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January 1, 2006

welcome to this side of the holiday

hey hey... happy new year! had a fun time last night - met a couple of fellas (not altogether oily) - passed the digits out - had a few cold beverages and rang in 2006

all in all, a good start. photos will be posted later - still sort of recovering slowly from the festivites.

at the moment, i am stuck on level 42. how about y'all?

[am starving and am hankerin' for a cheesesteak]

January 2, 2006

day 2

morning... i have off today (like most of the country, i suppose) and it's grand. of course, i've started the day by asking for an answer to effing level 45 and am now on level 46. yes. frigging qwyzzle. yesterday, somehow i was a tad hungover and slept and ate most of the day away.

my aunt - who was down in the keys for the past week (my cousin fran was married this past friday!!! woo!) - well, aunt judy had a flight scheduled for sunday afternoon out of ft. lauderdale and apparently spirit airlines has not been able to find flight attendants - i guess some "called out sick" - so she, as far as we know, is still sitting in the airport... the concession stands were closed from 6pm on yesterday in the place and around 11:00pm, they wheeled out a few sodas and some pretzels for people. there's about 200 of them stuck there (there's talk of not getting home til wednesday! my aunt was supposed to be at work today.) so there's 200 people and they brought down 10 blankets for people. there's rumours that there's a job action or something that's causing the stewardess shortage.

way to go spirit. way to go.

iHop just opened near me. i am thinking of waking gigglemom and dragging her down there. yeah yeah yeah, diet'll start tomorrow...

have a ton of crap to do around the house and i have to finish the ga------ oh, that's right i haven't told you what/who's website i've been working on, have i???

any guesses?

*** oh, and i am now on to level 47 --- level 46 was cool ---

coors light = cataracts

okay... so... eh, i took photos on saturday night. at the moment i am debating on posting them because there is evidence on there that i was kissing a lagoon creature at some point after midnight.


fucking beer.

January 3, 2006

Hallooooo from the Treo!!!!!!

well, after a few months hiatus, GC is on the NJT (not the RRE)

yep... I reconfigured my moblog on the treo so I could blog again... so I am on the train typing with one thumb as I guzzle coffee...

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back in the saddle

okay ---- so, hold onto your hats... January 28th at 7pm i will be performing at the NY Improv...

of course, i will give more info once it draws nearer, but i know it's $12 when you buy online and $15 at the door

UPDATE: here's the info:

DATE: Saturday, Jan 28th
PLACE: New York Improv Comedy Club 318 W. 53rd Street
(Between 8th and 9th Ave.)
SHOWTIME: 7:00 p.m.
Doors Open at 6:30
Cover: $15 / 2 drink min
(Only $12 if advance reservation is made on VIP line: 212.465.3128)


• okay, if you want ta search fo` shiznit, may i recommend gizoogle.com (do try ta search fo` gigglechick :) or even better yet, go here.

January 4, 2006

glad i'm not a coal miner's daughter tonight

so, i've been following the WV miner situation over the past couple of days... around midnight, got the cnn breaking news email sent to me saying that 12 miners were alive and one was dead...

i fell asleep around 2am watching cnn... and for some reason, i woke up about 40 minutes later.

how insane...

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"about 60% of what you say is crap..."

by the way... was watching letterman last night and it was like watching a boxing match... my boy Dave gave O'Reilly a few uppercuts and right hooks ---- atta boy!

here's the realplayer version (5.8mb)

here's the windows media version (6.8mb)

anyone else see the show?

here's the page with the link on the late show site - it's a shorter clip though (for 01/03/06)

if O'Reilly thought he was gonna give Worldwide Pants a wedgie, he had another thing comin'.

if you "care to opine", click the comments.

and yet another reason....

... why my body rejects diet food.

logo_lattelite.gifwell, i went to dunkin donuts this morning. and as i was perusing the menu, i noticed a "dunkin donuts latte lite combo"!!
(lite latte with a bagel with lite cream cheese)

i, thinking that this would be in my best interest, ordered it.

as i arrived home, i headed upstairs to my office [okay, my bedroom] i set the cupholder they provide down on my desk and as i sat down, my girls, being a hearty lot, apparently got caught on the tray.

the tray, only having the medium lite latte and a wrapped lite bagel sitting on it, proceeded to flip over....

keep in mind, this is all happening in slo-motion [as everything that is terrible seems to do]

the lite latte - being different from my usual xl coffee with milk - only had a top that had a hole in it, rather than the DD regular coffee lid which is a Temple of Doom entryway where you have to flip things and latch things to have it remain open.

the lite latte lid apparently allows for all 16 ounces of beverage to shoot out with rapid speed.

how do i know this? well, my left girl - still in slo-motion - was still caught on the flipped tray as the lite latte attempted its own money shot on it.

i actually felt my right breasticle jump even further to the right where it hid under my armpit out of harm's way.

my left boob - and i've never heard this before, but i swear it happened - well, she emitted a noise that registered in my cerebelum as a scream. Can you hear them, Clarice?

for some reason i just stared at the horror before me. my white shirt looked as if it was in some sort of Juan Valdez Spring Break Wet T-Shirt Contest and, Lefty, was still screaming....

all of a sudden the film speed caught up and i wound up grabbing my girl like a baby rescued from a burning house and shoved it under cold water in the sink [yes. this is quite a feat. the shower would've been a tad smarter]

she's injured. mainly her pride... she's basically just looking like she didn't put spf 45 on while hanging out on the sun.


stupid lite latte.

January 5, 2006

C-cup of Joe

sitting here drinking my coffee on the 7:20am train out of 'squan, and was thinking - after hearing a news story this morning about women who drink at least 6 cups of caffeinated coffee per day actually reduce their chance of getting breast cancer by 70% - that it's slightly ironic that coffee seems to Save The Girls... meanwhile, my left one is in a sling today from the injury sustained by The Bean yesterday...

okay, not so much a "sling" as a bra. but still.....

::: plunked in on my treO:::

January 7, 2006

i've been bitch-slapped with a meme.

thank you, susan for springing this on me... grrrr :}

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this is driving me frigging insane...

[bumping the post up to the top until i frigging finish qwyzzle - and so people still doing qwyzzle will comment in this post ;]

try qwyzzle

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pounding and throbbing.

holy friggin' headache! no idea why. well, maybe it's from the thing for my hair that was squeezing the life out of my noggin for the past 6 hours...

am supposed to be finishing up the site for jim gaffi------ wait, i am still keeping my freelance gig under wraps until after the 15th when i plan on having it finished.... can't tell you who i am designing for... nope. can't say... big project. gonna be great. a lot of frickin' pages and work, though... but well worth it. [of course, you qwyzzle folks, feel free to guess]

am very excited...

but still have a headache.

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January 8, 2006

no hooha for you!

bloggies06.JPG good morning... click the star and make me happy. that said, today is the day of The Dreaded Annual Hooha.
today is also the first time i am skipping the hoo-ha.

what pray tell, is The Dreaded Annual Hooha?

2002 edition - the grumbling about the hooha begins...
2003 edition - where all hell broke loose and my hatred of the Hooha was taken to a whole new level.
2004 edition - my cousin kerry (the only saving grace) bailed on it... and then she moved to florida - where she became de-obligated to the hooha.
2005 edition -also with a live post from said hooha

so, today... i am hooha-less! woooooo! actually i am headed over to my aunt ann's to see her and my dad today... then i have to come home and work on the JG site... trying to get it finished before sundance...

January 9, 2006

Save Gaffigan's Great-Great-Great Grandma.... please!

hey all y'all can you do me a favor???

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January 10, 2006

gigglechick in the news again

well, gigglechick.com is in the news again. this time in the Philadelphia Inquirer's blinq at philly.com

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January 12, 2006

just popping up for air...

*whew* i've been a tad quiet over the past couple of days, eh? been slaving over the site redesign (not this site) and also designing for the dayjob. no qwyzzle for me for a while - til i finish the JG site... it's shaping up nicely... and once his comedy central special airs on January 29, there's going to be an onslaught of traffic to lil' ol' gigglechick.com (since my credit is on every page --- oh yeah, i know what i'm doing....)

it's been a ton of fun setting this thing up - i have to comb through all of his copy and as i plunk it into the site, as i read it my head translates it to his voice... cracks me up (it's like one of those movie voiceovers)

anyway... need more coffee... was up way too late worning on that one and up way too early working on the dayjob stuff.

just was checking in to let you know that i am alive. thanks for the ton of stalkeriffic emails asking if i was okay...

January 13, 2006

shades of brown.

okay, as i was on the elevator heading up to the office this morning, a UPS guy pops on.

um.... since when do the UPS guys wear droopy hip-hoppish brown pants and hats on backwards..... with the message stating "Brown to the Bone"?

it kinda put a foul image in my pottymouth gutterbrain - i mean, come on, the euphamism "bone"... and you're brown to the bone... just makes it sound like you were performing a chili dog

just was a little disconcerting... i am all for edgy, but not with things that need to be shipped. give me boring old FedEx or crazy yellow/red pants DHL anyday....

brown to the bone ... *shaking my head*

yes. i've turned into an 89 year old woman... you gotta problem with that, whippersnappers?!?

shout out from the T to the U to the double M Yizzle

okay. um... my stomach just made a noise so loud that it sounded like i swallowed Chewbacca or Marlee Matlin

you've twisted my arm to be a whore.

oh, okay, fine. go ahead and vote for me... y'all nominated me for blogwhore, so, live it up... vote.

[nice that was the only one i asked specifically NOT to be nominated for.]

*sigh* i may as well roll my fishnets up, straighten up my bustier and do a little double whoring...

• go ahead, vote for me...

• while you're at it... go here to the Comedy Central Stand-Up Showdown and VOTE for JIM GAFFIGAN.

thanks! i am into the double-voting.

January 14, 2006

the gigglechick focus group

hey there... slapped together a poll today... am just curious as to how many of my readers have blogs versus my readers who don't... take a sec and select the option that applies to you!! thanks.

what type of gigglechick stalker are you?
i have a blog... and yes, i've linked you
i have a blog... and no, you aren't linked on it.
i don't have a blog. i just enjoy reading you, GC.
Free polls from Pollhost.com

another Q:

at risk of sounding pompous, how did you hear of me?
GC, you've been writing since May 2001, I clicked a link on someone else's blog and voila! I was smitten!
word of mouth, GC... people talk, you know.
off google/etc.... i came for the search result and stayed for the gigglechick
that whole my.yahoo.com content thing...
i can't remember. i've blocked it out.

Free polls from Pollhost.com

and the most important one:

Free polls from Pollhost.com
i like:
puppieskitties horsiesferretsfish  

** i have it so that each computer can only vote once, so, i guess it'll be a true poll without duplicates...

January 15, 2006

"please step away from the scale"

so yesterday morning, i ripped myself away from the freelance project that is sucking the soul out of me and scuttled off to weight watchers... free registration.... yay.

now, of course, it being the middle of january, i have been pretty good about preparing for the hibernation season and packing on the winter weight... (pretty good, meaning i could probably live off my body fat til about june)

as i stepped on the scale, for the first time i saw a number that i have never seen.. and for the first time, i am not slapping my weight up here. yeah. it's not a pretty number.

anyway... i promptly tore out of the parking lot of the WW place and headed to ye ol' A&P where i loaded up on veggies, salads, fruit, skinless boneless chicken (SLBL), sugar-free everything, fat-free milk, kashi go lean cereal that apparently rips your entire mouth to shreds so there's no way in hell you can eat for the next 14 hours, and lean cuisines.

last night, i whipped up breaded chicken... now, funny thing, i didn't use egg or whatever just rolled some SLBL chicken around in some plain breadcrumbs with a little parm. cheese... slapped it into the oven for 20 min and friggin' A, it was the best chicken i ever made. pretty weird

but enough about 20-Minute Meals With GC...

i am halfway done with this freelance gig... there is so much to it, i feel like i may have bitten off more than i can chew (hahahahah! oh, hey, that's appropriate for this post, eh!?!?!) was hoping to get it done today but it's looking more like end of the week --- i wanted to get it finished before he headed off to the sundance film festival, dammit.

okay. gonna grab some fruit and keep plugging away at the site...

January 16, 2006

good to eat, fun to say!

leanpanini.jpgokay, so y'all know that after the horrifying scale slap in the face at weight watchers the other day, i ran to the food store, right? so, i threw a bunch of Lean Cuisines in my cart (i dig the LCs) - i couldn't find my favourite, the Chicken Scaloppini, but, i happened upon a new item... the Chicken Club Panini...

I thought to myself "should i? i mean there's a good chance that i'll be sitting there with a bucket of yuck in my mouth... oh what the hell, i'll buy one - just to see how it is."

i just whipped it up for lunch today... and now i am upset that i didn't stock up on the things.

HOLY MOLY!! it was tasty as heck - i do like paninis outside of "the diet" - and this wasn't quite the schmushed grill panini - but, you know what? FANTASTIC - if you're looking for a hot sammich, it's pretty filling too - the Chicken Club, that is (they have another one with chicken and mushrooms, but mushrooms skeeve me out, so that's not an option)

anyway - go check it out - in fact, this is the first time i've ever written into a company to say "hey! that was great!"

on WW, it's only 7 points --- which, hey, for a lunchtime sammich, that's not altogether bad. it was pretty flavourful, too...

okay - sorry for the impromptu review of a diet panini...

as i said, it's fun to say, as well: paninininininininini

January 17, 2006

heh... oh, Grimmy.


January 18, 2006

whoring for others.

VOTE FOR JIM GAFFIGAN. do it. please.
a frigging dead guy and a ventriloquist are beating him.

(yes, it's 2:30am and i am dog tired - but am doing freelance work and need you guys to vote for him. thanks!!)

January 19, 2006

a heartfelt apology.......

have had a cold for the past few days and have been working from home all week... blech. was emailed the other day by a fella who... oh hell, let me add a bit of his email here...

The only time I laughed was when you burned your boob with coffee.

I like your sensibility, your writing is engaging, but where are the giggles? If the blog is a fan site for people who have seen you perform (and I also share your appreciation for Jim Gaffigan) then I could understand. So far it seems very much like a kaffee klatsch with Babwa Wawa.

I mean you no harm, if there is a joke I am not getting please let me know. I am sure I would enjoy meeting you, we would probably laugh our asses off, perhaps that is the rub. I work in West Caldwell, maybe I need to meet you or see you perform to appreciate you.

Not quite sure why I wrote, I guess I would like to enjoy your blog but don't know how. Please don't lambaste me on your site!

*sigh*... oh well, not that i will "lambaste" him on the site... but... and i do apologize for not really taking the time to focus on entertaining every godforsaken soul in the world, but, i've been a tad busy... first, with the day job, next with the freelance gig, third with the parade committee, 4th maintaining the open mic section, 5th taking care of the gigglemom (yes, i could talk about the GM on here, but, she reads the site and can kick my ass... hence the lack of gigglemom posts since i moved back)

anyway... as far as the yahoo link --- i still don't know how or why they added me to the most popular humor/satire websites and in the company of the onion and comics.com and the daily show... but, do you think i am that much of an idiot where i am going to call them up and say "um, yeah, while i enjoy the traffic and all of the fantastic readers that come to me from that page and all, eh, go ahead and pull me off of there..." no, that's like going up to the podium at the academy awards and saying "um, yeah, thanks, but i shouldn't have even been nominated, give it to meryl streep again instead"...

anyway... just wanted to tell those of you who are annoyed by my lack of "funny" for the time being to bear with me until things settle down a bit and i can write more crap about my life... i will try to spill more hot beverages on my genitalia if that's what it takes for our friend here to laugh.

that said. back to work... and thanks for dealing with the "kaffee klatsch"....

January 21, 2006



well, my friends, as of 1:02AM this morning, the Official Jim Gaffigan Website, designed my moi, me, yours truly.... LAUNCHED....

i still have a few pages within the fanpage section to fill out and tweak (so, don't head straight to those pages yet. go elsewhere on the site) - and of course, the site will be a living breathing entity and i will be fixing things, adding images, reworking stuff so it is smoother...

BUT IT'S UP!!! go forth and peruse.... in particular, go check out his clips..... the headers above the dropdowns are also clickable.... FYI.

here's what the site used to look like

let me know what you think....

now i am going to pass out.

OH, ONE LAST THING.... IT'D BE GREAT TO GET SOME WORD OF MOUTH GOING ON HIS WEBSITE ---- SO, IF YOU CAN EMAIL YOUR FRIENDS WITH IT ( http://www.jimgaffigan.com ) OR POST IT TO YOUR SITE OR MESSAGE BOARD - OR BETTER YET, POST A BULLETIN FROM YOUR MYSPACE ACCOUNT!!! I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT (besides the redesign, he's got the comedy central special coming out on January 29 at 9 & 10 pm... so, you can mention that too....)

awesome saturday

well, if launching Jim's site wasn't good enough for me today, i just got back from my weight watchers meeting --- week 1: lost 7 pounds

dat's right, baby... seven.

am celebrating with a XL coffee..... and as a precaution, i've made it an iced coffee.

January 22, 2006


okay.... everyone go here and check out this funny video... then pass it around to your friends.

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January 23, 2006

to my stalkers

y'all do realize that every so often the "it's all about me only child syndrome" comes out on my site, right?

[okay... well, sure that happens every day, but some days more than others]


holy hell!


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January 24, 2006

why? Why? WHY?

eh... don't think that i am keen on knowing that someone searched google for "rectum deodorant" and at some point was taken to my site.


January 25, 2006

christopher penn...


dang, i liked him as an actor.

[coincidentally enough, this image is from the movie, "The Funeral"]

January 26, 2006

i'm a molar, don't crowd me!

well I am on the train heading into the office (bear with any typos... am a little rusty with my thumb blogging)

well... yesterday after hearing reviews of different dentists from friends and family, then checking the names against what was available in my insurance plan, I made an appointment with dr. john little in sea girt (there's a sr & jr.... I had the jr)


I have found myself a dentist. finally after playing goldilocks with the dental industry (since dr. stevens died almost a decade ago) I have found one that is just right...

liberal with the laughing gas and easy on the eyes.

better yet, no burqua.

so, my gums are a little sore from the novacaine (he looooaded me up with the 'caine) but I am so happy.

totally professional, the assistants rocked too (as opposed to the last few places) and he didn't drop a drill down my throat.

what? oh didn't I mention that dr. burquachick's drill came loose somehow and dropped into the back of my throat? yeah... nice while on novacaine to have to push that up for them to grab it.... yes. I have strong throat muscles (yes.)

anyway... me and my fantastical tooth are gonna pass out on the train now...

oh, have I told you to go to www.jimgaffigan.com in the past 24 hours?? be prepared, I got a sneak preview of the dvd "beyond the pale" and watched it the other night.... and again last night... i'll be posting my review of it tonight-ish.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

January 27, 2006

and they told 2 friends, and so on and so on...

okay - i am up in the dead of the night working on the gaffigan site...

do me a favour, if you have a website/blog or KNOW others who have one, go to this page and snag a banner... and slap it up on there

(or pop it into your myspace page... or your signature on email or a forum or....)


going to pass out now.

gee, sorry paris, mary-kate and lindsay...

okay how funny is Pink's video?

January 28, 2006

new podcast episode.... god help you

well, i've broken down and slapped up a new podcast... so, go on.... git...

i have my show tonight at 7... haven't been up since september, don't really want people there... whatever, it'll be fine...

January 29, 2006

stand-up, sit down, turn around.

hey there.. so the show went pretty well last night - not altogether bad for not having been up for 4 months and then having some chick in the front talking loudly on her cellphone for 2 of the 7 minutes...

then cathy and i went to see Walk the Line... excelllente! good stuff - i want to see it again.

oh and then i got some nice hatemail from some idiot stating that they'll "never get that 30 minutes of their life back" after listening to the latest podcast.

um... not for nothing, but did i come over there and force you to sit there listening to me? nope. hell, i didn't even listen to it, i was trying to just get back into the swing of the podcast thing... so, if any of you start listening to one of the podcasts and hate it, fucking turn it off... don't effing write me hate mail stating that i am not funny and shouldn't be a stand-up comic and that it was "B O A R I N G" (dude, i wasn't going for "funny" with that one... just was yapping. only a mic. no spotlight. and not for nothing, go buy a fucking dictionary if you're going to use uppercase letters to emphasize a point... badly.)

anyway... hey, lookit this! not too shabby!

what's everyone doing at 9pm tonight??????


well.... who saw it? and what did you think???

Visit JimGaffigan.com

January 31, 2006

how do?

hey all... busy as sin between work and, eh, work. so i got an email from jim yesterday saying he got me two tickets to see him on conan tomorrow (yay!) of course, i have to be there by 4pm and everyone i've asked has to work or has plans later. dammit. so i am going stag... unless any of you out there wants to fly in and come with :}

oh, there might be some glitches with my site over the next few days - so bear with me... i am changing hosting companies (from 200MB to 6000MB of storage... oh yes.) cross your fingers that i get everything crossed over okay... things are a little wonky at the moment.

other than that... oh jim's site ran up the bandwidth in 2 days... not to the point of crashing the site, but still bloody close (238GB out of the 250GB allowed)

anyway, gonna go watch President Yappy talk about iraq and 9.11 for the next hour or so.

oh - and don't forget to "rabbit, rabbit" tomorrow morning... and tomorrow night, watch conan :}

(i will admit that i no longer really watch conan anymore - redhead or not - but craig ferguson is the host in my heart as of late... and last night's show was sad and funny at the same time because he paid tribute to his father who just passed away on sunday... i just wanted to reach through the teevee and give the bloke a hug)

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