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November 1, 2005

rocktober is over

ah, yes, the time has come to remind y'all to "rabbit, rabbit" first thing in the morning....


after 3 months of forgetting, i remembered to double up on my rabbits

November 2, 2005

my official al jolson day

well, i have my "controversial" appointment today at 1:30pm...

kinda nervous about it (not in a major way, but, just slightly... seeing as i never had one before...

wondering if i get the results from them or if they send everything to the doc who will call if anything wacky's going on with the "girls"

(fact) i have boobs of steel.

mammogram #1 in my life is now under my belt (not that my girls sag below my belt...)

hey, actually, the 38Cs did fine and dandy --- only had 4 pictures taken (2 of each... squish from the top to bottom and squash from the right to left)

maybe it's more painful for those with the smaller, eh, breasticles.... but, seriously, it was a piece of cake for me.

no pain, no blood, no torture...

i tried to take photos with the camera phone, but it was too dark in the room... how sexy would that have been, fellas? squished and flattened giggleboobs... erm... not so much....

I am now the Mrs. Roper of Blogging.

okay my friends... see where i've "sort of" sold out over on the right there? where it says "rental space" --- well, there will be different blogs to click on and check out... so, i suggest y'all do so... show 'em how many of ya' come to my site.... and who knows.... you may see another kickass blog out there.... it's through blogexplosion... and no worries about clicking the "rent my blog" --- that's all free... you won't be charged or anything if you click... sonever fear, go check out the blog that's posted there!

my first tenant is "A Whimsie By Wendy Wings" --- so check her out (click on the thumbnail of her site over on the right), go post a comment and say I sent ya'!!!!

It'll be up there for a week.

they're C-cups


so there's my first batch of cupcakes --- here are more photos....

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November 3, 2005

sharpen your blogs for thanksgiving week!

so, the cuppa cakes made their way onto Cupcakes Take the Cake.... (okay, granted, i sent the photos into them last night... but they didn't have to post the pics or say anything... they have some kickarse cupcake images over there....

yes. it's been a cupcake and mammogram chatty week, eh?

what else has been going on? oh! i will be running the Carnival of the NJ Bloggers on November 27th (yes... the sunday apres thanksgiving.) so, those IN the garden state, start thinking up some good crap to post that week...

some ideas:

• pick a knock-down-draggem-out fight with a family member... you will be listed higher up in the post if the mashed potatoes are flung at grandma.

• did uncle timmy jump off the bandwagon and start hitting the bottle again this holiday? i suggest you keep an eye out and get the digital camera ready!

• thanksgiving eve... perhaps you'll have been hanging at the local bar and running into everyone you haven't seen from high school... did you do the walk of shame in front of the neighbourhood while Mrs. Latanzi was prepping her turnips at 6am Thanksgiving morning?


now these are merely suggestions... not guidelines... but start plotting and planning your thanksgiving debauchery, erm, posts....

November 4, 2005

GOOD LUCK PeeWee (#34808 blue)


well, peewee is loopy and gutsy... for some reason she entered the lottery back in the spring for the NY Marathon... at the time, she wasn't a "runner" --- lo and behold, her number was picked.... thus began her falling off the face of the earth and training for her 26.2 mile run!

leave PeeWee some well wishes here --- wish her luck for this Sunday!!!

(also running in the Big One is Benjamin Wagner.... go wish him well here.....)

The marathon kicks off at 10:10am Sunday, keep in mind she won't cross the starting line for about 10 minutes after the cannon goes off. A good map of the course can be found at the marathon's site

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November 5, 2005

who wants me to start podcasting!?!?

my fave stalker, Mike, was kind enough to send me (besides the xm radio the other day) a book on how to "do-it-yourself" Podcast

i am gearing up for it... and reading said item :)

at the moment, i have to throw myself into the shower and skidaddle to a st. pat's parade committee meeting

doherty/reilly endorsed by gigglechick.com


hey there! well, i am back from the st. pat's parade meeting... glad to be back in the game with it... while there, i was chatting with Mary Reilly (owner of the Irish Centre in Spring Lake) -- she was wearing a Doherty/Reilly campaign sticker in support of her son, Jim...

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November 6, 2005

check one, check two... sibilance, sibilance.

well, my frisky little kittens, i can't bloody sleep... why? why!? because i am tooling around reading the podcasting book Good Stalker Mike sent...

so, i need a microphone and other goodies... i've already downloaded a few programs for editing and all that good stuff... kinda exciting....

there's also the idea of having a "call-in" show (that is, if i get the telephone recorder...and it's controller)

screw the cupcakes.... we's gonna make a Talkie!

this is just insane:

not for nothing, but it kills me (in a good way) each time i go on the My Yahoo "+add content" thing and this is the highest my site has climbed thus far... [hint: click the image... that's why it's there]


yeah, i have no clue why either... it's a riddle.... a very kick arse good riddle!

(must. fall. asleep.)

CONGRATS on 32,681th place, PeeWee!

wow! way to go to Marathon Girl, PeeWee!!! below are her stats...
(BY THE WAY - her birthday is on Tuesday...)

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November 7, 2005

oooh hot mic, hot mic!

mic_small.jpgokay... so... start thinking about what y'all would like me to podcast about :) i am thinking that within a week i will be up and running and annoying the masses with my voice...
i have the book, i have the free software... and it looks as if some fantastic individual went on my wishlist and has bought me the microphone and stand!

(i can't wait to find out who was so generous!!! might just cause them to be inducted into the Gigglechick Stalker Hall of Fame)

anyway... very cool.

(ah yes, i am sure that i may be adding bits from my stand-up set --- it may be a great way to try out my material and see how it plays outside of NYC :)

like ships passing.......on the web

hmmmm... just stumbled upon this craigslist "missed connections in NJ" thing...

now off to scour it to see if there's any listings that say:

"crazy chick in BRG mini convertible driving on the jersey shore... i was the hot redheaded guy that you were smiling at"

do i need renter's insurance?!

well, seeing as i have that "rental space" over on the right touting the "rent my blog" from BlogExplosion, i figured i would try my hand at being a tenant...

my new landlord this week is Dariana over at Shadow Blossoms!

so, go say hi to her by CLICKING HERE. talk her into giving me back my security deposit next week!!


in other blogwhore related news... i seem to have a winter rental for a week over at The Bisch's.... go check Kyle out and say hey!

November 8, 2005

head to the polls!


(can i write in "Zach Braff" for the Governor position?)

and when you've picked a winner...

after a hard day deciding who the best candidate is, kick back and relax with a little Purple Passion !

[thanks to shumpy for the link]

OR... perhaps, a nice round of mini golf will de-stress you....

bris parts & airplanes

so, i went out to vote - took mom along and then we grabbed some food at the diner...

not for nothing, but, you would think that if you are going to interact with people at your job, you may want to be able to speak the language of the majority of your customers...

i ordered the chicken francaise... it came with potato (mashed) and a choice of vegetable...

me: okay, what are the vegetables?

jose (yes. that was his name, so do not start growling that i am "stereotyping" anyone) rattles off:

"bru prawts. carts. airplanes."

me: eh... beg your pardon?

jose: "bris parts. carhits. airplanes."

me: um... the second one? was that "carrots"?

jose: "yeh"

me: um... what were the other two?

jose: *annoyed sigh* "buss pelts an' airplanes"

me: i'm sorry, still not really sure what - oh, the first one... was that brussels sprouts?

jose: "yeh."

me: and what was the other? airplanes?

jose: "yeh."

me: um... airplanes? what are those?

jose: *insert blank stare* "airplanes."

(if only he were a foot shorter, i'd've called him Herve.)

me: sorry, Jose, but airplanes?

[enter American waitress]

waitress: is there a problem?

me: um... we were just wondering what the airplane vegetable was.

waitress: what the? jose? airplanes?

jose: "si."

waitress: i think he means eggplant.

me: ohhhhhh... um... okay, i will pass on the vegetables. thanks

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November 9, 2005

because i sell myself short...

this book might prove to be quite helpful to me...


so, my first week as a landlord is under my belt (thanks to all y'all who clicked 321 times to my tenant...)

now i have a NEW TENANT!! it's none other than zazzafooky.com!!!

zafooky1.jpg TO GET TO HER SITE - GO CLICK ON THE THUMBNAIL ON THE RIGHT >>>> (hint: it's under "rental space")

awesome design, excellent writing, she's been in my blogroll for a little while now....

and when you get there, you will feel right at home.... why? well, your ol' pal gigglechick is renting space on her blog!

it's almost like Trading Spaces, except there's no paint, labor or, well, it's nothing like Trading Spaces actually, is it?!

Just go visit her, you'll dig the site - i promise! Be sure to comment and say hi and where you came from (eh, that'd be here at gigglechick.com, my lovelies...)

so over the next 7 days.... go hang out over there - BUT PROMISE YOU'LL COME BACK TO ME every now and again to say hello :)

besides, how frickin' fun is it to say "!!!!" out loud? (i've scared my dog a couple of times doing so :)

so, i am not "perfect"...

well... remember how i went to the Mammy Grammies last week? well, i got a letter in the mail about the results.......

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November 10, 2005


okay folks... help me out here....

need you to vote on this BEST NEW COMIC thing

oh... no... not for me... (didn't mean to get your hopes up!) but, go to this site....

see, i just got an email from Mitch Fatel asking for a little voting help (yes. i realize that the email was most likely a mass spam email that he sent on MySpace... but whatever... i don't want the other 2 hacks he's up against to win

vote for MITCH FATEL because, well, he loves muffins...

(i am voting for him and i am voting for Dane Cook as Comic of the Year... while i was okay with Hedberg, come on, the dude OD'd on heroin back in March.... really shouldn't be looked upon as Comic of the Year.)

(by the way, will be performing at the NY Improv this weekend --- I just updated the site, go check it out and buy some tickets...)

another post to alienate the boys

well, my chickdoc called me this evening to say not to worry about the results. so that's good. fine. dandy...

eh... okay... boys, if you have me up on a glowing pedestal and have built a shrine to me, i suggest you turn your head...

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November 11, 2005


hey there - well, i snagged the prescription from my doctor today and headed off to the lab to get the blood work done... (tests for prolactin levels, TSH (thyroid levels) and Free T4 (Free thyroxine) - no idea what this crap is - just that it's got something to do with the thyroid. so that's all under my belt now... and now i wait.

since i was in a medical mood (and also since one of my teeth are starting to hurt) i made a dental appointment for next friday morning... my step-mother gave me the name, said she heard good things... so, what the hell, he's in my plan, may as well...

what else? nada. just really tired.

makin' a list, checking it once....

because i am harping on the thyroid thing (and am waiting for gigglemom to say "you can talk yourself into it, or talk yourself out of it) i am just running down the symptoms they posted on the web...

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you helped me incubate...


okay... lightening the mood :)



[oh and happy Veteran's Day... i am recycling this link from memorial day ---- go... it makes me smile...every single time i watch it]

November 12, 2005

puffy magee

holy frigging hell, my seams are about to burst. ate too much supper (pot roast/carrots/onions/mashed potatoes) - that doesn't help when A) i've gained effing 20 pounds since may... and B) the fluff & fold place i've been taking the laundry to has shrunk half my clothes (really, they've shrunk... i'm not making an excuse here for not fitting into them)

haven't gotten results from the bloodwork (of course, it's only been a day) otherwise i would be "it's because of my thyroid" - not because of the 3 pork roll sammiches i had for breakfast, or the 2 slices of coffee cake, or the bucket of fruit, or the 2 oranges, or the 2 plates of pot roast that i had today...

tomorrow will be another eating fest --- i may as well just buy a fucking muu-muu... see, tomorrow is a bridal shower gigglemom, my aunt toni and i are throwing for my cousin fran's fiancee...

of course, it's an "absentee bridal shower" - she's down in the Keys... we're all up here... Fran is getting married in december...

at least we've made sure there will NOT be any Bridal Effing Bingo or motorcycle themed items....

but on the menu for tomorrow:

baked spiral ham
3 sausage & egg quiche
2 quiche lorraine
1 vegetable quiche
french toast with blueberry/pecan topping (gigglemom made)
homefried potatoes
broiled grapefruit orange sections with brown sugar (gigglemom made)
fresh fruit bowl
4 dozen mini bagels (various flavours)
3 dozen croissants
5 dozen mini danish (blueberry, almond, cheese and apricot)
5 cream cheese (strawberry, cinnamon swirl, veggie, garlic & herb and plain)
2 pineapple upside down cake (gigglemom made)
1 peach upside down cake (gigglemom made)
3 dozen cookies
82 mini muffins (gigglemom made cranberry, blueberry, chocolate chip, apple streusel)
1 carrot cake (that serves 48)
bloody marys
peach nectar & champagne
soft drinks
coffee & tea

so. eh. yeah. um... only 15 people are attending this bridal shower... think we'll have enough food?

i might be stuffed to the gills tomorrow...

November 13, 2005

i need to move to a nudist colony

so i don't have to worry about my clothes fitting ever again.





November 14, 2005

and Leon's getting larger....

still quite bloody full from yesterday. anyone have a stomach pump?
no one knows who leon is? *harrumph*

i'm like trump. but with better hair. and no penis.

by the way, i've sold out over there on the right - so, feel free to peruse - or better yet, sign up for what's on the right (they're free and they'll pay you to put a little bit o' code on your blog...) or download FireFox and be all up-to-date with your browser...

okay... basically, just do me a favour and move your mouse over there on the right.

because i couldn't resist....

Your 80s Heartthrob Is
Kirk Cameron

[blatantly snagged from dude where's my prozac?]

November 15, 2005

evenin', folks!

hey hey hey! just got home from work about an hour ago - yep, i headed into the office. haven't been in there in about 2 weeks (last week i wasn't feeling well and also they were moving everyone...)

speaking of moving everyone - i have a new desk in a decent section of the office and i am not in an "office space" type cubicle like the others... kinda digging my area.

it was pouring rain on the way to port authority (where i have to catch the bus to come home) and when i was situated comfortably in my seat on Ye Ol 137 Chariot a la NJ Transit, lo and behold some guy sits down next to me, smelling like wet over cologne guy.... blarrrgh

okay! i was - i admit - watching the Country Music Awards...
you HAVE to click here and watch this video!!! TRUST ME.

November 16, 2005

breakfast of champions sloths

2 stouffer's french bread pizza (380 calories a piece)

yep, nothin' like startin' your day with 760 calories.... 760 tasty lunch-like calories...

(hey, at least i am writing it down...)

2 stouffer's french bread pizza (380 calories a piece)
(with water)
yep. deja vu, my saucy little donkeys

and later we're heading to the Regal Beagle, Mr. Roper

so, it's wednesday... and i have rented out that lil' corner of my blog over on the right... the new tenant is "The Reign of Ellen" ellenreign.jpg

I must say that i am digging her whimsical little illustrations - that one on the left is her's (in fact, it's lit a bit of a fire under my heiney and i've broken out the adobe illustrator... not slapping my "drawerins" up at the moment on here --- will bust them out next week)

anyway, this is another "rent my blog" thing via blogexplosion, so, feel free to go over there on the right and click-thru to her site... and when you're on her site tell her gigglechick sent you!

i know i will be doing so.

November 17, 2005

less chowing...

cinnamon chex cereal w/ fat free milk = 160 cal
skinny cow coffee ice cream sammich = 130 cal


yep. 11:30am and i had ice cream... albeit "diet" ice cream...
man the Skinny Cow stuff tastes good.
just finished a few layout changes for work (i am working from home today because they are knocking down walls and such in the office... so, it's hard enough to concentrate without them wielding sledgehammers.)

plus i might be hearing from the doctor about the bloodtest results today (last week he called me with the other results at 6pm on thursday night...)

all i could picture was getting his call while i was on the bus:


(for those of you not really "in the loop" about the bloodwork i had done, click here.)

the results are in!

well, the results of the bloodwork are in... the thyroid is fine and dandy. no hint of hypothyroidism. so, basically, i am just fat without a good excuse.

punkinpie.jpgas far as "the girls", the doc wants me to head to a specialist for The Girls, just to make sure nothing was overlooked, etc.

on that note.... gonna go have some dietetic ice cream

(i failed to mention that i just ate a chicken pot pie chased down with a bowl of egg noodles with butter.)

November 18, 2005

on the agenda!


well, i am taking a vacation day tomorrow... to head to the dentist at 10:30am... haven't been to the dentist in a couple of years. yeah, i said it, a couple of years --- oh, don't get me wrong, i brush, i floss, etc. but i haven't been able to nail down a good dentist in a number of years since my best dentist that kept the cavities away from me died about 6 years ago...

i've gone to a few since. the worst was on west 10th street in nyc about 5 years ago... i picked the place because all the doctors in there were irish.

good call, erin...
< sarcasm >
since the irish are known for their spectacular teeth.
< /end sarcasm >

that dentist, jayzuz... i wound up having to get a filling and the guy - whilst singing showtunes, i kid you not - shot my bottom right gum/molar up with novacaine and then proceeded to drill my top left molar....

when i mumblescreamed "SDDAAGHHBBB!!!"
[translation: "STOP YOU CRAZY SON OF A...."]

he kept drilling and said: "Oh suck it up, we're almost done here."

*sigh* i used to love going to the dentist... alas, after that SOB, i kinda have a bit of an adversion to them...

although, not so bad a complex about them as my dad has... he's corrected his fear by having all of his teeth pulled out about 14 years ago and was fitted with dentures.

nope. his teeth were perfectly fine, he just didn't want to go back to the dentist again... yep. that's me dad!

so, tomorrow... (actually, today) i am heading to the dentist... then i am heading into the city to be at my friend Cathy's by 6:30pm...

a few of us are headed to the Burger Joint at the Parker Meridian (headed to on st. pat's day... see here ) and then......


we have tickets to the 10:35pm showing of Harry Potter!

so, i am staying over Cath's and then saturday i am letting her meet Phooka and we're heading out for a drive...

cannot wait to have that crazy slick clean teeth thing going on tomorrow.

brusha, brusha, brusha

think i should brush and floss before heading to the dentist this morning?
or shall i scare the bejeezuz outta him and the dental hygenist by letting them see that i had a dunkin donuts' banana nut muffin and coffee for breakfast?

okay... okay... i'll brush...


fine.... AND floss...

cavity creeps have attacked.

3 frigging cavities.

i got there at 10:20 for my 10:30am... was called in at 11am... (they have a teevee in each room!!)

she starts taking x-rays, then says "the doctor will be in shortly and then we'll schedule your cleaning."

pardon? no no no. i asked on the phone last week about the cleaning and it was said that i would have one today. now.


anyway - long story short - i had to go back at 1:20pm for my cleaning... (raspberry flavoured polish)

and now i am rushing around trying to get ready to head into the city!

going back to the first sentence: 3 cavities. so every friday, for the next 3 weeks, i have a date with the dentist...

i asked if they give nitrous oxide... the dentist said "we do, but you won't need it"

eh, listen, lady, believe me, i need it. i will spend the extra $40 per cavity for it.

that said, i won't be around til tomorrow evening... so feel free to comment & have a good friday!

November 20, 2005

sunday wrap-up


hello, my frantic little weasels! i skipped yesterday because i was in the city from 6:30pm friday night til about 7:30pm last night...

yep, as you know, i had the dentist thing on friday - and ahhhhhhh (refreshing "ahhhhhh" not screaming "ahhhhhh") nice clean, tartarless toofers... gotta love it (of course, the dentist was talking about putting crowns on and all that crap and i was like "hold yer horses, doc, one filling at a time... i know that i am royalty and all, but i am not going for any crowns at the moment...")

so friday night, i met up with cathy and her friend angela - who is a swell egg as well - and we headed over to the Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridian - and i had a kickass cheeseburger, fries and a coke (erm... and a beer)... only had one, but i could've eaten about 6 more.

then we walked it off by heading up to the theater (about another 10 blocks) and we were 2nd in line for Harry Potter... seeing as we got there at 8:30pm for the 10:35pm show... cathy'd already bought the tix on fandango and we really didn't expect to be that early. man, there were a ton of tweenyboppers there hootin' and hollerin' at a half-nekkid harry in one scene.

all in all, i dug the movie - sure there was a bit in the end that i felt was a tad high on the cheesescale (i am not divulging. no worries) and they left out a couple of key points from the book, but all in all, i really enjoyed it... and is it wrong for me to have a crush on the weasely twins or ron? damn redheaded wizards.

so yesterday, before cathy and i headed off in search of the jersey city Target, we headed to McHale's to grab a burger.... lo and behold it was not opening til 4pm and it was about noon. (we wanted to go because mchale's A)has kickarse burgers. and B) it'slease is up at the end of the year and they are tearing the businesses on that block down and putting up some monstrousity next year.)

so, we went to Hurley's instead and had, guess what? cheeseburgers :) it was a meat-filled weekend (and i say that meaning only with cheeseburgers... gutterminded fools.)

headed over, picked Phooka up from the garage (what is it with the parking attendants that ask if they can take him for a "spin around the block"? do they really think i am gonna allow them to get all ferris bueller on my car? i've been resetting my trip odometer to 0 before i park for the past couple of months - just in case.... so far, only one garage has been questionable.)

then we headed to Target and i picked up a couple of things.... (we have a few stores down here, but the city doesn't, so i took Cath to the one up north and we loaded up my mini's backseat with goodies.)

that was about it in a nutshell... in the city, meat, potter, target, clean teeth :)

oh, i am trying to figure out how to hook my condenser microphone up so i can begin podcasting... i need some sort of cable and powersource thing - not sure - there weren't too many directions that came with the funky mic that allan sent me!

hey dave! hey paul!

wooooooo!! i am going to see letterman tomorrow night!
(i will give you guys more details tomorrow night on how i got the tickets)

but if you'd like to attempt to guess how i got 'em, go ahead!

(it's gonna be shown on friday night)

weblog awards

hey - so who wants to nominate me over at the weblog awards over at wizbang??? be my guest!

November 21, 2005

follow your nose. it always knows.

dave112105.jpgoh boy, i am tired as sin. couldn't sleep (isn't that always the case when you desperately NEED to pass out?) it's going to be a long day.

so i am heading into the city to work today. the only reason being that i am going to see the Late Show and need to be in the VIP line by a certain time.

yes. i said "VIP" line.

has your curiousity been piqued yet? hmmmmm? why, prey tell, would i be in a VIP line for a show that is taping today and will be shown on friday night?

come on, my wee Sherlocks! take a crack at it...

(and yep, that's my crappy 1 minute letterman sketch)

Late Show! the recap! exclamation point!

lshow1105.jpgokay, my friends... i am back from the Late Show.

here's the skinny...

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November 22, 2005

move over, Garfield!


November 23, 2005

harriet, you hard hearted harbinger of haggis

oh my goodness, eh, below is a bit much for an ornament idea, don't you think? of course, if any of you out there want one, it may be found here...

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hey! viewer mail (needed!)

gcnetpod.jpg okay, friends! the podcast launch looms closer
(i am hoping for a thanksgiving podcast. so, keep the fingers crossed)

i have a basic idea as to what i am going to yammer about, BUT, feel free to send me some emails (YES... LISTENER/VIEWER mail --- yeah, i know, it's an old sort of bit, but may as well start out with that....) go ahead: gigglechick@gmail.com

so, i've set up gigglechick.net so i can keep ye ol' podcasts over there.

anyway... i figure, the "show" will be terrible at first --- heck, i am just starting out with this and am not exactly Techie McMicrophone girl

November 24, 2005

it's up! grab your earplugs!!!

okay, my friend!!! happy happy happy thanksgiving!

you may be thankful that you have a mute button... and with that, i bring you, my first podcast!

go on over to gigglechick.net!

(keep in mind, it's my first podcast, i am just starting to learn about this stuff and, oh, i am a dork :)

a gobble gobble, giggle

in the tradition of gigglechick.com, i present you with the best song on this day....

click here for.... The Thanksgiving Song

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November 25, 2005

mr. furley was a freaky little man.

hope all y'all had a turkeyriffic thanksgiving (okay, that was a tad on the gay side, that little turkeyriffic bit there... oh well)

anyway... i have a new tenant that i am sure you are gonna dig... go over and say hey to The Rock Bitch (click on her thumbnail over on the right under "rental space")

when you're there, leave a comment telling her that gigglechick sent ya'

smells like #2

smlogo.jpg   well, podcast#2 is up and running....
  go check it out at gigglechick.net

oh, mr. miyagi... nooooo

pat morita has gone to the dojo in the sky.

November 27, 2005

Carnival of the NJ Bloggers #28!!


well, well.... welcome to the Post-Thanksgiving Carnival of the NJ Bloggers, #28!!! i took it upon myself to whip up a few items to serve y'all... hopefully everyone is comfortable and has found a seat at the table...

njpc_gigglechick2.jpgmy Thanksgiving was spent winning and losing a little dough in Atlantic City... feasted on a comp meal of turkey and prime rib at ye ol Trump Marina... i also began to break into podcasting, so feel free to venture over to gigglechick.net for less writing, more yapping... and on monday, a fella i know was taping his stand-up set on letterman and asked if i wanted to go... oh, and gigglemom got an email that contained THIS... nice that she can see my nekkid stuff online (someone else submitted it).

that said, dig in to the feast before you!

thanks and giving:
ipso facto has a post that hits home for me, a little too closely!!!
inadmissible evidence reflects on the holiday
sluggo definitely needs a nap after the tryptophan-filled thursday
virtual memories savouring the last morsel of bachelordom
joe's journal, as well as, the pink panther took advantage of the black friday sales... (all i can hear in my head now is the pink panther theme.)
xpatriated texan lists what he's thankful for (after ranting a bit)

njc_balloon1.jpgi love a parade:
• the balloon has burst over at the riehl world
the rix mix made a few observances during the Macy's parade

down the shore thinks back to an asbury park of yesteryear
jersey days remembers where he was on an unfortunate day in november '63
the opinion mill ships his pup off to the farm
shamrocketship remembers back when she was in high school in 1924... wait, what? heh... she scored a rare find in red bank this week.
the rix mix looks back on Black Friday past


suzette seems to have something up the wazoo about a certain advert
• apparently, the average ones are gifted and talented over in the art of getting by's neighbourhood
cobweb has a nice autumnal image
center of nj life and ecache both are waving smoke away from their faces

humans behaving badly njc_beans.jpg
had to work, of all things, on Turkey Day (saving grace was the time and a half she received, though...)
tigerhawk gives a piece of his, erm, i mean, someone's mind (and also gives me a shoutout... *mwah*!)
dossy discusses health, wealth & happiness
nj spoken word has a post on michael jackson being an anti-semite. eh... i guess a remake of "ebony and ivory" would be a little different? ebonyyyy and gooo-oold-steinnnn.....


and now we have the rambling drunk uncle who won't stop talking about politics... pretty soon, you'll have to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and sneak out the backdoor to get some fresh air - in this case, there are a bunch of folks who you need to just nod politely at until they finish:

smadanek was yammering about state tax cuts
fractals of change is chattering about keeping order in the streets
badhairblog quotes some articles
armies of liberation sounds like she's ready to be found on a milk carton after the Yemeni folk are done with her.
tammany on the hudson has a bunch to say on robert menendez
enlightennj gets his digs in on the democratic party (a few weeks after the people have spoken in the garden state *ahem*)
the wrightwing discusses eating out of dumpsters just as i was about to take a forkful of mashed potatoes *setting utensil down*
bluejersey.net gives a verbal tongue-lashing to the O.C. freeholders
• and on this festive, happy thanksgiving weekend, threats watch writes about such pleasant news < /sarcasm >


digesting with the teevee, good books, and film:
shipwrecks points out a documentary airing sunday night (hey! that's tonight!) on the SciFi Channel
jersey writers discusses the Top Books amongst other things (don't let the photo on the page frighten you....)
badhairblog talks about old man Potter, no, wait, too soon for It's a Wonderful Life... I meant BHB discusses Young Boy Potter!
• the eternal golden braid covers film, teevee and e-books!

njc_pie.jpg desserts:
uncle tonoose brings up some sweet stuff about Nutley
•don we now our gay un-i-forms, fa-la-la-la-la, wait... erm... not that there's anything wrong with that and i'm not discriminating, karl's corner

on to the next holiday:
• merry christmahannekwanzakah, barista
cinnaman has a lovely little christmas story from Santa's Little HelpDesk

• word to the wise... definitely don't piss off your bartender... especially if it's philly2hoboken!


so, my cheeky little monkeys, thanks for plowing through this and sending in your links... tune in next sunday when This Full House hosts the Carnival!

[of course, wizbang is having a carnival of the trackbacks which is similar, yet different to this carnival!]

too much turkey?

arserace2_sml.gif feeling a little bloated and gassy from leftovers? perhaps you might try your, eh, hand at this...

[figured i needed a picture of an ass on my site to compete in BlogExplosion's BotB]

okay - so i am addicted...

podcast #3 is up and available for your listening pleasure...

November 28, 2005

black & white. can't they all just get along?


can't sleep. ran out of cherry flavoured nyQuil. stupid new filling that i had done on friday is now loosening.

so... to nip the whining in the bud, i decided to laugh at penguins. silly tuxedo'd bastards.

the gigglechick morning zooooooo!

okay - so i've gotten some decent feedback on the podcasts.....

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November 29, 2005

need at least 13...

ah, nice --- i have 187 friends on myspace.... howabout y'all help me push it over the 200 mark, eh????

Papa Bear has passed away.


Stan Berenstain - who, along with his wife, Jan - created the Berenstain Bears, passed away.

He and Jan were both alumni of my alma mater, The University of the Arts... although back then, in 1941, when they met, our college was called the Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art

click here to see how many names my school has had throughout the years - it's ridiculous, even during my graduation, Bill Cosby was the speaker and did about 10 minutes of jokes on the names.

going back to the Berenstains... i dug the Berenstain Bears... no, they weren't like Dr. Seuss, they weren't Charles Shultz, but they were sweet and I had a ton of their books...

My condolences to Mama Bear.

November 30, 2005


how much of a sap am i? well, i am working from home, but have Ellen on.

it's her 25th anniversary of performing stand-up and she was showing clips, etc... then she showed her set on The Tonight Show (when it counted, with Carson) and when Johnny called her over and chatted (1st woman comic ever to be called over to the couch on the Tonight Show)

okay... so, Johnny's sitting there saying how fresh her material was and chatting with her and i actually got all frigging teary-eyed.

cut back to the Ellen show, clip's over and she's all teary-eyed... yeah, i have to tell you, that she is one of my favourite comics... has been since i was in college. very clever. brilliant.

i've outted myself... sorta.

okay... erm... i just had a collector call me (i know it was a collector... they didn't say exactly, but one can tell)

anyway... she called. i answered.

collector: "May I speak with Erin?"

me: "who's calling?"

Collector: "Renee"

me: "um... is she a friend of your's Renee?"

Renee: "no, it's a business call"

me: "can I take a message?"

Renee: "no, that's okay, unless, does she have a husband? I can tell him the message"

---- okay... at this point, because i was already pretending NOT to be me... eh... well... I pretended that I was the lesbian lover of me (erin)...

[note: i'm not a lesbian. let's be clear... *insert the overused, immortal words of seinfeld here*]

me: "oh, so she has to have a husband?"

Renee: "yes."

me: "Well, Renee, my partner is not here right now and if she were to have a husband that would be a little uncomfortable when she and i are in bed."

Renee: "um. erm. so she isn't married"

me/lesbian lover: *getting louder* "no, Renee, in the eyes of the law, we aren't married.... besides... SHE would be the one who takes on the role of 'the husband'"

Renee: "um... i... erm..." *click* Renee freaked out and hung up.

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