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blather as i wait

sitting here waiting patiently for the cable internet fella to show up... also trying to be patient while i wait for the telephone technician to appear... my phone is hooked up, yet, i don't have a dialtone - apparently, it was rewired for someone else's home - i have no idea... just hoping the phone guy gets here before the internet guy... then dad's coming over to help me move the daybed and more stuff that's in the room i will be cramming my life into...

ever see the scene in Mr. Mom when they have the tv repair person, the washing machine dude and i think some other handyman in the house at the same time? i have a feeling that it's gonna be like that today...

i am on the first of my two extra large iced coffees... so life is pretty good... caffeine and sugar... fuel of champions

oh yeah, and sorry if i am boring those of you to death with my "moving talk"... i suppose i could just give my opinions on news stories, terrorism, and old sugarcubes cds :) but, i shan't... it's not me... i like to whine about my goings on til they are resolved, or til i get sick of them on my own. but most of you know that already. heh.

my buddy fred said that the title of my first comedy album (*scoff*) should be:

Gigglechick : Screamin' at the Homeless!


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