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skittering archery bullseye 1991-2003
march 30th, 1991 - august 25th, 2003

today i had to put my best friend to sleep. at 9:55am, archie was gone.

it's been two years and 9 days since Archie was diagnosed with canine anal sac carcinoma... the doctor was amazed that he lived this long - he had given the prognosis back then that my boy would only live a couple more months.

we knew it was inevitable, but he - barring a few falls here and there - was fine - he would jump around like a 2 year old kangaroo up until yesterday.

this morning i came downstairs at mom's and archie was laying there - he'd gotten very sick and was not really moving much - took him outside where he just laid down in the grass... shaking....

i called into work and then i called the vet.

my boy.

he couldn't move. i lifted my 92 pound pup and carried him the 50 ft out to the car. i don't know how... it was the hardest thing that i've had to do... not because he was heavy... but, well, you know...

this is my kid - my pup that came into my life june 16th,1991 - he was the only boy in the litter and also the only puppy that ran over to me smiling in that little stall that day... he was also the only liver and white dalamatian in the litter - just like his mama.

i brought him home - and then to philly where i kept an apartment - i remember on that 4th of july we went to penn's landing to watch the fireworks - and i had painted red and blue spots on him (in food coloring) and firemen were practically throwing hamburgers and hot dogs at him he was so cute.

then he came to live at my mom's house... she's taking this pretty hard right now, too... i mean he stayed with her 24/7 over the last 12 years...

right now i have Beri, my yorkie and archie's girl, sitting in my lap - archie was her taste tester - she has never eaten anything without seeing if he would eat it first... hoping she doesn't get depressed...

anyway - i just wanted to write and let you know that my best pup passed away today and is now staying at my aunt's farm under a nice shade tree.

love ya', boy.


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