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January 1, 2004


um... does anyone have a spare stomach and/or head laying around that i can borrow?


actually, not all that hungover - headachy. that's all.

this morning was the "sopping up the alcohol breakfast" at the diner (french fries with gravy, french toast, sausage, and a bacon egg & cheese sammich... apparently, my 1st resolution of the year is to gain 45 pounds.)

last night was a lot of fun, kerry, linda and i went to harpoon willy's for dinner - linda left (she has a cold) and ker & i stayed at the bar... it was a little dead there - so we crossed the bridge (by foot) and went to peterson's (actually, it's now called the marina grille , but i still call it the old name)

did a lot of dancing... yes. i danced. my damned legs are killing me!

eh, wound up flirting with some guy who had he girlfriend right next to him (she was a wet noodle.) danced with him to Crazy Train...

anyway - there was some huge italian guy who looked like he belonged on the sopranos... i kept passing him and yapping at him throughout the evening... but only addressing him as "Johnny FishHead"... no idea.

i mocked the band (Overboard). actually, just mocked the lead singer... some little weasly guy was in a kilt (i love guys in kilts, but he did nothing for me)

i discovered this morning that i lost the bracelet my aunt gave me last year for xmas - it was my nana's bracelet... i have calls out to the restaurants - visited peterson's. have to call willy's later - and i also walked back over the damned bridge to recreate the trek.


i checked my cell phone this morning... a lot of drunken happy new year calls were made last night apparently *groan*

today = nothing. just sleeping and eating.

tomorrow - i have to go up to work in the office. *sigh*

how was everyone's new year's eve!!???

(oh... and i forgot to say "Rabbit, Rabbit" this morning because my cousin's dog jumped on my head and woke me up... looks like i have to say "Tibbar, Tibbar" tonight before bed)

happy effing new effing year.

ladies and gents... about 4 minutes ago, the first screaming match of the new year between gigglemom and myself just happened (note: i am not saying ended.)

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on a happier note...

where folks aren't getting screamed at by their mother at the age of 33...

go congratulate christine now!!

she had a very sparkly new year's eve

oh fore!

heh... well, let's see what y'all have been posting today...

• as we all know, christine just got engaged last night. again... congrats!

wendy's been driving around rapping about anacondas invading iowa and driving in hondas

michele is yapping about the orange terror hats

jen's been living the life i want today.

krix is resolving to still stalk admire keanu...

kymberlie took a photo of some hot chick all gussied up for new year's

michael's stomach is all acidy...

paul's hunkering down and o.d'ing on college football

skits seems to be obsessed with only one team

jen is cackling at her swapping of images, thus, thwarting the evil image thieves that are in a flamewar

c.c. is calling his resolutions "goals" now... and making j-lo bobblehead dolls (i think a bobble ass would sell better...)

me? well, i am dragging laundry downstairs in 4 minutes because mom's been yelling...

i resolve to regress to the point of being 11 years old again while living with my mother...

oh, that, and i'm gonna lose 50 pounds this year. you heard me. fitty.

and... gonna try to clean my room.

um... and that whole "get organized" thing, too.

email this broad.

ah... my first bit of hatemail in the new year (a response to an email sent a month ago regarding this post)... yay! everyone go and wish "Carly" a happy new year, hmmmmm?

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January 2, 2004


guess what i forgot to do before hitting the hay last night!?!?

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feeling like a monday.

well, here i am at the office. my work is done and it's 11am. *sigh*

anyway... let's see...

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*sigh* the danged 10:45am meeting tomorrow has been canceled because the one guy's wife is ill and he has to take his granddaughter to see beauty and the beast.

i still will be chatting with the chairman at 12:30 though - hoping (but doubting) that the web guy will be there.

January 3, 2004

damn you O63... damn you

last night.... i went to bingo at st. mary's of the lake church.

i was 1 number away from winning $2248... and then some old lady screamed out "BINGO!!!!!!!!!!"

stepping back into mom's house after bingo was like taking a walk in the fresh country air.

seriously. there was a guy behind me that had 4 packs of cigarettes in front of him. he went through three between 7pm and 12am

during the progressive game, my eyes would not stop tearing from the thick cloud of smoke... yet i couldn't wipe them because the caller was going way fast... so, i let my eyes burn and the salt water flow down my cheeks...

yeah. i'm hardcore.

the guys walking around with bingo cards thought i was upset at the numbers...

um... no... the fact i can't see or breathe was to blame... just that. nothing big.

strong enough for your mouth, but...

mother of god.

somehow - and i am going to recreate my steps here - i brushed my teeth, then i put my deodorant on... i guess i got some deodorant on my hand... somehow a blob of deodorant wound up on the corner of my mouth (no. i wasn't licking my armpit) and i thought it was toothpaste...

so, i wiped it off with my finger and to get the extra fresh breath, i licked it off...

it's degree powder fresh breath that i am sporting now.

i feel ill.


not for nothing, i am not trying to start a growlfest, but i sorta feel a little used.

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about the previous post...

nate rocks :)


okay - i had been a member of the flylady.net site a couple of years ago, then i forgot about it...

in the spirit of the "get organized and get cleaning" resolution, i am rejoining the yahoo group...

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January 4, 2004

britney spears weds jason alexander!?


wonder if sometimes she slips up and calls him "George"?

you say it's your.....

go wish michael a fantastically happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this cannot be true.

so... and i am not believing this, i think he was framed or something.... my priest (when he was at st. denis, then at st. martha's) was arrested in Ireland the other day for "committing an act of gross indecency on or towards a child" over 30 years ago.

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okay... just had a big ol' bronchial-esque cough blare out of me from deep within...

now am likkered up on cherry flavoured nyQuil.

(any excuse to do the Q, my friends...)

January 5, 2004



new year's revisited

i nearly forgot to post the paltry amount of photos that i took on new year's eve... the batteries died at a record rate that night.

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who knew!?

okay - i am not saying this is "gourmet" or anything, but, as far as diet foods go... the slimfast fettucini alfredo rocks!! i was afraid to try it, but i broke down...

best part - it's only 5 points on weight watchers...

sure, it's a bunch of carbs, but it's not bad!

so, it's good while i am on erin's-weight-watchin'-slimfast-lean-cuisine-trimspax32-south-beach-one-a-day-weight-smart diet.

January 6, 2004


trimspa x32 - 1st pill taken

[hopefully, this one makes me smaller and isn't the one that makes me 10 feet tall]

caffeine alzheimers

brewed a huge pot of coffee this morning - all ready to pour in my go cup and take to work... about 15 miles into my 70 mile commute, i reached down for the elixor and there wasn't a mug.

i'd forgotten to pour the damned thing.


too late to turn back and get the java

at least i had a hearty slimfast for breakfast.

day one: trimspa.

okay. the day has consisted - so far - of:

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too many highlights...

i may not be as chunky as anna nicole, but i seem to be getting her brain...

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January 7, 2004

is there a doctor in the house?

hmmmm. let's see:

• achy shoulders and back
• dog tired
• sore throat
• deep cough
• slight chill
• (and i wanna go home and sleep)

um... well, doc... what's your prognosis?

evenin' sick girl here

i just took nyQuil and iiiiiatkdahkshdrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

January 8, 2004

don't let it be the flu.

working from home today.

actually i feel like hell... mom growled at me to go into the office... so i got up, showered, was about to do my makeup and realized i am exhausted and achy and sneezy and coughy and - here's the worst part - i am whiny. very effing whiny.

yes. i realize that.

so i am working from home.

so, i posted that bit about the nyQuil last night. took it at 10:30. the last look at the clock that i remember was 10:39. how loopy is that? i love the big Q.

so as i said... working from home. so's my copywriter. and 4 others have been sick this week in my department alone.


by the way... happy birthday elvis!


looks like the 2004 bloggies are calling for nominations again... a lot of controversy last year... i am sure there's more to be had this year... so, go over there and nominate your favourite blog(s)

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do it... (peer pressure works!)

okay, folks... here you go... have a blast... everyone is doing this... it's sweeping the nation...

how good of a gigglechick stalker are you?

what the heck colour is that!?


as seen on Not Me!...

i used to use something called pixelspy, but this is very sweet....

try Pixie...

(thanks, Shelli!)

i wish turkey only cost a nickel

awwww... mom just called from work, she's getting out of there and wanted to know if she should pick up dinner for me...


so she's getting a turkey dinner from Hinck's Turkey Farm

i love hinck's... the actual farm was where we had our very first class trip when i was in kindergarten


heh... so far, the stalker in the lead is brykmantra!
(mando? only 29 points!? *tsk*)

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January 9, 2004

one flu over the gigglechick's chest

working from home again today.
still sick. (mom's home with the sickness as well.)

for some reason my stomach is wambling like mad this morning.

most likely from the flu (no, wait, i am not going to give in and call it the flu - it can't be the flu... i am in denial...)

my precious...

i haven't seen LOTR 2 or 3 yet - but for all y'all who loves the gollum....

here you go...

i love a parade...

so, i have a parade meeting tomorrow at 12:30... am supposed to go to lunch with one of the girls afterwards... right now i am feeling like having one soda downstairs at the shillelagh's and then heading home to sleep...


how sad is this... a california couple went to iran on vacation (i know. i don't know why, either) and were caught in the earthquake - the woman (who recently beat the cancer odds) is alive but the guy didn't make it... what made my throat close up was when they mentioned that he had just proposed to her the night before -- which would have been christmas...


on a not that sad, but kinda yeowch-shocking-note:
this guy woke up on the subway with a steak knife in him

gotta love the line:

"The wound did not require surgery, but Agapinan says it may speed up his plans to move out of the city."

i would have already been packing my things before the tip of the blade was pulled out of my chest...

... nah... who am i kidding? i didn't move out of philly after i was mugged at knifepoint (and sliced behind my ear) - nor did i move out of jersey city in 98 when i was stalked and followed into the park near my brownstone where the guy grabbed my arm and attempted to kiss me... where i somehow found the wits to use the heel of my palm and jammed his chin, then kneed the groin, then kicked him behind his knee as he was doubled over causing the jackass to fall to the ground where i kicked him 3 times in the stomach before running like a bat out of hell out of there...

never saw him again.

anyway... just took fresh nyQuil... hitting the hay.

January 10, 2004

chilly saturday

so... since i started writing on MT (oct 02) i have accumulated 2999 comments (more if you count those i've deleted)

anyway - i have to drag myself into the shower - meeting is in an hour and it takes 10 min to get there...

it is WAY too effing cold out... 6 degrees. SIX.

little ickle

michael is commenter #3000!!!

i am way too tired and achy to go to the meeting today - besides, i don't want to get everyone there sick - i know a few of them were sick last week... i'll go next weekend... in fact, i have to. mandatory, since the first fundraiser is on the 18th.

today... rest -- except for having to run to the grocery store (mom needs ingredients for desserts and stuff for the Hooha tomorrow)

wicked good!

woooooooo! go PATS!!!!

My Scrabble� Score is: 25.
What is your score? Get it here.

January 11, 2004


crap - i am flying solo at the hooha today - kerry bailed

January 12, 2004

water water everywhere

so we were evacuated from my office (the entire building) today at 3pm... got home a little while ago.

apparently, there were 4 water main breaks in saddle brook.

so, i caught the very beginning of the sleet that's falling right now - glad i wasn't stuck in commuter traffic...


hey there - no, i haven't been exactly "following" the plan lately - desperately trying to kick myself back into gear.

but, heard on the radio (wplj) this morning that they are coming out with this stuff... Carb Options...

it's supposed to be in the grocery stores this week - if it's not there already... either in the low-carb/diet section or in a specific aisle (say you want low carb salad dressing... voila! it's in the salad dressing aisle)

it sounded pretty good - and they had them taste it during the interview and none of the dj's sounded like they were gagging, so i may have to purchase some of this stuff..


(p.s. - had i mentioned lowcarb.allrecipes.com ever? probably not - seeing as i just had 7 pieces of rye bread tonight... *shaking my head and lowering it in shame* and no... i didn't take my trimspa today...)

i am leaving for Marathon Key in FL one month from tomorrow... i had better kick it into gear before i head down there looking like a sausage in a bathing suit who wishes that those old 1920's wrist to ankle suits were back in fashion!

ex-boyfriend email joke #47


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January 13, 2004

gray day

can't believe spalding gray is missing.

the family boob

um... remember to either wear a sports bra - or don't jump up and down so much when you win a game show.

employee email #277

Though this is a little long � read it...

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hey all - if you are in NJ this weekend - be sure to stop by the belmar st. patrick's day parade fundraiser on sunday - here's the info:

COMP. DRINK � HOT & COLD BUFFET $7.50 ADVANCE-$10.00 AT THE DOOR (732) 251-9840

check out the NEW site - i just designed

i tried to talk them into having a guestbook - but for some ungodly reason, the web guy is opposed to it (or, maybe just opposed to me)

January 14, 2004


okay. i feel old. driving to work this morning, i was scanning the stations and they had "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" playing on wcbsfm... the oldies station.

i was 13 when that came out and now it's on an oldies station... noooooo... y'all are supposed to just play Del Shannon or the Platters or the Spinners or the Spinning Platters... or Del Shannon's Platter that Spins.

Not Cyndi Lauper.

January 15, 2004


snowing. got home around 10pm from the WOIH meeting - i am now officially registered with them...

so, it started snowing around 8:30... the meeting ended at 9:30ish... it seemed to start sticking right away.

so far we have about 2 inches i think... looks like anyway

now to hunker under the comforter and wait for the foot of snow they're calling for (actually, more since i live in ocean county)

if it's crazy-ass accumulation, it's a working-from-home-day

snowflakes taste good.


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flannel clown pants

god i love working in my pajamas (or pyjamas, whichever way you prefer)
i love banking in my flannels.
i love conference calls while i am sitting on my bed.

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the apprentice...

i cannot believe this psycho slipped through the sweaty grasp of trump's fat paws for a second time...

he must go.

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January 16, 2004


COMP. DRINK � HOT & COLD BUFFET $7.50 ADVANCE-$10.00 AT THE DOOR (732) 251-9840

i have tickets if anyone in the area wants to buy the "advance" sale ones from me - email me!!

check out the belmarparade.com

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January 17, 2004

late night email.

*sigh* in a quandry about an email i received last night.
can't go into specifics on here... much.....

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January 18, 2004


in trying to figure out how to phrase a response, i received an email from said friend...

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saturday niiiii-iiiiight


so... t-minus 4 or so hours til the first fundraiser - yesterday they told us that the old bridge shillelaghs are taking care of everything so all i have to so is show up and smile... and drink...

it's sleeting out sort of and i have to drive to old bridge - which is fine, i just hope that folks don't say to themselves "heck, i don't wanna go out in this slop"

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swinging shillelaghs

so the fundraiser was fun! i had to run around selling buttons and 50/50s so that was keen - i only have cropped 3 photos right now - then i am gonna post more on the belmarparade.com site tomorrow.

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January 19, 2004

deep, simple, happy little finds

interesting what one finds when thumbing through ones stats page...

besides the million google searches for "circus penis" (seriously, i get that one every day - no idea why) and "trimspa32xannanicole" and "fire ze missiles!" amongst some referrers... amongst the usual gaggle of referrers that i adore and thank for linking to me... one (me) comes across a referring blog that i've never seen before that also doubles as a musician's bio/cd buying cove...

so i checked out this site... and then i listened to a few songs off the cd page...

go. now. go and listen to this benjamin wagner , kid...

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January 20, 2004

blahbitty blah blah

mornin'. let's see, what can i yap about today? my big fat obnoxious fianc� was pretty funny last night (the teevee show, of course) followed up with an average joe chaser (for the love of all that is holy get rid of that freakish david character.)

updated the belmarparade.com site - all i need is the guy who hosts it to slap it up on the main site... it's like dealing with the gatekeeper - hopefully the photos and all will go up this afternoon.

what else? i was 10 min late to work today and got chastised.

hmmmm... slow day on the erin news front... had a slimfast and some pistachio nuts... (told ya' it was slow)

haven't gotten the usual 70 spam emails today for some reason.... what the hell's going on!? i hate them, yet they are comforting when i see my inbox flooded... sure it's for viagra and penis lengtheners that i don't need, but still... where are they today!?!

not discussing the dem caucus... except to ask what the hell is the deal with dean's little ac/dc-cheaptrick-guns n roses yelp at the end of his little pep talk?

(play the video [Despite his third-place finish in Iowa, Howard Dean fires up his supporters, promising not to give up the fight.] that's on this page it's about 1:00 into the clip)


state of the union... tonight!



and after one year and a few months of rah-rah-rah'ing george w. bush, i am now heading back over to my original party... yep... the gloves are off, the grace period is over and i am rooting for the dems again...

i'm back.

(how long was i asleep in that field of poppies for?)

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January 21, 2004

big brother sister is watching you right back.

curious. someone from here (the office) did a search on yahoo at 10:46 for gigglechick... then browsed my site - then went to my portfolio site - there was also someone else from (the ip for my co.) who did a search for erin bennett on google at around midnight last night and went to my portfolio site...

not that i have done anything with my portfolio site - but trying to slap at least some stuff up there to get freelance work for some extra cash


*whew* sam is out. finally. brown-nosing little twerp.

flipped on the bachelorette for the first time & there's a kid named sean on there from wall (my hometown)

January 22, 2004

this weekend!!


if y'all are down here near belmar on sunday - DO check out the fundraiser!! joe finn is gonna be playing and i love him, he's great!! it's going to be a fantastic time!

i have to hop in the shower now and race to work...

allah & dean-o

have i mentioned how hard i have laughed each time i've read allah's dean schticks?


Dean-o #1
Dean-o #2
Dean-o #3
Dean-o #4
Dean-o #5
Dean-o #6
Dean-o #7

hospital, icu... dad

so... today started out as any normal day... coffee, traffic, work...

then at 2:50pm i received a phone call from my aunt... she never calls me... what the!?

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totally wiped out from earlier. scared the hell out of me seeing dad in the hospital bed - almost (but not as) frightening as seeing mom when she had the AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm) surgery in 2001 - a lot more tubing than dad... but still is disconcerting to see dad frail (well, frail for my dad) and feeling like crap.

i don't like it. not one bit.

January 23, 2004

the hours

so visiting hours at the surgical ICU are 12-2 and 4-6... so i am working from home this morning then heading over there

i want to go over right now. dangit.

my condolences, mr. moose.


not the best news, huh?

to raise your spirits (and to raise mine) how's about you go smack a penguin


[snagged blatantly from minor third]

January 24, 2004

too chock full...

have a parade meeting today at 12:30.... was supposed to go to a benefit at bar a afterwards (one of the shillelaghs is sick and they are having 4 bands and pipers, etc play there - it's from 1 til 7 - this guy sammy bought me a ticket to it last sunday - then there's a finnegan's wake from 7 - 12 that i was considering going to... i think that one is for some shillelagh that's getting married, but i could be wrong)

anyway - i am only going to the parade meeting... then coming home to do some stuff around the house and then i am taking the 4 til 6 shift of seeing dad -- yep, he's still in - no idea if they'll tell him to come home today... i just talked to his girlfriend fianc� and she hadn't heard anything

anyway... went to tanning to get rid of the pastiness i feel i've been sporting - so, now i have a slight burn... ahhhhhh feels gooooooood!! i loves me a slight sunburn... also trying to get my base tan back before feb 13 when ker and i drive to the keys... THE KEYS, BABY!!! (okay, marathon key.... but, of course, key west is going to be visited!!!)


yay!! dad's now out of the SICU and in a "normal" hospital room!


i may be the last blog on earth to post this... so forgive me for coming to the party late :)

Hey Ya!!!!!!!

January 25, 2004

oh, go throw up, idiot

good lord, i get about 25 folks (on average) coming to my site looking for tips on "how to purge" and "pro mia", etc. etc.

then they get to this page (because it pops up in google, et al) and they don't like that i am "anti 'mia'" and am growling at some freakish girl who posted on my site like it was a message board as a call out for "bulemia pals"

and when they don't like what i've written... they lash out and call me a bitch, etc...

ridiculous how cranky those anorexics and bulemics are... touchy touchy...


in the meantime... this is what i am doing today - no vomiting here, kids... and if you are near belmar - come to this!!!


January 26, 2004

2nd fundraiser down :)

i got home from the fundraiser a few hours ago... been working on getting the images up on the website...

this is my parade posse!

and here are (l to r: kerry, aunt judy and gigglemom)

glass half full?

Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of
courage and true progress.

-- Nicholas Murray Butler

get out the link!

rock the link!

every link counts....

go read (and link to) the command post!

[and while you're at it, go visit michele and say hi!]

JP2 - Electric Bugaloo


hey "cuz", um, i mean "auntie", um, i mean "honey"

whoa. thinking about this family tree makes my head hurt.

January 27, 2004

wintry mix to follow

not looking forward to the commute home... just heard on the radio that they are calling for something called:


(very impressive, Mother Nature, verrrrrry impressive!)

have a nice fall

yeowch. this must have hurt a tad. (1mb)


this just makes me realize that i haven't seen as many films as i've wanted to recently.... the academy awards, my friends...

(at least you can print out a ballot now)

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employee email #278

On a beautiful deserted island in the middle of nowhere, the following
people are suddenly stranded by a shipwreck:

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employee email #279

ah, blonde jokes (always sent by my friend melissa... who is a blonde)

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paar-ting is such sweet sorrow


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speaking of dying...

dammit. it figures - my cell phone (which i have used ONCE today and for 3 seconds) all of a sudden makes it's little "goodbye chime" and died...

stupid battery - i had charged it since before i went to bed last night... and this is the thanks i get?

meanwhile, the one day that the weather is evil (okay - not the ONE day... but...) with ice and sleet - of course, don't forget the THUNDERSNOW!!!! - it has to crap out on me.


thanks a frickin' lot samsung! thanks a bunch, Sprint!


happiness & sadness

cowboy mouth is coming back to NYC this march (the 27th to be exact - which is my cousin fran's birthday) - bowery ballroom!! that's the fantastic news! (and seeing as i missed them this past fall - i am in dire need of a mouth fix)

unfortunately, fred leblanc's mom passed away last thursday (he's the lead singer/drummer for the mouth)

good thoughts to him and his family....

alien snow beast


this is an icky storm.

January 28, 2004

half a foot...


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flirting with flurries

it's still snowing - it had let up for a little while when i went out to shovel the walk and the cars.... of course, right after i finished, it started to dump on us again. figures.

anyway, i am working from home...

as i am doing this i have montel on the teevee with some woman prattling on to sylvia browne about abraham lincoln telling her that her mother was dying and john adams woke her up

ah. daytime teevee. god love it.

that's it. back to hunkering down and rebranding one of our lines of business


*sigh* god i can't stand it when i get random IM's and then within 5 seconds i get the "how old r u?" bit.

first off, i MIGHT have answered 33.

but it REALLY grates my nerves when people use the "r u?" - here's an excerpt of the conversation that just took place - where the idiot can't type TWO bloody letters more!?

Usually Random [4:28 PM]: if u honestly think that the innocent question of ur age can be used to compair urself to being a hunk of meat then u have some issues with ur age that have nothing to do with my asking, probably u just have trouble admitting how old u r

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papa's got a brand new mugshot


i think they both go to Crazy Johnny's Barbershop in Middletown.

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January 29, 2004

the ants go marching (erm... driving)

*sigh* back to driving into work. yesterday was so nice all hunkered down here at home... warm - the office is always freezing (problems with the thermometer or something...)

i guess that's another "pro" - mom's house is warm, while the JC apartment was always cold because there wasn't good heat or insulation...

employee email #280

Thank you for calling Pizza Hut...

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angry hungry girls....

perhaps i am doing the bulimic folks a service, you know, my site seems to be an outlet where these pathetic twits can "purge" their hostility and feelings out in my comment section... wonderful... here's the latest (from this post ):

janewaypk@aol.com from Missouri writes:

"So yeah, this site just comes up when you ask for bulimic tips on google. That's how I ended up here. Yes- we do share tips, photos, and emails. We can usually tell when there is a site that is MIA but not for bulimia, but I have to say-yours looks like a mia site. The picture, the pinkish color, and the whole comments section screams "look at me, I'm an insecure girl with too much time on her hands" which fits the description of many mia site owners. As for being inconsiderate to the girl who surfed on and asked for help, I think it shows an ignorance of a real issue and a major lack of empathy on your part. Her issues (and mine) notwithstanding, your response seems to suggest a preteen-like niavite thinly vieled by a cocky and arrogant facade. Good luck maturing, Gigglechick."

interesting. apparently (what i get from her comment) as well as mia farrow, POW/MIA, mamma mia, maryland insurance administration, and the migration institute of australia - NOW the color PINK of all things is being claimed by the Bulimic Federation of Eating Disorder Psychopaths.


hmmmm... wait... does Pink know about this?

whoa! hey! all y'all out there with blogs who post your photo on it & allow others to comment, congratulations... you have an eating disorder and are insecure.

Apparently, I am ignorant of the bulimics... um... no. don't think so kid. I am 33 years old. I have known my share of people - friends, no less - who have dealt with eating disorders... it's like any other disease - such as alcoholism and drug addiction... except i haven't had folks searching on my site for "how to take pills" or "how to get the most alcohol out of your mouthwash"

No. I have no sympathy for someone delibrately killing themselves, even if they say to others that they have no control over it and oh poor me boo fucking hoo...

STOP SEARCHING FOR "TIPS" - how about that for starters, Ms. Carpenter!?

apparently i have a "preteen-like niavite" - um, perhaps learn to spell that little phrase and i may put a little stock into your little rant there, Skinny.

here's a tip....


and when i say "Doctor", I mean psychologist, psychotherapist or a psychiatrist... the theme being "psycho"

as for me having too much time on my hands... well, i would rather have time on them than a big gob of vomit...

how about you - instead of googling "mia tips purging" - click on one (or more) of these links and grab a sammich without running to the toilet in 2 minutes...

something-fishy.org - Anorexia, Bulimia & Compulsive Overeating

Eating Disorders Association (EDA)

4therapy.com - go find a therapist


health services at columbia

go ask alice

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January 30, 2004


oh yeah - prior to the wambling tummy girl purging on me - earlier i was stuck in traffic for 2.5 hours....

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say cheesy

so i am gonna head out for an hour (in a little while) to go buys me one o' them digital cam'rahs

2 months ago i wrote and asked for input as to what the bloody heck i should buy...

so here's a little list....

Canon PowerShot SD10
Canon PowerShot S400
Fuji Finepix 3800

not sure - leaning toward the SD10 - it has 3 min of video w/ sound! and i can - down the road - buy the printer as well...

anyone have other suggestions!!?



wheeeeeee! i am now the proud owner of a Canon PowerShot SD10

i cannot wait until this puppy's battery charges up - i also bought a 128mb card to go with it - it came with a 32mb one - AND it came with a leather case

i cannot believe how small it is!! it's SMALLER than my cell phone!!!!


whoa... dusty springfield!


okay - i haven't had time to head outside to snap some images, but i took what was in front of me...

eh... looks like i have to get something to dust my keyboard off...

glow in the dark


so i had to hit the electric beach tonight before i meet up with this fella - going to see Big Fish - have heard good things...

(those are my fred flintstone tootsies in the Mega Bed)

January 31, 2004

gigglemom email joke #4

the empty seat at the super bowl

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odie, you're my only hope.

oh bill murray... um... you are nominated for an academy award... but now, i have to ask you one question about your upcoming film:


sweet baby jeezuz.

and while we're at it, hey... Jim Davis ... what the hell were you thinking (besides "holy crap! they're paying me a ton for this!") allowing this monstrousity to be created?

*shaking my head*

the first time i ever got in trouble at school (well, barring the time when i kept poking kevin g. in the ribs when i was in kindergarten during music class and he tattled on me and ms. kaplan made me sit in the sandbox to "learn to be a lady") - the first time was in 7th grade when there was a movie about mallard ducks during science class and i was bored and started drawing Garfield and then Mr. Doyle stopped the movie and yelled "Miss Bennett, go outside in the hall and sit there since you take art more seriously than ducks!"

so i got up out of my seat - shaking the entire time because i never had been yelled at in school before - and there i sat... in the middle of the hall... while the girls known for their black eyeliner and cutting class were walking the halls like they owned them and happened upon me... asking "what're YOU out here for?" - they were almost bonding with me in that "hey, new kid in cell block h" way...

what did i tell them? (still shaking... my eyes watery... sort of hyperventilating...)

i told them was i was in for:

"Drawing", says i.

yep - i was a toughy back then

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employee email #281

The following are all replies that British women have put on Child Support Agency forms in the section for listing father's details: These are genuine excerpts from the forms.

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oh miss van winkle....

so i was supposed to go to the parade meeting today and also clean the house a bit and also hang out with that one guy i met at the fundraiser
anyway, the meetings are at 12:30... around 11am i wasn't feeling so hot - just really tired and such...

so i called said fella and told him i was ill and then i went to take a short nap... that was at 11am...

i woke up at 5:23pm... what the!?

man alive... guess my body just said "enough" and konked out.

of course, i hear from my parade guy (not the one i was supposed to do lunch with) and it turns out that one of the bigwigs in town was at the meeting and showered the website and me with praise and of course, i WASN'T bloody there.




weird thing is... i am still unbelievably tired.


before i forget (because i actually DID forget both morning and evening rabbit rabbit/tibbar tibbar instances on the 1st of the year)

don't forget your rabbit rabbit in the morning!!!

bad boys whatcha gonna do?

okay - so, i tried out my video thang on the new camera tonight as i was driving back from outback (take-out prime ribs)

this is not the most compelling movie - except, it figures that the first time i test out the video.... something happens...

see the video

(yes. i am a jerk who roots for the cops... heh... perhaps it's my 140 mile round trip commute that causes me to act like this... not that this was during my commute... stay tuned for wonderful road rage videos soon!!!!)

but gosh, i love this camera!

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