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January 1, 2005


word to the wise. never ever drunk dial a red headed boy.... and sit on the phone with him (& his brother snd friend) for an hour n' a half...

now I fear I have to make bacon n' eggs for him tomorrow

::: plunked in on my treO:::

Good morning... Eh... Happy new year

okay... amazingly enough I am not deathly ill from "the drink"... am sitting here at kerrie's watching the mummers' parade and trying to piece together comments I made on the phone... eh... yeah... pretty much uneventful except for the comment to the rhb's brother telling him that he's a sassy "brother-in-law to be" and could he "put the groom" on the phone.

what the eff was I thinking? damn coors lights.

so yeah I could 've kept that under wraps... but no. I had to tell ya' as punishment to myself.

hey.... at least I didn't hop in a cab and go over there last night when rhb asked me to... and I didn't schlep over there to make bacon & eggs...

oh goofy new year.

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huh? pinch me...

hmmmm... interesting. just had a phone call... supposed to meet up with rhb @ o'neill's tonight... of course, i was napping when he called and was groggy when i answered the phone and it was kinda surreal --- i was like "eh, hold on, you're calling me to tell me to meet you at o'neill's, one sec, i gotta shake myself awake"

yeah. i said that. i am so utterly not cool.

blogpimp say vote for gigglechick

go and vote... pick me (since i am not nominated for "most bloody humourous" blog, i may as well do the blogho thang...)

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January 2, 2005

i resolve(d)

so... eh... always lovely to break resolutions on the first day of the year...


end of season!

so it looks like i have come in 3rd in the paul katcher football pool... it's been fun this season - figures that i did well in a pool where no money was riding on it...

and, erm, as far as breaking a resolution... eh, i, um, didn't stick with my diet yesterday... or this morning... yep. that's what i meant

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hey all... here's an odd post, but i have my reasons... i know how to make them, and mine are fantastic (i've been making them and perfecting them for about 12 years now)... but...


i mean PLAIN mashed... not garlic, not dirty, just plain... write it in the comments... i'll explain next week... but i need your input...

any secrets as to how you make 'em fluffy? non-lumpy? smooth as silk? etc. etc.?

do you use Yukon golds? finns? something else?

i will be using 5 pounds of potatoes... let's just tell ya that... in case you want to adjust your recipe...

January 3, 2005


wow thank you all for the tater tips!! now i am hungry for mashed potatoes... it's a somewhat longish story that i will discuss later on as to why the potatoes are an issue...

care to comment as to what you think the reason why i am having a callout for mashed potato recipes????

vote early. vote often (once a day)

hmmmm... i only have 77 votes to sharp corners' 94 votes...

although i prefer "blog ho" rather than the actual title, i implore you to go vote for me...

you can vote once a day til jan 17th. go do it!

January 4, 2005

tuesdays with gigglemom

so i am feeling punky... throat is somewhat sore, chest is kinda not feeling good when i breathe...

anyway, last night, gigglemom was like "do my legs look swollen?"

um... yes, actually they do...

so i type in her symptoms: headache, shortness of breath, swelling of legs, throw in a little confusion, chronic dry cough and guess what i got?

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catfight at the B.O.B. corral

before i head off to the emergency room, shouldn't my site be getting "whore points" when a "competitor" rips off my blogwhore photo???

go kick his image swiping m.f. texas ass and vote for me :)


so I am sitting in the hospital... more specifically, room 17 of the emergency room... gigglemom has had an ultrasound of her legs, xray of her chest and and ekg....

she mentioned to Dr. "Joe" - who, by the way, looks like Jackie Chan...seriously- GM said to the doc that I had gone online last night and typed in the symptoms and what her COPD & emphysema could be aggrevated by and he said (between laughter):

"oh really and what were your internet findings? perhaps you'd like to be her physician"

dude. don't move ahead of fucking verizon on my fucking shit list today otherwise you're gonna need to suture the hole I am gonna rip in your ass.

anyway... GM always forgets to mention her abdominal aortic aneurysm... and how she also had to have her iliac arteries scraped in 01...

so I began to mention it and jackie chan walked away mid-sentence... oh. hell. no.

see, I mentioned the iliacs because GM has had swelling in legs lately and he poo-poo'd my congestive heart failure theory saying that both legs would be swollen, not just one... um, jackie, both ARE... the right one a little more than the left...

just pisses me off... anyway... we've been here since 1:00pm... right now it's 7pm...

now I am not saying I want GM to have congestive heart failure, but it'd be nice to say "eff you, Dr. "Joe", I was right"

oh well... I will update y'all later...

in the meantime, go vote for me at the B.O.B.s... do it for Gigglemom...

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Dr. Gigglechick, internet physician

well... gigglemom is being admitted... she has a "touch" of congestive heart failure... also an enlarged heart and a little chronic bronchitis...

take THAT, jackie chan... the web kicked your ass in 30 seconds to your 9.5 hours to diagnose.

anyone else need an evaluation?

okay... standing in vestibule typing... giggleaunt judy stopped over 25min ago so she's yapping with gigglemom...

::: plunked in on my treO:::

January 5, 2005

er at the E.R.

hey all - thank you so much for the comments... well, gigglemom was admitted last night (as i said) and i am heading over there in a few minutes... i called the hospital and she still hasn't gotten a room... she's still "in the holding area" of the ER... fantastic...you shoulda heard the old crazy lady in the next bay over moaning in there yesterday.

everytime i am in an ER there's an old crazy moaning lady - i think they actually hire one for the ambiance... makes it more teevee-like, i suppose... unfortunately, didn't see a george clooney lookalike (only jackie chan) -- one of the orderlies did look like a chunky round-headed version of Brad Pitt though... haven't spotted any redheaded doctors, but there's always this morning to keep on the lookout.

on the blogwhore-front... come on, folks, you can vote every day!!!!

go vote for me... i've got a mom with congestive heart failure who's still in the "holding area" of the ER... do it for gigglemom...

docs, spuds, meds and votes

hey. just got back from a few hours at the hospital. GM is still in the "holding pen" -- and besides the "smidge of congestive heart failure" and the "touch of chronic bronchitis", she now has "borderline pneumonia"...

eh... apparently, her body is going about getting sick all half-assed, can't commit heartily to one illness, has to be a smidge, a touch or borderline.


my body on the otherhand has decided full-on that it's sick. i am now popping some anti-biotic that i found under the bathroom sink (at home, not the ER) and downing a little robitussin... i plan on heading back to the hospital around 5 or 6 but kinda want to nap...

i'd emailed/called work earlier and my boss rocks and said not to worry, all's being taken care of, which is a relief... although i feel like a slacker for not being able to go in... so i emailed the kickass IT dude and he sent me the info so i can download some zipped thing and work from home... i will set that all up tonight "just in case" any godawful thing like this happens again...

on a lighter note: i seriously want to do a test run of the mashed potatoes tonight or today - maybe i will make 'em and bring a little into the hospital for gigglemom to try out and critique... (again, i will get into the details of the mashed a little later....)

keep voting... i am (at present) tied for 1st.

(by the way. there was a cute dude dragging my mom off for an echocardiogram this morning... funny, too... no red hair, and didn't look irish, but he was cute...)

and another update...

so gigglemom's been in the "holding area" of the ER since 1:00pm yesterday... what's that? nearly 30 hours. fantastic.

i just got home. she's resting comfortably and knitting waiting for meds and to talk with the doctor.

my throat is getting worse. my cough is getting deeper. i am getting tired.

i want to start peeling the yukon golds, but might take a nap instead. seeing as that chao jackass in the previous post's comments caused me to growl

go give a warm welcome!!

hey all... everyone go over to my friend, eh, Shore Chick (i would say her name, but not sure if she wants me to at the moment) and say hello...

she started a blog!!! yay!!!

one of us... one of us... one of us...


oh sweet baby jeezuz. i had an IM... oh... i am wiping tears from my eyes right now, this is precious... i needed a laugh after feeling like crap and schlepping back and forth to gigglemom in the ER... there is just so much humor in this AIM conversation... so many precious moments... tell me which part is your favourite*

go. now. read this conversation (granted, my grammar may be a bit off in a couple of my sentences and perhaps even my last correction... but i think it's better than what the original was.):

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January 6, 2005

vote for me and gigglemom'll get better

g'morning... so i just got a phone call and apparently they are sending gigglemom home... this is good news - except for the fact that i am basically a walking outbreak monkey and feeling like hell... but this means that i will have to do 15 billion loads of laundry and all that stuff, i already did a quick swipe around the house (some laundry, dishwasher, cleaned mashed potatoes off counter, etc etc)

anyway, am heading down there...

in the meantime, don't allow those other folks to move ahead of me in the blogho poll... i mean, do you really think they'd be trying to drum up votes while their mothers were in the hospital? of course not... so go. vote again - it's once a day that you're allowed. tell your friends. paint it on a water tower "VOTE GIGGLECHICK"...

i think the prize is webhosting, blogexplosion credits, and a few other goodies... - i have a great webhost already - so am just doing it for the traffic and good ol' fashioned whoriness... if i win first place i will donate my "year bloghosting" subscription to some deserving blog (start voting and also start slapping your blogspot urls in my comments... with kind messages attached)... and the blog design prize, while i dig ciao, my bella, i will also donate that as well... (how would it look for a web designer to have her own site redesigned by someone else?)...


okay i am off to the hospital... they never gave GM a proper room. just a bay in the damned ER... so i really feel she didn't get 100% treatment, and i am pretty upset by this.

feelin' blue....

wow. shabe was my 7500th comment (on MT)

good good.

on the bad. bad. note, i've blue screened 2x in the past hour and at least once a day this week.

help. what do i do, oh techie wizards... help.

i AM a lover. not a figther.

oh lord... thank you. thanks to the IM with the italianpimple last night, i haven't laughed this hard in a while...

but, now, faithful reader, DrumminGlenn, has now jumped into the mix with a fine display of horrid use of the language and sent me his conversation with the little pimp boy with the poor English skills:

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January 7, 2005

I, spy

redhead. male. 30s. no wedding band. little silver station. blue eyes. nice jaw. fancypants coat.

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January 8, 2005

cold turkey? no.

so... gigglemom is wearing the patch at the moment and also using her nicotrol inhaler and she thinks i can't smell her smoking a frigging cigarette downstairs...


you say potato...

okay... so... you all have known for a while that i apparently have a screw loose, eh?

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January 9, 2005

the annual hooha.

well today is the annual frigging "HooHa" that i have been dragged to kicking and screaming for the past number of years.

unfortunately, i will be flying solo... my saving graces, cousin kerry (is in florida now) and cousin chrissy (can't make it) won't be there... last year kerry couldn't make it either... *sigh*

so now both twins are married (the most recent was the one with the wedding invite....*ahem*) - their "delightful" husbands "can't make it" today... which is FINE by me...

i am just waiting for another comment like:

"well, it must be nice to still be out in the dating scene, although i am sure since you are that old, that you need to start looking for guys on the clearance rack."

yes. i am still livid over that statement... trying to think up comebacks to effing rude idiotic comments like that again:

"yeah, the clearance rack at Barney's"

"clearance rack? oh wait, where's your husband? is he working today? when did your dad get him the job as a janitor?"

"that's it bitch, oh hell no!" -- and proceed to mime throwing hockey gloves off and lunge at her.

*sigh* alas, i cannot do any of that. gigglemom has a gag order on me... apparently, i am not even supposed to be typing this on my site (what. evah.)

Live from the hooha

okay so I am pretending to have a cold (4 of them are germophobes).. so I have been banished to 11feet away from the group... I am pmsing and feeling surly... so this suits me fine.

the one 2nd cousin has 2 kids... let's just say the the RRE is a lot quieter than it is here... that's saying a lot... my ears are effing killing me between the kid screaming, the kid banging a hammer on something metal... and the 4 bloody games that have voice chips and singing... my CAPD is not doing well right now.

anyway... so far the worst comment was:

"well thank god i'm not single... I don't have to worry about getting fat like you, erin"


::: plunked in on my treO:::

first slim in 6 workout.

hey so i just did my first 30 minutes of the slim in 6 program... not too shabby, i didn't pass out. so that's a plus.

the push-ups nearly did me in though. think i have carpal tunnel in my right wrist.

day 1 down. 35 days to go.

January 10, 2005

Monday winding down.

busy day at work... am sitting on the 5:58pm train home though so that's a good thing...

kinda hungry though... all i've had today was a packet of maple brown sugar oatmeal and a slimfast... and a coffee...

lean cuisine evening for me followed by an hour to design the belmar parade t-shirts and then day 2 of the slim in 6 workout.

they said something in the express slim in 6 book about sucking on a sponge, but then they followed it up with "if you think that's real, make sure it's a clean sponge"... so I am assuming that they were joking around.

I really want mashed potatoes for dinner though. dangit. I just fell asleep on the train for an hour and dreamt of mashed potatoes... kooky.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

i say pah-tah-tah

okay... normally i wouldn't post an email on here from someone i dig... but, i received a response from the RHB about the Mashed Potato Ambush...complete with uppercase lettering :)

"Thanx for the Taters. They were FANTASTIC! They were probably in the top two I ever had.

now, keep in mind that last week he already told me that his mother's are the best mashed potatoes.

so, if mine come in second to a boy's mama's then i am quite happy... damned happy!

true... suuuuure he didn't say "i love you" or "let me sweep you off your feet since you swept me off mine with potatoes" or "hey let's go out soon" or "let me be the meat for your mashed potatoes".... but the fact that i was second best... next to his mama... hell yeah...

i so want to say:

"i will keep you in mashed potatoes comfortably for the rest of your life"...

i won't say it, but i wish i could...

or that i could say... "i had a special ingredient in those taters... and that's loooove, baby...."

heh. yeah. i am frigging giddy.

at least, if nothing else comes of it, i will be able to make my mashed potatoes with total and complete confidence for the remainder of my days...

January 11, 2005


still high off the email about the carbs... heh. well, last night I did day 2 of the Slim in 6 program.... right now I am sore as hell... but it's a good sore, y'know?

I did 1/2 an hour of the "Start it Up" program... then the 15 min of stretching with the "Slim & Limber" program... i'd planned on doing the limber thing this morning but, eh, I kinda slept in a bit later than I wanted...

tonight I start Phase 2... the "Ramp it Up" program... there're resistance bands involved *gulp*

and I will then do the "Slim & 6 pack" afterwards (if I haven't died)... that's the ab workout...

see, this chick, she lost 50 pounds in 150 days...

see, with me, it's the first week that is hardest to get into a routine.... and I am working out late at night (10:30pm) because the mornings really won't cut it... am usually in a rush... plus gigglemom'll kill me if I wake her up.

yep... this is me blathering almost as an aside to myself about how I WILL work out.

i'd been doing really well back in august when I was doing the "Smart Girls Do Dumbbells" workout... actually I loved it... then I missed a day... then another... then my room became a mess again (i just cleaned it sunday night) so that was a good excuse.

I think that (and I will see how this phase 2 thing is) I can also add my leslie sansone walking dvds into the fray...

yep... so since I started this on sunday the 9th, that means that on february 20th I will have completed the 6 weeks.... i'm gonna be hawt by the time the st. pat's parade rolls around...

anyway... that's my morning chatter on the train... sick how I am thinking about wanting to get home to workout...

::: plunked in on my treO:::


by the way, i wonder if y'all noticed that i haven't been "whoring" my blog for votes lately... eh, actually i forgot all about it, guess i am gonna come in 3rd anyway... not that big a deal :)

thanks for the votes, apparently, 2 blogs have conjured up over a thousand votes apiece... i've only got a little over 500 and that's cool by me --- thank you guys, that was keen of you to think i was a big whore... erm... wait... you know what i meant. apparently yesterday they changed the rules about voting - according to the site they've foregone the IP address limitation... so here i was trying to be on the up and up and telling everyone to just vote once. and not to vote with every email address under the sun... i guess those rules have flown out the window... *ahem*

January 12, 2005

slim in shirts

man. long day. tomorrow's gonna be longer... i have to be in by 9am. ugh. that means i have to catch the 6:55am train. ugh.

anyway... i did the "Ramp it Up" workout from Slim in 6... only was able to do 40 minutes of 55 minutes. hey it's better than nothing, isn't it?

on a parade note: i have designed the belmar parade t-shirts and my chairmen gave the go ahead for me to order them... hoping to have them this saturday in time for the 12:30 meeting... to show.... and also because our first fundraiser is this sunday!

so whoever's in the jersey area over the next month or so of sundays... it'd be swell if you could attend at least one of the fundraisers!!!! they're a great time!!!!

have a Great (dane) Valentine's Day!

a girl at work here is running a fundraiser for the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League... granted, it's not a tsunami that you'd be giving to, but just lookit these puppydogs! help them!

Special fundraiser - be a Valentine to a Great Dane!


January 14th to February 28th

January 13, 2005


wow I really didn't post much yesterday... I missed the 7:21am train by a minute... the fog is unbelievable... so it's the RRE for me today...

go give a happy birthday shoutout to my parade co-conspirator, shorechick

what else? wound up chatting with an ex of mine out of the blue yesterday. gosh that was four and a half years ago we dated. hadn't spoken with him in years. was nice to email back & forth.

last night I did day 4 of the slim in 6... didn't go crazy with the ramp it up workout. only did the 15 minutes of ab work with "slim & six pack" and then stretched with the "slim & limber"... at least I did something, right?

some of the results on that site are amazing.

of course, since I missed the train this morning it gave me the opportunity to go to the Corner Bagelry and get a buttered 7 grain bagel and an apple tea. not the breakfast of champions but it could've been a plain white bagel so that was sort of a good choice...

supposed to get the parade shirts tomorrow... cross your fingers that they turn out kick ass.

and on that note I am gonna pass out on the train now.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

January 14, 2005


morning. so as i am sitting here (about to get ready for work) i am chugging hot apple flavoured TheraFlu.

felt a twinge of a sore throat yesterday, then mom called to say she was leaving work early because she felt the flu coming on. so she went home and cooked up chicken dumpling soup and slept.

i came home still not feeling horrid. then this morning, my throat has started growling at me. hence, the TheraFlu.

i can't get sick, i have the bloody fundraiser this weekend. wahhhhhh.

Flooded with jackasses

man it's yucky & nasty out... it's around 60degrees but POURING buckets of rain... there's a flash flood warning for monmouth county today... hopefully the RRE isn't wiped out by one... although, if the 10 loud talking construction guys and the crazy russian lady yelling on the cell phone got flushed away, I wouldn't be upset.

svetlana on the cell is sitting directly behind me... so I turned around, looked her straight in the eye and gave my best bresnef/kgb evil eyebrow raise... she still kept talking...

shoulda said, "hey, Red, shutski the effski upski"

that's all the russian I know.

grand 2 new. loud talking construction dudes bitching about their lists of DWIs... poor guys (/sarcasm)

pms and the RRE are not a great combo. add a sore throat to the mix and I am surly. at least the theraflu's taking the edge off

::: plunked in on my treO:::

Stuck in muck

the oh so delightful Riff Raff Express is stuck in the tunnel because of:

A) wire problems
B) the rain / flooding
C) problems at penn station

no it's not a multiple choice quiz. it's D) all of the above.

I have a warm slimfast in my purse to live off for the next two weeks if necessary.

supposedly they are going to "try to reverse the train" and go west and come into Penn a different frigging way.

so I am late as hell to work.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

for every 2 inches....

speaking of "boobs"...

thank gawd he wasn't my guidance counselor.

January 15, 2005

saturday morning nightmare

sitting here eating oatmeal and about to get ready for the parade meeting... still feeling punky. sore throat, tired, etc. shorechick kicks ass and is bringing me a big ass coffee with milk when she gets to the meeting.

have errands to run - bank, hardware store. i have to go get some nail aprons so that we can shove money in 'em tomorrow while selling t-shirts and buttons - last year it was hard to hold a beer while handling money. and i remembered that i used to wear one when i did caricatures about 10 years ago.

got the t-shirts in hand yesterday - they look really good.

i had a HORRIBLE dream last night, a "nightmare" if you will...

i was setting up the t-shirt table at the FSOS in old bridge where the 1st fundraiser is tomorrow... anyway i was setting up and noticed that the green ink was not on all of the shirts, that the printer just did a shoddy job (which in reality, he did a GREAT job)... and i was (in the dream) going around to my head honchos whining and then i came back to my table and there was another guy there who had about 10 different styles of t-shirts/sweatshirts and was sitting there pretty much moving more of his stuff onto my table... and i remember saying rather snottily "um, i thought i was the only one selling shirts" and he said "good luck, kid"
and then my alarm woke me up.

god that was an awful nightmare. seriously i was sweating when i woke up. stupid flu-riddled fever stress panic nightmare.

gotta hop in shower... and see if that can't help my sore throat, etc...

belmar parade t-shirt

hey so all the t-shirts that i had printed are for sale at the fundraisers... if you can't make a fundraiser, it'd be swell if you could help sponsor our parade by buying a t-shirt (yes, even YOU out there in colorado and texas.)

buy a shirt now!!!



dammit. i was feeling better today then i went to the meeting and then i went running errands and now i feel rundown, sore-throaty and punky again... i had plans tonight that i had to cancel... this sucks.. and the fundraiser is tomorrow... i have to guzzle a bucket of orange juice and sleep. that's what i am gonna do tonight. dagnabit.

January 16, 2005

i am fine.

um, thanks to those who commented on my "physical condition" -- but i wasn't on my death bed... i just stayed home from a surprise party that i'd planned on going to... and i felt my throat freaking out and stomach going loopy. i feel better now, just it's not that big a deal, okay... thanks though... it was a sore throat. nothing crazy. nothing that's going to cause me to "miss the parade" on march 6th. it's not like i was Mary Ingalls and was blinded by scarlet fever...

i am fine. just a frigging cold.

okay folks, this is just silly now.


i am okay... it was only a sore throat!

January 17, 2005

MLK & the RRE

well I don't have off on this holiday... am sitting here on the first leg of the commute drinking apple tea (already devoured my grain bagel)

it snowed last night (more like a dusting, really)

had the first of the fundraisers yesterday... it went very well.... I sold a bunch of my shirts! not sold out but I have 6 more fundraisers to sell 'em at and the old bridge one isn't even local! and it was like I was slinging hotcakes... did well... now they can't say it's "erin's little project"... seriously, I should've tried out to be on The Apprentice...

well, long branch station's coming up & I have to switch trains......

::: plunked in on my treO:::

woo!! 4th place!!!!

hey all. taking a moment as i shovel spoonfuls of chicken and corn bisque into my gullet.

so... the bob awards are over. voting is closed. and i am happy that i am not in the top 3. if you've noticed, i haven't been "whoring" my site for about a week or so... okay, except for the callout button on the side there, but that's been up there mainly due to shear laziness and not going in to change my template.

again with most of the "who's the effing best" blog contests there seems to be an issue with ballot stuffing...

i noticed a frigging onslaught of votes for the top 2 "competitors" about a week or so ago, a little before i stopped asking for votes.

coincidence? no. i stopped asking for votes because once again the voting seemed pointless (plus i really don't consider my blog one that needs to whore itself... i get between 1700 - 2200 visitors daily, a large degree thanks to the yahoo listing on their most popular/entertainment/humor&satire thang...

not to sound like sour grapes, but i am glad to be out of the fray with that bob thing... i enjoy Jay's Party. it's a good site and he seems like a swell egg. today's post about the voting sitch just goes to show you what kind of trash talk happens though (jay, not dissing you at all. just think that email was ridiculous.) and the apparent "winner" of the biggest whore is sharp corners who admits to knowing about ballot-stuffing and all that good stuff but says that never happened...

all i know is that you folks who read me rock. i'd rather have y'all coming back to read me rather than having you come by fleetingly, vote once and then never return...

so thanks for reading good ol' gigglechick.com (even if i've been whining about my sore throat and then whining about people blowing my cold out of proportion... i've been PMSy and a lot of stuff's been rubbing me the wrong way the past few days... no worries now.)

okay that said. my soup's cold now...

again, thanks for the votes and thanks for the comments... and most of all thanks for coming back each day and perusing this goofy little site!!!

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January 18, 2005

fundraiser #1 under my belt.

so i uploaded the photos i took yesterday at the fundraiser... i only took 33 (was a bit difficult when holding a ton of tee-shirts in my arms) - this is the first of the fundraisers and was held at the friendly sons of the shillelagh of old bridge - which is about 35 minutes away from belmar (where the parade is held) at the fundraisers that will follow over the next number of weeks, the crowd is a bit more lively and gets younger and such... if anyone is in the area, it'd be great if you popped into one or two of the shindigs!!!

not living together in perfect harmony.

fantastic!!! i love when i get these constructive criticism comments!!!!

IP Address:
Name: ebony senoir2005
Email Address: ebonychrls_2005@yahoo.com (fake email address)


You really shouldn't be over honest with people, but since the things that i've read here on this site are so ridiculous and stupid I am going to be honest and even more honest. This site is stupid because all people do is complain about what's going on in their lives. Do they not see that a huge tsunami just hit and killed thousands of people.

Do they not see that thousands of kids were left orphans, hungry, and homeless.
Do they understand that there are some parents that can't even find their kids because they've been kidnapped.

Do they know that we are at war!!!!!!!

In other words this site is just a stupid place where complaining, overpaid, never satisfied, drama kings and queens can let people know that, Oh MY GOD , I'm stuck on a train. Or I missed my plane.

So I say to all who complain on this website before thinking about how you're gonna complain on this website think about these kids who don't have families, food, homes, or parents and say well atleast I can complain but I won't!!!!!!

Yours Truly, Ebony Riley

first off. who is this "THEY"? it's one person writing this site. me.

second... i've never missed a plane.

third. um, yes, i know we're at war. ebony, do you know WHY we're at war?

fourth. overpaid? hmmm... i suppose you have access to my paycheck?


Ebony Riley, i suggest you start your own holier than thou blog... go see if holierthanthou.com or holierthanthou.org is taken... i am sure it would get a ton of folks coming to it!!! yeah! i can't wait!! pleeeeease pleeeeeease start your own site, Ebony!

hey it could be called Ebony & Ivory and have an image of piano keys and an overlay of sri lanka and thailand and the like... not to mention when folks pull up your site you could have it automatically start playing a midi file of Ebony and Ivory!!!!

yes! that would be frigging fantastic!!

how about you have photos of yourself over in thailand cleaning up the wreckage and dragging bloated corpses to the makeshift morgues!!!??? that would certainly be an eye-opener!!

yep. Ebony, i think you've hit it on the head!!! this is such a stupid site... too bad i didn't call it tsunamichick.com or something... maybe you can work that into your Ebony & Ivory site! too bad i called it gigglechick.com and just use this as my journal instead of trying to get people to send money into... oh wait, lookie over there on the side where i have the callout for the tsunami.. whoops, i guess i already posted about that a few days after the waves hit.

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January 19, 2005

da joisey blogmeet

so i will be showing up to the festivities on april 2nd... there's a NJ blogger meet-up... should be fun... it's $30 (see parkwayreststop or kate for details...)

A big complaining about the trains post

so I just got on my connection in long branch.... where they had an announcement that the trains between newark and nyc have 45 minute delays.... I will try to pop onto the PATH and see if that gets me in any faster. doubt it... but we'll see.
apparently, the delays are caused by problems with the amtrak train switches... *arrrrrgh*

(oh. and think about the tsunami victims)

::: plunked in on my treO:::

i want to move it, move it.

so, i've created an "incentive" for me to keep working out and actually maybe doing my 3 mile walking dvd's...

i've just registered for the 2 Mile Mid-Winter Beach Run in Manasquan... so that's on February 19th... a saturday at 11am...

for me, it most likely will be a 2 Mile Mid-Winter Beach Walk.

January 20, 2005

in training...

*whew* i haven't worked out since last thursday... (the "friend" and all that, sorry guys.)

inspired by the idea that i don't want to look like an incredible ass when doing the 2 mile mid-winter beach run, i figured i'd get off my arse again... so...

i just finished doing the mile workout on my leslie sansone walk away the pounds dvd (i may want to invest in this...kooky leslie sansone.)

then i did the Start it Up dvd from Slim in 6...

then i did 10 minutes of the Slim & Limber stretch workout...

i forgot to eat dinner earlier... (don't worry, i ate today.. had a buttered grain bagel, apple tea, then i had lean cuisine lasagna for lunch and then for an afternoon snack i had oatmeal.)

oh and in perusing my match.com guys, there seems to be a 34 year old redhead in nyc who's 6'2" and was born in belfast... and his profile is pretty damned witty... so i sent him an email... i'll let ya know if the guy writes me back, or writes me off.

guess who?

so... guess who's been prescribed oxygen? guess who has to use it during the night when she sleeps?

one guess. and although you may be thinking that it's me because of the fact i've started doing these workouts in the smoke-filled household... well, it's not yours truly.

it's someone else who lives in the house who smokes even though she just got out of the frigging hospital 2 weeks ago after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and pneumonia.

it's not my dog i am talking about.

and this someone "forbid" me to yap about it on here... so i am not "naming names"

yeah. i am pissed. just like she was forbidden to smoke, i am writing about it.

her stinking oxygen count on tuesday when she went to the pulmonologist was 84. EIGHTY EFFING FOUR. "normal" is supposed to be around 94-96.

so she's been tired as hell, still effing bloody smoking, and her oxygen count as far as i am concerned has most likely dropped from tuesday's 84...

so the medical place is dropping off a tank of O2 this afternoon. will i come home to the charred ash & rubble of my condo after she tries to light up whilst using said air?

(not to mention that when i am working out, this "secret someone" is smoking and i am choking.)

tsunami aid? howabout transit aid?

holy hell! 13 bloody % increase. they must be joking. my monthly fare is $291 as it is.


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January 21, 2005

Train ramblings & wamblings

drove up to long branch and caught the 7:41am to ny...

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eh... hmmmm... well, apparently there's a bomb scare next door and they aren't letting anyone out onto 7th ave...

what the frig?

when i know more i will write more.... (eh, or not. if you don't see any more posts on here over the next 24 hours, put two and two together)

update 12:46pm: they robbed the bank on the corner in broad daylight and left a suspicious bag

January 22, 2005

i'm alive

worked til 7:45pm. caught the 8:05pm train. got home at bloody 10:15... just updated the parade website with the marshals info.

gigglemom scared the hell out of me. her phone was off the hook since 3pm and she didn't answer her cell phone either... so i thought she blew the house up.

my hands were tied basically. when i got home i saw a glass of soda spilled on the stairs and her slippers... and then i ran upstairs and she was all tangled up in her oxygen tubes... not choking, just tangled... and i think her O2 levels are plummeting because her skin is kinda turning blue... oh, and she only had 5 cigarettes today (so i am happy the condo didn't blow up.)

that said. i need sleep since i didn't pass out on the train up or the train home.

night. the "suspicious bag" didn't go BOOM! at work, so i am fine, by the way.

snow, sweat, saturday.

so it's snowing.... with those teeny tiny slow falling flakes... what's that mean? it means the storm will be here dumping on us for a while... dagnabit. the fundraiser is tomorrow... we. can. not. have. a. bliz. zard.

i have to go to the foodstore and stock up... then i have a parade meeting at 1pm (usually it's at 12:30, but there's a funeral for one of the members today - i can't make it, unfortunately)

anyway... just did my mile workout... feels good. probably will work out later this evening as well - think i may try for the 2 miler... (just as long as i don't miss SNL... paul giamatti is hosting...)

the beginning of the blizzardo...


this was my ride home around 2:30pm today when the storm started to hit... that gasseous noise you hear is my windshield wipers... not anything else!! (9mb)

some idiot in a truck that spun out... (6mb)

January 23, 2005


backyard... actually the front of the condo is worse with the drifts and stuff... but here's the patiSNOW


i have to start getting ready for the fundraiser... IT'S STILL ON!!!!

heeeeeere's goodbye, johnny


this one really hits me hard. i'm very sad.

January 24, 2005

Riff-Raff Parking Lot

nice of them to NOT plow the snow from the manasquan train station.... I had to park on the street about a hundred yards a-bloody-way... nearly broke my neck slogging thru the snow.

am now on the RRE... which, thus far, is on time... poor bastards heading south to bay head, their train is delayed an hour


::: plunked in on my treO:::

Freaky damned RRE

hey guess whose train is stuck with switch problems and stop signal issues right outside newark!!! guess whose train they say would have a 45 minute delay! guess who hasn't been able to sleep because of a pinched nerve from the angle of the train seat (i HATE the red seats in the new train cars...they make your neck lean back too far) and I woke up nearly paralyzed... scared the hell out of the woman next to me.... my face must've looked like the image of the face the is stretching through pink floyd's The Wall.. at least it felt like that... and this happened 4 times this morning... I couldn't open my eyes my mouth was stretched in some sort of weird munch's scream pose and I felt like I was having a seizure... now my neck and shoulders are sore as effing hell....

I have a huge deadline at 2pm and now that's not looking feasible. damned train. damned parking lot... if it was plowed I would've made the 7:20 train.


::: plunked in on my treO:::

Wish me luck

so I am on the 7:08pm train... sitting in the station right now... in the starting gate... brendan informed me earlier that nj transit was effed up tonight... they'd cancelled a ton of trains thus far... keep your fingers crossed that it gets to squan without a hitch... anyway...

did I mention to y'all that I posted a brief ad on craigslist on saturday morning... a callout for a "30-something irish guy with red hair" ... eh I received 37 responses thus far... that's a lot of red hair! (yeah there were a few that are sporting black hair and blue eyes that are touting their black irishness too.....)

one of the fellas actually came to the fundraiser yesterday (hello there, you! - and I eh, sorta told him about gigglechick.com... )

anyway... had a really nice time and all that stuff yesterday...

I think that the redheaded boy demographic is an untapped market on craigslist... it was my first post on there :)

even some of the guys were like "what the heck do you like redheaded guys for?"... I think it all stems from reading Archie comics when I was a kid. I loved archie andrews (yes. my old dalamtian was named archie... no he didn't have red spots)

so that said. I am in a train car with the blue seats (my favourite... since I have seizures from the red seats and the brown ones are 15 years old and like a elderly whore's bed all saggy without springs or support)

::: plunked in on my treO:::

Evening ass

got some JACKASS who's been on the EFFING cellphone for the past 25 bloody minutes talking about kosher cheeseburgers, donald trump, not wanting a nj area code (hey effwad, we don't want you in jersey anyway you annoying schlub) just droning on and on LOUDLY. ass.


I know that the gym was on the third floor of his school growing up... I know that he's jewish (talking about his kid's bar mitzvah) I know now that he frequents a store that only sells nuts (.... TO nuts, in my opinion) he is offended when he's asked to give a dollar to the tsunami funds...guess I won't tell him about the mini giggle fund.... he's a member of the Diner's Club and doesn't understand actual diners that don't accept Diner's Club. now he's bellyaching about not taking the bus (hey schlomo, i'm pretty peeved you didn't take the bus as well)

HAHAHAHAHHA his call was dropped!

::: plunked in on my treO:::


i JUST walked in the bloody door from the commute home.

that said, i need food and sleep.

January 25, 2005

Slurs on the RRE

well it's the RRE for me again today.... am sipping on my cinnamon apple tea (pray for no delays - if you know what I mean)

dawg tired. mom has the oxygen people coming over to test her levels so I was up late cleaning the house a bit... also I posted photos on belmarparade.com into the wee hours.

thinking of getting my haircut. maybe above the shoulders. what do you think? anyone have any photos of styles that might look okay on me?? send 'em to me...

anyway... long branch is coming up next thank god because I am sitting near some old slurring guy yelling into his phone (he gets on at 'squan every riff-raff morning.)

I swear I hear Trip on this train saying "erin go braghless"... he's like 5 rows up.

oh drove TrainBoy home last night since he was a slacker and didn't have his car at squan... nearly killed us both when my car slid around a corner...


anyway the slurring guy is annoying me.

::: plunked in on my treO:::


Trip was the one who was yapping "erin go braghless"... and he also took a photo of me with his Treo... touch�, trip. touch�. now I can't fall asleep... the hunter becomes the hunted.


by the way, the ADD conductor that I grumbled about a few months ago seems okay now... (will link later)

please don't let the train be delayed

::: plunked in on my treO:::


well, would ya' lookit that... my train's delayed again... you would think that they would keep the switches heated (by the way, amtrak can bite me.) we're only at linden. we should normally be pulling into nyc penn station at 10:02... it's gonna be about 20 min. late I think (hope) so we sit here and the effing amtrak train is allowed to zip by... eff.

and my sock is falling down in my boot.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

the mop.

part of me wants to go slightly drastic. the other part wants to be a wuss and only go shoulder-length... of course, there's a part of me that says that i should just get high and low-lights again...

curly - above shoulders.

somewhat on the short side

Trapped in hell

so I am on the 7:08pm train....every door on the train has apparently FROZEN SHUT... so they are having trouble letting people out.

what's even better? 2 rows ahead of me I swear is my ex, Fat Matt... I haven't seen him since october of 1999... so I can't be totally sure....


i'll have you know that trapped in a frozen shut train with Fat Matt the fanny pack wearer is NOT the way I want to go out.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

January 26, 2005

That's just garbage

so I was going to make the 7:20am train... woulda gotten me in at 9:19...or at a reasonable time if we were delayed.

can you tell by how I am writing that I did NOT make it?

there I was... about to make it. had a minute... so... I turned down Curtis Ave (normally I don't - I figured that it'd be easier to park by going that way)


and that was when I saw my train rolling by at the end of the street.

there are no spots in the parking lot left and it's pouring slappy rain...

it's the RRE for me today. I am very cranky today, folks... I didn't sleep on the ride up or back yesterday and I couldn't fall asleep til 1:49am this morning.

at least yesterday my creative director said the email I just designed was my strongest since I started (here's the kicker... it's the first one the brand didn't give me a sketch to follow... I am hoping I don't have to add flying bras into it after they look at the design this morning.)

and WPLJ read my IM to them on the air about that disgusting Mucinex commercial...

okay i've had to wait for 30 min for this train. i'd better step out into the pouring rain to hang out in the "shelter"

::: plunked in on my treO:::

olfactory madness

jeezuz. whoever just boarded the train at asbury smells strongly of cat urine or musk or something absolutely disgusting.

slurry macfurkle (as seen on GC yesterday) is in the row behind me (will post photo later)

good lord what is that smell?! now it's smelling like an old diaper filled with shrimp!

::: plunked in on my treO:::

Saggy Lids Finnegan

waiting for the 9:01pm train to leave penn station. on a good night it should get me to squan at 11pm... I then will get home via my car at 11:20

why am I so late? I was sitting in an effing salon chair from 5pm til 8:24pm... highlights. lowlights. no cut because it took so effing long.

I am so tired and I almost got sick earlier from the fumes I think (although I DO have chills) so my tummy hurts and I am popping tums like candy...

photos will be posted later.

by the way... thanks for the concern but as far as I know the train derailment was in california. i'm in nj... although I wouldn't be surprised if that affects njtransit tonight.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

January 27, 2005

riff-raff stomach.

no train for me today.

those Tums that i was popping led to TheraFlu...
those chills that i had last night led to me getting up every 35 minutes and blarghing into the terlet.

i am trying to get my Terminal Services Client thingy to run properly so i can work from home... luckily, i don't have a ton of deadlines today... not crazy ones anyway...

pisses me off that i am sick... seriously i thought i was gonna get ill on the train last night (which i didn't get home til 11:pm because it was delayed - of course)
but tonight i was supposed to go to my UArts alumni mixer tonight and then stay in the city.

at least my hair looks okay - no photos today since only my hair looks alright - my face, on the otherhand, is haggard.

January 28, 2005

slightly punky

tummy is feeling slightly better... not great, but i don't think i'll be doing ab crunches in front of the toilet tonight...

anyway - worked from home today - slept on and off... and now am heading to bed again...

am staying over cathy's friday night -- we're going to see "Sideways"

(have i mentioned how sad i am that paul giamatti wasn't nominated for an oscar?)

frigging hell.

cathy just emailed me seeing if i wanted to postpone because my trains are all wonky.

wha? so i checked the njtransit website and flipped on FOX 5 to hear travel advisories stating that there are at "least one to one and a half hour delays" because an amtrak train knocked down effing wires

okay - the travel advisories didn't use the word "effing"... but i sure am.

so i just wrote into work letting them know that i need to work from home.

dagnabit. and NJ Transit wants a fare increase? (yeah yeah, i know it was Amtrak's fault, but we seem to ALWAYS be waiting for amtrak things - switches, late trains, now effing downed wires)

so, no "Sideways" for me tonight. I'm home for the day/night. Stupid Amtrak. Stupid NJ Transit.



(inspired by transit blog)

January 29, 2005

meetings & a FUNdraiser

g'morning... sitting here trying to wick water from my hair before i do the blowdryer thang... i have a regular parade meeting at 12:30pm and then another parade meeting for the line-up at 4pm...

i really don't know why they opted not to have the danged thing right after the first meeting... plus the 2nd meeting is in the parade hq, not the FSOS digs where the 12:30 meeting is...

anyway - got a couple of emails/calls this week for some shirts... gotta remember to bring them to the meeting... i feel tomorrow will be a good fundraiser - and also a good one to sell the shirts at... it's at Bar Anticipation...

SUNDAY, JANUARY 30, 2005 BAR ANTICIPATION SOUTH BELMAR, NJ 2 PM to 6 PM BILLY LAWLOR BAND HOT & COLD BUFFET/COMP. DRINK $6.00 ADVANCE � $9.00 AT THE DOOR call 732.681.7422 (click here for full fundraiser list)

if anyone is within 30 miles of Belmar come on down!!! hey, ya' may as well, there's NO football on and it's from 2 til 6pm... there's a good band and food and a complimentary drink!!!

plus you can say hey to ME! (i'll be the one selling the tee-shirts!!!)

da' blogmeet

hey hey... so i created a page for Da' Jersey Blogmeet - if you live in Jersey - try and make it... click below and check out the details!

gigglemom and the needletracks

gigglemom just whipped this thing up today... think it started out as trying to use up extra yarn...

voila! beri has a new coat!

January 30, 2005

gigglechick macfarlane

wow, so ray was comment 8000! congrats piperboy!

now, in other important news... i feel my grasp on the shin of seth macfarlane is slowly slipping away... okay, so, technically, i've never even been close to his shin... but still... it's as if my hands are covered in lard.

as pointed out on my so-called penis, the onion has interviewed him....

i am such a lazy stalker. *sigh* i totally forget who i am stalking until i read another guy's post and i'm all like "oh yeah, i like him. a lot."

at least this guy is the creator of the animated thing... unlike my crush i had on archie andrews while growing up -- yeah. it's true. damned cartoon redheads.


am loading up on Lipton noodles & sauce (herb & butter flavour) to prep for today's fundraiser.

the alcohol needs something soft to land on.

January 31, 2005

7:41am... Made it

I am dragging my ass this morning. got home from the fundraiser at about 1:15am... yes. the fundraiser was from 2 til 6pm... then we headed over to the FSOS and then I went to Kelly's Tavern in neptune & had a corned beef sammich...

so I rolled in at quarter after one and didn't fall asleep til 2.

fundraiser was great. sold a good amount of shirts...

anyway... I decided to grab a train out of long branch and caught the 7:41... pray that it's not delayed at any point.

in the meantime, i'm going back to sleep.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

welcome NJ Transit readers!!!

interesting. in looking over my stats, it seems as if my site has made it to the NJ Transit corp comm (http://attransit/corpcomm/NewsClips/index.asp - don't even try it, it's an intranet thingy...)

welcome, NJ Transit... welcome... i must say that you are a necessary evil... oh, i shan't say "evil" i suppose... but come on. a fare hike? i may as well drive my damned car up to the city instead. right now i pay $291 alone for my monthly pass... and for that i get idiots who gnaw on chili dogs next to me, women who drop bags of kim chee on me, dopey 19 year old marines who blast their dvd players at 7:30am, toenail clipping men in suits, screaming babies, downed wires, switch problems, jackasses chatting incessantly on their cellphones - or better yet, on their Nextels *beep* hey dude, what're you doin'? *beep* at 8am, slow as molasses trains, conductors who think that the loudspeaker is their ticket to carnegie hall by constantly repeating in 3 different octaves "next stop, Middletown. NEXT stop, MID-dle-TOooown, Next stop will beeeeee MiddleTOWN!"

it's like, DUDE, shut up, i'm trying to effing sleep at 8:11pm so that i don't choke someone tomorrow morning when i am schlepping back on this bi-polar express at 7:20am.

granted - i have a couple of favourite conductors who i have no problems with... but Yappy MacFurkle and his Microphone of Doom really has got to clam up...

tonight... well, tonight i have to fork over my $291 for my pass...

Commuter blowfish

Picture150_31Jan05.jpgon the 6:26pm train to long branch and APPARENTLY I am sitting next to someone who has the unique ability to expand like a blowfish... while reading his Daily News (and crossing the personal space line) his arms are growing... as if he's taken 'roids and/or is the Incredible Hulk (sans torn clothing)... at the moment I have the effing Rush & Molloy page resting on my purse... is this MY paper? god no.

so my bicep (which is no scrawny anorexic one... neither is it a jason giambi sized monstrosity) is having a flex war in the three-seater here (i guarantee that Middle Blowfish Guy is not having issues with the guy on the aisle because A) he's a man and B) that go against some sort of homophobic line most likely...

so I sit here... I started out with slight flexing now i've resorted to the annoyed-you'd-better-get-back-in-your-allotted-space cough.

Aisle Guy just moved 2 rows up... freeing my pinned arm and consequently changing the Blowfish's title now to Aisle Jackass Who's Chomping Juicy Fruit With His Mouth Open...

yeah, I am sure my "friend" is mentally calling me Pepto Bismol Coat Fat Arm Flexor.... whatever...

it's only monday and train rage looms.... *sigh*

::: plunked in on my treO:::

hot piper action :)

because i can't use this on the parade website, i will just have to burn all y'all's eyes by posting it on here... one image that sums up the fundraiser yesterday nicely...


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