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January 5, 2005 10:51 PM

oh sweet baby jeezuz. i had an IM... oh... i am wiping tears from my eyes right now, this is precious... i needed a laugh after feeling like crap and schlepping back and forth to gigglemom in the ER... there is just so much humor in this AIM conversation... so many precious moments... tell me which part is your favourite*

go. now. read this conversation (granted, my grammar may be a bit off in a couple of my sentences and perhaps even my last correction... but i think it's better than what the original was.):

Italianpimp111 [10:17 P.M.]:  yo u ever had a catfigth?

GigglechickHA [10:17 P.M.]:  ?

GigglechickHA [10:17 P.M.]:  who is this?

Italianpimp111 [10:17 P.M.]:  chriz

Italianpimp111 [10:17 P.M.]:  have u?

GigglechickHA [10:17 P.M.]:  eh.

GigglechickHA [10:17 P.M.]:  chris?

GigglechickHA [10:18 P.M.]:  do i know you Chris?

Italianpimp111 [10:18 P.M.]:  i saw ur thingy on that page

GigglechickHA [10:18 P.M.]:  what page?

GigglechickHA [10:18 P.M.]:  what "thingy", Chris?

Italianpimp111 [10:18 P.M.]:  ur that girl who fougth that chick in the bar rigth?

GigglechickHA [10:19 P.M.]:  i pulled someone's hair 2 years ago... wouldn't call it a fight

GigglechickHA [10:19 P.M.]:  why?

GigglechickHA [10:19 P.M.]:  that was after a drink was thrown

Italianpimp111 [10:19 P.M.]:  it says u punched them then pulled her hair lol

GigglechickHA [10:20 P.M.]:  can't say as i did. don't think it says i punched anyone

Italianpimp111 [10:20 P.M.]:  lol u called her a bimbo lol

GigglechickHA [10:21 P.M.]:  and you're IMing me to confirm this?

GigglechickHA [10:21 P.M.]:  um... well, there are a lot of bimbos and guidos who go there.

Italianpimp111 [10:21 P.M.]:  o ic lol

GigglechickHA [10:21 P.M.]:  ? what?

Italianpimp111 [10:22 P.M.]:  i said ur a bimbo lol

GigglechickHA [10:22 P.M.]:  yeah, okay, jackass, don't think i am a bimbo.

Italianpimp111 [10:22 P.M.]:  iam only 16

Italianpimp111 [10:22 P.M.]:  lmao

GigglechickHA [10:23 P.M.]:  yeah i thought you were 12

Italianpimp111 [10:23 P.M.]:  i wanna cat figth u

GigglechickHA [10:23 P.M.]:  oh, so you're a girl?

Italianpimp111 [10:23 P.M.]:  my sis is and thats who u r talking 2

GigglechickHA [10:23 P.M.]:  have you spent a day in English class?

Italianpimp111 [10:23 P.M.]:  us

Italianpimp111 [10:23 P.M.]:  yes

GigglechickHA [10:24 P.M.]:  and did you leave halfway through?

Italianpimp111 [10:24 P.M.]:  well r u going 2 cat figth my sis?

GigglechickHA [10:24 P.M.]:  do you own a dictionary?

GigglechickHA [10:24 P.M.]:  or are you dyslexic?

GigglechickHA [10:24 P.M.]:  figth. what the hell is a "figth"?

Italianpimp111 [10:25 P.M.]:  r u going 2 cat fight my sis

GigglechickHA [10:26 P.M.]:  congrats on learning to spell!!!! wow, if there's one thing you've learned tonight, it's how to flip your Ts and Hs

Italianpimp111 [10:26 P.M.]:  yeah is that a yes or a know cuz shes ready

GigglechickHA [10:26 P.M.]:  CHRIS, what do YOU think is the answer to your question? hmmmmm? seriously.... 

Italianpimp111 [10:27 P.M.]:  yes

GigglechickHA [10:27 P.M.]:  what. hold on... rewind. did you just say "is that a yes or a know"?

Italianpimp111 [10:27 P.M.]:  yes

GigglechickHA [10:28 P.M.]:  "a yes or a know"... you must be kidding me. you are SIXTEEN? i know 4 year olds who have a better grasp on the english language than you...

Italianpimp111 [10:28 P.M.]:  ok stop talking junk are you going to fight?

GigglechickHA [10:29 P.M.]:  junk? what do you mean? that the English language is "junk"? kid, are you planning on going to college?

Italianpimp111 [10:30 P.M.]:  ok ill tell you me and you 1 on 1 behind the bar ok?

GigglechickHA [10:30 P.M.]:  behind what bar? a candy bar? you're sixteen. you've never even seen a bar

Italianpimp111 [10:31 P.M.]:  ok at a park me and you 1 on 1 ok or are you scared of a 16 year old

GigglechickHA [10:31 P.M.]:  darlin' the truth is, i couldn't care less about a 16 year old.

Italianpimp111 [10:32 P.M.]:  well lets fight then

GigglechickHA [10:33 P.M.]:  eh... kid, perhaps you need to take your ritalin, or lithium because you're imagining things

Italianpimp111 [10:34 P.M.]: 

y u keep talking are we going to fight?

GigglechickHA [10:34 P.M.]:  y u ? i'm sorry, i don't speak your "language" perhaps you would like to rephrase that...

Italianpimp111 [10:35 P.M.]:  why you keep talking are we going too fight?

GigglechickHA [10:36 P.M.]:  "why you keep talking are we going too fight?"   *sigh*  okay, apparently you have narcolepsy and fall asleep during English class... there are SO many things wrong in that statement, Chris.

GigglechickHA [10:36 P.M.]:  please restructure it and check spelling

Italianpimp111 [10:37 P.M.]:  Why you keep talking are we going too fight.?

GigglechickHA [10:38 P.M.]:  *sigh*... that was a good attempt... I appreciate your use of initial capitalization and punctuation... but again, it is incorrect

GigglechickHA [10:38 P.M.]:  please try one more time then i will give you the corrections if needed

Italianpimp111 [10:39 P.M.]:  are you a teacher?

GigglechickHA [10:39 P.M.]:  no. I am someone who actually speaks English... please try the sentence again.

Italianpimp111 [10:40 P.M.]:  Are you A teacher?

GigglechickHA [10:40 P.M.]:  the previous sentence, the one we've been working on... again, Chris.

Italianpimp111 [10:41 P.M.]:  well you give me a anwser if i get it rigth?

Italianpimp111 [10:41 P.M.]:  will

GigglechickHA [10:41 P.M.]:  How will you ever "get the ladies" if you can't phrase cheesy pick-up lines, Chris?  yes. try to get the sentence right. and if not, i will definitely correct you.

Italianpimp111 [10:42 P.M.]:  so you will give me a anwser?

GigglechickHA [10:43 P.M.]:  first off, it is "an answer"... please attempt to rework your sentence: "Why you keep talking are we going too fight.?"

Italianpimp111 [10:44 P.M.]:  Why are you keep talking Are we going to figth?

GigglechickHA [10:44 P.M.]:  *shaking my head*

GigglechickHA [10:44 P.M.]:  Christopher Pimp. no. that is incorrect.

Italianpimp111 [10:45 P.M.]:  god give me a anwser

GigglechickHA [10:45 P.M.]:  it should be... "Why do you keep talking? Are we going to fight?"

GigglechickHA [10:45 P.M.]:  my work here is done. stop trying to pick fights and catfights, and crack open your English book, a dictionary and a Thesaurus.

Italianpimp111 [10:46 P.M.]:  Why do you keep talking? Are we going to figth?

GigglechickHA [10:46 P.M.]:  now, Chris, what did we learn about flipping the Ts and the Hs?

Italianpimp111 [10:46 P.M.]:  Are we going to fight?

GigglechickHA [10:46 P.M.]:  good boy. 

GigglechickHA [10:46 P.M.]:  go outside. it's recess time.


*(yes. i use a U in favourite... because i enjoy the "look" of the o and u together...)

meet ItalianPimp111 a delightful young man who decided (unwisely) to IM me this evening...

Name: chris
Location: south fla rippin da 561 4 sho
Gender: Male
Marital Status: iam single but looking so holla
Hobbies & Interests: clubin da screenz ice zone ft laday,and chill with peeps
Favorite Gadgets: naw dawg i dont swing that way!
Occupation: my crib
Personal Quote: sup ty mike alyssa steph rodger brandon nilda crystol ever1 i 4 got now holla 1 iam outie

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