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July 1, 2004

damn memory

okay. i would up growling at the dog.... forgot the rabbit rabbit.

it's a tibbar, tibbar evening now.

all hail breaking loose!


jeezuz! for the past - i kid you not - 20 minutes it's been thundering, lightning and hailing! hail! i haven't seen hail in years... and it's crazy hail - the stuff in the photos/videos is teeny compared to the hail coming down as i write this

i took video of it. (the last one, the bedroom view - over on the right near the grill lookit all the hail piling up!)

run like hail
effing hail
hail thunder
hail crap
hail hell
hail bedroom

my poor car out there in the distance past the tree is probably gonna be all busted and dented now *sigh*

we've lost power twice... so i am gonna publish this so i don't lose it...


yankees 5 / red sox 4

oh. my. god. did you see that game??!?

don't even ask "what game?"

of course i am talking about the yankees / red sox game! jeezuz! i felt like it was the playoffs all over again!

how fantastic was that!??

and i may have a crush on john flaherty now... *sigh*

and who can beat a game where there's a Flying Jeter launching himself into the box seats?


• for more insight into this fantastico game, go read what paulkatcher had to say...

July 2, 2004

the godfather has passed.


1924 - 2004

July 3, 2004

crispy golden fried

ah feel the burn... slight sunburn - yes, i slathered on the tanning accelerator, i was sick of spf 4... i am heading back out to the pool in a moment... then i am heading to the parker house for some cocktails around 4:30/5ish with my friend jude...

my hands are frickin' sore as the devil because i went to the driving range last night with some folks and then had a couple of beers (don't drink and drive, kids.... haha... get it? drive? hahahah... as in driving range.... hahahahaha... eh... hmmm... okay... back to story...)

so i've been to the driving range about 4 times this week. now that i'm retired... yes, i am saying i am retired for now... heh... forced into retirement.

anyway... i think i've hit about 600 golfballs this week... no wonder my hands and wrists are kinda smarting, huh?

i hit my 1 wood about 185 yds last night... and that was with a beer and a half in me :)

that said... am heading to the pool to get some more sun (i should flip over because i am tan on the front, but still am pasty white irish chick on the back.... you know the line that goes up the side of your calves -- where you're ebony and ivory living in perfect harmony, right?)

don't drink and drive....

heh. it still kills me.

July 4, 2004

party in da' house.

happy independence day, my friends!!!!


go check this page out - a silly little thing that i got a kick out of....

so, yesterday i went to the parker house for the first time ever. silly, really, that i've never been... although it was chock full of bennys - as i suspected... i have heard from other sources that sunday afternoons are a lot of fun there though...

had a great time - jude and i headed over there around 5:15pm... hung out in the back, had a dozen shrimp from the raw bar... pounded amstel lights... okay, not pounded persay... but i would say that we probably had about8 or 9 beverages apiece over the next 5 hours or so...

we made our way from the upstairs to the downstairs of the PH... and met some decent guys... then i saw a guy come in with a number of folks and i was like, hmmm... he looks really familiar, how the hell do i know him??? then he was walking near me and i asked "is your name Paul?"


ladies and gents... paulkatcher.com was in da' parker house... yep. in my neck of the jersey shore... behold pk and gc at the ph...



okay - so soon after that, jude and i meandered over to the boathouse in belmar - a kid i went to high school with owns it... decent place, a lot of fun... the band playing was the pat roddy band and a fella in said band - chris (below) - i've known for a number of years... and as i said to him last night - i will post nothing but niceties about him :) heh.


okay - so welcome to my 11th amstel light... and some guy named paul (not katcher) walks into my territory... "hello there roundheaded irish boy!"... yep. i said that. he's all like "eh... is that a compliment?"

oh yes. very much so. yep. damned roundheaded irish boys wearing guinness visors are my downfall...


shortly after yapping with him... eh, some chick sidled up next to him and gave me the evil eye (scrawny little thing with too much gold and way too much makeup... yeah i coulda taken her, but what's the point?)

so jude and i skidaddled about 12:30... the both of us were proud of the fact that we're 34 and were still able to walk upright after drinking for 7 hours... so we walked half a mile to the beach grabbed a couple of slices and then walked the half mile back to jude's...

this was my bed partner... Tigger. always nice to be sound asleep and then awakened to something gnawing on your ankle... then falling back to sleep and then having your wrist bitten...



so a fine evening... today/night i think kerry and i are heading somewhere... probably the UL or the new riverhouse...

so i hadn't had a chance til now to check my emails... it looks as if i am being berated by a barrage of bulimics today coming from the Pro-Ana-Suicide-Society (P.A.S.S) messageboard... i guess their barbeques didn't set well... i suppose cheeseburgers and hot dogs don't come up as easily as they'd like and so they're taking it out on my site... heh... too bad. gotta love they're comments... *sigh* oh well, at least they'll have rotted esophaguses (or is it rotted esophagi?) and teeth within a year or two... and the worst they can say about me is that i am going gray at 34... um... do they have a Miss Clairol to hide the fact that you're bulimic and killing yourself? because my gray washes out quite nicely... heh. asses.

July 5, 2004

the fourth recap on the fifth

man alive... my internet connection has been sporatic today to say the least... damned thing was down for 4 hours.

how was everyone's 4th of july? my photos are here....

kerry and i headed to the union landing and had a couple dozen peel and eat shrimp, about 7 beers apiece and 3 mohitos

yum... minty and rummy fresh!

met a few fellas... mainly bennys... ran into folks i hadn't seen in a few years (non-bennys) and saw the fireworks...

then afterward ker and i walked a mile to gee-gee's pizza on the beach.... i was kissed by a 25 year old who let me use the ladies' room in his benny house... yep, a girl's gotta barter for bathroom time i suppose... poor thing, ker and i left the house after 45 seconds of being there and the boy was all "can i have your number?" - no. "where are you going? can i come with?"... eh. no. dude i just needed to use the ladies' room... put away the engagement ring - i mean, i know i kiss well, but honey, it could never work between us... i forget his name... danny or pat or something irish...

anyway, back to gee-gee's...

love their pies. even better when tipsy. and we split a large one. yes. i had four slices.... mucho necessary to soak up the mohitos :)


July 6, 2004


um... okay. john kerry just announced he's picking john edwards (we've known for a couple of hours) but in his rallythang this morning in pittsburgh, he announced "that's why i am choosing john edwards...blah blah blah" and then cue the music...

van halen's "right now"...

okay now i feel somewhat old... i mean, it's not fleetwood mac singing "don't stop"...

but they're choosing sammy over dave???

plj golf tournament

hmmmmm... well, they posted the wplj golf logo i did on the plj website...

i am not thrilled with how it looks on there.... i really didn't want the red and black... oh well... whatever... i kinda liked one solid colour, but, they made me tweak it to look like what's on their site...

and they seem to have forgotten to put a link to my site on there...

ah at least i will be playing at royce brook the day of the tournament...

penalty stroke

just got back from the driving range... hit 200 golfballs... wait, scratch that, i hit 193 golfballs... then my face started to go numb and i felt like i was going to throw up... it was 93 degrees when i was at the range... i still feel ill... not to mention all i had today was half a dunkin donuts' iced coffee... (stuffed shells are on their way to my home as we speak)

so, i think i had slight heat stroke... felt like i was having an actual stroke though...

remind me not to hit 200 golfballs when it's over 80 degrees outside...

i did hit my 1 wood about 190 yards... yay!!!!

July 7, 2004

i go with "tiger hand"




[snagged blatantly from getitgotitgood.]


gosh i noticed i didn't post at all since around midnight last night (technically this morning)

am sitting here eating a late night snack of watermelon chunks and watching my live feed of big brother 5

yeah yeah yeah i know... reality show stuff... 24/7 feed... perfect for the newly unemployed who are at their computer redesigning their portfolio :)

of course, i always can get my bb5 info from mortystv

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July 8, 2004

stop! freeze! stop mutha funker!

Police Academy 8: Leisure Village Security Guards

please. just. stop.

put down the cameras. put down the scripts (unbelievable that there is a script)... and walk away...



okay, my buddy neil sent me this lovely link to a couple of trey parker/matt stone flash files...

okay... here's my disclaimer:


that said...


July 9, 2004

where've i been?

yikes! i haven't posted anything! thanks for reminding me bryk!!

i am sunburned as heck right now... laid out from 12 - 1:30 and, eh, wore a bikini... erin doesn't "do" bikinis... but, i got one yesterday at kohl's and i figured that no one would be at the pool except the lifeguard chick... so all was swell... was about to fall asleep and all of a sudden i hear "hey" near me...

that couldn't be someone talking to me could it? i mean, my eyes were closed.


oh mother of pearl, yes, someone is talking to me.

i open my eyes.

it's a guy.

jeezuz maryann jophus.

my first instinct was to sit up and grab my shirt... but, eh, being a novice to the bikini, i really, eh, couldn't do that gracefully, so i decided against that... mainly because, eh, the girls were acting pretty squirrely in it and were just itching to jump out of the damned thing...

so there i was --- laying in a gaddamn bikini --- and a guy is there... yapping away... not for nothing, but i have no clue as to who he is...

"how long have you lived here?" says he.

me: "technically eleven years but i was gone and came back"

him: "oh wait i thought you looked familiar... are you the girl with the dalamatian and you used to draw on the basketball court with chalk?"

me: " wow, yeah, that was me... that was about 11 years ago though"

him: "yeah i was 10 when you did that"

god help me. ten. so he's a freshly turned 21 year old boy who i am trapped in a malfunctioning bikini talking to...

half a bloody hour he stood there talking to me... and while nice and all, i just wanted to sleep and turn over and get my back toasted (yes, once again, i am brown/red on the front... pasty irish on the back) but no... i had the sun glaring at me as i had to keep my eyes open and looking up at him... so my friggin' eyeballs are burnt...

anyway, sweet kid... but, dude, come on... i had to get up and say i had to go out shortly after that... and yes, i sat up, grabbed the tummy fat with my left hand, the girls with my right, did a body check and grabbed my shirt and slid my shorts on in record time...

and skidaddled.

later on - around 4, i met up with my friend carol and this guy dave - at the driving range, hit a bucket (no. not 200 golfballs) and had a couple of beers and bs'd...

went home, tired, sunburned, light tipsiness (but not really b/c i had a bunch of pasta in me from lunch) and got some chinese food and hunkered down onto the couch til now.

that's my friday... tomorrow'll be cool - supposed to head out with my friend lynda, don't know if to the UL or to this new place the river house in brielle....

that said... think i am gonna pass out now - might try to hit the driving range tomorrow... supposed to actually play on the course with carol this week... it'll be my first time - god i hope i am good out there - otherwise the tournament in september may prove to be an embarrassment :)

July 11, 2004


am alive. will yap more later.

last night: river house, union landing, water taxi, drunk walk, gee-gee's, lynda's

today: hangover, bagel, pool, sunburn, cute guy at pool (older than 21, thank you), off to kerry's and then to union landing - will most likely be staying at ker's ---

update tomorrow.

July 12, 2004

liver failure

eh. remind me never to have 4 mohitos and share a carafe and a half of pinot again.

i am dying.

****** correction... mojitos....*******

movin' on up..... waaaayyyyy up...


weezy. poor weezy.


wow! in the middle of me yapping about getting likkered up, spelling mojito wrong and breaking the news about wheezy, peewee left the 5000th comment (since i switched to MT) on my site...

who will be the 6000th?


July 13, 2004

halfway there...

*whew* i feel like i've abandoned my site... actually i've been working on the dang portfolio still... almost done with the ONLINE section (not all of it, in fact there are a few areas within the online section that i still need to finish) and then it's on to the illustrations, identity, print (i don't have too much identity or print stuff to slap up there, the print stuff is somewhat old) and then the "silliness" which will be sketches or if i've done some goofy photoshopping, etc (not crazy nutzy fark photoshopping, but just some sketchy stuff to show my personality - a bit - through my work)

anyway - here's the ONLINE section... let me know how you dig or don't dig it.

oh, and if you know of anyplace looking for a web designer/web art director/illustrator in NYC or NJ, feel free to pass my site along :)

OT. first grilled, now burnt by the sun


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July 14, 2004

for you bb5 fans out there...


if you watch the live feeds for big brother5 you have more of an idea of what i am photoshopping about :)

(and i slapped it up on the bb5bbq forum...)


man alive my fricking internet connection is crapping out on me every 3 minutes today. dagnabit comcast! and i've been on the phone with them about 25 times in the past 2 weeks... they're all like "let us send someone out" --- eh... no. y'all have seen my room in the past. no one's getting in here (no. i haven't straightened it since i last posted about it...)


good lord. okay over the past 2 days, i've blue screened 7 times. SEVEN.

why oh why did i buy a frigging PC? i am a MAC girl at heart.

anyone? i am on XP and my machine is having so many issues i think i need to buy a magazine rack.


July 15, 2004


am alive. just am a big dork who was up til 5:45am watching the big brother live feeds and then slept til 10... then watched more feeds read bb message boards... then went to grocery store...came back watched live feeds... then went to dinner.... came back watched live feeds til actual BB show came on teevee.... now watching live feeds.

oh and my back has been screwed up because of sitting for 7 hours watching the bb hamsters all night.

thanks to big brother, i am now an insomniac.

with a bad back.

July 16, 2004

not a very good thing

danbury correctional facility doesn't allow inmates to decorate the walls of their cells.

July 17, 2004

yer kidding me, right?

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July 18, 2004


i am on bloody dial-up right now. god help me.

sad news though over the past week there's been a 16 year old girl missing here in brick (about a half mile away from where i live) -- word is that a friend of her father's abducted and murdered her...

on a lighter note... i just finished watching Da Ali G Show.... just started watching it this afternoon thanks to hbo on demand... and i really dug the new show, Entourage, that followed a very creepy six feet under tonight... besides jeremy piven, i now have a crush on the dude who plays "eric"... kevin connolly. there's a glint of red in his hair... i swear i saw it...the sun was shining and the red was there

anyway i am gonna try and post this now and i am sure it'll take about 45 min. to load.

(by the way... the room is coming along. i will post photos on tuesday night when i get my cable/internet all fixed up.... i am going through withdrawal without it... very shaky)

July 20, 2004



so there. you can see my room - and in the closet is all my clothes.... hanging up.... neatly... yes, i too, am shocked. to refresh all y'all's memory as to what it looked like before today....

i am back. connected to the world... of course 5 min. before the comcast guy (named Tom) came over, my internet service connected for the first time since friday --- figures that would happen. still the signal was weak because of the stinkin' splitter that the first guy put on a few months ago... of course, if the signal/connection gets screwy again, he told me to ask for him... now i sit and wait for my internet connection to die... come on... would it be awful of me to take a hammer to my modem? (heh. okay. so the boy was cute - no, peewee, i didn't take a photo of him like you asked)

so they haven't found the body of brittney gregory yet. they have the murder suspect in custody. strange story. sad story. way too close to home. i have a bunch of woods behind my house and the state helicopters have been flying over my house/woods for the past 2 hours.

the guy who's in custody is said to be bad news (as most who are picked up for murder are, i suppose) a quote to describe him:

"He robs drug dealers"

so besides the helicopters, there's also a bunch of trucks and people looking in the woods here.


by the way...

it's breaking my heart that i am not going to see cowboy mouth at Sin-e tonight in nyc... if anyone is going, let me know and take photos!!


the helicopters are still looking...one has been hovering above the section of woods behind my house... just hovering, not moving at all, for the past 5 minutes it seems.

i had ordered chinese earlier, had to go to Rice King to pick it up... on the way there, i saw the News4 NBC truck in the Parkway Pizza parking lot.... so i went, picked up my chinese take-away next door, then went to parkway pizza and got a slice --- it was just cameramen... i was hoping to see rob morrison... *sigh* the pizza wasn't that great tonight and the soda was flat... my fried dumplings and chicken fried rice also have gotten the best of me

July 21, 2004

summertime... and the livin' is eeeasy

it's gorgeous out... heading to the beach :)

July 22, 2004

bon voyage kerry!

so i just got back from my cousin kerry's place... she got offered a job 2 weeks ago.... in marathon key florida.

so tomorrow she's moving down there at 7am... she starts the new gig next friday.

gonna miss her terribly. being the only 2 girl cousins, it's like she's my sister (especially since i am an only brat)


now i have to fly solo at that wedding on saturday....


July 23, 2004

these people are killing me

i despise them. yet can't stop watching this train wreck

i think jase is just trying to make me have seizures from trying not to guffaw at him


amazingly enough, holly has had the same eye makeup on since 1992


for the love of god, scott, you are on teevee


the jase/scott daily bubblebath....blarrgh


scott when he goes clubbin'


it's official!

i am now a sellout (see the new google ad over near the bottom left)

July 24, 2004

rainy day....

t-minus 6 hours til the wedding. i am heading to the hair salon in 45 minutes so they can style my hair. thinking of going for a french twist. not sure. just something easy to drink heavily with is all i want...

anyway - am staying over up there in the fiasco of a hotel that has a block of rooms reserved for the wedding (long story with that one. let's just say the holiday inn's computers were down for a week and a half and they couldn't take our reservation by hand......)

will be back tomorrow night..... hopefully with photos.

July 25, 2004

audio post powered by audblog

Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog

apres wedding.......

well, the photos of the wedding are up!

July 26, 2004

and more....

oh yeah, besides the photos, i had one video of them dancing to their wedding song... eh... anyone know what the song is????

oh and the stinking holiday inn in springfield charged me one thing - that i signed this morning at checkout.... and tonight when i checked my bank account, they charged me an extra $20... so a call or two will be placed there tomorrow.... grrrrrrr.

almost...but not quite

just got back from the driving range - we were supposed to play on an actual course today but the course wound up being closed - so tomorrow should be the first time i actually play on a course (albeit 9 holes)

at the moment i am eating a pound of pineapple chunks... mmmmmmm... pineapple.

July 27, 2004

the housesitter

so it's raining (actually just threatening to rain and t-storm) so no golf course today. arrrrgh.

i have to go to my aunt & uncle's today to pick up keys - they're heading to florida - so i have to watch their house as well as kerry's.... can someone say pool? can someone say 4 blocks from the Union Landing.... can someone say for 3 weeks? it's like a vacation within my retirement...

i have to drive them to the atlantic city airport tomorrow...


heh yes. another post about big brother, seriously, i am now an insomniac with an ulcer because of these assholes.

for all y'all's viewing pleasure (all y'all being BB5 watchers) check out scott & jase's: the love below

July 28, 2004


so... i had to drive my aunt and uncle to the atlantic city airport this afternoon... so... eh... the car seemed to have a magnet pulling it towards Harrah's...

unfortunately, something much stronger was pulling the money out of my wallet.


anyway. am watching the dem convention... so far. not bad. still balancing on the fence right now though.

on a very sad note: they found the local girl buried in a shallow grave yesterday about a mile from my house

July 29, 2004

...as a bat?

so..... eh.... guess who has a date on saturday night?
no... not her... no... not him... oh come on... guess!...

give up?


i went to the driving range with a couple of people about a month ago with some folks my mom works with and one of the guys there has a friend, so the friend and i have been yapping on the phone and emailing for the past 2 weeks -- and saturday we're meeting up.

yep, i suppose you could consider it blind. i forgot to ask what he looks like... nice voice though... sounds like a swell egg... odd how i've never been set up on a date through people i know... i've only done the personal ad thing as far as blind dates go.

so we're going to some outside patio bar for some apps and beer saturday evening...

hey ker, it's er!

well, he got my $25 about 6 months ago... and it's well worth it to hear springsteen's no retreat no surrender leading him in...

plus i can get a kerry poster for my cousin kerry now :)

July 30, 2004

help me


frigging 7 hours and 43 minutes i've been watching people stand.

is there a support group for reality show addicts?

bb5 is killing me

i haven't slept. i am still awake (hence me typing)

HOH competition.
spoiler below...

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gonna be ripped!

book_smgdblls.gif so i am on day 3 of my Smart Girls Do Dumbbells training...

feels pretty good. the first day was the arms, then yesterday was legs (my calves are killing me - in a good way), today was chest and arms, tomorrow are the legs again... and so on... and every day there's abs and stretching exercises.

it's keen. because i am such a novice when it comes to strength training... and i am feeling pretty excited about sticking with this...

July 31, 2004


had to rush over to my aunt & uncle's place to get the mail, water the plants, fiddle with the pool... so only did one set of each excercise today... yep. this time next year i will be sporting a bikini without being trapped in a chair by a 21 year old

yep. so let's see. plans for 2005:

• sport a bikini without disgusting myself or others
• be invited to join the LPGA...
• have a job (okay, i plan on that happening sooner than summer 2005... i suppose)

gotta head to the pool... then off to the date this evening...

by the way, i backed off from the big brother live feeds last night, went to bed around 2:30am (early for me) and also watched Mystic River for the first time. holy crow AWESOME movie!

okay. must go get tan again. been cloudy/rainy this week... feeling pale.

black cloud

well, after showering, shaving, slapping the bathing suit on, getting the jug of iced tea made, and heading out to the pool....

2 minutes after we sat down...

i swear to you it began pouring and lightning.


part of me wants to go down the street to the tanning salon. but there's that other part of me that sort of gets freaked out about being in an electric box when there's a lightning storm going on.


pale irish chick with fading tan going on date later.

weather sucks

so i am inside now - have been for about 10 minutes.... grabbed everything near the pool and ran inside... lifeguard left... and now... now...



that's it. bennett's getting a damn good sunburn in the backyard now. screw it.

(although i hate laying in the backyard with the grass and stuff - kinda freaks me out about bugs and stuff in the dirt.)

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