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August 1, 2003

first rabbit

don't forget to say "rabbit rabbit" when you wake up!!

make up your mind, woman

bloody hell - just when i think i like my new design - i want to change it...

right now - i may be a bit too lazy (and a bit too busy working from home today :)

think it's time i really learned how to give y'all choices on skinning this puppy

August 3, 2003

where the posts went...

so, i removed the last two posts (possibly will re-post at a later date - i saved them as draft) just didn't want the wrong eyes reading them at the moment...

all i am going to say is that i will be having a huge mega grande lifestyle change taking place probably in a month (no, i don't mean i am going to date girls now)

stick it.

well, at least i never have been broken up with by a post-it note...

it's either been face to face, over the phone, or, and this is my personal favourite... no break-up at all, it just fades into the wind... no phone call, nothing, just a lot of "what the hell happened?" and unreturned phone calls...

in fact, i think there's a guy out there who hasn't called since december of 1999... technically, we've been dating for 3 years and 8 months... it's a lovely relationship. i've been looking at nj bride magazine because i think it's time...


August 4, 2003

what was i thinkin'?

so, a high school friend of my copywriter is apparently "the fastest-rising debut song by a new artist so far this year - making news in country's top 10 this issue is Dierks Bentley's "What Was I Thinkin'"

now, i am not a huuuuge fan of country, but this is a pretty damned catchy song that i can't get out of my head...

go check out dierks' site...

the mouth in nyc!

October 8th and 9th Cowboy Mouth plays Irving Plaza with Cracker New York, NY $25.00


employee email #275

Two Italian Men (this killed me :)

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so my new lease was shoved in my doorway waiting for me to sign it....

August 5, 2003

on the town

about to go meet up with cathy, joanne and john for some grub and beverages at the hard grove cafe... haven't seen joanne since last november right after her baby was born

man - that's a scary hair and chunky photo...blech...

Last Hack Comic Standing

you have to be EFFING KIDDING ME. it's not even the end of the show and i am pissed - Last Comic Standing...

the just eliminated Vos (that's ridiculous - even jay mohr was shocked) - they eliminated cory right before him (that was surprising) and what the hell is left is...

Dat Effing Phan


Ralphie May
(COME ON... WHILE THE FAT GUY DOING GHETTO-SPEAK IS OH HA-HA FOR A SECOND, KNOCK IT OFF... although i'd rather he won instead of dat)

---- oh, great.... now they are having the two of them perform their sets again... i don't think i can stomach it... oh, they are having ralphie perform first... how much ya' wanna bet they are having dat go last because he won (and they are considering him the headliner...) this is awful. awful.

right now, ralphie is doing a bit about ally mcbeal and how skinny she is... um... when the hell did the show go off the air? last year? the year before?

oh. a fat guy bitching about skinny people, how louis anderson and john pinette of him - actually, i take that back they don't even do fat jokes anymore because it's "phoning it in"


dat just said "i didn't think i'd make it this far" - neither did i.

oh here we go with the mother voice.... please, someone stick an ice pick in my ears... if he gets this deal with comedy central and an exclusive talent contract with NBC, so help me god.

more mother accent jokes. kill me... no, wait, why kill me? kill him... go.

1.467 millionth commercial during the show

we're back...

and the winner is....





tomorrow night. going to the movies.

the thing is... what the hell am i gonna wear?

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August 6, 2003

oh, silly gigglemom

ladies and gentlemen... the main reason i am moving in with her is so i can talk to her offline:

gigglechickha: click there go to my site - click the words Full Frontal that's above the dotted line

GiggleMom: And...

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but of course....

figures that today my allergies are kicking into high-gear... i am likkered up on 3 alaverts and there's no end to the red nose syndrome i am sporting... and there's no time to go to tanning during lunch to make the rest of my face red and draw attention away from the rudolph look - would rather have the heat miser look (well, during lunch there's time - but let's just say, laying in a pool of your own sweat for 30 minutes isn't quite the best smell one can sport... and there's no time for a shower prior to the date. that's not the "perfume" i want to have wafting off me.)

i printed out my notice to the landlord - i will leave it inside my door when i am ready to go out tonight... i feel sorta sick that i am leaving the place.

it's when i am leaving that's up in the air now


so, went out for lunch with the crew here... to bennigans... yep. nothin' like eating at a chain for the rest of my life.

anyway - i am relaxing with my food high (actually trying not to fall asleep) - and i figured i would peruse some sites that i enjoy little tips and such from and post them for y'all - even though you should know about them already:

mandarin design - i love this site because you can find quirky little things to make your fonts go loopy here - also - i'd found that dotted line containment tag for seperating the right nav stuff in my old design... (if i am not making sense it's because my mind is not getting any bloodflow after lunch)

scriptygoddess - excellent... i have been playing with some cool stuff via this site - and will implement things once i am happy with how they've progressed

subterrane.com - i can't live without the lorem ipsum character thing on it - there's a bunch of good stuff here.

ah... there's 3... that's enough for the moment... i have to wake up now - hope i don't fall asleep during the movie....

August 7, 2003

spelling pet peeves

if you can't spell, i am sure you can't help me lose weight...

all is swellegant...

american wedding killed me! loved it :) although there is one scene in there where i almost lost my chicken scaloppini lean cuisine on the floor - but it was cute... had a great night.


snagged off of mandarin design, i checked out gary turner's blog and consequently found his "Switch" campaign

(apparently, he had this up in january, but i hadn't seen it til now)

happy #8!!


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excellent quote...

"You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think." - Dorothy Parker

snagged blatantly from semi compos mentis --- gotta love good ol' dottie


dang. my clowns were sent out.

i don't even wanna watch the last episode now.

i suppose i want kelly & john to win now

August 8, 2003

know the difference... please


it's official...

i will be "vacating" my apartment by september 15th, 2003.

no more jersey city for me... i must admit i haven't been going into the city all that often over the past 2 years... and the main reason i moved up north was because i worked at nine west - which was at 32nd & 5th... then i worked in jersey city and then back in nyc again, so it made sense to stay here

now i drive to work every day (well, except tuesdays and fridays because i can work from home) all the way to saddle brook...

it's funny, from jersey city, if i leave my house at 8:30am, i am usually at the office by 9:15/9:30... if i leave the house in brick at 8am (that's at the latest) i can be in there by around the same time - that's barring crazy ass traffic.

as long as i have my car, my own schedule (as opposed to the train or bus - i commuted for a couple of years from squan to manhattan via train and bus - and was always on their schedule which stunk) and as long as the radio and cd player works - i am set... and a big thing of iced coffee (hot coffee in winter)

it'll be fine. no, really... it will... seriously.... don't freak out.

*someone get me a paper bag - i'm hyperventilating*

so, i am working from home today - but i deperately need to begin packing... i am so screwed.

and i've been pricing moving companies.... jeezuz.... an arm and a leg!

i'm kinda fluctuating in and out of depression because i am leaving here and giddiness because i am going to be saving money and helping mom with the house - getting all ducks in a row on both counts...

so, no more Jersey City Posse, Donk - but still am gonna be in NJ.... exit 91.

which means i have to drive to exit 159 every other day.

and i am going to have to sell my treadmill - hey, if anyone wants to buy it....

it's a proform cd coach - i paid approx. $1300 (with shipping/handling costs as well as some other ungodly expense & it also has a spare motor) for it in 1998 - but send me an inquiry if you live in the north jersey area (am not shipping it) and we'll see what we can work out... heh, i said "work out"!!!

besides toning your body, keeping your heart in shape and saving your life... it also makes a GREAT clothes rack!

i have a dresser, queen-sized bed (headboard/footboard - it's wood with iron), kitchen table w/ 4 chairs (the table has a tile top on it - it's nice)

brand new bookshelf still in the box... haven't put it together yet.


August 9, 2003

not so bushy tailed

so i am at mom's - had thought that i would get up bright and early around 7:30am... but no

the rain makes me sleepy. very sleepy. and right now... it's verrrrry rainy...

i was pretty much in an out of a coma (knock on wood) and i woke up at 10am


i am supposed to go to a block party at 6pm - not sure if that's gonna happen - so we'll probably wind up at o'neill's - not sure...

in any event, i have to pack up a billion things in the spare - now my - room and drag them to the storage place - oh, what's that? i don't have boxes so i have to schlep to the storage place or home depot and buy some.... ugh.

cranky mood. i need coffee.... and lots of it.


no coffee.

went to Lowe's got 15 large boxes, 15 medium boxes...

spent 20 minutes in the pouring rain trying to fit them in my car (hey! thanks to all the gentlemen who DIDN'T offer to help! eff you!)

went to wendy's got a spicy chicken sammich and a coke - bringing from my car to the house, the kid in the next condo (he's about 3 or 4 or hell, i can't tell how old kids are - there are some people who could probably say "wow, how old is he? 19 months, 4 days, 6 hours and 13 minutes old?" - but, alas, i can't....

getting to the point...

wendy's bag and drink the kid hollers... "that's garbage"

me: "what, hon?"

kid: "that food is garbage"

me: "well, then i like eating garbage" and i walked in the house...

i wanted to yell "it's all i can afford on their 99 cent menu, kid..." but that wouldn't have been true. i wanted to yell "hey, tell your mother to tell you to shut up" but i didn't. i wanted to yell "eff you, you little punk assed brat" but i couldn't.

i don't like living in condos. i hear them vaccuuming next door at 11:30pm...

although it should make for some interesting stories once i move in totally... aren't you excited at the demise of my independence?

living with my mother is going to be like clamping on a condo-shaped chastity belt, isn't it?

eh... um... i forgot gigglemom reads this... oh well... at least she knows i won't be dragging guys home to sleep in my twin bed - that's right... TWIN bed. i am going to die - the twin bed is temporary - i mean i have the queen sized one as i stated, but it's too big for the room... i loved that mattress, too. dagnabit.

August 10, 2003

tired girl

so being hungover is not condusive to packing things and moving said items to storage...

today began with me waking up at my cousin danny's house on their couch, being stared at by 2 whining chunky black labs... good puppies...

at that point it was 10am... crap - had expected to be back home by 8am - not happening...

head and stomach were fine - just feeling a bit sluggish - okay, a lot sluggish...

had been at a block party on the river last night... a couple of squan cops were having it... wound up playing dice - was the only girl allowed to play for some reason - i think it was because i cursed or something and they were impressed by my tourrettsiness - danny was like "don't do it, Er... they'll take your money"

so, i wound up winning $40 from them... heh.

numerous beers later we headed over to o'neill's...

at this point i'd been drinking coors light froma krazy straw for 4 hours

there was a point around 1:30am where i may have left a message on the RHB�'s voicemail in a pathetic sounding irish brogue

on the way home this morning i made a stop at the new krispy kreme which opened up in brick - the line i waited in for the drive-thru was 25 minutes long... that's nothing compared to the line on foot out the front door - they had security guards there and everything... yep, new doughnut shop in brick is the biggest thing to hit these here parts since the TGIFriday's opened about 7 years ago... this is the only KK in new jersey and it's a mile away from my house... this may not bode well...

oh, look, i m getting IM'd by an ass.... checkout the J&S section...

hanging up the tap shoes

wow... gregory hines... no more noise, no more funk.

August 11, 2003

recap in pictures

i don't suggest drinking beer thru a krazy straw... this was towards the end of the evening - now if only i hadn't been allowed to use my cell phone after drinking.

there was a clown making balloon animals... my cousin is wearing something on his head

ah, a brilliant piece of candid photography, eh?


have y'all seen the napster bits?


my goodness, a heck of a day.... started packing - slightly - will do more tomorrow

it's hot as heck in my apartment right now

so there's been two deaths now - gregory hines and now, Herb Brooks

sad. very sad. i liked brooks.

August 12, 2003

is abdar der?

heh.... you kicked my dawg

[snagged lovingly from clayton]

pick pick pick

my fantasy football league live draft starts in 45 min... i have 2nd pick.... how i swung THAT i do not know...

should make the season a tad more interesting... haven't been in a league in about 10 years... only pools.

August 13, 2003

gettin' drafty

my draft picks - i goofed and picked michael bennett and found out he's on the DL til october at least - so i dropped him and hope to pick up moe williams...

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always nice when you have a baby shower at work and someone - who barely knows the mom-to-be - writes:

"word has it you're pregnant? who's the bastard that did this to you? i'll kill 'em. good luck any how."

what an effing ass. (no, i didn't write it)

August 14, 2003

the market's getting sparse

so... apparently, i have been quite lax in the stalkeriffic stalking department...

jim gaffigan got married last week - according to sources...

*sigh* gotta admit, i hadn't been paying much attention to him over the past year or so (prior to that i was quite smitten - and the one time we were in a line-up together at stand up ny i introduced myself... said i was the one that had been IMing back and forth with him and he gave me the thumbs up and said "stalkeriffic!" - yep... that was a lovely night)

check out this reel of outakes from his saturn ads in high-res or low-res

cookin' on the throne

um... this needs a law?

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darkness on the edge of town

the power shut off at the office in saddle brook around ten after 4.... i announced "screw it! i'm going home to work"

as i headed out on route 80, i saw a billowing cloud of black smoke next to the empire state building in the distance... what the?

turned on AM radio - power outages - as i am sure you've all heard by now - in NY, detroit, toronto, ottawa, CT and other places... well, it hit north jersey as well

power's not supposed to be back for another few hours at least...

HOW am i writing? i called an audible as i got onto the turnpike and headed in my t-shirt and skirt (the only clothes i have right now) down to my mom's house

i hit a little traffic - mainly rubberneckers gawking at the refineries whose stacks were spewing fire and thick black smoke more than normal....

i called everyone i knew that lived in the city or who worked in the city - was only abe to reach cathy (she's fine...) and the voicemail of someone else... otherwise - cell phones are shot, my cell barely worked

calling hoboken, it was nothing but busy signals...

my landlord had written in his latest note last week that i owed $600 by august 14th or i would have to leave by sept. 6th - i had planned on handing him a check tonight - not so now... will have to wait til tomorrow - hopefully, this won't affect my staying til sept 15 - seeing as there was a state of emergency called

so i am down the shore tonight - have to drive back to JC in the morning to work from home and grab stuff for storage, ABV's and drive back home - to the shore - tomorrow night

just letting y'all know what's the what.

stay safe and cool.

August 15, 2003

blinded by the light

so i drove up north this morning to work from home - i get in... clocks blinking, good sign - power's on...

turn on the computer... eh.... why no flashy flashy on the modem? nooooooo!

comcast internet is shot.

guess what i am doing today, folks?

working off of bloody dial-up aol.... this is grand.

traffic traffic traffic

i'm not talking about traffic on the parkway, turnpike or the gw bridge, etc...

i am talking traffic from al.com!!! wow!

WELCOME one and all to my site! [said in a ricardo montalban accent]

hope you read more than the small blurb with me whining about the blackout 2 posts down and how i am struggling on dial-up & working from home without the random noise of some pathetic show on cable in the background - it's killing me!!

come for the blackout - stay for the blog...

al.com is the redirect for those that attempted to view the sites listed below (ironically enough when i worked for fusion design - the kick ass design firm in jersey city - i worked on nj, silive, masslive, nola, syracuse, penn and a few other advance internet sites)

Nola.com - to those visiting from nolalive - i LOVE cowboy mouth!

wow- i think that's the most amount of visitors i've had in one day in about 2 years... so far the visitors tally is totalling 3911 - compared to the usual 275 on average that i get by noon per day (usually per full day it's 366)

so, have a seat, welcome, can i get you a cup of coffee.... make that ICED coffee.... stay - visit a while!!!!

in the meantime - since the US and canada is going back and forth with the finger pointing as to who started this lovely "fiascal" - i will leave you with an apropos ditty you can hum to yourself sll day and make up other stanzas to:

Blame Canada

Times have changed,
Our kids are getting worse
They won't obey their parents,
They just want to fart and curse

Blame Canada!

With all their beady little eyes,
their flapping heads so full of lies
Blame Canada!
Blame Canada!
We need to form a full assault

He saw the darn cartoon, and now he's off to
join the klan!>

but now when I see him, he tells me to fuck myself>

Well, Blame Canada!

It seems that everything's gone wrong since
Canada came along
Blame Canada!
Blame Canada!

Instead he burned up like a piggie on a barbecue

Heck no!
Blame Canada!
Blame Canada!
With all their hockey hubaloo

Blame Canada!
Shame on Canada!

The smut we must stop
The trash we must smash
Laughter and fun
must all be undone
We must blame them and cause a fuss
Before someone thinks of blaming us!

eh.... now, all my little canadian friends, don't get in an uproar... i still love ya' :)

fcc... wha?

i think the girl on 104.3 radio just said "there can't be a blackout baby boom in 9 months because it was just too f*cking hot last night"

i may have imagined the eff word in there - but i could have sworn...

unique visitor tally thus far: 4610

the troll under the ez-pass

oh yeah - since i drove up from mom's in brick - to the re-powered up apartment in jersey city - i left at 8:30am... got 2 tolls free - YAY! woo! saved a whopping $0.70...then i hit the turnpike at 9:04am... 4 minutes past the "hey we're giving you free tolls" deadline.


so i am out, whatever crazy amount they charge from exit 11 - 14c... although i wouldn't be surprised if i get a bill from ez-pass stating that i owe them $34K for taking the turnpike this morning - with their lovely computer system

figures... wouldn't it be nice if they stopped the EZ-pass and tolls during the return rush hour? seeing as i have to drive back down to the shore tonight... maybe most of the bennys will be too tired to travel down there this weekend!!!!!

visitor watch update [play energetic breaking news theme]: 5223

gigglechick saves the day

so my friend cathy is in midtown - no exact location, folks, sorry - she just called me asking me to call her friend's husband on long island because they haven't been able to get thru to him for 24 hours...

they've tried calling him - to no avail... something about the NYC phones that're screwy...

cathy's phone won't ring - she's gotten numerous voicemails from the friend's hubby though

so, what happens? i had to call up a complete stranger - fine no prob... thinking i could do it via my landline while cath is on the cell i call - nope.

won't go thru

i try again... nope. nada - recording says it won't go thru

cath and i hang up...

i give one last ditch effort...

HE ANSWERS!! oh joy!

"eh, hello there! this is erin, a friend of cathy blahbittyblah's - *wife's name* is holed up at her apartment - all is fine - she is fine - they just can't call you because of the phones being weird - they were able to call me because i live in jersey city - but they want you to try emailing them - they have electricity - but there's no way home to long island since the LIRR is out still"

he proceeds to tell me that he has the police there because he hadn't heard from her at all...

(awwwwww... that's so sweet!)

so contact has been made... emails will be sent... and a family has been brought back together....

my work here is done... i have to go hop in my invisible plane and head to the shore now...


visitor count update brew-ha-ha: 6018

not back in black

got down to mom's about an hour ago - got some baby back ribs (not chili's, but you know you wanna sing the jingle)...

was watching the news (what else?)

they just had a montage of all the images over the past 28 hours... and all i could think was this is a much better montage than the one they ran over and over and over and over almost 2 years ago at least i wasn't viewing it thru blurry & teary eyes...

although i was scared as hell yesterday when i saw the empire state building with the smoke near it... not frightened for myself... but... you know... okay - a little frightened for myself, but not all that much since i wasn't in the city - but as i said, i called a few numbers yesterday and couldn't get thru - all i was thinking was "crap, they've done something to us & people i care about"

meanwhile the only ones who've done something to us are either canada :) or cleveland (sorry Browns fans... sorry drew carey... just spewing blame... )

rib-induced tally of visitors so far: 7439

get her some dr. scholl's

hey - go now and check out lorna's long walk home during the blackout... grl, you have to be gellin' like a felon now!!

also, hear about paulkatcher.com's experience with the dark side

enough about others... this evening was spent planning the attack on the packing and storing of the crap that's in the room where i will be moving down here at mom's house...

i am tired. the dog's been barking like mad. i've a headache. i am cranky... and looky here... i am whining! go figure

oh... and i have a million fricking mosquito bites.

7774 bites from new visitors to the site!! welcome once again!!

August 16, 2003

sneezy mcfurkle rides again

i am likkered up on 5, count 'em, FIVE aalaverts - usually they work... today, my body has apparently adjusted to the allergy med...

i have been sneezing non-stop for 5 hours now... my nose is looking like a local drunk at the pub... i can't tell if it's from mom smoking, from the august allergy season springing forth or from both...

all i know is that i am ready to cry from the damned nose - i haven't had allergies this bad in a while - remind me that i have to go back to the allergist - at least to a new allergist rather than the third world country one i went to in jersey city 4 years ago - seriously, i sat in the middle of the waiting room for 2 hours at a clip - followed by sitting in the cattle area where no less than 12 patients sat getting shots...

this was almost as bad as the time i went to the podiatrist....

spammity spam

gee - should i give them [see email below] my social security number, credit card number and blood type, too - seeing as i have never had any contact with them ever....

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August 17, 2003

mmm... biscuits...

saw seabiscuit finally!! it was great - although, i read the book - which i recommend MORE than the movie - so many more details and no editing - they edited the hell out of the film...

unfortunately, gary stevens - who plays george woolf in the film - was injured yesterday from being thrown from his mount...

go, read the book, see the movie... wish gary to get well...

sardines and octopus... stink

for some ungodly reason, i watch the restaurant on nbc...

i have never wanted something (Rocco's) to fail so badly in my life...

that rocco son-of-a-bitch is an ass... yeah, it may be "the editing" that makes him out to seem like a prick (*yeah, i said the P word) but i sincerely doubt it.

next sunday is the season finale - what's it been? 6 weeks if that? hopefully they skin rocco alive and serve him filleted and flambed in one of those cheesy red & white paper baskets with a $0.002 cent italian flag sticking out of his flank.

go check out some of the poor bastards staff's (and former staff) sites:


pete - poor kid bombed at the supper club doing his set - maybe he should check out some of these open mics around nyc




August 19, 2003


can't even fathom what it would be like. sorry, paul

erm.... i am not a huge fan of death, i get a bit uncomfortable & become an idiot not knowing what to say and trying to think of something different to say that hasn't been said, yet never come up with anything more than the cookie cutter "i'm sorry, etc etc"... because i feel that if i try and say something different and more meaningful i will sound like an arse and look cold and heartless - not that i would say anything cold and heartless on purpose - but ...

well, for example... my grandmother died in 93 and my dad and i are sort of alike in the "oh god, it's uncomfortable" sort of way and "hey how can we make people smile even though it's not really a 'smiling time'?"...

well, dad's way of getting through the day was asking folks if they'd like a peppermint... it was something for him to do... so everyone was asked... a few times... he had the bowl of them at the wake...

anyhoo... i sort of don't like seeing my dad uncomfortable (daughter trying to protect daddy syndrome) and i call out - to lighten the mood - "Dad, you forgot to ask granmom if she wanted a mint"

a *gasp* sort of permiates from the crowd...

dad, perhaps not wanting to see his daughter uncomfortable, walks over to the coffin and leans in, asks granmom if she wants a mint, leans back up and announces "Nope, she says she's fine"

insert bigger *gasp* with cries of "Bob!!" and "Erin!"

and then dad and i went outside (more like, were banished to the outside) and had a couple of mints.


eh... let's try and lighten the mood here....

[thanks to quinn for the link]

August 20, 2003

i feel so dirty

i have a virus

no idea how i got it since i never open odd attachments from random folks...

but it looks like i have at least 700 emails in my inbox.... lovely -

so i contacted aol to see what they could do about it... nothing - had to install their mcafee virus thing and when i did it caused my stinking pc to not want to start up...

so from there i called dell... oh so frickin' helpful... eh... no.

i spoke with "joey" with the thickest accent i thought i ever heard - until i asked to speak to his supervisor "gino" who made "joey" sound like he was broadcasting on the bbc...

anyway - they told me that i had to send my computer out to drivesavers (whatever the hell that is) and they would reformat everything for me...

they weren't listening to me... i explained again, hey this is what happened - virus, installed blahbitty blah, and.... they cut me off "meeez, you mes go drivesaahrs, call dem no us"

eh... so at that point, my inbox was flooding, i wasn't able to reboot anything and i was being shoved aside and told i had to send my machine away!?!?

eh.... the eff-bomb was dropped...

i think my quote before hanging up (and have you noticed how dissatifying hanging up on a cordless phone is?).... my quote to them was:



damned cordless... so, i had to press down on "talk" with my thumb really hard a few times to get the full growly effect out of my system

then i went online again - figured out how to start the effing pc in safe mode (F8 when the keyboard lights up - for all of you who aren't privy to the secret) and wound up uninstalling the virus thing aol told me to install... voila! i was able to reboot normally

granted - i am still getting the damned virus emails though... but i installed a firewall and all that crap.

now i am going to sleep.

dark and odd... todd

gotta admit - i've said i love oddtodd in the past, but his blackout story makes me go "awwww" - it doesn't make me go "hmmmmm" like arsenio, just "awwwww"

dee tawka widda mama

mother of pearl... so, i went down to the cafeteria to grab an egg sammich... i usually pass the time yapping with the cook, Pete... an older fella from italy -anyway i'd told him a week ago that i am moving back in with mom

he tells me the other day that his 33 year old son is moving back in with him... okay, so i don't feel so alone in this "moving back in" thing...

this morning... as i said, egg sammich (with red peppers and one slice of cheese... oh, and coffee...milk, no sugar)

so, pete asks "eh... so 'ave yew 'ad dee tawlk with mama about 'ow yew willa be handling dee sexa? willa she letta yew 'ava dee boyza over? becawza i hadda dee tawka widda ma son, an' he a bit embarrass becawza he hazza dee girlfrien' but he willa be downastairs - and i tella 'im dat is okay because i am americanize now and not old country"

sweet baby jeezuz... yes. mom and i discussed.

pretty much went like "you won't be whoring around and bringing guys back here and that's that."**

** i am paraphrasing her response, so don't get all pissy at mom - there's no way in hell i'd take a guy home to my bedroom which is 6 feet from her's **

The First Rule of Interview Club

1. Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2. I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3. You'll update your website with my five questions, and your five answers.
4. You'll include this explanation.
5. You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

My questions are from paul frankenstein

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employee email #276


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eh... ewwww.

this was the lovely bug that was on the bench at mom's on sunday... so there's a nice rival to kate's spider....

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August 21, 2003

dang machines.

man alive. < sarcasm >well today's been productive < /sarcasm >

i couldn't fall asleep last night til 3:30am again... killing me... tis.
i woke up at 8am, schlepped into the office, turned on my machine...

eh... what the? error? wha? call admin? crap... why's the dell support desktop taking over my machine...

*sigh* all before coffee... this isn't good... at all

so IT boy figures out that i have like, 4gb of crap clogging my machine... he doesn't roll his eyes or mutter under his breath - because erin is a friend of the IT group, bridging the gap with our differences...

anyway - 4 hours later.... my machine is alive... turns out my profile was corrupted.... but the pc is kicking... sans favourites and my email's been lost... but my files are saved, i am able to log-on and, most importantly, i can work...

even though what i really could have used during those 4 worthless hours was a nap...

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amazing race.

dammit. fricking chip & reichen won. i started rooting for kelli & jon (only after the "goats" were pretty much phased out of the show at the half hour mark. dang)

August 22, 2003

inline skates...

man, i happened upon this lovely ebay ad for inline skates... scroll down to see the details

August 24, 2003

get the ben gay... not that there's anything wrong with it

i. am. tired. and. achy. ow. ow. ow. can. barely. type.

have been packing and moving stuff from the room upstairs at mom's to the storage unit i have - dad came over and let me use his pick up -- it's a small truck... had 3 loads to haul to and fro - and we still aren't done... well, we're done for today since my arms are falling out of their sockets and my back is snapped in two - seriously, my legs are sitting on the couch about 15 feet away.

anyway - good to see dad - haven't in a month or two... grabbed lunch - he also brought over some fresh basil and tomatoes that he grew... yum!

i don't see how in the world i am going to move all my stuff - probably over the next week, there will be a $1300 treadmill with cd player that still works sitting on the curb - i can't lug it down here.

i need sleep.

taking nap now.

still really good in bed...

don't forget, i'm the moderator for the good in bed discussion over at bookblog.net starting tomorrow night

August 25, 2003

skittering archery bullseye 1991-2003

march 30th, 1991 - august 25th, 2003

today i had to put my best friend to sleep. at 9:55am, archie was gone.

it's been two years and 9 days since Archie was diagnosed with canine anal sac carcinoma... the doctor was amazed that he lived this long - he had given the prognosis back then that my boy would only live a couple more months.

we knew it was inevitable, but he - barring a few falls here and there - was fine - he would jump around like a 2 year old kangaroo up until yesterday.

this morning i came downstairs at mom's and archie was laying there - he'd gotten very sick and was not really moving much - took him outside where he just laid down in the grass... shaking....

i called into work and then i called the vet.

my boy.

he couldn't move. i lifted my 92 pound pup and carried him the 50 ft out to the car. i don't know how... it was the hardest thing that i've had to do... not because he was heavy... but, well, you know...

this is my kid - my pup that came into my life june 16th,1991 - he was the only boy in the litter and also the only puppy that ran over to me smiling in that little stall that day... he was also the only liver and white dalamatian in the litter - just like his mama.

i brought him home - and then to philly where i kept an apartment - i remember on that 4th of july we went to penn's landing to watch the fireworks - and i had painted red and blue spots on him (in food coloring) and firemen were practically throwing hamburgers and hot dogs at him he was so cute.

then he came to live at my mom's house... she's taking this pretty hard right now, too... i mean he stayed with her 24/7 over the last 12 years...

right now i have Beri, my yorkie and archie's girl, sitting in my lap - archie was her taste tester - she has never eaten anything without seeing if he would eat it first... hoping she doesn't get depressed...

anyway - i just wanted to write and let you know that my best pup passed away today and is now staying at my aunt's farm under a nice shade tree.

love ya', boy.

August 26, 2003

thank you so much!

wow - thank you ALL for the kind words, comments and emails... it really meant a lot to me... am at the office right now (it's good that i am swamped here at work) - drove up this morning and was a bit upset... then around 10:30 i had to run into the ladies' room because i was sick to my stomach... beri didn't eat breakfast this morning - she, instead, ran around the house and seemed to be looking for archie... nearly killed me. anyway - it's gonna be a rough stretch - i really was cheered up by your comments though... and i thank you :)

August 27, 2003

boxing stuff up...

thanks again for all of the emails... they've really helped...

i've been pretty much burying myself into work and last night i packed a little - really ought to pack a heck of a lot more tonight...

today is my cousin jimmy's 44th - so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! he said he'd help me move... which is key - the moving companies have been ridiculously expensive when i've priced them out...

jimmy's taking the treadmill off my hands... dad said forget dragging the dresser with mirror down the shore - i will miss it, but it's going on the curb. so the heaviest stuff i have - barring any boxes - is my couch and loveseat (the couch is 83" long and the loveseat is 54") i am pretty much screwed because when i had them delivered, the delivery guys took the couch apart - or something off the back so it could fit through my doorway... see i live on the first floor - and while that's great for moving, the crap thing about it is i live under the stairs... so there's a TIGHT 90 degree angle to move stuff in and out...

gotta figure out my couch situation.

anyway... doing a bit better today - am still getting a bit misty eyed over my pup... but - and this may sound crazy - i keep talking to him and it helps a bit...

August 28, 2003

trash talk

dog tired again (*there's that dog theme of the week) - was up packing til 2:30am... put a lot of stuff (smaller knick knacky things that were dust collectors and space taker-uppers) out on the curb... i think the homeless guy enjoyed the gift box of sambuca that i received for xmas a couple of years ago - never touched - not a "buca" girl... he also made out with a window fan (it works but i have 2 kick ass oscillating fans - one, thanks to michael) - and also because it won't fit the windows at mom's...

had an electric wok from 12 years ago sans electrical cord... so, it's not very electric (used 5 times) - old scratched up teflon frying pan - electric popcorn maker inherited from dad who got it from a dead next door neighbour (never ever used the haunted corn popper) - sweater drying rack that never worked... and was missing a side to it - a kitchen utensil rotating holder - plastic... grimy... tossed it...

heard them rummaging through my stuff 20 minutes after setting it out there... i think they went wild with the sambuca...

thanks to quinn for sending me this link.... this is pretty much how the curbside abandonment happened last night (no rain though)


it's 11am and the marketing department had a case of graeter's ice cream sent to us from one of our reps in cincinnatti

at the moment, breakfast consists of toffee chip ice cream.

he didn't like paparazzi


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August 30, 2003

peanuts & crackerjack

so, i'm down here in brick for the weekend.... trying to pack stuff up and get the room to rights before moving in ... tonight though, kerry and i are heading to a blue claws game (lawn seats $5.00... can't beat that) - been meaning to see a game there - it's pretty close to mom's

in the meantime, beri (my yorkie) is eating and seems to be only a little mopey every so often, other than that, she's pretty smiley...

so, i will leave you with a joke that ties in with the theme of the week...

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yo... Muthah N, why you so nasty now?

well, we're not heading to the ballgame now... why? because there's a tornado warning of all things till 5:30pm... what the heck's going on with mother nature right now? tornadoes and last tuesday we had an earthquake in nj...

i am fine with having only hurricanes in nj, thank you very much...

although the tornado might help me get the remaining junk out of the room upstairs.

August 31, 2003

Q are sooooo drunky

they really ought to have the breathalizer for blogging and emailing...

*shaking my head* oh, quinn, my dear boy

hope you lke the new plac\e with your mom. donm't stay there too long though
hope you find the guy you want and stuff.
Eveeything, eventually, must come to an end. you understand.

at first, i didn't know you were drunky, Quinn... the whole "must come to an end" seriously, i thought i was getting a suicide note from you...

glad you are just on the sauce and gorging yourself on KFC...

at least, if they can't come up with an anti-emailing while drunk contraption, they should come up with a breathalizer-spellcheck... (so once you hit .06 on the drunky macfurkle scale, it automatically checks spelling and grammar...)

love ya Q-boy... you are killing me :)


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