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February 2, 2003

cheddah and maple

i'm back! just got in a little while ago... had a GREAT time!

no snowboarding this weekend... minimal skiing on friday - then i wiped out because my boots were too tight and cutting off all circulation to the point where i couldn't feel my feet... so when i wiped, i effed up my left thumb)...

a LOTTA hot tubbing was had and then we went snow tubing this afternoon...

all of us are sick... must be from soaking in the hot tub for 5 hours on friday night playing Truth or Dare and winding up jumping into the snow a few times and then jumping back in the tub... with wet hair and snow falling... yep... you should hear my cough....

will yap more later - i am sore and sick and will get photos developed tomorrow (had to take disposable camera images in the hot tub and at the snow tubing place)

--- i must say to you that most of the photos will not be viewed on here, because what happened in vermont.... stays in vermont

this is the house we stayed at - dan is a kick-ass host!!! (picture the snow about 4 feet high in front of all the windows on the deck.... 'twas AWESOME!)

(by the way - Happy Groundhog Day!)

February 3, 2003

looking up and looking back

when i was up in the cabin, the most surreal part of the trip was sitting there saturday morning, the 4 of us (the other 3 went up to Magic mtn), we had flipped on cnn and there the news was just breaking.

i resisted the urge to sit and watch the station all day (like i had when i was in my cousin's cabin in margaretville when jfk, jr's plane went down)

but there was sadness. and i got to thinking about january 28th, 1986 when i sat in my bathtub writing in my journal... i found the journal (you get to read it without the 15 year old girl cursive writing, scratch-outs and tear marks... there are possible spelling errors left in, though) :


January 28th, 1986 - Tuesday
The Space Shuttle Challenger was on it's 25th mission. It was 1 minute and 39 seconds after lift off when it exploded.

The 6 astronauts and the 1st teacher on the ship, were killed. G. Jarvis, F. Scobee, M. Smith, R. McNair, J. Resnik, E. Onizuka, and Christa McAuliffe (teacher)

We heard about it in school. It freaked me out. The teachers last words before she boarded were something like - "We boarded this ship as 7 seperate bodies, but we will become one soul."

Christ! Gave me chills up & down my spine.

It blew up right in front of my eyes! freaked out. Flags are at "half-mast" for a full week. I must've seen the replay about 239 times. At least.

Well, I've gotta go I'm still watching this. It's been on since 11:40am, now it's 11:07pm.

Later Love ya Love,
Erin Patrice Danielle Bennett Tues 1-28-86

Jimmy Hall is going out with Kate Zitzner. CRAP Fill you up to date later.

Later Love ya Love,
Erin Patrice Danielle Bennett 1-28-86 Tuesday


okay - not the most riveting journal entry... especially the PS, but that's how i was feeling 17 years ago... now if you change the names, leave out the part about Jimmy Hall dating someone, and say it was the Columbia that perished, i have to tell you that i was still "freaked out"

very sad - not trying to be funny, but i always have this nervous humor that comes out at times like this.

Have to tell you that Christa McAuliffe's quote still gives me chills, too.

two of my favourite cartoonists, david horsey and steve breen, have illustrated tributes...

go here for more editorial cartoons

do a little jig

so, T-minus 45 minutes til tomorrow's date calls me tonight to make plans...

not going to say much about him right now, because there's a possibility that my url was thrown in with an email by mistake (automatic footer thing)

but... he's 38 years old... is in the emerald society... lives in the town where i grew up... and... get this... his last name begins with O'


an O-Apostrophe AND the emerald society!!!

an O-Apostrophe, the emerald society AND his father was from Ireland!!!!

(not for nothing, but for a girl named erin, this is almost like finding the Holy Grail)

listen to the plan, stan...

well, i will be fleeing work by 6:30pm at the latest tomorrow night - O'Boy� is picking me up at 8pm... at my apartment...

eh... unfortunately, i haven't really been around on the weekends for the past 2 months to work on the cleaning.... and when i've gotten home from work during the week... cleaning is the last thing on my mind...

my hope is that i will be spruced up and ready by the time he rings my doorbell and that i can just say "okay! let's hit the road, jack" (no. his name isn't jack)

looking like i am going to be up straightening the apartment... just in case i still have eyeliner to slap on. while he waits on my couch....

crud. this means i am going to have to move the 85% finished horse-crossing-river jigsaw puzzle that i opted to work on instead of vacuuming the flat.


why's he have to be a gentleman picking me up at my door and all?!

(heh... yay!)

February 4, 2003

not a cleaning lady

i am so screwed. i didn't clean very much. please let tomorrow be a decent hair and makeup day so that nothing major has to be done at 7:45pm
(no pots and potions. no scaffolding. no spot putty or spackle... )

should have given myself a manicure tonight...

facing the mirror

eh... my face is attempting to play a joke on me... it has broken out... in 3 seperate locations...

okay... ha. ha. not funny! knock it off... you've played your little trick on me, now clear up!

come on.

seriously... clear up!!!


co-worker email #237

joke. blonde joke (sorry to all the blondies out there):

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a taste of vermont

sunday... vermont... right before getting my ass kicked from snow tubing

and this... this looks disgusting... but, let me tell you... mother of gawd! it was wonderful. fresh sliced ham. freshly baked bread. 2 year old aged Vermont Cheddar Cheese and - here's the stuff that makes the tastebuds twitterpated... cinnamon pear jam...

yes. jam.


February 5, 2003

date - a success!

had a really nice time on the date last night... dinner was really good...

(chicken parm... see, i CAN eat normal food items... can't believe that last post brought all you commenters out of the woodwork like that)

wants to "get together again"... good. he had the Robert Schimmel cd in his suv... we listened to it a bit... laughter ensued (i love robert schimmel)

got a kiss - one of those first-date-sweet-get-to-know-you-more-at-a-later-point type of kisses... was nice. not used to not making out like a hussy on a first date :)

i forgot to thank him for dinner... so 2 minutes after he drove away i called him on the cell phone and said "i think i forgot to thank you for dinner, so... thank you, had a great time"

he seemed taken aback, laughed and said "you're welcome" and then i said "that's all, drive safely... have a good night"

am i a freak? i'd rather have done that than be thought of as not thanking him for dinner

burritos and mullets

tonight we went (5 of us) to some mexican place in morristown-area called the Sage Brush - had karaoke... nope, i didn't get up there, was close to singing "Sometimes When We Touch" but the crowd was sketchy... didn't want to incite a riot with the bikers...

good time...

just got home - missed the West Wing - anyone wanna fill me in on what happened!?!?@!?!

also - just got wind that my site will probably be down tomorrow (thursday) night from 11pm til 5am-ish... (see below)

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February 6, 2003

part of my day

this is the crazy assed thing that i had to design today for work.



my aunt sent me this cute thang...



so tomorrow night is the big apple blogger bash at zanzibar...

(for those who remember - and for those who don't - the last time i went to zanzibar, i wound up throwing white castles at some guy and then kissed an afghani after pretty much harrassing chad lowe who was at a cast party at the bar...)

don't worry, those of you heading to the bash, i shan't guzzle guinness with white chocolate martini chasers

for those of you going, please - if you see this person - stop by, say hello!!! (yes. that's me)

unfortunately, i haven't gotten around to sending my laundry out to be done... have no idea what scraps of clothing i have to wear to the shindig... wore my favourite outfit on the date on tuesday...


so after my last post, not a nanosecond after i hit the submit button, the entire building lost power. scared the hell out of me. luckily fred was still there and we were about to leave anyway, but still.... very scary - had to walk down the fire stairs... and then out in the parking garage, there weren't any lights... THAT was the creepiest thing, haven't run that fast to my car in ages...

blah blah blah after work, since i am still tikked off about breaking out the other day - i signed up for tanning - it's been a while since i went to a tanning salon, like about 2 years (had gone to tanning for 16 years) so this one in rochelle park is great! for $10 i was able to have a face tanner/bed for 30 minutes - i love the tanning salons that aren't really strict when it comes to time limits - they asked how long i wanted to go in for... yep... fry me (yeah yeah, if you are about to yell at me on the dangers of tanning... don't. it won't help.)

so i am burnt, but it feels good. i love this feeling...

that's another thing, all of you going to the BABB tomorrow - if you see a red-faced chick... that's me....

enough about the tanning. now to speak about the whiter than white no-nosed freak who i can barely look at because he's making me sick... he is insane. and the people who are allowing this skeezeball to sleep with their kids are idiots...

"milk and cookies"... come on!

makes my blood boil... wait, no... the tanning bed brought it to a boil earlier...

February 7, 2003


the first inch has fallen

red white and blue

the tanning is now a burning... i am a lobster...

the snow is about 3 or 4 inches deep - i am staying home from work. i can't deal with the idiots who drive up here when it's clear and dry out... much less snowing - plus there are a lot of accidents already out there.

and my apartment is freezing, my extremities are changing color (more of a purple actually when mixed with the red of my skin)

clone high....

so, since i am sitting here at home (writhing in pain still) i flipped on mtv's clone high: usa

it's clones of famous folks in history and they are all in high school... apparently, the some folks are upset over the ghandi character

i checked out on imdb to see if will forte from snl (he has a character "tim calhoun" - a guy running for senator or something - on snl) very distinct voice... lo and behold he is on this animated series...

the show is cracking me up.

a lot of well known (to me) names are lending their voices to it...

clone high:usa... normally on monday nights at 10:30pm

sun and snow

okaym so the only camera i have to use tonight is my crappy one... since i didn't go into work, i didn't get to bring my good camera with me. dang.

eh... i can't download images til monday anyway, dammit, ever since i upgraded my system to 9.1, my software for image downloading is all out of whack...


after the babb, i am meeting up with cathy and we're going to see Chicago at the zeigfeld...

am in pain. my "girls" are really sunburned.... barely can move.

preview in frozen rain


cruel... cruel... summer tanning salon

it just took me 7 minutes to ease my way into my bra....

this is a torture device when mixed with sunburn

the play by play

mother of gawd.
i had to take my bra off to put my jeans on... that was pleasant... although i did cut time off of putting my bra back on by using my jeans as the buffer when i do the front to back twist... only took 4 minutes this time...
no shirt yet. HAD planned on a wool sweater... eh... that won't be happening. think a tank top might be pushing it? *sigh*

have i mentioned what an ass i am?

February 8, 2003

to those who can't understand


about last night

okay... two things i need to recap from last night...

the second is the movie Chicago... i absolutely LOVED it... maybe it's because i never saw the musical... but it made me actually warm up to catherine zeta-jones... queen latifah -- mother of god the "girls" on her were more like "women"... and ren�e zellwegger was fantastic... i even liked richard gere... very funny. i love love love john c. reilly, though...

that said... chicago-go-go see it (note: i have turned into gene shalot)

babbtag.jpg the first thing that i need to yap about - sans photos [those are coming on monday] - is the big apple blogger bash 2003 a.k.a. the BABB

got there around 7:15 last night... the first people i met were Brian The (646) Guy (he hosted the shindig...), the redhead, and g.i. jane

(this is going to be a big post of name droppings and such... this means GO to all if these links and love them)

next up, i needed a beverage... the "looking-for-porn-in-all-the-wrong-places" paul katcher swooped in and picked up the tab on my guinness... and i was given a heartbreak gingersnap cookie baked exclusively by pitchaya....

the "friends don't let friends blog drunk" shirt worn by paulfrankenstein can be purchased at his site... but go there now to check out some photos... there's a lovely sunburnt jowly profile of me on it... (my entire face is swollen from the sun... and maybe a little fettucini alfredo)

along with the p.f. man, i met fellow jersey city-ite / ny party crasher ken goldstein, a swell egg who i didn't get to yap with all that much

rickey of blue red orange, in my opinion had the best card promoting his site of course, i only collected 3

i am now onto my 2nd beverage... the faces are becoming a blur - not because i am drinking, but because there are a lot of them, and there are a lot of blogs i haven't read i am realizing...

shared a wall with alex from brokentype

i see will from msnbc so i go over to thank him for his thorough recap of this week's west wing... so he and i and jason kottke started yapping about the west wing (do you like how i just casually name-dropped the elusive kottke? smooth, eh?)

mr. swill... wish him luck but don't jinx him.... great site, really nice guy...

the raving athiest apr�s-falling off his stool... those will be up on monday (dammit! why isn't this program working anymore!!??)

right before leaving, i met erin aaron of godofthemachine.com and then i said my goodbyes...

had fun.... i left at around ten of 9 because the movie was at 10... i could have stayed there yapping and getting more and more drunk, but, i would rather have people read about how tipsy i can get instead of showing them firsthand

*** sorry to those of you who i met yet the name escapes me....

****update: i forgot allan - how the heck could i forget him???? ****

hurry up!

so, not for nothing, and i don't expect him to call till monday or tuesday since he's working and all, but if the O'Boy� doesn't ring me up, i found this off of southern relish... it's called hurrydate i think i have 3 minutes of good material to work with for 25 guys...

of course, any guy would be fine to date, as long as he doesn't turn out like THIS date i had


remind me to buy some ginko biloba

although, it's nice to know that others can remember things for you still intact the way you left them

'single is good.'

well, i should be cleaning my apartment... believe me, it's a pit. but since the agony of stupidity has rendered me useless i have been sitting here scrounging around on some sites...

just in time for valentine's day!!!!! go! send some beeeeee-u-tee-ful postcards!!

[from the not so soft blog via frankenzilla]

... now i am retiring over to the couch for a little saturday-nothing-on-the-tee-vee crap (unless i rent porn off of On-Demand... how's that paul? a little porn thrown into the site)


i admit i haven't been over to edrants in a while (forgive me)... but when i just meandered over, i happened upon this...

heh. nice, ed. :)

crazy stuff on the innernet

sitting at home... took a peppermint tea bath to try and alleviate the pain of sunburn - helped for a little while... anyway, i stumbled upon this link which i am chuckling and i am also looking around my apartment to see if anyone saw me chuckling... then i shut the giggling up and tried to act PC and then i smiled again...

silly website.


[via delusions of mediocrity]

February 9, 2003

snl snippet

heh. matthew mcconaughey is hosting snl...

just had a funny sketch on there with him leading an anti-war protest and all of the protesters were getting mixed up as to what they were protesting... many funny lines in it... my favourite:

protester (chris parnell): LEGALIZE PORN!

rally leader: sir, it is legal

protester: not the kind i like (said wistfully)

can't remember the other shouts from the crowd... as i said, remind me to get the ginko


now the peeling begins.

yay. i am molting.

(well, at least this mutation of my face ensures that the O'Boy� will probably call and want to get together... especially since i have been in too much pain to clean my apartment as well...)

dirty... oh so dirty

i seriously have no desire to walk 2 blocks to my car in the leftover slush and clean the snow from thursday night off of it... only to drive it back to my apartment where i have to double park, get out of said car, go back into said apartment and drag not one, but TWO humongous bags of laundry out to it - stepping over the 2 foot high snowplowed banks that are on the sidewalk...

then drive it a few blocks and do everything in reverse at the laundromat... then drive it back in hope there's a parking spot

at least the beauty of having the lady there do my laundry is i don't have to sit in that third world country with migrant children running in and out of the doors blasting cold air in and out as 45 people speak to each other in 67 different languages. nor do i have to sit in my eskimo-worthy coat reading a cheesy novel holding onto my handbag as a homeless guy stumbles in and starts asking people for change. i don't have to check the dryers for the 5th time only to discover my wash is still damp and realize that i will be there for another 3 hours. another perk is, i don't have to attempt folding the clothes which would tack on another 4 hours (not a good "folder")

yes. i used to do my laundry there... but paying through the nose for the past 5 and a half years has been so worth it not to deal with that crap.

unfortunately, the place where not only did i have to pay through the nose, but add an arm and 2 toes - closed down... see, they used to come pick the laundry up and then bring it back... no hassle.


use the snow tires

very excited, my creative director just called me and told me if it snows tonight (expecting between 3 and 6 inches) that 'not to rush in', to take my time and leave around 11am or when the snow lets up... 'because we need the designer to be alive'


hmmmm... might i be pushing it if i wear jeans into work?!?!?!

February 10, 2003


dang. where's the snow? i wanted to sleep in.

employee email #238

a little redneck humor....

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*$&!@#^&^* vcr.

i set it this morning. i must've hit a button twice or something...

what's the problem? i just got home and sat down to watch Joe Millionaire that i taped.

or did i tape it?

no. no i didn't.

crap. i went out with the girls after work, with not a care in the world because at 8am i had gone through the motions of programming the effing thing.

i sat down and realized the stinking vcr didn't tape.


February 11, 2003

always remember.

so, yesterday when checking voice mail at home...

i got a message at 9:30am...

thinking it's going to be a telemarketer, my finger is paused over the #3 button to delete

"hey, erin... it's matty... just calling to say hello and see how you're doing..." blah blah blah "thought you might be home" blah blah blah...

this is my ex.

we broke up october 21st, 1999 (not that anyone's counting)

he had a great sense of humor.
we clicked.
he took me to new orleans for our one year anniversary.
he was the only boyfriend to meet my poppy (who, by the way, died 4 years ago yesterday.)

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February 12, 2003


by the way, i have been so effing swamped at work... it's a good busy though.

having to do an internal meeting site and emails out the whazoo... ot to mention getting images and photo retouching together for the video parody for the meeting... *filming was done a week ago

just so much to do... and the days keep flying by faster and faster... i feel like i am just getting one thing done and then it's 6pm... crazy

i received a tax thing in the mail from when i did work for cowboy mouth last year... call me naiv�, but i never gave my ss# and stuff to them and assumed that it was under the table... no such luck.

did i save any cash since taxes weren't taken out? no. (granted, it wasn't that much, but still)

that's the recap for the past 24 hours...

cheers. going to sleep now

employee email #239

ah... crazy italian guys...

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okay... just checked my messages - at 3 o'clock this afternoon, the O'Boy� called my machine and left a voice mail... apparently he's been working (i knew that) and will be "working extra shifts" this week... said he'll call me during the week...

hey, that's cool. i am swamped at work - in fact, that's where i am right now...

plus, it's a horrible week to start dating someone, what with crazy ass valentine's day and all.

February 13, 2003

nothing to giggle about

this is horrible

(i used to be a member of the cream ridge pony club here in the u.s. - and to think that another pony club member is going through this - well, it breaks my heart.)

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itch, bitch and scritch

i got home from work at 11:25... i was crawling out of my skin from the sunburn which has turned to peely itchy hellish skin....

so i drew a bath - poured in some cinnamon oil - grabbed a cheesy romance novel and went in for a soak...

my body went "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and the necessity for scratching subsided....

now that i am out and am dry - even though slathered with moisturizers - i am dying from dry skin again....


hey - have i mentioned how happy i am that Survivor Amazon starts tonight!?!?

yep - another reality show added to the roster... hopefully i can get home by the time it comes on, otherwise it's another night of working late and watching the television in the studio...

lou reed's on letterman. going to sleep now (i am going to sleep... not lou reed)

employee banter #240

a priest, a monk and a rabbi walk into a bar...

somebody says...

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ah... sound

so, this is the tune that's permiating through the studio today
(along with watching mister rogers on the teevee)

eff tarantulas! hell no!

woo!! the women win the first immunity challenge on survivor!!!

(take that you trash talking guys' tribe!)

February 14, 2003

in the red

hey everyone! happy valentine's day!!!!!!!

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valentine's day massacre?

running late for work. cathy asked me to hang out tonight to see The Hours and "look like a couple of lesbians" on valentine's day -as much as i want to see the flick, i am actually going to let the elevated to orange level and the lying captured al quada freak keep me from going into the city.

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Given a choice between two theories, take the one which is funnier.- Blore's Razor

ah... horoscope...

GEMINI (May 21-June 21): Feeling vulnerable makes you look out for
yourself, yet you're better off protecting as many people as possible.
Relieve the root causes of problems instead of merely shielding yourself
from the consequences.

okay - so apparently, i have to go into the city tonight, become a vigilante and remove the "cause of problems" so i can protect "as many people as possible"...

or i can still stay home and clean my apartment... that's actually protecting as many people as possible from me being all drunk and vulnerable on valentine's day

hit the road, jack

got this funny little flash item via John (thank you!)

now you can sass back when people say "you don't know jack..."

employee email#241

heh... a little irish humor in the midst of all this pink valentine's slop

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1 wedding and my funeral

let's see... my couch and i spent a lovely valentine's evening together. i went food shopping and ran into a friend and former editor for abc that i used to design for... cathy called me with the possibility of fantastic news (everyone just start whipping up some good thoughts, prayers, vibes, sacrifical goats and send them in the direction of her - i know you don't know her, but she lurks on here anonymously as much as i tell her "comment for the love of gawd!")

oh... and at 4:48pm this afternoon, i get a phone call at work...

it's a guy's voice...

not the O'Boy�. it's -- hmmmmm --- what should i call him? F4 (Freaky Fireman Family Friend)... he calls me out of the blue every so often... the last i saw him was when he showed up at one of my gigs in the spring of 2001... he lives in JC, but i never hang with him.

he and his brothers (and mom and dad) used to come down the shore every summer when i was growing up - my mom is friends with his mom...

blah blah blah...

he asked me to be his date for his brother's wedding on march 21st and also to go to the rehearsal dinner with him

mind you, i have been avoiding his calls at home and not returning them... he's a nice guy, but not my type.

how he got my work number i have no idea.

so getting back to the story - he asks me to the wedding...

what did i say? not "no". not "are you kidding me?" not "um... i guess so". not "eh... sure"

but... what i hear escaping my lips is...

"i'd LOVE to!"

what. the. eff?

so, i am going to the wedding, and i am sure i will have a good time... it's just that it was weird. that's all.

that's my valentine's day... it ends with me being invited to a wedding... by the F4

February 15, 2003

sleep deprived

ever wake up at 4am with your tummy SCREAMING at you and then your nose joining in on the action by sneezing 32 times... yes. THIRTY TWO TIMES.

um... not my kinda personals

checking referrer stats led me to this page...

um... are there any therapists in the house that want/need clients? well, it might be like shooting fish in a barrel...

Mia Personals

("mia"... a lovely term for bulimia -- i am guessing someone linked to fat yappings... or something... no idea)

ah... pong

pong... it's not just a game

sincere form of flattery?

hmmmm... while browsing though my stats, i clicked on this link since it was in my referrals

while it's not quite the same as my site, i have an inkling there may have been some inspiration found here....

perhaps the colors, the copyright signature and oh, the CODE in the source file... yep... well, good luck to them

poor things... designing it in FrontPage.

the reason it's in my referrals is because of the code that is in it for my stat tracker --- great, now i get to see the 3 people who have gone to her site.

(note: the "copyright� 2000-2003 gigglechick.com all rights reserved
this means please don't take my images unless you ask me nicely..."
... i suppose, i should add "don't steal my code" to that since no one asked about swiping stuff)

oh well. at least it's not a image of birth control pills on there... only a locket and key pic

funny, it's the 4th time in 2 years someone has imitated (but never duplicated - except for that one guy who swiped my portfolio and said it was his) my site


of course, i also find out other things with my referral stats...

like, i come up #1 when someone types "girl bentover crack showing"


February 16, 2003

jackarses * stalkers

so, i finally moved my jackasses & stalkers page over to MT... and also gave it a new url

site snagging update

i emailed that chick about the code about an hour and a half ago... she has since taken down the same copyright copy and has removed my bits of code within the site...

i had even gone so far as to say if she had any questions about code to ask me and maybe i could help her...

all this with nary a thank you... or more importantly a "sorry..."

nice. eh? pretty rude, i think (seeing as it's pretty much the same layout as i have - sans ABV image) whatever.

***** update on the update *****

02.16.03 1:47pm | she wrote me and apologized. all is cool


woke up early, fully expecting to clean my apartment... yet, at the moment i am doubled over in pain without a single Midol in the medicine chest...


i said...


scrounging around

okay - i just rummaged around an old handbag and found a couple of old Midols at the bottom - sure, the expiration date was 03/02, but at the moment, it's a case of sheer desperation...

i don't plan on this becoming a "recovery on the couch" day, but maybe an hour - while these kick in - won't hurt

horribly stupid... but chuckleworthy #459

how to keep a blonde occupied for hours

snow man

click here for the tune

Snow Man by gigglechick with inspiration from pearl jam

Waitin', watchin' the clock, it's four o'clock, it's got to stop
Tell them, predict no snow, she practices her speech
As she opens the door, the snow falls over...
Pretends to sleet as she looks it over
She lies and says her gloves aren't warm, can't build a snowman...
She dreams of cocoa, she dreams of bed, can't build a snowman...
Can't build a snowman
Can't build a snowman...

Talkin' to herself, there's no one else who needs to know...
She tells herself, oh...
Memories back when she was young and strong
And waiting for the plow to come along...
Swears she knew it, now she swears it's gone
She lies and says she can't drive to work , can't build a snowman...
She dreams of her couch, she dreams of bed, can't build a snowman...
She lies and says she still loves the snow, can't build a snowman...
She dreams of Cancun, she dreams of a tan, can't build a snowman...
Can't build a snowman...
Can't build a snowman...

She loves sun, yeah...she don't want to live this way
She needs sun, yeah...that's why she'll go tanning
Can't build a snowman...
Can't build a snowman...
Can't build a snowman...
Can't build a... snow...man...
Uh huh...

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elbow greeze

nothing better than doing dishes, cleaning the kitchen and fixing magnetic thingies on cabinets while listening to Q104.3 as they play Foghat, the Animals and Van Halen all while i am hopped up on Xenadrine and Midol.

SWEET! they're playing Ironman now!

getting better all the time!

okay - it does get better...

i just vacuumed to FREEBIRD!!



i think they ought to sell a "Now That's What I Call Cleaning Music - Volume 16"

finally... the white stuff!

the first flakes of the storm have begun... ever so gently cascading down...

it's about damned time!

mom has 4 inches already in bricktown, katie has a number of inches as well...

i said i would work the holiday tomorrow (in exchange for st. pat's day off) but if it's a totally ridiculous snowfall, i am staying home

my cousing kerry is most likely laughing her arse off right now... she flew into cancun on friday night and is expected to come home on friday

300th episode

my friend michael's brother matthew directed the simpsons 300th episode tonight...

yet another famous wall high school graduate...

matt gave me the test to be an animator for the simpsons back in 1997... i got chicken about moving to LA and turned down the offer...

yep. just one of those little regrets in life.

dairy queen?

winter advisory has now been upgraded to nor'easter with blizzard conditions

i am SO not going into work tomorrow

the tao of mr. bubble

ahhhhhhhhhh.... *sigh* totally relaxed right now.

just soaked in the bath for an hour and a half (prune!)

the best part of it was not the cheesy romance novel i am trudging through, but the body tea that i bought on friday

T� Tao - Tea for Body / Body Smoother

it smells awesome... like tea! except with a hint of salt - since this is a sloughing scrub as well as a bath salt...

and it's a bath oil as well...

i am relaxed and my skin is soft, shiny, smooth and well moisturized... nary a trace of the craziness from the sunburn....

highly recommend buying it...

February 17, 2003

the blizzzzzzz

woo! so, when i woke up this morning, i got an email asking me to design a callout for the company's intranet (that's why the image below says HQ)... yay... snowangels will be part of my day now!! (well, more like an imaginary snowangel on my bed.)

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ye ol' timey blizzard

so after this snowfall, it got me thinking about the "big one of '96"
when i lived on the beach

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burt bacharach backs the war on iraq

and now for a post about the whole war / anti-war protesting schtick:

i am in support of our government. there. i said it. i am backing them. that's pretty much as in depth as i am going with this.

sure, "peace" and all would be a lovely thing in this world. i love "peace" - but WHOSE "peace" do you support?

i think Dean has said it best by running the animation created by the dissident frogman- found here

and i agree with a small victory... no oil for pacifists

by the way... go visit notes of an iranian girl - a next door neighbor of those in the spotlight

and i am sick of the 14 different anti-war petitions that have wound up in my email box just THIS morning alone.

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it's snowtime! (yeah, that was a bad pun)

woo! somehow i was finally able to download images from my camera...

we have a x-country skier in jersey city!

check out the snow (ignore the garbage can in front of my house)
note my kick-ass landlord shoveling...

the snowdrifts have been shifting all over the place... some spots look like there's no snow, some parts are really deep

and the snow piling next to my gate is wacky

my car... you can see a little bit of it

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my o'cardial infarction

mother of god. i think i am having a heartattack.

i just shoveled out my effing car... now i know why i DIDN'T have a car up here in jc for the past 6 years. the last time i had to shovel was when i was down the shore for the blizzard of 96 (as i said earlier)

took me an hour. !@#*%#
that's my workout for the month. there ya' go.

think i lost 46 pounds from sweating in the freezing cold. took photos... the "before" pics came out, but the after pics were all foggy because the camera was against my chest the entire time i was shoveling, so the heat messed with the lense.

here's my neighbour with the right idea. i, on the otherhand, had to snag my landlord's snowshovel and did it all by hand.

i predict there's a hot bath and some T� Tao in my future...

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shovel this.


well... i certainly know that i live in jersey city.

first off, my landlord already shoveled everything.

next, i had my blinds cracked a bit to see outside and 2 - what i assume to be homeless - guys are staring in my window... then they ring the bell

first guy: "excuse us, ma'am... you need us to shovel?"

me: "um... no. no thanks, my landlord already did that."

first guy: "alright then, have a good day"

me: thanks, you too. [closing door]

second guy: "FUCK. excuse me lady, you wanna make a donation to the cause anyway?"

me: "eh... no. if i had money i would, but..."

second guy: "!@#*&%"

[i then slam the door]

nope... this isn't manasquan with 11 year old kids with cherubic faces and rosy cheeks shoveling the walk for a cup of cocoa (as they did in my day - yes, i am 32... but i remember kids would work for a couple of bucks OR cocoa)

not guys in their 30's in ripped clothing peering into my apartment and then trying to swindle me for cash -- and i was sure as hell NOT going to offer cocoa.

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after the beep...

so, i told you that the O'Boy� called me last wednesday and left a message stating that he'd been working extra shifts, etc...

i hadn't called him back... knowing full well that he was working today i figured it was time to give a ring back...

got the machine:

"Hey K-----, it's erin. Just returning your phone call. Hope all is well down there. Heard you guys got only a dusting of snow. Okay, well, that's my poor attempt at a blizzard joke
*ahem* um, okay, well, i hope you're keeping warm and safe... um... it's about twenty after 6 on monday... uh, okay then, hope all is well... um... stay cool"


um... STAY COOL!?!?!?!

there you have it folks... in the midst of this blizzard, i had a meltdown (gee, even THAT joke was better than the dusting joke)

stay cool.

i may as well have ended the message blathering "well, keep on truckin'" or "okay, have a good night and sit on it, Potsie" or "hang in there Kitty"

"stay cool"


gonna chalk this one up as a failed voice mail attempt. apparently, my phone and social skills have gone to hell in a handbasket since i leapt out of my twenties.

hello joe!

awwwwwww! he picked zora and she was cool with him....
and i had a feeling that they were going to give them money...
*sniffle* [smile]

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make it stop.

can't believe it's STILL snowing.

February 18, 2003


it's still snowing. i am trying to work from home today... the plow came back last night and plowed my shoveling job back in... arrrgh.

** it figures, the one day i am home and actually have regis and kelli on, they have the horrid comedy stylings of effing CarrotTop.


*** just found this link off of 3bruces.... ATTACK CARROT TOP (very therapeutic)

bored. waiting for work. can't nap.

sort of broken news alert

now that i have switched all of my blogs from blogger to mt.... now blogger is bought by google. i know this story broke last week or whatever, but...

gonna go out on that limb and suggest new names for blogger:


but i think my favourite name would be:


no reason, i just think Chuck is a nice goofy name.

this has been an absolute waste of time... please return to your normal programming

the check's in the mail!

well, i finally got the insurance check in the mail for my accident claim.

unfortunately, i forgot i have a $500 deductible... crap. so i was quite shocked at the low amount of the check....

grrrr. dummy.

tummy growls

cripes! between PMSing and being snowbound with a fully stocked fridge, i have been eating like a fiend

my night...

tonight consisted of gilmore girls, frasier, less than perfect and...


inspirational... and freakishly ill

motivational posters for alcoholics

feed the nine mouthed baby

[both via 3 bruces]

February 19, 2003

carbon monoxide morning

this morning's commute sucked!

i was happy that i didn't have to go on route 78 because there was a 30 mile ( i kid you not) backup...

heard early on there was a jackknifed tractor trailer at the very exit on route 80 west that i get off...

so i got gas, went to the bank and i was off and running...

communipaw ave - the first leg of the morning jaunt - it took me 45 minutes to go 0.5 miles.

why? because the effing plows made a 3 lane main thoroughfair into a 1 lane horse drawn carriage lane. and it all happened in an intersection.

okay - through that. good. i am on the turnpike now. all is going well... 55 mph...

listened to the traffic reports - they said route 80 was clear - the trailer was removed and traffic was fine.

i get to the toll booth, go through, it's slightly heavy... no big deal...

traffic report still saying the coast was clear - okay what the hell, i'll go route 80 instead of my alternate route on 46...

as soon as i merged left onto the no-turning-back-now-you're-screwed stretch of 95 before hitting 80, the traffic became a parking lot.

it took me 2 hours and 35 minutes to get into work this morning.

i am SO not looking forward to tomorrow... much less, tonight when i have to find a parking space that's not clogged with snow.


who's the fairest blog of all?

...golb ym no rorrim rorrim

thanks to michele for a look into my blog's soul!

February 20, 2003

she's crafty...

so my best friend from college - rodney - emailed me out of the blue last night...

apparently, my other friend from college (who i haven't yapped with in a few years) is living in new zealand and is knitting gorgeous baby clothes... turns out she knitted some items that sarah jessica parker loves - way to go hadley :)

go... buy some toasty warm and organic knitty things for babies - even if you don't have a rugrat, go... buy some (don't buy babies, i meant buy something from hadley)

shirts or skins??

so, i am thinking of creating different skins for this dang site. i mean, i do like this version of GC, but thinking it's once again, time to mix it up a bit...

even though it's going to kick my butt as a huge undertaking.

might as well do it before spring - so i can feel free to roam outdoors once the snow melts...

anyone have any ideas how to go about skinning this beast? also, if you have any requests as to what you'd like to see post it here, my friends!

* no boobies or other genitalia will be shown, no matter how much they're requested.

February 21, 2003


the club fire in rhode island is quite a sad story...

but WHY the hell would you use pyrotechniques (basically, FIREWORKS) indoors in such a small space!? a WOODEN structure, no less.

the band, great white, used their own pyrotechniques (um.. a little common sense was needed desperately, folks)

"I just couldn't believe how fast it went up," Great White lead singer Jack Russell told CNN affiliate WCVB. "I'm so saddened it's such a tragedy.

"What do you say? Gee, I'm sorry? That just doesn't cut it," Russell said. "There's no words to express how I feel right now."

Russell said guitarist Ty Longley was missing.

Russell said the band had received permission from the club for the pyrotechnics, but The Station's stage technician, Paul Vanner, said he was not aware that the band planned to use fireworks.

PLUS... it was a small enough club that they DID NOT need to have a sprinkler system by law....

ehm.... that's just not good.

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at least 86 dead in RI fire

what's even more shocking is that at least 85 people went to see Great White.

employee email #241

heh... funny in an adultery sort of way

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the light was blinking... 1 message

the O'Boy� called me at 3pm today and left a message! yay! he's been working a ton of overtime and shifts and all that... and, what with the snow and all, has been crazy busy (as i expected)

so he's calling me next week since he's got a few more days at work this weekend!

almost called the F4 tonight to see what he's up to - have erased that thought from my head - i really want to see Old School and not sure who exactly will want to see it with me since it's so damned silly... (if worse comes to worst, i am going on sunday to a matinee in JC by myself.)

February 22, 2003

bring on the locusts and frogs

it's pouring rain right now...causing the 2 feet of snow to melt... which means...


so happy i live at the BOTTOM of a brownstone where the water can enjoy running down the stairs that lead to my apartment (no, i am not in the basement like Laverne & Shirley) but i am still in the line of fire water...

guess i have to find some sandbags or call the national guard or something.

*note: as of this post, there's been no water entering my apartment... otherwise this entire post would have been typed out in uppercase lettering...

happy birthday, George!

where's george celebrating his birthday?


think i am going to trek up to hackensack for a bit... i don't know... there's a target up there...

although maybe i should just meander into nyc today - supposed to meet up with cathy later

even though i should be setting up the sewing machine that mom gave me for xmas, i have a hankering to try and learn how to knit... have had it for a while now, haven't done anything about it though... i think hadley's site kicked me in the butt the other day - unless i am just feeling a little snow and stir crazy

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id, ego, super-ego

who the hell am i kidding? i have to clean my apartment. i am trying to talk myself into going to target to try and get out of cleaning and organizing... i can't go. i have to work on stuff here.

but, erin...

what? i am not listening to you. you know that the place is still looking like a bomb hit it and you can't go out.

well, i was just going to mention that instead of knitting supplies, maybe we could go to target for some much needed organizational items... like under the bed storage thingies and stuff for the closet

i'm listening... go on...

i mean, it's pretty inexpensive... and you have to take the car out anyway to take your laundry to the chick down the street, what's the harm of spending an hour or two getting stuff you NEED anyway?

um... damn. fine. let's hop in the shower and get out of here.

i am so damned easy, it's sad.

my body took over

mind over body? no.

as i was pulling my jeans on, my back and shoulder muscles pulled a coup on me and decided that it's best for everyone if i stay on the couch today.


i can barely move.

just because it's pouring sheets of rain, the body puts a halt to any ideas i may have had about going out and doing anything today.

my own hell... there's nothing good on the teevee.

miracle on the half shell

hot bath
epsom salts
body tea
ben gay s.p.a. cream
midol cramp (closest thing i have to a muscle relaxant)

i can sort of move slightly now... am typing with one hand (stop it, gutterminds) while massaging ben gay onto my back

might be cracking open the bottle of coppola's chardonnay that my boss gave me... maybe

but that's too "elvis" of a therapy for my back, i think

upper torso outta whack

the F4 called to see if i wanted to go to ny comedy club tonight.. i wanted to actually say yes to get out of the house (cathy and i canceled plans for tonight because of the rain) but i really cannot move my neck... or my right shoulder... this ain't good, folks...

at least it's keeping me from running back and forth to the fridge.

yawn. whine.

slept from about 4:30/5pm til cathy called at 8pm... man. i think i needed the snooze, earlier - on top of the whole back thang, i felt a cold coming on... so i was likkered up on tylenol cold and midol

the only thing making me keep the chardonnay chilled is the fact that i am doing really well on the point intake for the diet...

February 23, 2003

psychic ex-boyfriends network

so, for some reason around 12:30am i had a thought in my head, "i wonder how Eric is?"

i haven't spoken with him since mid january - he lives in royal oak, michigan...

12:42am ex-eric calls my cell phone... says "i was walking in the blizzard on the way to the pub and said 'i haven't talked with erin in a while. i have to call her'"

this freaked me out - we were on the phone for about 15 minutes.

there's always been this odd connection between he and i.

like, the day before he had to leave to go work in japan in '97 i got a call that i had to leave to work in south korea for nine west the same day... so instead of being thousands and thousands of miles away, we were merely hundreds...

i miss him.

this photo doesn't do him justice... it's the only one i could find of him from back in 1997 when we were at a xmas party for Nine West.

he's been dating some chick out there for the past 2 months though... said to me "we have a good time... i guess."

ringing endorsement?

then he asked how my lovelife was and i mentioned dating the O'Boy� (although i didn't call him that to eric) and then he changed the subject rather quickly



the back feels a little better... not 100%, but better... i can move a bit - had a weird dream that eric called me and said he's visiting me on st. patrick's day. then i woke up.

doing well, in the past week, i have lost 8 pounds... yay! most was probably water, but, hell, i will take that loss!

so the grammys are tonight... i want Bruce to win (and norah jones...)

who are YOU rooting for?

all stocked up & nowhere to go

meandered out of the house today... dropped the laundry off to the lady down the street... that was fun... dragging 50lbs of clothes to my car, over snow banks, lifting into car, driving, dragging laundry out of car and over larger snowbanks and into the laundromat.

so that's done - will pick up on tuesday. ahhhh fresh clothes.

then i wanted to be annoyed even further so i went food shopping at the neighborhood shop rite - this is a decent place, not quite as annoying as the pathmark here is. (again... 3rd world country) but, still, a million trillion people with coupons and family first checks were in line in front of me...

ever since getting my car, my grocery horizons have expanded.

loaded up on the ww smart ones, lean cuisines and healthy choices (they all give the ww points) as well as aleve... my back is back to killing me again (lifting 50lbs of dirty clothes may not have been good for it.

all in all, an uneventful day.

except for when i ran over that homeless person

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well, dum-dum here (that's me.) quickly grabbed the healthy choice stuffed shells dinners (2 of them) without reading the effing fine print which said "with mushrooms"

if there is one food item in the world that i have a problem with... it's mushrooms. can't look at 'em.

disgusting vile funghi.


simon and garfunkel!!! yay!

grammys (#2)

dustin hoffman: "bruce spring street"


grammys (#3)

please mommy, make vanessa carlton stop singing

oh good... john mayer soothing my horrified ears...

and now james taylor and yo-yo ma... good good!

grammys (#4)

bruuuuuuuuuuuce! i love bruce.

too bad jimmy fallon didn't win best comedy album... i mean i like robin williams but he steals material right and left

thought avril was pretty good. glad norah won (aren't i cool acting like i am on a first name basis with them?)

um. shut up ashanti. please.

i want to see eminem's performance...

grammys (#5)

holy s#�t! the tribute to the clash by springsteen, costello, grohl and van zandt kicked ass!!

(see what i did there? i tried to be cool by just saying their last names now!)

grammys - album of the year

wow... norah jones beat out bruce... she swept the grammys... wow.

(i love that cd by the way)

February 24, 2003

employee email #242

20 Clues a Woman Should Call it a Night

i may or may not have had a night like this... odds are i have.

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everyone ready for what's sure to be the longest hour on television?

the EX-files

so after posting eric's photo the other day, i got to rummaging around in a few shoeboxes and dug up 1% of my exes... pretty much a few that actually were around long enough to have their photos taken

John... not my first boyfriend... but another first... good guy
status= friends. married. 1 rugrat

Dale - this is right before his junior prom... in 1986
status= not friends. married.

(i would go to my junior prom with bill r. and then senior prom with scott j. )

Patrick - fling. good kid, we kept in contact a little my freshman year of college, but that's it. last i knew - in this photo - he lived in florida
status= MIA

Brendan - met freshman year of college - dated on and off throughout. he was a film major - hopefully is doing what he wants now
status= MIA

Ryan - met senior year of college when i was slinging cheesesteaks on south street in philly. he was in the navy, but was from arizona and was a bull rider.. he shipped out, asked me to marry him, i said no and then i moved on to the next fella (joe) word has it ryan got married 6 months later...
status= MIA

Joe - dated for 5 months. sent me roses every week. wrote poetry and love notes... then broke up with me on christmas... he didn't smile once this night on halloween when i made a matching potato costume for him * after the breakup i was so upset that i lost 40 lbs in 2.5 months... i had a fleeting thought that i wanted him to date me and break up with me again as a quick way to drop a few pounds
status= not friends. married.

Bill - my first real red-headed boyfriend. swell egg.

here's bill in 1993 with archie still yap with his family - that was the hardest part of breaking up.
status= still good friends.

you saw eric the other night

Matt - aka "fat matt"... um... sort of cordial to each other now but i am still bitter over this schmuck. this is the one that said i was way too fat. *ahem* cathy - poor cathy can't hang with me without hearing at least one derogatory matt comment... we broke up in 99 - and then he broke into my apartment and took all the food out of my cabinets.
status= speaking terms have no use for him.

updated 12.03.03: hey all of you nosing around for FattyPack... the page you seem to be entering from is "CACHED" through google... it is no longer on MY site... so make a note of it...

and the GSB� - who was last seen dating me feb. 17, 2002
status= not friends (although i do get IM'd by his roommate every so often, hey Mike!)

that's just a smattering and a teeny glimpse into my dating past

February 25, 2003

turn on the spotlight

so my comedy sister, monica, has talked me into getting my ass together for my set... we're probably doing some open mics in the next month

employee email #243

make your own presidential speech!

tough crowd #2

just got a call from comedy central giving me tickets to next wednesday's taping of Tough Crowd with colin quinn...

cool. so i'll be there with my ash wednesday ashes on!!!

calling all KNITTERS!

hey... once and for all... what's the best beginner paraphenalia to buy (needles etc?)

like what size is a good beginner size... what type of yarn, etc...

nope. i don't have a pattern. i just want to start by attempting to knit.

help!!! let me know! PLEASE!!


You will live in apartment. You will drive a yellow bmw. You will marry eric and have 3 kids. You will be a cartoonist in river edge.

if you are like me, and were never successful enough at mastering the fine art of 6th grade origami - play M*A*S*H online

space... the final frontier.

moved around a lot of furniture tonight... see, i live in a railroad/studio/apartment with a half wall/ and a huge kitchen... there really is no room. i have to look into getting a storage unit somewhere in the underbelly of jersey...

anyway - i had bought an entertainment center and bookshelf back in november... i haven't been able to put it together - it's not that i can't... except for the fact the effing manufacturer didn't drill a couple of holes where they are supposed to be...

so the pile of wood (approx. what seems to be about 300 pounds - but may be more like 75lbs) and screws has been sitting in my living area (note there is no use of the word "room") blocking my treadmill...

the weightloss this week has gotten me all excited-like -- in fact, i feel as if i am "back in the zone" with the ww - even though i am not going to meetings right now - but i am eating within my points, etc.

blah blah blah... so there i was itching to get my treadmill running... there was no room.

so i moved the unbuilt crap, then i needed to move the la-z-boy recliner which in turn didn't fit ANYWHERE anymore... so then i dragged that about 15 feet into my "sleeping area" and had to, in turn, move 2 trunks filled with more stored crap...

my apartment is like one of those little plastic puzzles you played with when you were young where you have 8 pieces and 9 spaces to move things around in...

the way i used to solve that was to take it apart and cheat.

that's why i need to move stuff to a storage center.

you don't even WANT to see my closet "area".

February 26, 2003

boxes, bins, units.

there's a storage place down near my mom's that has 5'x5' units for $39/month... thinking of doing that - see, thinking of having it down there because she can store stuff, too. also, i go down there a lot - and i don't really trust the jersey city folks...

if i pack stuff really well, i think it'll help...

very excited to possibly gain control of my apartment again (or for the first time)


now if only i had time to pack and organize.


Visitors to Daypop, an index of personal journalism sites known as Weblogs, were treated on Wednesday to a new feature called "word bursts," an automated attempt to identify the hottest words at the moment.


Word Bursts are heightened usage of certain words in weblogs within the last couple days. They are indicators of what webloggers are writing about right now, in contrast to Top 40 and Top News which are indicators of what webloggers are linking to currently. Word Bursts can frequently indicate current events of interest that are not usually accompanied by links. Sample weblog posts accompany each word burst.

a clack-clack could be heard

knit_square1.jpg *click*

after casting on six times in a row and then ripping it out five times, i finally got a bit of the hang to knitting. (of course, the first 3 times i had to rip out the stitches, i didn't realize at the time that i was following the "left-handed directions"...guess who's NOT a lefty?)

it was my first time! the yarn was gentle.

i bought a beginner's knitting booklet... i did the "casting on" bit and have attempted the "knit stitch"...

i know there are mistakes in it, but i have to tell you... it kept me occupied and relaxed for a couple of hours... i can see why people love it!...

... could this be the beginning of gigglechick.com becoming a knitting blog!!?!

dun dun DUN!

tune in next time, kids... perhaps erin will learn how to do the "binding off" move...

February 27, 2003

a short yarn

i also have been fiddling with the size 8 circular needles... unfortunately, it seems as if they are metal and not coated...

but it's fun.

one thing, i am having trouble at the ends of the rows... how does one tighten it? it seems pretty loose when i do the last stitch in the row - not to mention i KNOW that i must be screwing up on a couple of stitches...

i am enjoying the challenge and i haven't thought about food for about 5 hours - amazing!

could knitting be the new diet!?

the early knitter gets the purl?

okay, this is scary... i actually picked up the knitting this morning and got up early to do so...

what the hell is going on with me!?

you were a great neighbour


my favourite was when he went to the chewing gum factory and we got to see the gum being made and sliced and stuff. also, i loved the land of make believe (although Lady Elaine scared the hell heck out of me...)

meow meow meow we'll miss you meow meow.

jonesing for the needles

what i was working on this morning - i switched needles (wanted to conquer the circular ones) and i switched yarn...


breakin' out the irish knit

so tomorrow i have a 10am dental appointment... it's about a mile from work, but we're supposed to get, what else, snow - starting after midnight - possible accumulations of 3 - 5 inches

new dentist... hoping he's a good guy - as opposed to the one a few years ago who put ovocaine on the bottom right side of my mouth and proceeded to drill on the top left side... when i said "whoa! wait!", he said "oh, suck it up, it's almost over."

[prior to that, i LOVED the dentist, but my old dentist of 15 years, died. now i am a transient patient, searching for the holy grail of dental gods who offer the sweet air a.k.a. nitrous oxide]

blah blah blah. dentist tomorrow.

tomorrow night i am supposed to (barring the weather) go out to celebrate my boss's birthday... only can stay for an hour then i have to head down the shore...

saturday i have to hook up digital cable for my mom and then go get my hair trimmed & foil highlights (been since november 15th that i last had anything done... hello roots)

sunday is all about the belmar st. patrick's day parade...

i really have only seen one flag, heard a piper and then the rest of the parade is usually spent in Patrick's Pub or Pat's Tavern where joe finn plays (he's great... just great - have been seeing him sing for over 15 years or so now - have to remember to pack my kazoo)

going with kerry... gotta find me a piper in a kilt to flirt with *sigh* i love this time of year....

late show with...

as much as i like bruce willis and johnny mac, it just goes to show ya' that dave is irreplaceable

the poor little pumpkin has shingles - ouch.

February 28, 2003

cake! candles! strippers?

go wish paul a happy 30th birthday...

welcome to your thirties!

smiles all around!

woo! no cavities and they complimented my flossing and lack of tartar!

(it's weird because last may i went to a different dentist who did the scraping, but didn't polish, then she looked in my mouth briefly and said i had 2 cavities - i never got them fixed...)

it's a miracle~!

i'm an "Official Placque Fighter"!!!

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