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a very good day.

so barring the fact that i still haven't gotten my freelance check yet.... today was GREAT....

finally got the harry potter book today - so i am heading out into the park shortly to read it... or maybe just sit on the couch with the fan blowing on me

when i got home, in the mail was something i have been DYING for for 10 years... i almost had it last year on april 24, but it didn't happen

i have been summoned to jury duty in jersey city at the end of july!!!! wooo!!! yay!!! i love that stuff!

also sitting there waiting patiently for me... a huge box from quinn what the? holy crap!! it's an EFFING DVD PLAYER!!!! a birthday gift! holy crow!!! you have to be kidding me!!!!!!!

thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

i also didn't mention the excellent gift i received last night from my favourite stalker (sorry to my other stalkers, but this one was my first), Lee... i absolutely love the gifts and the notes you sent me --- thank you!


i was a bit preoccupied last night - i couldn't dial out on my phone.... and this morning i couldn't either... what the heck?

apparently they shut my service off for non-payment...

eh... hey, verizon, i paid y'all online on friday the 13th - IN FULL...

so, this morning, the woman on the phone reads in her notes that the internet service got that payment but there were problems on their end - so she turned it back on and all is swell in the world once again. almost told her i loved her, because usually the folks over there are snippy and want to blame the customer...

this was refreshing


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