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June 2, 2003

the 2nd summer weekend...

so this weekend was fun - first the folks from work were down in manasquan - we had the aforementioned brainstorming session - then pam, chris, frank and i went out - met up with his friends at leggett's

now, not for nothing, but i am not a leggett's girl in the summer - i am a union landing girl. the UL has a nice crowd that is a decent age... at leggett's on friday - i spotted a nice red-headed boy (you know me and the leprechaun fetish) - lo and behold, he was 24-ish... as were about 7 other fellas i yapped with...


nine years younger than me (well, i will be 33 on june 21st... for all you stalkers taking notes & wanting to score points...)

saturday my cousin kerry and i headed to the UL - had a great dinner and about 3 bottles of wine... hung out on the patio bar for a while - saw folks i know (see - it's a lot of locals that go there)

sunday was a recovery day... and then i drove up here this morning....

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June 3, 2003

I'm feeling punky *sniffle*

The Summer Cold

The summer cold came sneezin' in
From across the room
It lingered there as germ filled air...

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less punky... more poppy

feeling a bit on the "better" side - amazing since i didn't make chicken dumpling soup. pretty much slept 98% of the day. and now am back to sleep in about 2 seconds...no yoga tonight - which i am upset that i had to miss...

my phone just rang.........

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June 4, 2003

premature evaluation

okay, i think my body rejected my thought that it felt better... because EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR since i said i was feeling less punky it woke me up to prove that i was not...

two words...

stomach flu.



just woke up - or i should say my tummy woke me up - i am working on a couple of projects at home for work, but nothing too crazy... i am sitting around my apartment saying that i should clean a bit, but my stomach is yelling otherwise... and the danged dismal day is not effing helping.

* one good thing i didn't have to go outside to move my car to the opposite side of the street today - because it's wednesday - so i didn't even have to strain to think "crap. what side did i park on?"

** another good thing... at least i have a great book that i am in the middle of... it's Angels by Marian Keyes - still have half the book to go - of course keyes has a new one out that i want called Sushi for Beginners *ahem* ((cough)) *ahem*

blogshare hog

back to blogshares... i am amazed that my stock has jumped insanely up to $16.95 over the past few days...

erm.... unfortunately, i haven't had a fricking chance to buy more of my own stock

(*ahem* michael)


UPDATE!!! 7pm... okay, michael, you aren't a blogshare hog :) thank you thank you thank you for giving me shares of my own site... i am now once again the martha stewart of GCDC, Inc..... woo!!!! thank you!

Is t�isce deoch n� sc�al.

An Irish man has been at a pub all night drinking. The bartender finally says that the bar is closed. So your man stands up to leave and falls flat on his face. He figures he'll crawl outside and get some fresh air and maybe that will sober him up.

Once outside he stands up but again falls flat on his face. He crawls home. Reaching the door he tries to stand up, and yet again, falls flat on his face. He crawls through the door and up the stairs. When he reaches his bed he summons the last of his strength and tries one final time to stand.

It's no use. He tumbles into bed and is soon sound asleep, only to awaken the next morning to the sound of his wife standing over him shouting.

'So... you've been out drinking again!'

'How did you know?' he asks, his head hung in shame.

'The pub called-- you left your damn wheelchair down there again!'

June 5, 2003

employee email #266


1. It is important that a man helps you around the house and has a job.

2. It is important that a man makes you laugh.

3. It is important to find a man you can count on and who doesn't lie to you.

4. It is important that a man loves making love to you.

5. It is really important that these four men don't know each other.

June 6, 2003

B�onn gr�sta D� idir an diallait agus an talamh.*



pleeeeeeeeeeeeaase let this crazy little gelding win the Triple Crown tomorrow!!!

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critique time!!!

hey all... howsabout you folks take a gander at this kid's portfolio and see what you think?

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off and away

so, once again, i am heading down the shore for the weekend... should be fun - belmar's seafood festival is this weekend...

also heading to the parker house tomorrow night for the first time...

be back monday...

have a great weekend, my little monkeys!!!

June 9, 2003

summer weekend #3

so friday night i got down the shore relatively late - so i called it an evening and stayed at home - watched the game...

saturday - had made plans with lara to go to the parker house... the idea was for me to get there between 8 and 9 and we'd head over. i get there and her 2 friends are there and one of their friends...

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ABV's trapped by USPS

okay so i now have united healthcare - which i am not exactly pleased with the fact that i have to have my prescriptions MAILED to me monthly (yes. anti-baby vitamins)

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the odd search or two

it's been a while since i mentioned weird searches that resulted in people clicking into my site...

hugh hefner monkey
being a fluffer
explaination of the movie big fat greek wedding
banana peel vitamin
free xxxx doggy sex
cute, erin, blog (awwww.. thank you)

nuts and dolts

yeowch.... you poor poor bastard!

new - short & sweet air - jackass entry

June 10, 2003

employee email #267

i've heard this joke before, but since it's summertime and the grillin' is easy....

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get 'em while they're hot!!

well, i am going to get products out there again on the cafepress.com site... right now i made a nice yoga tote bag - come one, you know you want one!!!

i've also created a line (or am starting to) of BENNY and LOCAL identity wear for all you jersey shore folks!!!

(i am in the midst of redesigning gigglechick.com, so there will be coinciding designs for that soon)

last comic standing

okay - so i am watching the nbc show Last Comic Standing... so far, in the first 10 minutes i've recognized one comedian that used to do the same circuit as i did --- crap. i HAVE to go to an open mic starting next wednesday.

bloody hell.

it's the end of the first episode and i've recognized 3 people i know - one of which moved on to the second round.

(the other one tina kim - didn't move forward.... eh... well, eh... i'm not grinning... no, really.... i'm not :)

more jealousy

from the 10pm episode... people i used to be in the line-up with... gawd, i feel nauseous.

craig baldo

alex house from jersey city

russ meneve (if he doesn't make it, then it's fixed - he's actually quite funny *colin quinn comedy cellar posse)

paul mercurio (eh... another of the colin quinn comedy cellar posse)

rich vos (he was on the opie & anthony show - i can't stand him *colin quinn comedy cellar posse)

jen kirwin.

June 11, 2003

back to laughing.

ah.... so after a half-decent night's sleep and talking with my comedy sister (monica) last night - i am feeling better about the whole last comic standing schtick....

i am writing all this week and getting back next wednesday at gladys' open mic... come hell or high water.

jealousy only leads me to sitting on my couch yelling at the teevee.

t-minus 10 days...

guess i should stock up on the anti-wrinkle creams instead of this stuff, huh?

June 12, 2003

cauliflower phone ear

i JUST got off the phone with a boy...

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a rose by any other name

so, we have a list of companies we don't service... and i have to share this one with you... please click and focus on the name... WHY? why! why would someone name their company this?

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an unexpected call!

so the new boy called me on my cell at work today to see if i was tired as heck and to say hi

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June 13, 2003

May you live to be 100 years, with one extra year to repent.



Analysts Report
This is a growing blog (BUY)
This stock has room to grow (HOLD)

cool :) the price per share is...get this... $62.96



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giddiness on friday the 13th


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clemens 300th!~!!!! (and my date)

so i am home from my date - luckily in time to see clemens win his 300th...

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June 14, 2003

see ya' monday!

just hopped outta the shower...

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June 16, 2003

home again home again...

am back from the weekend...

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swedish rock bands... for your viewing pleasure

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got a big day at the home depot tomorrow...

by the way - this weekend, i FINALLY watched old school!!!!!!!

i loved this flick!!! i love will ferrell... i love luke wilson.... i love vince vaughn....

i have to buy this movie (hopefully, i will get a dvd player for the ol' birthday... then i can get all the kick arse flicks i want!!!)

June 17, 2003

employee email #268

An eighteen-year-old girl tells her Mom that she has missed her period for two months. Very worried, the mother goes to the drugstore and buys a pregnancy kit. The test result shows that the girl is pregnant...

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mr. company computer guy

ah.... you keep our hard drives hard


i have yoga tonight... then i have to run out and do a little shopping afterwards....

haven't made it to yoga in 2 weeks... i think the downward dog is going to wind up biting me in the arse.


i've been Chaturanga'd to death. am going to sleep now - didn't even eat dinner - not hungry.... too tired...

pretty happy that i was very limber with the cow face pose and the fish pose... my balance isn't too bad either - made it without falling during the half moon and curling my eg back and grabbing it...

then, once again, the "girls" smothered me during the plow pose - apparently, that's when having an A cup is helpful as opposed to a C

thank gawd for the cell phone

crap. my mom just called - she's stuck on the garden state parkway with a flat tire...

she's more frustrated from trying to work the cell phone that i gave her for xmas than having a flat

don't know if she has a donut in the trunk, i made her hang up and call 911, so i stayed on with her until the state trooper got there. she may have to get it towed (even if she has a spare - she can't change it herself - come on, she's in her 60's and has a spine that's fractured in 2 places [yes. it happened in 2001 - 4 months after her aortic aneurism surgery - from bending over to plug in a lamp...so lifting a tire and changing it in the dark ain't happening folks.])

she's 60 miles away from me.


update: she just called - the trooper and a tow truck guy changed her tire [she didn't get the trooper's name - she said he was cute... COME ON MOM - work with me here!!!]

so she wasn't charged for anything - tomorrow she's gotta get new tires

June 18, 2003


so, i have a bunch of stuff on my bed waiting to get put away... what's that mean?

it means i've slept on my couch 2 nights in a row...

it means after yoga last night and sleeping on said couch... mixed with it pouring rain outside... my body is a tangled knot...

it means i've had to get up and walk 16 feet to the other side of the room to turn off my alarms and subsequent snooze aftershocks since 6am (til now - i loves me the snooze button)

it means i wish that i could crawl back onto the couch today... i feel the lingering cold i had still hanging out in the chest (lungs, fellas.... lungs.)

(once i have my coffee, i will stop whining...)

a million thank yous!!!!

wow!!!! thank you thank you thank you so much michael for the AWESOME birthday present!!!! i will totally use this!!!! yay! yoga! yay!! my first birthday present!!! thank you!!!!!

the evenin'

just got home from seeing cathy - who rocks because she got me a couple of books that i really wanted!!! *thank youuuuu!

went to mchale's and had a kick-arse cheeseburger and some carlsbergs... yum... now i wanna go to sleep....


June 19, 2003

should i feign illness?

am supposed to go out tonight with the workfolks to some club called Diva Lounge in montclair or something.... so not in the mood to go - not a club-goer... not like i can just prop myself up at the bar and drink like a fish either since i have to drive 35 miles home - in the oncoming rain and fog... apparently they all "want to dance"


dancing is not my forte as i've stated before.

(i think i had a little hangover from 2 carlsbergs... how sad.)

arm twisted

okay - so i am easing out of my snit... and am gonna go for, like, ONE drink - maybe even just a shirley temple...

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June 20, 2003


went out for one "Velvet Hammer" (white chocolate liquor, vox vodka and a couple of other things) martini and a "fromage puff" last night... then i came home...

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June 23, 2003

older - not wiser

so thank you all AGAIN for the birthday wishes, emails, gifts and cards!!! WOW!! thank you!

i feel loved.

so what happened on saturday - the big day....?

without much further ado.... the thumbnails from saturday.... (rollover the image to see the caption)




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33 and more responsible

so, today, 2 words were uttered in the same sentence to me... words i didn't think were possible to exist and live together in harmony...

"loan" and "approved"...

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June 24, 2003

new lease and a discount!

wow! even better - i hadn't figured the employee discount into the mix on the new machine - i get 10% off - sweet!

this morning my landlord told me the new lease isn't going to increase my rent!! double yay! they are great...

i am just hoping that the apartment will get painted.

and now for a little ha-ha....

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happy birthday cathy!!!

just a quick little birthday note to my friend cathy - hope yer having a few cocktails this evening!!!!


mother of freakdom

am trying to clean my apartment. have to get some assemblance of order before they start doing this - note from landlord:

About 6 pallets each weighing around 1000 pounds will be rolled across the floor from the front to the side door and to the back door. A pallet is around 30 inches square. A nice walk way is okay.. We will put plastic on your stuff to keep the dirty shoes stuff to a minimum. It may take a couple of days. I need to confirm the schedule.

*** phone ringing ***

am back... eh... okay... i haven't really filled you in on a helluvalotta stuff, have i? well, pertaining to that crazy blind date a week and a half ago... you know, the one that i was on the phone with for 4 hours having a lovely time - the one who lived outside of philadelphia... the one who sent me photos... which must have been from 5 years ago

here's the skinny...

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June 25, 2003

employee email #269

stupid joke #1

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employee email #270

10 little jokes sitting here waiting for you to peruse

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the Worcester, Mass Boat Show?

so, will ferrell gave the class day speech at harvard's graduation...

enjoy! (here's video of the speech... to get to ferrell, ff into the clip to about 1:30:00)

(of course, it rivals conan's class day speech of 2000)

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it's gettin' hot in out there

wow! so this isn't the best photo i could take - because i was in my office - but right outside my building on route 80 an SUV burst into flames...


a very good day.

so barring the fact that i still haven't gotten my freelance check yet.... today was GREAT....

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skeeters, sand, mac & harry

so i was sitting on my couch around 9pm, swatting at the occasional unbelievable swarm of west nile infested mosquitos that have chosen to make my home theirs... and i was on page 17 of the potter boy book...

the phone rings... it's Sand from next door...

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June 26, 2003


man, i sort of wasn't kidding when i said i felt a chest cold coming on...

but this morning, seriously, my lungs are all kinds of sluggish and raspy... ah, sexiness

and i was only up til 1am reading that potter boy book

right now i have to whip myself into shape because i have to get my license renewed...unfortunately, the way my hair is going, i am afraid i will have curly hair filling the entire frame of the ID... maybe i will just give into the moptop and go for the insane driver look

heat stroke candidate

so, my place is a shambles.... furniture all crammed to one side of each room... i can't reach my alarm clock... i can't sleep on my bed (but i haven't done that in 2 weeks anyway.)

my landlord was here an hour and a half ago with the workers who will be lugging in about 150 feet of cast iron pipe (apparently it weighs about 100 pounds per foot.)

so they will have to lug it and then dig up the backyard in 95 degree heat...

poor bastards.

oh, the mosquito infestation seems worse - i can't wait til i come back from the shore on monday night after 3 days of these guys leaving my front and back doors open

seriously, i think i have west nile... really felling icky... could only read 20 more pages of that potter boy book in the past hour before getting dizzy.

Official Sickness Whine�

bad throat and a chest cold that feels like razors and nail files are sloshing around in my lungs...

and i HAVE to go to work tomorrow - and then i have to go to mom's this weekend because the workers will be here til sunday or monday...

remind me to bring my diamond necklace home with me.

June 30, 2003

the wasted weekend.

so, it was strept throat.

i fell victim to it...

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where credit is due...

woo! so, in the mail today was a credit card i'd applied for through my credit union through work (these are the same folks who just approved me for my loan)

a credit card! a real one - not one of those check cards (although they gave me one of those as well)

so, i say "HA!" to you dear Fashion Bug, Macy's, Kohls and the rest of you so swift to throw stones at someone without credit

see, the credit union goddess said "oh my, it's not that you have bad credit that's stopping you from getting a card... it's that you have no credit at all"

and today... today, my friends... is the beginning of my new and improved credit status...

thank you.

mama says knock me out.

wow! look at that, my throat and chest cold seem to have cleared up...

um, what's that you say?


because of all the gravel and brick and other stuff trudged in here by the workers over the weekend there's a dusty film on EVERYTHING on my apartment and in turn that's going to cause me to sneeze and sniffle from hellacious allergies for 16 hours straight?


my poor nose is raw. i've taken 4 alaverts...

for the love of sweet baby jeezuz! make the sniffling sneezing coughing aching fevers that i can't get any rest from STOP!!!

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