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April 1, 2004

bunny month!

don't forget to "rabbit rabbit" first thing!

just made plans to go to see CM on june 3rd in baltimore!


well, i didn't expect the news to break so suddenly... in fact, i was trying to keep it all hush hush... shame on you john shabe for ruining my day!!!

that's it.


i quit.


yeah yeah, of course the previous thing was an april fools thing - albeit, a lame one, i know - i only had about 1 minute of free time today during work.

anyway, the wedding announcement from john made me chuckle (thanks for keeping the hope alive that one day i'll get hitched, john :)

anyway - hope all y'all had a great day - last night at 12:15am i saran wrapped the toilet to play a joke on mom and at 4am i woke up, used the toilet and cursed like a sailor as my joke bit me in the ass (no pun intended - well, actually it WAS intended but the saran wrap didn't actually bite...)

played a prank on the entire company by posting the "new company-wide dress code" complete with nametag, pinstripe suits and coordinating hat... it's sort of frightening to realize how gullible our salesforce is... although there were a number of them who lacked a sense of humor and sassed me and my marketing department. bastards.

anyway! what good pranks did you play today (or were played on you?)

oh, before i wrap this up, ray sent me a fun little game... enjoy!

and another thing - i seriously cannot stand Amy on the apprentice. get off my nick! (word on the street is that she has hooked up with another person on the show - could it be bill? could it be george?!) sad to see troy go, thought he was a good closer.

April 2, 2004


after a few days of conversation on IM with a certain someone i met at the CM show, this april 24th may prove, once again, to be another interesting day in the life of erin...

something always happens to me on 04.24....

stay tuned...


so what's supposed to happen is we're supposed to go golfing.

um... i have yet to step foot on and play on an actual course... i've only done the driving range... and my clubs are... well, my clubs are awful... they're sanford and son clubs

crap. all of a sudden i am nervous because my golf game may leave something to be desired... but i wanna go :)

!@# merchant and !@# ivory.

holy hell. that's 117 minutes of my life i will never have back and my throat is hoarse from screaming obscenities at the teevee.

what, prey tell, am i speaking of?

stupid merchant-ivory film, Le Divorce.

i am quite agitated right now and it's exacerbated my pms. arrrrrgh.

April 3, 2004

the ratman goes down!


monday's gonna be sweet - georgia tech and uconn!

great games - actually, the georgia tech/oklahoma game was fantastic, the uconn/duke game was ever so sloppy...

i was rooting for both oklahoma and georgia tech - but mainly georgia tech because i consider them my alma mater...

eh.... let me explain...

back in 93 i thought about going to grad school - and i wanted to get my masters in industrial design... so i get the application from one school...

georgia tech.

then i read it and saw they wanted an essay in the application and i snapped out of it saying to myself "eh... that's right, i'll have to do papers and schoolwork as well as design..." and i never sent the application in

but that was the school i chose to try to apply to (if i wasn't so lazy)

happy uconn beat duke!

but gonna root for the yellowjackets!!

April 4, 2004

gossiping mob

did anyone else want tony to shoot chrissy in the skull?

April 5, 2004

spring ahead...

cannot bloody sleep now since the clocks changed.

things that make you go hmmmmm...

hmmmmm... lots of interesting stuff going on in my world... of course, nothing i can yap about on here... *sigh* which is killing me!

waitin' for fun...

no idea where the cowboy mouth boy and i are going to play golf on the 24th... has to be somewhere between boston and nj... hoping for closer to nj :)

and i have no bloody idea what to wear - and i am going to most likely buy a set of clubs/irons, etc this week... see, i got my tax refund back and i want to buy a set.

no idea what to wear. no idea what kind of clubs...

been meaning to buy clubs for a year - so this'll be good, then i can go play from now on (not that i couldn't rent clubs from the courses, but, i'd rather have my own...)

average joe? average jackass!

okay - so... let's see, adam mesh... get ready to be taken for a ride - the bloody dog is going to suck your wallet dry... and her maltese, chloe, will take a bite out of it as well...


here everyone thought you were a swell egg...

how tacky is it that he's selling those YOLO bracelets?
(maybe he'll start selling YOLO dog collars for the chick's dog.)

oh well...
word of advice... since you were following your head (*not the one with the brain)

use a condom.

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April 6, 2004

party in the back

okay - so on queer eye tonight, the victim is a friend of my co-worker heather's sister... following me here?

go... see his before shots... gotta wait and see tonight's episode for the "after"

my proposal

averagejane.jpg (click it...)


so, after the average joe finale - i wrote nbc...

*shaking my head*

So, "Average Joe : Adam Returns" should be renamed "Average Jackass"... too bad.

How about you have an "Average Jane" and I (yes... I said "I") would definitely make the right choice of average guys...

And when i say "average", good gawd, people, we're talking "average" we aren't talking candidates for gastric bypass surgery (which my cousin had done, but i wouldn't date her - and there's nothing wrong with GBS, but, um... i need to date a guy who can actually eat a full meal without having to drink Ensure while i am eating a 20 ounce steak with potatoes... sure, i think he'd be looking longingly at me, but it'd really be a heartbroken gaze at the meat. Don't get me wrong, I am okay with chunky guys - because they make me look slimmer next to them, but I don't want a guy who's so heavy, I could wind up being crushed by him) or guys that you can barely look at the teevee without doing a "Fear Factor Eating Competition Cringe" when they are on screen... semi-dorky is okay... �ber-nerd is, eh, not exactly average.

I haven't been able to get a date with the regular types of guys i used to date because, now, after seeing the "average joes" on NBC, they all think they are abercrombie & fitch models instead of the round-headed, pasty-faced, chunky irish boys that they are.

whatd'ya say? Average Jane... with 33 year old Erin Bennett... Jersey Girl... Art Director/Web Designer... Former Stand-up Comedianne... Girl who has a dating story for every topic.

I'm free to start filming whenever...

seriously :)


erin patrice bennett

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April 7, 2004

above average thanks!

thank all of you who have linked my average jane proposal to nbc so far!!! let's keep it going!!!! link me up! :)

paste code into your site to help get the Average Jane ball rolling!

<a href="http://www.gigglechick.com/erin/blog/003111.php" target="_blank"><img alt="gigglechick_avjane2.gif" src="http://www.gigglechick.com/erin/blog/gigglechick_avjane2.gif" width="120" height="60" border="0" /></a>

or use this version!

<a href="http://www.gigglechick.com/erin/blog/003111.php" target="_blank"><img alt="gigglechick_avjane.gif" src="http://www.gigglechick.com/erin/blog/gigglechick_avjane.gif" width="120" height="60" border="0" /></a>

programming idea...

although, maybe i could get on a show called "Average Swan"

April 8, 2004

my face hurts from grinning.

boy from the cowboy mouth show... hmmmm, we have to name him something other than that or my fingers will start to bleed... (update: *okay, CMB� for cowboy mouth boy)... anyway, we were supposed to go golfing on the 24th, instead we're gonna try to finnagle tickets to the yankees/red sox game that day... silly pickle wants to meet up with me tomorrow (actually tonight) night - i have so much crap to do here at home tomorrow night not to mention a freelance illustration gig... but gosh, spoke with him on the phone for the first time tonight (yes, we've only been IMing since the CM show) and boy-o, i gotta tell ya'... them southern accents get me. right here. i actually had to hang up before i told him that i would drive up to boston to meet up with him tomorrow night. and the giggling... it was getting me sick. i never heard so much giggling all sickeningly cute coming out of my body. wanted to slap myself and say "shut up!" damned southern accents.

things that are the downfall of erin

redheaded boys.
irish accents.
southern accents.
funny as hell boys.
guys who can spell.
fellas who love cowboy mouth.
fellas who love bruuuuuuce (springsteen.)
guys who breathe.


it's opening day in the bronx today!

the blog swan

okay so this isn't a half bad idea... r3n33 came up with The Blog Swan (or maybe The Swlog? eh, no, that sounds loopy... The Blan? no.)

i am in! now i wanna crank out a template. *sigh*

would it be a 3 month process like on the actual show? (not with plastic surgery, of course....)

who's in?!

poor puppy!

i had heard about this on the radio this morning and had to do "earmuffs" on my yorkie, Beri, so she wouldn't freak out...

how fucking sick in the head are these sons of bitches!?

my buddy fred says they should be kicked to death and fed to yorkies, but i don't think yorkies enjoy eating piles of shit.

figures that the one has 3 names like a serial killer.

fucking trash.

the dog was 17 years old and 2 pounds...

god i am on the verge of tears here in the office.

April 9, 2004

like a car wreck.

dear god. make it stop. william hung is doing a "concert" on the today show.

my achilles heel.

holy crow - i didn't yap about the apprentice last night.

my boy, nick, got sent to the street... i shoulda been there for him ready with a hug (okay i know it happened back in hte fall, but still...)

he was on the today show this morning saying if any women "want to console him in this trying time..."

hell yeah... okay - so he's a 27 year old bebe, but... the red hair....

oh. the red hair.


anyway - it's between bill and kwame now.

i think bill is stronger - we'll see what the hell happens next week - whether or not he's being screwed, but poor kwame is getting the shaft from omarosa - jealous bitch (haven't read it, but apparently people magazine has a story that tells that she was fired within 4 different areas of the white house when she was there. scary that someone so incompetent was working there.)

the blog swan...revisited

having fun getting the blog swan set up with r3n33... if anyone is interested... let me know!

see below for a brief description...

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April 10, 2004


okay - for the love of gawd - tell me why i try to start a project when i am loopy on lack of sleep in the middle of the night!?

trying to set up categories (i've yet to do that since i switched to mt 1.6 years ago... and yes, i know i will have to go through the entire archives to categorize them)

that said... HELP! i cannot bloody wrap my noggin around how the eff i can get only the category at hand to display at the bottom of each post - what do i do? because, as you can see, i have links to all of my categories at the bottom here...

help! (btw, it'd be nice to wake up to an answer since i have to hit the hay now... alarm is set for 8:44am.)


file this under...

woo! so let's see, thanks for all the help with the category stuff! cranked it out this morning - what's next is i have to comb through all my past entries (all 1550 of them) and categorize 'em...

i want to bring over my old files from blogger -- way in the past -- had been too nervous to do so back when i switched to MT in oct of 2002... and it overwhelmed me...

might need a little help down the road from you fabu people!!

just went food shopping for easter - going to my uncle frankie and aunt toni's house tomorrow for dinner - mom's making a cake, pie & salad... i, wwell, i just shelled out the money for it, so my work here is done ;)

aw... easter bunnie!

According to the "Which Big Lebowski character are you?" quiz:

Why don't you check it out? Or we cut of your Johnson!

[snagged blatantly from dave's not here]

we're talkin' baseball!

snagged 2 tix on ebay to the april 24th yanks/redsox game - this is where we're (CMB� & i) sitting

anyone ever been in that area of the bleachers before? good? bad? what's the concession stand situation? bathroom? what's the what? anyone? paul?

the blog swan... come on over!

well, check it out - it's not near done (i have to create the interior pages and all) - but it's a start and we're (r3n33 and i - i am doing the design, she's kicking ass by hosting it on her server and being the codegoddess, etc) are looking for contestants - gals AND guys - to sign up and be a part of this!!!

the blog swan!

April 11, 2004

not a bleacher creature...

okay - thanks to one mr. paul katcher, i was alerted to the fact that there is no beer in the bleachers at yankee stadium.

what!? i thought that it flowed like water out there in the bleachers. guess i haven't been out there ever. not for nothing, but, you have to have beer at a ball game.

so these are the new seats: tier 13... row U

hopefully, i be able to pawn the bleacher seats off onto my co-worker who happens to be a sox fan... and very naive... heh.

happy easter!!!!

happy easter everyone!


funny thing, went on saturday night to the shore christian center to see jesus christ superstar with gigglemom, giggleaunt & uncle and kerry... man, jesus was an angry guy in the musical... and the singing, very metal-esque - in fact, they should have called him jeezzy ozbourne.

anyway, reading the program, i noticed that one member of the cast (in the ensemble) was my first kiss.

after the show - which was really quite good - i walked up to him, mind you i haven't seen him since i was 18... and he recognized me right away... never would have thought that he'd become a born again christian... it was good to see him... met his daughter, she must've been about 12 and his wife was over on the other side of the room... found out he has a son in high school... good gawd, i feel terribly old.

anyway, that was that... interesting evening...

happy easter!!!

[and snagged from susan, have a hopping great day!]

[snagged from michele - i made the chicken do the Cabbage Patch!]


in my easter bonnet...

with all the asphalt on it...

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gotta be effing kidding me...

now, not for nothing, i am not an alcoholic, even though "Someone" seems to be telling me not to bloody well drink at the yankees game on the 24th

see... i bought tickets in the bleachers yesterday... as it turned out, there's no beer in the bleachers...

okay - instant gratification girl wanted to find tickets where we could have a beverage or two...

woo! found tickets in tier 13 - row U...

so, i am on ebay today because i forgot that i also have a bid in on tickets in section 326 - wayyyyyy out past 3rd base.

so yadda yadda, was showing gigglemom the kickass view from the tier 13 that i was gonna have...

i was on yankees.com looking at the seating chart and for some reason when i rolled over tier 13's description it said "ALCOHOL-FREE SEATING"

eh.... pardon?

you have to be effing kidding me.

okay... so... dum-dum (hey! that's me!) now has 4 tickets that are alcohol-free and 2 tickets that have a bloody foul ball pole in front of my face...(actually those are the only drinking ones i have... sort of. the auction ends in a few hours on that one.)

happy easter! i am an ass!

and if anyone wants to buy some tickets (actually the bleachers and the tier 13 ones look like really decent seats) and don't mind not drinking, shoot me an email and we can make a transaction...

take me out to the *hic* ballgame!

hmmmm... okay - so i am now the proud owner of 4 sets of yankees tickets (that makes 8 tickets.)

this may be the beginning of my scalper career - i will cater to the recovering alcoholics and mormons who need tickets... (contact me!)

as far as the "not drinking"... and "someone up there" wanting me not to drink... i have now purchased tickets in the alcoholic section...

but... i went back through my archives... and this is the last game that i went to there - sept. 30, 2001.

do check it out... maybe i should sit in the bleachers or tier 13 now that i think about it....

these are now my new cirrhosis seats - tier 18 row E


way to go, Phil!!

(i say this like i am best friends with him :)

April 12, 2004

how do?

well, let's see, i have some "nibbles" and some interest on the extra tickets... so that's good. the CMB� is heading to jersey city from boston the night before the game (why did i move from jersey city!?)

i hit the tanning salon today - was in dire need of a zap. fell asleep in the bed and am now all logy... the rain isn't helping either. now have a nice tomato-red face.

and i am sitting here listening to CM on all you need is live

April 13, 2004


another jackass who should be covered with wd40 and lit ablaze. he's in the same county as me, but way further down. schmuck.

what the hell is going on with people and dogs lately... and i use the term "people" loosely.

at least the latest victims are alive.

call for entries!

Have you signed up!?!??

First thing we need from all is 3 pictures now. A face picture (women, no makeup), a full front picture and a full back picture. I'll be thumbnailing these and having them available on the main site (go to http://www.theblogswan.com and click on the Contestants link on the left - you'll see r3n33's sunny face sans makeup :)

Next, when you log into the contestants area (link on the right that says Contestants Area), you'll see you have access to a journal (on the left side menu). We'll be using these daily to show what we've eaten and what we've done for exercise. I'll be checking!

Ideally, if nothing else, this is going to work as an online support group. Pulling from all the internet resources we have at our fingertips along with information from some of our experts, our goal is to help you succeed at your goals over the next three months. Who says you need plastic surgery or liposuction to get fit and beautiful?

Feel free to poke all around the contestants area and check it out.

Also, we have only 2 more days till we close off the joining section so get the word out!

Average Jane Goes To D.C.!


wow! the talk of me on "Average Jane" is actually sweeping the nation... huh... thought he had more important things to do than think about lil' ol' me on a reality show, but, thanks for your support, dubya...

page 18. line 4.

Grab the book nearest to you.
turn to page 18.
find line 4.
Write down what it says.

"by-step figures like "The Elevator Fake Out" which depicts a guy pretending"

(Print - April 2004)

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very cool!

wow! first the president starts yapping about me and now this!

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okay - so y'all have til april 15th to sign up (FREE!) for the blog swan!!

it's open to guys and gals!!! (and no... it's nothing like blogsex.com)

go over and sign up... and you will get your own MT login on the 19th when it starts...

in the meantime, i actually didn't cave in to cakes or chips tonight. woo! i only wanna lose 49 pounds by april 24th... that's all :)

April 14, 2004

i tried.


so... i actually decided to walk up the 9 flights of stairs to get into the office today...

at the 4th floor i got out and took the elevator.

hey... it's a start.

kinda odd... kinda good?

okay - so, on april 1st, i called up WPLJ to see when they were going to announce the logo contest winner... never told them my name.

and then on april 5th, i IM'd them, not as gigglechickha... but by my other screen name... and they said the winner would be announced "soon"

this morning, on my cell, i called up:

wplj intern girl: "PLJ"

me: "Hi, i was wondering when and if the winner of the charity golf tournament logo contest was gonna be announced"

wplj intern girl: "i have no idea"

me: "eh.... oooookay"

wplj intern girl: "is this the gigglechick?"

me: "ummm.... yeah?"

wplj intern girl: "okay... IF you win, the sales department will contact you soon"

i swear to god she said "is this the gigglechick?"

does this bode well? i mean, my caller ID certainly doesn't say "The Gigglechick"... this could be good or they just may have me flagged as a stalker (ha ha)

****this is the original post about the logo contest ****

orange poofs

Dear Half-Eaten Giant Bag of Cheez Doodles (Now Entirely Gone),

Thank you for sitting quietly on the counter for about 5 days. I had been doing well with the food intake today and yesterday. I am not blaming you, specifically. Let's chalk it up to mom saying that she had leftover fried scallops and a fresh baked potato waiting for me. Sure, I had planned on buying one of those low-carb lean cuisines, but scallops!? Okay, you got me, true, I am not a huge fan of scallops - they give me a headache after a while... but come on! Baked potato with butter and sour cream. Yeah, I had passed by you with only a half-hearted glance since last week... until tonight. Damn you for being so accessible to me. Why? Why couldn't you hide further in the corner behind the pistachios? *sigh*

And now... now you are no longer with us.

Thank you Empty Bag of Cheeze Doodles... I now feel sick.



April 15, 2004

never effing ending saga.

okay - so, the tickets for the yankees/sox game that i bought... (the actual ones in tier 18 row E that i bought for $115)

i got them in the mail via bloody fed ex. (okay, the package wasn't bleeding, but i am ready to pummel the dope who sold them)

i get a note with the tickets this morning. complete with spelling errors which pissed me off more...




okay - now, that's fine and good - i am all for asking people to move over a seat... but what happens when they don't want to!?!?

and now this jackass isn't emailing me back.

i tried to ignore the handful of negative feedback on his profile, there were more positives than negatives and i wanted the f@cking tickets.

that's it. no more effing ebay ticket crap for me. dammit. dammit. dammit.

tix... 1 pair

*whew* sold the set in the bleachers. good good!

2 down 4 to go


here it is... my first leap into the underworld of ebay selling:


these are the Tier 13 Row U tickets - if you aren't an alcoholic like myself, these are great seats!!! i swear to god that i won't eff you over with them....

apprentice finale!

yayyyyyyyyy Billllllllll!!!!

April 16, 2004

the big day.

so i am sitting here reading my "new" book, The Art of the Deal...

it's pretty damned good and i just bought it half an hour ago (on page 20 so far - paperback)

wish i had read it before all of my ebay transactions *sigh*
(which, by the way, my tier 13 seats are still available - and i knocked the price down - very un-trump-like...)

anyway - i have to be at dad and karen's by 2pm... yep... today is "the" day. they're getting married.

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i am the bestest man

dad_bouquethead.jpgwell, dad's remarried.

i survived.

it was nice.

here are photos.

April 17, 2004

it's beautiful outside...

and inside, it's spring cleaning day from hell.


lookie all them swans!

okay all of you blogswans who signed up - did you get your photos in?

we have 19 folks in total for the whole blog swan experience!

the sign-up has closed - but if all goes well, in 3 months we'll have the blog swan 2!!!

i am still trying to set up and work out kinks that are in this site - for some ungodly reason i am having problems with the bloody individual pages (do you believe that~?! so effing simple... eh, my mind's not focusing since i am in the middle of cleaning and taking 2 minute breaks hither and tither.)

yum to infinity

sweet!!! may 15th and 16th is the 9th avenue food festival!!!!!!!

oh candied strawberries here i come!!!!

i am supposed to meet up with johnny that saturday... any other takers? food fest meet up? :)

April 18, 2004

buy it now!!!

only a couple of hours left to buy my tickets!!!! come on! you know you wanna!!! the seats are GREAT for red sox fans!!! come on!!!

not a swan.

lovely - just got another hate-comment on my eating disorder post...

and i am not in the effing mood to hear the "poor me" crap with the bulimics... sorry.

this chick searched for "mia+purging+tips" saw that i made some "anti-mia" comments and i guess her blood sugar was low or something and she growled through her rotting teeth at me...

she should have just gone to the listing above me on google where she'd feel wanted... which is effing frightening because there is where they post purging tips... (there you go, all of you vomiteers... there're the tips you were looking for... move along... to a treatment center like the author of house-of-sin - although, odd that she is allowed to blog from a "treatment center"... something about it stinks of kaycee).

in fact, isn't this a lovely tip?

048.standing up DOES work best. Better yet, ignore the toilet... Do it in the shower in stead. It sounds gross, but think of it--plenty of h20 to rinse with, soap to hide the smell, and just push it all down the drain with your foot, or whatever. Be careful though. Stringy rough foods can clog up the drain (beef, chicken, etc...) And markers work to a point, but they aren't very reliable. OH! and the flowing water obviously helps to cover-up the smell

just grand, isn't it?

spring cleaning

okay - this is the reason for being overwhelmed by spring cleaning

that's my bedroom. i am sitting on a 6x6" empty square on my bed.

hmmmm... as well as the blog swan, perhaps the extreme makeover home blog edition should be started :) haha.

spring cleaning update

6pm update. going slooooowly but surely.

April 19, 2004

for the love of gawd. stop.

not for nothing, but - and perhaps it's because i am not a parent - but when we're all sitting down to lunch - PLEASE for the love of god people STOP fucking talking about your kids throwing up, having diarrhea, and you having to shove kid suppositories up their asses.


i am barely hungry now.

aerial of the gigglecondo


April 20, 2004

bloody effing *yawn*

horrible day at work yesterday - all i know is that i am up - have been since 5am and am heading into the office way effing early.

too bad i don't start feeling creative til 10am

Yankees/ Red Sox Tix 4 Sale

Saturday April 24th, 2004 @ 1:05pm at Yankee Stadium!

Tier 13 row U � 2 tickets (alcohol free)

Tier 5 Row U � 2 tickets definitely can have a beer in this area.

Section 326 Row B - a little past 3rd base but close to the field

contact me about them! click the ticket you are interested in!! i can fed ex 'em out to you if you buy 'em today!!!! the game is sold out!


wow... i am at 3993 comments as of right now

April 21, 2004



well, well.... solonor doubles up and makes it an even 4000!

hey i am halfway to 8000 comments! who's gonna be #8000??!?


farkin' hell. i left so bloody early from home today and wound up late to work because of an effing tanker truck on a totally other road. of course the parkway leads to that damned road.... so i sat in bumper to effing bumper traffic for 2+ hours.

if anyone gets into an accident on the drive home, i will pull over behind them, walk up to them and bitch slap them, get back in my car and crawl off in the sluggish traffic.

that's better

well, the drive home was less eventful thank gawd.
waiting for the west wing to start (1/2 hour still to go)
can't believe it's wednesday - only a couple of days til the yankees' game with the CMB�

are you effing kidding me!?

punk ass teenyboppers calling in droves to american idol for the shittiest singers.

i cannot believe jennifer hudson was sent home.

i watch american idol.
(we love you erin)

April 22, 2004

clap your hands and...

think good thoughts that i wind up going to the game on saturday... long short medium story....

April 23, 2004



my april 24th this year

hey there - so the CMB can't make it (family emergency. he tried, but... long story)... but the skinny is, gigglemom expressed how she's never been to yankee stadium... gigglemom is heading to the bronx with me tomorrow.


(i'm coaching her on it... as well as her "NINETEEN EIGHTEEN!!" chant)


eh... after tonight's "game" (and i use that term loosely) i barely wanna go tomorrow!

the ad that sells itself

wow. rube goldberg would shed a tear of joy if he'd ever seen this movie.

[snagged blatantly off diversionz]

April 24, 2004

yanks. sox. blaaaarghhh!


i have about 60 photos (in process of loading - so if you go and see only 3... wait a little bit)

anyway - it's gigglechick & gigglemom at the ballpark!

there's a few shots from the cab of the Queen Mary 2 at the end...

here's a-rod actually hitting a homer... funny that!

debs - i did the best i could from my seats to get a shot or two of jeter...

red sox fans... bite me. our strategy is to lull you all into a false sense of security and then beat the pants off ya' in the fall... so there. *pfffft*

swear i think i was sitting the red sox section. too much red was surrounding us. and all i kept hearing was "let's go red sox."... sickening. except for drunk jorge posada below:


April 25, 2004

close up the pots & potions

slap on some extra rouge in honor of estee....

April 26, 2004


so far in chatting with the cmb tonight, i just may have been paranoid.... maybe. we'll see.

i pity the fool.

so thursday night - i may be driving into the bowels of connecticut to meet up with the cmb. if not, he's not up in these parts for a month. so we'll see. anyone know anything about connecticut? what's danbury like compared to norwalk? i've heard odd things about danbury. and norwalk is closer to me than danbury... what's to do around there? see, we're meeting somewhere in CT because it's a midway point between boston and nj. mom thinks i am a fool. and maybe i am. (must remember to tape friends and survivor :) asked a few strategic questions last night to the boy and i think he just had dumb guy issues instead of crazy shady ones (let's hope.)

April 27, 2004

is it friday yet?

spent most of the day videotaping segments for our "The Apprentice" parody for the company's "SuperStars" meeting held in 2 weeks. just got home from the office about 20 minutes ago.

not the best day in the world.

April 28, 2004

yo dawg... aight.

this morning i was on the radio - just a stupid little quip about the redhead on american idol and my leprechaun fetish (it was a formatted joke and the djs laughed and all was swell) filmed the video for the superstars thing for work... wish i was going to puerto rico for that with them.

it figures.

frig. so the other night i was on the phone pretty late - anyway mom growled at me the next morning saying that i am going to come down with a cold and then get her sick if i keep such late hours

eh... mom, i am 33 years old - stop telling me what i should and shouldn't be doing! that's it!!! if i want to stay up late, i will stay up late!!!!!

.............so about 20 minutes ago, i had my first deep lung hacking cough.


and over the past 20 minutes i have begun to feel like the outbreak monkey - just getting worse.

doesn't bode well for tomorrow.

April 29, 2004


just walked in from the office.

am bloody tired. so want to call in sick tomorrow (sore throat, tummy from hellllllllll, dizzy... it's oh so lovely)

going to bed now.

slap my ass and call me sally!!!!

well holy hopping crickets! i was driving into work this morning - was listening to my radio station wplj 95.5 - to the big show with scott and todd (from here on known now as "the big show with scott, todd and erin")

so - they played a few notes from the Survivor theme and said "name this survivor" - it was clearly rupert...

so i dialed.
it rang!
they answered!
the girl who works the phones asked me what my guess was....

"It's Rupert!!!!", says i...
"what's your name?"
"erin bennett" says me...
"what's your email address?"
"gigglechickha@aol.com", i utter...
"gigglechick? are you the girl who did the logos?"
"yes. i am. did i win that contest?" i query
"i don't know, but you won this one!"

and then i was put on the air - and i won!!!

tell 'em what you won, erin!!!


i have to play the lottery today!!


the coordinator for the WPLJ LOGO CONTEST JUST called me!!!!

I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!!


wow! wow! wow!! i have to do a couple of tweaks to it tonight (after watching survivor of course) but they are minimal - just moving the 95.5 logo to the pin on the flag

i get to play in the golf tournament in september!!!!!!!!!!



it's official!

got my official congrats for the logo - here's a blurb:

Congratulations!! Your logo was chosen to be used as the official logo for the 4th Annual Scott and Todd Charity Golf Tournament. As the winner designer you have won the following:

� Logo will be used on all printed, embroidered items and on the official WPLJ.com Golf web page.

� You and a guest will be invited to play with a guest at the tournament on September 14th 2004 at Royce Brook Golf Club in Hillsborough, NJ

� The right to use this logo in your design portfolio as the official logo for the 2004 golf event.

WPLJ does retain the rights to alter and use this logo in other forms of media and promotions in the future.

Thank you again for a great logo for the 4th Annual Scott and Todd Charity Golf Tournament. We are looking forward to another great event!

yay!!! i am thrilled to have won this - can you tell!? - hmmmm... i get to bring another person - and then we're paired up with another twosome when we play...

wonder if i can finagle bradley p. blanks into the foursome?


3 questions....

so i am snagging this from kate...

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions apiece, no more no less.

You may ask me anything.

(gigglemom, yes, i am asking people to ask me questions so i can air more dirty laundry, if you don't like it, move on to a few posts from now :)

Then to go to your journal or weblog, and copy and paste this allowing others (including myself) to ask you anything. Please do a trackback ping so I'll know that you copied it.

Answers will be given in a follow-up post.

(even though, pretty much everything about my life is on my site.... but this will save you from having to read every bloody page :)

April 30, 2004

some answers...

okay - i want more questions - if you have a blog or not... send 'em in, folks... in the meantime - here're some answers...

** i am posting all Q&A's here as they come in**

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dumbass mississippi boys should not fuck with smart jersey girls

okay - are you ready for what could very well be my longest post... ever?
grab a drink (preferrably a cocktail), use the restroom before reading, feed the baby if you have one... if you don't, feed the cat or dog...

are you ready?

come on in....

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