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September 2, 2003

60 minutes themesong haunts me

so, the only day i could get a truck & my cousin jimmy together at the same time is this saturday....

what does this mean?

it means that i have to pack MY ENTIRE APARTMENT tonight and tomorrow night (because thursday i am heading down the shore since i have to drag this beast of a computer to the new digs so i can get cable internet goodness hooked up on friday morning first thing!)

why am i on here typing at the moment?

simple. i need sympathy... and i need magic fairy dust to sprinkle on everything in my apartment so it packs itself

okay... about to start with the "yep - i am really lazy, so i think i will toss everything to the curb" kind of packing...

holy (lotta) crap!!!!

oh my god. i am so screwed - i have been packing for hours now and i don't think i've made a dent - so far i have 6 bags of "garbage" - seriously, i am throwing out stuff that actually is decent.... - tomorrow is trash day... that's when i will be setting out the wicker shelving things and the night tables and the computer table (that's actually a bit on the rickety side - now that this 19" monitor has been crushing it...)

but i am starting to tackle my closet - what should be the walk-in closet - i think you've heard me bitch about that closet before (click here to see all the crap i have to move) - and right now it's somewhat organized - thank gawd i straightened it months ago - of course, the last time i boxed crap up and shoved it into the closet - apparently i had no rhyme or reason for boxing stuff - i have papers that should have been tossed long ago - in boxes that have i don't know what - okay i am going back in... at least right now Heart is playing Barracuda (*nothing like classic rock blasting at 11:15pm - what are my landlords gonna do? kick me out?)

oh and the dust.... the dust is horrendous... how the hell have i been living here? my allergies are beating the living hell out of me.

September 3, 2003


this. packing. is. awful.

so. very. tired.

so. much. stuff. piled. on. bed.

must. sleep. on. couch.

and. cry. self. to. sleep.

(or. in. reality... sneeze. self. to. sleep.)

joke forwarded by mom #1

in the beginning...

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*sigh* back home from work... now back to packing.



[by the way.... a huge congrats to clayton and el who got married this weekend!!!!]


that's it. i give. i can't do this packing in one night.

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September 4, 2003

coffee break...

scenario: garbage picker tearing through my bags of trash - i really don't care - but the jerk was tearing the bags open then leaving it all sprawled on the ground...

i go out there... brazen, ain't i?

hey, do you mind bagging it back up? i don't care if you take stuff, but if you leave it like this, then my landlords call me up at 2am and have me bag it up in the pouring rain...

and i hand him an extra garbage bag... and watch him bag up the remnants...

then he has the gall to ask me to go inside and get him an "extra bag" so he can take home the stuff he's pulled out of my trash...

no. dude. no. sorry.

but, so far, the garbage picking customers have been having a field day... even in the drizzle... and the inventory keeps heading toward the curb even at this late hour

in the next half an hour, it's going to be bags of clothes... i hate putting these on the curb (yes. i know about the salvation army. i sent 14 bags there back in 99. right now, i don't have time to do so...) because those get totally torn and thrown all over the street - i don't really have a lot to put out there clothes-wise though...

*sigh* break's over.

back to packin'

ziplock baggies under my eyes

why oh why do i have the pack rat gene in me?

i just emailed into work and told them i have to work from home
i am nowhere near done.

this has been the 3:35am gigglechick.com whinefest. thank you.

garbage pickers in the mist

another trashboy rummaging through my stuff... yep, i muttered out the window "nothing in the bags, buddy, keep it moving"

(basically because i have old underwear in there and it skeeves me out that he's in that bag tearing things apart *shudder*)

he responds... "i'll tie it up nice and neat - no problem"

ah screw it, tie it up, take the old hanes her way drawers and get the hell out of here. - no, i didn't say that... but come on.

i think i have some papers with my identity on them...

so, the creep has my identity as well as my dna now.


the day is starting out lovely... or is it ending lovely? i have yet to go to bed.

boxes upon boxes are piling up... this is good. the plan is at least to box the stuff on my bed up so i can lay down and nap.


quarter after 4 in the morning... i am packing... lights are on... i am staying inside even though i have more trash to take out...


because 3 different garbage pickers are fighting over my castoffs like seagulls over a french fry.

hollering. growling... i hear the rustling of bags and glass rattling around.

how long til i move out of this godforsaken city?

smells like a homeless guy victory!

looks like the underwear picker from earlier is the winner and is still going through my bags...

i feel like we now know each other quite well.


t-minus 35 minutes til the garbage truck comes... the thing is, Picky MacFurkle is still hovering and i have more trash to throw out... (garbage dudes come only on monday and thursday mornings)

see, you won't have this sort of excitement to read about once i move to mom's... there's a dumpster there... no homeless... and no rummaging.

(of course, i left the camera at the office... would have been nice to have had a looksee at all of my trashfriends.)

goodbye, diner... goodbye, tinman

2 hours sleep. 90% packed.

went to the diner down the street got my bagonegenchez sammich and said my goodbyes.... funny that they were kinda upset i was leaving jersey city...

i am now on my 3rd (of 6) cup of coffee and still have a foggy brain.

so, later after i pack my computer in my car, i also have to drag my modem, digital cable box and remote control over to comcast (luckily, it's open til 7pm on thursdays)

2121 kennedy blvd. with a computer in my car.

maybe i will wait til next week to unhook it and drive it down after i clean the apartment...

not a fan of kennedy blvd.

gets rid of dirt and grime and grease in just a minute

have the cleaning service lined up to come over here next wednesday at 10:30...
thank gawd.

September 5, 2003

blather as i wait

sitting here waiting patiently for the cable internet fella to show up... also trying to be patient while i wait for the telephone technician to appear... my phone is hooked up, yet, i don't have a dialtone - apparently, it was rewired for someone else's home - i have no idea... just hoping the phone guy gets here before the internet guy... then dad's coming over to help me move the daybed and more stuff that's in the room i will be cramming my life into...

ever see the scene in Mr. Mom when they have the tv repair person, the washing machine dude and i think some other handyman in the house at the same time? i have a feeling that it's gonna be like that today...

i am on the first of my two extra large iced coffees... so life is pretty good... caffeine and sugar... fuel of champions

oh yeah, and sorry if i am boring those of you to death with my "moving talk"... i suppose i could just give my opinions on news stories, terrorism, and old sugarcubes cds :) but, i shan't... it's not me... i like to whine about my goings on til they are resolved, or til i get sick of them on my own. but most of you know that already. heh.

my buddy fred said that the title of my first comedy album (*scoff*) should be:

Gigglechick : Screamin' at the Homeless!

September 7, 2003

99.999% moved in.

i think my fingers are the only things that aren't bruised or crippled at the moment - wait - that's not true, i have slices on my thumb and one of the digits... but the pain comes and goes.

brief brief brief recap of the day.

i moved.

many boxes in my living room now.
moving them upstairs in the morning and unpacking.
then will slather myself in ben gay.

i am going to go pass out right now.

out in the nick o' time...

so, i was listening to the news this morning, and apparently, there was a shooting on Bright Street in jersey city...last night...

right behind my apartment.

glad to be out of there.

looks like they heard sheriff erin was leavin' town and all hell's breakin' loose again.

(unless it was just a couple of garbage pickers bickering over who was getting my dressers...)

September 8, 2003

movin' on up-date

packing the box truck the other day - and, consequently, the storage unit - was like playing a very large, very real life game of tetris...

my room looks like the homeless shanty at the end of the jersey city pier... nothing but boxes towering over my bed...

at least the internet and my computer are set up... and my phone was finally set up this morning... so, i am officially connected to the outside world...

today, besides unpacking, i must go get the digital cable box. mmmmm... cable...

the best part about the comcast cable in brick... we get new york and philly stations! woo! television overload.

i have to go through boxes of clothes - i know i must have stuff i haven't worn in a while thrown in there... if so, it's to the goodwill bin, alice.

think i am gonna take a lil' nap at the moment... allergies (cigarette smoke) are killing me...

no, i don't have my sheets on my mattress yet... don't care.

September 9, 2003


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September 10, 2003

too early for me to think up a title

so, mom just left the house and has gone back to work for the first time since she went into the hospital... she's still not feeling 100% though

i have to be in jersey city by 10:30am to let the cleaning folks in there to deal with the place... and i still have dishes and cleaning supplies - not to mention, but i will, a few lamps that i have to bring home (storage, actually)

tired, though... i so want to hunker down in bed again... i mean, it IS only 7:30... maybe i will set the alarm...

or maybe i will just go down to dunkin donuts and grab a bucket of coffee...

nah... sleep wins.

September 11, 2003


not going to post much today...

just remember that week.

and celebrate the life you have.

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great and not-so-great news

word on the street is that david letterman is going to announce on his show on friday night that he and his girlfriend are having a baby...

congrats, dave (like you read this site:)

that's the great news...

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September 12, 2003

the man in black and tripper, jack.

sorry about the title, i'm no Nipsey Russell

so last night i had a dream that i was in a yoga class and john ritter was in it... it was a fun class... then he left and half an hour later someone runs in and yells that john ritter died and it was caused by the 160 mph winds of the hurricane... all of a sudden we were in key west and 10 of us jumped in a giant car blasting "a boy named sue" and tried driving up the coast to out run the storm...

then i wake up and mom informed me that john ritter and johnny cash died overnight.

okay - granted, i keep the teevee on during the night, so, i probably - no, i'm sure i definitely - heard the news as i was out like a light...

just is weird.

man, i liked them both - poor john ritter actually had a cute show on the teevee and was making a bit of a comeback...

and johnny cash - what can i say about the man in black? in fact just last night on the drive home, i was blasting over and over in the car, his cover of loudon wainwright III's "The Man Who Couldn't Cry"...

i am wondering if they are part of the trilogy that completes what warren zevon started this week, or are they the start of a new on - and will the next person to go be named john?

johnny doing NIN's "Hurt"...

shootin's in JC... a dime 50 cent a dozen

more news on that drive-by shooting the other day near my (old) apartment

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September 13, 2003

wild wild life

okay - i know i just moved down from the city - but it's not like i am a member of the Fresh Air Fund - and i've lived down the shore for 7/8 of my life....

but i looked out the window today and saw for the first time...

a beaver in my backyard.

(oh, go ahead, let the cheesy jokes fly - just don't get too perverse with them)

September 14, 2003

3 out of 5 games. grrrr.

okay, okay... i will relinquish my title as SkeeBall Champion (only temporarily, that is *ahem*)

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back on the mic?

so, have i mentioned how my friend pat has started up a showcase down here at this place in belmar called Coffee Blue? it's tuesday nights at 9pm... and he's got a number of comics performing - asked me to check it out and to get the hell back up onstage soon...

not going onstage at the moment, but will stick my toe in the waters and check it out though this week i think...

i've gotta really hunker down and write my material for about 5 to 7 minutes again... haven't done that in a while... the last time i was up was january 11, 2002 and, even then, i was using material that was honed over a number of months (it got big laughs each time, but i just started getting sick of it... sort of like eating peanut butter and jelly over and over.)

so, i have to figure out my angle... don't want to be "angry-oh-i'm-33-and-single-female-comic-girl" (never took that angle, and i'm not angry.) don't want to be "oh-i-have-to-lose-weight-and-will-tell-fat-jokes-til-i-lose-weight-female-comic-girl" - i only did one fat joke and that was 30 pounds ago and it was my first time onstage...

there are only a few of you (with sites) out there who have seen my act live...
(i think that you showed up on the night of my last performance, which wasn't all that keen since they messed up the light and flashed it a minute before they should have and my friend - comedy sistah - monica was emceeing and started razzing me during my set... *groan* that wasn't cool)

okay - i have to skidaddle... heading out for a bit of the afternoon to leggett's with some friends...

September 15, 2003

'cane and able

okay - the hurricane... gotta love the quote by the guy from the EMA:

In Washington, D.C., emergency officials were working on acquiring additional sandbags, and planned to begin a public education campaign and meet with other department and critical services leaders today.

"Then we're going to pray," said Peter LaPorte, director of the Emergency Management Agency.


new cafeteria opened downstairs. bought a coffee. poured milk in.

drank it.

liked it.


wonka eat yer heart out.

my boss just got back from toronto and brought back a ton of smarties, aero bars and oh-my-gawd cookies from monsieur felix & mr. norton

likkered up on chocolate... i feel ill now.

at least i had a salad for lunch.

get a bar of soap.

think i have to curb the pottymouth... just read a few old posts on here and made myself blush... can't be good. pardon me.

September 16, 2003

requiem for a dream

so, i was going through my stats and checking out referrers...

how could i have missed this post by mando back in july?
(* thank you, Rich for sending me that google cache)

and, better yet, how could i have missed this comment?

how about my box office intake?

My life is rated R.

What is your life rated?

[thanks to stacy for this link... in reference to my pottymouth post yesterday]

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September 17, 2003

where's my coffee?

*yawn* i am so not a morning person at the moment... looking forward to the commute today. now i have to check 2 regions on traffic.com to get to work... central and north... of course, by the time i get through the central part, the northern part could have 10 accidents clogging things up... ah, gotta love 95.5 wplj traffic

took a shower already... but have you ever felt so sluggish that you really are struggling to get out of the towel and the thought of drying your hair is tiring?

sorry, i was up late... wound up staying awake watching kilborn... why, i don't know.

anyway, psyching myself up to dry this mop (days like this, i think about how nice having my hair cut short used to be - yet, there's no way in heck that i am chopping it off again)

okay, have i procrastinated enough? time to get going.

get ready, east coasters!

hurricanedrink.jpg Hurricane Party
Paul Sanchez (of Cowboy Mouth)
(click for song clip)

My hurricane party got outta control
I'm lying in the gutter eatin' tootsie rolls
With red ant bites all over my ass
Beating on my buddies with a baseball bat

We had a little party me and my friends
A hurricane was coming to New Orleans New Jersey again
somebody brought scotch somebody brought beer
I shoulda' kept the hooch and thrown'em outta here

A friendly game a penny a hand
Smoke a cigar act like a man
Waintin' for the gale force winds to blow
Shuffle up the cards and let the liquor flow

My hurricane party got outta control
I'm lying in the gutter eatin' tootsie rolls
With red ant bites all over my ass
Beating on my buddies with a baseball bat

Somebody's girlfriend showed up by surprise
With cookies in her hands and dollar signs in her eyes
I started dipping her cookies in scotch
Well she won all my money and my pocket watch

Well I passed out and I woke up
The house was empty and so was my cup
From out on the front porch I heard them shout
I wish they'd come in so I could throw them out

My hurricane party got outta control
I'm lying in the gutter eatin' tootsie rolls
With red ant bites all over my ass
Beating on my buddies with a baseball bat JTG!

Everybody's wrestling out in the dirt
I laughed so hard till my stomach hurt
They saw me clean they heard me laugh
They started charging at me and I grabbed the bat

My hurricane party got outta control
I'm lying in the gutter eatin' tootsie rolls
With red ant bites all over my ass
Beating on my buddies with a baseball bat
Beating on my buddies with a baseball bat
Beating on my buddies with a baseball bat
I used to know the way to Fenway Park!

george jetson has it made.

mother of pearl. i left the office at 5:33pm... and walked through my door at 7:25pm

mega traffic on the parkway near the amboy bridge, so Dum-Dum (that's me for all those not in the know) decides to hop off the GSP and get on the turnpike... i take it to exit 9... where route 18 is... hello. more traffic with the extra added pleasure of traffic lights... and then the barren stretch of 18 after a while to route 34 and then home...

approx. 2 dang hours.
this commute may actually be the death of me...

think i am going to telecommute tomorrow... eh, hurricane (shhhh... it'll hit us! i live on the shore! it has to hit us.... please!)

highlight of the commute

okay, so i failed to mention that weird things happen on the parkway - especially in decent weather (mainly in decent weather) when the windows are rolled down and such...

what happened?

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close to home...

so my granduncle and aunt live in pine knolls shores, north carolina. it's next door to atlantic beach, nc... so they're on the outer banks...

to get a better grasp on how close they are... here's a nasa image of hurricane isabel at 11am this morning...

eh... hmmmm... hope they got the hell out of there.

September 18, 2003

the first sign...

winds are kicking up around here. trees are really swooshing back and forth... going to work from home today...

(i don't have my camera with me at all this weekend. dagnabit.)

say it!

on the brink of my 2000th comment (at least on MT, anyway...) who's it gonna be?

i'm taking a break from work right now - gonna go out and grab some coffee & a tan.

live video!!! (no, not of me.)

well, i am sitting here sheltered from the wind (32 mph) and eating a subway sammich (pepperoni, provolone, black olives, cukes, green peppers w/ oil & vinegar on wheat : the official subway sammich of gigglechick.com... eat fresh!)

if you'd like to see live video of the beach closest to me (2 miles-ish) - pt. pleasant to be exact - click here for live video!
(um... it looks as if the cam is seeing into the future by 13 years according to the date/time stamp)

see those waves in the background!? and the 'cane hasn't even hit us yet.

***** another cam on nj.com... hurricane cam *****

peewee was my 2000th (MT) comment!! thanks!!!

hurricane isabel 2... brian williams 0

poor brian williams.... i don't know whether to be concerned or laugh my ass off... (okay, so i laughed my ass off)

[you must watch it til the end]

wind whipping through my hair

so, i headed over to the point side of manasquan inlet... wow... it was jampacked with onlookers...

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September 19, 2003

such a tease.

we JUST lost power for 5 minutes. grrrrr... now!? NOW we lose power?!

on a lighter (no pun intended) note... awwww... baby panda!

oh, a few months ago, for my birthday, i received from one of my stalkers a delightful bag of coffee... i hadn't had a chance to brew it up until now... when i opened the bag this morning, i had a flashback of when he sent me the davey and goliath dvd... when i didn't have a dvd player....

see, they were whole beans... and i don't have a coffee grinder... *sigh*

(luckily, i had a small back-up bag of ground dunkin donuts coffee)

***note: i am not complaining about the gifts at all... i just needed accessories with them.... you would think that stalkers would know all the details, right?***

i've been unpacking.... not everything is done (not by a longshot)... but i still can't find my alarm clock.

me timbers arrrr shivering!

arrrrrrrr... avast! ye landlubbers... ye'll git yers today.... arrrrrrrr

arrrrr.... see what happened to this landblubber

September 20, 2003

brief recap

we went to the movies this evening and saw matchstick men... i really liked it... 'twas a really nice night filled with popcorn and butter pecan praline ice cream with heath bars (from cold stone creamery)

on a sour note, poor brendan's car was stolen... everyone leave comments here for him with "awwwww, poor bren" and "man, that stinks" messages to make him feel better...

watch it, pal!!!

missed it last night, but vh1 has the 50 greatest funny moments in music on again today at 2pm, Monday at 1 a.m., and Thursday, October 2, at 11 p.m. (probably will wind up watching it on monday)

why do i have to watch it? why do you have to watch it?

because lisa lampanelli, my former comedy coach, is on there yapping about the funny stuff... she's great... if you saw the comedy central roast of chevy chase last year you would have seen her shine as well....

java script

by the way, i went out yesterday and bought a coffee grinder... am about to go have a bit of stalker's brew in a few minutes...

oh, and during the hurricane, isabel wasn't able to bust into the tomb of the unknowns... how much does that rock?!?

goodbye cruel world

um... this may be my last post...


well, let's just say, when cleaning a toilet, trying to get rust stains off of it with Iron Out, do NOT under any circumstances.... breathe...

my lungs have just about had it...

at least johnny's singing folsom prison blues right now...

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october 25, 1986...

am watching hbo right now... i'm a yankees fan, first and foremost, but, the Curse of the Bambino is a really great documentary...

oh, those poor red sox fans...

heh... no.

they can never win the series... as they say in the documentary, what the hell would they have to bitch about for the rest of the year then? snow?

the sox losing keeps new englanders busy... it's good for them...

September 21, 2003

goofy little life.

how funny is my life?


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i had a great time! it was so cool to see him again and the chapin tribute was keen (yes, i am a goofball who pretty much knows only about 12 Chapin songs)
but it was a blast, can't believe it's been 14 years.

change subject to football:

i have 4 losses so far (technically, it's only 3 losses at the moment, but the bills are losing at the moment with 22 seconds left... so, there's not much hope)

here are my picks (i've gussied the wins all up in green and the losses in a horrid red.)

oh, and my fantasy league i am getting butchered at the moment... 77 to 49... ugh.

remnants of isabel (well, scattered images from my cousin matt as the storm was off the coast)

from the ship my cousin matt is on... isabel, storm front

another one, how frickin' cool is this image? wow! of course, there's no way in heck i would want to be on that ship when that beast was brewing...

September 22, 2003

dish ran away with the spoon.

ah, hey there, folks! am sitting here watching monday night football... denver's winning 31/zip at the moment... also watched everybody loves raymond and that two and a half men show tonight - very cute... i love john cryer...

hmmmm... what else? what else?

oh, that's right, y'all are frothin' at the mouth commenting and emailing me asking what happened yesterday with the fella from 14 years ago...

well, i think i mentioned that the chapin tribute was pretty good... and then we went to this place called Mel's and had dinner and a couple of beverages... i had the yankee pot roast with a side of mashed potatoes and string beans...

he had the strip steak with string beans...

i opted for the coors light while he's apparently a fan of miller lite...

i had soup, he a salad...

our waiter's name was charlie and he had no neck (from too much weightlifting i assume)

what else am i missing in this description of the evening? oh... wait...

one more thing....

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September 23, 2003

WKRP in Cincinnati Cemetery



it's pouring out right now, the sky is a weird shade of dark gray and there's tornado warnings on the teevee...

come ON! this is jersey, we're only supposed to have to deal with hurricanes, nor'easters and snow... knock this "other crazy" weather stuff off!!!

September 24, 2003

eyes as big as saucers

i've been sitting here wondering why i can't sleep... then i remembered that i made a pot of Stalker Brew and had 5 huge cups between 8 and 9pm...

looks like it may be a long night (and an even longer day since i have to wake up at 5:30am)


erin never has more than 2 cups of coffee at home.

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Finding Nemo!

lisa found nemo... right here.

heh... excellent!

ex-boyfriend email joke #45

one of my exes sent me this email... oh ha-ha.

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ex-boyfriend email joke #46

another email joke (cute.)

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September 25, 2003

auto pilot.

so, i parked my car on the second level of the parking garage at work this morning at 9:30am... all was well.

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September 26, 2003


so, my allergies have been going insane over the past couple of weeks (tobacco *cough*) but this week, they've been especially horrid.

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addicted to nitroglycerin

robert palmer... was 54.

i liked his music... but, i never liked the attitude on his backup dancers.

September 27, 2003

about damned time.

so, it's been a long time coming... i finally took an hour and weeded through my links...

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pre-date jitters?


not heading out on a date this evening, but if i were, i would be consulting this site beforehand...

for more stuff from this fella, click here

[link snagged blatantly from southern relish]

September 28, 2003


so, here i am unpacking and cleaning the house... (i was supposed to go to a benefit this afternoon, but had to cancel... meanwhile i turned down an offer from the fella in pa - see last week - to go hang with him and watch the games because i was supposed to go to the benefit.)


not in the best of moods at the moment...

at least i am playing johnny cash (singing a cover of johnny 99 right now!) and have football on in the background. of course, i have a sneaking suspicion that my fantasy team will lose horribly this week.

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rough day on the field

god, my football picks stunk this week as well as my fantasy team... cripes... right now, all of my players have played and i have 89 points... the other frickin' guy... he has 71 pts... oh, and he has 4 players left to play....


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September 29, 2003

on the GSP

so, driving up this morning in my lovely car with the crack in the windshield that has now grown to 12 inches, there was traffic...

i really am wondering what guys have been drinking in the mornings though... why? well, once again, there were a couple of guys trying to get my attention today...

strange, there's been an onslaught of car flirting over the past few weeks, today there were more...granted i hadn't had coffee yet, so i didn't really reciprocate the waves, smiles, beeps at me -- well, once i waved a "thanks, good morning, please drive like a normal person and stop hovering on the driver's side of my car" wave...

3 different cars... three different guys... what? maybe it's because i brushed my hair and slapped on lipstick?

i checked the side of my car to make sure no one wrote "honk and wave at this broad" or "smile if you want me to bare my boobies"... nothing...

i don't get it.


i played Columbo and went out to the parking garage & snapped some evidence for the windshield incident... bastards better not pull any "oh we ain't payin'" crap.

the crack.

debris in the spot

the size of the debris (also cowboy mouth rocks... heh)

the overhead beam

this is the area i was NOT parked in... it's on the other side of the garage... i swear the entire place is coming down.

how effing great!!!!

our sr. vp of admin actually just wrote me saying that if the building doesn't pay for my windshield that my company will pay and that i have to get estimates...

how great are they!?! of course, i want the building to pay... so that there's no excuse to fire my ass.

clap your hands and she'll get better

yikes! kymberlie's in the hospital... go wish her well!

HELP with car!!

my uncle is on his way over - but says he has no idea what's wrong...

my mom's 1991 ford tempo... when she turns the engine off, the fan (engine fan?? i have no idea) is still running... something is humming and blowing air, so i gather it's the fan...

anyone have any ideas? how do we correct this tonight? help!!!!

in cars...

so, my uncle came over and disonnected the battery for a bit, the auxillary fan was the problem - mom is taking it to my cousin howard's shop either tomorrow or wednesday...

on the lighter side of car problems... brendan got his stolen car back

September 30, 2003

afternoon, folks...

bloody hell, the yanks are down 3-0 in the top of the 9th... crap...

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