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skeeters, sand, mac & harry

so i was sitting on my couch around 9pm, swatting at the occasional unbelievable swarm of west nile infested mosquitos that have chosen to make my home theirs... and i was on page 17 of the potter boy book...

the phone rings... it's Sand from next door...

"i made some kick ass macaroni and cheese - come on over"

i look at the book... and my dorkiness speaks up...

"eh, i kinda am just starting to read the new harry potter book"

sand: "Whatever, Dork! Get over here... or we're coming over there"

(have i mentioned that my place is a shambles? that was on the list of things to do tonight as well... clean this pit)

okay - i am now over there in my big fuzzy slippers, sans potter, and have a bowl of EFFING TERRIFIC KICK ASS (she was NOT lying) mac and cheese!!! and a huge glass of iced tea with milk and sugar is shoved into my hand.... then frozen grapes are brought out - so, it's me, sand, chrissy and jen and then the new neighbor comes over...

i've lived in jersey city for 6 years and this is the most contact i have had with any neighbours in all that time... sand and ramsey moved in a year ago - and i just started going over there - ramsey i worked with at xceed

anyway, they have this fabulous fly swatter, nay, bug killer, nay, bug zapping tennis racket!!!

i found it online... i must have it... click here i am covered in welts from the skeeters that have unpacked in my apartment...

so i was over there for about 2 hours and it's time for me to clean a bit (it's trash night here in good ol' JC)

god, i feel the skeets are just hovering over me... what are the symptoms of west nile again? i feel a chest cold and swollen lymph glands brewing...


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