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September 1, 2005

quick note and... don't forget!!!

oh, hey... i went to the doctor during lunch today and apparently i have "acute bronchitis" (well, thank you, you're too kind)......................

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The first

okay... first off, I forgot to rabbit rabbit this morning.

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i am heartbroken

this is just insane. horribly horribly insane.

go to nola.com nola weblog

and the bourbon st weblog.

the cowboy mouth site is still offline

fats domino is missing since katrina had her way with the south.

UPDATE: Fats is still fat, alive and kicking. good news. now, let's get the rest of them out of there with the same results.

But the levee was dry

okay. so am stuck on the 6:26pm train. they've "lost power"


bright side of sitting here in the un-air-conditioned train where the conductor has a captive audience and whose microphone hasn't lost power (seriously, this guy will not shut up)... well, the bright side is I really don't care. nothing's as bad as it is down south (although, I WILL continue to vent on here about things if I want)

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September 2, 2005

isn't it great to be alive?

see, this is why i love cowboy mouth. this is fred (the lead singer/drummer's site.)

just go.

and here's his archives.

***** and whilst you're clicking around, go throw at least $5 into the hurricane kitty at redcross.org*****

(when i win the mega millions lottery tonight i promise to be VERRRRY generous to the hurricane relief.)

yeah, i am angry


david horsey.

ray nagin. r-e-s-p-e-c-t

okay - the mayor or new orleans, Ray Nagin, has my respect.... mucho respect. he's cursing. he's pissed. and he's right.

(you have to site through an advert before watching the video... and it's a little long- but i highly highly recommend listening to the ENTIRE interview)

here's an article...

here's a write-up as well...

hurricane relief concert

aaron neville is fantastic (as is harry connick, jr.) and man alive, kanye west, i am pretty sure that you didn't read any of that off the cue cards (as mike myers looked like he was going to shit a brick)... good for you!!! (except you should've breathed and slowed down just a little...) talking about how blacks are portrayed as looters and whites are just trying to get food to feed their families... see here for example

"george bush doesn't care about black people!!!!"

kanye... dude. you have some big balls, my friend... but to clarify, there are a lot of white/etc folks down there... get it straight:


while part of me wants to shake him and be like "yo! let's just try to raise some money here!" --- a bigger part of me is screaming "KUDOS!!"

yeah. i've been crying from the songs and footage. you gotta problem with that?!??!?!

yeah, i didn't think so.

UPDATE: here's the msn blog about the show.

FEMA... Forget Ever Managing Anything

by the way, anyone else think michael brown may have been hit on the head with the fuckwit stick once too many times????

September 3, 2005

happy silly link dump

okay - there's been a lot of depressing links and images and videos out there the past few days... not to mention the fact that my site has taken a brief & rare "political" turn... i am not one to yap about politics or religion on here... but every now and again, i touch on the subjects...

anyway, behold my silliness link dump:

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somewhat serious silliness link

okay - this is great (it could've been placed in the "silliness link dump" but no.)


[blatantly snagged from mike]

here are the editorial cartoons about the aftermath of Katrina...

[walt handelsman - newsday]

and then shumpy sent me this image from a shop in new orleans...


September 4, 2005

just a reminder.....


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hey there

i have to head over to the rehab center...

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jeezuz, mary & jefferson parish.

broussard090405.jpgman, i just watched the aaron broussard (president of jefferson parrish, La.) clip from meet the press this morning...

listen to it. all the way to the end. please. (if you can, forward it to about 4:02 in the clip)

[if you have issues saving it and playing it, go to this site to find it.]

i really need to find more silly happy links. hard to do right now.

instead... if you want to slap the link/image below onto your site, snag this code.

<a href="https://give.redcross.org/?hurricanemasthead" target="_blank"><img alt="DONATE 1.800.HELP NOW" src="http://www.gigglechick.com/erin/blog/erindonate2.jpg" width="150" height="210" border="0" /></a>


September 6, 2005

Great Blogger Fat Off Informal Sorta

okay so, taking a moment from the katrina bit... what's going on? yesterday i basically cleaned the house and then went to aunt judy's for cheeseburgers, etc. earlier i took an hour of the day and headed to the driving range (the first time in forever. felt good.)

gorgeous day.

then headed over to the rehab to see mom...

once i got home last night i went through my old sketchbook that i'd turned into my exercise journal... i bought a new one and wound up pasting magazine exercises, etc into it... yes, folks, 187 here. whatever.

so i bought a journal on top of the exercise one... so i'm starting to write down the schtick (food. water. how i'm feeling. etc.) it's day one.

yes i thought of starting the fat off again. right now with all that's going on, while i would love to start the F.O. up again for fall, it was a bit of a pain in the ass gathering info each week... i just don't have the time for it... although, if folks want to post their start weights, goals, etc. and we can have an informal weekly weigh in on my site, that's fine by me... (i am weighing in on tuesday and that's when people can comment in relation to the Great Blogger Fat Off II)

that said... salmon for lunch, kids.

so long, little buddy.


let them eat cake!

hey, Babs, not for nothing, but your pearl necklace must be cutting off your oxygen supply... that's the only explanation that i could even come up with for your jackasinine remarks.

Barbara Bush: Things Working Out 'Very Well' for Poor Evacuees from New Orleans

By E&P Staff

Published: September 05, 2005 7:25 PM ET updated 8:00 PM

NEW YORK Accompanying her husband, former President George H.W.Bush, on a tour of hurricane relief centers in Houston, Barbara Bush said today, referring to the poor who had lost everything back home and evacuated, "This is working very well for them."

The former First Lady's remarks were aired this evening on American Public Media's "Marketplace" program.

She was part of a group in Houston today at the Astrodome that included her husband and former President Bill Clinton, who were chosen by her son, the current president, to head fundraising efforts for the recovery. Sen. Hilary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama were also present.

In a segment at the top of the show on the surge of evacuees to the Barbara Bush said: "Almost everyone I�ve talked to says we're going to move to

Then she added: "What I�m hearing which is sort of scary is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality.

"And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this--this (she chuckles slightly) is working very well for them."

once again, donate... you know, since things are "working very well for them"

and be sure to visit glenn and flood aid in relation to hurricane katrina.

September 7, 2005

It's not an audition... It's HBO

mornin'... so last night at 11pm the booker at the improv asked me if I wanted to do a guest spot tonight and sunday (to get ready for this monday) I had to say no, not that I am not prepared, just that A) it was short notice for tonight (wish I could, jim gaffigan is in the lineup) and B) sunday, not for nothing, but- that still is a rough day for people to laugh on, especially in nyc.

so I told him i'd be okay without spots before the showcase... he said, that wouldn't be fair to me and that he'll put me in the showcase/audition on september 27th... and between now and then I will do some guest spots...

so that was kickass of him... plus not knowing what day mom was coming home next week (if that) - it may have become a fiasco... and I need to be mentally prepared (hahahah mentally... yeh. *ahem*)

so, I think gigglemom is warming up to the hbo thing... may have just been nicotineless irritation that caused her to say "but, you're not HBO funny" last week.

right? :)

so.... anyone who WAS planning on coming to the show on the 12th it's now Tuesday the 27th at 9pm (yes, there were 2 nights reserved for the showcases)

::: plunked in on my treO:::

shouting from the rooftops

on a bright note, the cowboy mouth website is back up and running *whew*

and fred's got some things to say about the 'cane, etc.

so i am happy that the band, while i've heard a couple of homes were lost, and a set of parents were plucked out on thursday, they are fine... and word on the street is there's a New Orleans Displaced Musician's Fund - i will find a link or info about that soon.

September 8, 2005


okay. for a moment, no katrina stuff... this is serious... if i could put this on my wishlist i would.

who wants to send me one of these???


Catching up a bit...

well I am on the 5:33pm train, trying to get down to see mom in the rehab before visiting hours are over...

what's been going on? well, let's see... besides wanting a pony (been there, done that by the way... but how frigging cool would that pony be sitting IN my mini???)...

the other day i'd emailed wplj about cowboy mouth/hurricane etc. yesterday morning one of the dj's called me, not about CM, but about me doing a logo for him.... cool. am still trying to finagle some CM airtime though.

went out and spent $20 to get my hair shamppooed and blown dry during lunch... complete with scalp massage. well worth it.

gigglemom gets re-evaluated tomorrow to see when she can come home... for her own good I am hoping they keep her another week, so she will have another smoke-free week under her belt as well as more physical/breathing therapy

I am going to try to get a cleaning service in on saturday to take care of the house. so far everyone is booked though.

so I work for a company that sells women's clothing - geared toward plus size actually... and I sit near the customer service folks.... today there were a bunch of orders that strangers (one canadian) placed - one for $1000 worth of underwear that they asked to be shipped to the astrodome. how sweet is that?? our company is also sending clothes and $ and matching donations etc... but our customers are really fantastic.

other than that... basically just am doing the rehab tonight, cleaning, designing a logo, working on the improv site... oh, sleep? yeah, i'll get around to that... last night I watched the blake/agassi match. man, wasn't it great? I was rooting for the kid, but I also have a weak spot for andre (especially since he's representin' us elderly 35 year olds - could they make being 35 sound a little MORE like we have one foot in the grave?)

and on that note... I am sitting on the 5:33pm next to the card playing crew. dammit. they are the loudest shufflers known to man. seriously. anyone else on the njcoastline ever have to sit in the same car as them? let me know.

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September 10, 2005


for those of you who know me (or've been reading my site for a while) you know that i am NOT a big fan of cleaning...

anyway --- right now i am working on getting my room and mom's room to rights... but downstairs.... for a measely $60/hour (and they said it'd only take like an hour/hour & a half) i have 2 women kicking ass and taking names on the grime in the kitchen/bathroom/living room...

i had written out a list of things to do... and as i was walking upstairs, i saw them taking the cushions OFF of the couch!! holy crap! i didn't even THINK of that!!! that's awesome (have i EVER EVER EVER led you folks on to think that i was Suzie Homemaker? no. of course not)

anyway - i took Beri to the Dog Wash so she'd be outta our hair...

and now i am left with the "organization"/Extreme Home Makeover of the upstairs. let's just say, over the past 12 years, the dogs (dalamatian til he passed --- and then the untrained terrier) kinda bitch slapped the hallway and i have to - when i finish packing up boxes etc etc -- down the road, hire a handiman to do a little sheetrocking - that's not today of course, but down the road... i must say i am ready to head to the manasquan muster spot to grab a couple of guys

on that note... i have to kick some ass on the upstairs here... no photos. no way. maybe later.

how's YOUR saturday going?

September 11, 2005



never forget.

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September 12, 2005

A dollar and a few dreams

g'morning... am on the RRE... it's the day before The Great (Informal) Blogger Fat Off 2's first weigh-in.

I think I did pretty well (considering that my stomach commandeered my body this weekend - yes. saturday it forced my mouth to order "3 hot dogs and an order of fries" at one point) the rest of the week's been good. a lot of offline journaling and a lot of salmon.

so today would've been my audition at the club... I am pretty happy that I have to wait til the 27th though... another comic who i've performed with is also in that show... so I have to step up to the plate... going to get some guest spots over the next couple of week's for warm-up.... I keep forgetting I haven't been up since august 13... and that wasn't my best show.

rhb called me thursday night while I was visiting mom at the rehab - he left a message... I will call him back tomorrow... silly thing, whenever I see a car that's the make/model/colour of his, my heart leaps to my throat. yes. it's ridiculous.

so I made a dent in the cleaning situation upstairs over the weekend. am SO NOT done... but it's getting there to the point that I am not having nightmares about it.

let's just say the house needs new carpeting.... hmmmmm... I don't need the Mini Giggle Fund anymore (technically I do, but i'm handling the payments)... maybe I should slap together a "Wall-to-Wall Giggle Fund"... all I need is $1000... who's got a buck? (i kinda spent a chunk of my carpet cash on the red cross and salvation army... friday was the salvation army one because I called the fundraiser hoping to talk with jack nicholson or jeremy piven *grrrrowl* piven... alas, I got some chick name anita or something. no hot piven action hugging it out... no jack talking about good ol' 'squan... yes. helped out the flood folks... hoping once I win the mega millions tomorrow I can throw some more cash down there and buy a house with new carpet.... oh and pay off the mini - maybe get a fleet of them... yessssss.... mrs. jeremy piven.... philanthropist.... or mrs. rhb, but I think I have more of a chance with piven :)

slept on the recliner downstairs last night because I have a ton of stuff from my room that's "being organized" on my bed. and when I say "organized" I mean "thrown on the unmade mattress without rhyme or reason only so it's off the floor for a bit".

anyway. back to the mega milllions.... if I win, 5 lucky readers of gigglechick will be given a mini guide horse... contest details to follow once the proper numbers are called out on tuesday.

with winnings, I will get the girls lifted, second curly toe straightened, teeth brite smiled, laser hair removal (yes. everywhere), tummy, well, I suppose I will hire a personal trainer for now... I mean, after all, I am marrying an emmy-nominated actor - whom i've had a crush on since he was in Singles.

okay... actually... right now - I am going to sit back and try to fall asleep on the RRE... seeing as it's one of the last days that i'll be commuting and all...

::: plunked in on my treO:::

sporting my green. it ain't pretty.

okay. that's it. it's the kick in the seat of my pants that i needed. i have to write a novel -- for a while i've wanted to write/illustrate children's books, but i think i might be too surly at the moment to do so.

why the sudden growl about writing the book? yes, i've expressed my desire to write one previously, but i just caught wind of this. wil mara.

a little background - at the risk of sounding like i am loopy (you already know that i am loopy, so it really isn't that big of a risk for me):

quick and dirty info... teenage years, my mom and i talked on the cb radio (kids, it's sort of like the internet now.) there were certain groups, etc. yadda yadda... one guy on there we befriended. when i was 16 i think he was 19 or 20. okay. that was wil.

he had some issues going on at home so my mom let him stay in my old bedroom (sans me)

yes. i had a crush on him.
yes. i left my diary out for him to read.
yes. i wrote about my frigging crush.
no. nothing ever happened (while he lived with us)

anyway... there was a lot more that i could go into... i fell hard for him. he was very talented - a smartypants/wiseass/genius/musician/writer/etc.


today i saw something about a book based on the jersey shore called Wave

who frigging wrote it?


not for nothing... i suppose i will have to purchase it. i seriously doubt that i will trek to one of his book signings. but, come on. that's it.

now i have to write...

granted, he was talented, so it's not really a bitterness sort of inspiration... not like THIS time (even though i rested on my laurels after seeing it.)

screw it. i have the hbo audition in 2 weeks... but i have enough pent up, bottled up rage and stories in me to write down...

i need a publisher.

any takers?!?!?!!? email me.

the giggle weekend gigs

okay - so i was lined up to do 2 spots this weekend. 7pm on saturday night the 17th and then 8pm on sunday night the 18th... to warm up for the 27th...

if anyone wants to check me out on the weekend, feel free to come on down to the NY Improv!!!!!

there's a chance gigglemom will be getting out one of those days, but she said that she doesn't need a babysitter at night - besides, i will only be gone like 4 hours tops... and i am driving in - no train for me on the weekend, thanks.

September 13, 2005

The Great (INFORMAL) Blogger Fat Off�, Take 2!!!

okay - week one is down... i HAD been 187... this morning i am 182...

i've been journaling - yeah, over the weekend ate like a fiend (seriously. 3 windmill hotdogs in one sitting.) but other than the weekend, i was pretty faithful to my 1200-1300 calorie/day "diet".... oh and the water.... the water... was everywhere.

how'd YOU do? hmmmmm?

i would be a lottery winner

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.

- Epictetus (55-135 AD) Roman Philosopher

ah the blogwhoring continues

okay. lunchtime.

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hanging up my gloves


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Gigglemom returns in t-minus 3 hours

am on the 3:46pm train home. just got the call from gigglemom that her insurance is booting her out of the rehab center. so I am on my way to pick her up now. at least I got 85% of my work done today- tomorrow will finish... going into work tomorrow. I guess this works out well.

gotta run home first, pick up her portable oxygen tank, pick up her Rx from the pharm, then go haul her outta rehab (i still like making her sound like she's hooked on meth by saying "rehab")

then I have to hit the foodstore, get some stuff into the house so she's not starving when I leave her home alone...

and I have to watch big brother tonight.

I just ate my lunch at 3pm (a fat off unfriendly penne chicken black olive green peppers alfredo. and now I feel ill.

going to pass out on train since I fear tonight may be a late one.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

September 14, 2005

heads up.

okay - so i need to get headshots taken... i am looking into getting this guy to do them - i really like the way he shoots, etc. plus there's the hair/makeup etc that needs to be done...

i really don't think HBO will go for my glamour shots from 1993.

yes. the last photo in the last row was snapped right before my "girls" popped out and the entire mall saw it happen on the teevees that were lined up throughout the place. *sigh* damned bustier.


UPDATE: my buddy gleny is gonna take my headshots for me...
he rocks. go visit him

September 15, 2005

Three Plagued Mice.

three blind plagued mice
three blind plagued mice
see how they run
They all ran after the farmer's researcher's wife,
Who cut off their tails,
With a carving knife.
couldn't find them for the past two weeks running around Newark, NJ after being released from three separate cages.
Did you ever see such a thing in your life,
As three blind disease-riddled mice?

am just picturing the rats in newark hanging out, while a pristine bubonic plague infested mouse happens upon them...

the rats scoff "bubonic plague!? that's nothin'... your's is man-made, kid, we earned ours!"

September 16, 2005

Sitting Down. Standing Up.

hey hey.... sipping my bucket o' joe on the RRE

have to whittle my set down to 6 min for this weekend (the spots are warm-ups for the hbo thing on the 27th... and that night is 6min.. which means 5min and then add in timing and laughs) easy enough... will cut 2 bits out and all will be fine...

so, if y'all want to see the prep shows this weekend, they're sat@7pm and sun@8pm at the ny improv.

gigglemom is doing okay, perhaps she'll start posting comments on here again....

what else? dane cook performed at the theatre @ msg last night. I didn't know... til I was walking to the train and saw the marquee with his name all huge... he rocks by the way...

how frigging cool would it be to have my name on the msg sign? of course, back in grammar school I was mega shy and sometimes still can't believe I am yapping with a microphone in front of 180 drunk folks...

alright, am gonna pass out on the train now... well, am gonna try... there's this raspy-voiced woman who's been snarling on the cell phone for the past 15 minutes... it's like come on, lady, shut up. why do you need to complain at 8am to your friend about your step-daughter being a "6 year old bitch" who didn't eat her pizza so you aren't giving her lunch money all next week... first off, six year olds need lunch money now? secondly... she's a frigging 6 year old.

yeah, kids annoy the hell out of me, and I am a proponent of a crack to the bottom on 'em - but they need to be stuck up for a little bit. I think I could've been on her side at one point, but her frigging voice was bothering the hell out of me.

in other news. big brother is on tonight. yes. i'm a big brother addict. go janey!!!

speaking of reality shows... survivor last night!!! stephanie from last season is back! yay! she was awesome (and from the shore)

any thoughts on the BB6 or Survivor, folks?

::: plunked in on my treO:::

flashing the boobies for beads fema cards

well, after losing your house, looting, raping, shooting folks, starting arson fires, fleeing your home state and then getting a fema card worth $2000, wouldn't you do the same thing?**

(**okay, i was only listing all those things up there for effect. gigglechick.com is in no way saying that all hurricane victims/evacuees were a part of those actions.)

September 17, 2005


oh my god i just woke up. i have to leave for the city in like an hour. i have a cold dammit. yesterday i was feeling like my throat wasn't working with me, and now i'm just dizzy and tired. frig. frig. maybe once i shower and get ready i will feel better... hoping that it's just oversleep punkiness that i am sporting right now. gonna tell myself it is.

anyway, improv. 7pm show tonight. trying hard to whittle my 7 minutes into 6... i like all my bits dammit.

going to need mega water with lemon for my throat onstage. frig.

September 18, 2005

sunday morning sunshine.

hey good morning. i am still feeling punky. yes i feel like i've been sick a lot - but i am chalking it up to a horrid summer cold that keeps rearing it's ugly head.

anyway- just helped gigglemom into the shower - waiting for her to yell for me to help her out.

last night's show was so-so... they sprung it on everyone that they could only do 5 minutes. what!??!? that sucks! i was having problems condensing it from 7 to 6... now i had to lop off another minute... frig...

anyway - i had to go on first - the guest spot, actually. so i was in the green room and right before i went on stage, the girl said "oh, you're the guest spot - so you have 7 minutes."

frig! are you kidding me? so not only did i just cut a minute off my set, which is easy enough to add back in - but, now i had to go back and add the minute that i had hacked out of it to begin with.... *sigh*

anyway - it was an okay set. i've had better, less sweaty sets. i was almost albert-brooks-in-broadcast-news-sweaty.

the fact that i was up first didn't bother me - i mean, it's not "ideal" to have people still walking in and having the drinks and nachos being delivered when you're yapping... but whatever... it's kinda a distraction... but no biggie... it was just the idea that i had to throw the extra minute back in and figure out the flow of my set again...

tonight should be better since it's a pro show and not a new talent that i was opening up for.

cancelled my headshot "session" with gleny today - really am feeling punky and the visiting nurse is coming here for the first time today so i kinda have to be around here for a bit...

speaking of nurse. gigglemom is out of the shower. gotta go drag her downstairs.

September 19, 2005

Monday morning comicbacking

hey so my set was okay last night. got some good laughs. also heard crickets... but I am not as rattled by that, see, every comic that went up last night did okay but the crowd was, like, mute... they were all smiling but apparently didn't realize that they should laugh out loud... *sigh*

other than that, I felt good with my set.

saw lisa weiss' set... she had some good stuff, also this guy peter (who surprised me when he said "you're gigglechick? you're famous!" - or something to that effect... god bless my open mic section...) his set was good, he went up before me. a fella by the name of sean murphy (italian?) kicked some ass up there.

it was a small crowd.

oh, last week i'd ordered some video conversion thing and a microphone for my pc from dell (i have a few hundred left on my dell credit card) and I ordered it with overnight delivery - this was last tuesday - and after the payment went through, the confirmation said it'd arrive september 30th.

um. no. so I ranted at them and cancelled the order.

anyway.... I was winging it with the product. if I WERE going to transfer my sets from vhs to the pc, what type of pc crap paraphenalia would I need?? let me know!!! thanks...

I am on the 7:20am train... and the car I am in smells like mold. am too tired to move.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

avast ye, landlubbers!

arrrrrr, quit swabbin' yer poopdecks arrr ye'll go blind, mateys!

There's a new pirate movie coming out... it's been rated ARRRRRRRR

(arrrr, get it? don't make me throw ye to the sharks... that joke was a shout out to the missing in action PeeWee)

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

you are invited to witness my debacle

giggleimp927.jpgwell, T-minus just over a week til the HBO showcase thingamabob...

here's the evite...

(yes, you have to log in to see it.... but it'd be great if you did so!)

remember. it's september 27th at 9pm...

feel free to come down and check it out...

also, go to the improv site and buy tickets for the sept. 27th show at 9pm...

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howie, put the lotion back in the basket.

well, it's the full moon week, isn't it? fantastic.

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September 20, 2005

Just for the record

man, I cannot hear today. turns out the girl who sits across from me at work has the flu. my ears are totally stuffed up. it's a little too late for Airborne I suppose. am on the RRE right now and about to pass out (tired).

by the way, gotta love the asinine evil stalkers that are out there spewing their hatred (and, dare I say, jealousy) about me and my site.

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Okay, where was i?

well, we now resume to our regular programming here at gigglechick.com

yep, some folks have been banned from my site and redirected to a gay porn site - where they should feel more comfortable.

anyway, onward and upward... last night I watched the emmys (i tivo'd 'em on sunday since I was performing)... I must say I wanted my piven to win that night.

I am happy felicity huffman won (and was keen on the shout out to sorkin & sports night that she had)....

but I must say, her little bit about her & bill macy having their first kiss in a cow pasture got me a little misty.

ah first kisses... I remember my very first at 13 (i've written about it before)... sitting with my friend marty playing space invaders and I was winning... all of a sudden he leans over and kisses me.... and then there was the french kiss a few moments later where my tongue got caught in his retainer and I started hyperventilating. yep. good times.

steve. first "official" boyfriend... our first date, his mom was driving us to see indiana jones and the temple of doom. we got in a car accident, didn't see the movie, ambulance took the mom to the hospital and cops took steve and I back to his house... did I mention he'd been a sears underwear model? mucho kissing was had... then over the course of the next 4 years he dated every friend I had.

john.. summer of 85. hanging out on the jetty. he leaned in for the kiss. yes, that's one of the perks of living in 'squan... kissing with the teenage bennys

at 15, drinking root beer schnapps with tony in manasquan on a december night... root beer scnapps kiss... it was his first kiss... unfortunately he had no concept of allowing the other person to breathe.
it was like having to hold your breath for 5 minutes. for some reason we dated a few months.

bill r. - 16. in the high school after an art honor society thing one night. we were washing stuff in the home ec class and he kissed me near the dryer.

I broke up with some guy named allan the next day.

memorable kiss? besides the retainer? steve when I was 13. standing on the edge of the sandpits at sunset (it was like a mini grand canyon) he was leaning on his tricycle (big tricycle) and I remember some sort of romance novel cheek to cheek "looking out to the sunset" look that we had. yep. dorks. :)

red headed bill (not rhb) kissing as mike dalton cd was blasting from radio.

the rhb. 2003. sold-out springsteen concert in the rain. 50,000 people around us seemed to disappear.
that kiss freaked me out. in a good way. but still kinda freaked me out.

anyway - first kiss stories, my friends???

::: plunked in on my treO:::

September 21, 2005

Big Apple/Big Easy

oh my goodness, i've been watching the Katrina Fund: Big Apple to the Big Easy Concert --- it's fricking fantastic... will yap about it more here later...

catcher Katcher

when he's not plotting a trip to fantasy fest, trekking to europe, schlepping out west or writing stuff for espn.com, paulkatcher.com is at a yankees game and this time, he's caught a foul ball.

congrats, paul.

go check his site out - it's one of my dailies.

(oh and make sure you tell him you like his logo.)

the fat off + one day (and last night's dinner story)

yes, yesterday was the "weigh-in day for the Great Blogger Fat Off" --- all y'all who didn't post your weight, go ahead, you can do it in this post today - i gave an extra day for ya'... i gained nothing. and lost nothing as of yesterday.

today though... well, ah, so, i've sunk so far as to have Special K for breakfast and lunch in a feeble attempt to apologize to my stomach...

yesterday, it started out innocently enough... a single scrambled egg on an english muffin here, an iced coffee there....

lunch, still going strong. kickin' it with the salmon (that sounds like a crappy radio talk show --- "Good Mornin' all you Fishheads! Are you ready for the show?! You're on the air and Kickin' it with the Salmon!")

okay... and all the while i'm journalling... good stuff... still way under my 1200 calorie limit for the day...

and then....


then i hop off the train and head to the foodstore... oh look! Cap'n Crunch is the same amount of calories as Special K! how can that be!? a LARGE box of it went in the cart.

cookies? well, gigglemom must need some - in the cart.

pierogies? it puts the pierogies in the basket.

pringles... oh lookit the fun sized containers. yep, tossed 'em in.

frigging $74 worth of crap...

and then i called Vinnie's Pizza on the way home... ordered up 2 cheese steak sammiches... you know, one for me, one for the gigglemom.

oh, and yes, i'd like fries with that.

so - at home what made it down my gullet and NOT into the journal?

let's see:

1.5 cheeseteaks (gigglemom could only eat 1/4 of hers. come on woman. there are starving people on the gulf coast... now i have to finish it, lest i'll feel guilty)

2 cookies

1 container of fun-sized pringles

1 big ass thing of french fries

now, at this point, i am feeling kinda sick. did i stop? hell no.

for some ungodly reason as i was watching the "Big Apple to the Big Easy" Concert - i felt the need to shovel more from hand to mouth.

no, the pierogies weren't cooked up...

gee, i haven't even had Cap'n Crunch in about 16 years, let's see how it tastes... did i pour a handful into a bowl with 2% milk?

erm.... not so much...no.

did i maybe just pour a little bit into a small dish to bring into the living room sans milk?

eh... nyet.

did i haul the LARGE honkin' box of the Cap'n out to the couch where i proceeded to glom the stuff hand over fist and look down in 10 minutes and realize that i ATE 75% of the frigging box?

well... yes. of course that happened.

that's why i don't keep cereal in the house. i am an addict (well, also a cheesesteak, french fry, pringles, cookie addict as well.)

yep, i'm the Polish bulimic... i binge without purging. dammit.

oh... and then i had a peach and a bottle of water... which i journalled.

katrina. mike's photos. amazing.


the above photo was taken by my good friend Mike... you may know of him through the ol' blogroll as A Squirrel's Story

Go now and take a gander at the 243 photos he's taken of the city over the past week that he's been there.

and while you're doing so, click your heels at least three times to try and send that damned Unlovely Rita packing --- and say a few prayers.

September 22, 2005

graceland here i come...

hey there! so i just got word that i have to head to memphis for work on october 5 thru the 7th... any of y'all down there in that town????

September 26, 2005

i am not sprawled out in a ditch

hey there! good morning.... not much has happened since thursday - played golf on saturday - first time in forever...

first person to correctly guess my score wins...

(*no, you really don't win anything except for me saying "WOO! ________ was right! He/She guessed my golf score!!")

here's the details: i played 18 holes. drove a golf cart. haven't played since june (when i lost my claddagh ring....-- then mike bought me another, thank you!!! but, eh... funny story about that this saturday, too. :(

tomorrow night is the hbo gig... kinda nervous, and yet not nervous at all, hell whadda i have to lose, right?

anyway - guess my golf score.
bonus points for those who split the score from the front nine and the back nine.

the results...

no one came close.

okay - you folks are wayyyyy too kind and think wayyyyy too highly of my golfing skills... over the past year i pretty much averaged 120 (not great but for a chick who hadn't played much before, not horrid...)

i haven't played this summer at all - except for back in june....

what was my score? my score... *she says whilst hanging her head in shame*




80 on the front nine / 70 on the back

kill me. my driving is fine. my short game needs A LOT of work - seriously, putting (on the front 9) was adding about 4 or five strokes to my game. then i wound up lining the ball up on the back 9 and it knocked 10 strokes off... but. jeezuz.

yeah, so how i look at it - with rose coloured glasses - is i have a better chance of winding up on HBO than i do winding up on the LPGA...

September 27, 2005

improv. hbo. hair. doc. breathe.

well, today's the big day... 9pm, baby! i am running out to get my hair washed and blown out... got my fancypants show biz outfit last night... ran to kinkos to have my faux headshots printed up...

(then i have to take mom to doctor's appt at 2pm)

am hoping to leave here around 5:30ish just to give myself some time to get up there and chill for a bit...

September 28, 2005

I'm not saying set your tivos.... Yet.... But....

I am hobbling around today with two broken legs and a sprained wrist - thank y'all so much for all of your well wishes for the show last night!!!

I felt like I had a very good set.... at first I was a bit nervous (the guy I followed is a high energy fella and I was a bit worried about following him)

I went on 4th (i have photos of the list of performers that I will post later)

I was one of only 2 female comics last night- the other being the terrifically irish fiona walsh... the rest were all boys (okay okay...men.)

anyway... so I did my set, thought I went short - they were supposed to light me at 5.... I did my set and still hadn't seen the light... anyway, the emcee later told me I did 5:30 and that she was about to light me... so I am cool with 5:30 out of 6 min.

after my set I was out in the hall... and who comes out to say hey and chat but the illuminated donkey himself, ken goldstein... awesome to see him there... and thank you to my crew that showed (cathy, john, moritzio, jude, wendy, maureen & her husband)

okay, so back to donkey chatter... he says to me "by the way, congrats on the two new york mentions"

I say "hey thanks!" not knowing what the eff he's yapping about... then I figure i'd ask...

"what? you don't know? gigglechick was mentioned in New York Magazine not once but twice!"

holy crow... so I ran out right then and there and bought 5 copies... the cashier at duane reade now thinks I am stalking conan o'brien since he's on the cover (my stalking conan is so 1997)

there gigglechick is in black and white mentioned in their brief article about open mics - so that was really bloody cool... really... I always knew conan and I would have a special bond at some point.

alright.... going back to the show....

at one point I was in the hall yapping with friends & others... and all of a sudden some blonde woman comes up to me, grabs my hand and shakes it and says "Erin, thank you so much for coming out tonight" and I was taken by surprise because I had no clue who she was - I was thinking it was one of you guys who read me, you know, my faithful legion of stalkers - I said thank you and smiled but before I could ask who she was she ran upstairs...

weird. good but weird.

fast forward to end of evening - everyone milling about on sidewalk... same blonde and her friends (one with funky circle glasses) come up to me and she shakes my hand again and said "great job, thank you again, erin" and I say thanks and was about to ask "who are you?" but then she started walking away... and Funky McGlasses says to me "you're a funny girl, erin" and they both skidaddled outta there....

it was like a drive-by compliment...

then one of the other comics comes over and asks me "what did ----- ---- from hbo just say to you?"

oh crap... that was the hbo chick and here I was thinking she was one of my good stalkers!

good thing I never ever say "go away stalker!! scram!"

but I wish to god I had said more than the dopey shy "thank yous" and smiles....

so all around, it was a frigging good night...

gonna go ice my broken legs and wait now.

September 29, 2005


hey there - so, i just got back from a "field trip" here at work... we went to the NY Television Festival --- to one of the panel discussions on branding and tv... now, not for nothing, i am not involved in the television biz... and from what i heard today (the sound/speaker system sucked) it was pretty damned interesting - maybe i should take a class to expand my knowledge...

so on monday i received an email from my college alumni thingamabob letting me know that there's a get-together tonight at the Heartland Brewery from 6-8pm...

am still debating on going... i most likely will... earlier today i was about to say hell no, based on the fact that when i boarded the train, the pen that i was wielding drew a big line across my right girl and i looked like an ass... so i went to Old Navy during lunch and picked up a sweater for $20...

oh, what the hell, i'll go to this thing - i have survivor, the apprentice, everybody hates chris and ER all simmering on my dvr, so all is well in the world.

so, it's basically all classes from the university of the arts that will be going --- whomever lives/works in nyc... so there's a good chance i won't know a soul --- the last one i went to a few years ago, there was one person from my year. none from my year and major. so i'll give it a go and stay for a bit i suppose.

what else? oh did i mention that i am performing at the NY Improv again on October 9th at 8pm? so, if you're in the vicinity, pop on in.

there was something else that i logged on here to say but for some reason my brain isn't clicking together...

ah - just clicked... i am toying with the idea of taking the bus from brick to NYC from now on, it's only $299/month rather than the $320/month on the train --- plus it's an hour and a half rather than 2 hours...

on the con side of it, it does have an 80% probability of getting stuck in traffic... on the pro side, the brick bus stop is less than a quarter mile from my house.
also on the con side is the port authority where it lets out in nyc is at 8th and 40th --- which is one block over and a few blocks up from work... (penn station is only a block from my building) on the pro side to that, i would be forced to walk, meaning exercise, meaning moving... on the con side to that, it's getting colder out. rainier. sleetier.

ah, well, i may test it out tomorrow and see how i fare.

September 30, 2005

TEST RUN: nj transit 137 bus

okay... so... I have stepped foot on the 137 bus to nyc... the 7:35am is not crowded at all and I don't have a seatmate... ah, I spoke too soon... chick with cellphone now sitting to my right and leaning her seat all the way back.... okay as long as I am not behind her....

the bus is supposed to get me in at 9am... cross your fingers.

okay chick's phone has been put away and she's pulled out a book. it's dark on the bus (i've put a dimmer on my treo) - I was able to use my train pass to board the bus. I may spend the extra $21/month for the monthly railpass so in case I need to stay late and take the train, I can without being caught short on cash....

this is promising... I know that all hell could break loose up near cheesequake and also the snake (up north, near the tunnel a bit... curvy section they used to call the snake) plus I am prepared for being sluggish near/in the tunnel.

that's why I am doing this dry run before making up my mind.

I will tell you that the temperature in the bus is fantastic AND the seats are plush and comfy....

time commuting to the bus from my house? 45 seconds. yes. seconds. I will be saving $$ on gas.

::: plunked in on my treO:::


okay! wow! so the bus was supposed to get into port authority at 9am...

what time did it arrive? 8:47am...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!??! the bus was EARLY?!?!? i am sure it was a fluke - like it knew it should be on its best behaviour to woo me into taking it from now on...

but all in all... thus far, the morning half of the commute was quite lovely...

and i am in work before my entire department.


by the way, i signed up for that MySpace thing... so feel free to add me to your friends thing if you're on there....


137. Day one. Leg two.

okay I made the 5:30 van (my friend debbie calls the bus "the van"...so...)

guess who has bronchitis again? (i can feel it) no worries. there's cherry flavoured nyQuil waiting for me at home...

anyway, this SHOULD get me home by 6:56pm barring any crazy traffic... so cross your fingers...

as far as rabbit rabbit reminders, hold yer horses, usually I post the remonder later at night, my friends... but this post will suffice

jeezuz. cute guy on train (actually a few of them)

signing off... the lights have been dimmed and I am gonna sleep

::: plunked in on my treO:::

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