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February 1, 2004

no privacy...

think there'll be cameras at her funeral? it's sad - i liked the shows she's produced.

less purply though

hmmmm... this sort of reminds me of myself... except i don't have a sumo belt thing

dagnabit, forgot the rabbit

my dog jumped on my head, woke me up and i said something to her and THEN i remembered rabbit rabbit dangit - gotta do the tibbar tibbar tonight

this summer i went swimming...

this isn't pretty. it may take a minute or two to load (seriously, i haven't figured out how to compress stuff).

gosh, i do love my camera... i don't love the angle... i do love loudon wainwright III...

ignore the mistakes in the lyrics and ignore the exorist sort of eyeroll... that was sort of frightening... and the double chin... try to see past that...

*sigh* this camera may be my demise...

oh and ignore the gaping view of the inside of my nostrils

and the vapid stare of a dairy cow i have whilst driving...

and i have to get my brows waxed... and maybe get a facial...

um... and i don't think i will be auditioning for american idol anytime soon... but at least this little gadget gives me making-an-ass-of-myself-potential!

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gigglechick halftime report

hey - real quick...

my favourite commercials so far:

1. Budweiser Clydesdale Donkey Audition. ABSOLUTELY LOVED
2. Bud Light Crotch Dog... KILLED ME
3. Chevy Bar of Soap Holy $#!* ... nicely done!! good chuckle!
4. McDonald's Dryer Sheet - good concept
5. Pepsi - Bear writing check/ID - hearty guffaw
6. Budweiser Referee training/wife screaming - excellent
7. Bud Light Horse Carriage/Gas Candle
8. National Dairy - Cow in sprinkler - Bulls watching

but going through them all (barring a bunch of movie ads...) from coin toss to half:

- Dairy - sprinkler cows - laughed.
- McD's Dryer sheet - as i said good stuff.
- Bud Light after national anthem - blah
- Pizza Hut - muppets. jessica simpson, cute not all that great
- Ford GT. i want one - great tagline "Pace Car for an Entire Company"
- Bud Light - Crotch Dog... excellent!
- Fed Ex - alien - eh, so/so
- Dodge - monkey on back - indifferent
- Pepsi - Bear writing check/ID
- AOL - blah. thought they'd be better
- Bud Light - Cedric/Bikini Wax... funny... but they've done better
- HR Block - Willy Nelson Doll. okay - good twist with Zimmer
- Chevy Aveo. cute with the big guys all tiny inside - but so so
- Budweiser Referee training/wife screaming
- Monster - find the one you dig. eh.
- Sierra Mist - Pipe Band / Air Vent/Kilt... cute
- Levitra - didn't get a rise out of me (ha.)

(good god. p. diddy is up here in the middle of halftime with a knockoff of "oh mickey"...)

back to the ads...

- Bud Clydesdale Donkey Audition - so damned cute i nearly cried :)
- Pepsi - Music Download "fought the law" - very good!
- Mitsubishi - seewhathappens.com - accident avoidance test - eh, whatever - didn't make me run to the website or buy a car
- Bud Light Horse Carriage/Gas Candle - hearty chuckle

(kid rock is sounding kick ass right now)

- Charmin ultra - funny little concept of the snapper/tp sticking out of pants
- Pepsi - monique... cute with the "falling in love" pepsi/sammich montage
- Linux/IBM - Ali shake up the world - not bad
- Visa - snow volleyball... have seen better - the guys may disagree.
- Chevy - Bar of Soap Holy $#!* ad
- Lays - ole folks tripping/dentures. cute. have seen it.
- AOL- stupid scooter blowing up into the air - not enjoying these.
- NFL - inspire us. eh... it was there, it was an ad.

as far as pre-game... i only saw josh groban who sang beautifully (except that moon/astronaut was a little tacky given the day - same with the nasa thing aerosmith was doing)

beyonce actually didn't lipsync - or at least it didn't look like it - did a good job...

oh good christ - justin timberlake is on here... i swear if the "surprise guest" turns out to be effing michael jackson in a second i hope both teams come out and pummel him....

*whew* okay - halftime is over - going back down.

post-game report...

congrats Pats!

(i've been a pats fan since 1992... but a eensy teensy part of me - even as i sit here in my minuteman logo sweatshirt - was sorta rooting for carolina... sorta - only because the numbers in my grid were making me root that way... oh well)

anyway - the ads in the second half of the game weren't all that great - some were okay... the shardsoglass.com (truth) ad and the pepsi hendrix one was the stand out in this half for me.

(see all the ads here at iFilm)

- NFL - "Tomorrow" ad - "as of tomorrow we'll all be undefeated" - i liked it
- sierra mist - guy and dog jumping off balcony into drink
- bud light - talking monkey hitting on girl... cute - not as good as 1st half
- staples - supply manager mob guy... funny...
- cialis - erectile dysfunction - works for 36 hours... um...yikes.
- gillette mach 3 - nice imagery, not all that spectacular though
- cadillac convertible (crossroads/desert) i want one.
- budweiser - "not mine" lipstick... cute
- bud - designated drive "must be tough to be..." very good
- mastercard - simpsons priceless - nice guffaw.
- aol. god these sucked
- nextel - dale earnhardt jr... football... stupid
- bud - young girls no ID... decent
- truth.com - shardsoglass.com - fantastic!
- 7up - million dollar slam dunk - pretty funny
- pepsi - hendrix guitar vs. accordian store "whew, that was a close one" very clever!

February 2, 2004

the superbowl half-bra show

this is what beri has to say about janet skankho jackson and justa trousersnake's little performance during the halftime show:


what skeezeballs... it was so staged. nice rip-away boobcover, janet... looks like you have just as much regard for kids [who might be watching the superbowl] as your brother michael does.


it's a fricking pastie - or, well, it's not so much "pasted" on than clamped on... (see below because i don't feel like nipplizing my site more than i have already)

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happy groundhog's day everyone!!!

(he saw his danged shadow)

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employee email #282

"man of the house"

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flipped car/median


another accident (this image is a bit blurry because i was kinda close to these folks and it just happened, no cops yet - and some woman was screaming in the middle of the road - so i snapped and drove off without really aiming or holding still - i promise to do better next time (and there, unfortunately, will be a next time - hell, this is the garden state parkway we're talking about...

breathe, woman, breathe!

dooce is ready to evict her child from the womb (good luck, lady!)

February 3, 2004

half & half

Your Brain Usage Profile

Auditory : 35%
Visual : 64%
Left : 50%
Right : 50%

find out what your side is here.

[link snagged blatantly from j-mo]

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i don't speak spanish, but...

i am sure the translation for this video is:

"holy crap, you could never get me to go climbing. man, that's gotta smart!"

(or something to that effect)

dean-o... fantastic-o

oh allah... dean-o #8

dean-o #9...



this is why i like the redheads.

that time of year... again.

so i have to get my taxes done. nothing spectacular, nothing like the hassle from last year, have only NJ taxes this year and 1 receipt (never have had a receipt/deduction before) for the new computer...

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driving hazard

i was fooling around with an extended open shutter - this is the union toll plaza... oh so much fun at 7pm in icy rain

my commute
crazy rave toll
psycho speedometer
normal tollbooth. not that interesting.

hey. i was stuck in traffic for a couple of hours. whaddya want?

February 4, 2004

damned groundhog


effing black effing ice.

i walked out of the house with mom this morning, each of us going to our respective cars and she no sooner had said "watch out for the black ice" than...

[insert wobbly fred flintstone feet noise here]

my legs flew out from under me and seemed to run in mid-air as i then landed on my tailbone...

didn't spill my coffee though (okay - so it's a travel mug, no big feat)

i laid there on the ice for about 45 seconds in pain. mom was trying not to fall and tried to help me up... the hour and a half commute sitting on said tailbone sucked...

the worst thing? i have a chick doctor appointment at 12:30 today...

winter hates me because i was born on the first day of summer

getting my ass into the stirrups is going to hurt like a !@(*#&*$

employee email #283

Corporate Lessons...

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mocking is a sincere form of flattery

heh. this is what i get for singing in the car and videotaping it....

good ol' johnny theo has swooped in and created my duet with mike myers, dana carvey and queen ....

nice one (and it's now only a teeny 1.7mb)

one pill makes you smaller

so went to the chick doc today and i asked him what's new on the "pill market" and he said there's one out there that helps one lose (or just not gain) weight...

Katherine de Vos, a health educator at Duke University in Durham, N.C., says she was so struck by the number of "students coming in and saying 'I want this pill' " that she switched to it herself. She has since lost 20 pounds.

i am now the proud owner of a sample (and a prescription) of Yasmin 28


*sigh* another accident/issue/event on the garden state parkway...
(here's the very short clip of it... this was taken before the schmuck to the left of me started honking - don't they realize i have to post this stuff on my site!?)


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February 5, 2004

warm tax shelter

okay - so i am not going to my "usual" accountant - not that i've ever met anyone in that office in person - it's always been me mailing in a packet to them... no receipts, no questions, nothing... and i've gotten money back, no bells or whistles though...

anyway - i've thought about it, i am not going to oujo - i shouldn't have gone to them anyway if i were to base it on their website - in fact i offered them my web services last year and they said they were redesigning... um... it's the same horrid schlock as when i called.)

and based on my frustrating phone call with H&R Block the other day, i think i am done with going to them - as i said about 4 years ago...

anyway, my friend here at work gave me the name of her guy over on staten island. yes. i am crossing over and going to The Rock (as ex-GSB called it) to get the taxes done.

i called there to get the soonest appointment.... ...

a month and a half away...

but according to melissa, it is well worth it... like reeeeally well worth it AND is legit... seriously... i have to gather every receipt in the world and last year's w-2's...

where the hell did i put my w-2's? i hope they aren't in the storage unit.

*sigh*march 26th at 7:30pm

nice going, Slick.

dammit. there's been an oil spill over here - from sea bright to brick... about a hundred gulls & loons are oily or dead. they interviewed a guy i used to work with at carlson's corner (larry ross).


apprentice (#4)

still lovin' troy and nick....

still hatin' mega-biotch and crack-skank

February 6, 2004



friday night at the dog pictures.



yep - took Beri to the dog cleaner (also known as the groomer) today - she got a fancypants bow slapped in her hair and now she can see :)

i have to get up early and head to a parade meeting... then kerry and i are heading to get our pedicures/manicures for florida

February 7, 2004

it figures

3 hours before my manicure, i bust 3 nails 2 of which are torn below the quick. lovely. ow. dang. stupid nails.


yeah. it's a blurry shot. you can't really see the tear. but believe me... it's there. looks like i am gonna get them to slap some silk wrap on it & krazy glue the bejeezuz outta it.

fancypants magee



February 8, 2004

sunday's a day of rest?


SOUTH BELMAR N.J. � 2 P.M. to 6P.M.
$6.00 ADVANCE � AT DOOR $9.00

mornin'. so i am up early. it's gonna be a full day - this morning i have a communion breakfast at doolan's honoring joe finn... following that, a few of us are heading to Kelly's to grab a "beverage" or two before the fundraiser at Bar A....

February 9, 2004



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believe it or not, this was taken about half an hour into the fundraiser :)

hockey movie wasn't hokey

oh heck i forgot - on saturday night i went and saw Miracle...

i absolutely loved it!

kurt russell was fantastic and mother of pearl the hockey guys who were playing the kids on the team, *whew*.... well, let's just say i they were keeping the hot side hot and the ice side cool - no idea what exactly that means but damn, they's some fine skaters... heh.

of course, i was watching it and i couldn't help but have a fleeting thought in my head that said, "damn. the GSB� would love this flick..." and then tried to stifle that thought by taking a swig of my lake michigan sized coke.

of course, if i had internet access during the movie i would have opted to play this game to deal with my feelings

[link snagged blatantly from the go fish]

a little something...

oh cheese and rice! this may be the worst show ever....

and yet... you know i will watch it.

how's your aorta?

oh yeah - it's getting close to "that" time of year again...

so be prepared...

February 10, 2004

late night optimizing!

just finished posting 70 photos from the fundraiser on sunday - go check 'em out (there're 2 pages )

food coma.

good gawd. so much for attempting to fit into a bathing suit this saturday...
we just had a potluck for one of the guys here at work who is moving to atlanta...

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"They'll live in some sort of chick pad, watch 'Dr. Phil,' take the Cosmo quiz and make sure they don't keep the toilet seat up."

sweet mary, mother of gawd.

caterwauling gone awry

this is why i sing alone in my car where no one else can hear me.

here to eternity

okay so, mapquest says it's:
Total Est. Time: 22 hours, 33 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 1389.58 miles

marathon key, here we come (in 3 days)

... it's that 908.7 mile merge onto I-95 South that may kill me.

February 11, 2004

a call for help (mt...)

okay - i downloaded the MT 2.66 upgrade - i am a bit nervous as to upgrading though... even though i need to. see, quinn set me up with MT a couple of years ago and i am grateful...

anyone wanna help me figure out how to do this - before i head to florida - because i wanna upgrade so that i can slap audblogs up directly through mt (i've had audblogs in the past which have just gone to a blogger site i created and i moved them over manually - and since i won't be online at all... this will sort of ease my blogging addiction a bit if i can yap to my site...)

help me with MT so i don't have the DT's!!!!

email me!

February 12, 2004

am i back?

okay - so right now i am testing out what this does to my site - first rich attempted to help me yesterday and i thank him...

but if this works, QUINNMACDONALD is the most fantastic human on the face of the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

crossing fingers that this works...



here goes!




so this whole upgrade fiasco started because i wanted to be able to blog via audblog - and the damned thing wasn't kicking in...

now it's saying my rsd.xml file is effed...

anyone - can you help me today!?!

it's the end of Karbie...

sad news for Valentine's Day...

that... that.... hussie.... that... that... trollop.... although i always did think that ken used her as a beard....

stinking audblog...

apparently i still can't set up audblog - mainly because i think i have to install:

(update 12am/ 02.13.04: nevermind. all is swell)

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audio post powered by audblog

Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog

audio post powered by audblog

Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog


thank gawd! audblog is up and running as y'all can see... so this gives me another outlet where i can now sound like a jackass... and i also purchased a few more audblog posts - so i have 23 beautiful chances to whine in the car, sing buffett songs drunkenly in key west, attempt to do a play-by-play of me reeling a huge marlin (or tuna) in from my cousin's boat... and god only knows what else...

can't wait to get the hell outta dodge!

gotta go to bed now.

February 13, 2004

the weather is here....


feel free to comment all week since i can get my email via my cell phone :) won't write ya' back because it's a godawful tiny cell and a pain in the heiney to type on it... but say hey!

the first leg...

Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog


February 14, 2004

hola from south of the border!

Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog


waffling with a crappy accent

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February 15, 2004

"it's absolutely effin' frickin' gorgeous down here"

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February 16, 2004

drunk girl singin' & getting tan

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February 17, 2004

one of the keys... and you aren't here.

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February 18, 2004

pool & pie

Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog

a big red bulbous mass

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February 19, 2004

porgies and grout!?

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February 20, 2004

the fat leg back...

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February 21, 2004

"florida is one long ass mother effin' state"

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na na na nanana NOOOOOO!

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god make the drive stop. please?

Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog

welcome home! i missed me!

hey there!! look who's home! look who's tired as sin! look who needs a shower and a alcohol-riddled beverage!

yep. tis i.

i got in around 5:45pm amazingly enough... mom had cooked up beef stew - and i gave out souveniers... then i had to catch up on a few tv shows... then i tried to crop a couple of the 250 photos i took - notice that i think i did 5 so far.

stay tuned - this week is gonna be a loooong week with the FL trip photos, the parade fundraiser photos and not to mention (but i will) i have to create and code a site for work so that it's live by friday...

nothing like reality bitch-slapping me in the skull as i get home, eh!?

so i am here. the weather is there. the sunburn is subsiding and i want to go to the tanning salon in the morning :)

i am grabbing some shut-eye!!!

February 22, 2004

raising funds....

me_wacky1.jpghey all! so, let's see - we had the fundraiser at the boathouse today - a lot of fun....

met quite a few fellas today... an interesting lot... one that i've had a crush on for 3 years who i'd never gotten the gumption to yap to til tonight - and still most likely no chance in hell because i hid behind my camera... then um... there was a guy who was kinda cute and we started talking... and um... well... eh... he's 23.

twenty effing three

not for nothing, i fricking failed algebra back in high school, but i am pretty sure that's a ten year bloody difference... and he's called me 5 times since 8pm.

could this be a boy toy? could i have a legitimate local stalker (*as opposed to all y'all stalkers that i have out there)

it could be interesting. although i still like the guys who are my age or older... although i could definitely teach the kid a thing or two... *ahem*

oh and then i met a couple of guys (brock brock *sic*) and one actually has a site... so check out gleny.com and say hey to the guy on the right... the guy on the left was pretty cute in my opinion :)

anyway - man alive - i so don't wanna go back to work tomorrow after having the week off. *sigh* i'd better hit the damned hay.

February 23, 2004

big news

his name was john!

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lousy bloody day back in the office. i am fed up.

a better office...

hmmmm... very strange... i was checking out my wish list and it said that someone purchased The Office complete first series for me -- i thank you whoever you are... did it say that the package arrived? if so, i must admit, it never made it to my door...

who's this kind & gentle stalker who bought me this!?

February 24, 2004

hello.... gigglechick's on the air!

holy crap! so i was driving to work this morning and listening to the Big Show on WPLJ (95.5 fm up here in the tri-state area) when they announced that they needed a logo for this event, yadda yadda yadda...

they were like "well, we don't have any money - but if anyone can help us out, give us a call"

BAM! on my cell phone in a flash... and for some reason, i got through...

there i was yapping away as Erin from gigglechick.com... yep... got a massive plug on the radio this morning...

thank you guys!! and welcome to all of y'all who've come here from plj!!!

(read up on my site - it gets better - if not a bit whiny - in my archives! and feel free to leave some comments...)

logo... golf... radio (part II)

that logo thing is for a golf outing/charity event... hmmm... time to break out the clubs and resurrect my golf site, huh!? seeing as the last i posted to it was nearly a year ago...

perchance to dream (eh...)


of course, if i win the logo contest, i would win 2 spaces on the course... and have the potential to meet this inspiring young man, bradley p. blanks ...

February 25, 2004

ashes. cellphones. they all fell down.

so it's ash wednesday... as i was trying to figure out where i can get my ashes at - since i've moved i don't have a city church at my disposal... up north you could just walk in at any time - now i have to find a mass, etc...

anyway... as i said, i was trying to think of where to go to get ashes and all f a sudden my cell phone fell off of my desk... i wasn't near the thing.

it's broken - the screen has sharp edges now... but... um... will i possibly go to Hell if i had it fixed now?


of course, i had given up cursing for Lent and this brought out a few choice words. dagnabit.

nice ash!


this one is a tad smaller a schmear than last year's ashes ...

February 26, 2004

luck & cocktails

so, my friend fred (at work) has flown up to vermont to get hitched on saturday... [a wedding wedding... not a civil union]

i wish him the best!

just got home from my boss' birthday shindig up in montclair at the diva lounge ... had a couple of mohitos...

February 27, 2004

do NOT go in there!

okay - so i just went to the ladies' room here at the office

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save the pinata...

for the love of all that is holy.

join the People for the Ethical Treatment of Pinatas

[snagged blatantly from solonor]

grab yer pipe!

thanks to "Kathy in San Diego" for enlightening me to the clip found here...

(i can't believe it's one week til the st. pat's parade)

oh... and by the way - this is the website that i cranked out over the past 2 days... it just went live at 5pm...

below is what it used to look like - there were a ton of pages that were only images... IMAGES... they didn't code anything the idiots who did it previously... just created huge ass images... here are only a few... didn't want to make your eyes bleed

old homepage
some crappy interior page
the muck keeps on coming...

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February 28, 2004


just got home from the parade meeting - the thing starts at 12:30pm... ends at 1pm-ish and then there's the bar downstairs...

so, yapping with bob (a man in his fifties i am assuming) - a swell egg - he's yapping with me and then springs the ol' "you should come to ireland with me and charlie next october in 95... you'd be a pisser~!" - don't worry, it's not like that, both of their wives are kick ass ladies... they just dig me and the ol' personality

while i would love to go to ireland - i am already MOST LIKELY going next march (for the st. patrick's day parade to march with the first all-women's group to ever be invited to march - the women of irish heritage jersey shore chapter) - plus i don't think they could handle my carousing through the pubs :)


February 29, 2004

happy leap day!

i won't post anything on this day for another 4 years.

twin cirrhosis

well, since the st. pat's season is in full gear - and there's a fundraiser tomorrow (today actually) - i snagged this alcohoroscope link from solonor:

Gemini Drinking style:
Geminis can drink without changing their behavior much -- they're so naturally chatty and short-attention-spanned that it's just hard to tell sometimes.

They can amaze you by conversing with finesse and allusions, then doing something to belie an extremely advanced state of intoxication, like puking in your shoe.

Geminis possess the magic ability to flirt successfully (and uninfuriatingly, which is very tricky) with several people at once.

They like to order different cocktails every round -- repetition is boring -- and may create a theme (like yellow drinks: beer, sauvignon blanc and limoncello) for their own amusement.

... eh... heh they've got me spot on.

g'mornin', sadie hawkins!

happy sadie hawkins day... hmmmm there may be a prospect at the fundraiser today...


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um... come on... am i being punk'd?

so, lucky me, i received a "wink" today on match.com from this guy


i'd best not talk smack about him, since he could kick my ass and get all jackie chan on me

horsey. love him.

i love david horsey illustrations...

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well hello there!

hot damn! i met me a 29 year old FDNY guy with reddish (red enough) hair!

he's supposed to call this week - we'll see. we'll see.

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