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October 1, 2004

just one thing...

by the way... i know i don't yap about politics all that often on here (today was a bit different - and just wait til november 2nd)... i am an independent... and i choose who i want... although, as you can see, i guess i lean toward the left a bit more than right

in 1988, dukakis.
in 1992, it was a no-brainer... i met him, and had to vote for clinton *sigh*
in 1996, ditto.
in 2000, gore.
i did vote Schundler (R) for governor of NJ a couple of years ago though. my first time. he was my neighbour in jersey city and i used to get his mail delivered to me by mistake. (plus i disliked mcgreevey very much)

in 2004, for the first time ever in all my years of being a registered voter, i had a fleeting thought of voting for bush. there's something about him that reminds me of my dad (except my dad's an intelligent guy). and after 9/11, i became a follower... not to mention, i watch fox news every day. there's something about him chuckling and he can crack a somewhat humourous joke or two...

but, we're picking a President... not a drinking buddy

(not that bush can drink)

so... yep... call me one of those flip-floppers... i almost changed my mind and voted bush.

almost. but bush seems to be anti-"flip-flop" :)

tonight pulled me back into the light.

like xmas morning

it's almost here!!! it's on it's way! it's about a mile away right now... come on!!! get here before 10am!! woo!

(ps. i forgot to "rabbit rabbit". looking like a "tibbar, tibbar" evening

or xmas afternoon...

so at 9:35 i saw the fed ex truck pull into the condo complex... it's here... i thought... and i sat waiting with baited breath (not breath that smells like bait) for the guy to ring my beh-ellll-ellllll, ring my bell.

eh. didn't happen.

what? nooooooooo!!

why's the truck leaving? what what?

so i sat downstairs for the past hour and a half... watching ellen, watching the debate recap debates... and waiting.

then i decided to come back up here and track the packages again... maybe they were delivered to the wrong place...

eh... i failed to read the "Estimated Delivery: Oct. 1 @ 3pm"

garrrrrrghh. 4 more hours...

(did i ever mention that i am an instant gratification girl?)

but I want an Oompa Loompa NOW, daddy!!

un, deux, treo

so all i can do as i wait (somewhat patiently....) is peruse accessories and stuff for my treo 600...

i want to buy this (but will have to wait til i get some more cash on-hand... keeping my treo all safe and sound and silvery.

i didn't splurge yet for the docking cradle (didn't come with it...) once again...

then there's a book on how to do everything with your treo 600... awwwww, it sounds like a pet or child... hmmmmm... what will i name him (my car is already named Mr. T -- because of the license plate)

they're on my wish list of treo accessories......

and the angels are singing and the sun is shining!




i need a moment to be alone... *sigh* (my heart's beating too fast!!!)

October 2, 2004

no blogging from the treo yet.

on the phone with verizon as we speak. for some reason i can't connect to the web - so the tech dudes are trying to figure it out. am just getting a "signing on..." page for minutes on end. *sigh*

but i do have my contacts all plugged in and my calendar is filling up nicely :)


verizon rocks! they totally delved into the treo and got the web up and running!!! yay!!

singin' sanchez in the car

Powered by audblogaudio post powered by hurricane party (me caterwauling in the car)

just drove home from princeton (had pizza and beer with mike....)

October 3, 2004

about last night...

ick. well that audio post sucked. yikes. my apologies.

so anyway, went to the triumph brewery and then contes' pizza over in the tiger city...

had a keen time. keen. i think thursday or friday was like, 2 months of dating... something like that. crazy.

Guess what?

i'm finally blogging from my treO!!! oh the places we'll go!!!!!

:::plunked in on my treO:::


trying to get the category function to work...

::: plunked in on my treO:::

October 4, 2004

chilly farky willy

well, if i'm not yapping about my treo, my anti-baby vitamins or the debate... then i am posting an entry pleading for votes in a fark ps contest...


so go. vote for me (by the way... my entry is based on the game, of course.)

(you can view the voting results here...)

treo addiction #183

okay how awesome is michael for sending me the "how to do everything with your treo 600" book!!??? VERY!!

thank you SO much! now i can rule the world.

bwah hahahahahah!


so, on friday, one of my former neighbours who lived down the street from me when i lived in manasquan (technically, Wall) died... so, i am heading over to the wake at around 7pm... it's really sad.

ironically enough, the icky headhunter (the one who i told last week not to send my info to places unless they told me where first) well, she sent my stuff unbeknownst to me to "an opportunity"

um. could you be more specific? it's like pulling frigging teeth.

i get a one line email back:

"new Jersey state funeral association Corp office in Wall"

eh. yeah. um... i'm already on anti-depressants. eh... don't know if i would be keen working at a place like that.

not a huge fan of funerals...

although, funnily enough (probably because of my old neighbour) i was planning my obituary and my wake last night:

Erin Patrice "Gigglechick" Bennett
June 21, 1970 - Xxxxxxx XX, 20XX

erin_obitpic1.jpgErin Patrice "Gigglechick" Bennett, XX, of Manasquan, died Tuesday at home. Born and raised in the Manasquan Shores section of Wall Township, Ms. Bennett resided there for 23 years before moving to Brick Township and Jersey City... and then back to Manasquan... because she hated Brick and Jersey City. She graduated from Wall High School and The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she recieved her Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design degree. She designed handbags for Nine West Accessories, stereos for Royal Sound Corp., websites for Fox.com, AmericanExpress.com and LenoxCollections.com - to name a few accomplishments. As well as web and product design, she was a published illustrator in national magazines. Besides her professional web design work, she also ran her own website, known worldwide as "gigglechick.com". This was spawned from her failed career as a stand-up comedianne in New York City. Ms. Bennett was a communicant of St. Denis Roman Catholic Church in Manasquan and a member of the Women of Irish Heritage of the Jersey Shore, as well as the Daughters of the American Revolution Jersey Shore Chapter.

She was predeceased by her loving Dalamatian, Skittering Archery Bullseye, her Yorkshire Terrier, Yankee Doodle Sweetheart, Golden Retreiver, Springstone's Split Buckshot, 52 gerbils, 2 ferrets; Norman and Norma, her mouse named Surfer, 7 horses; Lulu, Thunder, Apricot Brandy, Go Poco Pete, Spiffy Tiffy, Questionairre and Keepsake, a carnival goldfish called Wayne and her groundhog, Chuck. Surviving are her mother, Maureen, father Robert W. Bennett, as well as another Yorkshire Terrier, Blueberi Buckle and a trail of Irishmen that she was smitten with.

Visiting will be Friday night at the Neary-Quinn Funeral Home in Manasquan from 7pm - ??. There will be a $5 cover that includes free Guinness and pierogies. Entertainment will be provided by Joe Finn and the Pipes and Drums of the Jersey Shore Shillelagh's. All who attend are asked to tell a joke - not necessarily about Erin - and to bring 3 to 5 people. Memorial contributions may be made in her name to the Belmar Saint Patrick's Day Parade Committee, PO Box 331, Belmar, NJ 07719

seriously, i want to go out with people laughing (not in a thank god she's gone way, but in a hey, let's remember her in a kick ass funny way)

note: hopefully the obit will change at some point and i can slap some kids and a husband into the surviving bit... and add a name onto the bennett part.

that said. yep. i am loopy :)

anyone else willing to post their obit on their site?
(post your obit, then link back to this entry.)

October 5, 2004

call my bookie!!

it figures there's no huge $$$ payoff at the end of this - the one bloody time that i am actually kicking a little buttock in the paulkatcher.com football pool.

need your help....

okay - so i am still waiting to hear from the place that i went to last week for the interview - apparently the creative director was on vacation from wednesday til yesterday - so i will most likely hear yea or nay soon.

here's the skinny..... i sent my resume off on a whim today to a bigwhig design headhunter in nyc - now, i've sent it to them in the past... pre-re-vamped portfolio... and never heard a thing... i sent my resume off about 20 minutes ago and got a voicemail 5 minutes later... they want to send my info/site off to a really kickass wedding planning site/company in soho (3 guesses which one) who need someone "with my exact qualifications, even the illustrations!" said the headhunter... let's just say i have knots in my stomach... good knots....

and this is a headhunter. not a staffing agency who's sending me to work with the dead... or with the folks from Six Feet Under... (actually that recruiter called me this morning to tell me to have lunch with a prospective crappo client this week - who will only have 2 weeks worth of work for me and i looked at the site and i was appalled. blech. wtf.)

okay. so. here's the deal, kids...

clap your hands three times... whistle 2 bars of amazing grace... snap your fingers 6 times (both hands)... click your heels once and twirl around 5 times...

now pick yourself up off the ground and shake off the dizziness before you scream "SOMEONE GIVE ERIN A SPECTACULAR FULL-TIME JOB!!!!"

not cheap at the end.

well, john shabe over at the jersey side says that my obit is too long and i would have to pay by the word.

um, not for nothing, but i think i will have enough socked away by the time i kick to have 3 pages in the asbury park press written about me... that's the plan. (and seeing as i just bought a ridiculously expensive phone when i am unemployed, i think that my last published item about my life would be worth spending the bucks.)

give him some respect.

well, now he can do those triple lindies off of clouds and stuff up there.

(go sign his guestbook)

October 6, 2004

it's hip to be....

squares2 -- go. play. get the black squares and circles. and don't blame me if you're addicted.

[snagged blatantly off big orange michael]

yo. vinnie. let it effing go.

so i received an email today from tdellinger@innovativeoption.com...


Steven Spielberg's children's Movie Shark Tale negatively stereotypes Italian Americans. The gangster sharks have Italian-American names like Lino, Guiseppe and Vito. And they are ignorant, violent and racist.

Stereotyping is an ugly, discredited practice. It creates and reinforces bias and prejudice. Once imprinted, bias and prejudice are not easily undone. It is entirely inappropriate in a movie for children.

Robert Dinero plays Don Lino a cartoon Crime Boss. A Latino mother blasts her stereo out the window and screams out the window at her juvenile delinquent children who spray paint the neighborhood.

Negative stereotyping is wrong. Bigotry is wrong. Most importantly, it is NOT appropriate for young minds.

Tell the Hollywood billionaires you won�t play their game � letting them get rich by hurting children. And we know that once a wrong idea gets in a child�s head, it takes a lot of work to get it out.

Take a moment to moment to write the profiteers of the movie. Tell them what you think.

If you don�t want more public awareness notices write abuse@innovativeoption.com

eh... perhaps it's because i have been off my ABVs for a week and a half now and the growlfest is brewing... but i wrote back (forgive me, all of my Italian friends...)

give me a break. it's a fricking cartoon. perhaps you should realize that the name "Erin" is Irish and I really don't care about your negative Italian stereotypes. The Irish have been dealing with the "drunk" ,"angry/fighting", "leprechaun-talking" Shamus/Paddy/Mick/Sully/Finn stereotypes for longer than your Italian issues.

Let it go and focus on something important in the world other than whining about cartoon sharks.

- Erin Patrice Bennett.

so, yep. i gave my name. if you guys don't hear from me for a few days at some point, I suggest you dredge the shores of Staten Island at some point.

COM or ORG... ?

i'm sure that this has already been pointed out all over the web - but i haven't been checking out the blogs/etc. today - i heard on the daily show...

last night (i did watch the debate) cheney gave out the web address factcheck.com for folks to get the "facts" on halliburton...

um... the daily show pointed out that cheney gave the wrong address - factcheck.COM actually goes to a site that says "WHY WE SHOULD NOT RE-ELECT PRESIDENT BUSH"

eh... nice one, cheney :)

i think he actually meant to go to factcheck.ORG

dude, ya' really ought to get those url addresses right...

October 7, 2004

the book of job(s)

so let's see - i haven't yapped all day and i am typing during the commercial break in ER... tuesday i have a meeting scheduled with that funeral director thing... i really don't want it, but whatever... and i am waiting on the response of the folks i had the interview with last week... they are waiting for a couple of my references to call them back and they are in the process of yapping with their HR dept. -- as far as the gig with the wedding thang. no word yet. that's about it... ER's back on.

October 8, 2004

it's good to be in DC

i think my favourite part is Jimmy Mc leaping & screaming "hooray!! hooray!!"


supposed to go golfing with carol and a friend of her's tomorrow -- problem.... no open tee times, grrrrrrrrr - carol's gonna try to call spring meadow today but i haven't heard the verdict yet... i suppose that's what we get for waiting til the last minute to play (although we'd chatted about it a week and a half ago)

supposed to be beautiful again tomorrow... with a chance of rain just in time to hit the bars.. heh.


hmmmm... golfing may be a no-go tomorrow --- was gonna go to twinbrook for the 9 hole course just to get out there (and round it 2x) but carol wound up having some evaluation thing tomorrow for the girls' basketball team she coaches. gonna go out with mike though tomorrow night.

carol wants us to meet up to watch the yankees' game tomorrow night... i want to. i haven't sprung that on the boy yet... he's, eh, how can i say this without offending myself... not a yankees fan. in fact hates them. remind me that i have to wear my yankees visor... heh.

my allergies have been effing with me over the past 4 days and i've been sluggish as hell... today especially... so it's a joan of arcadia/presidential debate friday... woo.


I am downstairs watching the dog n' pony show (blogging from treo) I want kerry to bitchslap bush right now... maybe w will stop ranting and whining at the same time (how does he do both?) he's leapt off his stool and I thought bush was gonna try to wrassle with jfk... after the last debate my vote was swaying somewhat toward kerry....... one hour into this debate and I want election day to be this tuesday so I can click that kerry lever. bush just seemed whiny, agitated and still on the defensive... now w is talking about kerry and "what my opponent calls 'outsourcing' .'"
dude. it IS called outsourcing.

"need some wood?"... someone go check on that timber company allegation...

okay. my fingertips are getting tired from these teeny buttons...

hope this gets posted to ALL of the "internetS"

*rolling my eyes*

::: plunked in on my treO:::

October 9, 2004


dadgumit, i have a fribbig code - stubbed ub ears, snibblig dose... dot goig oub tonibe


ah... sorry, wendy... sorry twins... you guys played well, but, we couldn't go through october without kicking a little red sox arse... bring it on, boston... bring it on! the win made me feel a little better :)

(ah... memories of last year)

October 10, 2004


awwww... SNL just had a nice little tribute sketch to rodney... good stuff... nice and classy :)

eh. my two cents.

yikes. apparently my comment at this post wasn't taken too kindly (as seen in this post)

i was just trying to have a little good natured fun - didn't say they sucked or anything... in fact i said they played very well (i didn't explain further that the twins had me screaming at the teevee and sweating bullets during the game tonight, but, jeeeeez.)


well, it's time to be a bit of a blog/traffic ho again...
thanks to ...

(of course, the past 3 months i've had to pay extra cash to tera-byte (my host) because i've gone wayyyyyyy over the bandwidth... so, why i want more traffic is beyond me :)


hmmmmm... looks like you can "rate my blog" on blogexplosion as well...

other than that... low key day, feeling a bit better, still kinda icky, but not so much...

last night i made (and cooked up) 54 galumpkies... anyone know what those are????


October 11, 2004

goodbye superman.


it would have been really cool if he could stop time and spin the earth backwards about 10 years or so...

christopher reeve was 52.

go to the christopher reeve paralysis foundation...


one of my oldest friends that i grew up with, michael, is riding in the MS New York City Bike Tour... he needs to raise some cash for this disease...

help him out by clicking here....

here's a word from this swell egg:

Hi Everyone,

On Sunday, October 17th, I will be one of 5,000 cyclists participating in the 20th Annual MS Bike Tour. I will be cycling 100 miles to raise money for the MS Society. This year the Tour's goal is to raise more than $1.6 million, and I want to help the MS Society reach that goal. To make a pledge to me, you can simply click on this link

Together we can conquer this devastating disease. The support you provide is vital to making continued strides in the battle against MS.

Thank you in advance for your generous support.


so rather than slapping cash in my mini giggle fund for the time being, send a buck or two to michael and help out a great cause!!!!


allergies are evil

nyc or pa? hmmmm...

whoa! cool! good good good day! here's the skinny... my friend melissa called me and gave me the name of one of her headhunters who may have something for me... but...............

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worse than allergies...

eh... just a public service announcement:

don't eat galumpkies (stuffed cabbage) for 6 out of 9 meals over 3 days.

thank you.


October 12, 2004

thanks for clicking, clapping, praying!!!

guess who's going to work in NEW YORK BLOODY CITY STARTING THIS MONDAY THE 18th!!!!??????


(keep in mind the "bloody" and the uppercase letters are HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY screams!!!)

October 13, 2004

right place. right time.

so, yep, i will be commuting by train (NJ Transit North Jersey Coastline to be exact) which will be $291 for a monthly pass.

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sleep and schlep.

hee! just spoke with my new creative director... i have to be into the office on monday by 10am


yay! (i will most likely get in by 9:30, but just the fact that i can get in by 10 is awesome -- and i say "awesome" in the most excited of valley girl accents! totally.)

October 14, 2004


my 2000th entry (on moveable type - more in total over the past 3.5 years) is to say that i think kerry proved worty once again during the debate!!!

here's a great recap by olberman...

and the yanks won game two :)

as far as bush not "appointing" anyone by using a "litmus" test.. um... gosh... eh... so i suppose no diabetics will be appointed.

i think kerry's gonna get the gig as the celebrity spokesperson for Blue Cross Blue Shield, though


by the way!! it's gigglemom's birthday today!!!!! woo!!


i ate way too much tonight (picked up some hinck's turkey dinners for mom's birthday --- her choice... plus it was raining out all day and a good night of teevee and lounging)

so i am assuming that it's my gut that's killing me... although, now that the ABVs have been tossed to the curb after the doctor debacle , i may actually be getting my . 5 days early -- god help me. i don't like being surprised. think i am going to try and see how i fare with that aspect of being "drug-free" for a few months... i think. i mean, and again, sorry, boys... my "friend" would only hang around from monday around 3pm til wednesday night around 11... sometimes til thursday around 4am... i had it scheduled THAT perfectly. now... now... now all is shot to hell.

okay... i am either off to take some midol or pepto.

October 15, 2004

drizzly mcfinnegan outside

it's my friend jenn's birthday today! she's one of my oldest friends from high school -- the one i visited out in boulder 2 years ago... i totally have to go back out there again [especially since she broke up with the schmuck that was a jackass that weekend]

*if you're checking out that link, the pop-ups aren't working right, so ya' have to open in a new window then futz with the url... not the best photos... just chunky ones of me with short hair and hanging with jenn...

am supposed to go pumpkin picking with mike and a couple that he's friends with (who i met on labor day weekend and are swell eggs) - but that's tomorrow... hopefully the miserable gray rainy weather will chill for a few hours while we do that, then carve said gourds, eat dinner and then we're supposed to go on a haunted hayride... we'll see if the weather holds out...

hoping that it doesn't dump on boston tonight... i mean, i really don't feel like waiting an extra night to see the yanks beat the sox... let's get it over with and put the sox out of their unevitable misery (*chortle*)

i still have a tummyache... or whatever.

ah, wise ol' bette davis eyes

To fulfill a dream, to be allowed to sweat over lonely labor, to be given a chance to create, is the meat and potatoes of life. The money is the gravy.

-- Bette Davis (1908-1989) American Actress

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things i can't wait for...

gonna just make a list of the things i will be so happy about being in the city for:

1. new job - that's a given.

2. the gravy from the job... given as well.

3. the corner coffee cart guy.

4. PAX deli salads... although i did a search and none seem to be near me... i am sure there are other places that are just as keen :)

5. the gingerman is about 2.5 blocks from work!

6. my friend cathy's in hell's kitchen! many good beverages can be found over there... scruffy duffy's, rudy's (mmmmm... rudy's)

7. easy access to see cowboy mouth when they come to the bowery ballroom or irving plaza!

8. easy access to the open mics that i have listed... yes. once i get settled in, i will begin to write more and get the eff back up onstage

9. in the spring, it'll be easy to pop on the subway up to the bronx and catch a game!!!

10. my buddy michael whom i haven't seen in 3 years at least - works about 4 blocks from where i'll be!

11. i will already be IN the city on st. patrick's day (and, eh, cathy, i plan to crash at your place :) already have my bag and shamrocks packed!)

this is an ongoing list as i think of things... anyone care to add on??

ah... good luck

by the way. word on the street is my first boyfriend ever is getting married either this weekend or next...

and no, that photo wasn't when we were dating... we dated when i was 13 going on 14... in fact we broke up because at my 8th grade birthday/graduation party he left with this girl Joey (and i don't mean baby kangaroo)


then we got back together on and off about 3 years later... but only after he dated about 6 of my friends... at least i dated him first... now he's a cop in the town i grew up.

oh mini you're so fine!

thanks to shumpy for sending me the closest thing to getting in a mini cooper...

October 16, 2004


i really want to see sideways...

i don't mean, like, getting stewed and having my eyes cross to the point where i have loopy vision. i mean the movie with Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church...

it looks funny as heck!

what was i thinking?

holy effing gawd. i just bought fahrenheit 9/11 yesterday... see, i'd been anti-watching that over the last number of months because i was still on the fence about who to vote for... and i was anti-michael moore for some reason i don't really know... i mean, i think i just was swayed by the boos at the academy awards when he won for bowling for columbine (which i've yet to see, but will soon pick up)

i thought that the movie was all about beating up president bush...

now after watching it... and being emotionally drained from it, i might add... i don't think it beat up on him at all... or at least, not enough.

i am happy that i snapped out of that bush/cheney trance just in time for november 2nd.

good lord. that's all i can say.

October 17, 2004

getting ready!

didn't wind up picking pumpkins or riding hay. it was too cold and a bit on the rainy side yesterday.

did, however, go to wegman's and picked up makings for cocktail dogs and croissants to wrap 'em in, sushi, makings for homemade mac & cheese -- which was awesome - and a pear/leek/gorgonzola salad --- and $20 of cookies... hmmmm... just realized we didn't eat the ice cream last night...

and we watched the game... you know what game... the fenway fizzle, the boston massacre, the longest 9 inning game on postseason record.


so i have been running around to the drugstore and gathering stuff to shove in my messenger bag for tomorrow... ear plugs (a necessity on the train), oral-b brush-ups (haven't tried 'em but they look like a good idea.), hand sanitizer, gin (kidding.), moisturizer, and a paperback... i went with james patterson's big bad wolf... although i may have missed the previous book...

they were sold out of Airborne cold tablets... i really need to find this -- i get awful colds and now with the flu vaccine thing, mom can't get her's and so she's freaking out that i will get her sick this year - especially since i will be doing the crazy commute thing with a million other people breathing on me.

so it's like i am getting ready for the first day of school :)

a(bout) to z(zzzzz)

going to bed early since i have to wake up at 5:20am (so i can catch the 6:57am train)... for my first day at the new job (still quite excited!!! and my coffee money is ready and waiting!!)

right now the yanks are up 4 to 3 in the seventh... granted, anything can happen... but i must force myself to get some shuteye

g'night all!!

October 18, 2004

On the train

blogging from train.. first day rocked I have a PC & a g5!!!!!!! and a window seat!!!!!!! and a PAX Deli a BLOCK away!!!! had my kickass salad & everyone at the new "gigglegig" is supernice!!!!! have 5 min left on my commute - just watched Tommy Boy - loving life right now!

::: plunked in on my treO:::


okay... i am not a fan of ortiz.

but, we (the yankees...) will be winning in new york where it'll be better to clinch it.

that said... goodnight.

October 19, 2004

pry my eyes open

good god. 5am sure does bitch slap you right in the kisser first thing in the morning.... doesn't it?

2nd day now in the history books!

kicked some animated ass at work today...man it was nasty/rainy out all day. i actually had to wear a scarf! blah!

i caught the 5:43 train and got home at 8pm (would've been about 15 min. earlier but i had to be a pig and go to surf taco for a beef/bean/cheese burrito and a quesadilla... now i feel sick)

still have to figure out what i have to wear for tomorrow - luckily the place is pretty casual and they haven't said that we have to wear their clothes...

we have a Hale and Hearty Soup directly across the street (my dear stalkers, don't tell me that i never give you clues to my whereabouts) so i schelped over and got a big arse new england clam chowder - perfect day for it... even if i shouldn't be having that kind of soup because of the jackasses the yankees are playing tonight...

it's 10pm. the game's on. i have to color my hair (g.c. has some crazy roots - i haven't gotten my hair coloured since march... so... i am taking it into my own hands for $17 as opposed to $215... we'll see if it's icky. Clairol Natural Instincts Hot Cocoa... it's got a hint of red in it. technically it's a "medium bronze brown")

speaking of red. i swear since yesterday stepping off the train in nyc, i've seen no less than 8 redheaded guys my age, all attractive and wearing suits.

god i love new york city.

gotta go get all chemical with my hair now... then blow dry it (45 min.) then flat iron it (15 min.)

by the way... was due for my friend yesterday... since going off the ABVs she's MIA... (MIA not in a totally scary way... but non-existant nonetheless)

1st stage...

cripes i have a thick fricking mop on my head. it's taken me about 20 min to just get all the hair colour worked through... yep. g.c. is sleeping soundly on that train in the morning.

good gawd

man alive! 30 minutes to wash that slop outta my hair... still have to dry

*isn't the only thing more boring than washing your hair hearing someone else describe dying and washing their hair??

you gotta be kidding.

once again there's b.s. going on because of the red sox...

oh boo hoo... get your players off the field just because the crowd is throwing baseballs at you... boo hoo. go back to boston.

stinking umpires.

aren't they supposed to be blind? when the frig did they start wearing contacts?????

what a riot.

finally the mane is dry... sorta. dry enough! and flat(ish) -- my hair has been pretty sproingy lately and the only thing that tames it is the flat iron, or my big thick curling iron that i use as a flat iron somewhat. i like the colour. it's a bit on the dark side, but it'll lighten up a bit when i've washed it a few more times. no. no photos right now... gotta lay down and watch the yankees get 3 more runs.

i guess the riot cops went back inside.


they'd better get this done in the next 20 min. otherwise i am gonna be snoozing dagnabit...

October 20, 2004

Friggin' sleep

well I am on the train. missed the 6:57 out of manasquan. I just realized that I could've waited 24 minutes for the 7:21 that would get me in at 9:19 (still 11 min early)... did I? no. I sped up to long branch (about 25 min) and am on the 7:42.... it's not the worst thing... I won't have to change at newark (so I will pass out soon)... i'll get in at 9:04 and tonight I will have a couple more choices of trains which is good b/c of game 7 and the west wing premiere.

that said. I need sleep. putting my earplugs in now.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

Just leaving now.

got the 7:08 pm and I mean JUST got it. still breathing heavily. so I should be getting into long branch by 8:30.. and hopping in my car & speeding home in time for the game (minus an inning or 2) and the west wing.

yes. my site should be renamed "commuterchick" since that's what 90% of my posts have been lately!

word on the street is I am fitting in nicely at work. yay!

later when I get home I will post info for a charity garage sale this weekend in teaneck if anyone is in that area...

I also plan on yapping about the yankees winning... at least you know the garage sale post will happen.

that said. my thumbs are cramping up.

::: plunked in on my treO:::


it's only 9 to 3 in the top of the 8th... we can still come back!!!

(and does anyone else guffaw everytime "who's your daddy" is chanted?? i love that...)

October 21, 2004

seeing red?

well... on the brighter side of things....

1) i won't be staying up late over the next week or so and losing sleep.

2) i can focus all my energy on football.

3) the red sox are just going to lose the world series anyway, so it'll just make the boston fans feel like they have hope until it get's snatched out of their hands... hmmmm... it'd be interesting if houston and frigging clemens play against them.

4) we can probably expect to see "curse of the bambino" on hbo about 125 times next week

5) let's see... how many world series championship titles do the yankees have compared to the red sox???

yeah. exactly.

p.s. - joe buck can bite my ass.

garage sale - saturday oct. 23rd

angus1.jpg as i'd said earlier - i planned on posting about a charity garage sale that is this saturday, october 23rd from 10am - 5pm @ 207 Hillside Ave., Teaneck, NJ

the proceeds from this garage sale (which will have a ton of stuff) will all be donated to the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League... a girl i work with - her dog, Angus, just passed away last week and she's organized this event... so if you can, go to the garage sale - buy an item or two and help them out. if you can't make it donate online

see. this is the reason:

well.... for the lovely red sox fan who wrote:

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well I am sitting at the mercy of njtransit in long branch because the train is 10 min late.

HARK! it's here!l

just wound up speaking with the RHB a minute or two ago. first time since june.

now I have a stomachache. which sucks when you're trapped on a train for the next 27 min.... at least I got to tell him that I have a swanky new job.

he still has my yankees cap - that's why they lost.

::: plunked in on my treO:::


well, unfortunately kate's dad passed away last night... at least he's not in pain anymore... my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family

(i would have posted this earlier this morning but couldn't)

October 22, 2004

Penn happy hour

sitting here waiting for my pint of guinness to settle and my 7.08 train to arrive.. listening to old standards on the juke. times like these I feel somewhat like a sane femalw holden caulfield. anyway I digress. only have had one sip and am entering bad salinger metaphors. all I know is I am happy (as opposed to holden) ... hot guy sitting to my right. blonde not red. guy on left freaking out because he's had one too many and missed hiis train. jeezuz. dark brooding loner guy with lance armstrong bracelet at end of bar just looked at me and smiled.

might just like my treo... heh. but think he's too far to see this gadget.

jackass ans wife tourists just took freaking guy's seat and are wearing red sox matching outfits ... god.

hot guy behind me... eh... hope not reading this. nice round irish head and just ordered a car bomb. love this. gonna go flirt for 4 min before my train

wait car bomb is like 24 forget it. I am not inthe mood to train them

::: plunked in on my treO:::

October 23, 2004

when it rains......

so today as i was working (my fulltime gig... sorry... it just makes me happy to say that) a guy from cowboy mouth called me (not a band member. but a manager fella..) needless to say... actually this is necessary to say... they want me to design a new logo and a few t-shirts for them... so that's cool. stoked about that..


hahahah!! susan had this cartoon on her site.... go. watch it.

it reminds me of the crap i dell-t with last year. (yep. filled with rage.)

who are you rooting for?

let's see... what i am planning on telling people when they ask me who i am rooting for to win the series.... is.... the st. louis cardinals....

that's what i am telling people.

i'm not telling them who i am really rooting for because i won't hear the end of it...

so if anyone asks you who i am rooting for... eh... tell 'em, the cards.

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October 24, 2004


so yesterday i went and paid my respects to kate's dad... it was good to see her - although not great circumstances.

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happy happy!

it's renee's birthday today and she's got a cold... go wish her health and happiness!!!

ramble on...

oh... so, on friday, at the new gig... i was pretty much told that i will be "owning" the one brand and designing that site (the other sr. art director that's been working on it for 2 years will be assisting me - sort of being my training wheels for a few weeks til i get to know where every part of the company lives...)

i am pretty excited... not exactly a small undertaking... looks like i may have to kick out the homeless guy that's got a nice cardboard set-up near the loading area of macy's and set up my own sleeping quarters since it's looking like i may be missing the earlier trains home (meaning the 6:43 and 7:08pm)

i am totally digging it there so far. had the keys to the office handed to me on friday as well... and the office manager asked me if i want a plant for my windowsill... yay! that means i fit in!

that feels good. see, at the last company i was at... things were grand for a while... but saddle brook, nj is not exactly the design mecca of the world. the cafeteria downstairs with it's frozen turkey burgers and bacteria riddled meatloaf was the only option for a meal... unless you actually ate lunch away from your desk and drove to bennigan's a half mile away...

granted... in nyc i may gain about 50 pounds... but as long as i throw that pax salad and coffee into my diet each day it shan't be too bad.... (famous last words)

the last time i felt this sort of calm happiness about a job/career/company was when i was at methodfive. and that was in 1999/2000. so long ago. right before the days of milk and honey went sour. where we were all in one large open space. no cubicles. plants everywhere. beer at 4pm. bagels at 10am. playstation set up on a projector on the wall whenever you needed it...

we don't have the playstation at the new place... but we have the open space/no cubicle crap and it's swellegant.

at methodfive, i sort of always felt a little on the "older" side at age 29... compared to the 24/25 year olds... and the 26 year old who owned the shop... and i didn't have the cute twisty weird web designer hair that one of the chicks had.

here. so far. the folks seem "normal" - normal in the sense that while fashionable, they aren't "trying to be freaky" --- maybe that comes across as odd... hmmmm... well, i suppose at 34 years old i'm just not into shaving my head to fit in anymore (already did that when i went to uArts)

it's mainly women in this company... a handful of guys... and we seem to be all around my age... a few older a few younger... but this is the interactive division only in this building... and we all seem to have the "milk & honey days" background with tales of where we were when the bubble burst... and it's kind of a nice bonding experience. whereas when i was in the last place, they were pretty much n. jersey... suburbs... corporate cubicle complex with standard issue parking garage folks... who've been at the place for 5, 10 and even, get this, 23 bloody years... which is nice to think about job security... but they look at you strange when you tell them that you were involved with two 90 person layoffs within 9 months... and you have to seem embarrassed and apologetic... meanwhile, at the place now... it's like a badge of honour to have been around back "in the day"

no, i haven't been drinking as i ramble right now... i just am gushing about the new gig. and want everyone to know that i am happy. and feel very much "at home" and "back in the saddle"...

that said, i'd like to give a hearty hello to a fella who wrote me today to say "Fun stuff erin"... thank you very much, dear sir.

the team i am "not rooting for".

2 more games til boston starts rioting again.

October 25, 2004

Commuter growl

so I missed my train in squan. then I missed the connection in long branch. so I caught the 8.24 local to ny that's getting me in at 10.02... this is besides the point. I have HEAVY DUTY frigging earplugs in and this fiftysomeodd year old bat is chatting away on her f*cking phone and yapping loud as hell to "ruth" for the past twenty effing five minutes... I want to throw something besides my annoyed looks at her. and she's talking about the effing weather... and also about how she bought earplugs and cotton for the commute - now this woman looks like a regular commuter... what the hell!?!? anyway maybe my hearing is superhuman today because I have my friend. but my friend wants to beat her to a pulp

::: plunked in on my treO:::


caught the 6:26pm train outta dodge tonight... (missed ya' by a couple of trains, trip :) and i had dominos pizza for the first time in about 10 months. now i feel ill as all living hell. have to be into the office by 9am tomorrow since the ceo of the entire corp. is gonna be there... i'd planned on washing my hair tonight, but i am too blarghy feeling right now and didn't feel like exerting too much energy (that's the main issue i have with the long hair... you actually have to spend time doing it... but i am not chopping it off again. not for a while now... still can't believe i had chopped it all off about 2.5 years ago...

sure, while the short crop used to let me sleep in, it also caused a severe dry spell in the dating life... seriously. bad.

anyway. speaking of energy and sleep. i am hitting the hay and will most likely have nightmares brought on by my dominos disgusting XL thin crust sausage pizza and my "friend"... arrrrgh. got her yesterday (once again, sorry guys.)

after being on the ABVs for 17 years and now being off them for a month (anti-baby vitamins for those just joining us here) i forgot how to count the days... yeah. silliness... and i was counting the days from when i would have started the abv... instead of when i got the "friend" on day one the last time... so last monday i thought i was getting it... and was laying in wait... but no... i did another calculation and yesterday at 12:17pm there she was... 28 days and precisely on-time.

first time i've had it on a weekend in about 12 years. not used to that. am used to monday afternoon til about wednesday night.

yep. welcome to the commuting/menstrual talk blog. good god.

anyway. sleep. perchance to dream.

yanks choke. merrill croaks.

He was the first person ever to sing the National Anthem and throw out the first ball at Yankee Stadium for the Yanks home opener

(i know. i know. my headline sucks, but that's the one i sent into fark.com)

October 26, 2004


am so bloody tired.... not a huge fan of waking up and stepping on a train when it's still pitch black out... and coming home when it's dark, too.

gonna need to start going to tanning again... or get a SAD lamp... but tanning makes me look better...


made the train with 4 seconds to spare... my hair looks like a rat's nest and I am in dire need of allergy meds and... whoa!!!!! hot redhead guy in suit and freckles just got on at spring lake and sat across the aisle from me... i'll attempt to pull myself together and look less haggard... be still my heart he is tying his tie... it's gonna be a good day after all... I shall name him Shamus...of course, he's most likely named me Crazy Hair Magee (seriously, it's like my hair got drunk and wound up in a Curls Gone Wild video)

::: plunked in on my treO:::


train was at a standstill for 10 bloody minutes. so when I switched in newark it put me on a train that'll get me in at like ten after... then I noticed that somehow as I slept, I broke a nail (#8 on the broken nails for the past week) so I rummaged around for a nailfile in my messenger bag only to discover I have an inch and a half hole on the side of the front flap where I keep EVERYTHING. grrrrrr. and I think the stupid redhead got off in newark to go to school (looked like he was reading a textbook)

at least my hair still looks horrendous as I rush in late to meet the ceo.


::: plunked in on my treO:::


some of the day was okay. didn't meet the ceo (which is fine)
coffee cart guy didn't need to ask what I wanted. he had my lrg coffee with just milk ready for me by the time I reached his window... good.

went up to the office (got in at 9:10) wound up with a fricking hole in my coffee cup... small leak but it still gave another sad sack element to my day. not good.

went out during lunch to find a messenger bag... macy's. no. daffy's. no. h&m. no. gap. no. 5 other effing stores... nothing. *sigh*

now I have frigging blisters on the SOLES of my feet. I shite you not.

good thing... pax threw in a roll with my kickass salad. (found another pax deli a block the other way)

1440new_small.gifwent on manhattanportage.com and bought myself a bag (europa messenger) in periwinkle the should be in my hands by thursday. good.

on the upside, I am starting to place names to faces here at work. which is good.

I wound up catching the 5.58 train which I didn't expect to make. and I got a seat. trip I didn't see if you were on... if you are and you're reading this right now i'm in car 5203 (whatever car that is... think in the middle)

"curls gone wild" has been stifled and thrown in a ponytail. not pretty but effective.

i'm sorta happy now that I think about it that my bag ripped... I got it from the last company (undid all the embroidery that had the 4 inch logo on it)... now I am completely free of them except for the odd crappy logo pen hither and tither.

now am gonna go read. or sleep. or count redheaded fellas til I drift off.

::: plunked in on my treO:::


just checked my messages on my home machine. manhattan portage calling to let me know my card was declined. wtf? I had $160 in there as of this morning ans I haven't made any purchases. can't check my bank acct right now b/c fleet's thing is down. fuck. I swear to god if tera-byte charged me for bandwidth behind my back again I will frigging scream

okay I just called tera-byte it wasn't them. what the frig???? i'm not supposed to have any upcoming automatic payments.

waiting for train connection at long branch. now I am totally pissed about this.... I had just checked my account earlier and every check & atm withdrawal was accounted for... frig. now it's saying $52 bloody is in my account. I haven't bought anything...

and this stupid idiot kid just stood in front of me here on the platform... right in front of me smoking a fucking cigarette... I should push him... but that'd delay the train...

okay I moved.

where was i... trying to figure out what I bought... you have to be kidding me here I am 10 ft from where I was and the 22 yr old (tops) is standing a fucking foot away from me. ARE YOU READING ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU ARE ANNOYING ME???? yeah walk away punk. that's it.

mood of the day: surly.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

looney lunar.

okay. i am home. what the hell is this chick from manhattan portage effing talking about?
i get home and log onto my bank info....my bank account says that their charge went through.

now i feel like i am flipping. so i call the number the chick left for me on my machine... i get a guy who answers sleepily.. "hullo?"

'eh... is this manhattan portage?'


crap. okay. then i checked and i misdialed... when i called the company of course i got their machine.

but gosh, they gave me a heartattack. not nice.

right now i am chalking this fiasco of a day up to the full moon... i need sleep.


in time for halloween... experience the pleasure of cat bowling.

[snagged off of kate]

October 27, 2004

it made a full circle...


so it's after midnight and, of course, that means a new day... a better day.

what happened was i started cleaning out a handbag that i haven't used in a while (actually since february when i went to the keys

so i was dumping stuff out and i noticed there was a hole in the lining... and out comes my old necklace that i lost about 2 years ago!!!!!!!!!

i'd bought it when i was in galway city in 2000... the connemara stone fell out of it - hence the tape that is seen holding it together.... i'd put it in my bag back then to take it to merten's (jeweler) to get fixed, but "lost it"....

i've been really upset about it ever since... and now it's back!!! all because of my crappy day and the rip in my messenger bag :)

it's funny how things in life work like that.

(thanks, God. that was a nice end to a cruddy day... and a great beginning to a new one! good show!)

you all do know that God reads my blog, right? doesn't leave many comments though.

and now i need some sleep.



well I caught the 7:21 from squan. good.

then the conductor asks me if I want to switch in long branch or newark... normally I switch in newark so I asked him when the connection would arrive at LB...

"8 minutes after this one," says he.

keep in mind that I am half asleep and barely know what day it is... 8 minutes vs. running down & up stairs in newark sounds okay.

so I get off at long branch. go inside to get out of the wind. see the train I just stepped off of leave. look at the schedule.


the next train is at 8:24. it gets into nyc at 10:02... the one I was on gets in at 9:19.

now it's the "off-peak" train & it's chock full of loud talkin' rif-raf. not to mention it's the local-every-bloody-stop-on-the-line train.

I want to hunt down that conductor.

bright side: went & got coffee at dunkin donuts...

::: plunked in on my treO:::


still on the train... needed to vent again.

have earplugs in.

have psycho loud train conductor woman who was ranting for a full minute at the top of her lungs.

crazy lady 4 rows back growling into thin air.

guy in front of me must be 70, but is humming and singing - out of tune I might add.... can't rap him on top of his skull because I thought I saw a priest's collar on him... when I get off the train I will look again.. if it's just a tie I will be miffed.

oh and because I guzzled my coffee... I have to pee... and I have 30 min. to go... and then I have to walk 2 blocks.

why are there so many freaks on njtransit? and what could others think is freakish about me?

I have sound off on phone.
I keep my hips and coat on my side of the seat.
I don't wear perfume until I am at work (because I hate when I am smothered by the perfume/cologne junkies on the train sitting next to me)
I don't read the effing newspaper... and certainly don't read it full-width open, licking my two fingers then turning each page like I have a personal vendetta against it.

fantastic. train is "waiting" to enter newark.

oh and I don't take off my shoes to clip my toenails in my seat.

I swear to you. i've sat next to more than one person who's done that
I might sniffle from allergies every once in a while.

I haven't been able to sleep and I went to bed at 1.30am.

as the screaming woman in the aisle just said.... "FO' REAL!"

::: plunked in on my treO:::



full moon

lunar eclipse

boston is up 3 - 0 in the 4th.

i should have stocked up on water, candles and canned goods. wish i had a bomb shelter because i think tonight may be the end of the world.

October 28, 2004


::plunked in from my bomb shelter::

(as a yankee fan who was rooting for the sox, it was odd to scream "come on, damon!!!" without obscenities to follow that statement...)

it comes in 3's???

let's all hope that it's a super-trifecta winning year for boston.


red sox.


Guess where I am

yep. on the train.

the 7.08pm to be precise. long day... but seem to be caught up with stuff. i've had a bit of a learning curve over the past week & a half... trying to find images... having to make sure that even though we don't have a style guide, layouts still look uniform, etc etc.

had to swap images on the corporate site... and that sounds easy enough but when thrown a bucketload of other things, well, that was put on the backburner.

anyway I am not complaining at all... I just feel like I am in that limbo period... I dunno.

all that and I am a wee bit miffed at mike. yeah this sunday will be 3 months of dating... if one of us doesn't crack and growl at each other... which i've been doing in email. long fricking story. if things go south well then i'll yap... for now I am keeping mum.

the train hasn't left the station yet and my ass feels like the train is moving. here's the lovely bit. dude next to me got call on cell... oh he's growling at some poor bitch named debbie about rescheduling a focus group. man he's giving her her 2 weeks notice over the frigging cell. prick. I want to boot him out of my seat the way he's freaking out. anyway he's probably reading this and gonna beat me....

::: plunked in on my treO:::

October 29, 2004


finito. over. done. bullshit.

puffy eyes magee

am not getting into anything right now. just know that my eyes are puffy as hell from being up way too effing late and crying over, well, god only knows what.

i am not pleased. not at all.

now i have to hop in the shower and try and get my face to deflate so that i can scope out any single redheaded fellas on the train.

at least i can wear jeans to work today.

Left eye gigglechick

so the left eye is swollen. was kinda hard to put eyeliner on but I did it. am on the 7.21 train right now.

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we have a floater

thanks for the comments - keep 'em coming... they're helping... they're like little band-aids being slapped onto my heart... little squirts of krazy glue getting it back into fighting shape again. stupid heart.

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a moment...

so anyway. taking a moment during lunch to yap.
the boy (forget the name Mike... let's give him an acronym. The Guy I Am Kinda Dating Sorta But Don't Know What's The What... TGIAKDSBDKWTW... it's a bit long, but catchy) he emailed me this morning. we're getting together tomorrow night. we'll see what's up. i will be scoping out the crowd for guys in decent halloween costumes. i really am not gtting dressed. bought a wig and a couple of other things only because i didn't want to feel nekkid on halloween weekend. i got him a clown nose. anyway. i need to get that book in the previous post. that said. gonna finish up my boston shrimp chowder and potato chips (and boylan's ginger ale)


and I am sitting on the train. it hasn't left ny yet. will get home around 9:30.

nothing new to report. yapped with TGIASDBDKWTW earlier. we'll see... but the more I think about it, I just got this kickass job.. with a huge opportunity to meet people... I am keeping my eyes peeled... that's all i'm saying... fresh start and all that... and once I get some cash and get outta the gigglemom condo, gigglebachelorette is BACK!

::: plunked in on my treO:::

October 30, 2004

gettin' gussied...

just went out running around getting bimbo-type odds and ends for my costume. this year the costume is lame... L.A.M.E. -- so lame i should use gigglemom's old walker.

i had no money until yesterday (and even then, not that much) so i got a pink wig. pink boa. black and pink whore dress. pink fishnets. pale pink mask over the eyes. that's it. it's like i threw up pepto bismol all over me.

making TGISADBDKWTW wear his construction stuff and slapping a clown nose and some makeup on him - and adding clowntype stuff to his toolbelt.

again. lame.

i think i actually retired the potatoes and tossed them in the dumpster this spring when i was cleaning my room. see that's why i don't clean. because i know one day i will need stuff. and now, now my potatoes are gone.

so we're hitting leggett's, o'neill's, rod's... halloween parties at each. i just needed to throw some type of disguise on since i hate not getting dressed. seriously, this year's "costume" is godawful. i'm ashamed - that's 90% of the reason why i have the eyemask

October 31, 2004


eh. drunk post. (i am keeping it how i wrote it last night. good lord. 11 coors lights will do that to a girl)

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well. good morning.

well... eh... good morning. can someone tell me the best way to scrape my tongue off the roof of my mouth?
i am not really hungover. this one feels like it'll only take a little water and maybe a mcD's #3 value meal to conquer... not too much of a headache.

okay that said...

*shaking my head*

once again. i need this t-shirt... because friends don't let friends blog drunk... especially in halloween costumes

so apparently i was professing my love in my post last night. cripes.

yeah. i know. hokey. but true. seriously, that stupid RHB... he gets under my skin every time.

there TGIDAJTWT (whatever) and i were at leggett's for about 3 or 4 beers then we thought it was lame- barely anyone was in costume there... so we went to o'neill's

okay... yesterday morning i called around to leggett's, o'neill's and rod's to see about parties.

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by the way...

just got home from seeing "Shall We Dance?" which was a chick flick. and now i want to take ballroom dance lessons.

i liked it. it was a bit on the hokey side, but it was nice.

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first down and 4 more years... nope

yay!! GREEN BAY beat the REDSKINS!!!!

do you realize what this means!?!?!?

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