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September 1, 2004

rabbit squared

thanks peewee!! i nearly forgot... say rabbit rabbit first thing this morning!!!!!!!

mornin', my little mongoose!

grrrr. i forgot to rabbit, rabbit (looks like a tibbar, tibbar evening...) and my neck/shoulders are killing me from going loopy with 250 golfballs yesterday...
oh well, it's 7:08am and i am getting ready for work!!

all's swell!

hi, honey... i'm home!!!!

first day on the job - complete! dig them... very much! and i am not just saying this since they know about gigglechick.com now!!

funny thing... when i worked at my last place, well, about 2 years ago there was a freelance print designer who started and was very cool - and i feel unfairly got the boot back then.... who is in the office next to me?!? yep! my old freelancer - yet the tables have turned... how cool is that!?

on a rabbit rabbit note: i should have said it first thing this morning. why? because i just got home and am checking my email and my hosting company is charging me $105.76 (in canadian dollars. wtf?) because i have "exceeded my bandwidth"


i think it's because of the traffic fark.com has been sending to my site.... maybe i'll set up a totally different url for images other than those in my portfolio or blog... still... the bandwidth. grrrrrrr.

anyway.... all in all, today was great! you don't know how good i feel to be working and contributing to the world again... and my car is totally happy that it's a 24.5 mile commute to work as opposed to the 70.3 mile one at the previous job.

September 2, 2004


hey all!! day #2... and all's swell...

have a favour to ask y'all... and you lurkers out there can help with comments too!!

i need a recipe...for THIS saturday possibly an appetizer... maybe a dessert. so if everyone could post (at least) ONE recipe, i would be forever grateful!!!

post them in the comments!!

why? well, the 6th date consists of me meeting a couple he's friends with and we're all supposed to bring a recipe, then go to the food store at 5pm, then drink wine and prepare the food.

i have to bloody well cook (while i CAN cook, it mainly is meatloaf, chicken dumpling soup or pot roast that i am comfortable with)

no pigs in a blanket, please (even though i could live off those.)


September 4, 2004


okay. now i feel sick. anyone else getting the spins?


Today's Iron Photoshop ingredient: The Moon


go vote - or view the voting results thus far (i'm currently 2nd)

yes. that was disgusting. nearly threw up when i created it. also in the thread some folks are professing their love for me... awwwwwww...

anyway. i am running late for said date. gonna slap some spam on a plate and scram.

September 6, 2004

home again home again!

hey all!! so i wound up not having to cook anything.... (i brought Spam and Wine... don't ask... yet.)

mike's friends kick ass and i had a really keen time - stayed over last night as well... (totally overstaying my welcome most likely :)

am dog tired for some reason - was supposed to play golf today but my golf partner threw her back out (it'd better be fine by next tuesday) and cancelled... so i napped for about 4 hours this afternoon.... sloth that i am.

you would think that i'd be wide awake.


all i can think of is my bed - unfortunately, i have to take a shower and wash my hair tonight - don't feel like getting up at the crack of dawn to deal with my mop then.

anyway... as i said... i had a great time this weekend and, well, eh... yeah... i dig this guy. so there. that's that. you gotta problem with that?

September 7, 2004

ah... linkeriffic

by the way - i'd like to thank my boy john over at the jersey side for his congrats and his link to my recipe round-up...


September 8, 2004

calling all san franciscans...

my friend ed's play is going to be at the S.F. Fringe Festival... go check it out - and represent (i am stuck in NJ) - he sent me an email... see below:

my play, "Wrestling an Alligator," part of the San Francisco Fringe Festival, opens this Friday at the Exit at Taylor Theatre in San Francisco. There are four opportunities to see it. Showtimes are September 10 at 7:00 PM, September 17 at 10:00 PM, September 18 at 4:00 PM, and September 19 at 2:30 PM.

Bad puns, slapstick, double entendres, secret plot twists and the benefits of counting are all part and parcel of one full hour (and, we're not kidding here -- we're running EXACTLY at one hour; let it not be said that we sacrificed one minute of our time allocation; and this for the price of only eight dollars!) of farcical theatre with a fantastic cast of four.

Repeat attendance is encouraged, as we'll have four different programs for all four shows. More info is available at http://www.wrestlingplay.com.

If you're interested in hooking up later (for those of you coming out of town or across the bay), I'll be at the Exit Cafe one hour after each show, after finishing the frenetic strike for each performance. Thank you so much.

michael moore, eff yo' momma!

thanks to peewee for sending me fahrenheit 2004... heh.

September 10, 2004

the terrible.

well... my cousins, kerry and fran, have been evacuated from marathon key tonight... mandatory evacuation . think they left a few hours ago and are heading north - not stopping til at least alabama. they took the dogs with them... but i think they left the parakeets... unfortunately, i have my doubts as to whether or not kerry & fran will have a place to go home to when the storm is over... seeing as the weather channel dude just said "this is one of the worst hurricanes that has ever been seen on earth." cripes.


September 11, 2004


September 12, 2004

numbah eight

just got home from date #8... he kicked my ass bowling... (although he only beat me by one pin in the last game. bastard.)

have to get up and head to the golf course tomorrow by 9:30am to play a round with carol, the girl who's my partner on tuesday... so have to get up early...

by the way... last night (friday) around 11pm, i got a phone call... cousin kerry and cousin fran... they drove all the bloody way up to jersey!!! 26 hours... hoping the huricanes don't follow them.

that said.... to recap. mike/date 8/good good. golf/tomorrow. ker & fran/safe. me/sleep.

2nd outing

hmmmm.... just got in from playing 9 holes... shot a 60... which considering it's not a retirement community course and it's my 2nd time playing... i feel okay with (lost 3 balls in the hazards though.)

now i have to go and find some ladies' golf attire - no where seems to have any.

September 14, 2004

i'm neglecting you....

man. totally didn't post all day today... went to work. am now getting everything ready for tomorrow's golf tourney... (bought a new putter this evening... it's niiiiice!)

wish me luck - and hopefully i will win a new car!

as far as work... i'm supposed to hear whether or not i am supposed to come back (again, everyone, cross your fingers and toes, click your heels three times and clap your hands whilst chanting "give erin the job! give erin the job! give erin the job!")


September 15, 2004

kicking ass at the tourney!

tired! happy! excellent time at the WPLJ Charity Golf Tournament --- it was a "scramble" so it was best ball played (i actually had 5 best balls during the entire round!!!! which ain't too shabby for a chick who was playing for her 3rd time ever - and first time on a regular sized course... and 18 holes)


• my logo was EVER-Y-WHERE... got a golf shirt with it. a golf windbreaker with the logo. framed photo with the logo embossed in gold. every sign had it on there. and at the awards ceremony they recognized me for the logo :)

• eye candy - many many men. carol and i were the only women playing other than Carolyn from The Apprentice...

• wound up having lunch with Alan Kalter (the announcer from Letterman) - yeah he's a redhead, but.... eh....

Carol hit the Longest Drive on the East course... what does this mean? it means she kicked about a hundred guys asses on the 16th hole and won a trip to the Dominican Republic for 5 nights...

• i won a portable DVD player!!!! woo!!!!! (they had a dinner/raffle/auction/etc) i won it in the raffle

took a handful of photos.....

• when i got home and checked my email i learned that i am needed at work tomorrow!!!! yay!!!

speaking of which... i must sleep....

hooked. sliced.

i seriously want to hit the driving range after work tonight.


just went to the driving range and hit a hundred balls after work... sweaty macfurkle. god i love it. only dealt with my irons tonight - since that part of my game is anemic...hahahaha get it? anemic? iron? hahahah...


anyway... lpga here i come.

September 16, 2004

ay carrumba.

have you ever gone to order take out at a taco place (surf taco) and you order so much that you feel embarrassed and say "i think he said he wanted the bean, cheese and beef burrito" to make it seem like you are ordering for at least 2 people???

yeah. that's what happened tonight...

i feel sick.

September 18, 2004

triple threat...

just got home from seeing garden state with mike... go. run. see it.


kudos zach braff... kudos

1/2way to st. pat's fundraiser!!

i nearly forgot to let all y'all at the shore know - short notice, sorry... it's for TODAY!!



2 P.M. TO 6P.M.

And Guest Stars

A flash from the past, a day to meet some of your friends, make some new ones and party with the best people from the Shore


For information call: BAR A 732.681.7422


my eyes.

saw a 21 year old bagpiper's heinie tonight.
yes. i have photos. no they ain't pretty.
that said, i'm going to bed...

September 20, 2004

sunday sunday sundae

man i am neglecting the blog again - so i am bloody tired at the moment...

went to food store - bought a ton of... well, of food.... made a kick ass chuck steak with potatoes, carrots and onion soup mix - threw that in the oven for an hour and a half... voila! dinner....

later tonight (around 10PM) i whipped up turkey chili (not to eat tonight, but to have throughout the week for lunch/dinner etc...)

after the store and unloading the grub i headed over to the driving range and hit 175 golfballs... worked mainly on my irons again - but i had to swing my woods around - i am addicted to smacking the hell out of the damned range balls...

it was beautiful out today - and there were quite a number of fellas out and about at the range... this may be the perfect game for me to take up i feel...

anyway - watched the emmys... happy for the daily show! really need to catch arrested development more often - seriously, i've watched it once or twice - when the hell is it on!?

okay... i am about to pass out - have to wake up at 6am... night.

(and now that "said piper boy" has found my site, i suppose i will have to post his heinie pic tomorrow night... i wasn't gonna, but... now it's sparked interest in the masses judging from the emails asking to see it...)

no witty title. too much effort

just walked in from work (10.5 hours today)... since 12:30pm i have had the worst brain splitting headache.


and of course Beri is yapping non bloody stop.

(on a good note: the place needs me back tomorrow... one day at a time is fine by me.)

September 21, 2004

getting out of the ghetto

so apparently i work so fast that i've finished all freelancing stuff at the place i've been, well, freelancing at... no idea if and when i will be brought back in.

so i just got home from the driving range... (that's my plan i suppose.... learn to play golf. become fantastic at it. join LPGA. go on tour. make buttloads of cash. lose weight. have swimsuit/golf outfit spreads in Sports Illustrated. Live good life. Forget sweating about where next paycheck will come from.)

it's feasible.

September 22, 2004

scratch scritch scratch.

i feel a hankering for a site redesign coming on. yep. dammit. i have that itch (no. not that itch... but that "crap-my-freelance-gig- that-i've-been-at-for- 3-weeks-is-done- as-far-as-i-know-and-i- want-to-sink-my-teeth- into-some-new-design- stuff-since-i-have-been- sitting-in-front-of-the-computer- and-need-to-wean- myself-back-into-the-slacker-world" sort of feeling.

then again, i've been working in Flash MX everyday for 3 weeks and am starting to feel confident in it --- enough that i have a couple of cartoons that i may whip up... yep... it's about damned time.

gigglechick - the animated series?

any thoughts, my little weasels?

(or i could go to the driving range and pretend i'm retired again.)

i heart you

have been slacking with the fark stuff lately too - although, i posted this entry to the "Photoshop this group of people standing in the shape of a heart" contest:

so go vote for it now!!.... PLEASE!!!


my strategy of "winging it" with my football picks seems to be paying off in paulkatcher.com's football pool.... am in a 3-way tie for first

(please, no threeway jokes.)

may the dr. schwarz not be with you.

so.... being unemployed = having no insurance (no, i can't afford cobra)...

having no insurance = having to pay out the arse for a doctor's appointment.

i called my gynecologist today (sorry guys... it's a chick thing) to see if he could renew my prescription without me coming in for an appointment... i was last there in february or something (around the same time as i got my new camera)

anyway - so i call up to see if i could get a refill of anti-baby vitamins (ABV)--- the receptionist checks with him, comes back and says "no"

not that i am in any danger of getting knocked up at all, but, i haven't been off The Pill in 17 and a half years.

i am a little worried as to what the hell side effects may transpire. like, what the hell is my normal menstrual schedule (again... sorry fellas. i never usually get all uterine talk with y'all... don't leave)

17.5 years and about 6 different ABVs throughout the years... and i explained my circumstances to the receptionist and she was not swayed... "he's a stickler for you to come in"... um... then why the hell did he give a refill to me last month.... hmmmmm?

to which she replied "ma'am you're being rude"

of course i had to say "well, i suppose i would be when this saturday will be the first time in just under 2 decades that i haven't been on the pill"

her: "that's not my problem."

me: (eh... i have my friend and emotional at the moment and started crying)

her: "you're being hysterical and rude, ma'am"

me: "rude? rude!? you don't know rude! howabout you take me off of your patient list - since i have never had to go to a gynecologist (sorry guys) more than once a year until i began going to your office 2 years ago"

her: "well that's the norm, but dr. schwarz wants people to come in at least twice a year especially on the pill because it's a hormonal treatment"

me: "i've been going to him for over two years and you cannot understand my circumstances? i am telling you that i am unemployed."

her: "wear a condom"

(oh. hell. no. she. didn't. just. get. snippy. and. tell. me. to. wear. a. condom. did. she?)

me: "excuse me?"

her: "wear a condom - or go to planned parenthood if you're so poor"

me: "well, i would go to planned parenthood if i didn't have my frigging period (sorry guys) and need the pill by saturday"

her: "that's not my problem that you waited til the last minute... you're being rude, ma'am"

me: "fuck you. you want rude? then fuck you... *bleep*"

so there. anyone else want to eff with a chick that is all of a sudden being denied her anti-baby vitamin hormones??


yeah.... i didn't think so.

crap. i have a feeling that i am gonna be surprised by my "friend" every other week now, start breaking out in crazy acne like i did when i was 16 and have crying jags every day....


again... sorry guys.

gonna try and meander into planned parenthood tomorrow - guess i'll stand in line for my ABVs along with the scared mysterious 16 year old girls who keep looking over their shoulders hoping they don't recognize anyone or better yet, see their parents standing outside looking pissed.

mom and i had a delightful bonding experience looking through the ocean county phone book for planned parenthood...

i checked the white pages... found it. but mom wanted to see if there was a closer one and looked in the yellow pages... under physicians... nothing. then she looked under obstetrics... nothing... so i suggested that she look under "abortion" and she sighed... not wanting to... but then flipped back toward the As... asphalt... come on... it's the first page mom... archery.... keep going... anchorage...no... for the love of gawd, turn to the first page of the yellow pages... how do you know this? she asked with a stern tone.... implying something she shouldn't...

i answer: "i know my ABCs."

anyway. there it was. under abortion like it should be.

so i will be the only 34 year old trapsing into planned parenthood, growling to the protesters that i am only there for "anti baby vitamins" -- i suppose they're not all that keen on those either, huh?

whatever. my uterus and i aren't all that excited about the idea of going cold turkey after 17+ years...

September 23, 2004

ABV update...

ah screw it. i am gonna just scrap the pill this month. see how much my body freaks out and then if i feel it's not doing great, i will go get a pack at PP (that's what the cool slutty girls are calling it) and start back on it next month...

(that's the main reason. the other reason is that i am lazy and in the middle of coding a kickass new layout for my site and don't want to leave my machine :)

as far as debs' seasonale question: i am a bit sketchy about that drug. as much as i loathe my friend, it's good to know where the hell she is each month...

good stuff!

*whew* got a call to come into work tomorrow... thank gawd. still freelance. but that's okay by me :)

well... whattaya think?

does this new layout make me look fat?

*twirls around*

so there're probably a few kinks in this still, but i whipped this up today...
i played around with some sidenav launch stuff (check out the blogroll/categories/referrers/archive/etc.)

September 24, 2004

check one, check two... syphillis, syphillis...

what kinda computer are ya' on (mac or pc? i don't need to know the specific make/model)

and what browser are you using?

last but not least - anything screwy going on with my site? are the sidenav launch things working okay????

post-mortem revisited

okay i bumped up the font a bit -- how is it? and i tried to fiddle with the tables etc --- so see if you still need to scroll all the way to the right (damn. it looked really good on my machine but when i checked it on the mac today it was frightening.)

as far as the "SEE IT" link - yeah i noticed that was not dropping down so i will check that out in a bit...

thanks for all the comments!! keep 'em coming.

how're the blogroll/referrers/archives links on the left working???? who gets the sidebar launch and who gets pop ups? and who gets nothing....? i couldn't open them on the mac earlier.


so, what everyone's telling me is that all hell's breaking loose with my site right now pretty much, eh?

• i changed the blog post body font to arial/verdana... so as not to cause y'all to run to your nearest optometrist.... the side navs for now i am keeping century gothic (for probably less than 24 hours if i get more than 10 comments)

• now i feel a bit overwhelmed by the eff ups that seem to be going on cross-browsers - here's a suggestion. everyone use IE on a pc (eh. kidding.)

September 25, 2004

yeah. this is my friday night.

so i think i fixed the category/blogroll/archives side launch (the target is now set to MAIN and the backgrounds are white...) - of course, the "launch" aspect of it may still be a bit hinky.

you are totally welcome to send me screenshots of the errors if you can... it would be most helpful!!!!! thanks!!! (jpgs/gifs of course.)

unfortunately, i don't know when i will have the time to work on the site in the morning -- i have crap to do around the house (before gigglemom growls louder at me) and then mike and i have a tee time at spring meadow golf course at 2:20pm...

my first time playing 18 holes outside a tournament. i thought it only fitting to play the course that my great-grandfather built and was in my family til 1982 til the state lied and said they needed to buy it to build a reservoir on the property. guess what. the reservoir is about 2 miles away.

okay. so i am a little bitter. i will try to replace any divots that i create.

September 26, 2004

a good day.

tired. blister on right heel. think one is on left too.
eh. a number of apres golf beers in me right now.

18 holes. score: 125.... hitting only from the men's tees

i'll take it for my first time playing 18 on a normal sized course.

small amount of photos here :)


man, i am achy, my wrist is killing me and the blister on my heel is growling at me. frigging golf. unfortunately, i may be addicted to it now.

making the switch.

so i did it. i broke down and bought a new wireless plan --- and a new phone (right now it's in limbo because of a credit check... so god only knows if it'll go through, but come on, it should... i have the cash stashed away for it...)

i had been with sprint pcs (aka sprint pretty crappy service) and could rarely get a signal inside any building. it was awful - and i stuck with them for 4 years... october 9th i am booting them to the curb.

i was toying with the idea of keeping my phone number... but actually, i only changed it last year anyway, so it doesn't really matter much to me... i don't get a hell of a lot of calls on it anyway because i kinda detered folks from ringing me on it since i never got their calls usually...

and i haven't had a palm pda in a couple of years since the one i bought in 1999 died in 2001... god i want this phone to be shipped quickly.

plus i had my mom on my sprint plan and was paying out the arse - also had bought her the same samsung n400 that i had and she was always freaked out by it being all "fancy" -- so she's getting a $20 phone to just have with her at all times...

i heard verizon had the best service in nj, so that's what i went with... anyone else keen on verizon?

she misses you, too.

by the way - for those of you who miss the green spring cartoon erin chick version, i haven't been able to successfully do the whole "hey, pick a skin" thing - issues. but if you want, you can save the following link as a bookmark.


September 27, 2004

still need to futz with code.

i so have to fix my site. any screenshots of errors (on my site) you can send me, folks? b/c i can't see 'em. i was gonna try to sit down and deal with the code, but i've been somewhat lethargic this evening, plus i seriously feel like i sprained my wrist from playing golf (which means that my wrists were not in the correct position a couple of times...) the scary thing? i have a huge hankering to go to the driving range in the afternoon... i'll see how the wrist is... but getting back to my site, i am not working tomorrow (freelance gig on hold again) so i suppose besides going to the driving range, going to the food store, cleaning my room *ahem*, i will try to sit down and think over the code stuff (gigglemom is working late tomorrow so i will have some peace & quiet around here.)

good vibes needed.

go over to kate's and lay down some good thoughts for her dad.

start clicking your heels!!

so right now i am taking a moment after i just made dinner - low-fat kielbasa, low-fat pierogies and a bunch of cabbage... (not for tonight, but for tomorrow night... if i'm home in time)

what do you mean "if you're home in time", erin?

funny you should ask... well, today as i was driving to the driving range (funny that), i got a call from one of my recruiters and tomorrow i am heading into nyc for an interview at 2:30pm...

yep. and it's a block & a half from penn station (even though penn was on fire today... figures)

keep your fingers crossed! as much as i like the place i've been freelancing at (and would work there fulltime in a heartbeat), bennett's gotta get a paycheck into her checking accounts on a regular basis. plus this place could be a kick ass place (sr. interactive art director overseeing websites of 3 major women's retail shops.) -- and said company was recognized as a Top 30 Company For Executive Women and ranked #6... sweet!

not for nothing, but i will be focusing hard on this area of my resume tomorrow!!

of course, it figures besides Penn Station being on fire, i am also going to have to battle a hurricane... do NOT get in my frickin' way, Jeanne. don't even think about it.

teeny silver miracle

good gravy... i think my internal industrial designer is having an orgasm as it looks at the treo600 (front/side/back images)

haven't heard the verdict as to whether my "credit check" has gone through. called verizon to see, and no word yet... check back tomorrow... but i asked if there would be other charges if the credit check wasn't cool and she said "anywhere between $100 and $1000".... eh... excuse me?

the phone is easily bought and paid for, verizon just has to chill for a sec and give me the goods.

but man alive, my heart is racing when i see this camera onscreen *sigh*

September 28, 2004

tea and ass

if i weren't unemployed (and if i just hadn't given away my right kidney for a phone) i would definitely buy this for the illuminated donkey...

the interview!

Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog

more info??? what?

never a good sign when verizon gives you this message when you check your order status:

We need additional information to complete your order, please call (800) 711-7773.

frig. i smell a credit check gone awry. bastards. swear to god. i am $250 in debt. that's it-ish... maybe some loans but those have been paid on time all the time with my credit union... i know people who have $30k in debt and still get credit cards and cell phones no questions asked.


other than that, did you listen to my previous post?????

September 29, 2004


anyone else find that my site is loading slow as hell right now?

today in detail.

oh so today. really quick before i hit the hay...

Continue reading "today in detail." »


(actually, the title isn't true... i just was trying to come up with something witty and slightly whiny.)

called verizon this morning... apparently, my social security # wasn't entered correctly (not for nothing, but i don't remember entering it at all...) so, the chick on the phone said all was swell and nothing to worry about and that the application could go forward...

cool :)

the beginning of a beautiful relationship...

well, after chatting with verizon wireless, and trying to get my order all sorted out (because it seems as if it was still in limbo) this kick ass chick named Teresa said that she's approved it and will overnight the phones to me!!!

i will have my treo in hand TOMORROW!!!!

yay! yay! yay!

hmmmm... wonder if i can blog from my treo...

***UPDATE!!! yes. yes. i can blog from my treo! *****

(this will either be the best thing for me ever --- or my demise.)



Continue reading "!)@($&" »

piece by piece.

you can tell i'm not working today, eh? what, with the barrage of entries.

anyway, i finally sat down and got the expanded entry and comments to work again... unfortunately the comments seem to have become all huge arse uppercase so and so's...

looks like another trip over to scriptygoddess.com

*sigh* i need to grab lunch before i hunker down and work on this (although i should be cleaning the house.)

click click click... clap clap clap

note from the good recruiter (the one who sent me yesterday into the city):

"We spoke with them late last night and they said that they thought that you are a very nice match for their position. They asked if they can check your references themselves (which is why we called you last night about them - thank you for getting them over to us so quickly).

The creative director is going to be out of the office from today through Friday, so I am not too sure if we will have anymore feedback before early next week, but I will definitely keep you posted as I hear anything."

hey hey hey! that's not too shabby, eh? "a very nice match for their position" - yer darned tootin' i am! seriously, when he read the job description to me over the phone monday i had to ask him if he was reading my resume. it was almost verbatim.

so, i have to wait now. patiently. good thing is that i checked my stats and saw that the company looked at my portfolio site yesterday for about 20 minutes and checked out 30 pages. then they were back on this morning and looked at 40 more pages (yes. i have a ton of stuff in that portfolio of mine.)


i can almost taste the morning coffee i will get from the street corner tin cart java guy before i walk into the office (iced coffee during the summer of course)!

(keep sending out those good vibes/clicking your heels/clapping your hands/snapping your fingers and throwing around some prayers so i get a fulltime gig!!!!)

so long, scottso...

wow. scott muni died... - i hadn't heard til now.
he (and his gravelly voice) was the godfather of one of my ex-boyfriends.

totally dug listening to him over the years... the latest being at q104.3

September 30, 2004

love. hate.

so i called verizon to see what the tracking number is for my phone delivery today... after being thrown around to 4 (FOUR) different operators, i was patched through to "Mike"... who informed me that the order wasn't processed yet (meanwhile this b!tc#, Teresa, yesterday - who i thought was such a great person for saying she'd overnight the damned things - had said yesterday that the order was processed and she put it through all by herself...)


anyway... back to mike... he's saying he's going to print the order out and process it (am on the phone waiting for him at the moment - so this is a fresh growl) and that HE is going to have it overnighted for tomorrow.

mike. i am going to trust you. you have a pleasant voice. but after this week of rigamorol, i am beginning to pine for sprint pcs (eh. not that much, but, still.)


back in good graces.

okay. mike kicks ass. i have 2 new phone numbers in hand (not phones, mind you... but the numbers are a start. and the numbers are excellent!)

the only icky part is looking at the balance of my checking account now that the cash has been snagged from it to pay for this stuff :)

my shiny silver kick ass treo 600 (and the $19.99 phone i got for mom) will be in hand tomorrow!!!)

i'm so excited.

and i just can't hide it.

yeah. yeah.

i'm about to get a phone and i think i like it. i like it!

orange alert!

bottle_flag1_thumb.jpgokay... go ahead... buy my stuff :)

gigglechick goes to washington and gets as political as she can (not really) with her giggleswag.

so check out the cafepress shop and grab a few "Bottle Tanners for Kerry (for an intelligent, melanoma-free America.)" items!!! get 'em before Nov. 2nd!!!

and don't forget to watch the debate tonight!!!!


boy... i'm getting older... my old ceo from methodfive (who wasn't old, he was, in fact a few years younger than me) just got hitched...

congrats adeo!! good stuff...

debate v.1

wow... only 38 minutes into the debate... seriously, i had been on the fence (despite my kerry logo earlier) and keeping an open mind wanting to see what they had to say tonight...

not for nothing but...

when bush is speaking, i get a tense crick in my shoulders because he's so jagged in his speaking... and because he's hyper and on the defense...

and it's amazing how i relax when kerry starts speaking clearly, concisely and calmly...

seriously. is anyone else feeling the same way i am when one or the other has the mic?

i think bush is having a meltdown right there as he's leaning on the podium... and interrupting kerry (nice try with the rules, george)

kerry is so very...

jfk SO won that debate.

bush was floundering and looked as if he wanted the thing to end asap. kerry was strong as heck, stood up straight and tall as a President should, and actually MADE BLOODY SENSE!!!

(keep in mind that i like george... but... i don't really think that i want him playing with the other leaders of the world anymore.... he's too nervous sounding, slouchy, panting... and kinda snapped during the debate... not to mention... how much effing water did he drink during the debate? a dry mouth is a sure sign of nervousness!)


that said:
don't forget to say
"rabbit, rabbit" first thing in the morning!!

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