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June 1, 2004

don't let me forget again!

i missed out on rabbit rabbiting last month... must remember to say "rabbit rabbit" first thing this morning...

This is doubly important if your birthday occurs that month. "Rabbit, rabbit" will ensure good luck. And who couldn't use a little good luck these days?

wooooooo! it's ma'birt'day month!


okay - so far... i will keep the running Mini Giggle Fund tally here....

spread the word... and remember, it benefits World Peace.

(you can also click the banner at the top of the page to see the mini giggle fund page :)

June 2, 2004


man alive - sorry if anyone had trouble getting to my site over the past few hours... bloody slow, wasn't it?

i'm a bit of a web packrat i realize, much like outside of my server, and i had used up 409.8MB of my 410MB allotted me...

i've deleted a lot of unnecessary crap from my site (saved it of course - which will clog my machine here, but, i have to get some cd's to burn...) anyway, it seriously clogged the hell out of my site.

that said. must sleep. have to get up early to figure out what the hell i am wearing to the national art honor society reunion tomorrow night...

(did you forget to rabbit, rabbit this morning? then 'tibbar tibbar' before you sleep tonight!)

"less like a thunderclap"

by the way... why the hell can't other guys out there (namely those i date) have a revelation quite like benjamin wagner had tonight?

jeezuz. methinks i have to go out and buy a few copies of this Keane's 'Bend & Break' he speaks of and randomly hand them out to ex's that still have potential and those who have red hair... just in case it is actually a catalyst for the "revelation"...

otherwise, i have to start getting off my ass and carry around sushi & shampoo whilst standing outside Whole Foods nead 59th.

heh. yes, i am stalkeriffic.

wow, your mom's so sparkly!

after reading a post on katie's site... i was left thinking...

if your loved one made a decent salary, etc etc etc... would their gem be appraised higher than the others? if they were really heavyset, would they become 3karats? oh the questions...

hey, coop!


anyone? anyone? i'll bathe and wear deodorant... i promise!

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June 3, 2004

flashbacks to high school

had a fantastic time at the national art honor society/eichenger retirement shindig - seeing folks i haven't seen in years (some in 16 years!)

i have photos... (this is a short and sweet post since i have to go into a meeting in a minute or two... will label images later...)


ah...young 'un

go wish neil a happy frickin' birthday!!!!!!!

history is in the future!

man... i am getting all teary eyed thinking about this saturday's belmont stakes..

i know... i know... it's a horse race... just a horse race...


this is not just a "horse race" ---- this is a shot at the TRIPLE CROWN!

the triple crown.......

i have been home during both the derby and the preakness, jumping up and down, freaking out, crying - yes. crying... over this horse...

what horse you say?

*sigh* come on... you don't mean to tell me you've come to my site unprepared do you?

smartyjones060504.jpgdoes SMARTY JONES ring a bell!?

for those of you who've come to my site by googling "sporty jones", "jonesy the racehorse", "sparky jones", "fast horse jones smart".... well, thank you for wanting to know about Smarty Jones... it's SMARTY JONES!!!


so, smarty is starting from post position #9... eh... i am a little nervous about it, but hey, his trainer - John Servis - doesn't seem to think twice about it:

"I am happy with the post," said trainer John Servis. "We can sit outside of horses and he doesn't have to worry about what is going on outside of him. He just has to worry about what is going on inside of him. He will be able to secure a position going into the first turn."

it's supposed to be muddy and rainy on saturday - but if you remember, the derby was slightly muddy

good luck to the chapmans!!!! good luck to john servis!!!! good luck to stewart elliot!!!! and a hearty good luck and Godspeed to Smarty Jones!!!!!

my buddy chris is heading to the track that day and i gave him $2 to bet on Smarty Jones to WIN... and i told him to bring the ticket back to my unscathed when SJ does win... not to cash it since it'll be a collector's item...

i am heading into nyc tomorrow night thru sunday and will be watching the race in a bar [Scruffy Duffy's: 743 Eighth Avenue (between 46th & 47th)]... and yes.... i KNOW that at some point - even without a pint in me - i will be crying after the race... GOOD TEARS... they have to be... smarty jones is going to bring home the Triple Crown....

he has to.

and it'll be a great date to win the Triple Crown... 06.05.04

June 4, 2004

the weekend...

think i am taking the 5:44pm train into the city (which'll get me in around twenty of 8)

then cath and i are heading to see harry potter... we'll hang with harry from 10:45pm on (got my tix on fandango...)

tomorrow is shrek2 and the race... and i have to help cathy figure out dreamweaver so she can update her site that i set up /designed for her...

trying to crank stuff out for work... and i have a doctor's appt in an hour...

speaking of fandango... the actual "Fandango" movie - which is one of my favourites - is on one of the hbo's right now

June 5, 2004




eh... i sound like a drunk trucker...

"yeunglings... yeunglings... i had yeunglings"

June 6, 2004


sopranos! i really liked this episode.... think there were only about 3 episodes that i cared for this season

good god.

hmmmmm.... well, then... it's all coming back to me now....

keep in mind folks that i probably had about 13 pints of beer and a lemon drop shot...

it ain't pretty.

we're walking through the port authority right now (after bowling - and i am looking disheveled...)

here are photos... go check 'em out... after bowling, i am not at my best...

June 7, 2004



Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com

[snagged blatantly from susan]

Average Jane!

um.... interesting.... nbc (who i'd emailed the day i designed this) is now having an Average Jane.

deadline submission is June 14th to mail the stuff...

although there's a open casting call on the 18th in hoboken...

in the meantime... help me out again since it's crunch time!!


paste code into your site to help get the Average Jane ball rolling!

<a href="http://www.gigglechick.com/erin/blog/003111.php" target="_blank"><img alt="gigglechick_avjane2.gif" src="http://www.gigglechick.com/erin/blog/gigglechick_avjane2.gif" width="120" height="60" border="0" /></a>

or use this version!

<a href="http://www.gigglechick.com/erin/blog/003111.php" target="_blank"><img alt="gigglechick_avjane.gif" src="http://www.gigglechick.com/erin/blog/gigglechick_avjane.gif" width="120" height="60" border="0" /></a>

awwwww shucks! thanks!

how cool is it to walk in from work to find a jason mraz cd from gwen and a 365 affirmations for creative weight loss book from susan waiting for me!!! guess a couple of y'all have already started sending b-day gifts... THANK YOU!!!

stanley cup!

congrats to the Tampa Bay Lightning!!!!

um... is it just me, or between tampa bay and calgary, weren't there an abnormal amount of guys with red hair skating around?!?!?!?!

speaking of redheads.... if the average jane gig doesn't fly perhaps i'll sign up here....

June 8, 2004

the shoot

filming of the 5 minute average jane video happens today (hopefully) have to figure out a guideline of what i want to say - i have a few items...

the thing is, i am going to have to do one where i talk constantly for 5 min. and then one that i can edit hither and tither - or actually - one that this guy can edit since i am not fluent in final cut pro...

unfortunately, he was in the office last night, and might not be available this week... and the video/photos/etc are due on june 14th

last comic standing...2

okay... once again.... i am slightly bitter...


i thought this was for comics that never have had comedy central specials or total exposure on colin quinn shows ...

i love jim, don't get me wrong... have yapped with him many a time and saw him each week at the laughing bean in red bank 10 years ago...

but those who have moved on to the semi-finals from new york...

i used to do the same bringer/amatuer shows as jessica kirson

have been in line-ups with sue costello, dc benny, eddie ifft, tim young & dan naturman *who haas already been on letterman)

that said....

i want Norton to win...


average jane update:

i finished shooting the video - god, do you realize how hard it is to try and come across as natural and likeable and average after the 46th take!?


now i am having my video editor help me out on thursday night....

June 9, 2004

sincere form of flattery?

of course, watching letterman tonight, half asleep... i heard:

"We're playing Secada/Cicada tonight!" [kinda big 13mb .avi file - nothing spectacular... just showing letterman saying secada/cicada... missed getting video of the graphic]

well, that bloody well figures, doesn't it?

i mean, what? it's been 2 weeks since i posted my secada/cicada stuff on fark and then made the giggleschwag products with them on it...

slow in the morning

mother of pearl. my site is crazy slooooow today - i apologize... i've tried removing numerous videos to give the server a bit more memory, but something is screwy...

how much of a lag are y'all getting before my site pops into view? let me know! thanks!

my buddy johnny storm caught it, it was the blogtricks referrers link that was screwing everything up....

don't mess with this fella!

johnny storm sent me the link to the p-p-p-powerbook/ebay/escrow scammer getting scammed fiasco... gotta love this

i think i am smitten with the jeff fella after reading this


um. i am actually tearing up watching the reagan procession.


okay jeez... i am sitting here with tears streaming down my face... that was pretty moving... especially when mrs. reagan went up to the casket and smoothed out the flag and you could see her mouth "i love you"...

last comic... sort of sitting down

um... watching last comic standing... what the effing hell?

WILL DURST is in the semis?

eh... from his own site:

This five-time Emmy nominee and host/co-producer of the ongoing award winning PBS series "Livelyhood" is also a regular commentator on NPR and CNN, and has appeared on every comedy show featuring a brick wall including Letterman, Comedy Central, HBO and Showtime, receiving 7 consecutive nominations for the American Comedy Awards Stand Up of the Year. Hobbies include the never-ending search for the perfect cheeseburger, while his heroes remain the same from when he was twelve: Thomas Jefferson and Bugs Bunny.

man. what an amatuer.

okay... i am going to calm down and see who they shove into the house...

and kathleen madigan... i have loved her set/schtick for about 8 years or so now... especially on the teevee specials that she's had...


jay london makes the cut but eddie ifft doesn't!?

June 10, 2004

Limited-Edition Ocean County Dolls

[hey to all of you APP.com folks checking out my site - feel free to look at the entire blog by clicking HERE....]

Mattel recently announced the release of Limited-Edition Ocean County dolls for the Central NJ Market:

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best. sammich. ever.


thanksgiving on a roll from Delicasies in Saddle Brook

back off, reaper mcgee!

hmmmmm... did the death clock a few years ago...

but here's another Death Clock...

apparently, i am going to live til Sunday, October 3, 2066

i will be 96 when i die. --- jeezuz. ninety bloody six?

i got the blues.


June 11, 2004




um.... is it me or does it look like the honor guard just went down the wrong side of the stairs with the casket?

all of the guards are lined up on the one side, as are the pallbearers....

some guests @ the funeral

gorbachev, thatcher, prince charles, clinton, ford, carter, blair, bush 1 & 2...

and... um....

tommy lasorda?

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okay. george h.w. bush just made me burst into tears because he got choked up at one point...

um.... does this mean i have now transformed into a total republican?


okay george w i speaking now... and all i can think over and over in my head is:

"don't screw up. don't be a boob. don't say anything embarrassing"

guess i am still hanging out in the middle.


so that whole ceremony was pretty dang moving. and yes. i cried

June 12, 2004

hey hey

hungover from too much wine with kerry last night...

have to get ready for a date tonight... calm down, it's a guy i went to high school with - he was (is) 2 years younger than me and i used to drive him to school... anyway... hadn't seen him in 16 years until the art honor society reunion gig a week ago.... we've been yapping on IM/phone all week and as it turns out.... yadda yadda yadda.... meeting for cocktails.

talk later...

June 13, 2004

no photos

wouldn't you know it -- i hadn't charged my camera batteries before i went out last night.... dang.

had a really keen time.......

and yes.... that's all y'all are getting out of me right now

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afternoon. folks.

well, a week and a day to go til i am three-four. today we're taking my aunt out for lunch/early dinner since her birthday is tomorrow....

going to the union landing patio bar... bring on the shrimp, clams & oysters, baby!

my friend flicka

sitting here at my machine and i looked up to see an odd flashing light... thinking it was an airplane (i live under a military flight pattern - which sometimes scares the bejeezuz out of me because i always think they're gonna come crashing into the condo...) but was odd, because i didn't hear the roar of it...

eh... well, it was a lightning bug hovering on my window and just flickering...

*sigh* summer is here (well, not officially til my birthday...)

June 14, 2004

by the way


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eh... search


fess up. who searched for gigglechick lips?

odd thing about it, it says whoever searched has never been to my site before...

and they wound up landing on my poetry page anyway... *sigh*

a better mood now

excellent.... the rhb just called to confirm our plans for next monday... yes... my birthday....

birthday. redhead. rollercoasters.


June 15, 2004


did a thing for fark...

(am totally late posting it)

pry my eyes open

couldn't bloody well fall asleep til 2:30am... TWO FREAKING THIRTY... and now i have to leave for work in 6 minutes (eh. have to take shower and dress before then though... *sigh*)


good day at work today - cranked out a ton of stuff, etc as well as a few other things... dead dog tired... got home about an hour or so ago... of course, as i was saving a number of items the power failed in the building... luckily i didn't lose anything.

June 16, 2004

sorta average

so i am totally geared up for the average jane casting gig on friday night.... got my videos... got my photos (they just came in through fed ex today) and got a good deal of stuff i can yap about if they turn the camera on me...

holy frig! jim norton got booted off lcs because of his contractual obligations... crap...

June 17, 2004

yep... you heard it... i got dooced

****update 10:19pm!!*** jeezuz - this is just a neverending saga isn't it?!?! :) thanks to eric for slapping a link to it up on his mirror site.... found here and also thanks to ari for doing the same!!!! here you go.... a couple of choices!!!

hey everyone - especially you folks coming here from boingboing! - for the time being i had to take the officespacewars movie down... forced to more like, because it was killing the tera-byte.com server... if anyone knows of a kickass movie compression program (free, preferrably) that i can download (for PC) i'd appreciate it and might be able to put it back up....

**note... apparently one of the tera-byte angels gave cory a link to the movie that he uploaded to his own server.... so THANK YOU!!!!!! you rock!

*** update 8:30pm 06.25.04 *** eh, it looks as if the officespacewars video link was changed to the frickin' fahrenheit 9/11 piece of drivel trailer. sorry, folks... i still have the original file, so email me and i will send it to you (as long as you promise not to link to it off your site... upload it to your server first. :) and i am going to limit the amount of folks i will give the link to... as i said, i have to play web bouncer and open the velvet ropes up less frequently... so if you email me, i may send it the following day -- i mean, i got dooced a week ago, so the cash isn't flowing in anymore so the $450 a day that i'll be charged for crazy bandwidth usage wouldn't be keen!!)

oh sweet baby jeezuz - i needed to see this...


go. now.
and, um, yeah.... we're gonna need the force to be with you.


woo! just was hanging out down by the beach for a couple of hours... good stuff... working on that tan, baby!!!

gee your mail smells terrific!

loving my gmail account so far!!!

say hey to me!

thanks, kat!

*** oh the power! bwah-ha-ha-ha!***

where were you?

a few Q & As snagged from michele who snagged it from joe

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um. thanks peewee for sending this to me...

i nearly yakked on the third sip...

if y'all have weak tummies, i suggest you move on...

June 18, 2004

sand between my toes

off to the beach for a while..... sunny as heck out! woo!
gotta love being off in the summer...

average j...what the!??!

what the? okay so i called city bistro to check the exact time the average jane casting gig would be starting tonight - last week on the nbc website it had said 9 - 11:30pm...

my photos hadn't gotten to my house til wednesday, so i wasn't able to make the mail in deadline...

figuring i had the live casting call to go to, i figured it's okay that i didn't mail it in...

eh... city bistro had no clue what i was talking about...

i just went to the nbc website where they had the casting call dates and locations posted.... eh... they took that page down... what the frig?

i am sending my effing tape in anyway with a note say "hey, there was supposed to be a live shindig, give me a fighting chance here"


oh well, back to the pool (never went to the beach - they opened the pool here today...)

connect this.

mother of pearl! my comcast connection is freaking out on me today - i have been on the phone with them 3 times today... doing the unplug-the-modem-then-shut-down-your-computer drill

the connection works for 3 minutes before it cuts out. in fact, i am using up this brief window of connectivity...

posting now (will probably lose it)

June 19, 2004


well, have a few things to do around here - then i am off to a party at around 3pm...

have a zit the size of milwaukee starting on my friggin' chin though - just in time for my birthday on monday... dammit... i don't wanna be 34 with pimples.



a few moments later....

gigglemom told me she heard that putting visine on the damned zit takes the red out... i tried it... it does! no it hasn't cleared it up 100%, but so far it's less red.

woo! helpful hints from gigglemom!

thank you!


katie, thank you so much for the birthday gift!!! it's my favourite book (and this one has shel silverstein reading it on CD!!!)

yo, non-girlfriend, what's on yo mind?


June 20, 2004

dad's day/pre-birthday eve

happy father's day to all y'all dads out there!

i went down to my dad's this morning and his wife made brunch which was good and i took a ton of photos of his garden (will post later)

then i came home and mom and i hung out trying to get a tan...

she gave me my b-day presents early (since i'll be out tomorrow and she'll be working)

got $$ for a set of golf clubs (dad gave me cash too, so i have a good amount for a decent starter set...

got a golf towel thing with a brush, got about 36 golfballs, tees, ball markers

so i am gonna probably go out on tuesday and take a gander at the golf store to see what's the what...

heading out to the movies (to see the terminal... eh, we'll see how it is...) --

i hear that tom hanks talks to a carry-on bag named Samsonite for 3 hours...

then i think we're heading to the circus drive-in...

June 21, 2004

well.... i'm....


June 22, 2004


hey hey hey! thank all y'all who wished me well on my birthday yesterday!! you rock!

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s'more stuff

ah yes... photos of dad's day and his garden are here!

i am calling him farmer bob...
his goal: to not have to go to the grocery store anymore and be self sufficient

they have: zucchini, asparagus, tomatoes (grape, jersey, plum), eggplant, string beans, strawberries, yellow squash, some other squash, carrots, thyme, rosemary, basil, mint, and a number of other things too...

... saturday i had gone down to my cousins' house in bayville... my aunt brought over her s'mores maker (like a fondue contraption, but you have a.... oh, click here... and here

anyway... i caught my s'more making experience on video.... go ahead... take a gander...

June 23, 2004

GMAIL....getcher gmail! - all gone~

i've got 4 3 2 1 NO gmail accounts up for grabs, kids... anyone? anyone? let me know - first come, first serve in the comments (you have to leave your email addy in there....)

printer suggestions????

think i am gonna head out and wander around staples for a color printer that's compatible with my machine (which i think all are.... dell dimension 4600)

seeing as my old printer is on my macintosh...

any suggestions as to a nice (fairly reasonably priced) printer, folks??? seeing as i have to start spitting out resumes left and right... not to mention cover letters...

June 24, 2004

good day!

hey hey - quickly checking in before i head off to the pool!

have been up since 5am working on my portfolio site (what's up there now looks NOTHING like what will be up there in the next few days [hopefully] or so)

and i went to compusa, got rushed into buying a printer, then had to get a usb cord, then had to get extra ink cartridges, oh and by the way you really ought to get the 2 year warranty... and you need paper... and hey this guy's the most annoying fricking close talker.... plus he got off on the wrong foot with me when i asked him (i already knew the answer was yes) but i asked him "will this be okay with my dimension 4600?"

to which he replied... "well, it's not that big a printer, i'm sure that it will fit that dimension"

when another salesguy ran over and said "eh... she's talking about a Dell."

and yet, i let him take all the stuff up to the cashier... and he kept standing - i swear - about 6 inches from me - totally unecessary - the cashier starts asking my name, address, phone number - i hate giving that stuff out... and the guy wouldn't leave... and i looked at him then i looked at the cashier and said "i'm not comfortble giving out my info" and then the "sales guy" pipes up "oh but we need it for the warranty"... and i said "i really don't think i need your help anymore" --- then the cashier proceeded to ring up the warranty twice... twice! okay... then it was the wrong warranty anyway... *sigh* okay... then she takes both warranty charges off, and then gives me the right one...

when all was said and done... $223.46...

to which i replied... "are you kidding me?"

took my credit card, popped it back in my wallet before swiping it, and walked out of the store and drove across the street to Best Buy... picked up all the same stuff, helped myself, no close talker, no annoying guy, just me and my Epson 200 (or something, it's downstairs, i haven't hooked it up yet) and we checked out, with 2 year warranty...

when all was said and done... best buy.... $167.58

(then i went to mcdonald's got one of their salad meals... pretty much JUST for the pedometer.... got home... salad and water are there... pedometer? nope.)

oh well, whatever, i have a printer. i had a salad (eh, so i got french fries too.... a girl's gotta live) and i have my bathing suit on to go relax and take a nap.

life is grand!

June 25, 2004

the redesign

man alive, i have a billion things for my portfolio - and while that's swell and good, that means i have to create a billion pages and resize a billion images *sigh*...

luckily it's not sunny out, so there won't be the desire to go sit out in the sun...

i have one of the main sections of a section done... because i am explaining the projects and all that...

so... this is my day so far - although, i must say that i am really pleased with how it's turning out... don't worry, i will unveil it to ya'll soon :)

right now, i do have a hankerin' for some dunkin donuts iced coffee.... gonna run out... gotta love the drive-thru DD...

PS... as i've said... what's on the portfolio now (if you've tried the link) looks NOTHING like what i am creating now....

boing boinged.

okay, for those of you looking for the office space wars video, check out http://www.iandavids.com (he's the director and has a link to the compressed file... this is the horse's mouth you're gonna be looking into... erm, wait, i just mixed metaphors... gift horse, straight from the horse's mouth, etc etc etc. just go.)

keep coming back... but i may need to have velvet ropes and bouncers to let people in one at a time because my tera-byte.com fire marshal might get all growly again... :)


man alive! wow! just went thru (semi)hell and back... well, at first i was totally ecstatic, because boingboing.net had linked to me -- and more specifically -- they linked to the officespacewars video

****update 10:19pm!!*** jeezuz - this is just a neverending saga isn't it?!?! :) thanks to eric for slapping a link to it up on his mirror site.... found here and also thanks to ari for doing the same!!!! here you go.... and codewolf has slapped the video up on his site as well!!! so, there ya' go... a couple of choices!!!

**update: 8:30pm *** eh it looks as if the officespacewars video link was changed to the frickin' fahrenheit 9/11 piece of drivel trailer. sorry, folks... i still have the original file, so email me and i will send it to you (as long as you promise not to link to it off your site... upload it to your server first. :) and i am going to limit the amount of folks i will give the link to... as i said, i have to play web bouncer and open the velvet ropes up less frequently... so if you email me, i may send it the following day -- i mean, i got dooced a week ago, so the cash isn't flowing in anymore so the $450 a day that i'll be charged for crazy bandwidth usage wouldn't be keen!!)

i had noticed in my stats that i had gotten about 82 hits/downloads of that bigass file within 8 minutes... jeezuz...

here i was sittin' at my machine, being the happy little blogwhore sippin' my iced coffee and WHAM!

email from tera-byte.com...

Your shared hosting account for gigglechick.com has been set to Suspended-And Pending Deletion for the reason:

Overloading Server

Your site is severly overloading our server, and affecting its performance
drastically. Your site is not suited for shared hosting at its current level
of hits.

WHAT!??! jeezuzmaryannjoseph! so there i went, to try and get into my files... couldn't access my ftp, couldn't access my site...

locked out...and i was shaking the metal door of my website screaming "LET ME INNNNNNN!"

alas, i could not.... i yapped with the guy at tera-byte.com --- and i really have nothing bad to say about them... i've recommended them to many folks who need hosting. i like them... but, eh.... A LITTLE WARNING, PEOPLE!!!! come on!

the guy was like "you've been slashdotted"... to which i replied... "no, my dear, i've been boing boinged"

so i had to email the delightlful Cory who'd linked to my site and twirl my toes in the sand as i looked down at the ground and whispered... "um, my site's getting too many hits... um.... and i love you for it.... but...um... could you take the link to the officespacewars movie down" (okay i am paraphrasing... but i felt like an ass asking for my link to be taken down... come on... i am a blogwhore - that was like a knife going through my heart right there...)

anyway... my fine feathered friend did so and was kind enough to leave the link to just the plain ass blog... well, it's not an ass blog, but... you know...

so there you go....

**note... apparently one of the tera-byte angels gave cory a link to the movie that he uploaded to his own server.... so THANK YOU!!!!!! you rock!

i love tera-byte :)

holy crap!

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June 26, 2004

tee'd off

woo! i just bought a ladies' set of golf clubs... a starter set, nothing fancyschmancy... but also got golf shoes and a visor :)
oh and the set came with a golf bag as well !!!!!!!
more later...

June 27, 2004


wow... i got up at 7:30am and headed to the driving range.... i hit about 150 golfballs (pretty well for a chick who just got new clubs and hasn't gone to the driving range in quite some time...)

the guy at the golf headquarters in brick yesterday... while i was testing out the different sets (and they weren't pushing me to get the mega-expensive ones either... so they weren't trying to steer me wrong or anything) well, the guy, Pat, there actually was giving me swing tips and stuff, so that really helped me today i feel... plus the fact that he asked me if i "ever played ball" or something... and i said, "well, i played field hockey about 18 years ago... but, other than that...no..."

to which he replied "well you look very athletic and if you get serious about this game you're gonna be really damn good because you already have a nice swing..."

love that guy!

and right now, my knees, shoulders, back and hands are sore... eh... lovely... but it's a good hurt... and i am tired as hell (i didn't even step on the course! i was just hitting them... eh, maybe it's the 4 hours sleep i've had that's factoring in)

summer sunday

sunburn! a good burn, not a hurty burn... very pink nose (must moisturize like crazy so i don't peel!) was hanging out at the pool for about 4 hours... SPF 4... thank gawd i didn't slather on the tanning accelerator... heh. made that mistake a couple of weeks ago. then went to dinner down by the beach and afterward we hung out at the inlet watching the partyboats go out to sea...

good stuff.

tomorrow morning i have to go to my "reorientation to unemployment" (or whatever the title is) at 9:30am... sheesh! don't they know they're cutting into my beach and golf time!?!? how rude.

right now, i could reeeeeally go for a good massage... my entire body is sore... i think golf may be the death of me :)

June 28, 2004

on the dole.

so this morning i went to the unemployment office. no sooner do i get there, pick up some forms i have to fill out and sit down, some guy asks if he can take the seat next to me...

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June 29, 2004

ah... it's beautiful out

the pool opens in about 15 minutes... gotta get the suit and spf 4 on... will hang there for a couple of hours then come in and work on the portfolio some more... now, not for nothing, i am not done, nor am i near done with the thing... only a couple of pages work in it from the index page... (resume, online, and one or two others...) it'll evolve a bit more... but so far this is what's been going on. and yes. tomorrow will be 2 weeks since i was let go. can't discuss any more than that.

i have to get my fishing rod all rigged up... must get down to the inlet and fish.

(oh yeah, and yesterday and today [so far] i am #41 on daypop... woo! yes i know it's due to officespacewars and the link on boingboing)


ah yes, i am sitting here in the cool of my bedroom eating 1 and a half pints of oreo ice cream (breyers) -- i am only on the first 1/2 of the first pint and feeling mildly sick...

already ate 2 pints of pineapple and watermelon (the fruits, not ice cream)... so that's creating a melee in my tummy i suppose...

i went to 7-eleven and bought my megamillions lottery tickets... and now i wait.

i will wait to hear my numbers...

and then you will hear the loudest cackle known to man... and maybe a "bwah-hahahahahahah!"

can you picture the headline now?



*update* 4:16pm... i now feel officially disgustingly ill from eating the entire carton of ice cream... blargh. too bad i've growled at all of those angry hungry girls, otherwise i might be looking for those same tips (eh. no.)


of course i had to take the following quiz....

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June 30, 2004

sweaty macfurkle

just spent the last 2 hours at the driving range with a bucket of 200 golfballs... i think my knee is ready to be pried off of my leg and my spine seems to have collapsed....

the good thing is, i've lost 5 pounds since saturday and my swing has improved dramatically, especially when i remembered to keep my left arm straight and then follow through... *sigh* short term memory caused me to forget that a few times...

so far, today, the furthest i was able to drive with my 1 wood was 175 yards... not too bad for only being out there a couple of days... and for having not been lifting weights to strengthen my swing... will work on that.

yep. i will kick ass in the wplj charity golf tournament on september 14th... i cannot embarrass myself out there... hopefully.

me like gof!

animalheadcover.jpg oh hell yeah - an Animal headcover for my woods....

and a kermit one as well!!!

yep. that's in my wishlist now, folks...

and yep, i most likely will look like an idiot out there (whenever i step foot) on a course...

but hell, i will look like an idiot anyway when i start playing... so what the heck!!

bunny bunny?

don't forget --- first thing in the morning, before you yell at your dog to stop whining to go out, before you roll over and snarl at your loved one's morning breath, before you open your eyes and scream "jeezuz! i'm late!" when you look at your clock...

don't forget to shout it loud, shout it proud....

first thing.... say...


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