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December 1, 2005

need assistance?

for a bit of help during the upcoming holidays, dial 1.888.ELF.POOP

December 2, 2005

jack, janet, chrissy.... this is the OHB™

ohb_tenant.jpg a hearty welcome to my new tenant, Orange Haired Boy...

yes, my friends, he's an OHB™ -- not the RHB -- but it was only fitting that i let him spend the week over there on the right side of the page - so go on.... go over to his site and say hello - tell him gigglechick sent ya'... by the way, he's my first male renter... so hopefully he's keeping more than beer and toilet paper in the fridge.

December 3, 2005


good morning, all! well, it's a gorgeous saturday... gigglemom is heading to a baby shower (not mine) and i am heading south...


yes... last week, when i went to atlantic city for thanksgiving, playing roullette and hitting for $875 on slots was like a shark with the taste of blood.

so, wish me luck... if not, i may be setting up another "help gigglechick stay out of a cardboard box fund"

they blew up the chickenman in philly last night.

*sigh* crap.

December 4, 2005

VOTE FOR GIGGLECHICK! (because no one else will!!)

hey hey! well, it looks as if i am NOT one of the best humor blogs out there (i am fine with that, the others nominated in that category rock... hell, it IS called gigglechick.com, but, the post a few entries before this one was a frigging obituary and another is yapping about me losing my shirt in atlantic city... woo!! funny funny stuff, erin!!)

HOWEVER.... i AM nominated for:

(yes. folks, it's hand-crafted and designed by me.)

so, if y'all could head over there in droves and vote for me in that category, i would totally appreciate it...

(voting begins December 5 and runs til December 15 - you may vote once every 24 hours)

snag the code for the button seen above:

<a href="http://weblogawards.org/2005/12/best_blog_design.php" target="_blank"><img alt="gc_vote_design.jpg" src="http://www.gigglechick.com/erin/blog/gc_vote_design.jpg" border="0" width="100" height="180" /></a>

[p.s.- TO VOTE: You must have Macromedia Flash version 7 (or greater) installed or you will be prompted to get the latest version.]


funny thing, i've been toying with the idea of either a redesign or attempting to get the skins up and running...

my former designs:

the blue & white version
the maroon one

and i am trying to find my old birth control design... the original copy of it died with my old mac... perhaps it's on here.

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December 5, 2005

i'm awake... no, really... i am.

okay. eh... the snow we had yesterday... arrrgh... and the snow we're expecting tonight? blechhhh! not really in the mood.

have to head into the city for work today:

A) because they are giving out the flu shot (even though i actually am feeling like crap today)
B) because i am expecting a disk filled with images for my layouts
C) because my vpn access crapped out on me on friday at home
D) because it's supposed to snow later tonight and i really don't want to head into the office tomorrow

not a multiple choice quiz. basically, it's

E) all of the frickin' above... can i stop bloody sneezing?

oh and don't forget to head over to the weblog awards....


UPDATE: i headed into the office. the flu shot was canceled and the frigging package/disk was sent regular mail. REGULAR bloody mail during the holidays... i am not going to see this disk for weeks now. arrrrgh. i should've worked from home (well, if my vpn was working...*snarl*)

keep 'em comin'!

hey all! thanks to those who've voted today! you guys rock! thank you!

remember, kids, you can vote for your Auntie Gigglechick by clicking here and casting a vote once every 24 hours... from now until December 15th...

don't forget to get the word and votes out by posting the button to your site (code is found here...)

i love you and you.... but not you.


in other news... that friggin' package with my disk of images arrived at 3:30pm --- woo! now i don't have to schlep into the city whilst dealing with the snow. yes. snow.

i went to the food store after getting off the bus... spent an hour foraging in there... on the gigglemenu this week will be kickarse meatloaf (followed by kickarse meatloaf sammiches for the next couple of days) and stuffed pork chops...

let's just say, i bought a whole slew of other items (technically gigglemom supllied the atm card for me to hunt and kill with) --- phooka (my mini) really isn't much bigger than the shopping cart that was overloaded... it's like a magic trick fitting all that stuff into my car. voila!

nyquilsmall.jpgon the swellegant news of the day, i just bought a big ol' bottle of cherry flavoured nyQuil.... gonna take a slug of it and hunker down with my cuddly naptime aardvark doll

December 6, 2005

okay... now i just feel famous.

in my comments this morning:

How weird! If you look up the words 'giggle' and 'chick', google tries to correct you by saying "did you mean 'gigglechick'?"
Posted by: Kevin

excellent! maybe people will send that around just like the "hey, type 'failure' into google and click "i'm feeling lucky"

think it'll sweep the nation?

yeah... me neither. dang. hmmmm... i have to go check my King Kong Millions lottery tickets...

Comics Care Benefit - December 11

hey besides voting for me once every 24 hours til december 15th (yes, i am shameless, aren't i?) those of you in NYC and surrounding areas might want to head to the NY Improv on December 11...

no, i am not performing (that's on December 18) --- but, for $20 and 2 drinks you can see Dave Attell, Jim Gaffigan, Greg Giraldo, Ted Alexandro and others perform at the Comics Care Benefit... all goes to charity (another comic has leukemia and has a fund...) i just published the information to the NY Improv site... it'll sell out, so go get 'em!

for more info and to buy tickets... click here.


great dane. (yeah, that's been used 3.7 million times)

sufi1.jpgof course i DVR'd this, but for those of you who missed my future husband, Dane, on SNL... click here.

December 7, 2005

pipe dream?

well, 2 days down and 8 to go in the weblog awards (that's how much longer you will have to endure my constant blather about them, my frisky wee pandas.)

so, before i start my yap for the moment, go over and vote (for me, thanks!!) i may be in the lead, but the 2nd place blog is gaining momentum... *wshhhkah!* (eh, that's a whip sound... mush! mush! git over there and slap down a vote for me today!... i still love you... but still not you.)

and if you want to "endorse" me on your blog, snag my button... here's the code:

<a href="http://weblogawards.org/2005/12/best_blog_design.php" target="_blank"><img alt="gc_vote_design.jpg" src="http://www.gigglechick.com/erin/blog/gc_vote_design.jpg" border="0" width="100" height="180" /></a>


okay... well, so far, no proposal from dane... that's okay... he's playing hard to get, i suppose. at the moment, i am telecommuting again today. tomorrow i have to head into the city... alas, they are supposed to be tearing down a wall next to my desk (*insert reagan saying "gorby, tear down this wall"*) so the dust and noise should make for a keen work environment. yay.

oh yeah, last friday night i went to the Pipes and Drums of the Jersey Shore Shillelagh's Fundraiser... there's a good chance that i may be joining the band --- as a tenor drummer. Hey, i might look okay in a kilt... and parades with throngs of Irish roundheaded redheaded boys... *grrrrrowl*

i haven't recorded a podcast in over a week. may do so tonight... pre-lost... and apres-meatloaf. i've got a few things to yap about that typing just doesn't convey.

that said... why are you still here? go vote, my lovelies.

at least my site made the boob tube again

so, tonight in my comments, Bryk wrote:

FYI, they were doing a news bit on blogs on The Feed segment of Attack of the Show tonight (on the G4 channel), and for filler graphics they were showing screenshots of various blogs, and there was Gigglechick.com, big as life!

... just in case you hadn't already heard ...

nope. actually i've never even watched that channel (i will now, i promise!)... have just set my dvr for the rebroadcast at 2am... thanks for the update --- i see that on their site aziz ansari is doing a thing on friday --- he was in the hbo showcase with me... (yeah i have a snowball's shot in hell of getting on there...)

dang, so, now, besides msn snagging my site/voice/graphics, i've got G4 snagging the images eh? keen (i just wish they'd tell me so i could see the damned things when they run the first time around... although it is pretty cool when readers tell me they saw it on teevee...)

so... G4... welcome... WELCOME!!!

(that said, my newly found television audience... eh... go vote for me... heh...)

December 8, 2005

G4 - my 4 (more) seconds of fame

UPDATE: okay, i recorded it, FF'd it til i saw the teeth... then played...

here's the link to the clip
[update to the update: actually it says the "average blog visitor is under 30, either in college or unemployed"]

in that segment they were yapping about how there are more people creating blogs than reading them - then the voiceover as they had about 3 screenshots read: "they are under-30 and unemployed...."

funny thing, my readers mainly get to me through my.yahoo.com and a majority of you do not have blogs...

another funny thing.... i am 35 (not under-30) and i have a full-time web design gig with a handsome salary... (actually didn't start blogging til i was 30)

sorry to burst the G4 theory. although, nice to see the shot was of the "pipe dream" post two entries before this one...

was it foreshadowing when i saw the zoom from center to top left... close-up of my logo as they said "unemployed"?

other than all that, thanks G4 for slapping my site up there... i am all about busting out into teevee, my friends... one pixel at a time - so far, msn, leno and now, G4

mrs. roper was a bizatch.

bizatch.jpg okay, my feral little kittens, after you finish going over to the weblog awards and adding your daily vote (for me), i highly recommend heading over to visit my new tenant...

i've had to collect a bit more for the security deposit from her... without further ado... i bring you...

the bloggin' bizatch (go to the rental space. click....)

i need all y'all to head over there in full force, give her a kickass "hey, gigglechick sent my arse over here" hello in her comments...

ah, yes, kids... with all of this voting and clicking crap, it's like i'm some sort of interactive game thingy, eh?

• speaking of games... go try your hand at sending santa over the edge, poppets. [link snagged from shumpy]

December 9, 2005

pull gigglechick's pants back up

okay... pardon... apparently ljcblog has put a callout to her readers and she's now beating the pants off of me

believe me. it's for your own good.

so get over there - tell your friends - and vote for me... please...

so far, the folks who have endorsed me on their sites are:

shoutbox hall of fame
alaskan chili
very amateur
anne's asylum
my violets
• and others....

if you have my button (or a post that asks for folks to vote for me) on your site, let me know and you'll get a kickass link over here...

for the button:

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ah friday... doctor of comedy

okay... so theweblog awards where i'm a finalist for best blog design - have i mentioned that at all?... (*cough* vote *cough*)


okay, so i went to the doctor's late this afternoon to see if my sore throat is anything (turns out it was allergies).

what i also went for was, eh, well... i'm depressed.

hahahah gigglechick. depressed. oh the irony!

yeah, well, whatever... so, the doctor was like so tell me what's wrong... and i had to blather on to him...

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December 10, 2005

heh... did i fake ya' out?

okay okay okay... i was kidding, there's no way in hell that i would swipe someone else's design/layout for real... that was ever-so-tongue-in-cheek.

i'll take it down in a little while... you know, just enough time to snag about 300 votes.

(okay. i took it down... - click here to check out what was up there... :)

wellbutrin n' coffee.. mmmm... mmmm... good

wellb.jpgyep, hanging out guzzling my bucket o' coffee that i whipped up, threw back my first 150mg of wellbutrin and actually tossed dishes into the dishwasher...

there's a st. pat's parade meeting at 1pm, alas, i am not going today... too much crap to do around the house - not to mention (but i will), i have a site that i need to finish for a client this weekend - will do tonight since tomorrow i'll be focusing on the benefit at the nyimprov [hey, if any of y'all are in the ny area, i highly recommend going to the shindig tomorrow night. heck, it's only $20 for some great comedians.]

oh! and for my show on december 18th at the nyimprov, the reservation # is 212.631.1159 - so if you wanna go, it's at 7pm, $12/2 drink min. and tell 'em that you're there to see erin - or gigglechick

i will most likely podcast either tonight or monday.. been a week or so since my last one, hasn't it? any topics? i have a couple in my head, but anyone anyone?


by the way... i read in the comments of the chick who's in the lead:

"You're now at 370 to that weird toothy giggle thing's 365 :)"

weird toothy giggle thing?

hmmm... perhaps i should buy the weirdtoothygigglething.com domain, no?

welcome! *insert mr. rourke voice here*

ah, welcome, my dear totalfarkers... welcome! to those of you about to vote, i salute you.

thanks for popping by, yes, it's a blog. yes. i yap about whatever the hell thing is on my mind. yes. there's a chance that it could be boring or tedious... then again, perhaps you may want to read a few other posts that i've had (here's a teeny sampling):

i've outted myself, sorta
bris parts & airplanes
i nearly got into fisticuffs on the train
i was on jay leno
i had my hbo showcase
nj carnival 28 (this is mainly for my illustrations)

[R]ichard [I] [P]ryor... age 65


go have a kickass set.

December 11, 2005

late night blather

okay, so it's about 1:30am... finished watching alec baldwin on snl. yeah i laughed. no, snl isn't as great as it once was, but there are some items that make me chuckle... i'm an easy laugh - funny thing, most comics sit there stone-faced and judging. i dunno, i kinda just like to let whatever silliness take over. okay, i'm not saying that i'll be laughing at carrottop anytime soon, but, i just can't stand when you're enjoying a movie, tv show, whathaveyou and whomever you are hanging with keeps saying "this is stupid" or "i haven't cracked a smile once"

to them i say, effing reach up your anal canal and grab the lump of coal that seems to be lodged in there. lighten the hell up. (okay, you may say to me "yo. GC, lighten the hell up yourself about this"... okay, okay...)

it just gets my goat sometimes. it happens at open mics as well... folks get onstage to practice their set and you can hear crickets... okay, granted, open mics suck the soul out of comedy sometimes... but the rooms are mainly filled with comics who are working on their own sets, reading their bits and basically hoping that others fail so they can look good... true, there are a lot of horrible larvae-stage jokes that are tried out, but, i laugh at what i think is at least a hint of funny... the worst is when an open mic just becomes comics mocking other comics when they are onstage... even though i have a kickass list of open mics on my site (tons of comics check it out daily) i rarely go to the mics just because they bother the hell out of me. i find doing a real show is, of course, the best way to get an honest reaction. yeah, sure, it's a gamble when you're trying out new material...

i dunno... am just rambling right now... can't wait to see attell, gaffigan, giraldo and alexandro at the NY Improv tonight.

another thing in my head is my christmas card. i want to design/illustrate my own again this year, but, a batch of funny little ones from target are looking pretty damned easy to just sign and mail, rather than think of a funny concept, illustrate, send to printer, pay, sign and mail. yes, i should start them sooner than 2 weeks before christmas. i still like my xmas card from 2001... yes. it was slightly twisted. not exactly "re-usable".

after getting all hopped up on the weblog award thing, i think after the new year a redesign (or at least an attempt at creating skin capability) is in order. while i like my layout - and i do like my logo (hell, yahoo au/nz used it in their feed campaign - for some reason) i think i want to implement illustrations a bit more... it's all about time of course. january thru march i'll be busy on sundays with the parade fundraisers and saturdays with parade meetings... and the frigging parade website (which was a bit of a headache last year)

okay... who the hell let me take wellbutrin with coffee?

[note to self: don't get hopped up on the WXL & drink 3 huge mugs of java.]


by the way - go vote for Ellen of The Reign of Ellen over at the weblog awards... she's up for Best of the Top 3501 - 5000 Blogs

emptying my camera







ah, so, i haven't taken the time to upload my digital camera... until now.

the first two are from when jim gaffigan got me into see letterman... by the way, check out the comments on myspace to see the latest endorsement (scroll down)

see the long line there? totally bypassed it! woo! it wrapped around the corner. instead, cathy and i were first in line to get in.

the third lovely item is a kickarse bacon cheeseburger (had after the late show) at McHale's on 46th street. monterey jack, baby! unfortunately, they are closing the place down after the first of the year to build some crap building.

and last week was the first snowfall of the season...

phooka's first batch of snow, he handled it pretty well (as you can see.)

also, a little shot of the tree in front of my place... complete with snowy birdhouse gigglemom made

well, i am off to charge my batteries for the camera... alas, jim just informed me he isn't performing at the benefit... crap.

ah, attell should be good, giraldo is keen, and ted is swell...

no idea who else will be there - at first they had me put judy gold in the line-up but then had me take her down... poop.

have to drag my stuff to the fluff n' fold then try to skidaddle outta here around 4:30 to head into the city...

update [3:00pm]:oh... because there's a blog design vote cheating controversy over at the weblog awards, since others are posting their stats, i figured, i would post mine. here are the monthly visits****

****not to be confused with the monthly visitor.

that said, i am heading up to the improv in a few. have a lovely sunday! (am dvr'ing survivor.)

December 12, 2005

benefit of laughter

ahhhh, the show was pretty keen last night... my friends erin and cathy (who'd never met) went with me, we were seated front row stage right. both were like "we really don't want to sit in the front row - we'll get picked on"

of course, i said "nah, you can barely see over here, when i'm up there, i never even look over this far. you're safe"........................

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brrrrrrrr.... chilly!

vote_snowflake.gifwell, i don't really know what the "rules" are for the best blog design thingamabob, but i changed it up a little... kinda subtle, no? let me know what you think. the teeth are always able to come back... planning on implementing the skins soon. i figured, hell, i'm in second place anyway, unless some crazy onslaught of folks start to vote, may as well change it up during my lunch hour. and yes... i am a flying upper torso.

trying not to put the "free" in freelance

i'd like to give a hearty happy birthday shout to The Original RHB, my ex-Bill...

so, i got a call from a potential freelance client today... they heard of me through the folks over at the improv. apparently, the guy was on howard stern the other day and he needs his site overhauled. not going to say who it is at the moment... if any of you listen to howard, you might be able to guess, i don't listen to stern anymore, so i was kinda surprised when they called.

so that could be interesting. quite.

ah-cha-cha-cha... schnozz tawlk

vote_snowflake.gifah, so i have to head into the city for work tomorrow - of course, it's supposed to be cold as death... yayyyyyy. can't wait to stand outside for twenty minutes** waiting for the 7:35am bloody bus as my nose attempts to drip and freeze at the same time...

that's a pleasant feeling, isn't it? of course, it's made even more enjoyable when the inside of your nose is dry and cracked (yet dripping still) and the outer portion of your nostrils are chapped and raw from blowing your nose.

can't wait. ah, winter.

** have to stand outside for twenty minutes because that's when people begin lining up for the thing... the "lucky" ones get to stand in the shelter - that has 2 plates of glass busted out of it, so, basically it's just a carcass that people are attempting to shield themselves from the element under. by the time i get to the bus stop - which is 30 seconds from my house. yes. i drive to it, what are you? frigging insane? it's winter!! anyway - by the time i get there, the parking lot is jammed full of cars, most of the time i have to park in a fake teeny area the triangle between a real parking spot and an oddly shapped curb... luckily, the mini doesn't take up too much room.. unfortunately, it's those "spots" that the plows shove excess snow into.. so, last thursday, me and some other poor schlub were driving around the lot... me in Phooka and the guy was in his audi convertible (nice car. meaner than Phooka. i like them, but they aren't as sassypants as my car) we wound up parking next to each other on yellow lines/illegal area, but many do it... no one seems to check... (although i still have a fear that "special officer ramos" will come cruising through one day and have me towed.

December 13, 2005

holy hopping icicles!

vote_snowflake.gifit's bloody cold outside! jeez willikers, it's like 16 degrees (with wind chill) --- this morning it was 19 degrees... thankfully, i warmed phooka up and flipped the switch on the hot seat button... toasty arse... *whew*

all's quiet on the wellbutrin front. day 4. i know it doesn't kick in til week 3, but already over the past couple of days i've noticed a drop in the amount of food my body seemed to need to consume lately. okay, granted, last night i ate 5 slices of pizza, but i really didn't eat anything all day (compared to days when i've eaten everything that wasn't nailed down)

that said... today... okay, yeah, i had a bacon, egg and cheese sammich. man, i felt so sicky this morning - no. no way it's that. - wellbutrin says it has a low risk of sexual side effects, well, i have a low risk of sex. anyway, going back to the "morning sickness", on the bus, i seem to get motion sickness - it's been happening the past few times i've taken the damned thing. so i needed to settle my stomach this morning. lunch, i attempted to eat a salad, could only finish half... was full. weird, eh? i likey! i know that the WxL shouldn't kick in for a few weeks, but, whatever, let my brain think that it's working already.

December 14, 2005

whatchoo lookin' for?

magglass.jpgokay, i haven't done this in a while, but i was searching through my stats and figured i would post the "what the eff?" types of searches that for some reason bring people to my site...


mega butts plumper -- i would say fettuccini alfredo does it for me
i want a hippopatamus for christmas -- don't we all?
my prison bitch name -- yep. from when i did hard time.
heroine junkie photos -- ah, memories
small cupcake boobs -- seriously? small cupcake boobs?
dangling skin -- blaaargh.
bulimia tips -- don't even get me started - over 40 searches a day for this crap.
christian girl halter top -- eh, looking for a christmas gift?
ass parade -- um... is that the Macy's one?

okay - i am not listing them all, this is from just the past 5 hours of stats... i've gotten weirder ones... just figured i'd use this as "filler".



ah, shumpy sent me this link to kids screaming at santa claus...i wish that i could find my old picture of me on St. Nick's lap when i was a kid... i think he must've been shouting "HO HO HO!" - but when frozen in time it looked like he was screaming...


vote_snowflake.gifby the way... if you like my site design, show your love!
there's only a day left in the Weblog Awards for me to
conjour up over 300 votes and win...

December 15, 2005

final pathetic plea.


i am down by only 136 votes as of 5:38pm. there's 6.5 hours left. vote!
8:17pm - am only down by 106 votes.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS... QUICK! post some comments on other sites you like!! :)

and as well as clicking above, here's a plea for y'all to click (AFTER YOU VOTE FOR ME) and vote for Reign of Ellen who is only down by 50 votes in her category.

by the way, too bad ellen and i aren't running against each other, it's kinda a close race :)Click here to see what i'm yapping about.

and i am adding this link in hopes of a last minute vote trade with Six Meat Buffet... go vote for SMB for best humor blog

okay THIS is the final reeeeally pathetic plea!

have i mentioned that i am the only blog that loves you and you? (but still not you.)

an hour and 40 minutes left to vote and i am down 1485 to 1413 (only 72 votes shy)

call your mums and dads and teach them how to use the computer!!! VOTE!!!!

down to the wire....

10 minutes left. i shall wait til morning to write my concession speech to ljcfyi... anything can happen in ten minutes. chads could dangle, etc. etc.

December 16, 2005

Illustration Friday: Imagine


okay, i am joining the crew over at Illustration Friday and just did this idea for their weekly topic. Right now the topic is "Imagine".

December 17, 2005

who's going to be santos' running mate now?

spencer-smb.jpg*sigh* one of my favourite actors on The West Wing has died.
John Spencer.

what the heck will happen on the show now? the character, coincidentally, had a heart attack a season or so ago... now he was the VP candidate. how will the plot twist now?

john spencer's imdb page - he would've turned 59 this tuesday.

December 18, 2005

farley's song


8 years since chris farley died. *sigh*

and in other news that kinda puts a pang in my heart, i just watched Brian's Song for the first time in my life. man, they weren't kidding when they said it was a bit of a tearjerker. yeah, i got a little misty... cut me some slack... pass the Kleenex

December 19, 2005

i've been a bad landlord.

ah, last week i took on a new tenant... what with my blogwhoring for votes and also, i've been busy at night with some freelance stuff,i haven't taken the time to post a GO VISIT MY TENANT link...

go say hey to Life as Lou --- where's my "rent my blog" callout? it's over on the left - scroll down a few inches.

(i have to still tweak this new layout...)

i love the Chronic... what!?

okay, i saw this on SNL this weekend... lo and behold youtube posted it to their site... good stuff.

i love chris parnell. am warming up to andy samberg... he's starting to kill me.

get ready to be taken to a dream world of magic and mac on some cupcakes.

snack attack, muthah f*ckah!

a friend of mine sent me the link as well as an mp3 version

December 20, 2005

Norma Rae and the MTA

ah, so, y'all know that i've been telecommuting 3 days a week for a couple of months now, right? then on tuesdays and thursdays head into the city via bus. well, i took the train today - first time since september, believe it or not - because i figured the traffic might be insane near the lincoln tunnel (and i heard it was)

yes. the transit strike is upon us.

barely anyone is in my office today. mainly folks from jersey are representin'... only a handful from nyc. although one of my co-workers was insane enough to walk from 110th street to our office.


you do the math. 110 - 35 = LUNATIC (lunatic in a good way, mind you.)

i did notice that the Big Apple Double Decker Tour Buses were hawking their wares to the tourists to purchase a 3 Day Unlimited Hop On / Hop Off Pass.

Not for nothing, but, if you are in the city and have a desperate need to get around, you may want to push a tourist out of the way and get on one of these things.

or, take a pedicab. i've taken one before. it got me from 35th to 21st in about 6 minutes during rush hour (and in the winter they have the thing enclosed. sure, there's a chance you may die, but you'd get to your place on time.)

Anyone else in NYC have issues with the commute today? (or am i the only one in the area that reads my site? ;}


hey! i need your help.

DO ANY OF YOU OUT THERE USE GoDaddy.com ??????

if so, what do you think of it?
have you had issues with them?
how is their technical service?
because their prices are too good to be true. let me know.

December 22, 2005

***HELP*** SSI - New Jersey ***HELP***

hey all. i fell off the earth since tuesday, but i am back, again asking for your help... i am trying to add a SSI into a freelance site i am coding (high profile. cannot post it on here til i launch it) ...

the part that is the include comes up only in safari & IE on the mac and only in IE on the pc... not in Firefox or Netscape (which that's a problem) haven't even tried opera

also, the code is for the nav bar, and i have javascript dropdowns that need to work - in the aforementioned browsers (IE, safari) they do dropdown - and i have the script tags in the head area on the page the include will live on...
here's the issue, the nav is bumping the table below it down and that just isn't good at all.

*** nevermind the bumping down issue, it was a rogue cell that was causing that. --- now i just need to figure out how the hell to get the include to work cross platform

HELP. comment here OR EMAIL ME so i can discuss more with you... please. ugh. i love figuring out these types of puzzles, but sometimes i need a tad more help.

(sorry to the non-techie code geeky folks who were expecting some sort of whimsical post...)

'Twas The Night Before Christmas (Legal Version)

[from an email sent to my by Shumpy]

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December 23, 2005

ho ho ho, dawg, welcome to the Kringle Krib!

December 24, 2005

I'm famous!!!!! oh, wait, no i'm not.

ah, so jude, fran and i went to the Boathouse (bar) tonight - grabbed dinner and a couple of beverages. saw a few folks i know there, so that was keen. was able to finish a sentence without getting tongue-tied when i spoke with this one person that was there tonight, alas, to no avail.


okay, well, i was standing there at one point and this cute guy comes up to me and asks:


me: "pardon? oh, yes, actually i am. why? have you seen me??

now, at this point, i am thinking "oh my goodness, i am FAMOUS!!!"

(it's happened before that people have come up to me and said they've seen me onstage... so it's not that far-fetched.)

so there i was thinking fame and fortune were upon me in Belmar, New Jersey... okay, not so much the fortune part.

until the guy wound up saying: "do you also like to wear cheeseburgers on your head?"


me: "are you on match.com?"

him: "yes, actually. you look the same in your photos, but better"


anyway - if you want to laugh at me, here's my match.com profile - for all the world to see (not sure if you'll be able to view it)

here's the cheeseburger on head image in question... i had had it on my profile, forgot i took it off a few months ago:

December 25, 2005

merry mini christmas to all



December 26, 2005

coming out of my sugar coma

woo... food weekend! (like that's any different from any other day in my life - except for the reasonable excuse)

made out pretty well for the big day - did y'all have a keen Christmas? How's the Channukah (okay. i most likely spelled it wrong. excuse=catholic chick who's seen it spelled 80 different ways)

"santa" wound up bringing gigglemom a dvd player *cough*i wanted one downstairs*cough* and a new phone and some clothes... i got some new clothes, new watch and new pajamas.

okay - the pajama story.

every year since i was born, i my mom would say that santa brought an early present and that i could open it on christmas eve.

every year i would open it and it was pajamas.

did i catch on? yes. when? 2 years ago. yes. i was bloody 33 years old when i said "hmmmm, it's really weird how every year the present that i am allowed to open on Christmas Eve winds up being pajamas."

yep. gigglechick. a little slow on the uptake.

what'djy'all get from Santa?

December 27, 2005

dammit, janet... chrissy and jack are screwing things up.

missannthrope.jpgokay - again, this week i've been a horrid "landlord" --- go say hey to my tenant who's been up on my site for a few days.... click over to her.... over there, on the left.... click the thumbnail image above "rent my blog" (not the words)

say howdy to Miss Ann Thrope!!!!!

<---- on the left
and down

December 28, 2005

I enjoy playing dumb.

it's been a little while since a good idiot IM'd me... behold Lazarus19128:

Lazarus19128 [10:03 AM]: hi there sexy my name is Josh. I am 29 from philly. I am 6'1 210 lbs brown hair blue eyes 8 inches ... what's up?
GigglechickHA [10:04 AM]: your eyes are 8 inches?
Lazarus19128 [10:04 AM]: no ha
GigglechickHA [10:04 AM]: ?
Lazarus19128 [10:04 AM]: nm
GigglechickHA [10:04 AM]: huh? what?
GigglechickHA [10:04 AM]: no, please, do explain
Lazarus19128 [10:05 AM]: somewhere more south
GigglechickHA [10:05 AM]: i thought you were in Philly
Lazarus19128 [10:05 AM]: forget it
GigglechickHA [10:05 AM]: ? what? what did i say?
Lazarus19128 [10:05 AM]: my equipment
GigglechickHA [10:06 AM]: are you in construction?
Lazarus19128 [10:06 AM]: my penis
GigglechickHA [10:06 AM]: you work with your penis?
Lazarus19128 [10:06 AM]: when i am horny
GigglechickHA [10:07 AM]: ah. yeah, sorry. i only go for guys 9 inches or more, Tiny
Lazarus19128 [10:07 AM]: oh ok




gigglemom, don't get in an uproar because of my last sarcastic comment

if you love me....

you'll nominate gigglechick.com for a category in the BoB awards....

not twisting arms here.... *ahem*

and because i LOVE YOU.... i give you.... the grabowskis.

*** i am starting to miss my teeth layout. anyone else? *sigh* once i am done with this huge project (HUGE, EXCITING, TOP-SECRET, FAME, WEB STUFF) i will try to implement the skins

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December 29, 2005

how many points for 1 ounce of opossum?**

maybe i could be nominated for the Best Weight Gain / Unfit Blog????

yes. weight watchers beckons. they, of the "Free Registration" offer. think i will go on friday... end the year with ww instead of starting it. it's going to be insane at the meetings - around this time of year (well, after the first of January) there's about a thousand people piling into the room. Somewhat like at the gym. Oh, did I mention that I joined Bally's back in October? Have I mentioned it since then on my site? Of course not. Why? Well, because apparently I enjoy pissing $30/month away on feeling like i am somewhat healthy because i have a gym membership

(at least that's better than the 3 years i spent at NY Sports Clubs. $98/month and i went there about 15 times in that amount of time)

** opossum is 2 points

December 30, 2005

wanted: better slogans for NJ

jerseyslog_05.jpg okay, so many of you (especially here in NJ) may have heard last week that there are 5 slogans "in the running" to take over for "new jersey and you, perfect together" (at least i think that's what the last slogan was, unless i've been in a slogan coma for a while)

the "real" slogans that we New Jersians are being forced to choose from are:

• Expect the Unexpected
• Love at First Sight
• See for Yourself
• The Real Deal
• The Best Kept Secret

okay... not for nothin', but eff these slogans.

"Expect the Unexpected" makes it sound like you're gonna get mugged or carjacked at any moment.

"Love at First Sight" - while, i love NJ and know that there are a ton of beautiful views/landscapes/seascapes/etc here in the Garden State, tourists are flying into frigging Newark Airport... it's disgusting up north (easy, Bennys, I am not dissing the beautiful Northern counties) I am yapping about how it's all industrial when you get off the plane, the turnpike is there and near those exits up there, it's all frickin' stink & factories. Not quite "love at first sight" --- or smell for that matter.

"See for Yourself" - gee, we know you've heard every "armpit of America" joke about NJ... but, come see for yourself, we're not all bloated crap-accented Sopranos stars.

"The Real Deal" - yeah, Tony, let's go down to friggin' Atlantic City... 1.800.GAMBLER. the real deal. what are we dealing? schlock-ass slogans if you ask me.

"The Best Kept Secret" --- as if we're saying "shhhhhh... we're gonna let you in onna little secret... 'course, if you tell, we'll whack ya'..."

absolutely DESPISE these "finalists"...


so, to demonstrate that these slogans are pathetic, I recommend heading to NJ Slogans at Cafe Press and snagging a snazzy tee or whathaveyou.

Personally, I like the "hurry, we're almost full" and the "where's your beach badge" tees (XL.- no babydoll - thanks.)

most are geared towards the benny crowd (yeah, i know, i need to put my digs in) but they're cute.

so.... GO... now....

buy them for your friends in Colorado and Detroit....

December 31, 2005

bring it on Baby New Year!

hallelujah! i had a terrible issue with not being able to log onto my MT publishing platform... so i hounded the support team there (because i am a freaked out ass) and they fixed it.

i say "they" --- actually, awesome chick named Lisa... kudos lisa, thank you! you rock!

that said.... i am heading out to Jenkinson's tonight with my friend Jude.

yes. gigglechick is heading to a club. in fact the same club that i've not been to since "the camera incident"

the nerds will be there - they're a decent cover band. entertaining. although tix are $40 - open bar from 8 - 10... then they charge you out the arse for drinks... and they're open til 5am and will serve breakfast... it's a club as i said. there is a high probability there will be some oily cheezeball guys without necks roaming around there... *shudder*

jenkinson's is over in point pleasant. next town over. jude and i decided to scrap the idea of driving or calling a cab - so... we rented a motel room in point... of course, it's a mile and a half away...

and lookie there.... it's effing sleeting out. fantastico.

anyway.... all y'all have a brilliant evening tonight and have a kick ass 2006.

[i didn't have time to do my year in review... basically, just go through my archives and read everything :) i would say that the best thing this year was buying Phooka ]

resolutions to follow over the next day or so...

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