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Pontiac Schmontiac
April 18, 2005 8:32 AM

oh so on friday night after I got off the train in long branch, I was driving on rt 36 and was passing by a pontiac dealership....

well, I figured that I would pop in there (it was 7:45pm) and check the Solstice out.... not test drive it, but at least get some info as well as see if the damn thing has a trunk.

so I walk into the dealership (in white t-shirt, jeans and jacket... ) and I am standing there trying to find the Solstice.


ah. over there in the corner was a small poster, so I went over to it... some guy comes out and says "are you looking for someone?"

which I found strange that he didn't start out by greeting me with a "can I help you?"

'i'm here to find out a little bit about the Solstice', I say.

he scoffs (yes. actual scoffage) and proceeds to say "we don't have any information, pontiac really screwed up on this one. we don't know the price - it will range anywhere from $20000 to $24000"

I don't blink because it's way lower than the mini.

then he says "you can put in an order without an obligation to buy it... we can take your name"

and I say "not a problem, would LOVE to... let me order one because it's a pretty slick car."

he says "no, i'm almost done with work and that will take half an hour to take your name"

effing WHAT? a salesman who is passing up getting info from someone (a potential buyer)??

I said "can't I give you any info? because I really want to be on the list since they said the first 1000 cars were special edition"

at this point his friend walks up to him and says to him "where do you want to grab a beer?" and Bob "the salesman" proceeds to turn his back towards me and talks to the fatass drinking buddy.

and so I say "excuse me but I was seriously considering this car." and then I say: "well, I guess I won't cancel my mini cooper test drive"

and the guy has the gall to say "the mini is a good car"

seriously, I was appalled at this guy's attitude - he was in his 50s or 60s, wasn't like he was a punk kid either.

so, I am going to compose a note to send to Pontiac to ask why this guy wouldn't even take my name and why he's saying that the Mini is a good car when he's supposed to be selling Pontiacs (in this case the Solstice that JUST came out on friday)

no. I didn't test drive the mini. I think I will next weekend - which could be dangerous because weird things/good things/ horrible things always happen to me on april 24... (look through the archives and you'll see)

perhaps THIS april 24 I will be buying a mini cooper convertible s ??

(let's say that if I HAD tested the mini this weekend I would've handed over my downpayment AND my left kidney for it... the weather was gorgeous and when I was driving, the radio was playing every perfect "driving" song known to the human race... and I feel ashamed to admit it, but I started to resent my cavalier.)

::: plunked in on my treO:::

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