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May 1, 2004

by the way. may day.

do not forget...

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derby day!

to start... i forgot to "rabbit, rabbit" - so it's a "tibbar tibbar" evening.

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then again...

smarty jones' story kills me as well.

so many horsies

dang now i want Imperialism to win because of the 21 year old girl - Kristin Mulhall - who's his trainer...

smarty jones!!!!

yay!!!! happiness that he won! have a few tears in my eyes from that race :)

May 2, 2004


so yesterday i went to the convenience store and along with the soda, etc i was buying, i bought lottery tickets (the scratch off kind)...


you need to be 18 years old to buy lottery.

come on. i am 33. i don't look 18, do i? jeez. and the girl was around my age.

(yes i am happy about this but i have to act agitated.)

anyway - i won $35 on the cyberslingo :) woo hoo!

crap - i just realized i forgot to say "tibbar tibbar" before i went to sleep last night. maybe if i say "tibbar tibbar tibbar tibbar" tonight since it's may 2nd - you know, doubling it?

May 3, 2004

starting with the feet

forgot to mention that i bought nike running shoes on saturday - hopefully they will get some use - i've been trying to break them in... i figure that i will lose some weight with that blog swan and also plan on joining weightwatchers (yes. again) hopefully by september 14th i can lose about 35 or more pounds... (sept 14 is the golf tournament )

May 4, 2004

more answers....

okay - a few more questions have straggled in (feel free to email more!!! i am enjoying this!!!)

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another late night here at the office working on this video (was here til 8:30 last night...) may be later this eve.

May 5, 2004

pillow. where's my pillow?

just walked in the door from work. have to walk back out the door to work at 7:45 am

odd snag?

**click here to go to the weber site and view the rip-off**

so the other morning i woke up to a Weber Grill commercial on FoxNews... it looked really familiar - actually the style did...

a dude (animated) sitting with a remote and watching teevee... clicking around... slow laid back voice... and then it started hyping the weber grill

that said... i wrote odd todd because i was wondering if he had animated it...

he wrote back that he did not.

that sucks.

so another weber ad ran last night on espn... different commercial, same dude and style... so i sent todd clip i shot of it... now, it's not an "exact" duplication of his character, but i think it's damn well trying to be... and i think it damned well sucks since he said he knew nothing about the ads...

see for yourself...

here's the weber ad... (not the one w the dude and the teevee)

here's odd todd's site - for those who have never seen his flash movies, they rock.

i seriously hate when others blatantly snag a design - it's happened to me thrice - no, it's never been shown on the teevee, but still, it makes one feel violated.

employee email #284

interesting facts.......

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DAMB revisited

ah... don't you love this?

i broke down and IM'd the CMB - now known as the DumbAss Mississippi Boy (DAMB)

here you go. (okay in the last sentence, i get a little cocky. whatever. eff him.)

(for those who are lost... please read this first...)

kinda nice

the rhb� just called me... haven't spoken to him in a couple of weeks... maybe a month... there's talk of going to a comedy club... we'll see if that pans out. i know. i know. he's no better than the damb�... just doesn't have a wife or a southern accent... *sigh* boys. effing boys.

um.... ouch.


May 6, 2004

dear gawd.

JUST walked in the door from work. setting alarm for 7:15am..

where's that ass?

Where's Ken?

fark it and vote

by the way - forgot to mention that i have my first entry into a fark photoshopping thingie... go vote (i am way at the bottom)

and now i am addicted and entered into this one (scroll down - again, i am towards the end)

May 7, 2004

must have seen tee vee

yeah. okay. so i teared up a little at the end of the friends finale - i have my "friend" right now and i get a little emotional...

gotta problem with that!?

(also got a little misty during ER... when abby graduated... maybe a little during Carter's ordeal, but he's been annoying me this season anyway.)

stupid photos.

at the risk of folks out there growling at me...

i just want to give donald rumsfeld a hug right now...

god i hate interrogations...

that donkey, donkey!

uh-oh! i'd better watch my back - the donk's blogroll is at risk...

(should i start designing the "WHO SHOT G.C.?" shirts now?!)


fine. that's it. i am attempting to clean my room again.

jeezuz mary and joseph.

yes. this is my friday *since tomorrow i have a wedding and sunday is the finale of survivor and we have to be at MSG by 6:15pm

May 8, 2004

bad. bad cartoonist.

this ted rall guy is a f*cking jackass

(mainly because he's a smug little prig who did a cartoon at the expense of tillman's death)

here's the cartoon. poor form... not to mention his style sucks in my opinion

the itinerary....

so i probably won't be posting tomorrow - i am leaving today at 2pm to head up north to my friend kerry from work's wedding.... then staying over in a holiday inn in parsippany (woo.) and from there tomorrow it's mom's day (i am stashing her in my holiday inn room while i am at the wedding - kerry said there'll be no single guys at the shindig, so...)

so tomorrow is mother's day - dragging mom into the city and we have to be at the theatre at MSG by 6:15pm - then we'll be at the Survivor Finale taping from 8pm til 11pm... then it's getting the hell out of dodge and driving home (hoping the holland tunnel isn't crazy ass at 12am tomorrow night)

hoping to snag some photos of rupert or - god help me - colby & ethan...

anyway - that's what's the what... hoping that i can throw myself into the deep fryer today for about 20 minutes before i leave... feeling pasty & pale...

that said... laundry needs to be done - yap with you in 48.


minor setback from the attempt at spring cleaning a few weeks ago...

although - my bed is chock full of folded clothes... and i feel (it doesn't show it well here) that i am making headway...

at least i got rid of the phone and a few things...

now i must throw myself into the shower and skidaddle to the wedding (which is at 6pm)

aren't i nice?

called and left a message on the DAMB's home phone... just called to see how his dad was doing, since he was going to the hospital on weds or thurs...

revisit the revisit of the DAMB.

hear that water running? that's me washing my hands clean of him now. just needed to unstick that from my craw.

that said... gotta go do my hair for the wedding...

May 10, 2004

i'm back!


this is me and my buddy (copywriter) Fred at the wedding on saturday - i just got back from survivor (EFFING BLOODY AMBER!?! everyone go vote for rupert...now!)

okay - am hitting the hay - and uploading photos.... a lot from the wedding (as seen above, it was a western/country theme) and a few from survivor - not many since they were pretty strict w the cameras - and i wasn't close enough to get close ups of the cast...

yap more in the morning!

me & beri


okay - so i wanted to take a snap of beri and i as we were hanging in bed....


price check near the shrubbery

okay - i am thinking about having a garage/yard sale in july perhaps - trying to talk mom into it (will do so later)

i have way too much bloody crap.

and my storage unit is overflowing... i can get rid of my bicycle (i've used it 3 times... no, wait... make that two times since 1991... not a cyclist)

have a bunch of furniture and knick knacky stuff that might just be "someone else's treasure"

we'll see.... we'll see....


man alive. i left the office at 3pm today - wasn't feeling all that keen - felt a sore throat and some weird cough thing starting up... so i came home...

sat down on my bed at 5pm... eh... just woke up 15 minutes ago...

boy-O! guess my body was hankerin' for some sleep, eh?

feeling better now though - a bit apr�s sleep grogginess though...

click your heels...

everyone go send some good thoughts susan's way for her mom's surgery tomorrow....


what happens when a fella poses as a 10-year old boy who writes to politicians and asks them to send in their favourite joke?!?

america's funniest senators!

May 11, 2004

fickety farkety

well, i've slapped up another photoshopped fark file... i have a cold, so the detail isn't all that great - i'm towards the bottom (if you wanna vote for me, that'd be cool :)

*whew- doggie*

okay - i stayed home from work today. still wasn't feeling well... must admit that i have done some stuff around the house. 3 loads of laundry, steam cleaned the carpets, slapped stuff in the dishwasher, straightened the living room, walked the dog...

and took a 2 hour nap.

i am bloody exhausted. and no, there will be no photos of my room because it's still a frickin' pit.

crazy assed flylady

there's still a lot to do...


well well... we have a delightful comment spammer who goes by the name Howard Fishman....aka Mr. Jupiter.

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May 12, 2004

let me clarify....

okay - so, i've been told that i am cranky today because of the comment spammer in the previous post.

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first... i nearly burst into tears when the bomb hit donna's truck... eh, okay, fine. you got me. i did burst into tears. gotta problem with that?

next... WTF? latoya's off now. the voting absolutely sucks on AI... fantasia will probably go next week since she's great. and left standing is that diana degarmo (sp? who cares) and jasmine stinkhead from hawaii who are terrible.

May 13, 2004

wow... gettin' older... sorta

can't believe this saturday is going to be my 3 year bloggiversary... (my site is 4.5 years though)

top o' the... afternoon

man oh man it's gorgeous outside today.... of course, i am sitting here in the air conditioned office slaving away... but that's okay...

last night i left the office at 4:30pm in hopes of getting home in time to get to the women of irish heritage meeting...

idiots cannot drive in the rain... and it really wasn't raining when i got on the road.

so i got home at 7:15pm... 2 hours. 45 minutes.

the meeting started at 7pm. i missed it. they were supposed to yap about the ireland trip next march...

i need to come up with $1500 to go over there ($250 deposit)... that'll be kinda tough... we're the first all-women's group to be invited to walk in the Dublin St. Patrick's Day Parade....


survivor final finale!

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! my pirate won a million bucks!

May 14, 2004

clean-up on aisle 3

< rant >

okay - working from home today (as i do on fridays) and had to go to shop-rite because ol' mother gigglechick's cupboards were bare and beri needed breakfast...

good god. there were like a million people in the store - see, in brick, there's about 5 senior citizens' communities in the area... and i think they all were dropped off by the community buses...

it took me twice as long to get around the store... not to sound age-ist, but i will, good god, people, MOVE... stay to the side of the aisle if you must meander -5mph! don't hang out at the end of an aisle yapping in a gaggle of 7 with carts... and walkers.... while you're at it, could you close the bloody freezer door since the rest of the frozen section is fogging up because you can't decide what diabetic edy's ice cream your husband wants?

great - when i am not commuting and having road rage, i am now having shopping cart rage.... really, they need horns and headlights you can flash on these things... turn signals wouldn't be a bad idea... and, hell, may as well throw a couple of traffic lights in at the end of aisles since i was crashed into THREE times today...

< / rant>


heading to o'neill's tonight with kelli and lara and then i must wake up early and head into the city tomorrow for the food festival with kerry...

May 15, 2004


long effing evening. started out swell.... but... eh.....

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okay - so heading out to go to the food festival with kerry... no fights will break out today, except with whether or not i want candied strawberries before or after the pierogies...

mother of gawd.

kerry just cancelled because her stomach hurts.
not going to the food fest.

dammit. now i have to go to shop-rite and buy 24 pierogies and recreate the food fest here. candied strawberries will be hard to recreate...

after the fruit or computer?



happy 3rd bloggiversary to me!

3 years... jeez willikers.

and i've only tried to quit blogging 6 times.

SMARTY JONES!!! paint their colours on that sign!

Dear God, Red Pollard and Affirmed,

Thank you for letting Smarty Jones win The Preakness today. I am teary-eyed from watching this fantastic creature from Philadelphia run his heart out. My voice is hoarse from yelling with glee at this horse as he kicked it up in the stretch by opening the gap by eleven and aa half lengths...

If it's not too much to ask, could you please let him win The Belmont and make him an undefeated Triple Crown winner? Pleeeeease?! I haven't seen a Triple Crown winner since I was 7 years old in 1978... and had my huge crush on Stevie Cauthen.

This horse, this jockey, this trainer and, of course, this family are fantastic... the stories behind each of them are almost on par - if not almost surpass - Seabiscuit...

Yep. I am crying over a thoroughbred. Not the first time that's happened.... certainly won't be the last.... but, if you could send him over the finish line first in the Belmont, I would be so happy!




May 16, 2004

sopranos tonight...


May 17, 2004


took down the last post for a few reasons... will get into later...

hey, we got seperators and shelves for our crazy ass desks today - thank god. ti's only been 1 year and 9 months since they were ordered.

callout for captions!


Bloomberg: "... and I'd like to thank the good people at Extreme Mayor Makeover for offering to take care of my turtle mouth... and they are adding femur extensions as well"

***i know the fella on the left, by the way... there's my namedropping... so feel free to caption his ass as well :P ***

pbs rocks!

totally digging colonial house!!!

and before he got fuzzy, this guy caught my eye :)

show me. show you.

what the hell was in that soy sauce!?

May 18, 2004

you'll go blind....

oh my god, i thought i was going blind.... no. my monitor is slowly dying here at the office... check out how blurry it is... it's sort of subtle, but it's been giving me headaches for about a month now. sometimes it fluctuates between crisp and blurry, but today, it's been blurry 100% of the time.

not good when you are designing and coding crap for the company, eh?

the dell guy told my IT guy to unhook the blue wire thing on the back and blow on it, then rehook it...

it's crisp now... for how long, we'll see.

so long, felix


tony randall was 84....

yo. regis...

nice that the "phone a friend" on super millionaire totally was having someone type the question into google.

the question was "in 1952 what country was the 3rd to test the atomic bomb?"

and i typed "1952 a-bomb test"

britain came up in 1 second.

*growling has not ceased as of 10:15pm*

May 19, 2004

think good thoughts


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inspired by friday's fiasco (or "fiascal" as my copywriter's mother says) - i have begun a line of products....(mixed in with regular gigglechick items)

go. buy some. do it. :)

buy the negative attitude gear as well:


in a month...

so, i have plans to go to great adventure on my birthday... i've been dying to go - craving it, actually... no, i don't think the cravings are because of the weird ol' uncle junior-esque guy who dances near a six flags bus

i have a comp day coming to me, so i think i'll take it that day and then see if i can't work from home that tuesday...

the kids in the world will most likely get out of school the next day... on the 22nd or 23rd, so that'll cut down on the lines....

and now i have a month and 1 day to lose 50 pounds so i can fit in the seats (ha ha)

especially since there's now a "who-will-get-dizzy-and-sick-from-the-rides-first" contest between my rollercoaster compadre*

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May 20, 2004


totally fell asleep on the couch for the past few hours... haven't written squat today.

i am going to bed.... i should have had more caffeine today...

speaking of which.... my liver should thank me for the dunkin donuts addiction....

.... now i am going back to bed.

May 21, 2004

the countdown begins...

so the birthday is one month from today... 34. nothing crazy like turning 30 and just shy of turning 35 when i can get depressed about not having had 7 kids and a house, but still able to cause a little anxiety about living here with mom and being single and all that...

then again, screw that thought.

i don't think i would be okay with having kids at this point. still have a lot of living to do before i "pop a pink one out" or "have a scrog" (as friends of mine have said)

plus... have you seen my effing bedroom?

nope. i am so not ready to have a husband or kids.

and, hell, if geena davis can have twins at age 47 , my biological clock just hit snooze....


by the way... quinn installed mt blacklist last week and it seemed to be working.... til today... at the moment, i am still cleaning up over 150 bloody spam comments.

oh and they think they're so sneaky with their japanese and russian characters in their names.

bite me.

oh. bloody. joy.

so the second twin is getting married...

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May 22, 2004

for she's a jolly good fellaaaa...

am going to a retirement party this afternoon... should be fun to see folks i haven't seen in a few years or so :)

trying to get kerry to see shrek 2 with me later today - perhaps this evening... i am dying to see it (don't know if kerry is up for the kiddie movie.)



i think i have to start listing the searches people do on google, etc and wind up on my site again... i haven't posted them in a while...

wild rhino porn?

the floor of the blog exchange

ah.... so, michael was oh so kind to help me get back on my blogshare feet again... i was over $3.2million in the hole... anyway, now i am about to become a blogshare addict again. thank you michael :)

if anyone is interested... try and snag some shares of gigglechick.com ...

May 23, 2004

shindig yesterday...

went to the retirement party of one of my former neighbours... was good to see everyone... and it was really nice (besides the retirement, there were new houses built, so it was cool to see those, very nice.very nice (and i am not just saying this since kevin [below] reads this...)


and this is kevin with his wife kara (forgive me if i am totally screwing up the spelling of the name...)


on a geek note:

i got an email from my hosting place this morning saying...

Your site gigglechick.com has exceeded its
bandwidth quota in the period beginning on 2004-03-01.
Your quota is set to 21474836480 bytes ( 20480.0 MB ), and
your site has consumed 18116003 bytes ( 17.277 MB ) beyond that quota.

eh... crapola. so i have to weed out some files that i don't need. the thing is... i am a packrat, offline and online... i will most likely need the files as soon as i discard 'em.


the aftermath.

*sigh* a lot of wine.

i won at bridal bingo (after mauling an old woman to death for a backscratcher.)

much wine in my gullet right now.

yap more later.

photos - are here...

wanna experience a little bridal bingo? i know you do...

click here...

more? keep clicking....

are you seriously a glutton for punishment? click here to see why i had to down about 2 bottles of pinot grigio on my own...

and click here to understand why i had a bout of emotional eating *and drinking* today

and now... the happy couple. kelly and tony.

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May 24, 2004

70 mile commute.

bloody traffic this morning, and had to pick up my co-worker as well, was late to work.

holy crap!

jeezuz maryann joseph!!!!!!!!!!!!

email #289


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May 25, 2004

love my stats.

interesting search (below) for the DAMB... wonder what that one was all about? another broad who was lied to by him? a friend searching? a lawyer searching and laying in wait to tell me to remove any posts?

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gigglechick: crimestopper.

so this morning about 10 after 7am i was walking beri...

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fiddle with me

hmmmm... gilly writes a comment about the previous post...

"Nice. You need a graphic of you in a Wonder Woman costume."

i think that i will post a callout - go ahead, slap me onto a superhero and post it here in the comments...

i am sure you can find at least one or two images of me to work with...

**ps. if fantasia doesn't win tomorrow night, then ai is effed. **

maybe it's gas.

whoa. i just realized i forgot to eat dinner.

i had gotten home around 7:45pm, got a check in the mail from H&RBlock - the tax preparer actually filled out a thing for a refer-a-friend back in march (or april) and she said she'd give it to someone - i didn't have to lift a finger and i got $20... needed to slap that in the bank, so i drove to my fleet bank down the street... went to the atm and there weren't any deposit envelopes.


2dollarsgrrr.jpgso i was riding around on 1/8 tank of gas. fumes, if you will.

i found another fleet about 5 miles away, complete with envelopes...

saw a few gas stations that were hawking their "$1.95" and "$1.98" prices... i drove on... they were on the opposite site of the road.

i drive to the gulf station close to home because the huge sign says:


and i pull in, say fill it with regular, the guy shoves the thing into the tank and there ya' go...

"$21.01, ma'am"

eh... what?

"oh. we just changed the price to $2.03. haven't had time to change the sign"


i said, "you'd better effing change it quick since that's false advertising and you should have told me this when i said 'fill it up'"

his "assistant" heard me and ran over to change the sign (of course i have video... and you'll notice that my math skills kinda stink)

the dude shrugs his shoulders and walks away.

me: "i think it sucks!" and then i started to drive away...
not for nothing, i am not cheap, i just sorta have $27 to my name til the weekend.

May 26, 2004

c�ad m�le f�ilte!

a hearty welcome to those visiting from fishbucket.net!

sit back, grab a cup o' joe, take yer shoes off and peruse my goofy little site...

some of my recent favourite posts are:

the wedding & shower invites

the damb incent

my bar fight (i am not totally proud of this... well, maybe a little)

but there's much much more... so, click around and feel free to come on back anytime you want, mi blog es su blog (i don't speak or write spanish, so...)

and don't be afraid to comment and say hello or whatever....

fark addiction.

so i just created another image for a fark photoshop thang... go and vote...

and i created another one... go vote there, too!


There will be a comedy fundraiser on Sunday June 13, 2004 at 1pm-5pm at The Brentwood Country Club. If interested in performing please call Mrs.Joyner at 631-841-0841 of 516-819-5479 ASAP. or email my comedy sistah Monica at myfuneaz@optonline.net

what childhood toy from the 80s are you?

snagged from bitch country

i am pleased with my results :)

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AI finale... part I

not for nothing, but why the hell would diana digarmo sing the same exact song fantasia sang 24 hours ago? and she's singing it, eh, not as good as fantasia did... see, i had a tear in my eye last night. tonight, there's no comparison.

american idol. over.


for the first time i actually want to buy a cd by an AI winner.

i'm a little bit country...

and a hearty congrats goes
out to dierks bentley for winning
top new artist at the
Academy of Country Music Awards tonight...

May 27, 2004

i want one. bad.


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once again. i am farkin'... go vote here....

here's my image


yep. i've farked again.

go and vote.

---- at least my "shroud of bronze guy" has 37 votes so far...

a little closer!

wow! thank y'all for the donations to the Mini Giggle Fund!!

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May 28, 2004

another. addicted. dammit.

i had to.

go vote (some guy said he'd vote for whoever posted a family guy reference. i did.)

and because i am now hooked on this like heroin (eh... no, i have no track marks, thanks) i have created the "farkwhore" category.

you know you want one.


grab a secada/cicada duets shirt, frisbee, coaster before the cicadas die!

must. curb. farking. addiction.

*sigh* had to photoshop this photo and could only think of one thing....

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whoa. i am not posting a fark photo for the first time in a while... (an hour)

let's see... what's going on?

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this weekend!?

what's everyone doing for memorial day weekend?

anyone gonna be down here at the jersey shore at all? let me know!

the itch

man. i really want to redesign erinsportfolio again... dammit.

yeah. i am home.

now getting into the potty humor.


May 29, 2004

email #290

the diaries of a dog and cat...

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May 30, 2004

first sighting!


about 5 of them flew past my bedroom window... at first i thought they were hummingbirds. good god.

(will try to snag photos later... not that i wanna get too close to these s.o.b.'s)

quick entry

so on fark the latest ps thang...

Theme: What if all sites used pornsite-style advertising?

i had to

holy clucking goodness!

ever want your chickens to hatch really quickly so you can count them!?!?

will explain in a day or so...

May 31, 2004

taking a breather

well, i just weeded and then mulched and laid a bunch of slate down in the garden... then i dragged (using the flip end to end approach) the cast iron and wood bench that we've had for 15 years - that was on it's last legs - out to the dumpster... i flipped it end-to-end 53 times... yes. i counted. yes. i lifted with my knees. yes. i am achy. and hell yes, i had better have lost 45 pounds in an hour from doing that...


beri enjoys the garden.

it's about to rain, so it's all kindsa gray outside... i'll take photos when all is sunny and swell.

ah, yes... go tell christine congratulations.... she & mike got hitched this weekend!!!

what else is going on? i am pmsing and starving. that's about it for now...

just cleaned the grill and set that all up (it's a hand me down - i so want to buy a new one at some point during the summer because i hate thinking that i am going to be blown up when cooking)... i bought a london broil the other night, so think i will marinate it in italian dressing... i got the carb options wishbone italian dressing... everyone cross your fingers that it tasted halfway decent... i wanted to marinate it in balsamic vinegar (fricking fantastic!) but mom didn't feel like that. *sigh*

anyway... waiting for rain and gotta down about 4 midols...

i bought my annual poppy from a vet (2 actually).... did you?



what number are you?

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i look better in ink


ah... here's my avatar... made here (go make one!) - snagged the link from tjej, go check out her's as well :)

happy meal.

another fark.

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