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March 3, 2003

wedding belle

my friend heather at work got married on valentine's day...

(then the lucky broad went to Belize for 2 weeks)

love the bouquet!

st. pat's deja vu...

so i had an interesting time at the st. pat's parade in belmar yesterday! kerry and i went and hung out at Pat's Tavern to see Joe Finn... and met a red-headed boy (again)

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reuters mentions me my site.

Some blog entries take the form of no more than one or two-sentence gasps. Business-minded Lawlor refers dismissively to the mass of blogs as "angst journals" even as he upholds the form as a model of effective small group communication. With names like gigglechick and worldwiderant, one doesn't even need to click to imagine where such blogs are headed.

hmmm... so reuters wrote an article "Blog Publishers Stealing Web Limelight"

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dial "M" for Mortified

as i was sitting down watching six feet under (i taped it)... my phone rang...

'twas the RHB�

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March 4, 2003

yap back!

changed the format of my comment box... slightly.

come on, people.... yap away! comment! type something! i know you're out there!

laissez les bon temps rouler

nola_thangs.jpghappy fat tuesday!!!!!
(remind me i have to get up early tomorrow to go get ashes!) ***no. those aren't my "girls"

for some new orleans flavour, check out my favourite band in the world - cowboy mouth or go check out the iguanas

have a few hurricanes and flash yer boobies (unless you're a guy with man boobs... then just go eat another slice of King Cake)

(i, myself, will most likely be venturing off to weight watchers and then knitting tonight. woo. let the good times roll!)

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sweet heavens to meme's

i haven't done one in a while... so here are a few lovely items

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insomniatic redesign bellyaching

i am so tired and achy right now (there's your "angst" mr. reuters) - although, i want to redesign my site right now. so crowded. i long for the days where it was somewhat clean...

do you think i should bring the 3 column format back? *sigh* nearly midnight - this is always when these re-designing thoughts pop into my noggin...

*** lazy tired girl - that's me - only darkened the body copy here - i think that's been difficult to read for some

i have to wake up at 6am so i can get to church for ashes by 7:15... *yawn*

March 5, 2003

no. i'm not taking it off

well, i am off to hop in the shower and then get me some ashes.

not for nothing, but i didn't get ashes last year during work - i tried getting them after work... walked around downtown for 2 hours in the fridgid cold last ash wednesday after i got out of that horrid job i had been at

then in 2001, i was working at digitas.

i had gotten ashes in the morning before work. hey - i have done this for years. so, i am in a meeting with about 15 people (there weren't any others in the meeting with ashes - but there were others in the company that had ashes)

anyway - long story short - my creative director (n. horowitz) says to me in the middle of the meeting in front of everyone...

"erin take that crap off of your forehead, it's bothering the hell out of me"

i didn't take it off. i was pissed. i was mortified.
how dare she say that... have i ever tried to embarrass someone of the jewish faith in the middle of a meeting by saying "hey take that silly 'yamaha' beanie off of your head - it's rude to wear hats indoors?"

no. because i am not an ass.

and then i was laid off from digitas... too bad i am not the "suing type" of person.

okay - now that i have gotten myself all worked up - i have to go take a shower.

no idea what i am giving up for Lent... thinking chocolate is a good call... although, is Weight Watchers "chocolate" technically the real deal - or is it Mocklate?

ashinine religious comment #1

so i walk into work today and i get the comment "i'm so glad that i have a 'normal' religion like southern baptist instead of catholics, muslims and jews... what's the point of that ash thing?"


it's gonna be a long day...

especially since in all my years this has to be the largest batch of ashes that i've received...


my first love...

i may as well be the billionth blog to post this:

bush & blair & their endless love

i say oink them.

okay... what will happen now? underground meetings of those wishing to read charlotte's web, the three little pigs, animal farm?

this is really ridiculous.

[found on sheila's site]

also found on her site is a link to peta's new ad campaign - which i had only heard about this morning on the radio... i think it's an outrage to even compare

NEW YORKERS... check that ad!

hey new yorkers/north jerseyites... is anyone else as appalled at the NY/NJ Metro Chevy Dealers commercial that has Chevy Tahoes driving in droves around the city?

okay - let me be more specific...

they are driving NORTH on broadway....

through times square... the wrong direction...

in front of the flatiron building, the WRONG direction... hello crapolicious computer generated schlock!

driving uptown on a clearly downtown street.

idiots. just for that alone i wouldn't buy a chevy tahoe... that and my credit is shot... but, still!

a small change. teeny.

for the time being - because i don't have 24 hours of time on my hands to redesign this site - i have just organized the side a bit and thanks to the magical code from mandarin design, it's appeasing my desire to tear this site down and start from scratch for now.

March 6, 2003

artistic sportsmen

so, sunday i am heading into the city to grab a beer and root for UNC... cathy went there, so i can't root for Duke (um... not that i'd want to Cath... even if i did have a crush on Laettner way back when i was in college.)

not a huge basketball fan...

i mean, my school didn't have any sports... hell, it was an art school (the university of the arts)

until one day, my senior year i was crossing the street and this giant gray beast appeared... he had our school logo on it's arse...

i walked into our Great Hall - which at this time, turned into a gymnasium... it was packed had about 40 people in there... watching intramural volleyball.

what the?

wait... what the hell is that gray thing?

some freshman answered me "It's the University of the Arts Artvark!"... not for nothing, but i was vice president of the student body for 2 years, then i had too much work and gave the post up during my senior year... now there's SPORTS in an art school!?

the "team" played against (and lost) U Penn, Drexel, Temple and VillaNova...

the "uniform" consisted of a black t-shirt, black shorts, black socks, black converse chucks... and a lot of non-chalant attitude

the "band" consisted of a handful of the performing arts majors... one guitarist, one keyboard player and a snare drummer...

the school "fight song" seemed to be a medley of Billy Joel songs...


go team.

employee email #244 & #245

okay, i had seen this a while ago and never did it... but someone emailed this to me again today so i tried it...

so of course, i had to freak the hell out of my co-workers and send it to them - now no one is getting any work done because we're all trying out the flash mind reader

below is the second email i got... enjoy, ladies

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a knitting moment

not that i am anywhere near using this at the moment because i am back to having troubles even casting on. seriously, i had been doing well, then i started a new thing of yarn - i am still practicing - no patterns as of yet - but for those of you wanting to make your own patterns, create your own graph paper

[found off of squibnocket]


looking forward to a little Presidential yapping tonight (followed by survivor)

the night is chock full of the serious and the silly

(you be the judge as to which is which)

ice queen

by the way... have i mentioned that i am sick of the snow?

hey God... um... do you think you can cut us a break? i mean, i'm giving up chocolate for 40 days - howzabout you chill with the sleet, hail, 5 inches of snow and slush that we experienced today?

just a thought...

if not, i am going to buy 56 cans of RAVE hairspray megahold and get this global warming into gear...


word of mouth

svbn22.jpgrumor has it rob savoy is leaving cowboy mouth.


i don't know how this will affect the future of the band... but i wish him well.


goodbye to the King of Mardi Gras

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March 7, 2003

whoa... i'm floored!

oh my gawd! i have to agree with my buddy neil -- the animation in this flash thingamabob is incredible!!!

in other news... i went to sleep at 11:06pm and woke up at 7:07am...

this is the first night that i have had 8 hours sleep in about a year or more... of course, i did have a crazy dream that matt lauer and katie couric were assassinated... strange... very strange

ha-ha email #246

2 parody songs and a few jokes sent to me via p45.net

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employee email #247

wow... the emails with jokes are flying into my inbox today...

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more exes to examine

this is a follow-up to the ex-files i had written a week or two ago...

colin - this is the guy - i sort of dated in a "we didn't go out much and i would see him at 2am after the bars" type of dating about 6 years ago... status: married, 1 rugrat

bobby - this is the guy that i liked at methodfive (he was a pwc consultant) and we never did anything and then he asked me to hang out with him the day he was leaving - the photo doesn't exactly do him justice :) status: speak on yahoo messenger every once in a while... single still (as far as i know)

March 8, 2003

translation of last night

so my coat is gone forever - looks like someone swiped it on me. i called the bar and it's not there

the beginning of the end for me: chock full o' nuts martini.

tasted like an iced coffee at dunkin donuts... i had 6 or 7 of them... in about an hour and a half. a gorgeous drink.

always nice when the bartender mocks you by saying "do you want a pitcher of the chock full o nuts"

lovely photo of me - some chunky guy was trying to kiss on my neck and then freaked when i pulled the camera out

the cop that drove me home was really nice... my landlords probably were looking out the window going "oh dear - the cops are driving her home now"

missing a small piece on my cell phone... knocked over my golf clubs when i walked in... IM'd a few people when i was "tipsy" last night...

blew through a ton of cash last night - unfortunately the martinis were $8 a pop. then the guinness (2 of them) and the irish car bomb... then the 3 coors lights... i don't think there were any shots that i indulged in...

saw the guy i had the crush on in college... eh... remember telling him how much i liked him back then - pathetic! then his girlfriend of 3 years sidled up.... eh...and then they left... (but he gave me his card)

all i know is that some guy from phoenix was asking me to go to his hotel with him and i couldn't get away from him... i kept looking for my coat to make the escape and after 15 minutes of that i left.... walking down the street in the freezing cold trying to get to the PATH train which is 14 blocks away... after 3 blocks the cop pulled over - i think i had a "please pull over i'm pathetic" look on my face... and he had me hop in the front... he used my cell phone to call the station to let them know he was going to take me to jersey city...

the slurring that i was doing - whew - not exactly proud of - he was laughing because i kept apologizing...

all in all... fun night

the closet. i'm goin' in.

well, my hangover is subsiding... it's time to clean... i have procrastinated enough... my apartment is crammed with crap... and a lot of crap has migrated into my closet... this is the one closet (i am not even opening the door to the other closet...) i am going to throw stuff out today... if you don't hear from me in a day - it means that something has fallen on me and either a) broken my leg b) caused me internal bleeding c) i am dead.


i am a little overwhelmed with the thought of tackling this...


i'm scared.

after i conquer the closet... this is the rest of what i have to look forward to... anyone wanna help??? pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?!

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procrastination moment #1

so, since i am rummaging around in my closet i had to open up boxes to toss things out... in the meantime i found this photo of me on my high school graduation night june 22, 1988... i had a huge party where about 350+ people showed up... here's lisa, spags, steve, sue, kristen and stacy and a very tan me with a backless rag dress - i loved that dress.


Jeff W. - dated after meeting at the manasquan turkey trot in november of 95... in this photo we're coming back from hunter mountain from a day of skiing and drinking... note the beer about to land in jeff's lap... we broke up 2 days before valentine's day 96... unfortunately the vermont teddy bear he canceled still arrived at work on 2.14 and i had a breakdown. status: married with rugrats

okay - back to cleaning...

what a fine mess.

so cathy and i aren't watching the basketball game tomorrow - i will be here digging out of the bigger mess that i have created in my apartment with the "cleaning" out of my closet...

i have an ab roller in there that's not seen the outside world since 1998... do you think the homeless guy will use it if i put it out on the curb?

she speaks!

Powered by audblogaudblog audio post

(i used my blogger site to post it and transferred it to MT - right now the audblog schtick isn't supported by MT at the moment...)

i sound like a dork by the way - and thank god i didn't do this last night....

danger! danger!

Powered by audblogaudblog audio post

i promise to have better, more substantial audio posts from now on (meaning after you listen to this blather here!)

yeah i am still procrastinating and haven't finished the closet

i sound manic.

and if there is one word in there that you can't understand... it's the word "burly"... the best thing about having a written journal is being able to go back and make corrections and deletions...

March 9, 2003


awwww... on SNL the last sketch was a tribute to mr. rogers... horatio sanz sung "You're Special" and then the trolley rolled behind him as he said "thanks Mr. Rogers"... i teared up.

that was nice.

just a thought

when in the bathroom, has your body ever made noises similar to that of a cappuccino machine's milk frother?

just curious.

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closet update!

woo! clean closet!!!


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and there's a good possibility that i popped a disc or threw my hip out in the past 10 minutes -- i swear i HAVE been lifting with my knees, too.

pre-war update

heh... an excuse to procrastinate...

snagged from quinn....

Iraqi soldiers have crossed the Kuwait border and tried to surrender to British forces - because they thought the war had already started.

wouldn't it be nice if it ended before it started? a nice big fake out. or like the kid shaking in his sneakers waiting for 3 o'clock to roll around because the bigger kid's gonna kick his ass, so he runs home instead?

i dunno. bad metaphors - but they are keeping me from cleaning (sad when i am faking myself out from cleaning, much like i used to when my mom used to scream at me to clean my room)

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mckinsey & co.

so, i read my stats and see that i get a lot or readers that work for mckinsey & co... welcome, by the way...

so what do y'all think about chelsea clinton coming to work with you guys in nyc? starting at over $100K...

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trash talkin'

there is a definite light at the end of the tunnel right now. while the place isn't spic and span, i have managed to let go of the past a little and throw out 11 lawn & leaf sized garbage bags filled with clothes, shoes, trash, papers, etc...

so if you see a homeless guy walking down the street in jersey city wearing a purple ski suit, a pair of high heels and carrying an ab-roller while wheeling around a small bathroom organizer shelf thing... you know that he was my personal rummager

always carry tissue

i thought talking to my poppy and asking him for a sign every so often was a good thing... poppy was a prankster... but i think after reading this story by Yoda from bitch-session, i will just say "hey, Pop" and leave it at that... that's the safest route.

sunday. hbo.

"...and who opened the door? melissa gilbert... it was like looking into the face of evil itself."

god. i love six feet under

March 10, 2003

who's line is it, huh? what?

just got an email from Caroline's comedy club about their improv class.. it's probably a million dollars - but i may be interested - think the producer's club has improv for $5 a week, that may be more in my price range...

*** the guy just called me back... it's $300 for 6 weeks/ wednesdays from 7-10pm... and that's with the $50 discount... i am tempted to do this. unfortunately, my car payments should come first -- which they haven't been lately ***

piggy by necessity

i have been doing the lean cuisine/weight watchers thing (the frozen dinners i am talking about)... i haven't been eating much of anything else - haven't wanted to - the thing is, i am having to eat like, 4 or 5 of these entrees to make my ww points minimum for each day -- crazy... we'll find out at tomorrow's meeting if i lost any weight this week!

one ringy dingy

yay! the RHB� called! were on the phone for 1/2 an hour... i hate talking on the phone. 100% chance of me rambling like a nitwit... as i did, but he seemed okay with it :)

we've got a date set up for thursday (pray that his basketball league doesn't change their game til then... there's a chance.) supposed to call me wednesday to finalize everything...

cripes! i have to take stuff to the laundromat tomorrow so i can get clothes back for thursday!!!

ack! (not that i will invite him into the apartment but...) i have to finish cleaning!

and please god... enough already with the random pimples appearing on my face....

clooooone high!

jack black voiceover on clone high!!! woo!

kids getting high from smoking raisins!

a bit parodying "the wall"!

a dragon from australia that says "i'm gonna eat you like a dingo eats 'is baby"!

said dragon making a sandwich and singing a vegemite sammy song to the tune of "waltzing matilda" in the belly of a cat!

think there's a bit of "jesus christ superstar" thrown into the mix

i think i am in love with the creators of this show....


March 11, 2003

because dolly would have wanted it that way.

watch clone high usa...FOR THE LOVE OF SWEET BABY JEEZUZ PEOPLE...

you've attempted to save "Frenchie" from american idol with petitions and all... come on! SAVE CLONE HIGH USA.

watch the danged show! (here's what it's about, in case you're a heathen who hasn't listened to me about watching it.)what other show would have marylin manson singing about the food pyramid?

survivor? no.
fricking CSI:Las Miami? i think not, sir.

would you scroll through and LOOK at this cast it has? i said "LOOK!"

come on!

go. find it. it's on that kooky mtv that the kids seem to like to watch.

oh yeah... and wish me luck with losing a few pounds tomorrow... but a more realistic goal is you watching Clone High USA

the crisper

am a little (not too badly) sunburned from the tanning salon last night - spent 20 minutes in it (i have built up a base) i am not in pain, just my face is looking a bit blotchy red right now... please please please let it become even and slightly brown by thursday!!!

dumb pasty irish girl signing out.


okay - well, a silly little flash thang that some of y'all may have already seen...

spank bush... it's not as dirty as it sounds

minus five point four

sweet!!! i weighed in at weight watchers tonight!!!!!!

don't fear the repo man

there's a tow truck on my street right now - making a lot of noise, going in for the kill... it's about 6 cars down about to prey on a benz parked in front of a hydrant....

ya' ever have a wave of nausea sweep through you because you are a few payments behind on the car and all you can envision is emilio estevez swearing a dubbed "Flip You!" in your mind?

i've become one of those peeper women who lifts open the one slat in the blind to peer out of her window at the drop of a hat... although, i must admit, i did go outside a few moments ago when i saw the flashing lights... no, i wasn't wearing a muu-muu or hair rollers... but i do have clearasil on my face (i think the traces of adult acne will be gone by tomorrow... just in time for thursday's date)

now i can't sleep. maybe i'll go sleep in my car with a bat.

March 12, 2003


my car is still parked safely (safe enough for jersey city) outside...

(and my face is tanned, not blotchy anymore :)

goat boy lives...

ever since i saw it on sunday, i meant to let you all in on it.... watch jim breuer's "Hardcore" on comedy central...

you'll hear such beauties as his ac/dc sketch

he's one of the funniest stand-ups... i've yet to see him in person though... have to... he shares the same birthday as i do

meow! i said MEOOOOW!

it's silly singing kitten day!~!!!!

heh. scary meow meows

a little independant woman kittens

viking kittens take you to a gay bar

... for more kooky kitties!!!

dickie v!!!


smart thinking.

thank god.

j&s file...

a new jackass installation...

murphy's law

so, today was nice out, friday saturday and sunday are supposed to be gorgeous...

eh... but when i am walking around hoboken at 7pm tomorrow night on a first date (technically a 4th date i think) it's supposed to be sleeting snowing and hell, throw in some locusts and frogs why don't ya'....

um.... on second thought, don't do the bug and toad thing... thanks. snow's enough

March 13, 2003

smarty pants


gotta admit - and maybe it's PMS, but i think it's more because i am floored and happy for the family - but i have cried each time i saw something about elizabeth smart on the tee vee last night and this morning....

it's so amazing that she is alive. who'da thunk happy endings existed still?

read before writing.

I suppose I must attempt to use correct grammar when writing my Web Log. I found out that there is a post written that mentions my site's name:

Many, many pretty blogs contain sentences like: "omigod i am sooooo not wanting to be studying for next week's history test". These blogs generally seem to be written by bloggers with names like (I am not making this up) Big Pink Cookie, Giggle Chick, or Stinkyface. Capital letters, punctuation and spell-checkers are all used sparingly in

- it seems as if the "author" hasn't taken the time to actually, I don't know, READ the darned thing.

omigod. whatevah. it's been, like, ohmigod, like, fift33n years since i took like, a test*

[*note sarcasm mingling with pms]

employee email #248

These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts, and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and now published by court reporters - who had the torment of staying calm while these exchanges were actually taking place.

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hey calling all you NEW YORK/NORTH JERSEY folks...

check out smear-campaign

it's "an original hard rock band" band that this guy Craig i went to college with is in... (there's an mp3 hanging on this page)

here's where they are playing!!!!
[scroll down a bit since their old dates are at the top]

thank you. that's my plug for the day. feel free to go about your business

tonight... weather... no locusts

well, so far - knock on wood - it's only raining where i am... hopefully the rain will subside by 6:30pm when i have to trek out of my house all gussied up with a face made up from my pots and potions... hoping beyond hope that a bus doesn't splash me (happened 3x in the past) and that my hair doesn't melt (no idea where an umbrella is - and that i get a cab - otherwise, i will have to take the path....

(can't wait.)

on my way

showered, changed, foo-fooed up all in record time... now out into the night i go....

March 14, 2003


so, how's everyone doing today? so, let's see, last night... the RHB� beat me at darts... i was pitiful... this may have had something to do with the lack of food in me, or it may have had something to do with the fact that apparently, i am horrible at darts. i am going to blame the food and the darts themselves.

he's a nice guy... i had fun

that's all i am saying for now.

clone high petition

go. sign it. trust me. even if you haven't seen the show yet (and i have no idea why you wouldn't have since i have been lauding it for over a month) go. sign the petition...

Excavating Erin

so i have been getting calls on my cell over the past few days for an "All Terrain Excavating"... apparently, they've been sending out faxes to companies with MY phone number on them.... crazy... so i tracked this company down - they said that my number is their old fax number... and the fax machine is printing it out on the top of the fax

the weird thing is... i have had this cell number since july of 2000

strange. very strange.

coming out of the blog closet

see, i am not really writing much about the date because i did have a good time... and because the RHB� actually has a computer and i think after my 4th Harp last night i was blathering about my site (shut up erin! do not tell someone that you are on a date with about your site! haven't you said that time and time again?)

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friday never ends

going to the cowgirl hall of fame tonight with folks from headquarters, the other nyc/nj branches and a few others... should be fun... gonna lay low i think... a little too much alcohol was consumed last night and my body will shut down altogether...

i just want you to all know we can all let out a sigh of relief now... why?

well, Sela Ward Joins Cast of 'Dirty Dancing' Sequel - "Havana Nights: Dirty Dancing 2"

March 15, 2003

cowgirl hall of fame

Powered by audblogaudblog audio post

sorry about the duet at the end - not me - gets a bit risque.... i apologize for the drunkards singing... i, on the other hand, had 1 margarita, 1 guinness, 3 seltzers and a lot of nachos and Frito� Pie... it sounds like mentally challenged llamas singing... no one knows who the hell the girl on the right with the blue collar is... she popped into the photo


heather, gregg and me being silly
just us cowgirls (and chris)
heather, gg, me and pam
my coding genius, Willy, and his fianc� Jenny
chris schmoozing with stacy
silly freakchick goofing with the gav
once again, me, heather, pam and gregg
pammy, heather and spencer

after that, we headed off down the street....at the white horse tavern on hudson street:

heather & i hamming it up at the white horse
spencer, heather and gg goofing around
spencer, heather, pam and i
pam, greg, me and chris
a bit of a blurry one...

what's with me making fish faces in half those photos?

obligatory PSA for 3.15

ides of march, baby... ides of march... beware.

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March 16, 2003

so long old girl

my aunt and uncle had to put their dog Brandy to sleep...

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late night cell usage

ex-eric just called me... as it turns out, he's dating a redheaded chick in royal oak... funny that.

boy, i have to get some sleep... gotta try and get to church in the morning

oh sleep

looking at the 12:30 mass... sorta hit the snooze alarms 36 times this morning... hmmm... i could go back to sleep.... no no... okay, i will throw myself into the shower and then meander around good ol' jersey city...

lovely sunday!!!

mass was great - they are looking for people to join their choir... don't think i will subject people to my caterwauling... went into the city this afternoon and met up with cathy - my goodness, what a gorgeous day!!!!! didn't need to wear a coat at all!!!!! amazing!

tomorrow i am supposed to meet up with my boss at PJ Clarke's at 3rd and 55th... i really don't want to drink a thing - in fact i kinda want to go into work tomorrow - nice workaholic that i am...

March 17, 2003

erin's not braghless!

happy saint patrick's day to one and all... keep safe and don't get silly drunk by 11am... it's amatuer day (according to cathy :)

have a great one and slaint�!!!!!

top o' the mornin'!!

just woke up and wanted to officially get the day started... it's too warm to wear the irish knit out.... gotta rummage around and find a cooler shirt that's got a touch of the green in it... actually, the one i have in mind is all green... gotta bring the camera (think i have to head to the wiz or something because i want another smartcard with more memory - the ones i have now seem to be pathetic nowadays - they seem to get full at the drop of a hat... anyone know what i can do about that? i used to be able to hold at least 24 images now i am lucky if there's 12 allowed on there... and i have deleted the old images off of the thing...)

my body is telling me "eh, erin, could you kinda eat a giant breakfast with pancakes or french toast - sorry, would it be called Freedom toast? - and sausages so that you don't have a starvation drinkingfest like you did on thursday night? good. thanks!"

yeah that boycotting mass email going around... yeah - i am not exactly condoning the boycotting of companies... *sigh* shaking my head.... the email is below... but they want us to boycott Jamesons?!? on Saint Patrick's Day!? i made a few comments about the companies... go look and have a happy and safe day!!!!!

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pamela's ashes

so, i spoke with pam a few minutes ago... was supposed to meet her in the city today - looks like her daughter broke her wrist on saturday... yeowch, poor thing! so she may not be heading in to meet us today... when i was on the phone with pam, heather called my cell, looks like she's gotta buy fleetwood mac tix for her dad, so she's probably going to make it in around 11:30... haven't heard from the big guy, Ed, yet... supposed to call me when he gets into the city...

ah, don't ya' love making plans? part of me would be just as content going into the city, watching the parade for a bit (really have only seen a piper and an irish flag before heading into a pub) and then coming home - i am sure i will get the spirits back up... i just need to get dressed and smell a bar of Coast soap to wake up (even though i only have Ivory Soap here. dang. not even Irish Spring on a day like today. pitiful.)

i am now tossing myself into the shower

off to the streets of new york

since now i am running late - i have to meet heather at the port authority at noon - what a grand place it is... i will leave you with one last thought on this lovely day (before i come back tonight and post photos)...

pj clarke's!!!

timothy hutton says a happy st. pat's (he's part owner of the place - he's right towards the end...)!!!!! the pipes and drums sound funky cause i was right in the midst of 'em
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and other drunkards say the same....
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it's amazing what wielding a sharpie marker will do - i think i drew on almost everyone in the pub... barring a few who i yelled "What are you I-talian!??!" at since they didn't want shamrocks...

unfortunately, i lost 12 photos due to disk corruption or the fact that i was uploading these this evening and may have erased the other images accidentally update! i recovered the images... they can be found here... but here are a good assortment... including a piper's arse... thank you Darren....

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the orange and the green

so, the terror level is at orange all across the country.... lovely.

on the green side of things, i so want to go out again tonight... am listening to irish music and am craving a good sing-a-long.... wish i was down the shore at the crab's claw inn listening to joe finn....

my kazoo barely got any use today....

March 18, 2003

neurotic birthday!

ah, the day after st. patrick's day... it must be a day of rest... no, wait! it's Kymberlie R. McGuire's Birthday! go celebrate over at the neurotic fishbowl and have a happy one!!

(oh yeah... it's my cousins' birthday as well... yes... those cousins)

this or that?

this or that tuesday:

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1st anniversary

so a year ago today i started at the best company a girl could work for with the best people

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more evidence...

i was able to salvage the photos from the corrupted disk... here they are... enjoy (and also check out the other batch from st. patrick's day...)

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to a tee

remind me that i have to bring my golf clubs into work on thursday - fred and i are heading to the driving range... yay! (perhaps i should streamline my golf bag since it has about 26 clubs in it.)

patton oswalt!

very happy to see that patton oswalt has a site... that he updates... nice!

he does the best damned nick nolte impersonation.... ever.

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mom liked him best

and if there was ever a pretty decent porn star name it's Dick Smothers, Jr.

those crazy gulf wars

Gulf Wars : Episode II : Clone of the Attack

ye ol' basketball

so i picked out of a plastic bag today the two teams that i have to root for...

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knits and knots

can someone please help me figure out what i either just knit or am in the process of knitting?

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March 19, 2003

comment on what lies ahead

i know there are a ton of sites out there that are having their say about the looming war - i know many of them are not exactly in the states here, and it's lovely to have an opinion... isn't it?

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back to the regularly scheduled gigglechick

have you ever gotten so into flossing your teeth that you sorta zone out then realize that you've been doing it for 20 minutes straight? and have you ever dreaded going out with someone to a wedding?

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st. pat's afterthought.

okay okay okay... to the fella that called my machine at home "kindly requesting" that the photos of his drawn on chest be removed... howsabout this happy compromise? (oh, and by the way, sorry.) - come on, i had told everyone they would be on my website...

* just got an email from the aforementioned fella's buddy - the one in white - asking why i blurred his face out... *sigh* okay... one's shy, one's not. sorry, kids... y'all are staying blurry... don't want your friend to freak that people might know who the one is and put 2 + 2 together and figure out who "green shirt dude" is... at least only one of you was growly about the images...

trapped. shackled. damn.

well. the other call i had today at 2:40pm was the F4.
guess who is still going to this wedding.

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good news

at least the war looks like it's ending soon

yappings elsewhere

hmmmm... going through my stats and there must be something posted linking my site (the st. pat's pictures to be exact) off of a private ezboard....

eh... what'djya say on there folks?

March 20, 2003

triple lindy??

in one fell swoop we go to war, bomb baghdad and possibly get hussein....

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Nothing But Class

so, while everyone was scanning the tube last night (and partially today) about the war thang... i was flipping channels between all coverage trying to figure out who the next "Scud Stud" will be after all of this...

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oh war. you sooo funny.

just because i need to jump on this bandwagon because it made me grin like a fool...

go to the u.s. department of laughs - it's spoofing the images on ready.gov

in the name of the father...

so i called my dad tonight around 8pm... see, i love him and all, we just don't call all the time... let me rephrase that... he doesn't call. it's on my shoulders.

anyway, so i call there this evening... his girlfriend's father has had cancer for the past month or so and wasn't doing too well... and i said "Please, Dad, let me know if anything happens so i can pay my respects" - whether it be flowers or going to the funeral... when i said that, it was last wednesday.

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March 21, 2003

poo chick turns 33

my good friend michael is exactly 3 months older than i am today... he's one of the best eggs out there in the world today.... love ya' you kooky kid!

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shock. awwwwwwww.

is anyone else kinda shaking their head at the irony of the anti-war protests becoming violent?

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eh... what's going on?

okay, i just drove to the food store (had to get stockings and lean cuisines. lovely) and there were 2 police cars with thier lights on perched at the end of my street... okay... no biggee... but...

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wedding plan update

so the wedding looms in front of me this afternoon. the F4 just called to inform me that his mother will be picking me up today at 3:30pm...

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crazy wedding hair

waiting for Mama F4 to pick me up for the wedding... am sporting insane big hair

perspiration is the vocabulary word of the day.

March 22, 2003

wedding. the aftermath. the photo.

okay. so i had a good time. i knew a lot of the people - mainly family of the F4 that were there... his two brothers - one being the groom - were there... good to see them... i hadn't really seen them since i was 9 years old...

anyway - i am going to sleep - but i thought you might want to see who the hell i have been whining about for a month... did i mention i hadn't seen him in 2 and a half years?

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i don't write about war... much

since i haven't been "writing about the war"... i would like to welcome those folks from blogs of war and the the command post to my humble little home... hey... how's it going?

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boing! boing! boing! tweet! buzz!

i love spring.

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March 23, 2003

what i've gotta do....

man, it's early.... a lot to do today...

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eh... still not a war blog

you sick bastards (not you who are reading this... but the schmucks in the article)

this is totally against the Geneva Convention.

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it's an honor just to be...

heh... i just found out that i am 25th in the top 25 best known name that blog blogs...

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academy awards

my picks for oscar winners....

(am putting the actual winners in ** italics as they are announced)

okay, so i picked 11 out of 24 correctly. not too bad

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michael moore wears an 8 mile wide belt

brrrrrrr.... i think hell just froze over... wait... is that a pig flying over my apartment??

eminem won an oscar

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March 24, 2003


The wit makes fun of other persons; the satirist makes fun of the world; the humorist makes fun of himself.
James Thurber


i dreamt that i was forced to sing "and. all. that. jazz." over and over for the rest of my life... yes. complete with jazz hands.

oh, Sisyphus, be glad you only got the boulder sentence...

more wedding re-cap

i didn't write some of the precious sweet talking comments that the guy on Friday doled out to me...

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when i was 16 years old, Wil came to live with me.

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March 25, 2003

g'morning... this or that

The Constitution gives every American the inalienable right to make a damn fool of himself. - John Ciardi

it's this or that tuesday

i have decided that i am a bit "wiggly" when it comes to deciding this stuff...

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scud studs and kittens

scud stud alert! sweet baby jeezuz, we're watching msnbc here at the office... when all of a sudden... rob morrison pops up onto the screen... nice. although, i can't find any decent images of him as of right now...

just snapped a photo of the tee vee with rob morrison... no, i am not about to go to qatar and stalk him.. although...


on a lighter note... a friend of mine sent this to me... (sorry to those who can't view it. i can't see it on the mac... but it's fine on the pc)

* i don't condone flingin' kitties... but it's a horrifying chuckle nonetheless

March 26, 2003


okay okay.... so because i had a flingin' kitty in my last post - i suppose showing why dogs go outside a lot is apropos

the fact that the dog has my last name is interesting

irish steppin' on my desk

have i ever mentioned how much i enjoy celtic music? see, at work i listen to spinner (it actually is called Radio@NetscapePlus)... it's a great thing with many types of stations...

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March 27, 2003

surreal wednesday

so yesterday was interesting...

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today is my cousin fran's birthday (happy b-day, Cuz!) and tomorrow is my Poppy's birthday - he would have been 94...

zee stock, eet goes up...

Listed on BlogShares so there's this site called BlogShares... go... buy my stock (not gonna cost you anything... but help my stock go up!!!)

it's at a bargain price right now... it's gonna go up (not that i am doing any insider trading here, but.... it's gonna)

[found off of bigpinkcookie]

March 28, 2003

oh, harvey....

I've wrestled with reality for 35 years, Doctor, and I'm happy to state I finally won out over it.
� Jimmy Stewart

horrible story

mother of god. what the hell is going on with little kids these days. this is awful. just awful...

woodbridge boy, 10, held in toddler's death

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had the talk during lunch... it went well... we'll see what changes....

see ya'!

heading to the shore for the weekend!!

in the meantime, i will leave you with the "irish palm pilot"

March 31, 2003

NOT a scud stud...

man, i go away for a couple of days sans computer and all hell breaks loose with peter arnett...

if you listen closely to the video of his interview - what the hell is it that is playing in the background...???

i swear it's the cartoon network... i KNOW i specifically heard a tex avery-esque "boi-oi-oi-ng!" at one point...

in other news... archie had a lovely 12th birthday... and shares of gigglechick.com are still available... they are now at a delightful $ 1.26/per share

(apparently, i am too quick to sell in the blogshare world.... friday i bought 10 shares of ain't too proud to blog stock at $1.60... sold it at $1.74.... eff. today it's at $20.34... *sigh* at least my stock keeps climbing... get in on it at the bottom, folks!!!)

employee email #249

okay... i didn't write this... (and shut up with the Irish Women cracks, thank you very much... harrumph!)

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employee email #250

another employee email... chock full o' photos...

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15-2 loss...

heh. i like glavine already....

(this is the reason i like good ol' tommy g)

and, YES, i am watching right now

*** oh. my. gawd. effing huckaby. @#&!

+.28 since the AM bell

by the way, gigglechick.com is still at bargain basement prices (although it HAS gone up substantially since this morning...)

go.... buy into me...

i promise, i won't have layoffs, i have no crazy overhead (except for rent and the car payment...), i have a digital camera... there's a bunch of stories still brewing in this noggin... and there is the possibility of spring kissyfacing looming on the horizon just in time for May Sweeps... you know you want it... yeah.... you have to have it...

go buy my stock

and the number one....

dave's back tonight... watch him

i am going to try to stay awake... figures he's back on the same day that i had to wake up at 5am...


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