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November 1, 2004


to rabbit rabbit first thing!!!!!

i'm a jerk.

hmmmm... well... i apologized to TGIDSDKWTW about how i was "flirty" and he responded...

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Funny bumping into

so I was no further than 20 feet from my office when I was leaving tonight when I recognized a familiar face (even though i've met him only once)

who walked by me and caused me to scream out "ken!!!"... I really wanted to scream "DONKEY!!" but then i'd sound like Shrek...

yes friends... the donkey was positively glowing this evening

we work across the street from each other and i'm about 3 floors down.

neat, huh?

had to catch my train (& a slice of pizza) so I didn't yap long.

oh so I had to pick up a paper to read since I finished The Lovely Bones this morning.... my god, that book made me cry on the train about 7 times on friday alone when I bought it - I had to keep setting it down. but read it a little last night and finished this morning. highly recommend.

so anyway... think things are smoothing over with TGIDBDKWTW... if the RHB calls that'd be a surprise. I am not holding my breath though...

my hair is a horrid rat's nest right now btw...

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November 2, 2004

this is it! get out there!



well, after getting a little lost finding the polling place, I got there... stood in line in front of a 40-something year old guy & his wife - it was the first time voting for both of them... so that was neat... seriously, I feel like it's christmas eve, super bowl sunday and the seventh game of the series (with my guy as a red sox ... what's the singular of sox? red sock? don't get me started with that topic again)

anyway... my vote has been counted. I didn't go straight down the line... I vote for who I want and if that means mixing dems up with reps, I do. and I did.

so I voted early. was able to make my regular train actually (i was early for it... they should have elections every day)

and I am voting often... how, gigs, how?

well, by hounding y'all to get your asses to the polls. I woke up at frigging 5am to do this... so scrape your registered heinies off the chair and go make your voice heard!!!!!

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Because Puffy will kill you.

I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; I will not refuse to do the something I can do.

-- Helen Keller (1880-1968) American Writer


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every click counts

i forgot about this little site that i was involved with designing (god help them they haven't changed the look/feel in 5 years since i did it) but i am a little afraid of the voting results with this one...


November 3, 2004

laying in wait.

msnbc is saying:

bush: 207

come on!

crap. now bush just won something or other and it's 210/206
(missed what it was because i was typing loud.)

i am so tired.

by the way... what the fuck, you damned punk kids... all bark, no bite.

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oh oh oh.

oh. ohio. please.

Hello Cleveland, are you ready to pick a president!!!!??!??!

(at least i'm one of 92,621 smart folks in ocean county, nj.)

let's just say....

if... if... bush remains president, he is our president and i will stand behind him...

praying that he doesn't do anything insanely stupid again, but standing behind him nonetheless.

*gasp* *gasp*

my lungs are collapsing and my feet are now conspiring to kill me.

I missed the 7:20am out of manasquan... people in front of me were going 10mph and I was half a block from the train station when I saw it pull up. no way I could make it.

so I drove north on 71.

saw it pass by me.

spring lake. missed it.
belmar. missed it.
bradley beach. at the station.
so I said screw it and tried to speed to long branch.

now, when I drove up to exit 159 on the GSP everyday, sure, I had road rage...

but the route 71/i have to make a train road rage is something special...

I now have a sore throat from yelling at idiots and I am pretty sure I threw my right shoulder out from flipping the bird at some old lady in a lincoln.

fast forward. I prepped my $2 to shove in the teeny parking space money slot (i used bills. no time for 8 coins) and ran down the 23 steps... then ran up the 26 steps as the train pulled into the station... I got to the top step just as the doors opened.

thank god.

as I write this, two station stops have passed and my breathing is somewhat back to normal... but they had had that piercing cool fall air burn that slices into your lungs when you run...

now I am gonna sleep for 35 min since my earplugs are in place.

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before i start the day...

just walked into the office.

in under 3 weeks, i have now built up a repor with my coffee guy... he has my large coffee with just milk ready for me as i step up to the window..


this happened once last week... but today it was the 3rd consecutive day that he had it ready...


one of my nyc dreams has come true... again.


yes. rapport, peewee

man, cut me some slack, chicky... i was working on 3 hours sleep.

speaking of sleep...

November 4, 2004

7:20am train

caught it. no hassles (except for the 3 extremely chatty & loud women from asbury park... but I moved to another car after that)

this morning we have a benefits meeting that I am excited for... BENEFITS... yay!

I need to go get my eyes checked - last I did was 1999... and I wouldn't mind getting back on the ABVs soon... sure i've been off them for a month and a half and haven't had any problems... but I like knowing when exactly my friend is arriving and knowing that a rugrat won't be in 9 months.

that said... I also want to go to a dermatologist... just for a check-up since I was tanning salon maven for a while.

eye doc.
chick doc.
skin doc.

oh! dentist! I haven't been since feb of 2003... knock on wood my teeth feel fine. brush & floss these white babies of mine.

401k... life ins. and all that as well - guessing they'll go over it all.

I think my old doc - john weiner - might not take insurance anymore. he was great (soho associates @ corner of prince & b'way) best doc I ever had.

anyway train's pulling into penn... gotta get ready to greet my coffee guy.

have the most fantastic day of your lives!

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woo!! woo!

wow! didn't think i would get it til tomorrow - but...

i got my first paycheck here... TODAY!


now i have to wait for it to clear...

(looking like a trip to the bank during lunch today!)

add onto the list (previous post) of things to do:
GET MY HAIR CUT!!! not chopped. styled. haven't since march.

November 5, 2004

7:51am train

it's all about commuting again isn't it?
I saw the 7:21 pull out of the station as I was pulling in.

rather than freaking out and trying to beat it to long branch, I waited for the 7:51 out of 'squan.

grabbed an egg bagel with butterl (not a bagel with egg) and a big ass coffee and waited

and played games on my treo.

I swear if I didn't have this phone I would be crying profusely during each commute.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

Excuse me...

to the people 2 rows ahead of me, I understand that you and your girlfriend are upset about the election results... but it's fricking 8:40am and I am trying to sleep since, unlike you, I am not skipping work to see if "Democracy Plaza" is 'still there'... so quit effing talking at the top of you lungs.

to the mom and dad 5 rows up... that's nice of you to bring your THREE kids (all under 4) into nyc... next time drive a fucking car... 'is this new york?' "no." 'is this new york?' "no sweetie" 'whyyyyyy?' 'wahhhhhhhh'

me: !$!#@

I hate the 7:51 train... from here on out known as the RifRafExpress

there was another car I moved from before because there were 5 kids across the aisle from me (between 6 and 10 yrs old) and a gaggle of about 20 yammering russians (actually the one russian dude in his 20s sitting next to me before long branch was hot & smelled good... wanted to write that but he was reading my treo over my shoulder)

I think I want to start a petition for a kid's car for the train. make the conductor dress silly and keep them out of my frigging hair.

in the immortal (and repetitive words of the one kid who's parents are now effing SINGING):

"is this the last stop?"

nope, erin, you poor bastard... there're 13 more stations to go.

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sittibg in cab afrte rudy's. frrnch haitian cabbie. smells think I may puke. not being racist. just following my nose. smells like rotting onions

::: plunked in on my treO:::


think I may pass out on traun so uof anyone on the 10:41pm to bayhead could wake me up at 'squan.....

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November 6, 2004


yikes. got a bit tipsy last night.

am watching Punchline for the millionth time right now... ironically today is the 5 year anniversary of me getting up onstage for the first time...

i'll get back up there soon!!

November 7, 2004

well at least it wasn't my birthday

so right now (sunday) is TGIDBDKWTW's 37th birthday. huge f*cking fight with him. not too damned pleased with him. at least the rhb called me this afternoon (that had nothing to do with the fight)

the only thing that was decent about tonight was the rigatoni with pumpkin and goatcheese with a walnut sauce (fantastic)

anyway. i am tired from crying and listening to him speak.

when i picked up "America" (one of the gifts i bought him... which i was told was a "good effort" --- GOOD EFFORT... don't even)

anyway when i bought that book i also picked up "he's just not that into you" at the same time. going to sit down and read it now.

(i also want to get - but didn't have the money - "when the brain can't hear"... which is about auditory processing dysfunction... which is the LD that i have)

this is me.

susan sent me this cartoon!!! LOVE IT!

don't waste the pretty

so i started reading the "He's Just Not That Into You" book... loving it so far...

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happiness at 11:52pm

peeling off a facial mask in one piece...

November 8, 2004


I really don't care. I did it (maybe it was because I've been devouring the aforementioned book... but I did it... sent an email though because I am stronger in writing...

Good morning, Mike.

I am sitting here on the train and I've come to the conclusion that you are not the guy for me.

What we have is not a healthy relationship and I am not about to sit around waiting to feel something deeper with you, especially since the other night after I handed you your birthday gifts, you said "good effort" and "i hate you." to me.

I deserve better than that type of abusive cruelty... And that is why we have to end this.

good luck finding your ideal and all the best.

blah blah airing dirty laundry. at this point I really don't care. I find him to be a bit pretentious... and he doesn't watch teevee. now, if he reads this... whatever. at this point there's nothing to salvage.

right now I am waiting for my connecting train in newark... redheaded guy in suit about 30 feet to my right... 28 feet.. 22 feet... getting closer... hello my commuting leprechaun... come hither...........

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odd ducks.

so... if anyone chooses to send an email to this delightful person (?) who's email states "her" name as Jessica Porter... feel free...

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not that bad a day...

so anyway... now that our grouchy bear post is behind us...

nothing major happening today. was told i am doing a "great job" at work thus far. i finished that book that i mentioned a couple of posts ago and am ready to go date and start dumping guys right and left... ha.

the commute to and fro work today was uneventful... think my body is starting to get used to it...

i was paid on thursday, and i deposited the dang check... has it cleared yet? no. so i've had $3 to dole out today.

got a coffee this morning
corner dog for lunch
and leftover chinese for dinner.

yep. big swanky job and i am living off of $3 a day. not what i pictured.

as far as the boy issue... i'll miss him... but eh, whatever. better fish out there. better fish. thankfully i am 5 miles from the ocean.

that said... hitting the hay since 5am is gonna bitch slap me shortly.

November 9, 2004


looks like the riff-raff train for me this morning. stupid jackass in his pick-up truck going 15 mph in a 35mph zone and I couldn't pass him... I get to the train station as the train is pulling away.

good side of the morning: my check cleared. so i'm gonna grab some $ and coffee now

::: plunked in on my treO:::


somehow I lost the little cylinder that I stashed my earplugs in... and there's some old bat calling all her friends who MUST be hard of hearing... she's sitting in front of me calling them (if I were her friends-she's woken 3 up- I would kill her) oh and besides "When The Elderly Get Cell Phones", she's chomped on 2 frigging apples... when I say chomped, I mean she has bionic frickin' dentures with amplifiers in 'em... on the crunchiest apples she could find... is it wrong to kill an old woman at 9:30am on the train? I mean, i'd most likely lose my monthly pass, but I think a jury filled with commuters may understand.

remind me I want to make a commuter category...

oh yeah it's effing freezing on the train.

maybe I should have an entirely new blog dedicated to the commute and call it "the surly schlep"... yep. that'll at least be the name of the category.

good she shut up. now that there's 20 min of...wait she's back on the phone.... damn these "extended life expectancies" that annoying folks seem to have.


::: plunked in on my treO:::

Evil streak.

eh. she threw her scarf around her neck and over the back of her seat... um.. somehow it landed with the end of it under my boot.... and now I wait.

she's on her 14th call... talking about some friend she knows "with problems in her (whisper)vah-giiiii-na(end whisper)..."

my kingdom for some earplugs.... anyone own an earplug factory that wants to send some over? I would totally have that product placement working for ya' on the train.

ever so slowly I am choking her and yet she is still talking...........


::: plunked in on my treO:::

shame shame.

so someone here at work sent this site around...


(see why i am digging my new job?)


interesting. i noticed that i've had about 1500 more visitors than normal today... and the referrals are coming from yahoo...

so i checked into it...

um... apparently, and this of course, may be fleeting... apparently gigglechick.com is #4 on yahoo's "most popular for humor & satire"

keen. and WELCOME my dear sweet yahoo-ites!!! sit back and stay awhile...

(seriously... here's an image of it.)

(this is kinda nice. almost up there with the msnbc thing, but not quite. nice allthesame)

red + white =

so i bought a new coat today... complete with scarf and gloves... and a handbag...

here's the thing... i look like i could be auditioning for Legally Blonde 3... or the role of Pepto Bismol Spokesmodel.



gigglechick is in the pink... photos to follow over the next day or so...

lookie! pict-chas!

by the way, i finally dumped the photos i've snagged with my Treo thus far...

go. check 'em out if ya' want

November 10, 2004

you look lovely...

one should click this link from kate every morning, first thing...

good morning, sunshine!

pink streak

ha! woo! as I was a block away from the station I saw the train pulling into manasquan.

thoughts of the vagina yell-phone woman flashed in my head and I knew I could not sit on the riff-raff train today...

I sped across the intersection and floored it past the police station... I could hear the brakes of the train intermingled with the squeal of my tires as I turned left and frantically found a parking spot.

parking brake. turn off ignition. lock door.... RUN!!!!!

I ran. leaping over the cement doohickies in the parking lot. flying over the curb and the gravel that the new station will be built on... dodging bicycles that were in my way... I saw a conductor about to get on the train and I flashed him a "you'd better not let this train move an inch without me because I will run after it and hunt you down just watch me" smile...

and here I am... on the 3rd car of the last train before the riff-raff... my breathing has normalized (from walking in the city a lot i've been breathing better. go figure) the conductor checking my ticket said "we wouldn't have left you" and then commented about that being my morning workout. ha.

I think people could see me from a mile up the road sprinting in my pepto coat... if anyone sees a chick in a pink coat with a (faux) fur collar on the 7:20am out of 'squan... feel free to say "gigglechick? is dat you?"

okay. grabbed an extra set of earplugs today and will now pop 'em in.

I caught the train. it's a good day :)

::: plunked in on my treO:::


man i had an egg sammich for breakfast and my stomach is yelling like chewbacca...

kinda embarrassing when there's no cubicles and just a 200 foot open workspace here.

midway through the day

sitting here having a bit of lunch. no real news of the day (except i can't believe that besides the one juror yesterday, now the jury foreman on the peterson case has been dismissed. --- what the? if this freak walks i will be upset.)

anyway. back to lunch. salad from PAX.

baby greens
black olive slices
sunflower seeds
tons of cucumber
feta cheese
light balsamic vinagrette



when trekking hither & tither with earplugs smashed into said orifice... I highly warn you against chewing gum while you do so. otherwise, the first chomps are excruciatingly noisy & painful... not to mention you will be self-conscious about whether this noise is being tranmitted to the rest of the train...

that said... I am almost to long branch (at red bank now... hello Shamrocketship!)... should get there by 7:25... and wait for connection... which'll get me to 'squan by 8:06...

red bank wouldn't be too bad of a town to commute from...... we'll see. I need to start checking out rent and stuff. am thinking february is a good time to possibly make "the move"

::: plunked in on my treO:::

i wouldn't say he's arafat, but, when he sits around the tomb, he sits around the tomb.


November 11, 2004

concession stand.

okay, i didn't write this (peewee sent it...) but i thought it was pretty good...

The concession speech Kerry should have given:

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Mr. T's heinie hurts.

It's the riff-raff express (RRE) for me. I was gonna make the 7:20am train... I swear I was.

I was sitting stationary at the stoplight at burnt tavern road and route 70.... when BLAM!!!!!!! I became a frigging crash test dummy (please don't focus on the dummy part)...

some JACKASS with nj plates NRV28H rear-ended MR. T (my car... it has something to do with the license plate & him being black... I digress...)

there's no real damage to mr. t, and the other guy's car has a bit of a dent in it. here's the thing... I didn't get his info because
A) I was flustered.
B) I thought I could make the train
C) I didn't want the RRE this morning since I have a meeting at 10:30 &the RRE gets into nyc at 10:02
D) I didn't realize how much my back would be hurting me half an hour later

I did get the license plate (seen above)... not that I can do anything about it after the fact.

E) mr. t only has about a quarter inch ding in his bumper... and I am starting with a new insurance carrier next week

F) I hadn't had coffee yet (although if I had a cup with me it would've gone all over my new coat and I would've slugged the guy.

G) did I mention I reeeeeally didn't want to be stuck on the RRE - which I am now... and in the same car as a yappy kid? someone get her some nyQuil please.

H) good lord my shoulders are killing me

I) thankfully my foot was firmly on the brake and I was 10 feet behind the SUV in front of me so I didn't hit that

J) I really am pissed now that I think about it. stupid ass saying "your car looks fine, mine has more damage" fuck you you shitty male driver. (no offense, guys)

K) let's see... in the 2.5 years that I drove to work upwards of 140miles a day... no accidents. (except for oct of 2002...but I was driving home from a friend's house) and now that I have 5 miles to trek to the train. accident.

L) I feel bad for leaving mr. t all alone in the parking lot nursing his wounds... I did back him into a spot so he could watch all the trains and other cars drive by (yes. special bond with my car)

M) massage. god I really need a massage.

earplugs in. deep cleansing breaths.

stupid bastard driver. I totally said "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? I don't need this. I have a frigging train to catch" and I saw there wasn't much dented on T and waved my hands and said "forget it... whatever" got back in my car and had to wait for 3 min for the light to change. and missed the good train.

on the bright side... I had coffee. and I don't have to switch at newark.

man my neck is totally stiffening up on me. &!@#*:(

::: plunked in on my treO:::

Forget mr. T's heinie.. Rub my shoulders!

one nice thing about hopping on the RRE is I got to see Trip briefly on the first leg of the ride...

good advice about the tylenol, Ed... I will have to pick some up. I never think to use that stuff.

as far as going to the doctor... unfortunately, I don't get health insurance til december 1st... so I am living dangerously & without a net...

so I fell asleep - looking lovely in pink... waking up with my neck cricked to the left and mouth wide open and I was drooling... no wonder I haven't picked up any hot redheaded commuter guys from spring lake.

yell phone jackass at 3 o'clock... cute but I want to strangle him... or fling drool over him (apparently he just finished law school... or the bar... or god only knows... he's showing off talking about his first client or something... ah forget it... he's telling a buddy happy birthday to the guy's kids and that he owes him a lot... apparently he's got very fertile friends according to the conversation. now I can't hate him since he's saying that he and his friends are going to volunteer on thanksgiving with pianncone's to help with a foodbank thing or something.)

okay... grouchfest diverted.

newark is next. then 20 min til I get to nyc... hello duane reade, get the pain killers ready for me...

::: plunked in on my treO:::


so I caught the 5:43pm that'll pull into 'squan around 7:34... I am hankerin' for some beef, black bean & cheese burrito from Surf Taco... (had it last night,too.)

tonight I am going to eat til I pass out... one reason: I AM IN FRIGGIN' PAIN from the rear-end thing... eh... wait - for those that didn't read the previous posts, some dimwit slammed into the back of my car... the pain was not a result of having beans in a giant burrito last night.

the title of this post (before I digress any further) is because you could drop a pin on this train and hear it... it's a little disconcerting how quiet it is... but I am happy... of course, can I sleep? no. because I had a venti pumpkin spice latte at starbucks (sorry regular coffee guy, I needed it)

whoa, er, burritos? lattes? and yes... a krispy kreme donut....

today is somewhat of a "last supper"... I joined weight watchers again today at 1:30pm. so tomorrow it'll be $10.00 pax salads... and coffee (maybe a pint in the evening)

so... to recap today:
mr. t had his ass spanked.
I need a massage... badly.
I am planning on being a Polish bulimic tonight (binging without purging)
WW raccoon is still only 2points
Will see survivor, apprentice & er tonight without having to record.
I may have hurt my knee this morning.
I made my 10:30am meeting on-time

I am rambling on this thing...

::: plunked in on my treO:::

someone who's whoring poorly

so i received a voice mail and an email from this guy danny wall... he was trying to get me to write about the "great internet race"

perhaps call me skeptical, but i am not all that trusting...

he wrote/called to tell me to go to wolfdatasystems.com to read about it.

when i first got to the site, i was greeted with that 5 or 6 year old video of a monkey smelling it's poop finger as well as 3 other OLD videos...


they are asking for a $10 great internet race "entry fee" to "benefit" the "Children's Hospital"

um. which children's hospital? a little shady sounding if you ask me. no address, no info... nothing...

there are "buy it now" callout buttons all over the place...

but if there is one thing that grates my nerves when someone is selling (or attempting to pretend to collect for charity) are spelling errors.

please. maybe this is legit - i am not really saying it isn't - but i am not endorsing this "race" whatsoever....

but when asking people to donate or "buy" please for the love of GOD, use spellcheck...

straight from the site:

Participate and get at least three runners and you will receive:

An "I Ran The Great Internet Race" t-shit.

[update: i contacted him and he added an r.]

*shaking my head*

yep, apparently, if you want to pay an entry fee that will "go to" the mysterious "CHildren's Hospital", you can buy a t-shit.

also - another gripe i have is the "deadline":

"The race is goes until midnight pacific time Friday November the 12th."

*shaking my head... which hurts since i have whiplash*

midnight pacific time november 12th... well... it's 11:23-ish EST here on 11.11.2004... that gives us on the east coast less than 4 hours...

i wrote mr. wall about this and got the response:

"I have made it more obvious what I was talking about. Midnight united states pacific time (GMT -8) on the 12th. That gives you almost 24 hours as of this writing."

sorry bub, but midnight - 12:00am is the beginning of a day. not the end of it.

because there is so much copy on that site and it all runs together (tired 34 year old eyes that are in need of a callout hither and tither like a good web designer would do) i didn't bother to read much further past the t-shit...

when i asked the dude the premise of the "race" because i didn't quite grasp it... i got the response:

"The premise is simply to put together a typical joke viral with something that will raise some funds for a good cause (childrens illness research[sic])."

so i realize that it's for "childrens illness research" so everyone should probably think that i am some cold-hearted bitch who won't join in the fun...

no. i would rather give the money for their "entry fee" directly to one of these "children's hospitals" than a generic one that some schlub seems to be trying to gain profits from bloggers who may fall victim to this hoax....

has anyone else been contacted by this fellow?

November 12, 2004


eh... it's as if my neck has been encased in cement. barely can move it.
(and it's not like i'm faking it like that dude in the neckbrace that turned his head when the brady's dropped the briefcase in the middle of the courtroom.)

son of a @!()*#$

eh... good morning... how y'all doing?

(no, i am not going to a doctor... tylenol, baby. tylenol will be my drug of choice today)

and call me growly, but i hope the guy who hit my car... well, i hope his neck is killing him, too.

as i am getting ready for work i am watching the hullabaloo going on in ramallah... yeah, i am gonna place bets that people will die today... all hell's breaking loose and the arafat chopper hasn't even arrived yet.

*shaking my head*

Happiness (not the sugary sweet kind)

but happiness just the same... is looking at your clock and it's 7:19am and you say to yourself "you're a half mile from the station. you aren't gonna make the 7:20 train... don't bother rushing" and you resign yourself to the fact that you'll be on the RRE in half an hour... so you pull into a spot at the station... noting the fact that there are people in the wind protector shelter doohickies.... and as you lock your car you hear the 'ding ding ding' of the train track fence thing (it's early and I have a possible concussion. my vocab is shot at the moment) and the 7:20am train pulls up at 7:22....

today looks promising... oh sure it's raining and my neck kills and my tummy is angry with me after devouring 2 (not one, but, two) burritos last night... but the train was late to my advantage AND I can wear jeans... AND it's FRIDAY!!!!!!

y'all have a fantastico day!!!!

::: plunked in on my treO:::

take that you guilty smug prick.


scott peterson is GUILTY!

(sorry about the headline....)

thank god.. because i was picturing riots if he was let off... thousands of pregnant women flooding the streets and lighting cars on fire.

Sweetness all around

so I left the office at 5:28pm... tried to make the 5:43.... alas, I did not.

somehow by the grace of God I made the 5:33!!!!

I made it from work to penn in less than 2 minutes...

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This is why

I have to move.

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November 13, 2004


okay so i brought the subject up to mom again about me moving out. she said she is not trying to keep me here but to weigh the pros and cons --- she said that i should consider staying so that i can "save money"

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November 14, 2004


well, i am on my way out to go find the "right colour" paint to re-do the living room with.

looking like a trip to home depot...

other than that it's been a day of packing things up and downstairs to get ready for the painting thang...

nothing spectacular to report today... i suggest holding your breath to see if i make the 6:57am train tomorrow morning. now that would be newsworthy.


it's sunday. i am waiting to see whether i stink up the football pool again this week or not. i'm in a 4 way tie for 2nd (was first place for about 4 or five weeks)

November 15, 2004

I want my $2

so this morning I was running ontime... seriously... except I forgot one important thing that i'd been doing...

I forgot to warm up my car beforehand.

I get out there at 7am and realize "oh crapola. there's frost/ice all over it"...

so I used the scraper as fast as possible and I probably could've made it to 'squan but I decided to drive to long branch instead... where I was 6 minutes early for the train (normally the 7:20 outta 'squan... but 7:50 outta the branch)

I had to shove $2 into the slot for my car and was having a helluva time getting it in there. watching me the entire time 2 feet away is the dispatcher for the taxi.

I asked if he could help because I really couldn't shove the cash in even with the little "shover" that's attached to the box.

"no. taxi only"... frigging jackass. I was asking him as a human being/gentleman for some help since he was so intent on looking at me.

then another woman comes up and he says to me "ask one of your 'professional' sisters to help you"

I roll my eyes and was luckily able to get the bills all the way in... so I flippd my hair and the bird at him at the same time.

listen I haven't had my coffee, I wanted to make the train and I get this derelict sneering at me?

anyway. now arriving at penn station.

have a fantastico day!

::: plunked in on my treO:::

gigglechick on the teevee?

hmmmm.... so last week i sent an email to a casting director who's friends with one of my bosses...

they're looking for rooms to redecorate... this is the email i sent on friday:

let's see... why should you come to my home to redecorate?

well, i moved back into my mother's condo after she fell ill last year -- yes, condo, multiple units that have the same god-awful layout (actually, it's not that godawful, but i LIVE WITH MY MOTHER... i am 34 years old... i need space...)

see, i moved back home last year - after living on my own in jersey city - my room is a disorganized shambles and needs help. i need something that doesn't make me feel like i am 14 years old...



i just got a voicemail from the casting director and she wants to speak to me and get the dimensions for my bedroom...

(by the way - i told lynda that i was gonna try and save some cash instead of moving in with her)

so... i told gigglemom about the casting thang and her response was not overly thrilled... but i really don't give a shite...

bring on the redecorating team... they'd better bring some shovels because my room is a pit (as most of you know.)

okay--- finishing up my kickass salad now (chicken, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, almonds, light balsamic vinagrette and feta cheese.) with a large chocolate almond flavoured coffee....

the thing about the design show... they'd have to also do an identical room in one of my neighbours' condos...

Warming to the idea

so I am on the train (go figure)... it's kinda empty since we hit middletown... so I called gigglemom up and explained the premise of the show...

I think she's coming around to the idea of redoing my room (and hopefully hallway)

I was thinking that instead of my room we could re-do the living room... but I am painting it on saturday anyway... and it'd really be great to have my room/hallway done... wish me luck when I talk to the casting chick. I explained how archie left his legacy in the hallway (i had to rip up the carpet and I need to sheetrock it... which I don't know how to do... and it'd give me extra storage space.)

I probably should mention that the "chair" for my computer table is actually the edge of my bed. it's sad...

who wants to see me make an ass out of myself on teevee?

::: plunked in on my treO:::

my new jersey monologues

so i just caught the tail end of the 11 o'clock news on CBS...
oh, ernie anastos...

so he was just giving an update on eve ensler and how she's now in a new play called the good body...

quoth ernie:

"eve ensler is most well-known for her 'Virginia Monologues'"

*shaking my head*

November 16, 2004

Back on the branch.

so I wasn't really running late today, but I decided to catch the train at long branch just for the heck of it (granted there was a small chance of me having to rush like hell to catch the 7:20 train... so I didn't feel like getting stressed out...

so I popped on the parkway and headed up... the only disasterous tidbit: on one of the smaller roads, a guy in front of me hit and killed a squirrel... poor thing... it was twitching and stuff so I tried to go around it.

anyway, figured i'd catch the 7:50 out of the branch... and there was a train in the station already... here i'd planned on getting coffee, but I looked at the schedule...

the elusive 7:41 train!
(that's sort of like making the polar express)

so I will get in at 9:04

........hmmmmm... I knew it was oo good to be true... I have some guy sitting behind me humming.... HUMMING!... not only humming but singing now...

earplugs are in....... still can hear the high pitched hums....

why the hell would someone be humming on an otherwise quiet train?

he'd better have tourrett's or something similar... that's the only excuse I will accept.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

craving the lights.

so i am kinda sick of writing about the rush to and fro the train (i am sure there will be more of those types of posts, don't fool yourself, erin)

the thing is, i need more....

sure i can yap about how a casting chick called to possibly redecorate my room (spoke to her last night and i have to call her today again - after sending photos of my room/hallway and myself... sad how the photos of myself look better than my room.... but i digress...)

my comedy sistah, Monica, is performing tomorrow night at the Comic Strip Live (2nd ave & 82nd street) it's a 6pm show... she too has been away from the stage like me (although she's been up more than i have lately...)

i told gigglemom that i was going and i'd be late...

"erin... *insert heavy sigh*... you just started your job and you really shouldn't be running around the city at all hours"

all hours? it's a bloody 6pm show. the latest it'll run till is 7:30/8pm...

and i started the effing job a month ago...

screw that. i am going. she never did approve of me doing stand-up... and she can sense that i have the itch, the bug, the hankerin' to get back up in front of a crowd.

"why do you need to have so much attention? you're an only child and i focused on you - you shouldn't crave attention"

i swear it came out of her mouth (okay that was in reference to the teevee show that i might be on, but, still...)

i am now working in the best city in the world again. i stifled myself when i was living up here... i will not do that again.

yes. the bringer shows were a bit traumatic if i didn't have enough people show... but there are open mics -- ironically, i have an open mic list that a couple of hundred comics per day come and check out... have i been to an open mic in a while? nope. i have to.

that said... just sipping on a little coffee here for a minute and taking 45 seconds to let y'all know that i am announcing that i'm heading out to see monica tomorrow night and i will begin writing again so i can get the eff back up onstage.

because i am an only brat who needs attention.

here's a follow-up question to yesterday's:

who wants to see me make an ass outta myself onstage?

someone's heard of 'em!

how bloody cool!? my project manager knows of cowboy mouth!!

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coffee break #2... the blogger advantage.

so, in looking at my stats today, i noticed that TGI(UT)DBDKWTW has been spending chunks of time like 20 minutes hither and tither looking at pages upon pages of my site...

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November 17, 2004


okay, I've lost it now. just drove up to long branch. got here at 7:49 for the 7:50train... run!

I see an empty train with the sign "NEW YORK EXPRESS" pull slowly into the station... the 7:50 is a hoboken train and has passengers already.... so this effs me up and i'm wondering if my clock is off... so I rush into the bowels of the station and as I am running up I hear in the pre-recorded woman's voice:

"the. seven. four.tee. one. train. to. new. york. penn. stay.shun. is. op.er.ay.ting. five. to. seh.ven. min. uts. be. hind. sched. yule."


it's the simple things like this that brighten my day. now i'll get in @ 9:04 and will be able to skidaddle out to monica's show a little earlier.

yep that was another train post. whatd'ja think? I was gonna yap about my sexual encounters with bloggers or something?

::: plunked in on my treO:::

Early riff-raff

okay.. I had been happy about getting on the 7:41... now i'm not. here's what's going on:

1) screaming bellowing child for the past 45 minutes. piercing through my earplugs.

2) two jackass women giggling and talking ever so loud.

3) cell phones. bastards. what's even worse about this is one guy is yelling in indian or arabic (some language I don't have a grasp on) and another ha one of those ungodly nextel walkie talkie phones that he's having a - going on 10 minute - conversation...

4) two or three year old (aforementioned baby) has been coughing as well as howling and banging things... deep horrible coughs that are spreading the flu through the train like someone blowing on a fuzzy dandelion...

5) the train's so crowded people are standing I the aisles - which is fine but STOP LOOKING AT WHAT I AM WRITING!!!

6) guess what passenger under 4 just screamed then threw up? yep. real time reporting, folks. fantastico.

7) three guys just started whistling "lullaby baby in the tree top"... can't tell if it was to actually shut the kid up or if it was improptu brilliant sarcasm...

8) isn't it legal to bitch slap a mother who brings her sick screaming asshole kid on the train?

hey I like kids... I just don't need them on the damned train getting me (and 200 others) sick...... and tired.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

half full.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

- Helen Keller (1880-1968) American Writer

hmmm... a little over a month.

sitting here eating my tomato florentine soup... yum! got an email from the producer of the show (no it's not trading spaces... it's called double design...)

things are progressing nicely...

i have to speak with my neighbours to see if they're willing to do this as well... so, i have a call into them...

she said that they would start shooting the last week of december or the first week of january... it would take 2 days...

eh... right smack dab in the middle (or tail end) of the holiday season... fantastico.

my mother is going to kill me.

in the meantime. i will need to get a haircut. highlights. drop 40 pounds (during the holidays. lovely. be prepared to see gigglechunk on the teevee.)

maybe a facial.

perhaps a body double? think they would find that acceptable?

back to my 2 point tomato soup.


okay so I am on the 9:01pm outta ny... just got back from the comic strip... where I was somewhat chastised for not going up...

my comedy sistah, monica, did well... it was an open mic so it's mainly comics... i've been in tougher rooms... most of the comics stayed (usually they don't) but comics tend not to laugh at open mics...

I saw what was onstage and i'm wondering why I eased my way out of it...

so... I am giving myself 3 weeks to get back into comedic fighting shape... the good thing is, with my site, I write everyday... not that it's always funny but it keeps the brain going.

anyway... some jackass is eating what swear smells like a pure hot garlic and mustard sammich about 2 feet away from me on the train... which is really setting well with my stomach that's got a touch of motion sickness and the tight turtleneck sweater that's got it's claws digging into my throat.

maybe I could perform at train stations and appeal to the commuter crowd.

::: plunked in on my treO:::


me. tired. chunky faced magee.
behind me, if you can see the reflection. is the garlic sammich eater.

Mother of god!

just heard a huge bang on the window next my head as the train was moving.... I swear that a brick or a rock was just chucked at it.... frigging rahway.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

November 18, 2004

growl. yap. bite me.

beri is skating on thin ice. she's a yorkie. she's small. she needs to be picked up to get onto the bed. every. bloody. time.

(although i have witnessed her jumping up on the bed quite a number of times. but i take into consideration that she's 63 dog years old)

up and down. up and down. up and down. up and down. up and down. up and down.

all frigging night.

BERI. you are 9 bloody years old. you are toying with me. it now has become a game to you to see if i will pick you up. which i always do.

2am *yap* pick up
2:03am jump down
2:15am *yap* pick up
2:28am jump down
2:40am *yap* pick up
2:53am jump down
3:07am *yap* pick up
3:28am jump down
4am *yap* pick up
4:20am jump down
4:55am *yap* pick up
5:28am jump down
***5:30am my alarm goes off.***
5:30:03 *yap yap yap yap* pick up
5:31 jump down
5:31:43 *yap yap yap yap yapyap yap* pick up

and so on... til the yaps grow louder and more forceful and everytime i go to pick her up she taunts me and backs up so she's out of my reach...

swear i need those redecorators to build a mini dog staircase at the end of my bed.

i am so tired and my throat hurts.

train of thought. Ha! Get it? Train!? ... Eh.

ah... well I just threw my hands in the air, went to dunkin donuts, got a small coffee with skim milk and mosied (not rushed) mosied on over to the squan station where I caught the 7:51 train.

odd feeling. maybe it's the gray sky, but, I think i've just accepted the fact that the commute is now my life. I won't be moving back up north... unless by some grace of God I start dating a fella in the city.

yeah i'll be getting into nyc at 10:02 and I have a 10:30 meeting... but it's pretty laid back there. and I have done layouts for the next 4 weeks... so I am ahead of the game and just waiting for copy

(i apologize for the "blahness" of this entry... it's more a purge than a rant right now. gotta empty your cup every now and again)

where was I? right. accepting the commute.

I think back in the mid-90's when I commuted, I always felt that the commute would end. that i'd move into nyc or nearby - which I did.

there's still a teeny part of me that would love to have an apartment in hell's kitchen... but for some reason there's a bigger part of me that wants to stay near the beach.

granted, I don't hang with many people down the "shore"... but there's something about leaving the city that I like... maybe i'd feel differently if I actually lived IN the city as opposed to when I lived in jersey city... in JC there was still a sense of "ah crap, I have to catch the path train before such & such hour or take a $40 cab ride home so I don't get attacked again"

it's not like I want to live with mom down here forever in a pseudo-Golden Girls situation (where I am bea arthur)

and I don't think I want to rent anywhere north of spring lake. I toyed with the idea of red bank... and maybe that's still in the mix... not sure. I only know of the dublin house there... but the commute is about 40 min shorter...

maybe red bank would be okay... i'm not gonna move til spring though... and I haven't even checked out the rent situation in red bank... although I have a couple of decent redheaded guys pop on the train there.

my lord, I am rambling.

then again family and stuff is in squan. the belmar parade would be a pain in the ass to deal with from red bank (of course, there is always the idea of staying at a friend's house.)

the one thing that I have to stop with is the pining for the rhb. he's in squan, too (and also hoboken... so that was a nice little dream to have).

long entry isn't it? my thumbs are killing me.

there are cellphones ringing and people yapping right now on the RRE, but for some reason it's not bothering me (true... no puking terror children around me thus far)

it's a month to the day since I started my new job.

i've got to get a haircut. clean my room. grow up and get the hell out of my mother's house.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

can you hear me now? can you see me giving you the finger?

are you effing kidding me? effing verizon wireless is charging me out the ass with kilobyte usage? my monthly charge is $439.07...


F*cking train

just pulled into long branch... the doors opened & four people exited... I was halfway through and the damned doors CLOSED ON ME....

not in front of me... not behind me....


I was sammiched in between the doors...

a gasp was heard and someone yelled "oh my god!"...

i'm okay but my arms are going to be bruised.

now am on the connecting train and a guy... on the somewhat cute side of the spectrum (compared to others on this train)... said "you're very pink today... just felt like going for it,eh?"

I retorted, "it's my pepto bismol look"...

and he giggled. actually giggled and said "that was funny!"

i've got a million of 'em, mister... a million of 'em

(and no. I didn't say 'well, i'm the gigglechick')

sad that I had to pass up cocktails with the donkey tonight... I wasn't feeling good... and lack of sleep... and apparently I don't get paid til tomorrow...... not to mention I worked til 6:45....

maybe all y'all in nyc who read my drivel, well perhaps we can meet up one evening ???? yes?

::: plunked in on my treO:::

biz card on the 7:08

actually wound up talking with the guy. he gave me his card. he asked me if what i was typing into my treo was work and like a jackass i said "no... actually i was writing on my website" and wound up telling him the name of it.

yadda yadda yadda, he handed me his card... and got off at the same station as i. (he takes the 6:55am into the city. i *try* to take the 7:20)

i am gonna guess he's about 8 years younger than me at least... i could be wrong though.

this isn't the guy. i swear.


this guy was snoring and got off at middletown. i swear he's George Clarke from letterman. i can't find a photo from the show, but i swear it's him. it's an odd angle - a little hard to pretend you're stretching and also detangling your headset as you snap a photo on a train.

and this guy (below) - again not the guy i was yapping with - he's always in a totally deep sleep.


November 19, 2004


hey nothing much to report. on the 7:08 train home... got my hair cut at a place PeeWee recommended and the guy did a nice job.
think the guy next to me is drunk & might puke. gotta move.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

friday morning train snore.


caught this at 8:46am... so it's not drunk pukey guy

hey. if anyone's on the train with a camera and sees me sacked out, feel free to snap a photo... yes. it's a wild giggle chase... it has begun...

November 20, 2004

ho ho ho... who you callin' ho?!

resting up for tomorrow's big "erin spackles and paints the living room and staircase day"...

in the meantime, i have signed up for the 3rd year in a row for...


(then again if anyone doesn't want to be "secret" -- i am all for this!!)

arrest them. seriously.

a_artest2_ft.jpg okay. i am livid. i was watching SportsCenter -- mainly because of that jackassinine fight at the pistons/pacers/fans game.

anyone see this fiasco?

a beer was thrown by a fan and it hit Artest who was laying on a table... granted. fans shouldn't throw beer or other items. let's get that straight.

BUT... if you are making millions of fucking dollars to dribble a fucking orange ball and oh-poor-baby, someone throws a beer at you... you DO NOT EFFING RUN INTO THE STANDS AND THROW PUNCHES AT SOMEONE WHO (you think, because you were laying down and didn't see) THREW A BEER AT YOU.

what should you do if you are a millionaire ballplayer?


you DO NOT. i repeat DO NOT jump into the effing stands like a 'roided up lunatic and beat the shit out of them... in front of children. CHILDREN.

here's why i am pissed off... besides the crapass sportsmanship...

on SportsCenter, their "ShootAround" or whatever the hell they're calling their "guys at the desk"... the one ass (yeah i am cursing like a trucker.) the one ass on the far right says:

"well i would have done the same thing. if you were walking in Times Square and someone threw a beer on you, you would do the same thing!"

um... NO... any frigging sane person would grab a cop - that's what you are SUPPOSED TO DO. you aren't supposed to take it into your own hands and beat the snot out of anyone and everyone.

i say suspend those players? HELL NO. i say kick them off the team.

do you really think that things will go smoothly if they step onto the court again?

frigging throwing punches. throwing chairs. wielding some sort of - what looked like - a speaker stand... at the fans.

kids crying. fans bloody from crack-ass basketball players. old ladies thrown on the floor (seriously. did anyone see THAT?)

and the SportsCenter guys are condoning these actions saying also, that players "have every right to do that if beer is thrown on them"


yes. they also said it was the worst thing they've ever seen in sports.

at least sports illustrated/cnn's chris mannix is also saying that artest needs to be kicked out. good.

that's it. thank god i've never wanted to go see an NBA game. that's the only "big" pro sport i haven't seen.

BRING BACK HOCKEY, DAMMIT. it's more civil.

i got a 45.

Below is Dr. Phil's test. (Dr. Phil scored 55). He did this test on Oprah (she got a 38.) Some folks pay a lot of money to find this stuff out. Read on, this is very interesting! Don't be overly sensitive! The following is pretty accurate and it takes only 2 minutes. Take this test for yourself and send it to your friends.

Place your score in the comments.

(Please put your score in the subject line of an email before forwarding to your friends.) Don't peek but begin the test as you scroll down and answer.

Answers are for who you are now...... not who you were in the past. Have pen or pencil and paper ready. This is a real test given by the Human Relations Dept at many of the major corporations today. It helps them get better insight concerning their employees and prospective employees. It's only 10 simple questions, so...... grab a pencil and paper, keeping track of your letter answers.

When you are finished, forward this to everyone you know, and also send it to the person who sent this to you. Make sure to put YOUR score in the subject box.

Ready?? Begin!

1. When do you feel your best?

a) in the morning
b) during the afternoon and early evening
c) late at night

2. You usually walk

a) fairly fast, with long steps
b) fairly fast, with little steps
c) less fast head up, looking the world in the face,
d) less fast, head down
e) very slowly

3. When talking to people you...

a) stand with your arms folded
b) have your hands clasped
c) have one or both your hands on your hips
d) touch or push the person to whom you are talking
e) play with your ear, touch your chin, or smooth your hair

4. When relaxing, you sit with...

a) your knees bent with your legs neatly side by side
b) your legs crossed
c) your legs stretched out or straight
d) one leg curled under you.

5. When something really amuses you, you react with...

a) big appreciated laugh
b) a laugh, but not a loud one
c) a quiet chuckle
d) a sheepish smile

6. When you go to a party or social gathering you...

a) make a loud entrance so everyone notices you
b) make a quiet entrance, looking around for someone you know
c) make the quietest entrance, trying to stay unnoticed

7. You're working very hard, concentrating hard, and you're
interrupted. Do you...

a) welcome the break
b) feel extremely irritated
c) vary between these two extremes

8. Which of the following colors do you like most?

a) Red or orange
b) black
c) yellow or light blue
d) green
e) dark blue or purple
f) white
g) brown or gray

9. When you are in bed at night, in those last few moments before going to sleep are you...

a) stretched out on your back
b) stretched out face down on your stomach
c) on your side, slightly curled
d) with your head on one arm
e) with your head under the covers

10. You often dream that you are...

a) falling
b) fighting or struggling
c) searching for something or somebody
d) flying or floating
e) you usually have dreamless sleep
f) your dreams are always pleasant

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i'm good with a canvas....

okay. remember the car accident i was in last week? you know, the one that i had whiplash and hurt my neck and was whining incessantly to y'all? well, my neck stopped hurting by monday... and now, i've been spackling, sanding and have only painted one frickin' coat on the ceiling. i have the 4 walls to do and the staircase&ceiling... TWICE.

my neck is killing me. why did i break up with TGIDBDKWTW for? he has a painting biz on the side. dammit.

anyway. the color is really bloody dark. had the guy at home depot match the color to a swatch from the couch...ralph lauren paint...

my arms are sore.


here's a photo of the living room with the crazy ceiling (the photo's on the dark side). and yes. we're painting the ceiling the same color as the walls. i dunno. thought it'd be lighter.


oh, as far as the home improvement show... my neighbours said yes. but they want the kitchen done. and so does my mom. so i have an email into the show's casting chick to see if that's cool... *sigh* so much for my bedroom being done.

it's a tannish hue.


well, 98% of coat one is done (gigglemom's taking a break over in the recliner)... keep in mind the trim's not done and i have to edge stuff... i think it's gonna look a lot warmer than the white walls we've had for 11 years here...

the stairway is gonna be a bitch though.

going to lay in bed, rest my arms and legs and watch SNL.

November 21, 2004

need padded tan walls

have i mentioned that painting sucks?

well. it does. i am nowhere near done with the 2nd coat.



well, painting update
(*i know all y'all have been waiting with bated breath, eh.)

not done. going to finish it on wednesday (i have off the day before thanksgiving... which also happens to be giggledad's birthday - i haven't seen him since father's day actually...)

i am dawg tired & sore. waahhhhh.

had to go to home depot again today for 2 more gallons of paint *sigh*

this damned thing is costing me a small fortune that i don't have dagnabit.

anyway... that said... i was up yapping with good ol' ddc last night (you may know him from the comment area of the blog) and he sent me this neat beer site...

my life is beer.

enjoy :) and goodnight! i am passing out now.



sandee's in the hospital. pray.

i want trackmarks.

okay. i haven't passed out yet. been reading blogs and such... but decided that i want to get back into knitting (dropped the needles last year. haven't picked 'em back up)

so i was googling House of Yarn in manasquan and wound up happening upon this nice little blog... "dear sir or ma'am," ... she has some decent knit stuff on there... and she uses my favourite term, "effed"

i want to take knitting lessons... !

(and every time i get the knitting hankering, i seem to gravitate towards hadley's site ... *sigh* to think i went to college with this chick and we were both industrial design students... little miss knit chick.)

November 22, 2004

brick. hoowse/.

hmmmm... apparently i live in the nation's second safest city as per some crime ranking thing released today.

i guess teenage abductions/murders don't affect it...

The rre on a monday

so I was moving kinda sluggishly this morning... and didn't push myself to make the 7:21

so it's the 7:50 riff raff shuttle for me.

I am on the first leg of the trip before I have to switch at long branch... and - of course - there's a very hyper and annoying woman talking loudly with a high pitched fast voice to some guy... she's in business clothes... come on with the jennifer tilly on crack voice please. I am about to have a seizure from her voice.

there's also some jackass in his 20s who sounds like he keeps spitting on the floor.

why oh why didn't I buy a lottery ticket at 48th and 2nd ave on friday??

(probably because it's about a 20 block walk.)

have to meet up with cathy this morning to get her keys - gotta check in and feed Sam this week while she's visiting her dad for t-day...

now besides Screechy Lowenstein and Saliva Jones, the RRE has acquired Tappy Phillips - who either has parkinson's or is just a fool with crazy bottled up energy and is tapping his ring on the metal armrest and smacking his other hand on the seat next to him.

long branch is next. wish me luck switching. thing good thoughts that tappy, saliva and screechy aren't joined by the mccoy septuplets.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

u2 u2 u2 u2 u2!! downstairs. seventh ave!

HOLY SHIT. tonight i will have proof when i download my camera. but u2 was just downstairs. i have photo and video of them playing!!!!!


playing on seventh avenue. on a flatbed truck

November 23, 2004

here's proof i have "vertigo".

u2. seventh ave. 11.22.04.

here's about 10 seconds or so of video...

(i don't know if the girl in front of me actually expected bono to wave back at her or not, but nice try :)


so the band was downstairs and a bunch of us were hanging from the windows. then i realized "if i go downstairs, i will be closer" (brilliant thinking, erin)

so i ran to the elevator... which when i got on... went up. damn.

so then i finally made it downstairs and u2 had made it about 3 blocks south... and i ran...

i do not run. and yet i did. i am not even a huge u2 fan... i think it was the irish in me that caused me to scamper... with my camera in hand of course.

i am bloody tired. got off the train around 9pm and wound up having a few beers with TrainBoy™ (TB™)... just walked in the door

pry my eyes open

debating whether or not to go to a cd release shindig tonight. i want to go... but i am dead dog tired... fell asleep at 2am... wahhhhh... will bring change of clothes "just in case".

invest in cd's

okay okay i am going to the cd thang. i've gotten my second wind. should be fun. peewee's meeting up with me there... anyone else going?

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November 24, 2004

U2 who?

wow so I just got back from ben's cd thang (yep I bought one)

photos to follow tomorrow because I am crashing at cathy's tonight as I take care of SamCat.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

Backwards commute

will it be the ERR (express de la riff raff)?

standing here in newark waiting for my connection... so far the 8:53am to bay head is late (just had an announcement that it's 10 min late.)

I did peel off the cellophane from the new benjamin wagner cd and as I read the liner notes I was pleasantly surprised to see my name (nope. it didn't say "gigglechick")... i'd thrown a few bucks into his cd paypal thang a while back.. I figure folks are kind enough to throw me a buck or two, I should pay a small amount forward...

anyway... don't get my yapping about him & the cd thing wrong... don't worry, I am not stalking the boy with the strong jaw. i am a lazy stalker when i do actually stalk... mainly pointless stalking of redheaded boys...

here're some photos (eh, the lense was steamed up and some of the photos are blurry) from the gig

funny thing. i'd told gigglemom yesterday that I wouldn't be coming home last night because I had to go to a cd release party... she asked me "how'd you swing that? how much is that?" - eh, $8... and I found that question curious...

I called her this morning to let her know I was on the train... and she asked "how did you make out last night?"... erm, well I didn't make out... but I had a good time and bought the cd, and my name's in the liner notes said i...

gigglemom: "what? how? why would your name be on the cd?"

me: "well I gave ben like $10 or $20 a while back for the cd fund"

gigglemom: "ben? is he a part of U2?"

me: "*?"

gigglemom: "are you there? how was U2?"

me: "ma, I didn't see U2... they were playing on the street on monday. i saw this guy who also has a blog thing and he just put out a cd... so..."

gigglemom: "oh. (pause & sigh) well I told everyone here at work that you went to U2's cd release party. i'm gonna let them keep thinking that."

me: "..."

yep. so apparently I was at U2's cd release shindig and my name's in the liner notes of how to dismantle an atomic bomb or whatever the cd is...


(btw: i couldn't place why he looks familiar to me... but now i think i figured it out... is it me or does he sort of have a hint of my ex-steve in his looks? steve's got a rounder head.)

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giggledad's 67th

so i was down at my dad's today (it's his birthday) and i was showing him my clubs (nothing fancy. just that starter set i bought in june) and he -- being one who worked in the pro shop at numerous courses, and who was also in charge of the greens at spring meadow when our family owned it --- well, he's not a huge golf fan... but he actually had me show him my form/swing etc. and there i was, near the trunk of my car, swinging my 1 wood (which is my favourite)

dad actually said "well, i'll be damned. it looks like you might actually be good. mind if i take a ride to a driving range with you soon to see how ya do?"

heck yeah!

my dad and i are close, but it's a rare show of interest like that.

kinda neat... i'm gonna be Daddy's Little Golf Girl.

columns. mastheads. layouts.

interesting thing happened today... got a call from a magazine about one of my spin-off blogs. there may be an article with a blurb about it... or maybe there won't. it'd be pretty keen jellybean if that happened... (yes. i did just say that... and i've been wearing a lot of effing pink lately. what the hell is wrong with me? no. hello kitty wear is not in my future... but i digress...)

anyway... who wants a magazine to yap a little about me??

teevee (redecorating show)
magazine (... cool.)
stage... okay, the stage thing is just me going up at open mics at comic strip live in a couple of weeks. think december 9th. 6pm.... it'd be nice to sit down and work out a nice tight 6 or 7 minute set.

anyone want to set me up for a screen test so i can do all media?

• speaking of media... go check out the "best seinfeld sports moments" that paul wrote for espn.com... nice. am jealous, my friend...

November 25, 2004


Lord, every year we gather here to eat around this table;
Give us the strength to stomach as much as fast as we are able;
Bless this food to our use, though communication's useless;
Don't let me drink too much wine; Lord, you know that I get ruthless.

Let us somehow get through this meal without that bad old feeling;
With history and memory and home cooking we're dealing.
Remind us that we're all grown up--adults, no longer children;
Now it's our kids that spill the milk and our turn to want to kill them.

I look around and recognize a sister and a brother;
We rarely see our parents now; we hardly see each other.
On this auspicious occasion, this special family dinner,
If I argue with a loved one, Lord, please make me the winner.

All this food looks and smells so good but I can hardly taste it;
My sense of something has been lost; there's no way to replace it.
After the meal, switch on the game; there's just a few more seconds;
But I'm so tired I need a nap; the guest bedroom bed beckons.

I fall asleep, I have a dream, and it is the family;
Nothing bad has happened yet and everyone is happy:
Mother and father both still young and naturally they love us;
We're all lying on the lawn at night, watching the stars above us.

Lord, every year we gather here to eat around this table;
Give us the strength to stomach as much as fast as we are able.

- Loudon Wainwright III

g'morning, turkeys!

turkeyleg.jpga special thanksgiving message from me...

(and a happy november thursday to all y'all outside the U.S.!!!)

today i am thankful...

for MT blacklist (although it doesn't work that swell) and expression engine (that i have to purchase and install...)

today my site was "suspended" because i received over 1450 spam comments... and they're still coming through. and it's making me a bit growly.

it crashed my hosting company's server. crashed it.

i am livid. and i need to shell out $100 to protect my site with the expression engine stuff now.

so... over to the left you will see a button... it looks like this...

if you want to donate a dollar or two that would be ever-so-helpful... and i would totally appreciate it (and it'd keep my site up and running.)

yep. begging a little.

November 26, 2004

ready for black fri?

i have to work in the morning.

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i'm awake.

well, eh, hey... that's a horrificly deep cough that i woke up with. still have to go into work... plus i have to look in on and feed SamCat.

somehow i was able to scrape myself out of bed... even though my alarm didn't seem to work... thanks to Beri for whining her head off to go out.

extr-y riff-raffy

quoth the conductor of the Riff-Raff Express:

"this train will become extremely crowded because it is black friday..."

I doubt chris vanallsburg would like to illustrate this...

::: plunked in on my treO:::

The worst offender

the jackass conductor who is sitting in the seat opposite me and MUST have ADHD.

he's effing talking loud as hell to his buddy. keeps screaming (i am NOT exaggerating) screaming "HOLY MO-LEEEE".... then he's flipping the emergency exit lever on the window over and over making a door knocker effect from it. he's thumbing through his train tickets like a dealer shuffling cards over and over. he's singing... oh and best of all, he's got his radio turned up full volume.

stupid punk... and he keeps looking over at me because I am sure he can sense he's annoying me... if he wasn't the effing conductor I think i'd pull an Artest on him.

I need coffee.


or a gun.

coffee tastes better and is less noisy though.

::: plunked in on my treO:::


well, i received the alumni email from my alma mater this week... lo and behold, i was mentioned in it. wasn't expecting it to be in the online edition... i sound a little loopy from what they said.

(sitting here eating sweet corn chowdah for lunch. pretty damn good.)


i have some freelance work for barsandclubs.com to do their holiday card. gotta illustrate it tonight. of course i totally gave the guy a discount on my rate because i used to work with him at the place i got dooced...

so hopefully i can crank this out and get some more cash slapped in my paypal.

November 27, 2004

lose the carbs...

well instead of finishing the holiday card or painting the living room i took 5 min to do my first fark image in weeks... had to ps ron artest....



i just fell out of bed.


wahhhhhhhhh. how the hell???


"No man who has once heartily and wholly laughed can be altogether irreclaimably bad."

- Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881) Scottish Writer


so i am attempting to finish painting the living room this weekend. (still have the staircase to do but that'll wait)

my eyes have paint in them... seriously, when i blink i feel speckles of ralph lauren tannish coloured paint.

i was supposed to go out with an old friend of mine (and his wife) tonight, but i haven't heard from him... it's getting kinda late (last we made plans was like, tuesday) - watch i get a phone call at 9:30 saying "hey let's head to the bar"... right now, besides speckle eyes, i need a bloody shower though... bad baaaad hair day...

oh deodorant... where art thou?

November 28, 2004


ya' have a lot to worry about when you take a gander at this image on the green man's site.

painting update: i am sore and covered with speckles of tan paint. almost done. only need to edge and do the window area and the staircase.


think i have a frigging cold... well, actually, i KNOW i have one. nose, sinuses, throat, aches, whining... yep. it's official.


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where's my cuddly naptime aardvark doll?

well. i took a nap right after i posted and woke up about 4pm. ugh. still feeling punky. i have tried the Airborne stuff -- not today because i've run out... figures.

had some leftover KFC which isn't helping...

have you noticed i am a baby when i am sick?

i did however try to do some painting. it's slow-going because i am achy as well...

November 29, 2004

3 seconds to spare

my hair takes forever to dry. right now it's still slightly damp... but I had to skidaddle.

on the rush to the train, MR. T turned 85,000... so, Happy 85th, T!

I had a small amount of road rage... but then the traffic light (where I was hit 3 weeks ago) - the left turn arrow didn't work and we all sat there like ninnies for 3 rounds of the light turning... AAAARGHHH!

Miss Impatient (hey, kids, that's me!) wound up going straight thru the light and making a jackassine U-turn... of course, there were 10 lemmings behind me.

wound up flipping the bird at an old lady in a Cadillac... think i've shown that finger to the same woman before... now really, why do they test me by going 25mph in a 40 zone? they're not exactly in a rush to go to work. please, if you are retired, stay off the road until 9:15am... unless you actually have a lead foot that's attached to the artificial hip.

yep. monday. still feeling punky and I am on the RRE... so I am surlychick.com til I attack my coffee guy at 10:08am.

oh... so the title of the post... I screeched into the squan station (okay, my tires didn't screech, but I did make a squealing tire noise with my mouth), pulled into one of the last spots open... locked the doors and heard the train whistle followed by the clanging of the gates.

off the subject: got a kickarse women's golf apparel & doohickey catalog in the mail this morning (didn't check the post on saturday)... lotsa good stuff and I really want to go to the drivin range... alas, it's 30degrees out and gigglemom is growling about painting still...

on that note... I shall pass out now to the best of my abilities on the RRE.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

my match.

Well, let�s see, last night, on a whim, (a lotta commas thus far) � I reinstated my match.com thingamabob�

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feeling a bit better... except now i've gone and eaten a beef, bean & cheese burrito and now i feel ill... been eating non-stop since pre-thanksgiving...

so i am sure that i'll have gained 15 pounds by thursday at weight watchers. *sigh* oh well.

for your listening pleasure:

Catch Paul Katcher on KNBR Radio Tuesday

Listen to KNBR 680 in San Francisco on Tuesday at 10:35 a.m. ET/7:35 a.m. PT (actually the site says 6:35am) as Paul Katcher joins hosts Tim Liotta and Brian Murphy for about 10 minutes of Seinfeld and sports chat.

November 30, 2004


okay. I made the 7:51 train... luckily it waited... some woman in front of me (in a car) was going for a 15mph joyride/shortcut to 7-11 and she was in no rush... meanwhile the effing train is in the station! CHEEZENCRACKERS!

seriously... if you have the time to waltz your way down to 7-11, for the love of all things holy, do NOT - I repeat, DO NOT drive like a lollygagging jackass on the same route I take to the train (a mile I was stuck behind her)... especially off-limits to you is the bloody train station parking lot itself... MOVE IT MOVE IT (yes... sing that song move it move it)... I think she was trying to sabotage me because she slowed down (even more) and seemed to be trying to block a parking space...

anyway... writing is helping me calm down...

I need coffee.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

The five people you meet in heaven hell the rre

well...today's RRE selection has:

1) The Off-Key Crazy Whistling Guy Whose "Melodies" Seep Through Earplugs

2) Hey-I-Am-Ignoring-My-Cell-Phone-
Even-Though-It's-At-Top-Volume Guy

3) The Oh Hell No You Dint Just Look At Me Because My Discman Is Blasting So Loud Your Eardrums Are Bleeding Hell No So Now I'm Turning It Up Woman

4) Random Screaming Kicking Seat-Pounding Child (accompanied by The Our Child Is A Saint And We're Ignoring Him Family)

5) Screaming Gaggle of Mexicans Who Keep Getting Louder On Their Way To Their Newark Construction Job

(technically, the last two are groups... but still damn annoying)

*The Riff-Raff Express is a phrase coined by gigglechick in regards to the North Jersey Coastline's 7:51am out of manasquan... most of the Riff-Raff boards the RRE at Long Branch at 8:24am

** This is only a "selection" of five people/groups. This does not, in any way, represent every annoying occurance that one may experience on the RRE... Said "5 people" were on the 3rd car from the back on the 8:24am out of LB on 11.30.04.

*** The author of this article has excluded the man who carried garbage bags that smelled of some sort of disinfectant/industrial strength cleaning solvent and who was talking on his cell phone with it on speaker... because the author got up and moved to the next car.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

gigglechick.com (sponsored by....)

*sheesh* thanks, but i think i will stick to writing my own stuff...

eh, unless anyone wants to pay me $50,000 to blog... anyone? any takers? (i mean, i DO get between 1700 and 2400 visitors daily...)

i can totally talk about viagra... eh... not from experience, but if viagra folks want to pay me $100K, they can set me up with a supply of it and i can go whore around...


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