plan to make an appointment with both the eye doctor to see if i need a prescription... and the dentist... i DO have two cavities in my teeth that i haven't had taken care of since i found out about them last june... have been too chicken, not to mention the $$$ thing

or maybe i just have to sleep more... speaking of which...

January 16, 2003

saddlebags under the eyes

still reading Seabiscuit

what a great book... unfortunately, i have been awake reading til 2am and now, last night, 3:20AM... the horse is killing me...

i love that book.

tonight i have to go to the NY chapter of UArts alumni's cocktail party... got an invite in the mail about 3 weeks ago... being held at the society of illustrators... it's for all the graduating class members living in the ny metro area... hopefully i will be able to get out of work at a reasonable time

i love that horse.

reeeeeunited and it feeels so goooood

had the reunion tonight... first off... forgive me...i have had wine (white)

no one from my I.D. class of 92 was there.

there was however, lorenzo, who was a year ahead of me in ID... he kicks ass and is fianced (a.k.a. "engaged" now) goo d for him... keen swell egg

would most lilkely not have drank so much if people i KNEW were there

January 17, 2003

effing phone + WINE

ya; ever hiccup for an hour straight,,,?

even if quinn called and a blind date dude called for the first time a minute later and you answered it thinking it was the same person you hung up with 2 minutes prior and you sound like the arse you are?!

where the wild jealous things are

so the reunion shindig was nice. admittedly, i drank way too much. (if you couldn't tell from previous posts - half of which i deleted)

this morning as i got into work, my mother calls me...

"are you sitting down? because you are going to have a shit fit", said she.

what? why? huh?

okay - i was best friends back in high school with a girl named christine... then i went away for the summer between junior and senior year of high school to go to college.... when i came back, i found out she started spreading rumors about me and talking trash and the friendship dissolved.

she was a quiet thing back in the day - and wound up being "Most Shy"

she also was really ditzy (in my opinion)

so when my mother read me this article in the asbury park press, i nearly died.

this has now inspired me to write a children's book about jealousy and bitterness...

January 19, 2003

i took a midol... alright?

it's quarter after 3 am and i couldn't sleep... mainly because the "bitch" hat doesn't fit me well.

to joanie, i am sorry to have written crap about you... it was in poor form

quinn, i just don't like reading posts with information that about me that leads to stupid comments from your peanut gallery...

i vented as i am allowed to do on my website. i vented. i went out. saw a movie. had some laughs. had some beers. had some kick arse food. came home and thought twice as to what i posted.

now some of you may think "hah! loser! letting the world get the better of her to the point where she took the post down"

sure, one could say that... but all i got was 1 nasty comment and one dim-witted email

in taking down the previous post, i prefer to think of it as an opportunity to be able to take back one's words...

cheers. i am going to sleep.

football playoffs... acting semi-finals


team spirit... *burp*


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let it go, let it go, let it go!


what did joan rivers say?

seriously... what did she say?


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January 20, 2003

flashback to friday night

ah... friday's festivities with the crew from work... (since i can no longer download images on my machine at home)

after a few cosmos and martinis (mine was a carameltini - not seen)

after some more cocktails (i had a mochatini this time)

we set down our drinks and focused on the smiling

chris - from work - and i striking a cheesy pose

frank looking lovely and his buddy from staten island - a.k.a. the rock

some scary looking woman that kept grabbing chris' arse

so friday was a fun night... ran into a guy that i thought would have been at the reunion on thursday - a guy i used to have a crush on.... lo and behold he was at madison's (the bar... hoboken... 14th & washington) -- eh... not as cute as i once thought and sort of living up to what my friend rodney once said to me back in school - dumber than a bag of hammers


shirts or skins?

(funny. go. watch. now.)

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look like her... kinda.. sorta...

damn... i missed look like ally sheedy day... by a day


my desk at work


anti-baby vitamin hiatus?

period_hey.jpg so i am thinking of going off my birth control for the first time since 1987.

i have been on it ever since i was 17... that's a pretty long time. i don't know if it's a good idea to shake my body up like that... but for some reason - i sort of want to "detox" from everything...

** disclaimer: sorry to any new folks, i don't usually talk about the goings on "down there" come back soon and often, don't be afraid **

i think the main thing that i love about the Pill [besides the "lack of pregnancy" thing that it's got going for it] is the control... huh... i guess that's why they call it birth "control"... of knowing when the old "friend" will be showing up - i have scheduled her from monday thru wednesday every 28 days... i know when she's due. i'd know something's wrong if she didn't show up on a monday mid-morning with a tingle in my right thigh - seriously, i know exactly when i get it... strange.

but to give up that control?

has anyone been on the pill for a long time and gone off of it?

(i will not be changing my header if i go off of these things, just to let you know)

what should i expect? after i go off (after my last week) will - eh, sorry, boys - i have cramps and my for an extended time??!

i may just go off for a few months...just to 'kick my body up a notch'

although i have heard the claims that it reduces the chance of getting breast cancer if you are ON the pill...

tell me tell me tell me!!! is there a doctah/nurse in the house!?!

** i may just be cheap & lazy right now... we changed our medical plan at work and now i have to get my meds mailed to me - and if i don't it's an astronomical difference in money**

**** yeah... i probably will stick with taking them... too chicken to go off of 'em... ****

January 21, 2003

big bright ass!

okay... so, i am about 10 months behind the times... i stumbled onto the illuminated donkey's site and found out he's a fellow jersey city transplant...

besides residing in this lovely hamlet, he also wrote this last march...

The Warblog of J. Alfred Prufrock

effing brilliant...

'stick it up your ---, you pigs.'

well... i was listening to the radio this morning... and all of a sudden the news was telling tales of this high speed chase down the shore... then they said the name of the girl...

seriously, it's the WACKIEST chase story i have heard in a while

it makes me proud to have graduated from wall high school the same year with this one and then spent one year of college (at uarts, before she had a breakdown and left freshman year) with her... not to mention rooming with her at rutger's field hockey camp... she always was able to do the warm-up stretches pretty easily... now i know why

i hope to god that FOX pays a ton of money to get that videotape... highest ratings yet, i'll bet

bad girl, bad girl, whatchagonnado... whatchagonnado when they come for you?

looks like she gained weight though... 130 pounds... sheesh! she's really let her 102 pound self go since h.s.!!!!

-- gosh, if people from my school aren't publishing their own books on line, they're causing wacky high speed chases --

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VOTE NOW!!! not for me...


i don't care if you've "never heard of him" -- do it anyway!!!!

go... vote for him... or, if you must make an informed decision on your own, go watch some clips of him

spread the word and tell your friends to vote for this funkin' cool dude

January 22, 2003

ah... the life

so, i am still at work... thought i would take a moment between site iterations (not MY site, but the stuff at work) and post something...

as i am working i have the teevee on. gotta love it. no one else is here and i have the thing blasting. heh. i really ought to clean my desk, but, i like to have a consistancy to my slobbishness that crosses over from home to work.


still on the A.B.V.'s

after hearing the horror stories from y'all about cramps, weight gain, acne and the like, i called up my doctor and got another sample of my pill - since it's cutting it too close to have it mailed

see, they changed up my health plan at work - and the prescription plan requires the medicine to be mailed - which i am not exactly thrilled with... if i don't choose to get it mailed, it's $70 as opposed to the $15 or so via the post office... dang health plans.


(still at work... cranking stuff out... and watching american idol :)

but... if YOU want to goof around and waste time (um... because i am not... i am working... seriously)..

go to this excellent site -- i snagged it off of freakgirl - who also has a great link to this dude who draws on the backs of biz cards

*** posting at 10:10pm ****
by the way... right now it's 9 degrees (farenheit) - great... and i think they turned the heat off in the building since no one else is here. i am going home.

January 23, 2003

gigglechick el politico

um... when i saw the headline on aol:

"SuperBowl Security Sweep: Feds Round Up Foreigners"

all that played out in my mind was some redneck cop saying "you's a foreenah... yew can't lahk football, boy... you mus' be plottin' to do nothing good at our 'merican game."

or something to that effect

thank you. that's as political as i am getting right now. not even political, is it?

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roe, roe, roe... gently down the stream

david horsey of the seattle p.i. is awesome... (and i always have to drop his name since i met him when i went to ireland... wound up seeing each other in 3 different towns... very cool)


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linkho... sorta

just added gigglechick.com to blizg.com

you can go over there and quite easily click on the + sign at the top right of that page... (because if you click on any other buttons... the - and the X, you will make me wince with pain with each snap of your mouse... and you people know that i whine too much already)

[found via joni electric]

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it broke

okay... an hour and a half ago, out of the blue, no provocation, i swear to you that i started singing "gimme a break, i sure deserve it, it's time i made it to the top!"

about 1 minute ago, someone here at work just blurted out that nell carter died...

apparently i shouldn't sing anyone's songs... because i am the larynx of death

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birthdays in da' howse

on a lighter note... go wish anthony devito a happy birthday... a fine fellow comic...(even though he actually gets onstage now and again... in fact he's at don't tell mama's tonight at 9pm... go... have a great time. see the pie eyed boy perform)

go read his tips if you find yourself stuck in a Monday morning status meeting

---- also a big shout out of a happy 33rd goes to my buddy D@ve.... happy birthday, pumpkin! ----

bilbo...bilbo baggins

a gem for all of you fans of the hobbit... and lord of the rings...
the special effect on this clip are way up there with LOTR2

[snagged from 3 finger salute]

blizzard of cash

sweet baby jeezus! so i went to princeton ski shop tonight after work - they are having a huge mid-season sale...

snowboarding pants
polarfleece mittens
liner gloves
long underweartops and bottoms
socks. good warm ones (2 pr)
more long johns

i am now out $222.48


guess i can forget about eating this week - this actually isn't a bad thing.

at least when we go up to vermont next weekend it'll be a great time
(plus payday is next friday) and there's a hot tub!!!!

January 24, 2003

nobody talks about JC like dat...

jersey city is the rodney dangerfield of the ny metro area.

as seen on hands free...

"Briskly walking from the Path Train to their apartments, each person moved in a constant mode of retreat, tracing the straightest route from one set of walls to the next. The only objects at ease were cars; the cars replace the people. There are no faces, simply headlights and hood ornaments passing through the thoroughfare."

"For all its proximity to New York, Jersey City is not the living and breathing town it could have been. It was built to be a cold cut of suburbia clumsily stacked high and wedged between the golden precipice over the Hudson and the indignant spread of urban poverty lost behind the minds of city planners. This is the curse of the land. It is invisible because it is always there. It is settled, and parceled, and taken for granted, and laid to waste."

it's WINTER... it's 6 degrees out... no one is lingering around on the streets... and that area where our writer was is the business area - and that is pretty empty and quiet because people are working... of course, if it was night, no, not many are working in that area... but that's like over in the financial district in nyc... it gets desolate in the evening

believe me, there are some days where i am disgusted by my city... but there is a community within this 'cold cut of suburbia'...

i didn't grow up here... but it has been my home for the past 6 years.


right now i am too tired to defend JC... all i know is, yeah, it empties out in that area after work... but lunchtime is bustling... and if they went further inland they would find life... and a lot of it.

ah... work email items

well, this was passed around at work... it's a powerpoint doc...

have a hot and bothered friday!


mother of gawd! somethings gone all kinds of haywire with my right nav... anyone have a clue as to what it was?!!? i had thought it was an image that was posted in my comments area, but i took that out (sorry jason) and the right nav is still nowhere to be found... i haven't TOUCHED IT OTHERWISE


(is anyone else NOT seeing my right nav?)

help... help... anyone?

now the comments don't seem to be working... is someone effing with me? am i on Candid Blogger!?!?! WTF!?!>!

email me if you have suggestions gigglechickATaol.com

i'm back! wheeee!

apparently i had filled up 200MB of server space.... and after freaking out, i yelped for help... quinn came to my rescue, galloping up on his white horse... after many attempts at trying to figure out if it was my code (which it certainly was not)... and then seeing if mt was corrupted.... he came to the conclusion that the 200MB's were filled to the brim, my friends...

i quickly called tera-byte and asked to be upgraded to 400MB... this would have entailed a whole new server and doing a lovely bit of migrating tonight...

then about 10 minutes ago, i read my email and Q (i feel like james bond) has checked out all the folders... and...

i had 90 MB of past log files... crap i don't use...

so i ran back to the phone... dialed up tera-byte....said "Whoa! Stop the presses! Hold the phones! " and cancelled my upgrade... they are a great host... 24 hour service and really nice... as most canadians are (as i've found out)

so i still have my 200mb, but it's a lot sleeker now because they've disabled my log files... (i have another service that checks logs and stats...)

happy happy... now what i had thought would be a grueling friday night rebuilding my bionic site - well, it's turned into 7 minutes on the phone and reposting my index pages...and now i am heading over to my couch where my afghan and space heater are...

cheers! happy friday!

*** for a grand laugh - a bit at the expense of a 6 year old - go check out tweebiscuit ***

January 25, 2003

technology meltdown

okay... i am the first to admit that i am not exactly all that adept at fixing problems with my mac. in fact, the way i usually go about doing this (whether it be my mac or the pc at work) is taking a deep breath and then belting out:


of course, since i live alone (stalker info #479) i sound like a crazy woman, so i will call up tech boy Q...

this morning i am having problems... see - my IE *ie5.1* has been acting up on my lately crashing at the drop of a hat, etc. over the past 2 weeks

yes, i have reinstalled it a dozen times... it's gotten better. Q tld me one thing to do and things are looking up... or WERE looking up.... til this morning...

my IE is being very selective with what it chooses to load - sure, it pulls up my site, but if i want to click any lnks to other blogs, it has a mind of it's own, going some places, then haveing a "connection failure" at other sites... wtf? &@#^&*!@$

effing ie.

another blip in the techno-world.... my COMMENTS!!!...

i get them when you guys post them - they are sent to me via email... quite nice.

i see that someone has yapped since the number changes at the bottom of the post there...

BUT... when i try and check out the comments page or expand the comments.... no...un-uh...nyet... nothing...

Q has looked at it and has actually been stumped... to the point of posting on the movabletype support board

any idea what the hell is going on!?!?!? if you do, let Quinn know (and me, too)...

i actually have to hop in the shower because i am heading down the shore this afternoon til monday morning... so i will be away from this computer with a mind of it's own...

in the meantime....

root for the raiders to have a score that ends with 6 and the bucs to have one that ends with 3


root for the raiders to have a score that ends with 5 and the bucs to have one that ends with 4

then i can win up to $2500 (and believe me, i still have back rent that i owe from when i was unemployed... and i need a new pair of shoes!)

i really do not want the raiders to win - stemming back to when i was mugged, thrown in an alley in philly and knifed behind my left ear and then ran 3 blocks after the jackass who stole my handbag - all the while looking at the raiders logo on the back of his - probably stolen - jacket

go tampa bay

** if you or someone you know has a gambling problem, don't be afraid to call 1.800.GAMBLER ***

cheers! have a great weekend!!! will post monday critiquing the ads!!!!

go eat worms

thanks to the big bad man for letting me know what's going on in the outside world...

apparently, and stop me if you've heard this one...

"a SQL worm is attacking the internet and slowing things down to a crawl.."

now i am going to shower & head down to 'squan... really...

January 27, 2003

sunday sunday sunday!

well... i know that i am getting older... because i am now thinking the coach is really cute as opposed to the players...

so for about 9 minutes, i was winning the 4th quarter grid with tb 4 vs. oak 5

grrrrr... why couldn't they have run the clock down (a good 7 minutes or so)

okay... commercials...

loved the bud light upside down clown ad.

dug the bud light conch shell ad.

LOVE the budweiser clydesdale/zebra/jackass ad... LOVED it...

and i really laughed at the reebok terry tate ad... especially when he stopped mid-pumeling to say, sweetly, "Hi Janice!"

--- hey... does anyone else think that "The HULK" is animated in such a way that he looks like Shrek!? ---

luck of the irish?

a hearty thank you has to go out to quinn for fixing my site and the comments...

long day for me so far - waking up at 5am, driving up to work, getting home at 7:45pm...

spoke with a fella on the phone tonight... really nice guy... am not going to yap about him right now because i don't want to "jinx" anything... we'll see... ready? cross your fingers on the count of 3...




January 28, 2003


freezing cold in my apartment... arrrrgh

le freak, ne c'est chic pas


so, since they've been few & far between, i've posted a new jackasses & stalkers entry

this guy creeped me out to begin with... calling and IMing at the drop of a hat (yes. i had given him my number because i am not really into emailing all the time), etc... not all that into him to begin with.... then he IM'd me a week or so and my machine crashed... i booted back up and logged back onto aol and got an email blasting me... saying

"well that was rude, how dare you ignore me!"

hello caller ID and IM blocking... luckily, i don't have any bunnies laying around waiting to be boiled...

actually the jackasses and stalkers section seems to have a glitch in it at the moment - it HAD been working earlier - know idea what the problem is, so i will just post the lastest stalkerism here...

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co-worker email #236

know your arse from your elbow?

everybody do the congo!

now, i think that they really have to open a mcdonald's or a KFC in the congo... something more convenient than having to kill and eat 6 year old kids...

cause i'm a haiku-er!!! a haiku-er!!!!

who's in the mood for a little floating head of henry rollins haikus [courtesy of punkasspunk.com

also - a bit of blogwhoring is beginning...

drivetime cd playing

dave has written about something that slapped me in the face last night as i was driving home from work...

WNE-frickin-W has changed formats... in effect ripping yet another show that i listened to off the air...

ron and fez... no, i wasn't a big ass card holder... and i only got through on the phones once, then my cell cut out... but...

i really liked that show... they cracked me up, they had something called the "comedy pyramid" where callers would ring up on the topic at hand and try and have the funniest quip... and it was good.

and now they aren't on in nyc any longer...

i found this out last night as i hopped in my freezing cold cavalier at 6:58pm... flicked on 102.7 and waited.... then there was music... okay, so i waited some more... thinking they were having difficulties or takign an extra long bathroom break...


they were gone.

and so i flicked on 95.5 WPLJ where i was treated to the vocal stylings of pat benetar or something. (granted, i DO listen to plj in the morning...not at night, though)

dagnabit. now there's just crap on WNEW

one for you... 19 for me.

so i only watched about 20 minutes of the president's state of the union speech and then my eyes closed... i was awakened by the ringing of the phone at about 10pm... i am sure i will hear all about what was said... [although, there is already a call-back to a religious ditty]

in the meantime... i found my tax stuff from last year

oh... didn't i mention?? new jersey has hired a collection agency to try and squeeze $1500 out of me for 2001 taxes!

what the hell!?

i did my taxes last year. THEY were supposed to owe ME... i never heard from them...

here's the kicker...

the ONLY contact i get is the letter from the collection agency... and they sent it to my MOTHER'S house in brick...

i haven't lived there in EIGHT YEARS!!!!! i have lived in THIS apartment for 6 years... i wrote my address in my tax stuff last year... i really am not buying that this is legit. i am NOT sending them ANY money (mainly because i don't have $1500 laying around)

i have gathered up all of my papers and am sending them copies... and am sending my accountant (who i didn't use last year - as i was unemployed and broke for most of the year) the info....

this year, you had better believe i am going with the number cruncher....

effing taxes. in the meantime, i am going to watch The Shield right now

January 29, 2003

get me my blood pressure meds!

this may be boring as all hell to y'all... but i am writing anyway...

so i took a few minutes (like 20) out of my morning to try and get this EFFING tax crap (note my eloquent use of the english language right now... the taxman has knocked it all out of me)

so i call. i wait on hold. then there is life...

some old broad named "Elenor"

me: 'hi, i was calling to see what can be done about a notice i received'

elenor: "i don't know anything about any notice"

me: 'well, let me tell you who i am and my social security number'

elenor: "what notice?"

me: 'um... i received a notice from a collection agency and...'

elenor: "why are you calling here?"

me: 'i called there already and they told me to call here since i am feeling that the information on someone's end is wrong'

elenor: "you should really talk to them"

me: 'i DID. what i want to know is why - first of all - i never received any notice from the Dept. of Taxation itself at my apartment and now there is a collection agency that sent mail to an address that i haven't lived at for 8 years. and secondly, i want to know how exactly you figure i OWE $1492.00 for 2001?'

elenor: "hold on. what is your social security number?"


(2 minutes of holding as the old bat rummages through my file)
elenor: "i don't know. it says here that you live at XXX york street... that's not where the letter was mailed? it says they changed the address on the 27th of january"

me: '*sigh* i had spoken to the collection agency on monday - the 27th - and made them change my info - i don't know why you people don't have the right address since i have paid taxes at this address for the past 6 years and at another address for the 2 years prior'

elenor: "well, i don't know about that"

me: 'i filed my taxes online last year'

elenor: "well, i don't know about that"

me: 'well, i am telling you so that you know that i filed my taxes online last year'

elenor: "well, i don't know about that... it says here that you emailed someone here saying that you may have made a mistake"

me: yes. and i faxed my w-2 and the other papers to you last april'

elenor: "well, i don't know about that...it doesn't say you faxed them"

me: 'i faxed them... you didn't get them? and now without ANY contact i am getting collection notices sent to an address other than my own'

elenor: "well, i don't know"



i so hung up on her...

i am so getting audited.

(but i re-faxed my info to them.... effing so and so's)

making magic happen

oay - i have to illustrate something "magical" for work... so i typed into google images:

"Magic Tricks"

THIS is what popped up in the results... eh...huh?

(there are a few "choice" images on this site)

the green mountain state

so we're leaving after work on thursday to go up to vermont (me, my 3 bosses 3 co-workers and our printer guy - actually, i shall call them friends as well as collegues)

here are my plans for the next 6 days (i will be back late sunday night)


January 30, 2003

the weekend...

okay my friends, i am leaving work now and heading north!!! cheers!

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