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July 1, 2003

there's your group of 3

strom thurmond

katherine hepburn


buddy hackett

heck of an eclectic grouping

silver lining on everything

woo!! so here's the skinny, yo...

i bought my PC about 25 minutes ago!!!!!!
and i am in the process of writing out the check to pay off my car...

after that i will have $29.14 left over from the loan...

YAY!!!!! i feel footloose and fancy free!!

so having the pc at home will allow me to save at least 2 days work of gasoline $$$ per week

paying off the car will save me $300 a month (*and that's with the new loan being figured into it - stupid car place had me rooked at 23% interest... bastards)

have the credit card with a kick ass limit (no, not going to go crazy)

credit union also gave me a kick ass line of credit on top of the card...

i feel as if that effing gorilla has been removed from my back and there's only a small stuffed animal monkey sitting there...

(i really do think that the "rabbit, rabbit" thing works fast!!! that and a ton of praying)


heh. on last comic standing they have to do a bringer show... ((shudder))

space... the final frontier

i think i am going to definitely look into getting some storage space - there's a public storage place in brick near my mom that's a 10'x10' space that's $92/month...

might be a good investment...

seeing as i have no room to walk in my walk-in closet and i have to clean out my other closet when the painter comes at the end of the month

maybe i will attempt to get things moved into a "gigglechick annex" on the weekend of the 12th... seeing as i am getting my computer between the 10th and the 14th... and the apartment is "hopefully" getting fixed at the end of the month - or the beginning of august

(and now that i have a credit card.......)

July 2, 2003


rabbit rabbit has not been so lucky thus far this july... mom just called me at work (i am in JC now packing) she went to doc's with the cold i gave her and they have now shipped her to the jersey shore med center...

emergency room -

really low oxygen and she won't tell me what else - said they are worried about heartattack or stroke - am trying to calm down more before i drive. will be away from the computer til at least next week.

about a week off of the 2 year anniv. mark of her surgery... for those not in the know, i am not so good at seeing my mom in the hospital

see you soon hopefully.

July 5, 2003


am at my aunt's right now - using her computer - thank you all so much for your comments and emails...

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July 7, 2003

monday... typical

got into work today at 7:30 (drove up from brick) - am planning on leaving around 2pm as mom has a bunch of tests today

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great. mom just called -

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July 11, 2003

on the up(mood)swing...

i am back! *whew* it is actually great to be back in the office - seriously.

frightening that i actually missed working.

here's the scoop, folks...

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getting better... (me. that is)

jeezuz! i almost forgot! i got my new computer delivered to work (it came yesterday) but it's loaded up and ready to go - all i have to do is make sure i don't drop it when i bring it into my apartment...

(then i have to use the boxes that it came in and fill them up with crap from my apartment so i can drag stuff down to the storage unit down the shore...)

i also have to drag my mac down to mom's - gonna set it up for her down there.

the traffic shouldn't be too bad once i get on the road around 8 or 9pm... that's my friday...


sat in traffic for 2 hours because a medivac emergency on the turnpike... just lugged my computer home... effing 19" monitor must weigh about, oh, i dunno... 492 lbs... mother eff! very heavy - had to take it out of the box to get it out of my car - no idea how this guy sean at work shoved it in the car...

so this friend of my neighbour (actually she's quite nice) saw me struggling and helped me...

no air conditioning is a pleasure right now.. and i have to disconnect my mac (*sniffle*) and bring it to mom's

had to erase my porn collection (hah.)

after this evening, my apartment will be mac free... the first time since 1999 - before i had a home computer...

all's keen though... i am very excited about july 15th... why? well, try and guess....

July 12, 2003

on *gasp* dial-up

so i have set up the mac in mom's kitchen... at least i have visitation rights - just am going to cry when i leave it...

so dial-up for the first time in 2 years is oh so lovely. forgot how painful it can be - but mom knows no other way so i think this will be fine for her.

as for the 15th... excellent observation Neil (yes! we have to say hey when you're out this way)!!!

i got 2 tix - 19th row (section 4) from stage tickets to springsteen opening night at giants stadium (thanks to paul for calling and telling me to check out ebay since he sold his already)

July 13, 2003

sunday sunday sunday!

just baked in the real-life sun for approx. 45 minutes (complete with baby oil and tanning accelerator...) love the feeling. of course, it was only in the backyard of mom's condo, but it was sun, nonetheless (i had thought of heading to the tanning salon but they close early...)

picked up mom's car from the hospital (it's been sitting in the emergency room parking lot for a week and a half. so kerry dropped me off so i could drive it home)

in a little while i've gotta jaunt off to the store to pick up a london broil (a little grillfest tonight)

right now i'm trying to help mom figure out a screename for aol... [no... she doesn't want to be called "gigglemom"]

well, back to crisping for a little bit more...

July 14, 2003

in cars...

i absolutely LOVE car flirting on the parkway and turnpike... had a smile/eye contact/wave thing going on with a fella from GSP 117 til NJ Turnpike exit 18E (NJ license =UE575B) of course, i think i saw a glint of gold jewelry on the third finger of his left hand - but it was harmless...

but it was a good start to a cloudy monday :)

was very tempted to write gigglechick.com in lipstick on my window

praise the ford!

eh... i wonder if this would work if i said "jesus said i don't have to pay my $500 electric bill..."

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dialogue with an ex.

conversation with an ex... am still friends with Red Headed Bill (dated 93-94)... he's a swell egg...

this is what transpired via IM today :)

GigglechickHA [12:31 PM]: hey

ex-bill [12:31 PM]: hey there...how was your weekend

GigglechickHA [12:32 PM]: was okay thanks - how was yours?

ex-bill [12:33 PM]: pretty good...the party on saturday was funny, kate was drunk...the race on sunday was a blast....strip club on friday was kinda boring

GigglechickHA [12:33 PM]: ah... big old fake boobies?

ex-bill [12:34 PM]: a few but it was just a boring place...the girls had no personality

GigglechickHA [12:34 PM]: ah... yeah - that's what strippers are known for... their personalities

ex-bill [12:36 PM]: i guess personality is not the best word to describe it.....they acted like they deserved a tip even when they didn't and were just not happy to be there....they didn't enjoy their jobs....we only stayed about an hour

GigglechickHA [12:37 PM]: yeah - gotta hate when a stripper doesn't give it "her all"

ex-bill [12:38 PM]: yes you do....:-P

my precious......

oh heaven.... i set up my new machine... i am such a traitor (thanks uncle Ben) but i love my PC... the 19" monitor is huge compared to the itty bitty imac... although it's not as big as the 21" i have at work - but this machine is twice as fast as the work one!!!


a whole new world has opened up at home now!!!

potatoes out of the ears

oh holy wow! i hooked up my speakers and subwoofer!!! i have never had a real stereo before - only kooky boom box things... mother of pearl! it's as if my ears have been detailed and sent back to me crystal clear! amazing! i really feel horrible for not missing my imac... but not too horrible ;)


the skinny machine

yikes! i forgot to eat dinner... dang - it's way too late to do so now - man! this computer is also helping with my diet!

thanks Dell!!!!

July 15, 2003


ah, so i am up and at work already... in my UNDERWEAR and t-shirt!!! (and plaid pajama bottoms, too, sickos.) listening to pink floyd and the eagles - on my Dell Jukebox... with my kick ass speakers and subwoofer (i had the music on low all night as i slept like a baby...

was on the phone quite late with a fella i have a date with on friday - spoke to him for 2 hours... eh, one thing... he's actually 43... 43. hmmmm. 10 years difference. i dunno - although i have dated men that were 10 years older than me before but that was when i was in my 20's and they were in their 30's (ah, gotta love math) and while it seemed like a gap back then, it just didn't sound so "old" as - and forgive me folks in your 40's - but it didn't sound so "fortyish" - but i must say he sounds like a nice guy... i don't know - we'll see - i may actually chicken out by friday (supposed to take me to dinner via his boat - of course, with that, there's the possibility of me being attacked at flaregun-point and tossed into the toms river bay... or worse, me becoming seasick)

so i am trying to get my mail from my work account right now... but, i have to wait for my IT boy to get into the office - since his "it's easy! just click blah blah blah pops and whistles yadda yadda yadda" sort of didn't explain why the heck the email isn't working and when i have our VPN hooked up i cannot send email from my comcast.net email - nor can i access buddy lists in aol when the vpn is connected...

it will work out...

on the "jukebox" now - beatles i am the walrus

t-minus 9 hours

and yes... i am doing the obligatory listening to every bruce cd i have prior to the concert tonight :) nebraska's on the turntable now (well, cd drive, but i like the sound of turntable)

had a bit of a scare that cathy wouldn't be able to make it because she threw her back out - she's likkered up on the steroids now so she should be good to go tonight - hopefully no roid rage though

am debating whether or not i should stick a disposable camera down my shorts... no, i don't mean taking photos of the contents of the shorts, i am talking sneaking the camera into the show... i so want to take my digital - but, since it's the work camera - i can't chance having it confiscated

July 16, 2003

the swamp... the lovely swamp!

wow. just wow.

i just woke up - got home at about 1am - i love bruce (but that's a given) it was a wonderful and grand concert! the seats were keen!!!!

although i must admit, if you are going, and you have a bladder that is the size of a dime, get tix for the 100's section - otherwise you have to walk all the way from the front of the floor up the ramp and then over past security then up the spiral ramp and then over past more security and then over to the bathroom on the 100 level and stand in line with everyone... and pray that you don't have an accident - even though there are drains built into the floor - and pray harder that he does one of his songs that you aren't so crazy about - unfortunately, he played a few choice tunes that i love

i have the bladder the size of a nickel on a good day... so THIS jersey girl was singing Badlands - appropriately enough - in the loo. apparently, Mr. Bladder is a bon jovi fan and not a bruce fan. @#*$

barring my mistake of not wearing depends undergarments to the show - IT WAS TERRIFIC!!!!

of course, i made a couple of idiotic cell phone calls and blasted the hell out of the recipient's ears and voice mails with very loud indistinguishable noise (dum-dum) - yes, i hate people like me, too

cathy was a trooper with her crippling back problem - i think the bud lights helped (i will post the huge tailgate spread photos that i have a bit later)

we got the obligatory born to run out of him, i really love the song empty sky and was a bit skitterish because overhead is the air traffic pattern in and out of Newark... so about 15 planes flew over during that song...

i just loved looking around and seeing the entire stadium singing in unison - a bit of a chill went up my spine a few times during certain songs...

bruce had quite a few hot harmonica action moments...

and he shook his ass about 5 times on purpose - like full-on-bent-over-and-going-at-it-wiggling - what's that all about? - i'm not complaining in the least (although i am more of a calves and shoulders girl) but i really thought he was going to moon us at one point - now, i love bruce, but something tells me there may be a scary looking pasty white pair of cheeks lurking in there....

there were 2 redheaded guys sitting in front of me - granted they looked about 22, but, still... ya' can't go wrong looking over the top of a shock of red hair only to see bruce...

i want to go again!!!!!!

there's nothing like springsteen at giants stadium...


(now to hop in the shower and head up to work)

tailgating. woo.

we got to the parking lot at like, 7:15pm... so not a helluvalotta "tailgating"


a bud light ad

oh - and here's a pic of the new computer set up...

and then me before the show - taking a goofy picture of moi and the machine...




Born in the U.S.A. (acoustic) - we were still waiting in line to get into the stadium...
The Rising - first bathroom break - before taking our seats
Lonesome Day
The Promised Land (yay! dig this song)
My Love Will Not Let You Down
Darkness on the Edge of Town (brilliance)
Empty Sky (chill down my spine)
You're Missing (i really like almost every song off the rising, this is up in the top 2 - empty sky is #1)
Waitin' on a Sunny Day (made a cell call during this song)
Sherry Darling
Worlds Apart
Badlands (bathroom as stated earlier)
Out in the Street (gotta love when they all sing this song)
Mary's Place (the chorus with the entire stadium singing kicked butt)
The River (i absolutely LOVE this song and am so happy he played it)
Into the Fire (yet another chill down my spine)
No Surrender (excellent)
Thunder Road (what can i say about thunder road?)

First Encore:

Bobby Jean
Born to Run (perfect)
Seven Nights to Rock (a lotta ass shakin' in this song - done by all members of the band)

Second Encore:

My City of Ruins (another chill down my spine)
Land of Hope and Dreams
Rosalita (eh... we were leaving the stadium when this was playing - i am sad to say)
Dancing in the Dark

no. i didn't buy a t-shirt


July 17, 2003

don't use me, jackass.

mother of pearl.... so, i get these posts on my fat yappings site last night from beatlechick70@yahoo.com - no idea who she is...

anyway - i suppose she saw the post i had about the idiots who have bulimia personal ads (also called "mia personals")

perhaps if she ate something and kept it down, she would have been able to see that i was not condoning the mia crap... nor is my site a "safe board" for her crap.....

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gamey mcfurkle.

ah... this computer is going to be the death of me - well first i was on the phone for a couple of hours til 12:30am and i had wholeheartedly thought that i would be heading to bed right after yapping...

"oh, let me just check my email" turned into an hour's worth of playing some Vertical Skate game online - this is going to be the problem - this machine is effing fast with great graphics - i hadn't been a gamer-type before but i can see that i may very well be sucked in...



Killer to get sex change at taxpayer expense


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employee email #271

why men lie....

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fingers crossed

there's a good chance that i may get a ticket for monday's show (that'd be bruce i speak of) - it would be in the 300 level, but that's okay...

words of wisdom

When you love someone, let them go.
If they come back, they're yours forever.
If they don't, call them up drunk the next night.

[snagged blatantly from hubsville]

July 18, 2003

bruuuuuuuuuuuce II

so it's official - i have a ticket in the 300 level for monday night - going with folks from work (although a bunch are going tonight and have GA section in front - am jealous)


creep-o extraordinaire

so there's been some guy from the shore that's been IMing me because he reads my site (seriously, a LOT of pages from what i could see in my statistics)

so, blah blah blah he wanted to meet me... says his name is dave... a charter boat captain in barnegat...

so he's IMing and all that, a little too much - a little too "i really like you and think that we'd get along great" etc.... and i was like okay well, send me a photo (just to check him out)

that's when he got really sketchy - apparently he was IMing me from his WIFE's aol account: DockMuffin and felt that he couldn't email me from there (never did get a lovely photo from him)

granted i was wondering what the hell kind of guy would have the word muffin in his name, but, whatever...

so this freak is married - and asking me if i would meet him in jersey city at some portuguese restaurant...


even with his "oh my wife met someone online and fooled around on me" sob story... no. i really don't condone that tit for tat crap. and even when i told him this a couple of days ago, i still have been getting IM's from him...
this i think is the last.

DockMuffin [10:42 AM]: So What's happening?

GigglechickHA [10:43 AM]: nothing. bye

DockMuffin [10:44 AM]: OK, Bye. No loss here

GigglechickHA [10:44 AM]: yeah go back and maybe talk with your wife

DockMuffin [10:45 AM]: How creative. Enjoy your cyber life

GigglechickHA [10:46 AM]: wasn't trying to be "creative" - just am trying to say that i really don't condone your shenanigans

DockMuffin [10:48 AM]: OK. Fair enough. We"ll go our separate ways and I won't contact you any more. Take it easy

GigglechickHA [10:48 AM]: thank you. good luck fooling around on your wife

DockMuffin [10:48 AM]: and good luck trying to find a guy...finally

GigglechickHA [10:48 AM]: not trying... thanks

so, he's KLASSY...

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quote from the onion

Love may mean different things to different people, but you know that it usually means free meals for someone.

July 19, 2003

dialin' up some highlights

so i am down the shore - it's nice having access to the internet [even if it IS on dial-up]

have to go to the salon at noon - getting my hair trimmed and foil highlights put in - i haven't had foils done in a couple of years - i've pretty much been getting the cap

after seeing the gray hairs and roots in the "tailgating" photo a few days ago, i quickly called up and made an appointment...

plus, i need to get a trim because the last comment made about my hair was "can i turn you upside-down to clean the kitchen floor with your head?" and also "wow! your hair is zany today!!" (said by 2 completely different people)

i haven't done anything with my hair since the day before the belmar st. pat's parade and that was around march 2nd i believe... so, it's been a while...

also on the agenda - throwing myself in a tanning bed for 20 minutes and baking... oh glorious electric beach, how i've missed thee (its been 2 weeks since i've fake n' baked)

July 20, 2003

1 sheep 2 sheep red sheep blue sheep.

i got a phone call at 2:15am on the cell phone - i was asleep already and normally i don't have the cell near me but for some reason, tonight i did... i am glad...

but, i haven't been able to fall asleep - i mean, the call only lasted, what? 10 minutes...

now i am wide awake, trying to have ambient music lull me to sleep in the background to no avail... and i am hearing my mom's breathing... i was trying to focus on my own breathing - doing a little corpse pose yoga, but it didn't work...

thinking of taking a tylenol pm but at this hour the damned thing will knock me out til next tuesday

i have to wake up at 10... then go over to my aunt's for a swim then down to the union landing with kerry to hit the raw bar...

have to pick up my bruce tix from fc at some point in the afternoon, then go grocery shopping for the week for my mom...

i haven't told her that i am planning on driving up north tomorrow tonight... am dreading going up with all the traffic actually, but if i don't then i have to wake up at 5am and drive up with the rush hour folks, and since monday is the show, that'd make for a VERY long day...

so, to try and empty the cup that is my mind right now, i am purging it onto here...

you know that once i DO fall asleep, archie and beri will start woofing to go out... it's the law.

home again home again

ah, once again i find myself on the eve of bruce...

it's a good place to be found... just drove up for the first time on a sunday night amongst the benny traffic - cripes it's awful, but i had my bootlegs to keep me company and the window rolled down with the wind blowing through my hair... actually it wasn't too bad... only took 2 hours - that's nothing compared to the friday traffic i hit.

anyway... i came up tonight because i am working from home tomorrow since a friend of mine is coming over after work and we're heading over to the concert - of course, i have to meet up with folks in the parking lot - tailgating & also because my tickets will be there...

my apartment is a bit disheveled since the workers came through a ccouple of weeks ago and then mom was in the hospital - i've not had the time to try and get it back to rights - so i think i will start bit by bit this evening (trash day tomorrow)

time to tidy up....

July 21, 2003

let it rain let it rain

isolated thunderstorms all effing day

come on! i have the concert tonight... 300 level where i will be struck by lightning....

unemployment... (not me)

working from home today (remind me that i have to turn on my oscillating fans - it's stifling in here right now) just walked down to kenny's bagels and grabbed a beggineggenchez sammich on a bagel... and a lot of coffee... yum... i am all set...

it's funny, i grabbed the closest shirt i could find and threw it on before i headed out - it's my unemployed designer shirt

seriously, it's just a plain white t-shirt with a very small courier font on it and the front has code on it:

< designer class="unemployed" >

and the back is:

< /designer >

(this is extremely funny to unemployed coding and web design geeks - i say this to all you folks just visiting from the outer realms)

i forget what site i bought it off of in august of 2001... but it made me guffaw.

i haven't worn it since january 2002 - when the tee would have been truthful... now i just felt - since i was walking around at 9am on the streets - that i was a sham - an imposter amongst the world of the truly unemployed...

which reminds me of an onion article this week that absolutely killed me!

Unemployed Man Getting Really Good At Unemployment


so, for the time being, the rain seems to have let up - although, i will be here til about 5:20 when my friend comes over here and we head of to the stadium - everyone else (the boss and co-workers) are heading over around 4pm... i have to pick up beer and ice and then schlep it around the parking lot trying to locate them...

i really should take a break and clean my apartment - it's embarrassing - because thursday i rummaged through closets and packed a few things for storage - now there's remnants of packratdom lurking about the apartment... and i need to take the vacuum out for a spin

apparently, and of course this would happen on a day i am working from home, the landlord is having work done and all i have been hearing above my head is the slamming of a hammer... over and over and over and over... i can't stand it!!!!!


calm down.... cleansing breaths... calm... breathe in.... breathe the noises out...

deep breaths...


is it wrong for me to have a crush on odd todd?

i am hearing you with the t-shirt memory limbo story, my dear...

the waiting is the hardest part...

the apartment is clean, designs are coming along nicely for work, beer is in the cooler and chilling in the fridge, i am ironed and ready... and i have a sheen of perspiration on my face and arms...

it's muggy...

and i want to get the hell out of here so i can meet up with my friends - i found out we will be in section 15C of the parking lot... we'll see if i can actually get into the giant's stadium lot - unlike last week at the continental lot...

come on! get to my damned apartment already!!! (granted he's coming here around 5:15, but it'd be nice if he was early...)

July 22, 2003

bruuuuuuuuuuuce - night II

wow wow wow! i JUST got home from the bruce concert...

we were in section 317, 16th row...

it was beautiful out when he took the stage - and then it got even better... it poured... POURED with LIGHTNING & THUNDER...

i had the BEST BEST time!!

so, sitting in the 4 seats was p (my boss), c (my project manager), me (well, say no more) and... um... well... special guest to be announced later

i really enjoyed the concert... it was fan-terrific-tastic!!!

* note: my bladder held out for badlands - but started to take advantage of me since i was about 80 feet away from the ladies' room...

mom... i love ya'...

ah, well, i knew it would happen once i handed over the iMac to mom and set her up with an aol account...

i am not mocking you mom, but i think every reader on here has the same fear - that their parent will pop onto their site and then an email will arise much like this one you sent me:

Somehow ended up on your website - WHO was coming over your place?? Seems like the rest of the world knows!! And what is this SHIT ABOUT BEING UNEMPLOYED??

It's about 9pm - know you're not home - but you have scared the hell out of me -- the stuff about being unemployed - not working - fooling the rest of the
world --- WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???!!!


as i said... i love you... this is my website... welcome to it...

set list and pics...

f & c... a little goomba tailgating...

p with some guy named bobby (on the left) and i have no idea who's flanking her right side

p and c... pre-rain-soaked concert

the RHB� and i... yes... i invited him

Night 4

1. The Rising
2. Lonesome Day
3. Jackson Cage
4. Night
5. Prove It All Night
6. Trapped
7. Empty Sky
8. Waitin' On A Sunny Day
9. For You (full band)
10. The Promised Land
11. Worlds Apart
12. Badlands
13. Out In The Street
14. Mary's Place
15. Cadillac Ranch
16. Into The Fire
17. No Surrender

18. Spirit In The Night (with Vinnie Lopez on drums)
19. Where The Bands Are
20. Bobby Jean
21. Ramrod
22. Born To Run

23. My City Of Ruins
24. Land Of Hope And Dreams
25. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
26. Hungry Heart
27. Dancing In The Dark

sassy new show

okay - found one of my favourite new shows...

queer eye for the straight guy

damn. i really need a "queer eye for the straight guy girl" to help me out

while i cleaned and straightened my apartment, it still needs help.... as do i.

July 23, 2003

ah... mom the rookie IMer

mom is attempting IMing... this is frightening...

i am not mocking... i just think it's cute that she's trying...

i think my favourite exchange was this one (no. GiggleMom is not her screenname):

gigglechickha: http://www.sugar-plum.net/kate/

gigglechickha: that's katie's website

gigglechickha: for when you have a chance... see, what you do, is click on the "link" i just sent

GiggleMom: link? what's that?

GiggleMom: How do you getto this place you're going too fast for me - put katie in the add book.

gigglechickha: no, no, that's her WEBSITE... not her EMAIL

GiggleMom: DONT PUSH ME1

gigglechickha: don't MAKE me post this conversation, Woman.

curious visitors

nice that in checking my stats i see someone from llgm.com was visiting and checking out december of 2002's archive...

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July 24, 2003


i am wondering if the term "Kobe Beef Injection" has been used at all on any late night talkshows or otherwise yet about this latest scandal?

anyone? anyone?

thank you, goodnight, try the veal, tip your waitresses...

July 25, 2003


so my ex-redheaded bill and i met up last night for the first time in 7 years
we talk a lot - via email, IM and a few phone calls... unfortunately, the photo's kinda dark so you can't see the red hair very well (and i look like an absolutely pie-faced freak girl)

so he flew out from indiana yesterday - he's hanging with friends or something this weekend... he brought me a bouquet of flowers and then we went to Kevin St. James' on 8th ave... had dinner and a few pints...

a good egg all around - we broke up the morning of the belmar st. patrick's day parade in '93...

(no. i am not over the fact that i missed the parade that day.)

it figures...

so of course... in the true spirit of murphy's law...

yesterday the stinking auto broker got my payoff check... i now own my car outright (am waiting for them to send me my title)

this morning...

my brakes are effed.

i stepped on them and it sounds like my muffler's dragging behind me - so much that i actually pulled over to check and see if that was it...

no. it wasn't... so i narrowed it down to either being my brakes or something funky with my transmission (it seemed to happen when i was in 1st gear)

so i called my cousin who has a mechanic thing in squan... going to get it taken care of in the morning... that is, if i make it all the way down there tonight

July 26, 2003

baby's got a new pair of shoes

got the brakes fixed...

needed 2 new rotors and got all the brake pads replaced...

next paycheck... oil change (stay tuned - it sounds thrilling)

July 27, 2003

a lot more fish in the sea...

so my cousin kerry and i are going fishing at 2pm on the norma k III in point pleasant...

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July 28, 2003

bye bob.

well, he reached 100 years old... good for him... a swell egg.

i know everyone is saying 'thanks for the memories', so why should i be the one to be a non-conformist?

(now the corgi can celebrate her birthday on her own)

it was thiiiiiiiiiis big... no, really!

erinfishin_bait1.jpg kerry and i went on the lovely norma k III out of point (as i had alread stated a couple of posts ago) we prepped by getting 16 nips of coors light and bud into my mini cooler and headed off...

the crew rocked - if i were 18 again i would be shelling out $28 a day to just hang on the boat to look at the boys...

anyway - enough of my dirty old woman angst there...

wound up seeing my ex-john (not ex-john as in i was a hooker and he was my john, just ex-john as in his name is john) he was the captain yesterday - so we didn't die and i was grateful...

he didn't know we were on the boat until a little later - that's when he sent the crew kids over with kick ass rods and reels (much easier to deal with) - i thought that was sweet as heck... (so we pretty much - at the end- tipped the 2 crew kids the fare)

anyway - i am bruised... i am sore... i am happy - was fun...

i caught 2 clearnose skates... so i am running my "I caught a pair of skates" joke into the ground

kerry caught 2 fluke - one was 16 inches (which was a half inch below the legal limit so she had to throw it back) the other was 6 inches - back it went as well...

pretty much the only thing we caught was a buzz.

after fishing, we headed over to the union landing and did a little raw bar action (2 dozen shrimp - hey might as well, because we stank like skate, fluke and bait anyway)

had a couple more "beverages" and chatted with a few folks we know... and a few i didn't know - but they seem really cool

anyway - i will resize some of the photos from the boat a little later (not all that happy about them as i pretty much was slathered in baby oil gel and am pretty damned shiny in them)

ha-ha email #272

Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Heaven...

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shaking my head...

*sigh* i don't know whether to go "ARRRRGH! or "AWWWW!" because mom's learning the IM thing... here's the latest confusion (she's THIS close to winding up on the j&s page)...

here's an excerpt (the full transcript - and god bless you for following it if you do - is below below)

gigglechickha : write them again - they know you're learning
gigglechickha : tell them what happened
GiggleMom : That was my intention - YOU'RE MISSING THE POINT1111
gigglechickha : *sigh* okay what is your point?
GiggleMom : Had enough on here - not feeling good - still hiccupping - going to finish an email to them & go in the other room awhile.
gigglechickha : okay. i will talk to you on the phone later
GiggleMom : Luv you - Mom
gigglechickha : love you too - you don't have to sign off like a letter though
gigglechickha : :-)

GiggleMom : Dear Ms. Bennett - I am fully aware
that I do not have to sign off like a letter. However, that is how & what
I choose to say/do. I hate it when you talk to me like I'm an idiot.

Mxxxx M. Bennett

gigglechickha : har dee har har.
gigglechickha : see ya.
GiggleMom : @#**&)!
gigglechickha : heh
gigglechickha : BYE.
GiggleMom : bye-bye

(my mother... the wise ass)

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July 29, 2003

cranking in my p.j.'s

working from home today - woke up and was working by 6:30am... then at 7:58am, i rushed the 2 blocks down the street to move my car by 8am... as it turns out i didn't have to move it til 10am... so now, i am headed out to go move the dang thing again til the street cleaner comes swishing by...

am working from home tuesdays and frisdays now... although i find out tomorrow night if i have to go for jury duty this thurs & fri...

mom just called me with the update that she's had the hiccups for 37 hours straight... ugh.

doing good in bed!

(well, i don't like to brag.... but...)

so i am running the discussion for the month of august over on bookblog

what does this mean?

well... it means right now i am going to plead with you to buy, read and yap about Good in Bed... by Jennifer Weiner.

so, let's see.... looks like the discussion starts August 25th - perfect!

you have a month to read... this is swell for some of you who don't have too much time or for you folks who are still weaning yourself off of picture books...

it's a great book - when i first noticed it i had thought that it was a book filled with tips... but was pleasantly surprised to find out what was under the cover (hahaha... oh! bed... covers... sorry, i promise not to have too many pathetic puns riddled throughout the discussion)

so here's the skinny... go, grab that book now... , go head over to the Book Blog and let's start yammering about it in a few weeks!

for extra added pleasure, check out Jennifer Weiner's blog, SnarkSpot (she's the author... you were paying attention a few paragraphs up, weren't you?)


my blue period...

hey - have been fiddling for the past couple of hours on this... it's a new look. it's blue. it's pretty simple and monochromatic... still tweaking - i'm pretty tired right now and wanna hit the hay - so keep that in mind if you look in on any other pages - they are still shamrocky, green and i will get to them tomorrow...

i am just miss instant gratification & didn't feel like waiting til every gosh darned page was done (yeah yeah, poor form... whatever)

let me know what you think... (although keep in mind, i am pms-ing like a bear this week, haven't been sleeping well, have a tummyache and have been slapping this thing together for the past few hours... choose your words wisely :)

July 30, 2003


am really not feeling good at all - was feeling punky since monday night, and yesterday was no picnic.... but today, don't even ask... i am hoping that i can work from home...

hey, i forgot to mention that i watched adaptation on monday night... lervvved it!!! absolutely dug it.

hiccup watch 2003

mom's hiccups have been steady for 61 hours.... and counting.

(with a few minutes break here and there and she sleeps for about an hour at a time til they wake her up)

when i talk to her on the phone it sounds like she's on a cell phone that's breaking up... only, it's not... it's the hiccups...

ez come, ez go...

effing EZPASS!

i just checked my bank account and it's UNDER... it's in the effing negative...


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pk and his 9 good digits

go tell the little crippled boy to get well...

hiccup watch 2003

73 hours...


cripes i have been eating like a freak today...

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July 31, 2003

freaky fone call

eh... just got a call on my cellphone about 15 minutes ago... from the F4 i went to the wedding with...

calls at 9:40am to say (in a really deep monotone voice without any breaths):

"erin, this is Jimmy T*****, i just wanted to call and say that i had a great time with you at the wedding and would like to get together again and you never call me back and i don't know what i did wrong and i had a great time and that's all i have to say"

me: "eh... hello."

jimmy: "i had a really great time"

me: "what's your number again? i'll have to call you back later - i just walked into work"

jimmy: "oh sorry didn't mean to be a bother to you - but you never call me"

me: "i'll call you later"

*sigh* crap, now i have to call him... he sorta creeps me out in a big way... granted, he's cute, but... no. i've known him since i was born... not gonna happen. even just hanging out - because after the wedding which i went into totally platonic... he told his brother that he was getting out of the car at my place because he was spending the night...

eh... no. the boy was walking home...

why? why do these guys call me? (although last night i did get a good phone call from a certain someone i went with to a certain concert recently... word on the street is a trip to GA next weekend... fingers crossed, folks, fingers crossed!)

in my head

i can't stop listening to springsteen singing Trapped.

then again, i can't stop playing the Rugburns' Me & Eddie Vedder, either

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employee email #273

this is a male point of view...
(not expressed by this blog)

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employee email #274

yo. guineas.

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harvey... my boyfriend

okay - so i think i nipped the F4 problem in the bud... i called him back (although he called me again at 6:52pm)

we chatted for a few minutes, yadda yadda yadda he's been upstate a lot.... blah blah blah i've been down the shore

he says "oh yeah, so do they call you a benny?"

(eh, don't get me angry jimmy)

so i said "no, they know better, the only one i let call me a benny is my boyfriend and that's few and far between that i let him do that"

silence. perfect silence.

"okay well, i have to run, he's coming over in a few minutes.... talk to you soon"

(for those of you just tuning in... the boyfriend is a figment of my imagination... there is none, although he worked perfectly in this scenario)

yeah, you may call me a chicken for opting out in this fashion - here's the deal - i have said to him over the past 6 years that i am not interested... and he still called... still hounded.

we have only hung out once at his brother's wedding (after badgering me to go) nothing happened - one dance and it was the chicken dance at that... no romance...

so the "boyfriend" and i seem to be quite happy together - in fact he's coming over any second with take out - i think he's opted for the chicken parm sammich and has picked me up a cheese steak... breaking open a bottle of merlot to go with this feast and hunkering down to watch the amazing race and then off to bed...

(or, in my actual world, i have eaten 2 bean and cheese burritos, washed my dishes, am packing up some more boxes to take down the shore and am hunkering down on my couch to watch the amazing race... followed by whatever other crap shows are on until i get so tired that i move to the computer to watch other people's lives via live feed and then pass out on my unmade bed around 2am... alone.)

hiccup watch... day 5

96 hours & 20 minutes

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