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February 1, 2005

rabbits. pipers. photos.

don't forget to "rabbit, rabbit" first thing in the morning!!!

so, no piper heiney to be found on the parade photos from yesterday - but if y'all wanna check them out -- click here now!

is Doc here? Doc is here.

yeah of course I forgot to "rabbit rabbit"... dreamt that something was wrong with the parade site and I woke up mumbling something... and it wasn't rabbit rabbit.

whatever. I didn't fall asleep til half 2 last night... I was fiddling with the main gigglechick.com entry page (i forgot that I had the mish-mosh green spring cartoon from last year up there...)

I was up watching letterman, too. I must say that he is class. sheer class. he had the former tonight show producer on as well as Doc and members of the former band (who sounded great) as well as nice carson clips.... not to mention, letterman's monologue consisted entirely of jokes that johnny'd written and sent into the show. the graphics they used bookending the commercials were the "more to come" images from the tonight show. What got me a little misty was when Dave said how great it was that the country was collectively "tucked into bed by Johnny Carson"

I am in Dave's camp. Leno's schtick last monday seemed entirely forced and fake and in my opinion, Leno's a hack.

Letterman's right... we will never see someone the likes of Johnny Carson again, but in my opinion, Dave comes damned close.

I'm glad that I can say that I've been tucked into bed by Johnny and for over the past decade, Dave.

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February 2, 2005

happy G-hawg Day!

yep. i've posted this photo for a good 3 years now. maybe one day it'll come true :)

and maybe later this morning Phil will grow a spine and not see his shadow...

six more hours of commuting

I had ALL 9 stoplights switch to red as I neared them today... EVERY single one. it was like a conspiracy... as I grew nearer to manasquan, the cars in front of me became lethargic... the slower they became, the higher my blood pressure rose...

from a block away I saw the 7:20 pull into squan station.... "craaaap!", said I as I was stuck at a stop sign with traffic rushing in front of me in both directions...

that's it, I was gonna go for it... and I stepped on the gas in evel knevil-like fashion and zipped through the small opening between cars... rushing down the sidestreet and beep-beeping my horn (small beeps... not long, loud blaring ones... I didn't want to be a total jackass.)

I skidded into the station as the train sat there allowing a few passengers on...

the parking spot was half-filled with snow, and the front of Mr. T (my auto) is now smashed into said heap...

I know that he's also parked a little "askew" - if you will - okay, he's more on a rush to the station and park fast diagonal. (ah the other spots have tons of snow in 'em)

I think I pulled up my parking brake... I hope.

in any event, they held the doors for me and I am NOT on ye ol Riff-Raff Express (RRE) today... I am sitting comfortably on the 7:20 (of course, this means I have to change in newark....)

time to pass out now... I suspect they're pulling phil out of his stump as I write this.... (i will post phil predictions and staten island chuck prognostications later)

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what kind of little girl were you?

okay. yeah. this was sent to me by peewee... it's pretty accurate.

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February 3, 2005

broke down toeses?


okay - so about a month or so ago i stubbed the hell out of my big ol' right toe. it's been hurting ever since... mainly where the arrow's pointing to, not so much the toe, but like, on the foot. and it's been hurting more and more, not like i can't walk, but i must tell you that part of me is thinking that i may have a hairline fracture near the bunion.

my poor foot. when i am walking through penn station and up & down the stairs my foot's like "eh, ever hear of an escalator?"

oh well... there's probably nothing they can do for me if there's a hairline fracture (or whathaveyou) right there... i sure as hell cannot traipse around the city with a cast or soft shoe cast thing.

EFF and the RRE

so I decided that trekking to squan this morning would mean I would wind up on the RRE... so I hightailed it to long branch in an attempt to catch the 7:41.... the parkway was sluggish for some reason today so when I heard Todd on WPLJ's Big Show say "it's 7:43", I figured i'd catch the 7:50 (which is the 7:20 out of squan)

as I was trying to speed toward the station (which the fastest I could go was 28mph because of the slow-pokes in front of me) the railroad x-ing I usually have to cross had the gates come down and I saw - what would've been - my train barrel past.


I had a couple of minutes in which to get to the station, find a parking spot, shove my $2 in the numbered slot, run down then up the stairs, then jump on the train...

did this happen? no. I made it as far as shoving the money into the box when the train pulled away.

that's when I said "eff" and walked across the street to drunkin' donuts and got my coffee... only to walk back at a leisurely pace to allow my BP to lower and sat down in the vestibule-thing and read my book amongst the beeping of nextel phones, crunching of some chick eating snackwells, some woman having a sneezing fit and some guy on a gameboy... and I waited for the 8:24... which is - you guessed it - The Riff-Raff Express.

apparently the RRE goes hand in hand with the RRV (Riff-Raff Vestibule)

at least - looking at silver lining - I have more options for the train home tonight.

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cat blogging??? wha?

so, the nj blogger ring just sent out an email from some reporter with the trenton times...

I'm a reporter with The Times of Trenton newspaper in Trenton, N.J. I'm working on an article about Friday cat blogging, and am looking for bloggers based in New Jersey or Pennsylvania who are part of that trend.

Would you be able to help me find some? I'd much appreciate it, as I'm having trouble finding any.

goodness. blog ho that i am, i would love to be the subject of an article... but for Friday Cat Blogging? whatever the heck it is, it doesn't sound like it'll get me a date with any guys reading the article.

i could start "Friday Beer Blogging", "Friday Piper Kilt Lift Blogging", "Friday Train Blogging" (eh, but i do that daily...) "Friday Redhead Stalker Blogging", "Friday TGIFridays Appetizer Blogging", "Friday Eh, I Got Nothing To Say Blogging"


Ponytails and commuting

so this morning because I was running late, I slapped my locks into a ponytail coif.

this serves a couple of purposes - one, it saves me 45 min of "doing" my hair (shower, dry, brush, mousse, gel, defrizz)

two, it cuts down on me eating my hair when the wind whips around and blows previous "do" into my mouth.

tonight I experienced pain after having been seated on the train for a few minutes. how? some jackass sat in the seat behind me but GRABBED ONTO the back of my seat and in the same kung fu grip swooped in and snagged my ponytail and pulled my head back, slamming it into the seat.

the fuckwit (excuse me)

oh did I say "excuse me"? yes. did he? NO. an apology? NO.

frigging hair is all mangled and half out of the p-tail and I am sure there's a chunk of my hair embedded under his effing fingernails.


I am going to sleep... of course, this means I have to lean my head back and risk being scalped again.


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February 4, 2005



over the loudspeaker on the 7:20am out of squan I heard a wiseass conductor comment "THIS TRAIN HAS A SCHEDULE"

granted... he was "joking"... but ya' know what? bite me.

it's effing snowing and sleeting - and while I can drive fine and dandy in it, there seem to be others who are freaking out because of the piddly snowflakes... and go SLOWER than the norm...


the reason I didn't post that bit early this morning was because my friend Joe wound up getting on at spring lake and we became "those people" who were talking the entire way up.

I really needed to sleep, too. I was up coding a site til 2:30am and pretty damned tired when I woke up.

I was supposed to -- whoa hold the phone! just saw a guy with a shock of red hair out of the corner of my eye... he's now 5 rows up...-- where was I? oh, right... tonight I was supposed to go to the Friendly Sons of the Shillelagh in Old Bridge - they were having a big party for Jimmy Byrne, our parade's grand marshal.... and The Bantry Boys were playing there... seeing as it started at 7:30 and I am JUST getting on the 8:05 which won't be to squan til 9:56 (knock on wood) and then it's a half hour drive to the FSOS, needless to say, I am not making it... ah, will see everyone tomorrow at parade meeting... but I never saw the Bantry Boys play live.

oh well.

so my friday night will NOT consist of cat blogging... nor will it be filled with live irish music... I will, however, be posting more photos on the parade site and also coding/uploading more pages for joe finn (which, if I can't see live irish music, I may as well do a website for an irish singer :)

and at 9am, I have an appt with H&R Block... yeah I know I had troubles with them initially last year and walked out when the jerk at one branch said that I wasn't worth anything because I wasn't married and didn't own a home... but the woman at the other branch actually kicked some ass and got me a decent refund... so I am going back to her....

I have NJ tax, NY tax, Unemployment stuff (yes I had them take as much out as possible), also, I did freelance work last summer - had taxes taken out there as well - and when I was dooced, I cashed in my 401k (taxes taken out the arse with that)-- yeah yeah, don't bother telling me that I shouldn't've cashed in my retirement fund... it's easy to tell someone that when you aren't having to pay a mortgage when unemployed.

so H&R Block at 9. parade meeting at 12:30 (going, shorechick?)

for now, I shall publish this post since I began it over 12 hours ago....

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plumbing & a piper

the horror that is the NJ Transit toilet - yeah... i had to use it. i pretty much slathered myself in Purell Sanitizing Gel after i got the hell out of there... never ever drink a GIANT cup of coffee before you board a train


ran into one of my piper boys on the train tonight... no fundraiser this week... this was the closest i got to hearing irish music tonight (no he didn't play anything on the train... there woulda been bloodshed most likely)


i just got home half an hour ago. i am beat.

February 5, 2005

just a blurb

trying to upload more photos to the parade site from last sunday... about 200 of them. yikes.

got up early. got the taxes done, my refund is not stellar (heck, i was unemployed for 3.5 months last year and cashed in my 401k -- not to mention it seems as if they put down that i claimed 1 when i know that i claimed 0... remind me to call hr and have them change that on monday. arrrrgh. at least i don't owe anything (and i will be getting a check, but... let's just say i am rooting harder for my numbers in tomorrow's super bowl grid)

that's about it. parade meeting was today. always like going there.

anyway, just wanted to just something down here as i wait for photos to upload.

wow. can you dig it?

wow! i've moved up on the yahoo "most popular/humor & satire" page and slid ahead of scrappleface (yeah, i have no idea how that happened either...) but thank you folks coming here from yahoo... and for coming back... very keen!


watch out The Onion... for some ungodly reason people want to read about my goofy little whiny commuting/redhead stalking/mashed potato making/parade organizing (with others)/golfing/sporadic-at best-stand-up comedy/ beer swigging life...

and to think i'd been happy when i learned i was in fourth place

oh Family Circus, you'd better watch your ass on the #1 comics site up there!!!

February 6, 2005


so, i just finished the website for Joe Finn.... go check it out.... better yet, check it out, then go see him play!

(and that's my actual kazoo making an appearance on the site - i've had that thing for about 23 years)

gleny sees his shadow.

okay. so i am jealous of gleny (of gleny.com fame)... he dressed up on a groundhog pelt and trekked out to see Phil on wednesday in his mini cooper...

check out his video!

root. root. root.

got my big ol' platter of grub ready from Famous Dave's.... and i have my numbers ready...

AFC = 1
NFC = 5


i will be fine if the score is:

afc = 21
nfc = 35


afc = 21
nfc = 15

see, i've been a pats fan since 1991 when they sucked. i haven't been all that gung-ho about them since bledsoe got married and had a kid [my dream was over then] and then he left... yeah tom brady's cute, but he's 12.

i lived in philly for 5 years, so part of me is rooting for them to win (especially since they are closer to NJ... and i think that boston already partied enough with the *gulp* sox win this year.)

so, who am i rooting for? i am rooting for me.

pats = ending in a 1
eagles = ending in a 5

(then i will have a nice down payment for a mini cooper convertible :)

somewhat-super bowl. the ads.

okay. so the first quarter/and half have not been lucrative for me. no mini cooper in my future... but if philly gets 4 more touchdowns and pats get 2 more, then i will be happy...

in the meantime... the commercials. (check them out here at ifilm)

(not for nothing, but in the few that i "rated", i was overly generous with said rating. seriously, this was a pitiful crop of ads this year. what the hell happened? every company donated to the tsunami and crapped out on the money to buy a decent ad spot?)... weigh in and let me know what your favourite ads were!!![email 'em to me or comment here!!!!

after the coin toss:

Ford Mustang Convertible. Frozen Driver. Cop. "don't introduce a convertible this irresistable in the middle of winter" - rating= 9

after kickoff:

Bud Light. Frightened skydiver. guy tosses beer out of plane as incentive. pilot jumps out of plane after beer. rating= 8

1st Quarter:

O2 Optix. contact lense commercial. didn't do anything for me.

Constantine trailer.

Diet Pepsi. P Diddy/Diet Pepsi Truck. everyone begins driving DP trucks to be like puffy

Bubbilicious. Lebron James Pink Lemonade flavour... eh.

Olympus. MRobe. i want this now. i could use that on the train :)

Pacifier - Vin Diesel movie

Fed Ex. Making of best commercial. Burt Reynolds. Bear. Cute Kid. Groin Kick. Bonus Ending. Optional Product Tagline. rating= 8

Bud Light. Cedric. Nagging women. his ads are getting old quick. rating= 4

Volvo. Rocketship. Bumper sticker "my other vehicle is a volvo". Richard Branson. rating= 3

Diet Pepsi. Hot guy walking. Cindy Crawford staring. Carson from queer eye staring. "Staying alive" music. rating= 7.5

GoDaddy.com - hearings. bimbo with wardrobe malfunction. stupid. not worth rating.

Bud Light. Cameraphone. Beer. Apartment. Girlfriend. rating= 8.5

The Longest Yard (remake) with sandler/rock. yeah, i'll go see it.

McDonald's. Lincoln Fry. silly. nothing exciting. rating= 6

Visa Check Card. Superheroes. Underdog makes cameo

Ameriquest. guy on cellphone in bodega. talking. says "You're getting robbed." then proceeds to get ass kicked by owners. rating= 9 (made me giggle... yeah. ass-kickings make me laugh)

Quizno's. someone destroy the talking Bob child, please.

Hitch. Will Smith/Kevin James. I want to see this.

MBNA. rugby and gladys knight. why? no effing idea. rating= 2

Honda Ridgeline Pick-up... eh. not really running out to buy.

2nd Quarter

Budweiser. Animals (giraffes, pigs, odd animals) running towards someplace. all gather outside barn. Bud Clydesdales with the donkey appear. Man says to donkey "see what you started" bonus ending pig with fetlock extensions running. rating= 9 (i'm a sucker for the clydesdales)

Lays potato chips. throw over fence. stuff gets thrown back including MC Hammer- who kids throw back over fence. rating= 6

Subway. "lovebirds". cop walks up to find 2 guys eating toasted subs in fogged up car. nothing spectacular. not very funny. would like to rate it a 10 for not having that fatass Jared in the ad, though.

Pepsi. "your song is in the bottle" - bleh.

Be Cool - vince vaugn/travolta movie

Degree Deodorant. Inaction Heroes. Mamma's Boy. rating= 7

Cadillac. Convertibl.e. backs up in tunnel, then speeds out, like being shot from barrel of gun. hear the drop of a bullet casing. tunnel smoking. rating= 7.5

Careerbuilder. guy working with monkeys. needs new job. rating= 7

Taco Bell. spilling chicken enchilada and soda on guy's collectible sports cards. Repeat.

Bud Light. i would like to call this "Cockatoo Blocker". girl being hit on in bar. cockatoo starts chasing guys away. favourite thing he says "i will step you back to hackensack" rating= 9

Batman Begins. Christian Bale stars. I will go.

Silastone. "I am Diana Pearl" (bunch of guys/coaches/players saying it.) turns out it's a material for counters or something.

Michelob Amber. Rich/Smooth. Guy dancing badly but is rich. Guy making moves on girl pretending an electronics store is his apartment.


Daytona 500. "1 vs. 42" jeff gordon as a captain on a ship.

Heineken. Brad Pitt. Empty Six-Pack. Paparazzi. rating= 8

Toyota. "Leash on Camry". Talking Dog. rating= 4

NFL. Players singing "Tomorrow". Tomorrow we're all undefeated.

3rd Quarter:

Nissan Maxima. Guy touches car. Girl says "not on first date". bleh.

Chase. Maximum Strength Checking. Guy i love that has round head. yeah, it's been on for months. but i have a crush on the guy... the fella who says "I think you can" in his NY accent. *sigh* damned round-headed boys.

Tabasco. Bikini. Tanlines. "Burn Baby Burn" playing.

Robots. movie. animated/with robin williams.

24. "cost 2.4 million to tell you that the best show is on tomorrow. and worth every penny."

Anheuser-Busch. Aiport. People begin clapping. Cut to see applause if for returning troops from Iraq. Cue music. Screen fade to black. "Thank You." rating= 9 for class

Napster. "do the math"

Ameriquest. Guy holding cat who had slipped in spaghetti sauce as he was holding knife. girlfriend walks in. cut to "don't judge too quickly" rating= 8

Careerbuilder.com. more monkeys. different ad.

War of the Worlds. Tom Cruise. June 29

Cialas. It took 2 and a half quarters before we saw an erection ad. thank gawd.

right now, it's still the 3rd quarter. i will post the rest of the ads after the game (in this same post)


okay. it's over. the pats won. i lost the grid thing. arrrrgh. and there really weren't any "stand out" ads after i wrote all that crap up there.

the emerald nuts ad was somewhat good. nice cgi.

mastercard's "priceless" ad with animated pitchcharacters (charlie tuna, the vlasic stork, mr. clean. etc. etc.) that was decent... cute.

bud light. cedric. designated driver dance. eh. i think my lip curled up in a half grin. not sure.

other than that. the commercials were ho-bloody-hum.

February 7, 2005

monday monday monday!

wow... long day...

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February 8, 2005

mardi mardi mardi!


February 10, 2005

Too tired to title this thing (ah, alliteration)

wow. so I tried posting a blurb on here yesterday... guess it didn't take.

to the stalker who wrote the idiotic masterbation insinuation.. write something like that again and I am banning you IP address.

anyway... what's been going on? right now I am on thr RRE. tuesday I stayed over peewee's and had the pleasure of a 4 minute commute yesterday morning... after I worked til 7 on tues, we went and drank at a good dive called Jimmy's Corner... then went and saw ocean's 12... good for the eye candy (and eddie izzard was in it *sigh*)

then we went back to Jimmy's... there4 been a guy there who's a stagehand for conan's show. peewee told him about my redheaded leprechaun fetish... the guy said "wanna meet him?"

why the hell didn't this happen 6 years ago when I was in my height of lusting after conan and he wasn't married with child? hmmmm...?

by the end of the night I wound up being challenged to thumb wrestle five guys (yes. my thumb was the equivalent of jodie foster in the accused.)

the was some drunkard in there who's pick-up line to me and peewee was "I LIKE CORN."

eh, okay there Frank Birdseye, thanks for the info.

also on tues. night I called and made an appointment with a psychic. i'd heard of this guy 8 years ago... tucked his number away (you can only call between 5 and 9pm on tues)... then a couple of months ago peewee says she went to a psychic. then told me his name... and I flashed back. so I have a date with a psychic at 6:30pm on valentine's day... woot.

haven't gone to one since my trip to new orleans in 99... will find link or tell ya later... thumb's killing me from the carnage the other night.

yesterday... got my ashes. gave up cursing. got into work at 8:15am began cursing at 11am. decided upon back-up plan and am giving up junk food. may need back-up plan for that soon though.

swamped at work. not getting into it here.

left early at 5pm and hightailed it to my Women of Irish Heritage meeting in spring lake... joe finn was the entertainment and had kind things to say about me when telling the crowd he has a website... I have to take one of his songs and post it on his site. if anyone can help me compress it, shorten it to about 45 seconds and all that good stuff shoot me an email or comment.

what else? I think i've caught y'all up...


::: plunked in on my treO:::

February 11, 2005

mike wolf.

i just learned from the donk's site that mike wolf (randomness personified) passed away last night (wednesday)...

mike's last post was classic foreshadowing... or irony... or coincidence...

he was on my blogroll. i met him once at the 2003babb. i didn't read him enough. but over the 2 years that i've been reading him, he's seemed like a quirky, keen, swell egg.

rest in peace.


in a good mood today - with an underlying snarlfest looming... yep got the punctuation early this morning. and things are annoying the eff out of me at the moment.

no. the psychic is not ms. cleo.
yes. i've been to a psychic before.
yes. i am going into it with an open mind.
no. i do not plan to tell him anything personal except to show him photos like he asked.
no. i am not hung up on fat matt still. that was 5 and a half years ago. just because i thought i saw him on the same train does not mean i am "hung up on him"
no. i do not have a specific "love interest" at the moment.

while i enjoy having people commenting and such on this site, i am just a little agitated by some of the comments... and this week, i am most likely going to be quite surly.

word of advice.... read the blog.


am popping on the 7:08pm shortly... finished my one book, "Pink Slip" by rita ciresi - started it on monday night. finished it this morning only read it on the train - it was pretty good. i'll read more from ciresi in the future.

just picked up nick hornsby's "High Fidelity"... no. I didn't read it prior to seeing the movie. now that I barely remember the movie (except for some choice jack black moments and even more choice john cusack action) I figured it was time to read it.

that said.... i'm cracking it open.

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February 12, 2005

the RHC™

hey. really quick. watched letterman and saw that one of my "yeah, i'd stalk him if i weren't so lazy" comedians was on (making his debut)

bill burr (who -if i remember correctly - used to go by billy back in the day when i began seeing him perform over the past 4 years or so)

burrfence.jpgyes. a redhead.

a redheaded comic. (the RHC™)

granted he's a redheaded comic who's all like anti-marriage in his act & is a red sox fan (but, also a pats fan so that's okay) but, hell... he's funny as heck and cute, my friends. so... go check him out - but don't forget to drop the gigglechick name to him like it's 8th grade... seriously. do it. just don't spread any rumours like "she's got cooooooties..." etc etc.

it's not the sizemore of the fake penis that matters

dear yahoo news,

you saucy bastards... you sure do know how to suck a girl into reading an article about an actor she cannot stand... i mean, come on...what the hell else am i gonna do but click when you have the glaring headline:

Actor Tom Sizemore Fails Drug Test with Fake Penis

ah... the Whizzinator. some brilliant industrial designer thought that one up i suppose.


on a personal note: i chopped 7 inches off my hair. photos later or tomorrow.

February 13, 2005

7 inches

not the most terrific of photos, i'm tired and was sitting in the bathroom when i took this (i said SITTING) but, i wanted to slap an image of the new "do" up on the site (better photos tomorrow after the fundraiser, hopefully)


it's a little different from the long hangy locks that i've been sporting (98% of the time in a crappy ponytail)

February 14, 2005


am so sick... yes. go ahead. start painting "save gigglechick" on water towers...
am not going into work (fever, chills, all the symptoms on a nyquil bottle and then some)

needless to say, not going to the psychic tonight or staying over peewee's



is anyone else being bombarded by spam in their trackbacks?? i am being spampinged.

how the heck can i stop this (barring the idea of turning trackback pinging off.)

alive. somewhat.

see where i posted the "spamping" thing at 11:11am this morning? well, i then scuttled back to my bed and proceeded to sleep....

i woke up at 6:45pm...

drenched with sweat...erm... i mean perspiration because i am a lady.

*whine* my eyesockets hurt.

i was miserable the entire day yesterday at the fundraiser, i so wanted to go home, but since "joe's girls" were the ones "running" the thing, i couldn't... you know, promises and stuff and having to sell the shirts.

we did well yesterday. decent crowd. worked our asses off and had a decent 50/50 as well...

got hit on by a redheaded busboy who was most likely shy of 21...

i have to take a shower - blargh.

February 15, 2005

erin go blarrgh

am home again... sick. i am totally dizzy and nauseous. drinking warm ginger ale. wrote into work. was told i will have to put in extra hours to catch up. fine. hoping peewee will let me crash there tomorrow night... because i plan on working til hell freezes over on wednesday (which should be delightful for the health.)

anyway... really dizzy right now, gotta go back to the horizontal position and sleep... which is not exactly an easy thing because the condo next door is re-doing everything and it's nothing but hammers, saws and i swear i heard a jackhammer right next to my head.

yawn. blargh. ick. whine. glaghh.

just woke up (yes. i went back to bed after my last post) yes. my eyesockets still hurt. no, i'm not hungry. yes. i've lost weight (thank gawd) yes i am going into work tomorrow come hell or high water... even though i just got sick and swear i saw blood (sorry, i know that it's the dinner hour that i am writing this and a few of you may be reading this.)

how are the water towers coming along???

this has been your evening whinereport

woo. i was able to force (and keep) down a small toasted roll, a small cup of wawa chicken noodle soup and about 4 spoonfuls of cherry garcia ice cream... and tea... and ginger ale.

eyesockets still on verge of exploding. i think that this may be the sickest i've felt in 12 years. seriously.

that said. g'night.

in the meantime, whilst i am snoozing, this should tickle your fancy... behold the valentine's day short from ze frank... *yeah, i missed valentine's day. whatever. not a big deal.

February 16, 2005

Flippin' flu

well on the plus side, i've lost 7 pounds since sunday. on the negative side I barely remember driving to the train station about 10 minutes ago. I am dizzy and miss perspiration. yum.

i'll see how I am feeling whether I can make it thru the entire day much less work late into the evening as planned.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

Call me Hooch

so I slept on the train (caught the 7:20 out of squan which meant I had to switch in newark)

as I was waiting for the train to pull into newark I was standing in the vestibule and some cute guy starts asking me about what track the connection pulls into... I start chatting... then I feel my cheek...


the vestibule was dark. don't think he noticed except then he followed me to track one... where i'd just run up 46 steps (with the flu) and was ready to pass out. breathing heavily. mouth went dry as paste (dried paste) and the slobber was still half on my face.

the sad thing is, he looked like a young tom hanks... he's about 5 rows back, i've de-drooled myself... know that he works at 46 & madison... so if you see an ad on the teevee about a slobberchop chick... guess who the inspiration was....

::: plunked in on my treO:::

Drool not a factor

on closer inspection he's got a ring on the left hand.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

February 17, 2005

early. too early.

was supposed to stay at peewee's last night - i called an audible and took the train home last night so i could sleep in my own bed --- as much as i dig the aerobed at chez peewee, when you're sick, nothing beats your own bed.

of course this means i have to catch the 6:55am train - a feat not accomplished by me since my first week on the job... so why i am sitting on here typing, well, no idea.

have to pop into the shower then skidaddle.

still queasy and dizzy. yay.

How the heck?

somehow I was half an hour early for the 6:55am train

::: plunked in on my treO:::

Gorbi, put up that wall.

I have a large russian man's frigging stomach jutting into the side of my head right now and I feel sick because his "cologne" smells like something died... his wife is sitting next to me in the middle of a 3 seater. no. I am not getting up. they were late to the train. now I have to smell the borscht belt to my right and listen to svetlana on my left yapping at him...


you betcha, I got some photos of his belly peeking out of his shirt while his big pants "area" loomed over my shoulder.

luckily they moved after secaucus otherwise they would've had a little more to worry about than the kgb

(yeah I know the kgb is a memory now but I wanted to sound threatening)

::: plunked in on my treO:::

blonde joke email #398

A blonde calls her boyfriend and says, "Please come over here and help me. I have a killer jigsaw puzzle, and I can't figure out how to get it started." He asks,"What is it supposed to be when it's finished?"

The blonde says, "According to the picture on the box, it's a tiger."

Her boyfriend decides to go over and help with the puzzle. She lets him in and shows him where she has the puzzle spread all over the table.

He studies the pieces for a moment, then looks at the box, then turns to her and says, "First of all, no matter what we do, we're not going to be able to assemble these pieces into anything resembling a tiger."

He takes her hand and says, "Second, I want you to relax. Let's have a nice cup of tea, and then..." he sighed,"...Let's put all these Frosted Flakes back in the box."

February 18, 2005

elbow elbow wrist wrist

totally forgot to line up someone to take photos at the beauty pageant tonight. the webhost for the parade asked me if i was going (and i hadn't planned on it) and i said to myself... crap. see, the photo that's up from last year was taken the following sunday at the fundraiser... would rather have an image that was taken at the shindig while the girls are all dolled up than at the bar.

anyway... right now, i am sitting here in the office (trying to choke down some pizza) and they are laying down carpet ---- meaning i have to try not to pass out from the fumes that are floating around from the glue they are using... seriously, i am dizzy from flu AND from glue (yes. that rhymes.)

February 19, 2005

ice cold beer

well, i am off to my Mid-Winter 2 Mile Beach Run... jude and i are most likely going to walk fast :)

i have my broken toe taped up... and the alka seltzer flu meds coursing thru my veins...

i am doing this for the beer and the sweatshirt

of course, on the train yesterday, Trip made a good point about not having to walk 2 miles if he wanted beer...

wish me luck - that i don't pass out and get washed away by the tide.

came in 4th...

from last!!!


had fun though. found out that i have asthma. only other person i knew who ran it (besides jude) was my ex-steve (*and his wife)

am home for now... am heading back out in an hour or so...

check out the photos that i took on my "stroll"

of course, it looks as if both jude and i made the jersey shore runner's club photo album (this was PRE race... click the photo album and we're image #2)

February 20, 2005

recap. sunday. fundraiser/drinky

the fundraiser today was fantastic! had a blast. sold a ton of shirts! then went to the shillelagh afterward... drank. played shuffleboard (i stink at it.) and flirted with married guys (no. i know that isn't great, but i was harmless since their wives were there and pretty and i stood no chance of ever squirreling in on that.)

okay. now i need to sleep. i have to work tomorrow and nj transit is on holiday schedule tomorrow (meaning, like, one bloody train an hour.)

February 21, 2005

Mornin', Mister President

hey it's president's day and guess what? i'm on the holiday-scheduled 7:36am out of squan... not quite my 7:21 yet not quite the RRE... I should get into the city around quarter of ten. cross your fingers...

hey... silly question... anyone have an image of the location of all lymph nodes (or glands) that are found in the neck... specifically at the base of the neck and where it meets the right shoulder? is there one there?

by the way... it snowed last night... and I have my sneakers on instead of my boots because there's apparently a hole in my boot and I start squish-squishing and my feet get wet when I wear 'em... I need new boots.

on that note, time for my train nap.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

race results - clarification!!!

turns out i was 16th from last!!!!
they posted the official results...

and my time was a blistering 30:14 not the 31:40 i originally thought...

i pity, eh, me...

can you tell me what kind of sadistic joke i am playing on myself????

i just registered for the fool's run on April 9th

it's a bloody 5K. effing 3.1 miles.

i had better start training so i can kick some 6 year old ass.

email joke #399

A newlywed couple had only been married for two weeks. The husband, although very much in love, couldn't wait to go out on the town and party with his old buddies.

So, he said to his new wife, "Honey, I'll be right back."

"Where are you going, coochy cooh?" asked the wife.

"I'm going to the bar, pretty face. I'm going to have a beer."

The wife said, "You want a beer, my love?" She opened the door to the refrigerator and showed him 25 different kinds of beer, brands from 12 different countries: Germany, Holland, Japan, India, etc.

The husband didn't know what to do, and the only thing that he could think of saying was, "Yes, lollypop...but at the bar...you know...they have frozen glasses...

He didn't get to finish the sentence, because the wife interrupted him by saying, "You want a frozen glass, puppy face?" She took a huge beer mug out of the freezer, so frozen that she was getting chills just holding it.

The husband, looking a bit pale, said, "Yes, tootsie roll, but at the bar they have those hors d'oeuvres that are really delicious... I won't be long, I'll be right back. I promise. OK?"

"You want hors d'oeuvres, poochi pooh?" She opened the oven and took out 5 dishes of different hors d'oeuvres: chicken wings, pigs in blankets, mushroom caps, pork strips, etc.

"But my sweet honey... at the bar... you know... there's swearing, dirty words and all that..."

"You want dirty words, cutie pie ?...

Continue reading "email joke #399" »

Dear Gigglechick....

*sigh* okay... not for nothing, but, seriously i have been getting a ton of effing freaks coming to my site and commenting lately (if i haven't specifically called you out as annoying the effing bejeezuz out of me, you are safe... so consider yourself not a freak in the GC handbook.)

one who IS now on the list is "Jessy" who commented in this post where i was recapping sunday's fundraiser... granted, "daring britterize" had a similar comment - different email, different IP addy...

okay, so i used the word "flirt" in said post, that's about all i can tie it into...

IP Address:
Name: Jessy
Email Address: life_saver_candy_is_good@yahoo.com
URL: http://what?/


"yea ,, how do u choose between two guys ??? I am in love with two and don't know whoo to choose.... what would u do?"

okay, besides being irritated by the HORRIBLE usage of "u" for "you" and the "whoo", i am now annoyed by the fact that people are trying to use my comment area as a forum --- as i said, there was a similar comment earlier in the same post... but i can't tell you how many other comments i've deleted basically based on stupidity...

so i emailed the fair "Jessy" back:

"this is not a forum. sorry."

short. to the point. no. not sweet. but not evil yet either.

"Jessy's" response (which i wanted to bang my head with a frying pan after reading):

"what do u mean??? IT's not a forum"

okay... a couple of claws began to extract and i found myself shaking my head at the monitor... then responded:

"my website. it's not your personal forum for your "oh i have two guys" comments. don't post that stuff in the comments especially when it is not relevant to the topic at hand"

okay. see, i was still being as civil as i could.

then i get this:

"My opion u should let people maybe they need to talk about something and get it of there chest"

*closing my eyes to stop them from bleeding. we have the "u"... we have the "opion" --- OPION... frigging bloody hell it's OPINION, kid... *breathe*... and then there's the classic "there" instead of "their" which is up there, in my "opion", with "loose" and "lose" being swapped out (nails clawing on blackboard.)

since it's her "opion", i feel that she needs to vent them in her own space, so i quite calmly jotted off a note:

"that's why you should get your own blog. go to http://www.blogger.com"

to which, apparently being in love with two guys and not knowing "whoo" to choose does fray one's nerves, the lovely "Jessy" sent me off this email:

"Look do u seriously have a prob!!! Get over IT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

so, dear, faithful readers, i implore you... do try to help "Jessy"... her email address is just how she posted it in my comments...


try to help her understand the Meaning of Life, how to choose a guy out of her male harem, which socks to wear tomorrow, perhaps one or two of "U" can help her understand the English language... I, on the otherhand, will be combing through my comments and trying to separate the good ones from the "Miss Lonely Hearts/Dear Abby" ones...

oh... and feel free to comment..... *ahem*

February 22, 2005

BP 790/60

I would have posted this in the comments, but something screwy is happening with the treo... okay.... here goes...

chad were you TRYING to make my eyes bleed and my blood pressure rise to abnormal levels after commenting in the previous post? because - if so - you've come very close... stop clicking submit. 7 frigging times? and you didn't just do it by mistake since you changed up some of the words... by the way... the soup is spelled "Campbell" not "Cambell"... AAAARRRGGGHHHHH.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

mouthin' off in NYC


cowboy mouth is coming back to NYC on March 31st!!!!!!

at BB KINGS!!!


for those not in the know, cowboy mouth, go. click here.


sitting on the 6:14pm outta nyc... throughout the day I've been progressively getting an annoying as hell cough.... and now on the train I am, once again, the outbreak monkey.

one thing I didn't have last week when I was sick was a cough...

at least I have a doctor's appointment on thursday night (granted it's for a chick related check-up but I am killing two or 3 birds with one stone...) first, doing the check-up thing, next see if he can prescribe something for the flu and third I need him to check that lump on my neck (the one I mentioned yesterday) that's been there for a couple of months but got larger recently (no it's not like it's some weird hump or anything.... it's most likely just a swollen lymph node... that I want to have checked out "just in case".... )

that said, I am gonna try to take a nap on the train but my neck hurts so am sure I won't get many z's

::: plunked in on my treO:::

February 23, 2005

Bruthah, can you spare a lung?

sitting here waiting for the RRE... missed the 7:20 because of a coat of ice on my car.

just had my grain bagel with black olive cream cheese and am now sipping my apple tea very gingerly.

the cream cheese may not have been the smartest choice i've made... see, what with feeling icky, last night I broke down and bought that Mucinex crap... a couple of weeks ago I swore not to purchase that product because of that nasty animated Phlegm Monster in their ads that makes me sick...

let's just tell ya' that the stuff works. no I didn't have cartoons flying out of my lungs, but it does work.... no I am not feeling better and I am not taking the stuff while I am at work because of the wretched noises my body/lungs/hacking was making from it.... even though I should be taking it...

anyway... I am feeling horrid and whiny and it's a full moonish day...

good morning.

::: plunked in on my treO:::


remember a few weeks ago when the guy smelling like a diaper filled with shrimp boarded the RRE at asbury park? well... this time getting on at the same stop is Miss Perfume That Has A Strong Hint of Febreze and Cat Urine.... guess who she sat down with?

I seriously wish I took my Mucinex before I left this morning... if only just to make her move to another car....

::: plunked in on my treO:::


i am forcing down the obligatory sick food... chicken noodle soup and a can of ginger ale (tea and toast can also be considered sick food too - just, not for my lunch at the office today)

sorry for whining about the flu/sicky thing over the past couple of days... not very giggly.

have "non-drowsy" theraflu coursing through my veins as we speak... alas, i still am coughing (and quite possibly annoying the eff out of my co-workers who sit near me... it's one fo those every minute and 45 seconds non-productive dry coughs... hell, i know that I am annoyed by it...)

since i work in a "bullpen" open area with 30 others (no walls) i suppose passing out and sleeping at me desk is NOT an option at the moment...

speaking of sleep... bastards on the effing train... there's these 4 men who are on the RRE every day and they sit in the same seat (yes. you may say, then steer clear of them... but these are the least of the riff-raff) anyway, today they were their usual loud-mouthed selves --- maybe since i am snarly, it seemed as if they were moreso...

i SO wanted to go over and reach behind the one guys ear searching for something then say, "where the hell is the volume control on this son of a bitch"

but i didn't. *sigh*

then the conductor (mike) who has ADD in my opinion and is just as - if not more - loud sits down with them for 45 frigging minutes and all the while as he's yapping away, he's got his handful of train tickets that he shuffles like cards, the noisy flipping with the thumb sort of shuffling... FORTY FIVE FRIGGING MINUTES OF ZZZZZZIP ZZZZZZIP ZZZZZZZZIP...

kill me...

oh, and not to mention the guy across the way from me and perfume cat urine woman, well he was clipping his nails... CLICK..... CLICK....CLICK... you would think that he has 7 hands the amount of clicking going on...

• on the brighter side of things, here're the top 100 gadgets of all time (nail clippers not on there. thanks.... woot! speak n' spell in the howwwse.

February 24, 2005

stirrups and snow

on the 7:21am outta squan... have to leave work early today... although I have a feeling the doctor's going to cancel my 7:15pm appointment... they're calling for 5-8 inches of snow... starting at noonish. fantastico. if nothing else, if this one cancels, I do have another appointment with another chick doc... soonest I could get an appt there? June 18. it was pretty easy to get an appt with the doc I was going to tonight (just found out his father-my old doc- retired and the son now runs his office...) but after making the appointment, I am kinda leary... his degree is from "The University of Dominica"... yeh. the guy couldn't even stay in the states to get his doctorate... nor did he get it in a "legit" country... so I think that I may forego this guy, see if the regular primary doc has an appt on saturday morning, and wait to go back on the ABV's in june (for those not in the know about ABV's, type ABV into the search bar on the left nav of my site.)

anyway. have to switch in newark so I shall pass out now... by the way, i've pretty much lost my voice today and feel like schlock. how are you?

::: plunked in on my treO:::

cushy plush posh heaven

oh dear god... that's a good inflection I am saying that with... I had to switch in newark and I hopped on the amtrak train to nyc...

my ass and ears and back and everything are in heaven...

we've got big time police walking the train ready to kick riff-raff ass... this is beautiful...

I have my monthly nj transit ticket which allows me to pop onto this bad boy... holy goodness.... and I would like to wave to the nj transit train that we made stop and wait for us to pass even though this amtrak train was 5 minutes late....

the car is dark (unless you want to put on a small light. there's an air conditioning control.... yeah you would think that I never was on a train before.... well, technically, I was never on an amtrak one... well, not in 10 years when I jumped on one by mistake and was snarled at by the conductor because I didn't have the corrct pass and I didn't experience the joy... and I couldn't appreciate it because back then it was the third day of ever commuting in my life... I hadn't experienced the hell of NJT yet.

they have tray tables you can fold down in front of you...

i'm just sad that I am only on here for 12 or so minutes.


::: plunked in on my treO:::


so I caught the 4:17pm outta nyc in hopes to be down the shore by 6:10 in time to make it to my 7:15 doc appt.

it's been snowing for hours down there apparently... and so...... the doctor's office just called and cancelled on me.

whatever. at least survivor and the apprentice are on tonight.

right now I have a baby screaming over my shoulder and into my ear.... I definitely need to get those ABVs

::: plunked in on my treO:::

February 25, 2005

two dirty stay outs...

okay. so my throat is now killing me and the mucinex is just sitting there in my system like some sort of useless pill...

damn flu. i knew the Pope and I shouldn't have gone out for pints this weekend... We're both sick again. That'll teach both of us.

(big shout out to JP2... get well soon!!)

a moment before scarfing down food.

okay. so i am debating what to have for lunch. my mind says it's hungry but my body is saying "hell no."

had chicken noodle soup for breakfast though, so it's not like i am not eating (let's get that straight)

throat. ow.
tummy. ow.
lungs. ow.
body. ow.

that's been your daily flu-riddled update...

i called up the doctor (regular. not chick) and scheduled an appointment for tomorrow. only slot open? 8bloody30am... so much for "rest"... then i have to go to the parade meeting. hopefully i will feel better by tomorrow morning, go to doc, have him shoo me out of the office (will have him look at that lump though - that's still there.) and then head to the FSOS for the meeting...

the last fundraiser is this sunday afternoon at O'Neill's which shoul be fun... if i am feeling well enough i will go see gleny and jude do the polar bear plunge in point on sunday morning before heading over to the fundraiser (i only have 27 shirts left to sell... that reminds me that i was going to bring shirts to the parade meeting tomorrow)

that said. looking like it may be another cup of soup for me...


NO SOUP FOR ME~! (yes. soup nazi-esque reference)

anyway... went across the street to kmart and bought a cheapo am/fm radio --- so i can listen to wplj in the mornings on the train and *touch wood* block out the riff-raff... it's about time...

anyway, so i got that, then went across the street and bought a tall chail tea latte (not the best choice for someone on mucinex... blargh. tastes good but i am sure i shall pay for it.) and ordered a rice krispie treat (starbucks, kids) anyway, when i opened the pastry box when i got back to the office, it was some sort of chocolate brownie with caramel, fudge and marshmallows...

what could i do? i mean there are starving children in china so i couldn't let it go to waste... had to eat it. *twist my arm*

so that was my "healthy" lunch... now i feel even more ill... BUT... i am listening to the radio and cranking out layouts now that i have my $15 radio... woot!

*hic* weave me be!

from the handsome and talented (not to mention sometimes perverse) paulkatcher.com... i snagged this link...

granted i haven't beaten paul's score of 83 meters (since i am at work) but i did manage a whopping 15 meters.

go. now. walk the drunk home!

friday night blonde joke #427

A blind man enters a lesbian bar by mistake. He finds his way to a bar stool and orders a drink. After sitting there for a while, he yells to the bartender in a loud voice, "Hey bartender, you wanna hear a dumb blonde joke?"

The bar immediately falls deathly quiet. In a deep, husky voice, the woman next to him says, "Before you tell that joke, sir, I think it is just fair, given that you are blind, that you should know five things...

One: The bartender is a blonde woman.

Two: The bouncer is a blonde woman.

Three: The woman sitting next to me is blonde and is a professional boxer.

Four: The lady to your right is a blonde and is a professional wrestler.

Five: I'm a 6-foot, 200 pound blonde woman with a Ph.D., a black belt in Karate, and a very bad attitude.

Now, think about it seriously, mister. Do you still want to tell that joke?"

The blind man thinks for a second, shakes his head and says:
"Nah. Not if I'm gonna have to explain it five times."

blogger memorial get together bash thing

frig. in my flu-riddled stupor today, it totally slipped my mind that there's a nyc blogger get together (remembering mike wolf tonight.)

damn flu. wish i could've been there.

February 26, 2005

stand by with your water tower paint buckets

hmmmm... well.... i just came back from the doctor..

on a good note my blood pressure is 110/78

on a medium note i have bronchitis and they're slapping me on zithromax

on a note all that great but i am not going to jump to conclusions note:

he wants me to go to an ear, nose & throat doctor to have the swollen lymph node checked out and, i quote, "possibly get a biopsy on it"

and he mumbled something about lymphoma and jackie o dying and just get it checked out even though "it's not a huge one right now"

the doctor was nice - really... and he didn't poo-poo my query about the lump... so that was good...

hopefully i can get an appointment for early next week at the ENT... i will tell you this, i am NOT changing my website's name to cancerchick.com --- doesn't have the best ring to it.

so that's it. biopsy (possible. not certain i will need one. knock on wood that i don't... because, not for nothing, it's hard enough to get a damn date without having a huge chunk being chopped out of one's neck... much less being Lymphy Magee.)


maybe i could sell t-shirts on here that have the watertower with SAVE GIGGLECHICK on them... as a fundraiser "just in case" anything happens

February 27, 2005

flu*, food, fundraiser

okay... someone tell me why i am still awake, please. i have been awake since 7:30am... arrrrgh.

watched Garden State tonight (already saw it back in the theaters over the summer with TGIWDBDKWTW, but liked it and rented it again)

also fiddled with the photo section on the belmar parade site

had a regular parade meeting then hung out drinking soda at the shillelagh club where the bartender said i was ruining my reputation since i was just drinking a coke... then had a line up meeting for the parade a little later... then went and picked up my Rx for the zithromax... got some wonton soup and pork fried rice and hunkered down for the night.

have the LAST of the fundraisers on sunday... so if anyone wants to show up, PLEASE DO!!!

390 E. MAIN ST.,
3PM - 7 PM
732.528.5666 OR 732.280.2648

* yeah, i know i said flu, it's actually bronchitis... but bronchitis didn't fit with the alliterationesque bit i was trying to pull.

hello joe!

as well as fiddling with the parade website, i added a guestbook to the joefinn.com website...

February 28, 2005

checking in at 1:10am

hey really quick. had the fundraiser today - it was the last one for the parade (before next week's investiture ceremony/luncheon and next sunday's parade!)

go check out the fresh photos!

am on my second day of zithromax, and starting to feel a bit better... have to call the doctor tomorrow to get the referral for the biopsy thing... everytime i think "biopsy" i think of the scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when Andrea Martin's character Aunt Voula is trying to say ´┐Żbiopsy,´┐Ż ... pretty much is saying "bibopsy", "bopispy", "biboby", etc... then said "Inside the lump, he found teeth and a spinal cord. Inside the lump was my twin"

yeh. eww :)

anyway. much needed sleep...

OH!!! big news! I SOLD EVERY LAST DANG PARADE T-SHIRT -- no more t-shirts left... all 200 GONE! *whew*

and i got misty during Jamie Foxx's speech tonight... i need to see every damned movie out there.

the ears are taken care of

okay... I have had my radio playing during the commute (with earphones, of course)... I see the flock of annoying loud-talker guys a few rows ahead... CAN'T HEAR A DAMN PEEP OUTTA 'EM!

the only problems thus far are the guy behind me reading the paper who keeps resting the paper on my frigging head... and the woman in front of me who's perfume is wafting up my nostrils - stinky.

other than that, so far, not so bad :)

::: plunked in on my treO:::


so the biopsy is scheduled for this friday morning at 9 at the ENT. lovely... i am working from home that day... i am taking the zithromax and trying to talk my lymph node down with it... but so far, it's still hanging on there...

remind me not to go on the lymphoma.org symptoms page again...

i've seemed to have the flu or a cold pretty much for a while. been tired as sin, of course, that may be the commute... have the damned lump thing in the neck... the only thing that would be a "good" symptom that i don't have at the moment is, of course, the "unexplained weight loss"...

sticker shock

have any of you nj transit riders come across the stickers slapped on the ends of the trains that say:

paid for by the disgruntled NJ Transit conductors

have you? well I am all for people having a decent salary and all, really I am... but are you funking kidding me? I have to shell out $291 a month to have their bellyaching sticker glaring at me?

I am ready to wield my sharpie and write:





WE WANT TO SAY NJTRANSIT'S SUCKED 4 HOURS OUT OF OUR DAY (okay that one's a little long and not so good..)

paid for by the trapped disgruntled NJ Transit commuter who is subject to hours where the NJ Transit conductors don't do a damned thing when someone's yelling on their phone, kicking their seat, clipping their toenails or spitting on the floor...

NJ TRANSIT.... your conductors put that effing sign up on the wrong bloody day. I just handed over $291 for my monthly pass and your train sat still in the snow for 20 min outside newark and you are giving me the effing sticker guilt?

that's it. i'm gonna make my own stickers up on cafepress later... and slap 'em on the trains.

maybe a simple:


followed by the aforementioned "paid for" disclaimer.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

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