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October 1, 2003

come back little gigglechick

just got home from coffee blue in belmar... if you live down here (the jersey shore) check it out on tuesday nights at 9pm... my friend pat emcees... he rocks...

so i was there with a fella... it was our 3rd date (shut up.) he reads the site (yes. you... *ahem*) anyway, the lovely thing about going to a comedy thang on a date is having the comic ask are you two married? dating? how many dates? 3 dates? you know what that means dude, you have to f*ck her... how much have you dropped on her so far, like a hunnerdenfifty? you know what that's called, right? a hooker. a whore.

lovely. i was blushing like hell, and to sort of try and offset the dude onstage, i start talking back -- i should know that this is not the best thing in the world to do if you want to hide your head in the sand... in fact, it sort of draws them to you... but i mixed that thought up with the "they can smell fear" sort of rule... --- so the rest of the evening, we were pretty much pointed out as the couple who have to f*ck...


there was a weird/funny "poet" there tonight... check out his site alexander the poet

anyway... so i spoke with my buddy pat (photos of pat and rob & i in the morning - i have yet to install the fuji thing to upload images on my machine at home...) anyway - spoke to pat about getting up onstage and he says whenever i am ready i can have 15 minutes or so to work on stuff (god it's been way too long since getting onstage)... cool verrrry cool! the most i've done is 10 minutes and that was a bringer show where i had to bring at least 12 people... so, even though this is a teeny little coffee house, it's a stage and i have a few bits that i will feel comfortable doing... i think that i am gonna try for oct. 21, but don't quote me... actually, i think the world series might be going on that night, so scratch that... probably the beginning of november...

on the brighter side... my date didn't get up and leave in the middle of the show... like some people...

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so this is me and pat (patrick c***... go see him. he a funny boy.)

and here i am flanked by my friend rob and pat... mystery dateboy took the photo... no, for some reason i didn't subject him to the flashbulb...


glued to the set

i really like Ed...

waiting ever-so-patiently for the west wing to come on

October 2, 2003

windshield. estimate #1

so, the crack has expanded to the middle of my windshield... i just got back from getting the first estimate...


which isn't as much as i thought it would be! yay!

(i really should get the damned dent from last year's accident estimated as well)

estimate #2

so i went to another place to see how much a new windshield will be and they said...


hoping that tuesday i can get this done (translation: hope work will cut me a check for this amount by tuesday) because i am pretty scared this will shatter.

October 3, 2003


*sigh* so, i usually am supposed to work from home on fridays... today i was told to come into the office... of course, this screwed up plans for this evening since i won't be home til late... too late for the date i had planned...

date has been postponed til tomorrow... which is good... i can get all kinds of gussied up instead of being a big wrinkled mess of clothing from sitting in traffic for 2 hours...

it's for the best, as i don't want to force the boy to stare at the flustered & haggard erin... not yet, anyway.

October 4, 2003

damn rookie tiger...

in a taste test, tigers found Roy to have more flavour than Siegfried

or, maybe the tiger was jealous that Roy received a birthday cake....

what's black, white and red all over?

roy and his white tiger

(it's early... bad jokes are on the house)

October 5, 2003



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she sells sushi down by the seashore

had a swellegant time last night... i am still loopy on sushi... anyone - besides you, boy - ever have something called Spicy Tuna Don? (i recommend overpouring the soy sauce to the point of annoying the guy next to you when prepping it... :)

so, i am in the brainstorming stages of my halloween costume... the potato costume is going into retirement... this morning i thought of a kick ass thing to be... and thus begins my sewing and stuffing...

in the meantime, try a little stealth disco
[link courtesy of kymberlie who is back home from l'hospital]

of course, stealth disco was created by an agency who created these kick-ass ads...

air tran - shipping (i love this one.... sick)

air tran - fired

gritting teeth on the gridiron

so, i am sitting here watching the yankees game and also flipping back to the football games... figures that the bears would beat oakland... for the first time i picked teams via the lines and not with my heart (i hate oakland because i was mugged and knifed by a thug in philly wearing an oakland jacket... thus began my hatred for the raiders) and i never go against new england... yet, this week i did... effing lines...

anyway... here're my picks for this week...

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October 6, 2003

what's going on, shecky!?

monday. in the office (oh, i was told on friday that i can only work from home 1 day a week - as opposed to the 2 day a week agreement. grand, isn't it? no.)

have a ton of stuff to do, have to concept the new holiday cards that we're going to email out at some point... and oh, they only gave me 4 days to figure out what we're going to do... and this time i have 5 versions (all different) that i have to create.

bloody hell.

anyway. that's my brief update... kinda bored (even though i am swamped...) and i am eating chili from the cafeteria downstairs (i may die at some point today.)


mickey D's are back!

first off... quinn macdonald is back...

so is norm macdonald!!! yay!!! i loves me the norm! he's gonna be in a minute with stan hooper... looks funny...

well, i have to watch the game tonight to see who we're playing next...

(personally, i want the red sox to win.... just so they get their hopes up again and lose to us in a sweep... heh.)


come on red sox**... stop it with this curse for the love of god (not that i am rooting for you... but come on! i want the yankees to play the red sox next )

did anyone just see that collision between jackson and damon?!?

poor damon... (and it's few and far between that i feel bad for a red sox player)

oh, and now the stinkin' oakland fans are trash talking... classy. real classy. jackass oakland. (makes me not like the football team OR the baseball team)

** i only mean that in the "oh you poor bastards" sense of "come on red sox" - nothing more, it's not like i want them to win the world series... *scoff* like they'll get in!

red sux, nomar blows (hee hee)

awwwww... it's nice to see the red sox fans all pumped and having their hopes up and such... it's cute... isn't it?

get ready to be pummelled by the yankees, little soxiepoos...

allow the trash talk to commence...

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October 7, 2003

gropey macfurkle... he'll be back

buy this ah-nold shirt! so, just in time for the california recall election today, here're some lovely bits of clothing that you can purchase...

heard a great chant on the news last night...

"hey arnold, whaddya say,
how many women have ya' groped today?"

(that chant is grammy-worthy...)

bring it, sox!


oh wait... you sold the bambino, didn't you? looks like we could either thank you or we can whoop your little garciaparra-oh-i-have-to-futz-with-my-little-batting-gloves-every-time-i-step-up-to-the-plate arse(s)

think we'll choose the latter...

October 8, 2003

spotlight & microphone

so i am tentatively scheduled for 5 - 7 minutes on october 21st at 8:30pm at coffee blue...

woo! bennett is back! (okay, so it's in a coffee house in belmar, nj, not at the comedy cellar or comic strip live anymore... but it's a stage, my friends... a stage...)

wondering if i should revive my old bits and use that night as the hanging the jersey in the rafters retirement night for them (they are my comfortable jokes.. i have used them and abused them...) -- or i think i may just go all out and perform new stuff (which may be the best bet - while the old stuff used to kill on a good night, i haven't done it in a year and a half, so what the hell, may as well reinvent my set....)

only thing is... there's probably gonna be a ballgame (world series) on that night... *sigh*... and they don't have a tee vee that gets actual television in that place...

comedy checklist
gotta work on my timing
gotta find my stopwatch
gotta find my little tape recorder
gotta get my nerve back...

in the meantime... if you'd like more info...

Click to subscribe to coffeebluecomedy

oh. my. effing. gosh.

mother of pearl. you have to love when the IT dept loses the server that i had ALL of my work stored on...




i know this is a couple of days old, but that maryland governor's wife is insane... listen to her laugh...

all this was said at a domestic violence seminar...

(not that i like britney... but, come on, woman... THINK before opening your mouth)

shut yo' mouth.

oh yeah. so, i am going to miss cowboy mouth tonight and tomorrow night at irving plaza... the first time in 9 years that i have missed them when they've been in nyc.

bloody hell.

game 1 : bottom of 7th final

we're just toying with the red sox... much like the way a cat bats a mouse around playfully before killing it.

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October 9, 2003

deja vu

gotta love guys who don't have a good memory...

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imagine that.

happy birthday shout out to john lennon!

game 2 - bottom of 4th final!


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October 10, 2003

come on cubbies!

man alive... it's 4 - 4 in the bottom of the 9th --- i want the cubs to win

October 11, 2003

girls day out

just walked in from a long day pre-celebrating mom's birthday (which is tuesday)... road trip with mom... no one was thrown out of the car alive (or dead, for that matter...) went to new hope and lahaska pennsylvania and drove through lambertsville nj....

then i took her to dinner over towards this way... i am going to go watch the yankees game (i taped it earlier) - i heard the final score...

what was it again, my dear sox friends??? *ahem*

October 12, 2003

saturday night's NOT alright for fighting!


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major league bullsh*t

zim now has a sprained hip.

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back to normal violence

okay... so stepping away from baseball right now... watching a little football (at least i know players are gonna get knocked around in this game) and cleaning the house -- just got back from cleaning the inside of the gigglemobile...

heading out in a few hours to go see School of Rock! i loves me the jack black.

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October 13, 2003

the shoe... was 72


when i was a kid (between 6 and 12) i would tape the kentucky derby, preakness and belmont on audio cassette each year (*this was before vcr's, kids). i loved willie shoemaker... he was greatness.

pre-game 4...

t-minus 15 minutes til the game... let's see, last night, saw school of rock... i really liked it a lot! we got out of the movie and didn't realize the game was rained out (we're talking baseball, here)... found out once flipping around the channels did not produce a game...

in the meantime... leslie comes clean about her relationship with the red sux, erm... excuse me, i meant, sox.

is it me...

or has my blog turned into Sporty McSportscenter over the past week or so?


don't worry, folks, once the yanks win the world series (yes, Boy, i am trash-talking again) i will go back to whining about other mundane items!


eh... what the eff were you swinging at soriano?

it's okay. so we lost... whatevah... the yanks are just trying to keep it interesting... just letting the sox catch up so there'll be a bigger storybook ending (not for the sox, mind you...)

October 14, 2003

happy happy happy B day


eh... scary...

whoa... this is one of the strangest, coolest things i've seen in a while...

of course, these messages are only available for 14 days... but it's pretty neat.

here's another...

and a sensible dinner

so i just had my bowl of plain cornflakes in non fat milk for lunch... had the same for breakfast...

let's see if this cereal for breakfast and lunch thing for 2 weeks pans out with my body... (yeah yeah yeah, you can say "eh, hold on sister petrill, you might need more than 2 weeks on the cereal"...)

just trying this since my friend rob lost 5 pounds doing this... and eating a "normal" dinner...

because since moving in with mom, i've sorta gained a few pounds... whatever, i just want to test this thing out (seeing as they had hunan chicken and chicken marsala in the cafeteria today, it was kinda easy to opt for the corn flakes)

afternoon game 5

ya' gotta love having a teevee in the office...
ya' gotta love the yankees getting 3 runs in the 2nd inning...
ya' gotta love the kid i work with - brave soul - who is cheering for the sux
ya' gotta love hearing him curse at the teevee after yelling "Cowboy Up! for the 5th time

October 15, 2003

big hearty *yawn*

i JUST walked in the door from work. on the way home from saddle brook to brick (70 miles) i had the extra added pleasure of torrential downpours... oh, and drunks who'd been watching the games all day were on the road...

had to help edit the video for work... and do voiceovers...

i need sleep.


to the nines

so, since i switched from blogger to movable type a year ago (actually it will be a year this sunday i think), i have posted 999 entries (including this one) *barring the 30 or so that i've changed my mind about and deleted or hidden*...

i don't know how many posts i created in blogger... but i started it on may 15, 2001

what i am getting at is i am 1 post shy of 1000 on MT ... will it be some odd sort of blather about nothing? will it be a post about the yankees going on to the series? will it be some whinefest? will it be a meme (most likely not)? will it be an employee email joke? will it be a photo? what will it be?

oh the pressure.

well this is it... post 1000...

Actual footage from Siegfried and Roy's show at the Mirage
the night of Oct. 3, 2003 showing, in graphic detail, the
tiger attack that nearly killed magician Roy Horn.

This footage clearly refutes the claim made by both Siegfried
and Mirage owner Steve Wynn that the tiger was trying to "help"
Roy. It's obvious that the tiger's intent was to kill.

Not for the faint of heart...

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calling anyone in the NYC area!!

so, here's what's doin', kids.... my friend melissa at work got an email from her friend bobby... i am posting this because i'd like to see one guy beat the road rules/real world punks... if you could post the same info on your site (or trackback to this one!), that'd be pretty cool to start a grassroots mtv asskicking campaign...

here it is... and try to show up at the place!!

I got a call from a promoter who was at my first guest bartending appearance at Tammany Hall. He asked if I would like to challenge the cast from MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge in a Happy Hour Promotion Party.

So I took the challenge!!!

The cast is hitting the pavement around Manhattan with flyers trying to promote this. I am sending out an email.

Bobby vs. MTV's Real World/Road Rules Cast.

When:Wednesday, October 22nd. Afterwork

Where: Calico Jack's Cantina
800 2nd Ave. (2nd Ave btwn 42nd & 43rd)
New York, NY 10017
Phone: (212) 557-4300

If I win I get to run my own party on Friday and/or Saturday night's on a regular basis at a spot in lower Manhattan where I get to pick the chose the music, drinks specials, atmosphere. Make it a nice spot with good people, good music, and a great bartender.

I know it's a Wednesday but even if you stop by for one drink it will help me out. Tell the door person that you are there to see me.

Let me know if you can make it and how many friends you could bring. If you could forward this along that would be awesome.

Talk and see you all soon

Hope all is well,

bloody hell

yes. i'm still at work right now.
yes. i saw the game.
no. don't you dare say "cowboy up"

it's lovely to get 3 emails from exes who are red sox fans within 5 minutes of the game ending....

yes. i've dated red sox fans.
no. i'm not proud of that.


October 16, 2003


so, i am sleeping in the office tonight.

thank gawd for futons.

there's no way in hell that i can drive home and then drive back without hitting something made of concrete or metal

where i slept


i am a pretzel this morning and the feeling in my legs is just coming back...



i love how they are playing a tums commercial in the middle of the 9th inning.

how apropos

into the 10th

it just won't end, will it?

October 17, 2003

the 11th

i feel woozy

october as it should be

i don't feel so woozy anymore.... guess it's time that folks in boston put their coats on and head outside to walk the streets for a few hours in disbelief and heartbreak about now, huh

sorry, sox fans, but.....

1918, chowdaheads

get the gaff!!!


October 18, 2003

about last night...

so, we went to catch a rising star in princeton last night... fun time... i'd never been to that club before - it's in the Hyatt hotel. the emcee was kinda funny, ryan maloney... then the middle act was a guy named darren something or other - will try and remember his last name because he was pretty decent... the headliner was vic dibitetto, who was pleasant enough... but, when he told a joke that i'd already been emailed about 6 times over the past 3 years, well, that was pretty lame... then he needed a volunteer to get up onstage with him... i was front and center with my date... that, and the fact that i am a ham who enjoys the spotlight, i went up there... i had to stand behind him and do one of those "hey-be-my-arms-for-the-story-i-am-gonna-tell" bits... which was fun... i had a great time...

October 19, 2003

no worries.

if you recall, the yanks lost the first game to the sox last week, too...

error. error. error.

so, sprint has no idea what's wrong with my phone - let me clarify - they don't know why i can get everything (web, email, etc) yet, i cannot retrieve my text messages (i can if i go on my desktop and onto sprintpcs.com)... but the boy sent me a text message yesterday and that's when i realized something was askew... earlier i was on the phone with sprint for 45 minutes... he tried everything, yet i still get the "Application Error. Please re-login" message... he told me i don't have to re-login because i was able to get into the web & email and stuff... besides, nothing happens when i hit the "OK" to actually try to re-login... *!@$#& sprintpcs. anyone having trouble with THEIR sprint text message retrieval from their phone lately? maybe it's not just me.

they gave me a ticket number and said if i don't hear from them in 5 days to call back and that sometimes it takes 45 days... what the!?

also, i am sitting here procrastinating - i should be writing my set for tuesday night - yet i am watching football... and flipping over to Frantic with harrison ford

October 20, 2003

t-minus 1 day

so, tomorrow night, the audience at coffee blue may be pretty light - what with the world series having it's 3rd game and all... so, i've pretty much told people that they shouldn't feel obligated to come to it if they want to watch the series... once i get onstage and get comfy up there again, i will perform a heck of a lot more...

plus, i am performing some of my tried and true stuff, but have a few new bits that i am in the process of writing... they are coming out pretty good...

just am a little worried that my friend pat will be calling out & mocking me from the sidelines... which, it may be nice to have support there, but...

poor joe.

yes. i admit i am watching joe millionaire 2... is it me or do the girls all seem even more money-grubbing and gold diggerish than last year? sickening. maybe it's just their accents. no... it's the fact that they are practically swooning at the idea of the guy having $80million - yet when they were first told he was a cowboy they sneered and made nasty remarks... arrrrgh.

unfortunately, i cannot peel my eyes away... it's like a car wreck.

* at least this guy can ride and talks to the horse...

October 21, 2003

awwwww... congrats...

i am a few days late with this, but mark and nicky had a bebe... good stuff all around... cheers!

coffee, comedy and predictions

interesting... my horoscope for today:


Your unique ability to communicate with many different groups and personalities will be extremely important today in order to maintain a bridge between warring camps, dear Gemini. Keep things moving and try not to let the situation stagnate on any one issue. If the conversation turns into hurtful raging and ranting, it is in your best interest to put a stop to it right away. Don't be afraid to step up and take a leadership role.

hmmmmm... does this mean that tonight's stand up gig will be kinda violent?

here's the line-up for tonight at coffee blue:

Pat C******
Beefy Funny
T - Tyme
Erin Bennett
Tom Devoy

yes, apparently tonight is going to be like the apollo or def comedy jam... i am the only white girl in the bunch... i gotsta represent.

with all those "Stage Names" i shoulda booked myself as Giggle Chick or Pasty Girl

October 22, 2003

back in the spotlight...

hey there... just meandered in from the comedy thing... well, that ended around midnight... let's see, i was put up first... which usually is a horrible thing since people haven't had a chance to get drunk first... but since this is a coffee house no one was likkered up the entire show...

i did pretty well for not having been up since january 11, 2002 (what's that a year and 9 or so months?) i've retired a few jokes just because i wanted to use them one last time so i felt comfortable enough to get onstage... i had been sick of them and had run them into the ground anyway... still got laughs, but the audience, jeez... the audience consisted of the comics... and nine 15 year old kids...

there were comics who really died up there and they have been up at coffee blue week after week... a few didn't know when they should leave well enough alone and just leave the stage... luckily, i stuck to my set, did okay and then finished just over 6 minutes...

am quite tired now... should be waking up at 5, but will sleep in til 7ish...

thanks to everyone who wanted me to break my legs and wished me luck! i appreciate it!


m.c. gigglechick. yo.

so i just got an email from pat, who runs the coffee blue show - he wants me to host an open mic between 8 and 9pm on tuesday nights (then the featured comics would come on at 9)

this would mean that i have to get to the coffee house at 7:45pm... this may prove to be difficult from saddle brook (now that i cannot work from home on tuesdays *arrrgh*) but if i leave by 6pm and drive straight down there, i may be able to make it in an hour and 45...

this would be crowd work... which i am not all that experienced with - since every show i've done has been between 5 and 10 minute sets - strictly timed... and i have always been too nervous to break from my set for fear of forgetting...

if i was able to host it, i would just have to do a few minutes, then start bringing the folks up and then having only a minute or so between them

so i told my mom this morning that i was offered this... and she starts saying "you don't need to do that, you don't need to talk to 16 year olds in a coffee house, you shouldn't waste your time"

see, she's only seen me once (live. the first time i ever performed - back in 1999) and she saw me emcee the chinese auction a year ago - which, there weren't many hecklers at a leukemia benefit in brielle...

i need the crowd work and if it's in front of teenagers who are looped up on the coffee, so be it... i really am not at a point where i can be picky. i've never been offered a chance to host anything before, and these guys (pat and rob) are my friends (even though they mock the bejeezuz out of me)

so mom is pissed off at me - i really don't think she's ever been keen on me performing comedy... i just want to do it... i want to get back into it and i want to feel comfortable on the stage and be able to ad lib - which i can do offstage, i just get really effing nervous on...

anyway - i just have to make sure it doesn't interfere with work...

October 23, 2003

dropping like flies... big fat flies

fred berry... rerun... 1951 - 2003

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tough crowd work

*whew* pat told me that i don't have to "work the crowd" when i host the open mic... i mean i am not a derelict, i can yap like "hey, how are ya'" etc, but i'm not gonna start picking on people or doing some cheesy sally field in punchline crowd work...

but i have control of the show on tuesdays... i can do my material without having the host hate me... because i will be the host... although, there are some days where i sometimes am growly at myself

so, i have to start thinking up new stuff... or combing through the archives here :)



October 24, 2003

ok, so what's the speed of dark?

was supposed to get together with the boy tonight, but plans got changed - so we're gonna go see steven wright tomorrow night at the strand...

very cool. i haven't really paid much attention to steven over the past 10 years... but i used to absolutely love his act - he floored me... so hopefully tomorrow night will be a rebirth of my admiration for him... i can't wait :)

So, WingBoy, here is my favourite quote by him... my delivery of his material is far from impeccable... so insert your own steven wright voice when reading this:

"I accidentally installed the deer whistles on my car backwards. Now everywhere I go, I'm chased by a herd of deer."

October 25, 2003

you are my sunshine

so tonight at 2am the clocks have to "fall back"

on the upside... an extra hour's sleep

on the downside... i think i am gonna have to shell out some cash to go back to tanning so i don't get cranky for the winter...

i've never been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, and i am not "disabled" by it like some folks... but, yeah, i get a bit mopey & slightly bitchy when the season changes and i notice that i'm less grouchy when i hit the tanning bed for 20 minutes once or twice a week... yes, it's light therapy... with a healthy glow attached... or i could just get a dawn simulator, but i wouldn't get tan that way

being born on the first day of summer, i know that the sun plays a huge part in my attitude and stuff...

you DO want a happy gigglechick, don't you?


it's hockey season now.

October 26, 2003

all hallow's eve preview

putting finishing touches on my halloween costume... for the first time ever i am going as something that is cute... bordering on sexy... but i don't think i pull sexy off too convincingly, so, i will settle for cute...

mom is helping me... thank gawd...

it looks good...

really good.

as political as i get

watching the democratic presidential candidate debate in detroit... i found myself yelling "shuddap!" at a couple of them... and also nodding my head in agreement at others... laughing along with a few... and saying "what the hell is that dude talking about?" at one of them...

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October 27, 2003

check one, syphillis, syphillis

so, i am getting a teeny bit nervous about hosting the open mic tomorrow night. i went out and bought the kitchen timer and the flashlight the other day.... i have to burn a cd with intro music... and i am trying to wrangle open mic'ers together so they show up at 7:45 to sign up...

if you know of anyone who lives near belmar, nj and would like to perform (COMEDY) send them down to coffee blue tomorrow night...

better yet, if you don't perform, but would like to drink kick ass coffee and hear up and coming comics working on their set from 8 til 9pm, come on down... there is also a "real" show from 9-10:30pm (after my open mic)

it's only $3 and a 2 drink (coffee, milkshakes, soda) minimum

hey, er!

hell of a lot of other erins in the world...

(of course, if you type "erin" into google... i am #3... woo!)

bite me.

okay.... so last week was the first time i went back onstage since january 11, 2002...

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only you can prevent forest fires...

so, some of our folks from the woodland hills office sent images to us after their branch was evacuated...
here you go...

where there's smoke...

there's fire somewhere...


i just had a 3 effing hour commute... i have PMS... no, strike that, i have full blown MS and road rage combined... eff...

i have been really quite emotional and bitchy over the past week... moreso than usual (imagine that!)

guess i will calm down now with a little hot joe millionaire action...


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rod roddy, come on down... UP!


rod roddy... the voice of the price is right, has died...

he was (believed to be) 66...

same age as my dad will be in november... except, my dad never wore sequins or stuff like that...

October 28, 2003

want fries with that?

have a freakin' nice day!

in stitches.

well, i think it's about damn time that i pick up my needles again and create something...

haven't done it in months...

drink jack... saw through your buddy's back

"You were drunk while cutting up Morris Black?" prosecutor Kurt Sistrunk asked.

"I hope so, yes, sir," Durst responded.

Durst said he used two saws and an ax that belonged to Black after drinking a fifth of Jack Daniels.

there is a glowing endorsement for JD if i ever saw one, eh?

October 29, 2003

need a bucket brigade of epic proportions

god, this whole california fire thing is so sad... my heart goes out to y'all out there... although, i am seriously doubting that anyone is reading blogs from out there at the moment...


hope y'all are safe and sound....

brief re-cap

so last night went really well! i tried out some new material - did 10 minutes up front - brought up a comic - then did 3 then brought up another open mic'er and then did a couple of jokes and brought up another - there weren't all that many open mic'ers last night - i think once the ball gets rolling it'll have more... but there was a decent audience... you know, for an open mic and all...

i was a bit nervous... after a little bit i said "aw, screw the nervous thing" and settled in...

the 9pm show was great... a good lineup... if anyone is near belmar, nj on tuesday nights, pop in at 8 and stay thru 10:30... you see a lot for 3 bucks... and great coffee!!!!

October 30, 2003


swamped at work... apparently, it is thought around here that me and my print designer can magically wrinkle our noses and with a flick of the mouse... VOILA! out comes 10 holiday cards....!

burnin' ring of fire...

these photos are from a girl out in our oxnard office... she took them from her house... christ, if i were her i would have been fleeing at that point... (who am i kidding, i would probably be taking pictures as well and then blogging about it :) here you go... my thoughts and heart still go out to y'all out there...


October 31, 2003

erin's errands

working from home today - thank gawd - have so much to do (besides the dang holiday card animations)... i actually have to go to the bank, then go grab a bunch of candy (no, i hadn't gotten candy yet... actually, this will be the first year that i've passed it out in 7 years... you had to sign up on a list in jersey city to pass out candy... a safe list if you will... i was always going out or at work during the day, so i'll be home this afternoon when the rugrats in their storebought costumes tramp around... i hope there's a few that aren't storebought... *sigh*)

so... bank, candy, tanning (yes.) and have to get a bucket of allergy meds today, they are going haywire... *whine*

then i have to animate all the cards

have to make 3 pounds of macaroni salad for a shindig tomorrow...

then i have to go out to a costume party tonight...

where's that extra hour i saved last sunday? can i get it back?

nano nano

so, tomorrow i am supposed to begin to write... write like the wind...

i have joined NaNoWriMo

and now, the writer's block will begin :)

(knock on wood it doesn't)

voice recognition

called leggett's to see if they were having a halloween party... i asked and the guy said "hey, is this erin?"

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all hallow's eve, my friends!


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