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March 1, 2005


so i worked from home today... was able to take the powerbook g4 thingy home -- and after a little while of figuring the damned thing out (i am not a laptop girl) i was able to get all hooked up and work and have thoughts of buying one of those puppies for myself...

*sigh* gadget girl needs another gadget.

on the lymphy magee front:

as i said, the appointment is on friday at 9am... i planned on going by myself, but gigglemom said she wanted to go... then i called giggledad and told him that i was going, keep in mind, giggledad hates medical things, creeps him the hell out... i told him about this around 1:30... imagine my surprise when he said he was gonna pick me up and drive me to the ENT on friday morning...

so it's gonna be me, gigglemom and giggledad... going to the giggleENT.

yes. i am going to feel like i am 5 years old... and while i will feel weird having an entourage (not sure if step-gigglemom will be joining us) and having them either hang out in the waiting room, or, i dunno if they plan on coming into the actual room and watching a needle go into my node (that sounds sick)

granted, the thing's been swollen since mid-december. yes, i've been sick... a lot - more than normal this year. i am trying not to look at the sites that say what the symptoms are... all i know is, i have the lymphthang and i've also been really run down (but that may be the commute, the running around doing parade stuff or staying up late - i just can't sleep easily...)

so there i'll be with "the family" -- i just don't want the doctor to look at me and shake his head saying "what do you need a biopsy for? you don't have a swollen lymph node" and then i'll be The Girl Who Cried Lymph... but then again, i DO want him to say "what the hell do you need a biopsy for? you have nothing wrong with you."

oh, so since i was home today, yeah, i had the teevee on in the background...

ever notice when you think you're pregnant that you see all those baby commercials, pregnancy test ads, pampers ads and think it's a conspiracy?

well, today, it's like there's a cancer ad influx... cancer institutes, cancer energy pills (hey, i didn't say i paid attention to the Rx name) on ellen there was a kid who "beat cancer" and they brought KISS out to give him a hug (i tell ya, i wouldn't be asking for a hug from KISS...) flip to another channel and there's a avon breast cancer walk ad (not that that's what i have, but, still....)

i am watching the amazing race premiere tonight, if there's a cancer survivor on there, then i am turning the teevee off... nah, i won't turn it off, i have to watch the NYPD Blue series finale...

now on the teevee there's a preview for this week's LOST... and Matthew Fox is in it, and whenever i see him, all i can think of is his character on Party of Five screaming all pissed off "I HAVE CANCER!"

which i don't. i am sure it's nothing that nyQuil can't fix... right? cherry flavoured?


as a reward for reading thru all my drivel, check out Lego Thriller ... [snagged blatantly from gleny]

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March 2, 2005

quick hey

first off, THANK you folks who commented with your well wishes and concerns and all that - i thank you and Mr. McLymphnode thanks you (yeah, we're still settling on a name for the node...)

anyway... long strange day... not gonna get into it right now as i am sick of yapping and thinking about it...

and tomorrow i have to be in the office by 9... so that's the 6:22 train for me... errrgh.

that said. g'night.

as i drift off into slumber have you seen savetoby.com? awful... and why didn't i think of that?? [thanks to kevin for the link]

March 3, 2005


somehow someway I drove up to long branch and made the 7:03am train... that'll get me into nyc at 8:26... well before the 9am hour... apparently it skips little silver and red bank stations... and now we're pulling into middletown ready to deal with the onslaught of passengers...

anyway I am gonna try to pass out now. couldn't sleep last night.

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March 4, 2005

one pill makes you smaller

it may just be wishful thinking but i feel as if the lymph node is shrinking a bit... i mean, i HAVE been on the zithromax so maybe that helped... but it is still "there"

dad'll be here at 8:30 to head over there... must get some shuteye...

no water towers are necessary yet. will let you know what the what is tomorrow...

Girl who cried "lymph!"

I am fine! no biopsy was even needed... head & neck surgeon who specializes in cancer checked me out said that the lymph node was in "the normal size range" and that it was good that I got it checked out and that if I have anymore lumps to come back...

basically, get this... because i've been worried about the damn node i've been touching it... and he said that from "massaging it" that that causes the thing to kinda never go down with the swelling... so, they've put one of those cone-shaped dog collars on me to stop me from touching it....

okay. no. I don't have a collar on me... the bottom line is that I am fine... the doc said that if I DID want to clear my mind further that he could operate on me and take Lymphy Magee out and send him to the pathologist...

eh... not yet. I trust this guy's opinion.

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yo... jersey!

well, since i don't have cancer *whew* i suppose i have "da' jersey blogmeet" to look forward to on April 2nd....

who hasn't signed up!?!??!?!?!

go. now. check out the details, yap with kate or jim and then you'll be linked to that page...

(i have to head over to kohl's and get some sort of outfit for tomorrow's investiture ceremony...)

March 5, 2005


had the investiture mass and luncheon this morning... both were very nice... i am bloody tired at the moment though... the thing is... i have to hightail it back to belmar to attend a Line of March meeting... the "run through" and to see where the hell i will be working tomorrow morning.

March 6, 2005


greeqt parade berr. first pub I went to I ram into the rhb... yes. kissy. h god

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unbillable hours (link laterpr tomorrow) was her .... bought me rhb and rhbs cousin drinks. unbillable was cue and I was drunk dagnabit

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March 7, 2005

st pat's recap...



hey hey... nah. no hangover... just a tinge of a headache... nothing some coffee cake didn't fix... eh, let's tell you that drunken thumbs don't work at ALL with the Treo...

my legs are KILLING me from lining up the parade, running back and forth lining the folks up (pretty much the length of the lake... then marching with the women of irish heritage...

so here's the asbury park press blurb about the parade yesterday (and here's another blurb)

if you want to watch the parade, check out the webcam on the site i designed!!!

so after we marched, the bar at the end of town - where the parade stopped - was 507Main... so i went in there, my friend kevin (piper) was heading in there and joe finn was making a guest appearance at 7:30ish... so i headed in there...

i go to the back bar (that's where the pat roddy band was playing...) and i get a beer... i turn to watch the band - now, not for nothing, i am in there maybe 3 minutes at this point... there are about 12 or more bars in belmar, but i chose this one - and i get a tap on my shoulder...

i turn around...

it's the RHB...

just when i was kind of clearing my mind of him - truly i hadn't been thinking about him every bloody second of the day lately and that's a good thing...

but there i was face to face with him...


kryptonite to my superpowers.

anyway, wound up hanging with him and his cousin tommy til about 11:30pm :)

stayed at 507, then headed over to kelly's tavern... then i headed home...

while at 507 though, there's a guy around the corner of the bar who bought the 3 of us drinks... RHB didn't know him, tommy didn't know him... so i went over to say thanks, and as it turned out it was Unbillable Hours! in my head i was like "how the hell did he recognize me?" but, eh, then again, i DO tend to post photos of myself at the drop of a hat, don't i? so here's one of he and i!

i also ran into Gleny.com - who had had his bus in the parade... and eh, well, he's really shiny....

go check out gleny's photos... good stuff and of course, i am in a few pics... but here's his full gallery... fun fun fun... go look!

on that note... i am working from home today... thankfully...

um... maybe beano will help?

okay, as i was working from home today, i had wcbs (channel 2) on... a commercial came on...

i didn't pay attention to it since my head was down and looking at the laptop until i heard:

"Call 1.877.I'VE GOT GAS"

i looked up and caught the tailend of the ad when the jingle came on with a happy woman's voice singing "I'VE GOT GASSSS"

did they KNOW that i was home? were they TRYING to get me to write about this?

come on.

March 8, 2005

still blaming the groundhawg

it's snowing like a funker right now... crazy arsed. it's lunchtime and i am starving... yet i don't want to go outside... i suppose i could order in, except i think i need to hit the ATM... i cannot believe how hard and fast it's coming down...

just had a small bag of swedish fish to tide me over... debating whether to brave the weather or attack the bag of sour patch kids in my top drawer...

March 9, 2005

Why can't I go south?

whoa... as I was standing at squan station this morning trying to balance my handbag, my laptop and my coffee... the 7:47am train going south to bay head pulled up...


seriously... the guy was about 6 feet tall, good complexion, brown hair, brown eyes and then as he was hanging out the door of the train, looked at me, smiled and said "good morning!" then the door closed and he smiled again and tipped his hat...

okay. fine. HE can have a raise...

*sigh* why couldn't he be on the RRE (which, by the way, so far we're only at belmar and already we have a LOUD family going to the city... some grandfather yelling at the grandson about how if he "keeps drinking that aspartame" he's going to turn into his "grandma with the dementia" (not for nothing, Pops, but what you've been prattling on about for the last 5 minutes sounds like you've been hitting the ol' aspartame yerself...

hey, the way the passengers on this train are shaping up, it's not "Take Your Loud-Mouthed Snot Nosed Kids To Work Day" today right? because it's like a bloody kid yapfest convention this morning.

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ah, gotta love some folks who just HAVE to comment:

IP Address:
Name: befuddled?!?
Email Address: buysell622@aol.com


I found this blog by accident.
Looked at it thrice in 2 months and ...
I can't beieve how these losers hang on your every word.
Granted, You do write well.
Witty? Nah!
Funny? Nah!
May as well tell us when you take a shit.

Folks, get a life. How can you be so concerned about gc's trials and tribulations.

actually, "befuddled?!?" i have done just that.

seen here. here and here. now be on your way... although thank you for saying that i write well :)

March 10, 2005

hard day. Softball.

hey well long day.. deadlines deadlines deadlines. just ran to make the 7:08pm train home...

so a few folks from work have joined a softball team.. which I am now on... i've failed to tell them that I suck at softball. am a pro at drinking after though. so I have to fork over $100 for the league fees... anyone want to donate to the "HELP ERIN LOOK LIKE AN ASS PLAYING SOFTBALL FUND"?

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March 11, 2005


so i am not going to be playing softball... the more i thought about it, i have crazy deadlines and hours at work, and the games would be at 6pm and 8:30pm... granted, PeeWee said i could crash at her place when i had a game, but i have to make sure i put work first... heck, i am better as a cheerleader.

the friend is visiting at the moment and i am feeling ill from it... ugh. all i wanna do is crawl under my fluffy down comforter with a hot water bottle and sleep (other than that, i am feeling okay. think the cold is leaving...) and the friend has kicked my appetite into high gear... that bitch.

watching law & order: trial by jury. not bad. how the frig many law & orders does NBC need though?

o'gleny and i last sunday

from parade day, gleny ran into me as i was marching with the Women of Irish Heritage and snapped this photo :)

that reminds me, i have to pick my sweater up from the cleaners tomorrow - i have to march in the jersey city parade

March 12, 2005

wearing of the green

so apparently Kate was interview by cnn about blogging (and to think i got her into the damned thing a few years ago.)

good stuff. it airs next week on cnn at 10pm (fri. the 18th)

she along with cootiehog were the objects of the newschannel's eye...

i suppose i should just be content with having my image, my voice and my website on msnbc's tech summit last year, and being #3 on yahoo's humor & satire page (under the onion & above scrappleface) huh?

i'd like to shove my foot up.....

so i forgot to tell y'all that on thursday i went to the podiatrist - got the name from the aetna site (*yes. stalker-alert... that's my healthcare provider for those taking notes) and i chose the doc across the street from my office... and i went there as my lunch hour (which i rarely take a full lunch hour, but whatever)

as i arrived, i was pleasantly surprised to see that the office was beautiful, light, airy, wonderful design, etc etc... and the chairs there were plush comfy ones with ottomans... wow...

let's just tell you that it's a far cry from the time i went to the podiatrist in 2001 (back before i had a blog... this was one of my weekly rants... back in the day... enjoy)

so - why did i go to the foot doc the other day? remember me saying about a month ago that i stubbed my big ol' right toe (the cap'n of my foot) back in december? okay... it's still been bloody killing me, even moreso... and i'd been taping it, etc...

so i went. told the "doctor" (yes... now is when the sarcasm and bitterness and cynicism begins to unveil itself) that i am in pain, etc... i have my right foot taped up.

the idiot, pardon me, i mean "physician" says "which foot?"

*insert blank stare from gigglechick here*

"um... the right one..." and i point.

to which, i swear to god and the holy bible... the guy starts to turn his chair and then proceeds to hold his right hand up as if to make sure he realizes WHAT frigging side i meant. jeezuz... at this point my toes are curling and looking up at me like "what the funk were you thinking coming here?!"

then the guy says to me (something i already have known for years) "well, you seem to have bunions"

no effing shite, dude... but i calmly say: "yes. i know, but right now i am here for my toe."

i swear to you he said "which foot was it again?"

*insert not so blank stare, filled with "are you kidding?" pupils from me*

"the right." - slowly said in case i am dealing with Corky, MD.

and then he starts bloody talking about my left foot and it's funking bunion.

i had to swing ADD MD back to the situation at hand and say "what can you do about my toe?"

he says "oh i can take some xrays."

"then let's. thank you."

okay... so frigging xrays by this guy (asking if i am pregnant... no. thank you.) going so bloody slowly and he's like "step up on this side - is that the right foot or the left?"

i swear to god, my feet aren't mangled beyond recognition where the guy has an excuse not to realize what funking foot he's looking at... come on.

okay - so while i am waiting for the effing xrays to come back - he's got his "nurse" (what a frigging pleasant person she was) filling up a vat of water in a whirlpool thing.

eh... at this point i have 15 minutes before i have to get back to the office... and i ask "um, how long will this take? and why are we doing this?"

and she in her thick rosie perez chewing gum riddled accent says "pissical terrapy. twenny minnows"

twenny minnows!!!?? hell no. so i said "um, i really wasn't expecting all this for my toe, i just wanted to know if it's broken or not and i have to get back to work shortly"

now insert exasperated sigh from Rosie.

she returns with the nebbishy "doctor" and he says "i hear you don't want to do the whirlpool" and i explained how i have to go back to work... and then asked how the xrays were going... he said well you need physical therapy...

so he makes Rosie do ultrasound on my right foot... and then, curiously enough, my left foot... the ultrasound is supposed to make it feel better apparently, but it was just cold gel and hard metal and her FRIGGING gum snapping that was going on... and he comes back...

"how are your bunions? we'll get you fitted for some orthotics"

*insert hard stare of murderous individual here*

"excuse me? i told you i was here ONLY for my toe - it hurts... and i have to get back to work... what can you do for my toe?"

please, jesus, i swear to you, this is what he said:

"which foot hurts?"

to which i gritted my teeth and said ever so slowly and with a gutteral growl... "my. right. foot. the. big. toe."

to which he said "hmmm... um... i don't know what we can do. the xrays aren't back... let me check."

and he is gone for 4 seconds... apparently to "look at xrays" -- which he didn't even bring into my room (so i doubt seriously if he looked at them)

at this point my lunch hour is up.

he comes back with his "colleague" some other dr. who he says "will be performing your bunion surgery"


at this point - not trying to lose it, because the night before i had seen the seinfeld episode where elaine is blackballed by every doctor in the city for "being difficult" - i say:

"please stop focusing on my bunions. i stubbed my toe two months ago. came here for your help. haven't gotten any. please focus on the toe" and i waggled my right foot so i would not have to funking kill him if he asked which foot.

his colleague leaves.

he goes out into the hall. then comes back in and says "you're all set, you can go"

"no. i am not all set. what about my toe?"

"um... hmmmm... i really don't know"

i ask: "can you at least wrap it or something??"

to which he actually says: "oh! that's a good idea!!"

my brain is on the verge of having an aneurysm...

he goes out into the hall and i hear him ask the nurse for a "surgical boot"

he comes back in and i ask, "eh... did i just here you say you are putting me in a surgical boot?"

"well, yes."


"don't worry... it's free" he says...

"i really don't care. i want my foot wrapped and need to get out of here - in fact, don't even wrap it. nevermind"

but he starts to frigging wrap my foot... it's not supporting my toe at all, nothing - it's wrapped around my frigging bunion and at this point - whatever. i needed to get back to work. and then he starts putting this big black "resting boot" on me and then explaining about the arch support, etc and i interrupt him.

"i have to go"

and he says "i want you to make an appointment for next week for the physical therapy on your bunions"

i nod, pay my co-pay and the receptionist asks me when i want to schedule my appointment for and i say - i swear to you:

"what day next week will the coldest day in Hell fall on?"

and she starts flipping thru the calendar and i hobbled out in my big effing "resting boot"

my toe still frigging is killing me.

March 13, 2005

top 100 sports movie quotes...

so the world-reknowned paul katcher has written another piece for espn.com... of course, he wrote this before the oscars - but espn is just getting this up now - so don't hold it against him...

behold the Top 100 Sports Movie Quotes...

i am happy to see this one on there...

22. "Get him a body bag, yeaaahhh!"
The Karate Kid
Howard Dean in the making right there.

(if you have a site, go and pimp this... make paul all viral-like)

oh! and if you want, go read more of paul's espn articles... now!

that's it, i'm hanging up my velour zoot suit and tiger striped velvet hat... putting my gold chains (aka "bling") back in the jewelry box and take a rest from pimping out pk.com for the afternoon :)

(i will pimp my own "mad skillz" out and tell ya' that i did his logo - quickly, after a night out at the bar - last year)

scritch, scritch, scritch...

okay... so i've got the itch again (no... please don't say "there's ointment for that!") i am talking about stepping out onto a course... it was slightly warm enough for me to be outside in shorts (and a sweatshirt) today and all i could think about was going to the driving range - alas, Twinbrook Golf Center (my favourite local driving range & 9 hole course) doesn't open until this friday... so i think that Saturday i will be heading over there first thing in the morning!!

apparently - according to one of the pros at the course, my swing is "too powerful" for my driver that i got with my starter kit (it's my 1 wood) and so i think i need to invest in something a bit better to get out there this year...

so... without further ado... i give you:


(by the way, if anyone is in central NJ and wants to play this year, let me know!!!)

March 15, 2005

Well, erm, hey there... stranger.

hey well I am on the 7:20pm home. good thing I parked at long branch (station) otherwise i'd be waiting another 45 minutes for the connection...

let's see... first off... I am alive.

second, the past couple of days i've been working my tail off with layouts, etc.

i've been kinda down since yesterday and haven't felt like yapping... well, that's not entirely true... I have felt like yapping but I don't want any doocing to occur. am just down.

need to get my hair trimmed. am feelink like skank (no not Skanky, peewee) and i've got a stinkin' zit rearing it's effing head just in time for st pat's day (for which I am staying at peewee's and will hopefully be finished with work by 6)

right now, there's some jackass (odds are from asbury park by the looks of things) and she's been talking on *beep* her *beep* nextel *beep* phone. arrrgh.

anyway... I am gonna work on the laptop for the next hour or so to get some work done...

crap. I just remembered that I haven't eaten a thing today (more like my tummy just bitched at me...)

::: plunked in on my treO:::

et tu?

frigging ides of march... yeah. you had your way with me today, didn't you?


March 16, 2005

Commute, controversy & curry

morning... feeling like bloody tuesday to me for a sec'. am sitting on the 7:41am train out of long branch. don't know why I seem to be able to make that train 30 min away yet miss the 7:20 out of squan half the time which is only 12 minutes away.

luckily I am listening to my walkman because for the last frigging 10 minutes the jackass next to me has been talking on his cell. I can still hear him through my headset though.

anyway... I would link to this but am on the train... any thoughts on some of the bronx guys from the FDNY who are being told they can't wear their green berets in the parade? they've been wearing the bloody things for about 30 years... LET THEM WEAR THE HATS. they are even known as the green beret brigade... it's not the parade that's telling them not to. it's the higher ups that are trying to enforce it... come on. don'tcha think there're more important issues?

anyway... gonna try to get out of work around 5:30pm tomorrow night then peewee and I should be partaking in the festivities and going to the fitzpatrick hotel at 56 & lex...

oh sweet jeezuz! a woman just sat down between me and cell phone ass... it's 8something in the morning and she smells like curry and garlic oh god I am trapped near the (closed) window and can't get up to move. still have half an hour or more to go in the commute... going to try to hold my breathe... tried not to breathe thru my nose and when I gasped thru my mouth the stench burned my throat.

oh. god. help.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

Riding on the StinkTrain

don't think Cat Stevens sat next to someone like this on the peace train

it figures. the train has stood still for 10 minutes and celly mccingular is yapping really loud and Curry O'Stinkfest is sweating profusely next to me


(by the way, I spelled breath with an "e" in the previous post. didn't mean to. the treo keypad is tricky and I can't go back and edit when on the - Stinktrain)

train's moving. but Stinky's leg is pressed up against mine - she's asleep. her head is leaning over towards my shoulder and her mouth is hanging open allowing whatever the funk she had to eat (it certainly wasn't mint) to waft over to my nostrils...


::: plunked in on my treO:::


evening commute... sweaty smelly sock guy:


March 17, 2005



have a great day to you all!

be safe and sound... have fun most of all... and when you start drinking, please, try not to fall...

(okay... i just made that up, i realize that i am not nipsey russell... but heed my words anyway)

as i said earlier... peewee and i will be at Fitzpatrick's Hotel bar... (there are 2 fitzpatrick's in nyc, but the one that is on the agenda is at 56th and lex...)


What shall I say about the Irish �?
The utterly impractical, never predictable,
Sometimes irascible, quite inexplicable Irish?

Strange blend of shyness, pride and conceit,
And stubborn refusal to bow in defeat

We�re spoiling and ready to argue and fight,
Yet the smile of a child fills our souls with delight.

Our eyes are the quickest to well up with tears,
Yet our strength is the strongest to banish your fears.

Our hate is as fierce as our devotion is grand,
And there�s no middle ground on which we will stand

We�re wild and we�re gentle, we�re good and we�re bad,
We�re proud and we�re humble, we�re happy and sad.

We�re in love with the ocean, the earth and the skies,
We�re enamored with beauty, wherever it lies.

We�re victor and victim, a star and a clod,
But mostly we�re Irish � in love with our God.

(Author unknown)

(thanks to brendan for sending that poem with his st. patrick's season itinerary)

redhead... 4 o'clock

jeezuz mary and joseph! I am on the O'Riff-Raff Express today...

a reeeeally cute round-headed redheaded guy in a beautiful irish knit just got on at belmar... he's 2 rows behind me...

we still have to switch at long branch so I can possibly begin my "hunting" a bit early today... woo!

::: plunked in on my treO:::

March 18, 2005

Anyone have a spare liver?

okay. am laying here on the aerobed at peewee's typing this right now... had a blast last night... peewee was my maid of honor at my wedding in fitzer's... i'll post photos tonight when I get home... a couple of sidenotes: round headed irish guys definitely make me all twitterpated... laura, give marty a call :) and the RHB called me in the middle of my wedding reception and I think I made plans to go golfing with him... later you'll see the photo montage of me on the phone with him and peewee chowing down a burger at le parker meridian burger joint... okay I gotta get up and go to work.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

A little rambling on the tracks

am on the train home... tonight is a night of rest... going to attempt to hit the driving range in the morning... then I have a parade meeting that I really don't want to go to at about 12:30. I have to check my clubs... they've been in my car all winter. my glove may be all mangled. my old glove I had was all ratty after sitting in the pocket of the bag for a week last summer (of course it may have been eaten away from me being unemployed and hitting between 150-200 golfballs every day for a month... ) I really need to get out there. sunday it's supposed to snow (it figures.)

when I get home i'll upload the st pat's photos... so after I yapped with the RHB I forgot that peewee called him back and was yammering on to him. god only knows what he was saying back...

the plastic paddy that we were hanging with was a swell egg - who I may have offended right off the bat when I said I "recognized him by his fine round irish head"

I think peewee smoothed over my faux pas by saying "no no... to erin that's her highest compliment. round headed boys are her 'thing'" - which you all know is quite true... in fact, in my 22 years of dating, a round head trumps a red head any day. a red head with a round head is like a royal flush to me... the holy grail, if you will.

just called the RHB up north and left a message that wasn't laced with beer and cider... yes I was drinking magner's last night. which I can only drink once my tastebuds have become numb.

on that note, I have to switch trains at The Branch now.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

st patrick has proof

well, the photos are up and ready for viewing...
go on... clickety click click!
(feel free to comment on the photo site...)


March 19, 2005

the season is upon us

just got back from Twinbrook (the driving range) i told myself that i was only gonna go there for an hour... nope. i wound up hitting a jumbo bucket of 200 balls for 2 hours... addicted. quite. and i am going to be SORE... but jeezuz there were some hot fellas there today *sigh* i love golf.

note to self: go to drugstore and stock up on ben gay or something.

new dimension to "stalker"

eh... okay... as some of you may know, Kate (and her blog) were on CNN last night...

there was a fella who commented on her site last night after the segment.... "Da Hoch"

I saw you on CNN. Damn baby! You a fine piece of white swine. Me tinks you be a lady tonite...

so i kinda gave a little advice in the comment section about handling the "freaks" to kate...

well he apparently clicked over to my site and then clicked to my portfolio... which had my cell number... (i know. not the smartest thing in the world, but whatever.)

so, i was on the phone with "Drew" for about 10 minutes tonight - he's out in san diego... *waving* hello drew

odd world we live in... actually that "freak" in particular was really nice on the phone... so i shan't call him a freak.... *ahem* yet :)

(as i will now get a barrage of phone calls from 12 year olds with pottymouths trying to get a rise out of me or get their phone calls posted on my site... WORD TO THE WISE: kids, it's not gonna happen. this call from drew and me posting about it is a one time deal...)

anyway... welcome to any of you who've popped over from kate's... grab a chair, prop your feet up, partake in the beverage of your choice and feel free to read and comment... keep in mind if i don't like the comments, i do try to play God of my Blog here and i can wipe them out with one click of the mouse... or deal with you in the jackasses section.)

if you DO enjoy the blog, i accept gifts , of course... goodnight. try the veal and don't forget to tip your blogger.

March 20, 2005

slugfest sunday...

was a bit of a slug today. i should've gone to church for palm sunday but couldn't peel myself off the couch...

i was clicking around the channels and found myself watching this weird show that i am now hooked on: Craft Corner Deathmatch on the style network... silliness at it's finest!

then i wound up renting Ray on the ol' OnDemand... that was great --- yesterday i saw Million Dollar Baby for the first time and i was blubbering like a little girl towards the end... i never cry at movies (okay, maybe i just don't like to admit that i cry.)

i just keep looking at the photos & silliness from thursday... go... have your say on them... go. git! comment on the pictures site!!!

rough, dry skins

getting that "itch" to redesign the site again... dammit. i really have to get the skinning thing figured out. susan tried to help me last year and for the life of us, we couldn't do it... i guess if i sit down without any bloody distractions (like dog, mom, teevee, breathing, etc) i can figure it out... i just have been so damned tired after commuting through hell each weeknight that i barely even can think proper thoughts to yammer about some odd thing that's happened during the day, much less decode the skinning.

i know i have to clean up my templates that i have laying around...

here you go, a look back (mind you, there are broken images on some layouts...)

the goofy flippy maroon gigglechick

the ol' blue and white one - i liked this one as well, way back

and who could forget the "spring" template?

i have to design a few more then figure out how to make it easier to reskin this site so you, my dear readers, have a choice...

March 21, 2005

Mornin' phone call

had just packed up the laptop and had dozed off on the train when my ex-redheaded bill called to tell me that opie & anthony are talking about savetoby.com (i know it's fake) - I told him that he should forward my mini giggle fund or big bertha fund links to them... (feel free to do so as well)

gonna pass out again for the remaining 40 minutes of my commute...

::: plunked in on my treO:::

personal trainer? No. personal commuter.

can you hear me wheezing?!? can you?!? I left work at 6:11... and right now I am sitting on the 6:14pm train home... I got on at 6:13. how the frig I did it with a laptop/bag, sweater, coat, scarf I haven't a clue. suuuuure, I am having a heartattack, but I made it.

april 9th is that 5k Fool's Run in squan that I signed up for... that's 3.1 miles... if they give me a train schedule and throw commuters in my way, garbage cans and newspaper stands in as my obstacles... well, I think that I could win the damned thing (although, right now I think I may be more of a sprinter rather than 3.1 miles...)

my breathing is normal after a couple of minutes... cool. remind me to begin training for this run. there are 2000 runners..

hmmmm later tonight I will start a pool where you guys can guess the place I come in as well as the time... i'll have to come up with some sort of prize... let me think about this... no guessing yet.

that said, now I have to switch trains in newark (running down then up 45 steps) commuting may get me into shape.... erm, then again, it may not.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

March 22, 2005

Monmouth County Barbie

[hey to all of you APP.com folks checking out my site - feel free to look at the entire blog by clicking HERE....]

to partner up with the previously released Ocean County Barbies, Mattel recently announced the release of Limited-Edition Monmouth County dolls For the Central, NJ Market.... i noticed that a ton of folks were searching for "Monmouth County Barbies" and coming to the Ocean County doll page... it's basically the same except they changed the towns....

nice to see that Wall (my hometown), Sea Girt, Brielle and Spring Lake weren't mentioned... although Manasquan (my hometown mailing address) was...

Continue reading "Monmouth County Barbie" »

confucious say "lose the big ass"

so I have to get back on the weight loss wagon... and I need your help.......(scroll down)

actually i've lost pounds since new year's - but not many and it's not like i've been trying (hell, between thanksgiving and new year's alone, I gained 17 pounds. no. not an exaggeration... at the moment i've shed about 10 holiday pounds off though.)

for the past month i've been on a wonton soup kick. I drive home from the train and right down the street is Rice King... so I pop in get a quart of wonton soup and the crunchy noodles... actually, at the moment I am up to 2 quarts of wonton soup and 2 packs of crunchy noodles a night....

when I walk in the door the Rice King waves at me and says "Bennett! Wonton tonight? One? Two?"...so I am known now as the wonton girl... in my head i've been telling myself that it's mainly broth... of course, I eat it with chopsticks (easier to grab those tricky wontons) and also dip my crunchy noodles with the sticks as well....

so since I am eating with chopsticks it doesn't seem like I am eating the 6 wontons per container. yes. my little mathematicians, that'd be 12 wontons and like, 150 crunchy noodles.

ex red-headed bill was IMing me last night telling me that he's only been eating 975 calories a day since january 12 and he's lost 12 pounds... now at this point I was likkered up on broth, pasta and some odd meat filling, so I really didn't need to hear the calorie counting from my ex (although it's always nice to have him write that i'm the love of his life, why aren't we together and all that stuff - will save that for another time)

so... I am going to try to wean myself off the wonton horse. pretty soon i'd be hitting the harder stuff like hot & sour soup.... or *gasp* the fried dumplings....

I DID have a salad yesterday (mixed greens, extra cucumbers, black olives, feta, sunflower seeds, sliced almonds and low fat balsamic vinagrette)... barely could finish it... it was good, but I was full... and then last night I had my wonton soup fix.

it's march 22... I have 3 months til my 35th birthday (when I can officially run for president)... I have to train for that race and also get back into my weight training program for golf (helps the swing and endurance)...

I WILL lose 20 pounds by June 21.

if I don't.... hmmmm.... if I don't, what should happen?

shave my head? hmmm nah, i've already done that a few times and you don't want me to be fat AND bald do you?

okay, it's up to you... leave a "punishment" (ie. donate $100 to charity or wear a muu-muu for 24 hours, etc etc) and I will collect those, make a poll and you can choose what the hell I have to do (nothing sexual, no permanent tattoos, no nudity)

of course, the I will only do the punishment IF I don't lose 20 pounds...

so help me out here by putting the fear of failure in my head! slap the suggestions in the comments!

this will from here on be known as:


::: plunked in on my treO:::

Yo, mr. Reddenbacher, what the frig?

I made the 6:14pm train. only had to knock over one kid in a wheelchair to get to it. of course, getting to the train in the last 30 seconds before the doors close means that I get stuck sitting next to the big crazy freak glomming popcorn at a record pace... I have funking popcorn bits on my coat and in my hair now... you think I am kidding. I ain't sistah.

I shoulda known something was up when every seat was packed except this one on the aisle... I get to it, the guy has his leg folded yet stretched across the two-seater... he looks like an obese dennis farina.

anyway - I said excuse me... he barely moved - so that got me a bit peeved. and between shoveling the corn down his gullet and swigging lemonade he's got that huffy sigh... don't even attempt to get huffy with me, humunculous.


jack, here, is wearing turquoise and silver rings on EVERY funking finger (and thumbs)

gotta change trains... the first leg of the trip - 15 min. - now pray no freaks are on the connection.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

March 23, 2005

the tally at the beginning

okay, so here it is, the scale this morning is an even 180.
(i'm 5'6" just to let you know...)

i will be 160 or lighter by june 21.
(as per the "challenge" i've set for myself)

no, i haven't done the tape measure thing yet - perhaps tonight...

back in 2001, i'd lost 35 pounds in 3 months and was down to my lowest in about 10 years at 159 - and i looked pretty damn good - that was with weight watchers (and NO exercise), so, i am doing the gigglechick/weight watchers/incentive plan this time...

anyway - yesterday - because i suppose i will bore y'all with the food listings now - i had:

B- sm coffee with half and half

L- slimfast

D- 8 small pieces tuna/avocado sushi
1 small glass of POM pomegranite juice
1/2 a smoked whiting
15 sm chunks of pineapple

Today, thus far:

B- 1/2 cup Weight Watchers Banana Almond Cereal
1/2 cup non-fat/skim milk

L- lean cuisine baked chicken
Slimfast (creamy milk chocolate shake)

D- lean cuisine pecan chicken
1/2 a smoked whiting
15 sm chunks of pineapple

germans still love him...

i was sent a david hasselhoff flavoured email today - which reminded me of this oldie but goodie.... go. now. watch. learn. live.

The Great Blogger Fat Off

well, yesterday i yapped about the challenge, today i slapped the weight up on the site (no biggie) and shabe over at the jersey side has linked me and proposed a Fat Off....

susan mentioned that she'd get in on the pound dropping action yesterday as well... she and i have the same birthday...

anyone else want in? it's a no-stress, what the hell, we can post about losing weight type of thing...

my goal - as i said - is 20 pounds by june 21.

anyone else? wanna post your weight -- or how much you would like to lose in 3 months?

it'd probably be best to just say what you think you can lose by june 21st --- a reasonable, attainable weight... doesn't have to be the goal weight...

see, in weight watchers, they have it in increments, so it's not such a huge pill to swallow... they start you off with you attempting to lose 10% of your weight

granted, since i am 180, that would mean that i would only have to lose 18 pounds that would bring me down to a 162... a slimmer, smilier gigglechick...

so, i would suggest that you try for 10% of your weight right now -- bite sized chunks...

March 24, 2005

The Great Blogger Fat Off... some rules....

as i sit here chewing (and chewing) my weight watchers banana almond crunch cereal (my god... i think i know the secret behind this cereal.... it's so hard to break down that your jaw winds up getting tired.... seriously. i mean it doesn't taste bad, it's just reeeeally effing crunchy)

as far as The Great Blogger Fat Off.... let's figure out some rules...

1. tell how much you want to lose in THIS post by END of day Friday March 25

2. EVERY FRIDAY THEREAFTER --- there will be a post for the Fat Off on this site.

3. In the weekly Friday post either:
• A) Post your weight or
• B) Post the weight you've lost for the week (ie. -5.2 lbs)
• as well as the "Total amount lost" (ie. "lost 5.2 pounds for a total of 16.7 pounds lost"

4. If you have your own blog, definitely post how you're doing, maybe WHAT you are doing to lose weight.

• • • • •

I will create a separate page for The Great Blogger Fat Off
that will list:

• who's participating (with link to their site - if wanted)
• the amount of weight you want to lose by June 21st, 2005
• your weekly weight loss (ie. -5.2 lbs)
• your total weight loss to date

I figure a Friday "weigh-in" will be the best bet (then the weekend you can sneak a few snacks if needed and get back on track by the following Friday)

• • • • •

I will create a button/callout for The Great Blogger Fat Off that anyone can slap on their site if they want... (look for it on Friday night) the 25th

any other suggestions? EMAIL ME!

now start telling me IN THIS POST:
• your start weight (only if you want. i am not trying to deter you.)
• your goal amount of pounds to lose by June 21 (ie. mine is 20 lbs)
• definitely leave your name
• definitely leave your web address (if you have a blog - since it's The Great Blogger Fat Off)

let's go! and i am not going to scream "FETTUCCINE!!" like frigging Kirstie Bloody Alley

March 25, 2005

The Great Blogger Fat Off�, Kicking Off!

hey hey hey... so, i have a page up right now --- it's the grid... if you want to get in on this, email me or comment here (you have til 6pm EST March 25th -- today -- to jump on this bandwagon!) i will post all names/weights/goals that come in during the day later friday evening after i get home from work


if anyone's site link is missing from their name, or their name is misspelled, let me know... tell me what number is next to your name and let me know any changes you would like to have made (you can even give yourself a nickname if that's comfy for you) - if you don't have a blog, let me know if you would like your email address linked to your name, in case you would like others in the group to say hey for a little support/bonding thing... just a thought!

i think it's frigging fantastic that at the moment (12:30am) there're 45 (FORTY FIVE) of all y'all who have signed up!!! excellent!!

keep in mind - with the grid page - it's bloody midnight and i just slapped this up there. no worries, i will make it look cool and inviting... just a tad tired from the effing commute and all that good stuff (plus there are a TON, erm, bunch of us!!!)

that said, peruse this thing, let me know if you want in on it, if you are already in, let me know of any changes, etc...

and let's kick some fat ass now!!!


okay a moment to step back from the Fat Off... am on the RRE which is extra Riff-Raffy this morning... see, it seems as if every teen in the area is going into the city because they have off from school today...

Continue reading "RRE, MOP & AC" »

RRE is now an annoying clown car.

so apparently it's frowned upon when you give the look of death to 4 frigging children under the age of bloody 6 at 8:30 in the morning...

Continue reading "RRE is now an annoying clown car." »

Better than Good Friday

ya' ever get an email on a friday and you didn't expect it and it wasn't anything susbstantial, but you read it and you can't stop grinning?

yeah. that was my friday.

The Official Great Blogger Fat Off - Fat Off Folks!

wow!! okay - i have updated The Great Blogger Fat Off list!

how incredible is this!!??

we have 68 Fat Off Folks! SIXTY EIGHT!

we have a total of 1438 pounds that we plan to lose by this loopy gigglechick's 35th birthday on June 21st!

Continue reading "The Official Great Blogger Fat Off - Fat Off Folks!" »

March 26, 2005


at trump marina right now. just won $500... woot (granted I was down about $250) okay just needed to tell ya. did that on slots. blackjack was okay then beat me like a rented mule. roulette, my cruel mistress, was kinda nice to me tonight.... we have a love hate relationship. am sitting down to dinner in a sec

::: plunked in on my treO:::

March 27, 2005

happy easter!!!!

*whew* had a blast - wound up just coming out a smidge over breaking even, so it was good :) was up a lot on roulette, and also hit on slots... blackjack and i are in the first tentative moments of a relationship - at the moment, i am going to proceed cautiously...

just got home :)

going to bed --- HAPPY EASTER!!!!

March 28, 2005

Just a manic Easter Monday - whoa-oh-oh

as I was driving to the station this morning, there was an ad on the radio for NJ Transit... it said:.

"new jersey transit.
park. ride. relax with a stress-free commute."

luckily I hadn't bought my coffee, otherwise i'd've been mopping java off my windshield after doing a perfect danny thomas spit-take.

stress-free. bah. (granted it's not as bad as the 2 � hour commute I used to drive by car on the parkway.)

anyway... just had a grain bagel with black olive cream cheese... probably not the best for The Fat Off, but I have my lean cuisine tucked neatly away in my laptop case for lunch.

so, all y'all in NYC/NJ this thursday, cowboy mouth will be at bb king's - so, try to make it!

lastly, before I settle down to deal with the Riff-Raff, the terri schiavo case... I am not saying what my stance on the matter is, but.... I will say in writing that IF (God forbid) I were to have that brain-dead veggie thing going on... don't pull the plug for about a year... get a couple of second opinions before taking away my food and oxygen... not saying drag it out for almost 2 decades... oh and don't cremate me... not all that keen on fire.

that said.... gonna finish my coffee and take a nap (she's not dead. she's napping! )

::: plunked in on my treO:::

He ain't heavy, he's my blogger

okay there Fat Off Folks! due to the overwhelming response to this (meaning around 5 people have emailed me today to jump on this bandwagon...) I will be accepting names/weights/goals until 9pm tonight.... those of you who have joined since the 25th, you still have to weigh in this friday and email me.

that said, today for lunch I had pecan encrusted chicken with a glaze/sauce and a side of brown rice with snowpeas....

what? it was a lean cuisine!

::: plunked in on my treO:::

yo. dat's phat.

i have updated The Great Blogger Fat Off� list --- go check it out!!!

March 29, 2005

Mmmmm turkey bacon

so I couldn't fall asleep til after 2am last night.... so, what's a girl to do? she signs up for ediets.com... just for a little extra support for my Fat Off experience... am on the train right now but need to find an egg white with turkey bacon on low-fat grain bread sammich... I may be able to find that at the fancypants deli next door to the office :)

other than the fat off and the commute... just working like a dog...

::: plunked in on my treO:::

bagel track marks

whoa! i was checking out shabe's site and saw a blurb on a jersey city bagelry heroin bust...


hmmmm... no wonder i was so relaxed and addicted after chowing down on those.

Never a dull commute.

so there I was... early for the 7:08pm train... I was hovering outside the entrance for tracks 1 & 2... where the 7:08 usually is waiting for me when the track number is called...

mind you, tonight the summit express was cancelled and those folks had to go on a different train... then the matawan nj coastline train passengers were told to go on track 1... five minutes later hoards of them were rushing up out of the underbelly of the station from track 1 and running across the length of penn station towards track 14 because of a track announcement mix-up...

cut to me a few moments later outside track 1. there I was and track 4 was called... I actually snagged a seat! was settling in when the conductor announced "THIS IS NOT THE 7:08 TRAIN TO BAY HEAD... THAT TRAIN IS ON TRACK 8... THIS IS THE TRENTON TRAIN"

hell. frig. crap. I knocked an old woman out of my way and snarled (you people may think to yourselves that I am merely embellishing this story with colour... sadly, I am not. I really did shove her. whatever.)

I ran up the escalator... up out of the bowels of penn and toward track 8...

I managed to get a seat on the rapidly filling train... called TrainBoy... he's a few cars ahead.

I don't know whether to blame NJ Transit or Penn Station.... so at the moment, both are on my list.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

March 30, 2005

IMPORTANT Great Blogger Fat Off News!

i have added a forum - go to the Fat Off list read the new deal and then head to the FORUM!!!

(if it asks you to register - no worries, it's free... this will be a great way to get everything all organized and stuff so it's a kick assier Fat Off!!!!)

checking in...

hey hey - taking a moment between bites of my four cheese pizza from LC...

swamped at work today - trying to crank stuff out so that i can get to the cowboy mouth show at 8pm tomorrow night... yeah. bland post. basically just wanted to catch folks attention in the blogroll/updated blogs (tricky little Pitsnoggle, aren't i?) so the Fat Off Folks go and post on The Great Blogger Fat Off Big Fat Forum (if you aren't logged into ezboard, you're going to have to - it's free - since the weights need to be posted there each friday)

let it goooooo!

so tomorrow night is the Cowboy Mouth show at BB King's (in times square)

cannot wait! it's been a year and 4 days since i've seen them... totally in need of this

thinking of meeting other mouth fans at O'Flaherty's on 46th street beforehand - we'll see how late i get out of work...

of course, since i will be staying overnight in the city (thanks, peewee) i am not going to be able to weigh-in for the Fat Off til late friday night... ugh... normally at a mouth show, i usually lose between 3 to 5 pounds because of the dancing and energy that happens... very sweaty evening.

March 31, 2005

mitch hedberg 1968 - 2005

UPDATE: it's true. unfortunately.

comedy central and shecky magazine have info.


hmmmmm... i just got a disturbing email that Mitch Hedberg died on the 29th...

haven't gotten too many details or confirmation of this (although, on a couple of comedian boards, it's not looking too promising for the guy)

he's one of those comics that kinda grows on you. you either love him or hate him... i kinda wasn't all that thrilled with him (most likely jealousy) and then TrainBoy forced me to listen to a little of mitch's set on his ipod and, fine, okay, okay, "UNCLE"... i give up - he's funny.

hope the news isn't true - anyone have any more info? his website still has him playing The Improv in maryland tonight (which may be difficult if the rumors are true)


Go to the Great Blogger Fat Off Big Fat Forum now! You HAVE to sign up and enter your weight THERE!!

only 23 of you have logged on - there's over 80 of you. do the math... register so you can weigh in on Friday!!!

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