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March 1, 2004

good day sans rabbits

helloooooooooo!!! let's recap the day...

i woke up and the first words out of my mouth were "Beri you're crazy!" as she jumped on my head!

so it's a "Tibbar, Tibbar" evening tonight...

spent the day ogling a photo... erm... i mean photos from yesterday... oh and i worked on stuff too...

nothing really spectacular - applied for another loan and got it in 1 hour - so that was good...

then i walked in the door this evening and what was waiting for me? what what?

seabiscuit that glorious horse! well, okay, not the actual horse... and not the fantabu book.... but the dvd!!

THANK YOU, MICHAEL!!! (not my usual sugar-daddy michael from IL... but this is Michael from VA)

thank you!!!

[now this will be added to my horse racing movie collection - i see a theme here ]

my uncle emailed me this today... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - i got 147...

March 2, 2004

kicking the monkey's arse!


what a feeling of relief that's swept over me...

as of this afternoon, i have paid off every bill that has crossed the threshold of my mailbox...

now all i have to contend with is the loan that i took out - which is fine... no big deal, have the payment plans broken up into delectible bite-size chunks...

it's not like i owed $87,923 or anything crazy like that - more like $1,400... no big whoop...

the slate is nice and shiny now... am clapping the erasers as we speak!

March 3, 2004

photos! irish! fundraiser!

just finished posting the photos from this past sunday's fundraiser ... man alive! i am tired!

the building that cried "fire!"

good christ. i think my one lung has collapsed.

we just had a "fire emergency" here... of course, every idiot in front of me was moving all sluggish... at this point i would have been burned to an effing crisp.

made it only 3 floors down - in 5 min. - seriously, come on. at that point it wasn't a drill... big blaring "whoop whoop" and flashing lights in the office said that it was not a drill...

and i was behind a 450 pound woman taking up the entire staircase - i don't wanna come across as insensitive, but MOVE IT THE HELL ALONG!!! i was not cramming into her though - even though this guy i work with was whining that he's gonna push someone and slide down the railing (nice. um. that tells you a lot about a person's demeanor) anyway....

started at the 9th floor. made it to the 6th when a "eh.... sorry.... that was a false alarm" is broadcast over the speakers...

while that's great and all - the elevators were now at the C level and probably packed with folks... so we walked back up.

here's the sad thing.

i am incredibly winded. seriously. i think it's from second-hand smoking 4 packs of menthols a day. eh... not to mention my shoes weren't exactly condusive to walking in... eh... oh... and while i am not 450 lbs., i am still outta shape.

anyone have any oxygen?

happiness at it's finest!

oh joy! oh rapture! oh family guy!!!

March 4, 2004

apres work...

so... tonight after work, i get to meet up with mr. seabiscuit-dvd-giver, mike... heading into hoboken - haven't been in that town in many many many months - pre-move.

looking forward to it!


so the cafeteria had a "pasta station" today - where they whip up whatever you want right then and there...

so i got these weird shell sorta pasta things, they look like the old Quisp cereal... anyway - got that with chicken, broccoli, peas and alfredo sauce...

now i feel sick... ate way too much. still have 1/4 of the pasta left.... keep eyeballing it as if one more bite won't kill me... of course, each time i give in and take a bite (because it's good) i feel ill.

someone take my dish away... i'm like a dog when i eat... eat til i feel morbidly obese and as if i want to buy a stomach pump.

mmmmmm.... morbidly obese... just the look i was going for when i meet this bloke tonight

pasta is not my friend

good lord - carbo-loading has made me sluggish - i am ready to pass out at my desk right now - the weather is not exactly helping either.... rainy/mucky...


abc.... cake

okay - feeling only slightly obese at the moment - although we had cake for paula here at work who's moving on...

in the meantime... i present you with:

the movie alphabet game

[snagged ever-so blatantly from michele]


weird search on google that someone did and it led to my site:

angry leprechaun love

March 5, 2004

meeting a stalker :)

i met mike last night at the lovely texas-arizona.... or shall i say, outside... then it was off to mcswiggan's for a couple of pints... yap yap yap...

food at East LA... my chicken fajitas didn't come on the crazy sizzle plate. bastards. of course, after reading the reviews, i don't know why we went there... see, a few pubs i do know of in hoboken, yes... eating establishments... not so much. i usually just went into nyc for decent food.

but seeing as i was the only one who'd ever stepped foot in the mile square town, i suggested both.

yadda yadda yadda...

as i was driving home on the turnpike i slapped my forehead and said "Crap! you had your camera there and forgot to take a bloody picture!"


i say doc-tah!

hmmmm... so here at the office, one girl lost 14 lbs on atkins, another lost 35 pounds in 3 months, my boss has lost about 22lbs and my other boss has lost about 30...

okay. i give. i will do this atkins you speak of...

just, i will start on march 18.

come on... there's no way guinness won't be imbibed by me between now and then...

or potatoes.

or crazy hangover comfort food.

march 18th-ish... carb free in month oh-three

the devil's phone service

Dear sprintpcs,

i would like to thank you for charging me out the ass for service which sucks. when i am inside a building - even if it's a makeshift manifesto-writing type of shack, i rarely get service. thank you for freaking the hell out of me by sending your bill and adding on the next two months service fees that i don't have to pay, but you thought you could slide it in under the radar and i wouldn't notice. i also would love to say a hearty thanks for your crapola text messaging feature... on the rare occasion when i text someone, the service always seems to go on the fritz for about 7 hours and said person i was texting thinks i haven't responded because i was being rude and now all hell's breaking loose.

for this, dearest Sprint-effing-p-effing-c-effing-s, i thank you.

All the best -

Erin Bennett

sprint PatheticCrappySucks
sprint PCASS

hey angel.... NICE ASS!

so, my parade pal, gleny.com, has a few delightful and ethereal photos on his site...go... enjoy the splendor of gleny.com....

say hey to him and leave a comment or two...

martha inc.arcerated

kinda was rooting for her ... not totally, but kinda.

in any event, anytime i can break out this image, i am happy :)

March 6, 2004

200 somethin' photos!

i should be asleep right now. but i've had a bee in my bonnet put there by gleny that i should use fotki...

behold... the florida trip photos... feel free to comment on that site :)

there's a bathing suit shot of me in there somewhere...

(you've been warned.)

mornin' sunshine...

was up way late captioning all 185 florida trip photos - meanwhile, i have the investiture mass for the parade at 10am...

heading over to jude's - she got us corsages... no idea if joe's getting us sashes saying "parade committee" or not...

it'd be nice...

i'd like mine to say "parade webmistress"

bloody tired

*whew* dog-tired and the parade is tomorrow!

had the investiture mass which was absolutely lovely - had to walk up with the committee - got a medal and a corsage... very nice... had a heart attack because the pipes and drums started up right behind me and scared the hell out of me.

the luncheon was really swell... note i am not getting into details at the moment - because i am way too tired to even type.

line-up meeting - eh.... trying to figure out what the heck is going on...

drinks at the friendly sons... i love those folks.

shopped for one more green shirt.
bought a new lipstick
yapped with my stalker via IM
went food shopping. now i am off to eat my french bread pizza...

March 7, 2004


thank god, it's BEAUTIFUL out!!!

my dogs are barkin'

what a great day!!!!! here are some photos (be sure to check out the last one)

March 8, 2004

monday mornin'

as i said - had a great time - by the time i was done with working the parade, half my friends left the bars - and went home - although a few came back out and went to the fsos... ran into my ex-bill (redhead) - as seen in the photos ...

working from home today - and it figures, having trouble getting into the company's network. arrrrgh

pat on the back.

i would like to congratulate myself for being the 3500th commentor on this site.

knock at the door!


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get the door...

okay... for the first time in 4 years i called dominos...

half pineapple/half plain

the damned pizza was barely cooked. i like the cheese to have a little brown going on... but no.

ate a couple of slices. now tummy's all kindza crazy on me...

had one slice of pineapple. got my craving taken care of for the next 8 years.

parade photos!

gleny.com has kick ass photos of the parade - helluvalot more than i do (since i was WORKING the thing and had a clipboard, radio, pen, cellphone, water in hand and was checking off the line of march)

i can be found in the tailgating series 1... they are, eh, lovely photos :)

March 9, 2004

highs and lows

so i made an appointment for this saturday to get highlights... and for the first time ever, lowlights...

just as long as i never have to hear an ex-boyfriend say to me on parade day:

"you know i love you so much, there's always been something between us, erin, i've never loved anyone as much as you even though we broke up ten years ago and... hey, what the hell? you've got a lot of gray hairs on the top of your head!"

and he wonders why we aren't together...



well. there's 3 for ya'

Robert Pastorelli (overdose / suicide?) - who happened to share my birthday.

Paul Winfield - (heart attack)

Spalding Gray - (suicide)

March 10, 2004


have a women of irish heritage meeting/st. pat's shindig this evening... have to leave work at 5pm to get down there on time...arrrrgh...

blog it forward!

BIFbutton.jpg today is blog it forward day - let's see, having never officially "Blogged it Forward" because i had to (more because i've either snagged a link or saw something funny on a site) - here goes:

german for beginners - not only is his name the same as mr. moonguy, but he promised to write "For a good time: gigglechick.com" in the men's room of a local irish pub in germany that he frequents :)

missgleny.com - the other half of gleny.com... check mesha out, she seems to be a cool chick...

hmmm... i will throw the love around once more today... where oh where should it land?

royal rodent - yep, i'm in the mood to throw the cheese to the rat today...

tell 'em gigglechick made ya' schlep over there!

top o' the mornin'

so i had to send oout an announcement to the exec team here - they're having a meeting next week in nyc -- and taking the day off on st. pat's day to celebrate...

here's the image i used in the email...

i am meeting them and a few others over at PJ Clarke's that morning - will be there all day... so whoever's around town, stop in and say hello!!!!

March 11, 2004

the reviews are in...

the parade was a success... (so says the coast star :)

nothing personal. just business.

holy hell. okay - here's the skinny, i was looking at the front page reader ads on the coast star and this boob here placed an ad for his web business.

eh... so... now i have to seriously get cracking on a redesign of my portfolio site because this kid is now horning in on my territory.

i thought it'd only be fair of me to write him an email saying:

"Hi there. Not for nothing, but you really ought to spell check your website."

why i don't know - should have let people see his site and have the slack-jawed look of horror and disbelief (like i did) at the spelling errors that were in 16pt type on his homepage - not to mention in the dropdown menus - and the "sites" that were designed by him...

and in doing a little more investigative work, it seems that only one of the sites is legit (or actually isn't his other business or a friend of his.) i have to let it go and focus on my own site.

bloody hell. i've been putting the "free" in freelance for far too long.


so i received a reply from Spellman Perrellin (otherwise known as the idiot with the website in the previous post)

he states:

Thaks I noticed a bunch of spelling mistakes - all corrected

Thaskn again"

this time i didn't reply. dude, it's STRATEGIC. oh and on your "Logo's" page... what exactly are your logos possessing?

at least he got rid of the navigation saying "Letterhesd" and "Advertizing"

good gravy.

if i were a client of his, there's no way in hell i would pay this amount for weekly updates... unless there was a spellcheck involved.



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p.m.s. (pathetic misspellings)

random IM... wrong time to contact me buddy.

Pcarene [10:42 PM]: I see your a web designer, do you also offer hosting?

GigglechickHA [10:48 PM]: no. i am strictly design. i do know of a great web hosting company if needed

GigglechickHA [10:49 PM]: oh i see you already are a web host. then, why would you ask if i offer it?

Pcarene [10:49 PM]: No!! Im offering people who do web design

Pcarene [10:49 PM]: a chance to become the own web hosting company free

GigglechickHA [10:50 PM]: ah. see, my hosting company is about a buck cheaper than yours and you get a lot more for your money than you are offering

Pcarene [10:51 PM]: No you dont get it, You becaomse you own hosting company, its free, and you offer hosting to other people

GigglechickHA [10:51 PM]: learn how to spell and maybe i will reconsider - but at this time i am not interested.

Pcarene [10:52 PM]: You can have web hosting for only $40 a year with free domain

GigglechickHA [10:52 PM]: no thank you.

Pcarene [10:52 PM]: Click here, open your own hosting company free Click there and find out more

GigglechickHA [10:52 PM]: no thank you. (as i said already)

in other news...

oh, other than the spelling error crap, i had a great day - busy but great... and i also realized that i still can hyperventilate (only slightly though) when i am on the phone with a fella i like

i am a donut.

god, i needed this tonight. go ahead, take it. and y'all better be fuhrers.

Grammar FuhrerYou are the grammar Fuhrer. All bow to your
authority. You will crush all the inferior people under the soles of your jackboots, and any who question your motives will be eliminated. Your punishment is being the bane of every other person's existence, because you're constantly contradicting stupidity. Everyone will be gunning for you. Your dreams of a master race of spellers and grammarians frighten the masses. You must always watch your back. If only your power could be used for good instead of evil.

What is your grammar aptitude?
brought to you by Quizilla

*** update: 12:51am ***
oh yeah, and thanks to kate, i am now up way too late playing weboggle

March 12, 2004

sunday sunday sunday!

so, am working from the office today... even though it's quite windy out and around 48 degrees, i can smell a hint of spring in the air...

t-minus 22 hours til my hair's all lit up with the high and low lights

sunday - jersey city parade - i will be hanging out at PJ Ryan's (172 First Street
Jersey City) getting there somewhere around 3 or 3:30ish... possibly staying til 6... it's in the hands of the committee

supposed to possibly meet-up with ex-rhb and also this fella brendan who i met at mcsorley's about 7 years ago - we'll see... either way, it's gonna be a great time because the parade committee is walking in the parade and then we've been invited for "beverages" at the Loew's Theater in journal square... then we're to head over to PJ Ryan's... we've got a van all lined up to take us to and fro - gotta meet them in belmar on sun. morning at 10am...

7 years i lived in jersey city, not once did i go to the parade... now that i moved, i am marching in it.


March 13, 2004


okay - so i've done dishes and some laundry today - and am bloody well addicted to weboggle now...dammit.

have the hair thing at 1pm - so should be leaving around 12:30... even though i wanted to go for a quick zap at the tanning salon at noon...

a lot more cleaning to do in the meantime...


have i ever mentioned that i hate cleaning?

who has gray hairs?!

IMG_0934-th.jpg got the hair done! loving it! got the highlights, but also got the lowlights and the lows are thin pieces of auburn that you can see really well in the light...

anyway - i took photos... here are a few from the salon and then me doing the "sassoon swish"

and the auburn... well, i figure if i can't date a redhead, i'll join them.


March 14, 2004


hmmmm... interesting late night phone call.

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March 15, 2004



we drove up (8 of us) in the suburban and marched the mile and a half in the jersey city parade... i got to carry the banner (as you can see)

afterwards we went to the Loew's theater for about 20 min. and then drifted down to PJ Ryan's... where i took a few photos...

ran into old family friends tommy and robby (now they want me to call them tom and rob. whatever. i won't)

then the rhb� showed up (as planned at 3am... heh) and it was good to see him... been a little while...

i was planning on working from home today but i think i am gonna do that on thursday since wednesday may be a rough go of it. so i am heading into the office this morning - gonna hop in the shower and get all gussied up...

small steps

interesting... saw an ad on the teevee for smallstep.gov

the page where they have a ton of "steps" to getting healthy is pretty good

although, #1. Walk to work. - eh, don't know if i can walk 70 miles to and 70 miles fro without being late to work...

web envy

my buddy johnnystorm is in the process of redesigning his website/portfolio...

is it wrong of me to want to steal his idea? :P

* it's a work in progress, but for now, double click on the menu items to launch the stuff

happy (almost) st. pat's!

the big day is almost here!

and what better way to celebrate than with some guinness...advertisements!!

St. Patrick's Day Morning!

St. Patrick's Day Shopping!

March 16, 2004


and... it's snowing at the moment. just in time for the commute. joy.

where i work is supposed to get 6 - 12 inches.

where i live is supposed to get 1 - 3 inches.

that should tell you the distance i have to travel, huh?

el burpo

having a taco bell grilled chicken stufft burrito and a bean & cheese burrito for lunch may prove to be one of my more unfortunate decisions that i've made in my life.

st. pat's check list

items i have to pack to go into the city tomorrow (will be at pj clarke's by 11:30am):

• green, black & orange sharpie markers. (see last year)
• flask filled with jamesons or tullemore dew.
• camera
• extra camera batteries
• cell phone
• lipstick
• identification & money
• spare underwear

March 17, 2004

the high holy day!!!!



(today is the day when i get to hear about 150 guys - who think they are witty - say to me "Erin Go Braghless!")

have a fantastic time today! stay safe and drunk :P

March 18, 2004

we've got a piper down!

hey hey i am home! fun day!!! photos later - in the meantime - some of my pipers got hurt in savannah i found out this evening...

the guy i am holding onto in this photo (from the parade committee - is in the pipe band that was struck - he was okay though...)

hope they are all okay - word on the street has it that they are... but still.... my poor pipers... those are the guys from monmouth county pipes and drums... not to be confused with my jersey shore shillelagh fellas

proof of life!

i've got photos!!!!! check 'em out here!


that's cathy with me (she gave me my kick ass sunglasses!! thank you!!) this is her first appearance on the site - first time she's given me the okay with posting a photo... so welcome her! :)

i brought my green & black pens... and a lot of charm with me to draw on folks :P


(might take a few extra seconds to load...)


okay... boycott H&R Block.

yeah. you heard me. no one should go there. ever.

i hadn't in a handful of years... and i went back and refreshed my memory as to why i will NEVER EVER GO THERE AGAIN.......

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win/win situation

oh, by the way, some guy at pj clarke's said to me "i'll give you $20 if you kiss my friend here"

the guy he pointed to was pretty damned cute!

so i made out and i made $20...

yep. now i am officially a hooker.... with a heart of gold.

(it was about a 3 second kiss. not a crazy makeout session, thanks)

we've got the pipers up

so, john shabe has a link to a story about the pipers ("we've got a piper down") and there's a very nice image of the fella that i made out with back in january

anyway... the savannah story is here... the photo i speak of that's enlarged is here

(he's the one with the shirt half-buttoned and dialing his cellphone)

*update on the update: just spoke with one of the band members - none of those who were hit were pipers... no piper down. just drummers... really must have made quite a thud. oh, and the reason why there's a lack of clothing on the fella is because he used his undershirt for the head wound guy

March 19, 2004

flaky in the AM

on top of not wanting to die on the roads, i have a sore throat. screw this i am working from home... i am in the "heavy band of snow" AND did anyone else in the area just hear the thundersnow and see lightning~?!?




so, my poor gigglemom had a huge toothache yesterday - usually she fights through the pain, but around 3pm she called to tell me she had to leave work and go to the dentist...

she got home around 7.

poor gigglemom had the first part of a 3 part root canal...


so, she's loopy on the pain killers right now and snoozing... poor kid.


wow - robert pastorelli... who died a week ago or so - he lived in sea girt (which is about 5 miles away) - hadn't realized it. now he's buried in the same cemetery as my nana and poppy.

here's to you...

this is the special request and dedication hour...

this one's a long distance dedication going out to johnnytheo.com

keep your feet on the ground and your head in the stars... or what the hell's kasem say? keep your head in the clouds and your feet in the tub.... no, that's not it.... keep your feet behind your ears and your head up your ass.... that certainly doesn't sound right... eh...

i'll just let casey stick to the dedications... in the meantime, go say hey to johnnytheo.com.....


okay - it's so NOT done... but i needed something springy - what with it snowy outside and spring equinox is coming early this saturday morning... i have to code the internal pages and archives, so bear with me...

March 20, 2004

money money money...

toying with the idea of heading down to atlantic city today... possibly to the borgata (i liked it there) - or the hilton (not a fan of it there - but got a bunch of stuff from them in the mail) - or my old tried and true standby, harrah's marina... haven't been there in a while actually...

hmmmm... i think we might go to one of the trump casinos... i feel that we've been watching the apprentice a lot this season, so there's a good vibe there - and maybe there'll be a poster of nick hanging somewhere :)

of course, hopefully i will post something tomorrow morning saying i won $3million or something... that'd be swell...

wish me luck!

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March 21, 2004

damn you, donald trump

and your fancy pants tactics in sucking in a gambling addict...

[insert image of erin shaking fist at enlarged photo of the donald]

i haven't slept in over 24 hours.

i was up. i had won about $600 on slots, $800 on roulette (my cruel mistress)
note the operative word is "was"

gigglechick stayed too long at the dance.


what?! what?!

just finished watching the sopranos and the new series "deadwood" on hbo... gotta tell ya' really liked deadwood!

more pressing matter (besides the moths flying out of my wallet at this moment):

bec commented earlier about my site having a cameo on the msnbc tech special... anyone see this? haven't seen this with my own eyes yet (and my stats haven't really changed much from the usual 600 or so visitors today...)

was my site on there? if so, in what context? (all i can think of is "and now here's a site no one should visit because all this chick does is whine and blather about herself..." being the intro...)

[if it was on... cool! if not, i shall slink back under my rock]

March 22, 2004

i'll sign autographs later!

holy crow! it's true!! it's true!!! i was (or my site actually... and one of my audblog posts) WAS on msnbc.... thanks to bec for alerting me about it!

here's a video of it that i snagged via my camera this morning... i figure i don't have to ask them for permission since they didn't ask me either :P


(figures that i changed the look of my site right before this aired. *sheesh*)

think they were searching for an audblog and wound up at my really old audblog site which let to the main site....

at least they had fun rolling back and forth over my head :)
damn, now why'd i go and change that!?

fame! i'm gonna live forever!

i am still floored by the MSNBC thing :) okay, so i am going to need an agent and a personal assistant now, right? right? maybe i should call msnbc to make sure "my show" is put in a better timeslot... i mean, come on! i was up against ncaa b-ball & the sopranos!

i am so not cool as a cucumber about this.


mmmm.... pot roast sammich for dinner....

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March 23, 2004

hot what!?

okay... my dr. pepper shot out of my nose when i read this....

thank gawd that kevin smith has discriminating taste.

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rich rewards!

a huge thank you to rich who has helped me figure out a coding error i had in the redesign that caused many of you to see only a blank page - welcome back - and also a heuge thanks to him for helping me to compress the pages as well!!!! merci, mon codewizard!


i have had a bloody headache for the past 5 hours - now am likkered up on 4 excedrin migraine tablets - i never get headaches - have had a sore throat every morning since friday - hopefully it's just allergies and not coming down with something...

i cannot get sick.

just was handed a huge project with a couple days turnaround deadline... and also, this saturday is cowboy mouth at the bowery ballroom - if you are anywhere in the nyc area i HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to this show - they are the best live band you will ever see (been seeing them since the wetlands in 93) - plus griffin house is opening for them - no idea who he is, but heard he's great... and some band named zox.. no idea either...

so pick up a ticket and go.

i need to go - this is my fix - i always destress when i see them...

it's official...

i am sick.
you don't want to know the details as to how i've confirmed this fact. i am going to go pass out under my comforter now.

anyone have a spare small intestine that they can lend me?

[enough whinging.]

on second thought...

anyone have a spare right lung? haven't been able to go to sleep - just writhing around in my sheets whilst breaking out into a cold sweat and breathing like a seven-pack-a-day smoker... it's been fun... oh, that and my friend jenn called me about 20 min ago from boulder, colorado asking me if someone could call me and if i could be her reference - yes, of course, i've known her since i was 17 (god, that's like, 17 years ago almost.)... she's a swell egg...

although, i may sound like a perverted wheezing freak when the chick from the humane society calls looking to see who jenn is...

"*gasp* jenn is [insert sucking noise from good leftover lung] a great girl... in fact i've tried to get her to stop being a vegetarian for years, but her motto is 'if it shits, i don't eat it' *gasp* *suck* and she is great with animals and all that, excuse me while i vomit"

yeah, that's pretty much how it'll go...

March 24, 2004


bell, i'b abake an gobig ino erk. gy bose ib oh tubbed ub an i beel ike crab.


the date's been set.

oh, so, back in january when dad was laying there in surgical icu, he asked me to "stand up" for him sometime this spring...

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March 25, 2004


and yet, i cannot stop watching....

fire her already...

okay - got my fix of reality tonight.... effing amy... i cannot stand her. yeah, so, okay, maybe it's because she's batting her eyes a bit too much at my boy nick... i also think she's really cocky. @!*#$*

i have to let it go.


headachy still (me, not amy) and sore throat... luckily, i work from home tomorrow... got a ton of stuff to crank out tomorrow and i am more productive in my flannel pajamas.

by the way:

I am parmesan cheese!

[snagged off of bitch country]

pick a winner

if you wanna spy on your neighbour and see who they shelled campaign money to, check out fundrace.org

it's pretty cool - you can check out the maps - in fact, it's interesting to see how manhattan splits up between the dems and reps...

March 26, 2004

it's for you!

so, it's been a week since the new redesign - still futzing around with it, but how's everyone dealing with the transition? like it? hate it? have you looked around on the side over there to the left? what would you like to see on it? (no nudity, thanks... because i am only thinking of your eyes... and mental anguish) fyi... i am in process of changing the date headers from the wendy font to the font i have used in this layout...

let me know!

the most useless test...


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on the boob tube!

y'all watching the msnbc tech summit??

March 27, 2004

help, i need some coding! help!

okay my friends, enemies and relations...

a call for help.

after many hours of fiddling with trying to skin my site (and we're almost there) the most fantastic chick ever, susan , who offered to help me with this project (let me rephrase that, she offered to do the damned thing, and i am just frustrating the hell out of her in my dristan/nyquil/dominos pizza stupor) well, i've run susan ragged.

here's the skinny... the stinking dateheader graphics i have... i have a couple of different sets.

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funny email #282

sent to me from ray...

church ladies with typewriters.

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March 28, 2004

just got home!

it's great to be alive! cowboy mouth rocked (as always) gonna pass out now and post everything later today!!


the best show ever!

*whew* that was one of the best damned shows from cowboy mouth that i've seen and i've been to 23 of them...

(scroll down for videos... click here for photos! )

if y'all are visiting from the mouth or zox site
feel free to comment and say hello!!!

the openers... griffin house was excellent... acoustic kid, harmonica, kick ass voice, great lyrics... good stuff.

and then came ZOX.

holy crow! now, i am not saying that they were better than the mouth... BUT... this little band came to effing play! and so they did... these fellas are from RI and man alive, they have some sound! and some personality.... and they are bloody limber, energetic boys! i gotta tell ya' - it takes a lot for me to pick up a cd from opening bands - in fact the last opener i forked over $$ for a cd for was back in 93or94 for a little band called cowboy mouth who opened for hootie & the blowfish at the wetlands in nyc...

and i wasn't disappointed. so i've been playing the ZOX cd ever since i woke up... which was about 35 minutes ago.

they have an electric violin! the bass player is a goofy fella... the lead singer guitar dude has some crazy dance moves (and his mom was dancing next to me.) and the drummer kid, well, he's not the drummer man, fred leblanc, but the zox drummer, even with his kurt cobain hair, kicked it effing well...

so, there's that review of the opening folks... go. now. go see them.

now for the mouth.

what can i say? they were incredible. i took my cousin kerry, a mouth virgin and we were up front - in fact, and this is one of the pros and also one of the cons... a couple of times fred's sweat landed in my mouth... eh, okay, that was sort of leaning toward the con side a little bit more now that i think about it... no offense, freddyboy. too bad i didn't capture the flying perspiration in one of the posters i did for them a couple of years ago - that was the missing ingredient i suppose

mary - i hadn't seen a show with her in the band yet - except when they were on kilborn, but that's way different than live. she held down the fort - i miss rob, but i like her... she seems like a swell addition.

not gonna get into the set list... just every song they played was greatness. kerry almost threw out her back and i got a charlie horse when we got down on the ground, it's just showing how i've aged over the past 11 years i suppose... but in the end, i was a big sweaty mess with hair going all kinds of crazy - just as God has intended it.

for the first time in a loooong time, i couldn't wait around to grab a photo with the band/fred/etc. since they played til about 1:05 and ker & i had to get to penn station for the 1:37 train.. the last train outta dodge (otherwise it was sleeping in penn til 6:08am... not an option)

that said... i kicked some ass and got video as well as photos - most are just small snippets... although if you are on dial-up you may want to think twice about downloading - they're on average about 3.5mb

"the only thing that matters is what's inside of your heart and what's inside of your soul.... are you with me!?"

you really have to be there. but here's the jist as to what it's like. and why i love cowboy mouth. (this one's my favourite clip.)

opening song - jenny says - just a snippet of 'let it go'

paul singing it's laughable...mind you, a lot of these are snippets...

we weren't performing up to par (the audience) in fred's eyes so he thought we were sleeping

mouth and zox (sounds like the bastard cousin of hoof and mouth disease)

fred commandeering the zox fiddle

come on... gimme some rhythm!


david lee roth and lawrence taylor?!


March 29, 2004


okay - that's it. i think weight watchers is in order again. *sigh*

today's what? march 29th.

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employee email #283

some interesting tidbits...

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March 30, 2004

employee email #284

ladies vs real women
(needed a stupid chuckle after my morning.)

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happy birthday, boy...

today would have been archie's 13th birthday... happy birthday, my spotted kangaroo... i love ya'

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March 31, 2004


so i entered that logo contest about a month ago.... it was supposed to end today - they haven't been promoting it at all since the first day when i was on the air... so that could increase my chances greatly... but no idea when they will announce the winner - so keep your fingers crossed!

wanna see the logo i did for the WPLJ Charity Golf Tournament, click here~!

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