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dish ran away with the spoon.

ah, hey there, folks! am sitting here watching monday night football... denver's winning 31/zip at the moment... also watched everybody loves raymond and that two and a half men show tonight - very cute... i love john cryer...

hmmmm... what else? what else?

oh, that's right, y'all are frothin' at the mouth commenting and emailing me asking what happened yesterday with the fella from 14 years ago...

well, i think i mentioned that the chapin tribute was pretty good... and then we went to this place called Mel's and had dinner and a couple of beverages... i had the yankee pot roast with a side of mashed potatoes and string beans...

he had the strip steak with string beans...

i opted for the coors light while he's apparently a fan of miller lite...

i had soup, he a salad...

our waiter's name was charlie and he had no neck (from too much weightlifting i assume)

what else am i missing in this description of the evening? oh... wait...

one more thing....

we shared a fried cheesecake with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream... sprinkled with powdered sugar...


what the hell do you think i am gonna do? kiss him for a minute and 43 seconds before heading to my car and then tell you all?

i would never do that. that's kinda tacky to kiss and tell.


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