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October 1, 2005

proof from tuesday

okay - so, here was the line up from my HBO showcase on tuesday the 27th at the NY Improv...

vinnie brand
david silverstein
rich aronovich
keith anthony
aziz ansari (he was also in NYMag the other day)
fiona walsh
victor wishna
mike yard
robert bushemi

with nicole korkolis MCing

October 3, 2005

i'm a cult hit.

are you a total turkey or a blockbuster?
i got 13 out of 25 (but i hadn't had my coffee yet)

[thank you shumpy, my friend]

wondah doggyyyyy

oh yeah, i think beri's gonna be wonder woman this halloween (she'll kill me)

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oh, honky, pleeeeease!

okay i don't watch mencia too much (okay, technically i have never watched him)... shumpy sent me this:

and don't start hatin', erm, dawg. G. yo, i am just the messenger.

click here. video.

October 4, 2005

heading up the gsp

wow... the bus is bloody empty (only 23 people onboard)... this is fantastic... last night it got me home 8 min ahead of schedule.

oh, so I am still wracked with a horrid cough... and I feel terrible because now gigglemom has what I had/have and it's 15 times worse (am afraid she'll wind up in hospital again)

so click your heels and clap your hands to make gigglemom feel better, kids!

::: plunked in on my treO:::

i'll take Nipsey for the block.


Roses are red,
violets are blue,
Nipsey you're dead...
and we'll miss you

(okay, that's my nipsey tribute, i am not as talented with the rhyming as he was.)

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October 5, 2005


g'morning. am sitting here in some irish pub (eating bacon & eggs) in newark airport....

took olympic limo shuttle without a hitch (met a lady named mary who was a hoot and I may join her poker game in the future :)

then I got a call from the limo service from work confirming an 8:15am pick-up this morning (i never asked for one *sigh* had to cancel that one but made sure the return limo friday night wasn't cancelled)

so here I wait... and in the meantime my site is being overwrought with spam comments.... lovely.

will yap later. not sure if I am making it to graceland on this trip.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

ted turner and coca-colaville

sitting here at the gate in the atlanta airport.

hey! anyone ever fly when they have a bad cold and your ears lose their hearing and it feels like skewers are being stabbed into your eardrums??!?!?!?

yeah that was the first leg of my trip...

on the upside, it muted the infant screaming a few rows ahead... I am pretty sure the kid was experiencing the same ear thing as me... so I am not gonna mock it this time.

50% of my hearing is back in my left ear, but my right one is all marlee matlin now.

2pm flight to memphis should be boarding in about 25min....

should I be wearing my Yankees cap in atlanta?

::: plunked in on my treO:::


I am in memphis.
I am still deaf in one ear.
grabbed a burger at the hotel bar.
(and a guinness... you know, just to see if that'd help my ear. nope. didn't.)

anyway. mechanical difficulties on the plane caused a delay....

what's this mean? no graceland.

and since I am working on 2 hours sleep and about to learn sign language, I am just chilling in my room. was supposed to go out to dinner with the company folks, but I am shot today. will do that tomorrow.

anyway.... gonna watch Lost and then pass out.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

October 6, 2005

wonky web site...

hey hey am still in memphis til tomorrow...

am having issues with my site - something is wonky... if y'all are noticing issues, let me know... tell me what's wrong with it and also what browser(s) you are viewing it in...




arrrrgh something is totally effed with my site

::: plunked in on my treO:::

October 7, 2005

A.M. Thoughts

good morning. still on memphis-time. just finished my room service breakfast and want to crawl back into the big-assed marriott comfy bed (my god, those commercials touting their beds? frigging TRUE!!)

had pulled pork last night (no, that's not a euphymism)

oh frigging great they're breaking in on the news with a train station in philly being evacuated. I am heading to philly tomorrow for a memorial celebration of one of my former professors.

anyway... i'm getting picked up at 8:30 this morning (memphis-time) then heading to the office... hopping on 6pm flight later and getting into newark around midnight.

thinking of joining ww again tomorrow morning...

I suppose I should toss myself into the shower.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

Departing... Sorta... Sometime.

well.... my 6:10pm out of memphis has been delayed. fantastic.

and I cannot find any alka-seltzer cold meds... (the cough is horrid)...

am toying with the idea of a shot (or 2) of jamesons to get rid of the cough and the deafness...

may I just add that the flight - at least the fellas waiting for the flight - are on the hot side....

anyway... will check in soon.

by the way, everywhere around here smells like bbq... it's pleasant actually.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

October 8, 2005

Stinkyjeeves, take me home.

just stepped off the (delayed) plane in newark. am now sitting in the limo trying not to puke.

the car smells like ajax and kim chee.

not pleasant.

and the driver just let out a loud belch without so much as an "excuse me"

let me see if I can give you an idea of the horrendousness of the stench...

for those of you who've been on the NJ Turnpike near exit 12 and have had to roll up your windows and hold your breath - possibly cracking fart jokes as you pass the factories.... well, and I swear to you, I just rolled the window DOWN near said smokestacks and breathed in deeply so I wouldn't get sick from the interior of the car.


anyway. am safely on the ground heading towards where I parked Phooka... mid-air, my hearing came back....

then during the last 15 min of the flight I became more deaf than ever...

oh well... praying that this car ride is a quick one.


sweet cheesenrice. he just broke wind... and I could swear he's chewing garlic curry onion gum.


::: plunked in on my treO:::

Patchin' the phooka.

hey, so I was sitting in Strauss auto service earlier waiting for Phooka's rear driver's side tire to be fixed... my post didn't publish when I wrote it, so I am trying to post it again a few hours later

he's been losing air in it over the past few weeks and i've been filling the tire every few days...

anyway, last night when stinkyjeeves dropped me off where i'd left Phooka, his tire was pretty damned flat - luckily there was an exxon across the circle and I filled him up...

so, I took him to strauss today (post-weight watchers meeting) and am waiting...

of course, the kid working on him just came in to ask me where the wheel lock key was and I had to go into the bay area...

god help me when I have kids and they wind up in the hospital... because I nearly went white when I saw the jack lifting my boy up... precariously balancing on a teetering piece of metal that looked like it was going to collapse and slam into Phooka!


anyway... I am a little leary of this kid working on him....

prior to me having him fixed up, I went to the customer service counter (i didn't see the "real" service counter when I walked in) and I asked the kid (when did 18 year olds start infiltrating businesses... too damned young) if I could get my tire fixed and he says to me:

"the stuff to fix your tires yourself is over there" and then points to tire crap halfway across the store... so I said "um, no, I need someone to check it out and fix it"

keep in mind it's pouring outside...

and he says "well, they'll charge you an arm and a leg"

what the eff? listen kid, I am not fixing my own frigging tire... so... I say:

"well, seeing as I have 2 of each and you have an entire repair service here, I think i'l take my chances"

okay so I speak with the repair service guy and then ask him how much "an arm and a leg" is at Strauss and he (approximately 20 years old) says "a tire patch'll cost like, $21.50"

so, I go back to the 18 year old and say "i don't know about you, but my arms and legs are worth a helluva lot more than $21.50, kid"


yeah, I didn't hit the hay til 4:50am and I am cranky. the rain isn't helping and I am missing a parade meeting and am missing my professor's memorial service in philly.

and weigh in at ww was a delightful 189... yep. so... that's the start weight (having my "last meal" tonight, so the points will be starting tomorrow.)

and I have to fix my site -somehow- today.....

oh and I cancelled my set for tomorrow night at the improv (i know a few of you emailed me to say you were going...so... hold your horses for a bit) seeing as I have my cough still and am pretty much deaf, I am a bit off kilter

----- by the way, the teenyboppers at strauss wound up telling me they couldn't patch the tire and didn't know what kinda tire it was (it's right on the tire for goodness sakes)...

so, I came home (disgusted) and looked through the yellow pages for the tire place down the street, I called them, they didn't have my tire in stock but said they'd fix the one I have (the strauss punks gave up quickly) so I took it in and 7 minutes later phooka wasn't limping anymore and it was only $15... and the fellas in that place were all over 40... here's to experience!

::: plunked in on my treO:::

it's all the rage!

okay - so, eh, gigglemom doesn't see why i find this crochet pattern cover of hers funny... so, of course, i had to scan it...


(ps - i am still trying to fix my site and comments --- i am able to see the comments when they are sent - they come into my mailbox - hopefully i can comb through this and fix it soon.)

October 12, 2005


OK everyone... don't get excited... this is NOT Erin... we're trying to see if we can get This Old Blog back to life, so this is only a test. Sorry, nothing to see here, move along... move along...

October 13, 2005

just checking in

hey there - am still trying (with the help of Michael) to get this site back up and running... something went kablooey last week, and then i tried to upgrade to MT3.2 - and things got really effed up...

the comments don't seem to be posting - although i had been receiving them via email when they posted -- so i know y'all are out there...

the comment thing - once this whole situation is resolved - well, i am switching the comment thing to typekey... this will (hopefully) kick the spammers to the curb, yet, my dear cheeky monkeys, it also will mean that you have to register (FREE!!!!) with typekey... (so maybe do so now prior to my "official return"

since michael has been kicking arse with my site/MT upgrade, i just wanted to give him another big shout out and a huge THANKS!!!

but, if anyone else out there has a bloody clue as to why the comments aren't showing up at all on here - and ifthey've experienced the same wonkiness or have switched to typekey and have any hints, etc, shoot me an email

gigglechick and J Co

--- hey! if you're coming here from google/yahoo/etc looking for jib jab's "Big Box Mart", CLICK HERE ----

in the meantime:


hangin' with jon corzine (the future Governor of NJ) at the Barclay tonight --- there was an Irish-American Democratic gig there tonight in support of Corzine and the Doherty/Reilly ticket... i had a really good time - went with my friend Jude...

• go check out ye ol' corzine connection blog

comments aren't working still, poppets... any suggestions? email me.

what else? OH! tonight on Leno (i normally watch letterman, of course) they are premiering the new Jib Jab cartoon - WHICH I AM IN...

In a message dated 9/30/2005 5:00:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, support@jibjab.net writes:

Congratulations! You�ve been selected to be a member of the Gigantic Crowd Scene in the next JibJab!

Our next animation is a musical satire called "Big Box Mart" about the impact of big box retailing on the little guy. In it, an unsuspecting consumer learns an economic lesson the hard way when his high-skilled factory job is shipped overseas to accommodate the "low, low prices" he's come to expect from his favorite retailer.

As a member of the �Gigantic Crowd� you will be singing with thousands of other consumers and employees from the enormous aisles of the Big Box Mart. Due to the immense number of people in this scene, please be aware that your head will be quite small and will probably not be distinguishable during the course of the animation. However, we will send you a high resolution image of the scene after the animation is released so you can prove to all of your friends that you were in it!

i am awaiting the high-res image now.

so, if you want to set your tivos for leno, and then do a super slo-mo through the animation combing the crowd scene for the gigglechick, i suggest you do so!!!

October 14, 2005


i am now credited as "gigglechick" in the "Aisles o' Shoppers" scene in Big Box Mart (seriously, go there, i can prove it.)



okay - yes, that IS me under the "CRAP for .62 cents" sign :)
(once the high-res image comes in, i will post.)

• now, go to Jib Jab to view "Big Box Mart"

double post

yes, i knooooow that there was a double post of me and J Co up for, like, 14 hours... with the new mt3.2 upgrade, there are some wonky things going on --- still with the comments as well (anyone? help!!!? email me.)

bear with me while all this crap is going on...



October 15, 2005

booooo.... scaaaary miniiiii....

so, my buddy gleny (of gleny.com) talked me into going to the Running with the Devil Haunted Mini Ride next sunday...

should be fun!! i don't have a co-pilot to join me... yet.

awww... phooka's first mini ride!!! hope the weather is swell!!!


an update on the site - still trying to get the kinks out of the comments. this will be my last post for the weekend i think because michael is gonna do something or other with mySQL blahbittyblah... so i shall not post for the rest of the day so i don't eff it up...


oh - and a hearty happy birthday shout out to my oldest friend Jenn (actually she's 2 years younger than me, but we've known each other since i was 17)


and hey - i miss your comments, so if you want to shoot an email and say hey - click!

October 17, 2005

what's been up?!

okay - so the frigging comments aren't working still - michael's having issues with that whole thing still


part of me is thinking of not having comments... i dunno... pain in the arse (although, it was kinda nice not having to deal with the crazies out there during the full moon whilst i'm PMSing....)

anyway - what's been going on?

i have been working from home since last wednesday (gigglemom was in the hospital on tuesday - so my big boss gave me the option of working from home and they shipped my g5 down to me - complete with flatscreen...)

it's more productive actually, what with not wasting my time commuting, i can work on projects those extra 4 hours... and the auditory processing dysfunction isn't getting aggrevated the way it usually does when i am in the office (we haven't any walls and sound travels like crazy and it's quite difficult to concentrate)

what else?

oh, was yapping with a fella who self-published his own novel through iUniverse... has anyone else done the self-publishing route? i've been working on my book hither and tither (would you folks buy one if/when it's published???)

at the moment i am likkered up on chinese food and think i have msg poisoning (my head is throbbing)

(of course, if i publish this post, it may blow my site up....)

October 19, 2005

revamp, restructure, relax...

okay my little wienerschnitzels.... i have tweaked my layout --- at the moment, the comments are no longer... this is still in the works (i know y'all are sick of hearing about the comment fiasco...)

let me know how you like the new layout.... and for the love of all that is holy, help me figure out the danged comment thing...

i have broken down and purchased the "Personal Basic" version of MT so that the folks at six apart can shed some light on this situation and HELP ME...

by the way - i am STILL working on the layout, etc... this is somewhat "makeshift" (possibly) --- gigglemom says it's a bit "blah"


okay - in the meantime:

mr. tough leather pants hangs 'em up on ebay - can you imagine the dried sweat? (the fella who pried himself out of said pants can be found at banterist.com)

eh, you may want to get your rubber gloves ready before this song plays (thanks, shumpy)

• well, after doing that, you may as well - in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month - head over here... and click on the pink "fund free mammograms" graphic in the middle

hey thanks!!!

okay! sweet! thanks to 2 (or one) anonymous stalker(s) who sent me an illustrator licensing/biz book that i received today --- and to the other (or same) stalker who sent the funky kick arse alarm clock to me yesterday (it worked - and it's pretty cool because it projects the time onto the ceiling!!)

and a heartier thank you to michael who - besides doing his damnedest to get my site back up to snuff - sponsored my MT purchase (that was a really unexpectedly brilliant thing for you to do!!!)

my ex-redheaded bill (not the potato RHB... bill is the original redhead) gave me his info to check out XM radio - so, for the first time in a couple of years, i am able to listen to Opie & Anthony --- bill burr and jim norton usually make appearances on the show - but right now, patrice o'neal is on... yes, either i have a boy's name as my middle name, or he's got a chick's name as his first :) --- can't wait to listen to ron & fez tonight at midnight (haven't heard them in forever and a day and used to totally dig 'em)

what else? nada... oh, except, another stalker sent me a victoria's secret e-gift certificate to me which i, and my girls, thank you for.

October 20, 2005

joke email #463

okay - so gigglemom has started forwarding me joke emails.....
keep in mind, i really don't need to see the word "rectum" in an email from my mother.
behold.... the latest:

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so, yeah, been addicted to the xm (*thank you ex-bill) and listening to O&A --- so, i did a crappy 10 min photoshop and posted it on their messageboard thing...

(have i mentioned before my twisted little leprechaun crush on bill burr, by the way?)

the photoshop has whet my palate to get back into the fark photoshop contests (unfortunately, my totalfark membership has expired.... *hint*)

October 21, 2005

NEED TO VENT (and need you guys to as well...)

okay - i am frigging livid and NEED to vent ---- unfortunately, THIS story HAS to have the comments working...


i was harrassed by a cop (nay, a "special officer") and now am the owner of a $230 ticket
(i think he was jealous of my mini cooper.... bastard.)

i am TRYING TRYING TRYING to get the fricking comments back....


THEN i will be able to post this godforsaken effing story (seriously pissed.)

comments up! LET 'EM FLY!!!!!

okay........ a HUGE shout out to michael for the help with upgrading my MT over the past 2 bloody weeks....

and a REALLY HUGE hollah to Lisa at sixapart for kicking arse and combing through the code to figure out what the heck was going wrong...

that said.... it is with extreme pleasure, my wee little chinchillas, that I am now announcing....


only click submit once - i have to approve them when they go through.... (so it might take a few minutes/etc to post)


and now, the ticket story:

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October 22, 2005

fat growin' weather

so, the rain is back.... was gonna do the Mini Ride tomorrow - alas, i am not.... too cruddy out - so i am gonna head down to see my dad instead... haven't seen him in a little while... **update - giggledad isn't feeling well, so i have a raincheck on that as well. dang.**

at the moment, Fat Girl (hey! that's me!!!!), has to head out and find some sort of tarp to throw on for a wedding i am going to next saturday...

(also, am hoping that my cousins left the damned FL Keys by now...)

in the meantime - crawl into my psyche and hear how i am feeling about trying on muu-muus whilst pmsing today...

October 23, 2005

sunday check-up

hey hey --- so, i had cancelled on the dang mini ride today because all week the weatherfolks were like "holy crap! it's going to be torrential downpours on sunday!!! do NOT go out of your house or you'll fricking FLOAT AWAY!!!!"

today: sunny. beautiful. ARRRRGH. bastards...

so, i slept. then took gigglemom shopping and afterward i went to the foodstore where i proceeded to spend $275 bloody dollars...

the shopping cart (which was loaded with food for a bridal shower that my mom, my aunt and i are hosting) was stuffed to the gills (not that most shopping carts have gills) --- totally piled high and it was like portable Jenga that was using muffin boxes, eggs, milk and lean cuisines as game pieces...

yes. lean cuisines. starting that schlock tomorrow (they aren't being served at the shower)

wound up saying "screw looking for a dress" yesterday... wasn't a good mental/physical dress buying day...

it WAS, however, a good stouffer's french bread pizza eating day.

October 24, 2005

lee and rockets

thanks to kathy in cali for posting this in my comments... i had to create a special post for this video - it's silly and actually creeps me out....

(not to say that all asians look alike or anything**, but, eh, the dude on the left kinda DOES look like Eric Conveys an Emotion)

**go ahead, send the hate mail

great dane

oh by the way - 2 words - dane effing cook - i bought the "harmful if swallowed" cd/dvd yesterday (finally, because i am a procrastinating ass.) go out and buy this thing if you haven't already... next, i need to get on the ball and get "Retaliation" (i suck at buying cds and stuff - basically i have just watched his sets on the teevee....)

(y'all know that i've lerved him for a few years....)

of course, that's not to say that i am not a gaffigan lemming still

mammy, how i love ya', how i love ya'!

well, i got a prescription back in june but never did anything about it til today....

this afternoon i made my appointment for my first mammogram and bilateral mammography... so... at 1:45pm on 11.02.2005, the girls are going to be squished like hell.

over the summer, my aunt and her friends were telling me their horror stories about their mammogram experiences... my aunt was telling me that at this ONE diagnostic center where she had to go, they pinched her belly in with the boob... and she was bleeding...


as it turns out, THAT was the diagnostic center the doc gave me the scrip for...

well, all i can think is.... now i am going to turn into one of those bloody female comics who yap about their mammographies...

"an' then, my breasts were so flat the technician started pouring maple syrup on 'em!!!"
[insert rim shot here]

(erm... okay, maybe i won't be a mammogram comic... i pray that it's uneventful... oh yeah and that i don't have breast cancer, but mainly that they don't make my boobs and belly fat bleed unnecessarily.)

i want columbus to still be able to say the globe is round, not flat...

(see, no more mammogram bits til i actually experience one...)

should i title this "the back of the bus"?

okay - not sure where to start....

let me begin with the part that flabbergasts me... and then segue into the sad part....and then back to the flabbergasting bit

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October 25, 2005

casual pajama tuesday

working from home today, drinking my coffee, gnawing on a banana nut muffin, watching the weather tear and snarl it's way around the neighbourhood (it's knocked down halloween decorations, american flags and even the number placard that gigglemammy painted for our condo)

(yes, i've been working from home for 2 weeks... was supposed to go into the office today, but, they're doing construction and have no power this morning or something.... so i'll go in on thursday)

you're in MySpace....

snacking on a little lean cuisine and checking out my MySpace page - just noticed that i've got 79 friends as of this moment... howabout y'all try to get it up over 100....

le pit de bottomless

okay.... well... the ETA of my friend is delayed for some reason (no... there is absolutely NO chance of it being that, thanks...)

yes, i mentioned the lean cuisine (3 meat pizza, to be exact....) that i had for lunch...

would you care to know what the hell else i have put into my body today?

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October 26, 2005

who wants to buy it?

how much is my blog worth? find out below:

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stalkers... study up...

oh so, hey there.... i added a little something to my "individual" entries... let me know what you think
(hint: it's over on the right)

Dead Video Recorder

oh sweet heavens to mergatroid! my DVR (from comcast) just died. DIED. "Unreadable Write Error". I called comcast and they were like "ack, it's dead. you'll have to bring it in and exchange it."

for the first time in 2 weeks, i have to head into the city tomorrow to go to work. tomorrow night is survivor, everyone hates chris, apprentice and er. craaaaaaap. and i will miss at least survivor.

i've kinda become dependant on the DVR ("tivo" to those not knowing what dvr is) since i got it over the summer.

yes. i watch way too much teevee.....

October 27, 2005

work it.... yeah... woooork it...

hey hey - so i went into the city and worked in the office today - was nice to see folks there....

while there, i went on the company intranet and saw a callout where my company has a thing with Bally's Total Fitness where we get 60% off a month to month membership...

so... blubberchick here has signed up. seeing as i will be working from home M | W | F for the time being, i can head over to the gym at a decent hour before it closes --- OR, and this might be a stretch (no pun intended), the place opens at 6am, so, i COULD actually scrape myself out of bed at the crack of pre-dawn and head down there...

PLUS, this one has a pool... and they have aqua fitness classes... they also have yoga on monday nights (i miss yoga - a little tough to do at Chateau Gigglemom)

so, that's my news for the day... gonna head over there after i finish work tomorrow... plus i have to find some sort of dress to wear to the wedding on saturday night (y'all DID know that i am a procrastinator, right?)

October 28, 2005

need coffee still...

haven't run to swap the DVR yet - will do later (they're open til 6... and nothing is on the teevee tonight worth recording --- if they had a machine to actually delete shows from the line up, i would program it to put the kaybash on The Ghost Whisperer... anyone else bothered by "Love" Hewitt? ugh... )

i can't use my new bally's membership until after 12 noon - so i will go later, then go find a dress for tomorrow... (i figure if i work out a bit, i will feel a little better and not feel all troll-like, hence, will be able to not heckle myself when i try on clothes...)

in the meantime, cranking out changes to the layouts for work...

::update:: there's a chance that we (gigglemom & i) might not be going to the wedding... gigglemom is feeling like crap and i am taking her to the doc at 3:45... not really looking like a dress-buying or gym going evening

I pity da' fool who says "yo' mama"


oh sweet baby jeezuz.... Mr. T at his most wonderfully awful!!!

[thanks to shumpy....]

show me, show me, show me...

by the way - found a kickarse new guestmap site via :wetwired:

go here and show me where y'are from!!!


okay. gigglemom isn't feeling well... so... no wedding tomorrow... and while i know the family, etc, etc... well, i am not going it alone there...

so on my agenda for tomorrow - get this, it's really exciting:

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October 29, 2005

tasks completed

so, i checked out the club, walked a mile (14 times around the track = 1 mile)...i have to bring a lock and a towel tomorrow, then i'll check out the classes, weight room, etc.

i have a new DVR and it's programmed for all my shows again *whew* was going through withdrawal...

completed all my errands and also went food shopping (bought mostly healthy items... the problem with me is not to eat them all on the first day --- just got home an hour ago and have gone though an entire bag of sliced apples... yes... i will have a stomachache in about 4 hours)

not much else happening. g-mom is still feeling rather punky, so, just kinda hanging with her and getting her stuff when she needs it...

actually, the stomachache seems to be kicking in now, rather than later...

ooooh scaaaary cake!

so, i am watching this halloween cake decorating contest on the food network (yeah, okay, perhaps not the "smartest" thing to be doing since i just went to the gym for the first time today...whatever...)

the fricking things are beautiful... total works of art... actually they've inspired me to -- possibly -- get off my ass and -- maybe -- take a class in cake decorating...

one cake dude, is this fella named duff who owns Charm City Cakes... go check out the site... it's pretty damned good - am quite impressed... with the site and the cakes...

hey - it's better that i watch a show on cakes than glom an entire bakery down my throat, eh? no?

October 30, 2005

sunday.... meh.

skipped the fundraiser today... yeah, yeah, i know, it's like i've become a hermit in a way... just didn't feel like getting myself all together... feeling just a bit blah lately.

a cuppa...


perhaps, prior to jumping into the cake mix with both feet, i should start out small and try to bake and decorate cupcakes... and they're damned cute/pretty/tasty. nope... i didn't bake that one above... this chick did.

of course, after checking out "cupcakes take the cake", i think i may just make them a main staple of my diet... they could be low-cal, right? I SAID, RIGHT?! especially these from the cupcake cafe... or these from sugar sweet sunshine

October 31, 2005

happy all-hallows eve!

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bag o' beri


well, eh, beri is the only one in "costume" in this house this year.... gigglemom just whipped up a makeshift ghetto costume for the ol' girl for when the kids come to get the candy...

yes, beri is a half empty bag of candy :)

(it's already off of her.... don't call PETA, thanks.)

stretch armstrong

just walked in from the gym... yes... on this feast day of candy, i went to the gym...

walked 1.25 miles at 3.6 MPH and then rode ye ol' recumbant bike for 10 minutes for 3.5 miles...

then.... THEN.... i took an hour long yoga class...

the gigglechick is relaxed and happy... and about to chow down on a lean cuisine...

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