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boing boinged.

okay, for those of you looking for the office space wars video, check out http://www.iandavids.com (he's the director and has a link to the compressed file... this is the horse's mouth you're gonna be looking into... erm, wait, i just mixed metaphors... gift horse, straight from the horse's mouth, etc etc etc. just go.)

keep coming back... but i may need to have velvet ropes and bouncers to let people in one at a time because my tera-byte.com fire marshal might get all growly again... :)


man alive! wow! just went thru (semi)hell and back... well, at first i was totally ecstatic, because boingboing.net had linked to me -- and more specifically -- they linked to the officespacewars video

****update 10:19pm!!*** jeezuz - this is just a neverending saga isn't it?!?! :) thanks to eric for slapping a link to it up on his mirror site.... found here and also thanks to ari for doing the same!!!! here you go.... and codewolf has slapped the video up on his site as well!!! so, there ya' go... a couple of choices!!!

**update: 8:30pm *** eh it looks as if the officespacewars video link was changed to the frickin' fahrenheit 9/11 piece of drivel trailer. sorry, folks... i still have the original file, so email me and i will send it to you (as long as you promise not to link to it off your site... upload it to your server first. :) and i am going to limit the amount of folks i will give the link to... as i said, i have to play web bouncer and open the velvet ropes up less frequently... so if you email me, i may send it the following day -- i mean, i got dooced a week ago, so the cash isn't flowing in anymore so the $450 a day that i'll be charged for crazy bandwidth usage wouldn't be keen!!)

i had noticed in my stats that i had gotten about 82 hits/downloads of that bigass file within 8 minutes... jeezuz...

here i was sittin' at my machine, being the happy little blogwhore sippin' my iced coffee and WHAM!

email from tera-byte.com...

Your shared hosting account for gigglechick.com has been set to Suspended-And Pending Deletion for the reason:

Overloading Server

Your site is severly overloading our server, and affecting its performance
drastically. Your site is not suited for shared hosting at its current level
of hits.

WHAT!??! jeezuzmaryannjoseph! so there i went, to try and get into my files... couldn't access my ftp, couldn't access my site...

locked out...and i was shaking the metal door of my website screaming "LET ME INNNNNNN!"

alas, i could not.... i yapped with the guy at tera-byte.com --- and i really have nothing bad to say about them... i've recommended them to many folks who need hosting. i like them... but, eh.... A LITTLE WARNING, PEOPLE!!!! come on!

the guy was like "you've been slashdotted"... to which i replied... "no, my dear, i've been boing boinged"

so i had to email the delightlful Cory who'd linked to my site and twirl my toes in the sand as i looked down at the ground and whispered... "um, my site's getting too many hits... um.... and i love you for it.... but...um... could you take the link to the officespacewars movie down" (okay i am paraphrasing... but i felt like an ass asking for my link to be taken down... come on... i am a blogwhore - that was like a knife going through my heart right there...)

anyway... my fine feathered friend did so and was kind enough to leave the link to just the plain ass blog... well, it's not an ass blog, but... you know...

so there you go....

**note... apparently one of the tera-byte angels gave cory a link to the movie that he uploaded to his own server.... so THANK YOU!!!!!! you rock!


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