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November 1, 2003


bah! came in second for sexiest... stinkin' trollop in angel costume (STORE RENTED) with lace underwear came in first... oh... and she works at leggett's and had a tongue ring...



well, in my book... my girls come first. thanks.

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November 2, 2003

never get a second chance...

to make a first impression...

well... last night was interesting and fun... from what i remember...

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by the way... let's see how i am doing in this week's football pool...

***update: 11:43pm -- i have only 3 losses... i need new england to win with the tie breaker at 33... the other person in the pool that has 3 losses also has N.E. with 38 as his tie breaker... then there's a girl with 9 wins who has denver at 39

i can't have denver win (i know, that's gonna be a tough one...) and the game has to total 33 or less...

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gotta get my pops

interesting... today, gigglechick.com is #61 on daypop's top weblogs (ranked by score)

cool :)


e.b. phone home

interesting when people come out of the woodwork at certain times...

got a phone call from a fella i had dated a couple of years ago... out of the blue he tracked me down - last number he had was the JC#... while it was okay chatting with him, there's a reason why i broke up with him... he ruined st. patrick's day 2001 for me. that's all... just that little thing. you would think that someone BORN in northern ireland would not deliberately destroy that holiday, but it happened...

that was at 7pm...
at 9 the old red headed boy phoned me... out of the blue... hadn't heard from him in a while...

what the hell is going on? when it rains it pours...

November 3, 2003

proof of life

here i am - in full glory as the ScareHo

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the agony of defeat!

so far...

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baby letterman

tuned into the late show and paul is hosting - the reason being that dave is waiting for the baby to be delivered today... been checking the news sources and haven't come up with anything yet... dang! the show was taped at 4:45pm...

November 4, 2003

priorities... priorities

i bailed on the whole open mic hosting thing

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sitting here listening to spinner.com and their classic punk station...

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harry joseph letterman 11:58pm 11.3.03

cool :)

November 5, 2003


so, i am just taking a little break, if you want to know my goings on, i suggest emailing me, IMing or calling (if you have my #)

we'll see how long this lasts, i just want to back off of this thing for a little bit...

November 6, 2003

hey again...

i'd like to give a big "get-the-hell-off-my-site-get-an-effing-life-and-quit-emailing-me" shout out to:


they are harassing me. they are the reason i have been quiet... and they are the reason i will no longer perform at the coffee house in belmar that i have not named in this post.

new kim on the blog

Kim Jong Il's blog

[snagged blatantly from paul]

November 7, 2003

testing... 1...2...

heh, my buddy johnny storm * sent me this xls file today:

download it and have fun... see how you do! i am still figuring it out!

[*check out johnny's portfolio]

November 8, 2003

about last night...

was whisked off to atlantic city last evening...

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November 9, 2003

sunday morning quarterback

ah a sunday filled with trying to get the house to rights... organizing.... laundry... rug shampooing... sleeping... wha? hey... huh? yeah, i am really dang tired right now and wish i could just hunker down under my comforter and take a bit of a nap...

went to tanning this morning for a quick zap - yesterday afternoon i headed over to the salon and had my hair highlighted and lowlighted (it'd been since july that i'd gotten it done... talk about roots, toby...)

so the hair looks pretty keen, the tan looks pretty un-irish, the day looks like a cleaning day - although i have to work on a flash project for the company holiday card... so far - for not having worked in flash in 3 years - it's turning out pretty swellegant...

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think i have the cold.... or the flu....

time to break out the cherry flavoured nyQuil... or maybe the alka seltzer plus cold meds (cherry, of course... ah, sweet fizzy elixor)

didn't really clean all that much today... sneezy mcnasalgirl came out in full force... wound up watching the pbr... [no... jason bennett is no relation]

okay... time to go get all likkered up on the fizz...

November 10, 2003


working from home... i mean i probably could have gone into the office and sat at my desk in the middle of the room, sneezed all over everyone and gotten them sick... but i decided to be nice and keep my illness all to myself... so selfish of me, right?

anyone else out there feel like their head is about to burst from the pressure?

my kingdom for some soup

time for some more cherry flavoured fizziness... trying to work and concentrate on making a happy holiday flash movie while your body is aching from the flu is quite difficult... i feel too icky to go to the food store to get the makings for chicken dumpling soup... *whine*

couldn't take it anymore

broke down and dragged myself to shoprite and picked up the makings to annihilate my cold... chicken, grapefruit juice, celery, carrots, onions, water, dog food (the latter is for Beri... not my cold)

time to go make the best soup in the world.


the mouth

so, as it turns out, cowboy mouth is taping craig kilborn on nov. 18th... don't know when that will air though... very cool!

prepare to taste the stark fist of liberty

heh... an homage to Clerks starring captain america and daredevil...

*snagged blatantly from freakgirl*

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November 11, 2003

fire ze missiles...

my buddy fred sent this to me... the end of the world

[in a chicken dumpling stupor and an alka seltzer high right now...]

so long, Norton...


forwarded email #287

was sent this from my friend Andy...

You know you live in 2003 when...

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armistice day


November 12, 2003

flash... ah ahhhhh...

hey there... busy day... wound up working on a flash file for the holiday card for work - getting into it and enjoying flash - prior to this i've been frustrated by it...

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November 13, 2003

mmmm.... onion-y

here's a big shoutout to GiggleMom

a bit of fun, kids

we have another erin here in marketing... she's cool.

she just forwarded this 80's Lyrics Quiz: People are What?

November 14, 2003

dude, cover your eiffel tower

well... he'll always have paris...

miami sound diet machine

hey there... anyone out there on (or have you tried - or have friends on...) the south beach diet? if so, let me know how that worked out or is working out for you... kinda curious about it.... might go buy the book today...

i just signed up for the online version about 2 minutes ago... so, i guess i should expect to drop 40 pounds by next friday, right? ;P

actually i signed up for the plan... but will start fresh on monday (as all diets begin on... since i am not supposed to have alcohol in phase 1... and i am going out this weekend...)

PHASE 1: The Strict Phase
Recommended for: Anyone starting the diet, or anyone in another phase of the diet who is experiencing setbacks.

How long it lasts: Two weeks, generally.

(nice that thanksgiving falls under the strict phase timeline... *sigh*)

How much weight you will lose: 8 to 13 pounds.

What you�ll eat: Chicken, turkey, fish, vegetables, eggs, cheese, nuts.

(okay... good. turkey day will be okay if i just pile on the bird...)

What you won�t eat: Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, baked goods, fruit, cake, cookies, alcohol, beer.

(um... no potatoes? no mashed to accompany my turkey? no bread to make turkey sammiches on? no baked apple pie? eh.... no alcohol... how the hell am i gonna get through the holidays with family without alcohol!? **mom, that was a joke... said only for comic purposes)

What will happen: You�ll banish your cravings for sugars and starches and reduce belly fat.

yeah, the sugars i don't really crave... it's the chips and salty potatoey goodness types of things that scream out, "Erin!!! Over here!!"

highs and lomos

hmmmm... now where the hell did i pack my lomo? hope i didn't put it into the storage unit - otherwise i won't see it ever again.. that thing is gonna be like a time capsule - folks will open it 50 years after my death and find odd items of mine... and a slightly unclean microwave circa 1987

* note to self: look for lomo camera in room... maybe develop film still inside since february 2002.

[ i bring this up because i just got inspired again ]

November 15, 2003

letterman interview.

is it just me, or does anyone else feel Jessica Lynch is an annoying & horrible interview? i am not saying she didn't go through a lot, but...

the jersey shore diet

sitting here eating some part-skim mozzarella string cheese and 30 pistachios... and an XL coffee (with only skim milk in it... usually i take whole milk, but whatever - no prob with that - i weaned myself off the sugar in the coffee way back when i was still dating the GSB...)

technically, i haven't "Officially" started the diet (looking like tomorrow when i cook up a london broil marinated in balsamic vinegar...) but i am just doing a semi-run through -- see, tonight i am heading out to the pub... last hurrah and all that...

bloody effing effing effing hell.

well, no last hurrah. my cousin just canceled on me last minute saying that she threw up and isn't feeling well enough to go out tonight. and now it's too late to make alternate plans with other friends.

this sucks.

very electrolux. very hoover. very kirby.

**just spoke with her... she's ill... hopefully she'll be okay by morning because we made plans to go to church then brunch **

on a positive note...

the black stallion is on TCM... although i had a very generous fella send me that dvd and the sequel after he read my blog around the time of the blackout...

the original happens to be possibly my all-time favourite movie... the cinematography is absolutely gorgeous and kelly reno was a cutie that i had a crush on when i was 10 (he's since become a truck driver after an accident he had...)

i read the entire walter farley series - devoured them more like it... and i also had the original breyer horse black stallion (amongst about 200 other breyer horses...)

**yes... i also loved misty of chincoteague, read every single book in marguerite henry's series and had the breyer horse... and went to the pony swim down there when i was 11... it happened to be the same day that prince charles married lady di...

we went to the auction and stood there for a couple of hours... just to observe... all of a sudden my mom heard "Sold! for 450 dollars to the little girl down in front!"

yes. i had raised my hand when i saw "Prince White Cloud" (they named him) a little wild colt from assateague island.

yes. mom shelled out the money.

yes. i had a wild pony that i planned to train and mold into the most incredible show jumping horse ever!

yes. i wound up having a temper tantrum and locking myself in our ford country squire station wagon with the fake wood paneling after mom decided we had no way to get "PWC" home to nj so she sold him to another family who had a trailer - apparently once the ponies step off the lot they depreciate like cars... she ate about $200... and i sat in the car for 4 hours crying and pouting.

yes. i already had a pony named brandy that i had gotten for christmas 8 months earlier - but i wanted to train this one!

getting back to Misty... we went to the misty museum and i saw her... not just in photos... not in film... but actually there... how? i mean she had been dead a good decade already... yep... they stuffed her and when you hit a certain button it made her neigh...

that kinda creeped me out, but i kept pushing the button

November 16, 2003

just another manic monday sunday

so i am standing in the back of the church with my cousin kerry and friend linda... there's a girl sitting in front of us that looks really familiar with 2 gorgeous kids... i kept trying to place her... it was driving me nuts as to how i knew her... so familiar... then one of her daughters gets up (she's 4... or will be in january) and walks over to bring a man back to sit with them...

it's my ex-boyfriend ej...

THAT'S how i knew her... the last i had seen sally and ej was summer of 1999 when they announced they were preggers...

prior to that, i'd been invited to their wedding (ej and i dated when we were 18... so it was a long time ago and the wedding was january of 99)...

the dj called all the single girls out onto the dance floor... and the bouquet was thrown...

i was standing on the outskirts sort of with my arms at my side, or folded.... whatever, i really wasn't grasping for it - as far as i can remember...

of course, this acts as a magnet to flowers... and the bouquet of my ex-boyfriend's new bride lands in my hands...

i think i am on the video looking shocked as heck... unfortunately, they didn't have a garter toss.

at the end of the evening, i think i may have blathered or slurred to ej's parents "well.. this is ironic, isn't it!?"

oh well... he was (and is) a swell egg - hadn't talked/emailed him in a year... and it was a pleasant surprise to see him and his family... the girls are so darned cute!

wound up giving him my email address right before communion - he let me cut in line for communion - so i will be going to hell... heh.

anyway, then kerry and i headed over to rod's olde irish tavern for brunch afterward (corned beef sammich, bloody marys and nutty irishmen coffee drinks)

so far, the day's been interesting...

oh, and mom's pissed at me and just stormed out of the house... what else is new?

chef erin

i rock... if i do say so myself...

just grilled up a london broil which i have been marinating in balsamic vinegar since yesterday... add a side of freshly steamed asparagus and voila!


(nope. no carbs for me... cooked up some tater tots for mom...)

on the carb front... it was a half and half day... this morning was the corned beef sammich and bloody marys -- eh, and the coffee drinks... but tonight was the no carb evening... tomorrow is the "OFFICIAL" start to the south beach diet...

ah... metrosexuals

okay so queer eye for the straight guy has had a marathon going on all day... i must admit i am this close to stalking the one straight guy, Andrew

hmmm... it was taped around the beginning of the summer... wonder if he's still dating that broad he went on the date with...

if not, i want to swoop in like a vulture....

hell... i did a search on switchboard and got his address and number :P -- yes... i know it's him because i saw the number of his apartment building and i knew which avenue it was in the episode...

yes. as jim gaffigan once said to me...


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5am arrives way too early.

ah. bed. to sleep.

November 17, 2003

south bitch diet

so, today was filled with protein... had eggs for breakfast, then snacked on celery with mozz string cheese, then lunch was london broil and broccoli with garlic... then i had 30 pistachios like i was allotted... wait... make that 29


well, at work - they all know that i started the diet...


anyway i was savouring the pistachios - slowly. i had counted out 30 nuts this morning and put them in a ziplock to take to work.

at one point i said outloud, "Man. i am down to my last 9 pistachios" in a sad voice.

all of a sudden i hear, "Can I have one?"

crap. you have to be kidding me. i didn't just hear that from this one girl. maybe if i pretend i didn't hear her...

"Erin, can i have a pistachio. maybe you didn't hear me"

fucking hell. how rude. this girl's been eating chocolates and lollipops all fricking day and i have 30 goshdarned pistachios that i am guarding like i am on Survivor... yet she's pushing me.

my friend melissa says out loud to the girl "You're actually asking her to give up her pistachio - she just said she only has nine left and it's part of her diet"

the girl says "well, i just want one."

i say "fine. here" and i throw toss it at to her.

she says "don't throw it! i can't catch it!"

whatever. i fucking threw it. if you can't catch my lousy pistachio then maybe you don't deserve a pistachio.... hmmmmm?

fucking rude.

yes. this is the first day of my diet.

yes. i am cutting out carbs.

yes. i love carbs.

yes. the south beach diet phase I lasts 2 weeks (at least) and this means no carbs - potatoes, alcohol, etc. - til after thanksgiving.

yes. i am getting my "friend" next monday.

yes. i am most likely going to be in a mood.

yes. if anyone tries to horn in on my effing pistachios ever again (or any food i bring into the office for work) i will bite their heads off (and spit their heads out since it's not on the south beach plan)


this morning when i went into dunkin donuts, instead of ordering coffee with whole milk, i ordered it with skim and the 3 guys in their broken accents said "are you on diet?".... "you don't need diet"...

yes. i put money in their tip jar.

November 18, 2003

likkered up on meat.

hey all.... so far, doing swell on the SBD... i know, i know, my posts have mainly been about this over the past few days.

day 2 has gone swimmingly... and gigglemom is being very supportive and giving me tips... so that's cool!!

the flash files are going great! the one i am working on is really taking shape... and johnny storm is kicking ass and taking names with the files he's working (sorry - still can't view them, folks!!)

by the way... i guarded my pistachios with my life today

November 19, 2003

scaling back

so, i know i am not supposed to weigh in more than 1x a week... but i couldn't resist... so far (and this is the morning of the 3rd day) i have lost 2 pounds...

gonna go make a couple of eggs for breakfast...

(***update: i meant to say i made egg beaters for breakfast... they aren't half bad... couldn't really taste much of a difference***)

choppin' broccoli!!!!

well, after sitting in the car for 2.5 hours (stuck in the hellish rain that has soaked the east coast) i stopped at a starbucks at the Cheesequake reststop and ordered a gingerbread latte... with only a LITTLE bit of whipped cream... they poured a ton of whole milk in it...

now, funny, i used to love these things... maybe it's my subconscience telling me not to eff things up on the 3rd day... but i took like 3 sips of it and didn't want it anymore - it wasn't all that sweet - but for some reason my tummy started to feel a little icky after having only a couple of sips... i do drink coffee all the time, so it wasn't that... i think it may have been that it was whole milk or something - no idea...

i stopped drinking it and actually started craving broccoli... what's with THAT!!!??? i mean, i am not complaining... but...

so i came home to 3 plain - very plain - pork chops (lean) and a box of frozen broccoli (yes. i cooked it)

and i had 2 things of cheese (1 string part skim mozz and the other a laughing cow cheese thang)

really want more broccoli...

oh and i must have visited the little girls (or getting littler, actually) room about 16 times during work... drinking a ton of water... yep... too much info, folks, i know...

but i feel the diet working... maybe it's mental (but i need that mental bit...)

and so far, i feel i have a bit more energy... .funny that...

this has been your evening trip to South Beach with gigglechick.

November 21, 2003


wow... skipped thursday (right now it's 12:05am) posting... good day. long day. i will post more in the morning... lots going on!

top o' the mornin' to ya'!!

okay so yesterday... pretty much finished all the flash projects (or rather art directed johnny thru them...)

then i had to leave work at 5pm so that i could get down to belmar by 7pm... why? what's going on in belmar? well, it certainly isn't that comedy thing...

i am now offically on the Belmar Saint Patrick's Day Parade Committee...

so you are gonna be hearing a lot about that!!

it's gonna be great - gotta help out with a lot of fundraisers (translation: schmoozing with bagpipers : translation : guys in kilts!!!!!! woo!!!)

also i am trying to get them to let me redesign their website...

think it needs a redesign, my friends? (instead, i crapped this thing out in 20 minutes, i will rethink it, but...)

met some interesting people there - they only had the new members show up last night - apparently there are 25 members who've been on the committee for like, 31 years since it started - and the guy, Dave, last night (think he's in his 70's) he said "well, as you can see, we're archaic... and before we die and take all the info with us, we have to get some youngsters in here to take the parade over"...

this year will consist of me helping to line the parade up - it's MARCH 7th - so y'all better come down there!!!

lining the parade up : translation : erin will be schmoozing with a thousand pipers!!! (odds are there may be a redheaded guy in the bunch!)

also, i will be selling tickets to the fundraisers, hanging signs up around the county and also going to meetings above the Friendly Sons of The Shillelagh in belmar (which means that after the meetings i have to be signed into the pub downstairs because only men are allowed and women must be escorted in there and signed in)

Friendly Sons of The Shillelagh : translation : irish guys... most likely old irish guys... BUT... old irish guys who have irish sons!!!!

i am gonna try and fiddle with some IA for the belmarparade.com site - get things organized and make it look a bit prettier

also i will be designing the posters and all that (so i said... i may have bitten off more than i can chew - but i don't care - this will be a great opportunity to get out there and mingle and all that good stuff...)

at the moment i don't foresee myself sitting in the back of a convertible waving at the crowd... most likely will be in my irish knit on MARCH 7th, wearing mittens, holding a radio and screaming "WE'VE GOT A PIPER DOWN!!!!"

i can't wait!!! :)

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November 22, 2003

my new favourite xmas movie


go see it.


what the heck are you waiting for!?!? SANTA'S IN THIS MOVIE!!


i loved it :)

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November 23, 2003

sunday w/ dad...

heading out to lunch with dad - it's his 66th birthday TOMORROW... 66... man, they grow up so fast :)

November 24, 2003

someone's got a case of the mondays :(


okay, calm down, erin... what happened?

you wanna know what happened?! I'll tell ya' what happened...

first. i wake up...

um... okay, well, waking up doesn't seem so bad, does it?

shut up. i got my period.

eh... thanks, a bit too much info, but, good to know.

so i have that going for me, i turn on my computer and it blue screens... which reminded me that i had to unhook it and drag it into work anyway for the IT guys to manhandle...

okay, so, they're gonna fix the problem you've been having connecting to the drives at work, what's wrong with that?

*sigh* listen to me.... i blue screened...

oh it can't be that bad... what else happened?

okay, i decided to switch to decaf today to enhance the diet... so, i get the pseudo-joe from DD and i'm on my way...

decaf? well, that's good for you!

shush! listen to me... so, i am supposed to get on the parkway at exit 91 (to drive all the way up to 159) and there's a 7 mile backup... so i see this from the bridge before i get onto the GSP...

good for you!

wait. there's more... so i take the back roads til i get on the GSP at exit 98... all is well... except my radio is all effed up - bad reception all the way up til 129 for some reason... then there's a backup after the driscoll bridge...

ack! what was that about?

well, apparently all the way up at exit 151 - over on route 3 there was a horrible accident involving 2 tractor trailers and 2 vans... someone died - helicopters everywhere - but it was backing traffic up all the way on the GSP for miles... and miles...

that's horrible!

yeah, it is... what's even more horrible is the fact that i had to pee. really should invest in depends undergarments for the commute... traffic is at a crawl, i am dying, had to use your feet on both the brake and the clutch when doing kegels...


that's beside the point... anyway, i spot the brookdale rest stop... i run into the ladies' room and all is swell in the world, much better!

that's good! wouldn't have wanted you to wet your front seat...

no, we wouldn't have wanted that... but... when i came out to my car... it was running...


yeah. running. and i had my computer cpu in the front seat...

jeezuz! did anyone steal it!?!?


no? wow! you really lucked out...

not really... the car was locked.

locked? but? how.... wha?

yep. the lack of blood mixed with decaffeinated coffee apparently formed a bubble in my brain this morning causing me to become a complete idiot.

how did you get back in!?!?

well, there were about 15 cop cars in the rest stop - all the officers were in their dress blues -because a clifton policeman was killed in the line of duty on friday - so they were all going there... i asked them if anyone had a slimjim and they didn't - they pointed to a building about 50 yards away... the state police. so i walked over. thankfully, it is nice out today...

your car is still running?

YES! it's not like i could get in to shut it off...

okay, okay go on...

so, the state police didn't have a slimjim either.


yeah. so because it was a running car - they had to call a towtruck to come over immediately - he got stuck in some of the traffic - took him 25 minutes... mind you i was already late to work prior to peeing...


yeah. so the tow truck guy asks me if i have AAA... nope. okay, because of this i have to shell out $26.50

bloody hell.

let's see, i'm gonna guess that the moral of your story is don't lock your keys in your car?

hell no... the moral of the story is for me to stick with real caffeine! oh, and not to lock my keys in the car... and to sign up for triple A...

***yes. i am drinking a huge mug of caffeinated coffee... highly caffeinated. ***

November 25, 2003

set your VCRs

cowboy mouth - the best damned band in the world - will be on Craig Kilborn a.k.a. The Late Late Show on Friday night (this friday night - the 28th...) at 12:35am EST - i haven't heard the song they are singing on it (actually, i didn't even make the october shows in nyc... i feel awful about that... and i haven't picked up their latest cd, "uh-oh"...)

but set your vcr's or watch it as it happens - this friday night right after letterman...

this one takes the [urinal] cake

is this really what goes on in there?

[big shout out to Lem for this clip!]

can i get a diet turkey soda?


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well, i moved from jersey city to brick

read the whole report

* granted - i don't know where JC ranks in the unsafest category, but, between being stalked, peeped and attacked numerous times there in 7 years, i figure it's in the top 100

November 26, 2003

ah... audio

turkeyleg.jpga special [pre] thanksgiving message from me...

[yes. it's all me.]

November 27, 2003

happy big-fat-bird-with-sleeping-poison-in-it day!


the tradition continues for the third year in a row!

gobble gobble goo and a gobble gobble giggle!!!!

so my family (about 10 of us) are heading over to clark's landing in point pleasant for thanksgiving dinner @ 3pm.... we've been going there for the past 4 years (i think) no cooking, no clean-up, no leftovers (which, if i weren't on the SBD, i'd be craving leftover turkey sammiches)

if y'all are having trouble with your birds, give a call to the butterball hotline at 1.800.BUTTERBALL

have a really happy and SAFE thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!!!

November 28, 2003

everything but the turkey

i hope everyone had a fantastic day yesterday!

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bikini? one piece? nude beach?

yay!!! my cousin and i just decided that we're driving down to Marathon Key on february 13th and coming back the following friday!!! woo!!!

*** update: my younger cousin, fran, lives on marathon key - so free place to crash!***

November 29, 2003

the mouth

so.... did anyone see cowboy mouth on kilborn last night? if so, what'd ya' think???

and if not... check it out here....

(of course, i suggest going to a live show and seeing/hearing/feeling more than one song...)

November 30, 2003

weekend... nutshell

got home a few hours ago - had gone into the city (new york, that is) to see cathy - haven't seen or hung out with her since august - prior to my moving... it was great to see her and be back up there - i miss being able to just pop over on the path train and jaunt around town.

we went and saw "love, actually" and "elf" (yes, for those of you keeping score - that makes it twice that i have seen Elf... go see it now!)

drank. ate. had fun. can't wait to go back :)

a snapshot of my life?

hey there... so gigglemom wants to know what i want for xmas.

simple... i want a decent digital camera - i told her i would go halvsies on it with her

the thing is, i wanna know from you guys what kind/brand/make/model/etc... digital camera you recommend!!

please! comment here! if you know people who have a kick-arse digital camera send them over so they can yap about it!!!

(please!? although gigglemom said to me - and i quote - "what the hell do you need with a digital camera? you use the one from work and all you do is take awful close up pictures of yourself. it's a waste of money" -- i PROMISE to take swellegant photos with a new camera (the one i use at work is a fuji finepix 2600z with 2.0 megapixels... i want more megapixels~!!)

bunny, bunny???

rabbit, rabbit alert for tomorrow morning... don't forget!

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