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December 1, 2003

gigglemom the greek

good news (thank you rabbit, rabbit!!) gigglemom won the football pool for the week - $85 glorious dollars... needed that!

she had 11 wins - i had 9...and a few others had 9 wins... so even if she loses tonight, she wins!

follow me to tequila hell...

just in time for the latest round of company holiday parties...

[snagged from peewee who spotted it on paulkatcher.com]

learn them, live them, love them.... bar signs....

ABV... where art thou?

well, this should be an interesting month. the day planner never arrived.

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rolls and skins

my blogroll is back up (after being on hiatus for about 2 years - it's over on the bottom right)

i am tweaking - it's nowhere near complete - i wanted to bring the links back to my homepage - we'll see how annoying it is... but there may be a bit of a restructure in the future... have a hankerin' to fiddle with skins!


the ABVs arrived today...

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December 2, 2003

mel... awww...

so on thanksgiving, we went to aunt judy's afterward... kerry had left Mel there (her multipoo - also known as a malapoo)

here he is... cute lil' thang...

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okay - only 12 minutes into the show and i am addicted...

celebrity poker showdown on bravo...

(followed by queer eye)

December 3, 2003

*cough*.... eh........

*ahem*... another weblog award is sprouting forth...*ahem*

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hey my little chickpea!

yum! the cafeteria had catfish with black bean salsa... south beach diet friendly!!!! yay!!


first time ever having chickpeas (well, not in hummus format)

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color blind.

by the way. [snagged this from beyond azure]

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body of christ... 12 calories

eh... okay... i can see what people search on google for and what searches link to me...

that said...

someone searched for:

"atkins communion wafer carbs calories"

ehm... if you are so hung up on your weight that you have to start counting points or calories for Jeez-its or Christ Chex*... then you really have a problem.

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today we take a break from the usual attempts at humor to bring you a truly inspirational story of a survivor of a serious illness.

it is the sort of thing that warms your heart and makes you realize you can overcome anything if you put your mind to it.

please click below and rejoice in the human spirit.

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the story of the christmas weasel

how much coal do you think this jackass should get in his stocking... or elsewhere?

in related news... from 1897

December 4, 2003

mmmm... mmmm... give some good food!

Campbell's is donating a can of soup to the needy for every person that goes to their site and votes for their favorite NFL team. Go to the site and it is right there, very easy to do. It will only take a few seconds of your time to fill some empty tummies with warm soup this winter.


[pssssst.... pass it on!]


a few things...

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December 5, 2003

hope... peace...

my friend hope - who i had worked with earlier this year and part of last year - is heading to africa to teach and do amazing things over there... check out her site and see what this trek is going to be like...

i'm awake!

well, i had been hunkered down under my comforter fast asleep... dreaming of the snow that's heading our way... smiling in my slumber because i am working from home today and won't have to deal with the commute...

anyway, i digress... sleep, warm, happy.


eh? huh? i crack open one eye.....

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ah... pre-winter

well, sitting here reading emails from the boss...

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we have snow! okay, about 6 flurries.... but it's still frozen flying water!

let your chads dangle, my friends!

so the weblog awards polls open today...

rock the vote, kids... humor category... ha. ha.

(i was thinking of changing my blog name to Gigglechick in Da House in hopes of confusing folks to vote for me a bit more!!!)

when seafood attacks

jeezuz!! i just cooked up shrimp with red peppers and a LOT of garlic (and almonds)...

anyway... using chopsticks... one of the fricking shrimp just flew out of my grip and flung up hitting me dead in the eye.... then it ricocheted off of my eye and onto my monitor... now garlic shrimp hot pepper juice is burning my retina....

yes. i am sitting here blinded by a crustacean. one eye swelling shut right now....

*** gigglechick doppler radar: snow. sticking. cold. ***

the word of allah... your vote counts

well, it's snowing. it's freezing. i am still in the pajamas (or for you freaks who spell it different-like.... pyjamas...) that i went to work in... okay, so pretty much, i meandered all of 7 inches from the bed to the "office" today...

yap yap yap... what i am saying is... i am snowbound (okay, there's only, like, an inch that's sticking right now, but i am a wimp and i feel like my top lip is already becoming chapped from thinking about the wind outside...)

looking like a night chock full of pathetic friday night teevee... and most likely, a ton of posts on here...

allah is in the house is beating the hell out of the rest of the pack... go allah!!

quote from allah: "Thanks again to everyone who voted for me! If I don't win, I hope Don and gigglechick tie for first." - Posted by Allah at December 5, 2003 06:16 PM ... that was nice!!! thanks!

you heard allah... if allah doesn't win, allah wants gigglechick (and don) to tie for first... so don't pis allah ofF~!!

come on, you don't want dave barry to win do you? he's a millionaire, he's beating me by 42 votes... at least let me pull ahead of Mr. Newspaper Columnist...

so... once again... vote for gigglechick in 2003!!! (erm... or today... don't wait til the end of 2003...)...

google should win best humor blog

go to google.
type in miserable failure.
hit the "I Feel Lucky" button.

[snagged from hoopty]

*not very nice... but funny, nonetheless

help GC whip dave barry's arse!!!

not that i have anything against the guy, it's just that he's an easy target since he'll never come to my site...

go vote for me... i only need about 60 more votes to bring him down and move in front of him!!! tell your friends!! :)

flashback #4962

i remember back when i was 11 years old... we had to play dodgeball one snowy afternoon in gym class... i had just gotten a perm - this is 1981... big effing horrid perm...

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December 6, 2003

welcome to the pahhrteee zone!

friends don't let friends audblog drunk

db vs gc?


help a chick out, won't you? i'm not asking to win. i am not even asking for second...
i just want to surpass dave barry...

tibbear, tibbear?

i woke up this morning and looked out my window at the snow, then i looked down and i saw a HUGE set of tracks...

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neverneverland mascot?

erm... hey, do you think Jacko might want this for xmas?

click here and scroll down...

for all that is holy, MAKE IT STOP!

okay, so has anyone else been haunted by that build-a-bear workshop commercial!?

sweet baby jeezuz!

first of all, the kid in the ad is about 13 - no way in hell would she be caught going to build-a-bear with her mother... and all excited because she planned out her bear... then kissing the heart that goes into the bear, actually, a stuffed rabbit...

second... for 3 days straight, i have had this GODAWFUL song in my head (you'll thank the lord that i couldn't find the mp3), on a continuous loop... and just when it starts to subside... the EFFING commercial comes on again with the girl singing off-key and then the rabbit (complete with slobbered on plastic heart) has it's voice chip activated and the bloody song starts up....

Suppa sonic technotronic machine.
Disco hippie you're da man.

Ooh sha la la, ooh ooh sha la la la
Ooh sha la la, ooh ooh sha la la la
Ooh sha la la, ooh ooh sha la la la

i am in hell.

just say no to db.


i'm only trailing him by 120 votes, kids....
so start spreading the love and vote for me!

[a big thanks shout-out to michele at asmallvictory.net for whipping that image up!!]

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December 7, 2003


a special message FROM dave barry!!!!!!!! i can't believe he actually took the time to share his thoughts!!!

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shake, shake, shake...

heh... snagged off of freakgirl...

behold.... the holiday snowglobe (sound involved with this one, poppets)

an r�s m�r

Is minic a rinne bromach gioblach capall cumasach

December 8, 2003



snow, dogs & bears...

remember the "bear tracks" the other day? well, i downloaded the pics from saturday...

the tracks... now, really, these were about 5 inches in width (each)

really... when you see these crossing 3 patios, wouldn't you think it was something huge?

remind me... i have to get my brows done soon

beri totally wiped out in the snow... poor kid

beri looking a little drier... still a crazy little dog, though

poor adam mesh...


well, let's just say that adam mesh is a "lucky joe" for not being saddled up with that superficial whore...eh... bitch...eh... harlot...yeah... i'll stick with "harlot"

jeez. the bimbo slept with the "pretty boy" on the first date.... eh... not that there's anything wrong with doing that every so often... but, come on! she led the poor kid on... (adam, i mean) and was all about the brainless jason...

yes. this is what i do on monday nights. sit here watching others' lives on teevee... (i can also be found doing this on thursday evenings, as well)

but, jeez whiz... what a slut... tease... ah, we'll stick with "harlot" still.

at least this adam fella will most likely have the chicks, broads, ladies and dames flocking to his feet since he's a sweet guy....

(i'm glad she didn't pick him... he deserves better... ya' hear that, Adam? you deserve better...)

*** here's the link to his bar's guestbook ***

*****update 12.21.03 - all y'all who are coming here through google looking for adam and emailing him via my address (eh, which, by the way, is not his email address) you can now go to adammesh.com - good luck, folks *****

this isn't too shabby...

i've added a new item to my wish list...

December 9, 2003

how the...?

somehow, i think i sprained my left pinkie while sleeping...

ow.... *whine*

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oh no dey di-in't!!!! *insert head waggle*

for the love of gawd, you people aren't gonna Twit & Wisdom, oh, pardon me... witt & wisdom talk smack & trash and move ahead of me in the polls, are you?

refresh your cache and go vote for me again, my lovelies....

(oh.... and bring down dave barry, too!!)

a taste sensation...

i opted for a cheese steak sammich for lunch... it was the least fattening thing they had at the cafeteria today...

it's also the first time in 3.5 weeks that i've had any bread. and it's white bread at that (actually, a hoagie roll)

time spent eating devouring it: 45 seconds...

i can have the steak and the cheese, it's the bread that's the evil bit of this concoction... but, oh so damned good...

don't worry, poppets.... i am following this feasty beast up with cucumbers/black olives and sunflower seeds....

(hey i could have opted for the smorgasbord of potatoes that they had featured down there today... but, restrained myself)

price check....

ah, for those of you who love those crazy "priceless" images... here you go... (keep in mind, they were sent to me, i didn't create them...)

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a call for opinions

okay - let's vote... no, not about the weblog awards (although.... you still CAN!!)

i am talking about the belmar st. pat's day parade site design - keep in mind i am quickly slapping these together - since this is a volunteer gig and i do have the full time job to deal with...

that said...

iteration 1
iteration 2
iteration 3

i know which one i like... which do you guys prefer... keep in mind, this is what they have up there right now... so...

[also, keep in mind that it's a st. pat's parade site... and if folks can't handle a lot of green, they shouldn't be going to the parade anyway!!]

December 10, 2003

keen... very keen!

erika has started up a south beach diet blog (group blog, that is - so you can read more and more of your favourites as they take up less and less space :)

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honk if you love me!

horny french guy... or is he a french horny guy?
oui oui...

[�tole i ceci du kate]

December 11, 2003

onions make me cry... (with laughter)



oh *SNAP*!

And while at least one of these 14 has managed to make Paris Hilton look like an Trappist monk with agoraphobia (I don't want to mention any individual blog, but it rhymes with "Wiggle-Stick"), all have apparently put this flimsiest of awards ahead of a potentially enlightening friendship with me.

oh, Mister Donk... no you didn't just imply that i was whoring my site out more than Paris Hilton rents out her hot pocket... did you?!?

well, then, i shall pimp out another site instead of the Weblog Awards (although, i still want y'all to vote for me...)

for your enjoyment: 80's TRIVIA
(the spelling mistakes throughout it are killing me)

[i got a score of 71 which makes me a "Brat Packian"

Home Shopping~!

BUY NOW!!!! Michael Jackson Slumber Party Kit!!!!

*** i don't think that i will link this from the st. pat's parade site... heh... angry leprechaun ***


December 12, 2003

st. pat's opinions... revisited...

at the risk of sounding like someone who only sits in front of the computer tweaking designs ever so slightly and morphing a few elements of designs together - which i've done - here's the latest version...

LATEST ITERATION - let's call it "George" - mom's right, let's call it "Finbar"

what i did...

i took the stronger green colours from the #2 iteration

and then i took the layout of iteration #3

(which was a bit more streamlined)

then i added the extra element of FAINT shamrocks next to the menu on the left...

for all of you who liked the #2 version to begin with - was it the colours that were drawing you in? does "George" satisfy this in the latest version? let me know!!!


i think we're (the committee) going with the latest version ("Finbar")

i am running late this morning - and my company holiday party is tonight!!!

chock full o' fun

have the company holiday party tonight - complete with sushi, hor d'ouvres and alcohol.

am staying over in the attached hotel.
then crawling out of bed and driving back in the morning in time for the st. pat's meeting.

in the meantime... enjoy the movie poster game (i got 525. but i bet ya' i got one poster tha none of you had ever heard about)

also - and this one is GREAT... who sung it

and fat kid food tetris is fricking brilliant!!!

***WAIT!! the BEST ONE is drunken sexual operation!!

******* OH HECK!! WAIT AGAIN.... seigfried saves roy!!

December 13, 2003

ah, holiday drunk fests

i am home. *whew* interesting evening... complete with:

▪ drunken singing by bosses
▪ a few shots
▪ sushi
▪ me not getting too stewed (no slurring, folks!)
▪ an after party shindig in my room (with 10 people in the hotel room)
▪ the security guards being called on us 3 times
▪ more sushi
▪ the hotel manager named sal being reamed out by my one boss (slurring)
▪ sal then threatening to call the police
▪ the guy in the room next door banging on the walls (it was only 11:30pm)
▪ a spontaneous break out of "Do(e) a Deer" followed by "Thunder Road" - led by, who else? my boss
▪ my boss who has started a campaign in the office to now have everyone call me "Irish" to differentiate between me and the other Erin...
▪ more sushi....
▪ sal now calling to tell me he's definitely gonna call the cops unless they shut up or i move to a different room...
▪ me now telling sal that that's an inconvenience and i will only move if i get a price break on my room...
▪ he thinks about it and makes the wise decision that yes, he will knock $15 off the rate. good.
▪ as he's saying this the room is getting louder and i snap at everyone (including my 2 bosses - not the wisest decision) to "Shut Up! I can't hear!" and they do :)
▪ then i say how i have to move, and everyone starts to leave
▪ i move to the room below
▪ one guy chris who is leaving the company next week calls me at 1:30am trying to get me to go drinking with him
▪ i told him i had to wake up early (have the meeting in a little while) and he said he didn't care, starts yelling that we "HAVE TO DRINK!"
▪ i said i would call him in a few minutes...
▪ didn't...
▪ took the phone off the hook and went to bed....
▪ woke up at 7:30 and here i am.

▪ hangover-free and about to hop in the shower to get ready for the meeting!!

that was the evening. will show photos later!!

high carb day

got back a little while ago from the st. pat's parade meeting (which was at 12:30pm) the meeting lasted an hour.... the drinking and yapping with the shillelaghs lasted about 5 hours and then dinner lasted another hour or so...

then i was asked to join the women of irish heritage group in january...

these meeting days may just do me in... the next one is on january 3rd...
but i am very excited about being involved with the parade!

December 14, 2003


woke up @ 6:20am hearing this news:

hussein captured!

quote from guy on cnn:

it is a sense of safety and well-being here on the streets of bagdad, they are pulling people off the busses and giving them sweets and candy and shooting their AK-47s at close range, which is, uh, maybe not that safe

no one seems to be awake on my blogroll...
and i think i just saw a pig land on the bird feeder outside...

the arabic reporters just stood up in the news briefing and started screaming/chanting (in arabic) "DEATH TO SADDAM!! DEATH TO SADDAM!!!"

talk about unbiased reporting, eh? :)

***posting images as they come up...
rather than posting a million separate posts***




oh... wait... that's pavarotti... who - by the way - got married this weekend... so congrats saddam and luciano!

cbs had better not pre-empt Survivor's Finale tonight to cover this story....
that's all i have to say :)

why was i awake?

i always keep foxnews on when i am asleep - and for some reason i thought i was having a war dream - i thought i heard they captured saddam... then my dog kept jumping on my head (she's been keeping up with the war... she's a wardogger) so i woke up to the cheerful news... amazing stuff, folks... amazing!

bite ME.

bruce's comment is in reference to my comments over at muddville - where i voiced my original opinion that it is assinine to start up so soon with the left/right wing bullshit... and normally i don't get caught up in the political CRAP, but this time i was sucked into the vortex.

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for greyhawk's viewing pleasure...

todays stats thus far

just a few referrers... couldn't show them all, and i thank all y'all for linkin' me!!

(let's show him some pity and drive a little traffic to his little site, eh?)

wooyeeoh oh ohhehhoh

wow! for the first time ever, they chose a survivor that i wanted to win!!!


(spoiler below)

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December 15, 2003

a bit sketchy...

online etch-a-sketch ... courtesy of Elf

but the snowball fight kicks arse as well!!!

[snagged from freakgirl]

friday party photos...

images (just a couple) of friday's shindig...

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hoofin' it to the bank!

wow!! now this is a great christmas bonus!!! very cool...

what the heck kind of shoes are they? gold plated and diamond encrusted?

have a flashback...or two

think back... way back... to sixth grade.

yes. sixth grade.

i know you remember... well, j-mo is in need of some fine stories...

"please, recall your favorite "humbling yet funny" story from your own sixth grade days and i'm going to put them into a book of memories for her, to see when she's feeling low about her own days in sixth grade."

so.. go and tell your story... or stories...

(think of it as therapeutic... for everyone!)

December 16, 2003


not feeling too keen today - so i called in sick - usually when i am sick i say that i will work from home. not today. not even checking the work email... well, okay, i checked the work email - got a buncha "feel better" responses - but i am not doing any work... trying to eat something - and the only thing i had in the house was shrimp, chicken, garlic and almonds... so, i am trying to garlickify the cold out of me (let me tell you, it's helping the sinuses)

December 17, 2003

chicken soup, where art thou?

home again. feeling like crud - think i have allergies on top of the flu. lovely. *whine* plus the weather outside is.... frightful -- i had to say it. goshawful rain - sheets of rain, actually.


brendan sent me this image... queer eye for the dictator guy

also, go check out j-mo's parody...



get ready for a little whine... my head is about to implode... or maybe explode... all i know is either one wouldn't be good... although it may relieve some of the pressure.

on a good note, kate called me today and we were on the phone for a little while - pretty much having flashbacks to intermediate school (thanks to j-mo)

funny... we're on the phone and all of a sudden i get a call waiting thing cutting in... and the caller ID is the same name as a kid i went all through school with - who i haven't seen in years - i didn't pick up because you really should hear my flu-riddled nasal passages trying to talk (so, forgive me, Joe - i will call you tomorrow - hopefully i won't sound like someone in the sick ward)

all i have to say is that i freaked out - because i hadn't talked to kate on the phone in a year almost and then he calls in the middle of us bitching about grammar school... gotta love coincidences...

think it's time for a shot of nyquil...

a bright day!!

still feeling like bloody hell... BUT...

how cool is it to hear the screen door slam and you run downstairs to see that the mailman dropped off, not one, but TWO packages!!!?

it is tr�s cool.

the first being a package from my friend cathy... she sent me From Chunk to Hunk which is bitchypoo's husband, Fred's book... THANK YOU, CATHY!!!! *mwah*

next... kim sent me Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill via my amazon wishlist.... HOW FRICKING WONDERFUL IS THAT!? i loves me the izzard boy :)

so, thank you!!! this is working better than chicken soup at kicking the flu's arse!!!

behold... a new look!

well, sick, tired and bored. i am not done (with the individual pages or comment pages yet... so bear with me)

oh dean-o...

help me, allah... tears of laughter streaming from my peepers...

nyQuil stupor

well, i think i am gonna head to bed now - and it's only 10pm... guess i am going to try to trek into work tomorrow

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December 18, 2003

6 years later...

i still wonder "why?"

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yeah. i am going into work today. still feel punky, but i haven't any more sick days left this year.



and if you don't shoot your eye out, go here to make them tear up...

i need elves.

so i got an email from the president of the women of irish heritage's jersey shore chapter - looks like i will be joining it on the 2nd wednesday of january... and the guy who runs the irish festival at the arts center is talking about me helping redesign their site... cool...

right now i am going through Survivor withdrawal... dealing with nbc reruns i haven't seen yet this season... sporting a massive flu headache and feeling panicky because i haven't even started to shop yet (well, got dad a gift card to home depot... that's it so far.) luckily, i am an only child so i just have to get for mom, aunt judy, uncle fran, kerry and aunt toni and uncle frankie... oh and for folks at work (namely my secret santa gift person and my 2 bosses...)

think everyone will want a home depot gift card?? ;P

by the way... michael is celebrating his 2 year bloggiversary... so go over and say hello!!!

to all a good night!

a cheery holiday season to all!!!

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well, at least mr. mustard gets to talk trash to someone [since the weblog awards results were announced...]

by the way - thanks to all y'all who voted for me...

speaking of losing... heh... this fella who has been emailing me via match.com sent me a link...


(ah... hold off on the "loser" comments about the match.com thing... aw, wait, i just realized it's a few days past my worst match.com date anniversary....)

anyway - back to losers.org... haven't fully checked it out, but some of the design sites on there... crikey! like this... why? what else can move or follow or whatever on that page!?!?!

December 19, 2003

happy commute!

heh... so as i was heading up the parkway this, some bastard punk kid - who i shall nickname Zippy Spedinski - came up on my right going about 95 mph (seriously, very effing bloody fast) then he cut right in front of me, right to left and didn't slow down as he passed and went into the express lane - still 95 mph...

he didn't see what was lurking behind the parkway shrubbery...

finally! a trooper!!!

said hero (our trooper) flicked on his lights and sped off after him and i got to see Zippy get pulled over!!!!! YAY!!!

this was the best xmas gift a girl could get! after so many times calling the Parkway Help Line (as they had said to do if you see aggressive drivers) - and not seeing anything done about it, i didn't even have to tattle today!!

yay!!! merry holidays everyone, Zippy got a ticket (or two!!!) woooooo!!!

slimy gecko


[the concept was snagged blatantly from digital common sense - i just retweaked the image]

by the way - this is what i had to deal with at 3pm - a gift from one of our branch managers... *sigh* no south beach diet today

December 20, 2003

on the Nth day of xmas

did some xmas shopping tonight. pretty much JUST started. hopefully i will finish tomorrow... gotta get up early to do so. also have to figure out what the heck hor d'ouvres thingamabob hoopy scoopies to make for kerry's party saturday night.


really... i am.

attempting do clean the house - although gigglemom thinks otherwise

shopping/cleaning procrastination

go... catapult santa...
(so far - i have only thrown him 92.5... 95.7... 151.3... 200.9... 255.1)

(the translation for the directions at the bottom is:
Play start, then in the field click, afterwards with pressed left mouse button catapult stretch and in time release! )

[link blatantly snagged from Kim]

December 21, 2003


ugh. i am likkered up on the carbs today (actually, this entire weekend - who am i kidding?)

the party was a lot of fun. a lot of food to be had - i brought roasted garlic hummus with pita chunks - and - i made pigs in blankets (hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls)

then we played cranium (kerry had given it to me last xmas, and i had yet to play...) go buy this game NOW!!! FUN!!! then we moved on to play the other game i brought... battle of the sexes - again... go... buy this!!!

stayed over ker's on the couch then woke up with a crick in my neck/back/knees, oh, hell, i pretty much couldn't move... came home and cleaned and napped...

shopped? no. i am still in need of 5 gifts for people - thinking gift certificates for dinners and stuff like that...

(on happy little google news... i am now #3 instead of #4 on google's results for "erin" finally beating out that brockovich chick and mckeown kid... the next battle will be australia's government - bring it, down under envirofolks!)

December 22, 2003


get the elastic waist bands ready for this week, erin... *sigh*

damn you potatoes. damn you.

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hey... are all you folks out in california okay? roll call...

damn you, vendors!


more food gifty things sent to us by vendors.... god bless them (i am pms-ing from hell... the south beach diet is on vacation for a few days...)

sparrows and coconuts

monty python and the holy grail.... in lego

[snagged blatantly off of ginger peachy]

happy *hic* merry *hic*

hipflask.jpg fantastic!

my friend cathy sent me a gift in the mail - it's a pewter hip flask with "slainte" on it

don't have my camera on me, so i went searching it out and found this pic, which doesn't do it justice....

yay!!! now, when i am lining the st. pat's parade up on march 7th (in belmar) i will be quite warm with a little "holy water" in the flask :)

thank you so much, Cath!!!!!!!!!

gigglemom joke email #4

don't let this happen to you with all the holiday traffic.

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December 23, 2003

funk'n a

i really need to go to tanning sometime between now and sunday. getting a little bit o' winter blues. in a funk. all that good stuff. need the bright lights to zap me back into gear.

on a bright note... AGAIN... some jerk who passed me at a million miles and hour and weaved in between 5 cars nearly killing us... was pulled over by a trooper this morning...

AMAZING! twice in a week!

happiness :)

what a frickin' day.

so... let's see, around 1:30pm my friend C at work sat in his chair the wrong way and threw out his back.

he made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon and me and my buddy F were elected as the escorts.

this is gonna be a quick post. too tired to deal.

anyway. the appt. was at 2:45... we got there at 3:20 because it took us 20 minutes to get C in the trunk of his truck (he wasn't able to get in any other part of it) - then it took 15 minutes to get him out... and another 5 to get him into the doc's office...

then we waited - he finally emerged at 5:45pm - chock full of cortizone shots and Rx's for drugs.

he lives on the upper east side - and was supposed to drive 5 hours to boston tonight to see his family for xmas - poor kid (27 years old) now with a ruptured disc and some other crap ailment.

so, F, C and i head back towards the office - get stuck in route 80 west traffic - then we make it to the marriott which is right next door to work - because there's no way C can drive and no way we can drive him into the city since F also lives down the shore (although he's about 30 miles north of me)

we got C tucked in and comfy in the hotel room (after 25 minutes trying to extract him from his truck) - hopefully, he will have his dad come down to pick him up...

hell of a way to start off the xmas vacay.

i got home at 9:15pm.

all i know is... it made my back hurt.

now C has custody of my back thing for my office chair and i have to get into the office by 9am tomorrow.


and i just finished shampooing the rug and now i have to wrap all my gifts.

December 24, 2003

xmas eve.

just got home from work - icky traffic and ickier weather - now am hopping in shower and then heading over to aunt toni and uncle frankie's for xmas eve dinner!!!!! then midnight mass (at 10pm... yeah, i know. 10pm does not make it midnight)

feast de resistance

just got back from xmas eve dinner at my aunt and uncle's.... much fun and food there....

December 25, 2003

merry, happy, safe, peaceful


santa made it here!!!


figgy pudding!

waiting for my aunt judy, uncle fran and cousin kerry to pop by before we all head off to dinner....

hope y'all are having a fantastic christmas thus far....

go now to see OddTodd's latest brilliant holiday bit!!!!

(takes a while to load but it's excellent!!!)

merry merry, folks!!! gotta go take my christmas shower now :)

December 26, 2003


hey everyone! christmas was a lot of fun... hope all y'all's was as well...

let's see... brief re-cap (as my head is hurting from too much JackNog... i coined the phrase after the boyfriend of my uncle's sister made eggnog with a bucket of jack daniels in it... *blech* it was gross, but it was tossed into my gullet.)

yadda yadda.... mom got me all set up with gifts this year - and a promise to go in on a digital camera after my next paycheck...

my aunt & uncle gave me a suede coat - really nice! and then i was bringing the scalloped potatoes out to the car to bring to where we were having dinner and i didn't notice that they'd spilled all over the front of my coat.. and on my pants - i had to go back into my house to bring out a trifle and i felt something icky on my hand and thought "jeez! when did i sneeze~?" but when i looked further - potato goop all over the coat, my pants and shoes. dammit. so it's off to the dry cleaners.


interesting. in checking my stats, it looks like someone from my office popped onto my site and viewed 17 pages, not to mention heading over to my portfolio site as the first stop. as i said... interesting.

the thing is, i have none of my work up on my portfolio site because i haven't had the time or desire to update it.

December 28, 2003

yo... ebert!

catching up on my xmas movies... saw something's gotta give (loved it!) and mona lisa smile (which was okay - it was basically like dead poet's society with chicks - but still okay)

am likkered up on popcorn with snocaps (yes. that's how i eat the corn.)
now i feel ill from it.

now... go play roulette....

merry xmas sunday...

well. am hopping in the shower in a few so i can head down to my dad's place to do the xmas thing... he's cooking for me. no idea what. i was going to go to church this morning, then i realized at 12midnight last night that the gift i got for dad's girlfriend was not in the bag - so, now i have to run out and pick her up something (preferably at Kohl's - since it's right down the road)

i got dad a gift certificate to home depot and also a finding nemo vhs... (dad loves the animated features :)


"Metal pants! I need metal pants - otherwise, i'm a harpoon in the ass just waiting to happen."

well said, anne, well said.

i am chock full of food. i don't think i've stopped eating since december 12th.

seriously. non-stop.

thinking of rejoining weightwatchers again (yet doing a south beach twist on it!)

plus - ww is giving away a "fast track kit" which includes an exercise dvd... all i have to do is actually clean my room so i have space to move around in it.

December 29, 2003

ah... still life.

here's the week (christmas eve, xmas morning, my yorkie, Beri, and my dad and i) in photos... (click the thumbnails)

the first toy beri ever started playing with on christmas morning...


more beri pics :) she's none too pleased by the time i was done snapping...


uncle frankie playing the banjo, a painting my poppy did of fishermen, my cousins kerry, matt and myself


no wonder the diet is on hiatus...


dad and i on sunday afternoon


bam! (no. not emeril)

so... if you haven't noticed, there's a callout on the right nav over there... yeah... there. it's for donations to the iranian earthquake relief fund.

i found that link off of michele's site (believe it or not, folks are giving her grief about her wanting to help the victims.)

the bennett chin

so, the folks at work say i look more like my dad - i think i look like both mom and dad... but here's a photo of my grandmother (dad's mom) - i never met her, she died when dad was 10....

yo! ho...

we had our secret santa exchange at work today... with sushi...

chris, the dude with the effed up back, had me - he got me the pirates of the caribbean dvd... very cool just started watching...

*rrrrrrowwwwrr* depp.

December 30, 2003

suck it in!

sitting here sipping on a creamy milk chocolate slim fast

for those of you who have been so kind as to say "erin, you don't need to diet...":

behold... my thighs, ladies and gents.

i have dubbed this pair of pants my "Sausage Pants"... since i am stuffed into them.

thank you.

** resumes slimfast sippage **

(remind me to pick up the low-carb slimfast)

what the?!

okay - so this guy on match.com winked at me the other day (it's an option for folks to do on there.) anyway - he lives in connecticut but i winked back at him - without really glancing too much at his profile - well, i glanced a little... only saw the 1st photo (it looked like he had strawberry blonde - or semi-red hair, so i winked back) - then i looked closer after i got the email tonight. not exactly my type. anyway....

okay - so he writes me tonight for the first time:

Thanks for returning my wink! Of course I winked at you! How could I resist someone who's been to the Elaine Benice School of Dancing? Plus, you've done "stand up", something I tried last summer.

We do have some things in common....you're into art, like pubs, watching cheesy TV, blah, blah, blah...but a lot of differences, that hopefully we can resolve before our lifetime relationship begins in earnest.

One difference, which has shot down many women, is that I exercise regularly, which is healthy. Not exercising regularly is unhealthy. That's not an opinion--there are decades of scientific evidence. I actually bother to work out regularly and am interested in someone who is compatible....this seams to be a major deal killer, but so what? Why would I want an Unhealthy American woman anyway?

Just to let you know, why I'm ruling you OUT!!!!


*sigh* what the fuck was that about? the last sentence...

so of course, i had to write back...

well, that's good. i am not into exercise freaks (even though i practice yoga a few times a week and workout in the gym - but, thanks for playing).

my main reason why i would rule you OUT is your spelling errors.

cheers & good luck.

- erin

effing match.com freaks. *shaking my head*

ermmm... okay, so... yeah... i lied in my reply when i said i workout and do yoga regularly - he'll never know - it's not like i had a photo of my body in my profile. gee. maybe i should send him into convulsions and email him the photo of my thighs!

what a prick.

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December 31, 2003


hahahaha! oh sweet baby jeezuz.

my little match.com friend (onespecialperson@talkmatch.com) responded to me this morning:

Someone who understands that exercise is healthy is a "freak"? I'm glad I ruled you out....you sound like the typical ignorant, ugly, fat American. Enjoy your consequences of your inactions. Oh, btw, I'm much more intelligent and educated than you....even WITH the spelling errors!

heh. god, i love when i don't have to invest time in someone who's a jackass...

of course, i did respond with:

well, good luck sitting at home eating your granola at midnight tonight... have a happy new year. you sound like onespecialass.

good gravy. (and i mean the low-carb gravy)

a grand look back!!!!

happy new year to everyone!!!!!!

so, the year sorta has been a slow one... here's to a better blogging year :) be safe. be happy... and DO NOT FORGET TO SAY "RABBIT RABBIT" first thing tomorrow morning!!!!

(which entry from the past year should i send in to blog madness? any of these, or do you have a favourite of mine from 2003 that i haven't slapped in the "review"?)

in the meantime... this is like one of those clip shows with the montage of memories:

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