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April 1, 2003

april fool!!!

heh... yeah yeah.. april fools!!!!

okay, i just quickly whipped that silly thing up at around 1:35am... i am tired. (but i was inspired by paul...)

now, who feels like a fool? me. i am tired as sin.

[i know... it was a pitiful last-minute no thought put into it april fools joke... i promise to try harder next year, my pretties...]



please. spellcheck if you're selling something

i hate solicitations... get this one i received this morning...

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employee email #251

Things only women understand: Estrogen, Pregnancy and Women

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enough foolin' around

okay okay - that's enough of the april fool's joke... taking it down... although, if you'd like to still stare at it in shock and awe, you can go here.

one of us.. one of us...

there's another erin out there in the world and she's wielding a brand spanking new blog... go say hey and welcome her to this insane addiction!!!

breaking news!

DAY 13

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April 2, 2003

snowballin'? eightballin'?

silent bob should smack the track marks right off of him


so, this sunday i will be standing in line from at least 10am - 4pm in an open casting call for Big Brother 4

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email #252

my ex-boyfriend's mom sent me this joke...

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meme... i'm a fez monkey

erin is a Haggis-Eating Fez Monkey with a Battle Rating of 7.1.
Unleash your own Food-Eating Battle Monkey.

tomorrow is another day...

cripes. my left ear is about to fall off... i have been on the phone for almost 2 hours straight... yap yap yap yap...

now i have to whisk though the apartment as the Cleaning Fairy... not too bad right now - mainly vacuum and contend with a few (about 5) dirty dishes... perhaps a swipe of the dustrag is necessary as well...

why, melanie, we're having a visitor to Tara tomorrow night...

April 3, 2003


okay. just finished "giving the place a quick swipe" - the apartment is clean.

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employee email #253

it's titled "Why I Feel Safe In America"

yep. i support our troops, my friends... but if i'm not mistaken, there are a few other branches of the service that i'd like to see in their skivvies... heh

sell! sell! sell! (no?)

whoa... hey there - hold on a cotton picking second.... blogshares has me at #8 on the "Most Overvalued Blog" index... i am only at $1.77/share.

April 4, 2003

email #254

dog songs... nothing but dog songs...

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by the way...

had a nice time last night...

April 5, 2003


well, the golf blog was still maintained through blogger

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a whole lot of nothin'...

by the way, i seem to be ranked #2 as the Most Overvalued Blog...

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sleeping beauty gigglechick

whoa. looks like i am not going out tonight...

soon after my last post - and that was at 12:30pm - i decided to take a "short" nap...

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to sleep, perchance to dream

had about a cup of bland elbow macaroni... and water... now i am going back to sleep - i really wanted to see SNL though... maybe i will wake up in a cold sweat around 11:30... man, i have to change my clocks ahead later, too

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April 6, 2003

spring ahead

floats gas to kill butterflies
stings kurds like a killer bee
we may have "erased" saddam's cousin,
Chemical Ali!

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david bloom. scud stud. age 39.

1853948.jpg i just woke up. i know that i have been making light of some war stuff - just because i didn't exactly want this to become a dismal place to come to- and the Scud Stud watch that i had been goofing around with... well, one of the first reporters that i deemed Scud Stud worthy has died.

i have the teevee on when i sleep and i woke up to hear rob morrison saying that "david was a friend" and then "he will be missed"

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clean car, church, psychos and golf.

full day... so far -

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it *effing* figures...

you HAVE to be kidding me. i JUST got my car washed. it's SPRING. what the HECK!?!?

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April 7, 2003

pretty sneaky, sis...

snagged blatantly from twodolla.org....

connect 4

(i haven't won a single frickin' game yet... go try it... hopefully you're an idiot savant and can do equations in your head as to where the winning piece should land)

work sans commute

working from home today - because of the horrid frozen white stuff - and getting a lot done...

gotta love being able to work in your PJ's while listening to Rumsfeld yap in the background...

you from joisey?


[licenseplate maker snagged from everything under the sun]

God's belated fool's day prank

do you believe this? DO YOU? that's it... i am buying 4,589 cans of the worst hairspray you can kill the ozone layer with...

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tally ho!

gonna attempt to be a blogshare harlot.... in the spirit of my single mom life, i am attempting to boost my stock's worth by seeing if adding the links here will help... bear with me on this... hey now may be a great time - if you see your link is on here, but wrong, let me know!

and just for the hell of it, go check out uniform grey right now!!! heh!

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holy achy breaky body!

my knees are killing me!

wait. before you perverts start diving for the gutter, it's not from what you think

(it's a good hurt)

this post sponsored by Ben Gay S*P*A�
S.ite P.enetrating A.ction
Targeted Pain Relief for Muscle Aches and Pains.
Bengay S.P.A's nongreasy formula provides strong pain relief for the aches and pains of your everyday life.
So try it today and get on with your life!

seeing orange

syracuse just won.... i am gonna guess that paul is going insane right now... either that or he's doing a body shot off of some chick at coyote ugly :)

congrats to the 'Cuse fans and alumni....

April 8, 2003

fluffy terrycloth

"Everyone who has ever taken a shower has had an idea. It's the person who gets out of the shower, dries off, and does something about it that makes a difference."
� Nolan Bushnell

i have to hop in (and out of) the shower

connect four. bitterness

my buddy fred tried to beat the connect four game... managed only to tie... the thing froze and wouldn't allow another game.

April 9, 2003

wednesday update

whew. busy day. presentation in the city tomorrow morning... was getting all that ready and such... spoke to the boy and we were supposed to go out tomorrow night... plans changed and i have been upgraded to weekend date status (date switched to friday).

bought claritin and my life is a dream now....

did a sugar scrub facial tonight (smoooooth), then took a hot bath and relaxed a bit while i focused on what i will present and now i am ready to pass out...

hope all y'all are having a great evening!

April 10, 2003

insider trading

i just released 100 shares of gigglechick.com - they are at $0.65 and rising, so i suggest you scarf them up quick!!

ah... they want them all!

the presentation in the city went WONDERFULLY... instead of choosing one campaign to go with, they chose THREE of the ideas we presented and are want to gear them to 3 different demographics!!!!

eh.... the only drawback is i have to re-learn flash and create 7 flash files and emails and a bunch of doohickeys by april 28th...

some long days at work are ahead of me (except tonight... i am heading to tanning so i am not pasty irish chick for my date tomorrow :)

only if....

by the way - the place i had to go to present was in the FoxNews building and i was tempted to find a camera to jump in front of while flailing my arms and yelling "Greg Kelly is my Scud Stud!"

April 11, 2003


"The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think."
- Horace Walpole

oh yeah... today is the year anniversary of my Ford escort dying and me having to buy the '99 cavalier

it now has 48926 miles on the odometer.... do the math....

April 12, 2003

exciting tidbit of the day...

am going to confession at 4pm and then palm sunday mass (on saturday) at 5...

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Palm Sunday mass is one heckuva a long one.

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April 13, 2003

sunday! sunday! sunday!

well, i am off in a little while (waiting for Cathy and Sam - the kitty - to get here) to beacon, ny for a day of cat transport... and possibly a movie...

green jacket, eh

ya' gotta love the Masters.

April 14, 2003

employee email #254

my boss just sent this to me


godzilla rocks!!!!

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April 15, 2003

effed company...

well... i finally did it. after 3 years since picking my first effed company... (which was Xceed) (at one point i was #67 in the top 100 on the site - then i was laid off from digitas (a week before i was laid off, i was #85)and was sort of "out of the loop" with the business thang for 9 months.

so i haven't been picking any companies in a long while - just letting the old miserable one's ride and run themselves into the ground.

so, my first 100,000 made on FC.... yep. silly, but i'm proud.

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have i mentioned how much i love spring!? it's supposed to be 80 degrees out today!!! EIGHTY!!!

there was talk of possibly going to the driving range during lunch, but there's so much to do here at the office today that that pipe dream seems to be fading.

tomorrow's supposed to be 80-something as well... and then it all goes to hell in a handbasket on thursday...

not sure if i am working on friday or not yet - i put in for it, but... have 9 flash files to concept and design (having johnny storm animate these puppies, though - he's great. fast. and a kick-ass flash guru. go to his site. here's the rockstar version of his site.)

twisted all up in 'dat

so next tuesday night i am going with heather from work and instead of weight watchers, i am going to take a yoga class with her at yoga bums ($15 to just drop in on a session)

employee email #255

eh... this is kinda wrong :)

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smear-campaign... 4/16

once again, i am plugging a guy-Craig-i-went-to-college-with's band...

smear-campaign. go. see them! release all the pent up stress and rage from tax day and check them out tomorrow night (4/16) at Don Hill's
511 Greenwich St. at Spring St.
New York City

i just called and they said they go on about 9pm

Check out Smear-Campaign's latest interview with the RECORD newspaper.

Don Hill's � It's a great place, with a solid history in the NYC underground Rock scene! It's also on the same block as a few other bars/clubs, for those of you looking to keep the party going afterwards! � N.V., Groovejet Lounge, Ear Bar, and McGovern's (which is now a Morrocan Lounge).

19 for me. 1 for you.

HAHAHahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah!!!! heh! i LOVE my accountant! i love my accountant! (gotta tell ya' i may actually ask them if i can do some pro-bono web design for them)

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April 16, 2003

collect THIS

mother of eff. as it turns out my accountant used the wrong form. instead of the 1040 she should have used the "amended form" the 1040X**

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rambling workaholic

going to be here at work til hell freezes over.

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*yawn*... carpal tunnel

why the heck did i design the flash files with my illustrations?

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packing it in.

that's it. i am listening to the last out of the game and then i am out of here...

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come on!!!

who the hell am i kidding?

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April 17, 2003

yo. no witty headline.

these illustrations are sucking the lifeforce out of me (i mean how "interesting" can you make something about accountants? no offense to all y'all accountants out there)

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what's the what.

very glare-filled photo of the illustration for a background in one of these flash movies. arrrrgh.

i am sorta liking this one, there's this "red carpet/awards" show theme with this campaign and i am fleshing this stuff out and beating myself up.

go toward the light, erin

hmmmm... i think i see light at the end of this tunnel... i cranked out the last couple of illustrations/animations... sent them to FlashBoy to tweak and make flasheriffic.

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April 18, 2003

jokey email #256

as i am sitting here getting ready to go down the shore - having a little breakfast at the moment - here's a goofy little joke

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see ya' monday!

happy happy...

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April 21, 2003

employee emails #257 & 258

heh. the daily giggle. 2 of them in one post. enjoy.

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a call for favourite posts....

so, i am starting to write again. to get back onstage. have to. must. gotta. not posting anything on here though... i might review some old posts to get some inspiration... anyone have any favourite posts (of mine) that you think may warrant me getting up onstage and yapping about?

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April 22, 2003

hostile takeover

so i performed a leveraged buy out of shares of gigglechick.com on blogshares - those who had shares received a payout of $3.61 ea. per share (3 x $ 1.20 - the current price)

heh. sorry - but hey - the shares now are worth $0.98 - a bargain! since the stock will go up again... there's 1000 shares available at the moment...


likkered up on a bucket of hot chocolate and low-fat popcorn. am stuck here at work till i finish the concepts for the damned emails for flash - killing me - whining. can't talk in complete sentences.

i hate having designer's block. i just can't picture this version of the campaign - and i am at a standstill - trying to force the issue. arrrgh. i just don't like this concept. the "conservative" version.


this is erin being a design brat. over and out

help kat...

help kat.... from my single mom life... she's a good egg and not looking for new boobies, not looking to pay off $80K in credit card debt, not looking to scam anyone...

just pretty much, she has scoliosis. she needs surgery, needs to take care of her kids and needs our help.

go. now. give a dollar... give more... give her your support

the title is "effing"

i. just. effing. blue. effing. screened.

effing. p. effing. c.

lost. every. effing. thing. i've. been. working. on. to-effing-day.

why? because i effing tried helping the somerone here do something with our intranet and his effing file was corrupted and so i had problems, crashed about 6 times after helping, was on the phone with my IT guy about the intranet and then - just when i got back to doing my OWN effing work - i blue. effing. screened.

i am going to be here most likely past midnight - oh and i was given a project to redesign the global intranet today. due date: this thursday morning.




April 23, 2003

home. night

just walked in the door (would have been home 20 min. ago but had to park 3 blocks away... arrghh)

tired. my friend steve - from high school - sent me a url to a non-profit he's starting... go check it out hackersforhumanity.org

i am falling onto the flannel sheets in T-minus 4 seconds...

nice. early. *yawn*



love it.

now i am going into work early. *sigh*

rugrats at work eve

tomorrow is take your kids to work day here... while i don't have a rugrat of my own, i will be "humouring" about 25 of them between the 2:45pm and 3:45pm hour...

being "artsy-fartsy" chick, i have been elected to draw what the kids want to be when they grow up - then we're photocopying the illustrations (black & white) and handing them a booklet for them colour...

i dig illustrating for kids. this will be fun (just that i will probably be frazzled and stuff by the time i leave to go out tomorrow night - kids like to pull my hair.)

April 24, 2003

employee email #259

heh. good morning!

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squeeze the juice.

okay - i would never ever watch OJ's reality show....

but maybe they should make it more interesting.... like twenty people on a deserted island with OJ Simpson....

CBS wednesday night line-up.... at 8 o'clock stay tuned for:

"Surviving O.J."

April 25, 2003

april 24th

so, on april 24th something always happens to me...

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employee email #260, 261, 262 & 263

eh.... i never have done the walk of shame... eh...

chickety china the chinese chicken...

o romeo, where art thou correct answers?

whoa... product recall you wouldn't want to get a call about

April 26, 2003


just got back from pam's house where she, ed, dan, pam's friend andrea and i played poker...

i was the big winner of $47.50!!!

wooo! go me!

i should switch the ringer off

woke up a little while ago to the sound of the phone ringing... danged solicitor recording. unfortunately the recorded twit on the other end can't hear me screaming like a tourrets patient through the receiver... *sigh*

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April 28, 2003

the weekend

ah, the weekend.... in photos....

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yo. word to your moustache.

snagged off of 3bruces.com:

will the real saddam please stand up?

please stand up?



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let me have an "in"

a friend of mine works for the state - specifically in the tax office - she told me to call her at 10:30 tomorrow to see what we can do.... oh please oh please oh please - let me get this taken care of....

April 29, 2003


gotta tell ya' driving home last night with the window down, my left hand picking up all the air foils out there in the 80 degree weather, 104.3 cranking on the radio and doing 87mph on the turnpike, wind whipping through and causing my hair to fly around...

it's spring!!!


lovely sign at the Masters protests

the taxman... yeahhhh... the taxmaaaan. *grumble*

crap. so my tax friend couldn't help...

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advice. taxes. investing in life.

my money is sitting in tax refund purgatory.

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April 30, 2003

merkin idol

what the heck!? rubin's in the bottom 2? they had better not vote him out.

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open mics... friday

first off, don't forget to "rabbit, rabbit" first thing in the morning...

just got off the phone with my comedy sistah, monica. so friday - she and i are heading to open mic nights - not to perform.... but to watch and write... so we get off our arses.

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