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March 2, 2006

the safety's come undone

oh by the way --- you may have seen this over the past couple of weeks --- i've been a little busy and didn't notice it.


the semi-daily gigglemom update.

so. guess who's going under the knife tomorrow... not me. not you. yep. you guessed it. gigglemom.

aortaclot.jpgshe's got that blood clot in her aorta, right? yes. it's frigging huge (see diagram) so. tomorrow morning she's having something called a axillary bi-fem bypass (at this juncture, consider the fact that i am commenting now about the "bi-fem" title as having addressed the possibility of a bunch of jokes, but i will go on with the rest of the post. thanks. don't bother slapping bi-fem comments in there.)

anyway, where was i? yeah. bilateral femoral artery. Bilateral means both sides (left and right) and femoral artery is the one in the groin (just near the crease at the bottom of your torso and before your legs). What they plan to do is bypass the area where the problem is (the aorta) so that they can safely work on it. Think of it like a road detour...when the road is ripped up so they can repair, they detour your car to another road. They will be detouring her blood another way so that they can remove the clot without interrupting blood flow.

but. what they are doing is going in under the collarbone and then snagging arteries (from what i understood) and also using synthetic stuff to graft/grapht (yeah, most likely bastardizing that word. tell me about it later. not now. not in the mood.)

thing is, she's reeeeeeeeeeally high risk. what, with the heart and lung crap. and apparently the body could reject this whole thing.

a little nerve-wracking. yes.

anyway. no idea what time the surgery is. i have to call the nurse's station at 8am they said (which means i am getting all shirley maclaine/terms of endearment on their asses at 7am)

i'm having issues with the lack of response from the nurses this time around. the [past number of times she's been in there, they've been on her like white on rice. this go'round they've been not so keen.]

oh and this surgery has nothing to do with the effed up muscles in her legs. she may not get the use of them back fully.

suuuuuuuuuuure. when they plied me with the ponies, the horsies, the 9 trips to disney world, the new cars and stuff, they failed to mention the whole "oh by the way, you're going to have to play the parent in 20 years."

is it too late to give back one of my ponies and call it even?

March 3, 2006


the nurses told me to call at 8bloodyAM to see when she was going in ---- anyway - mom called me at 20 of 7 to tell me they were taking her in now.


okay folks. so gigglemom got out of surgery at about 11:15am.

i didn't get to see her til about 3pm in the recovery unit (i had to wear a yellow scrub/gown.thingy --- felt like i was about to go deliver a baby ---WHICH, by the way, yesterday my youngest cousin matthew and his wife had their first child --- really cute baby girl named allyson paige --- AND my other cousin chrissy went in yesterday to deliver her 3rd kid - still haven't heard the news on that)

so i went in to see mom ---- first, the surgeon came out to chat - said that the first graft that he did 5 years ago on her aorta was occluded (blocked) and that it was "weird" because they don't usually become so after that surgery (way to go gigglemom with the weird surgical malfunction)

second, they went in under the collarbone (which i think i explained) and did a graft that starts near the shoulder then travels alllllllllll the way to the right leg, then travels overrrrrrrr to the left leg.

so, then he said that the leg pain and numbness that she's been having since last week, will most likely NOT be helped by this - and that she's going to need major therapy.

so, i think in my future, i am going to have to get this house to rights (messy. if you've read my site for quite a while, you know that i am a slob) and possibly get it up on the market and find a one level pad for her (and i.) to live

i think i need to buy a lottery ticket tonight.

anyway - right now, she's not in a room, she's in the recovery unit because they don't have any beds available. actually, i am FINE with this because the nurses in the recovery unit were on her like flies on sugar.

last time with the AAA, she was on a ventilator for a couple of days and all. this time when i saw her she was only on the nasal oxygen (not even the oxygen mask thing) and the doctor said that in and of itself was a miracle.

so, that's all i know.

my aunt judy, my dad and my stepmother stayed with me for like 5 hours, so that was nice.

so... thank you guys for all of the prayers, thoughts, well-wishes

(she just called me on the phone as i was typing this - told me she's now in a room - and was saying something, and because it sounded like it hurt to talk i said "that's okay, you don't have to tell me, i know already" and so then she was like "well, i'm going to go" and i was in the middle of saying "i love ya" and i heard her talking to a nurse and saying "she's annoying me")

yeah that's frigging great.

nurse, can you effing up the amount of morphine you're pumping into her system, please? thanks.

[UPDATE 8:05PM... GM just called again, don't think she remembers the first call. she sounded better and was in good spirits - albeit a little down about her legs... one day/one foot at a time.]

March 7, 2006


hey sorry. dropped off the face of the earth. am exhausted. gigglemom is now in a nursing home/rehabilitation center to try and get stronger after the bypass. the thing is, her legs are reeeeeeally in pain - they had her up walking (5 steps) and she said that it was as if her legs were on fire. also she has non-stop pins & needles in both legs (you know how awful THAT can be for only a minute. this has been going on since the night before going to the hospital.

i am about to pass out. just wanted to check in.

thank you all for your emails, comments & flowers, you guys are the best!

i am going to pass out now.


by the way ----
over on the right is a new renter - i've been pretty crap about calling them out lately, but go over there and visit FickleChick....

March 8, 2006

slight blah snarl.

hey. okay. yeah i know. this has not been the most "stellar" of posting weeks. sorry kids.

and hey - guess who's pmsing and not in the effing mood.

i appreciate the comments still. i really do. and i thank you.

just. i am so tired. so overwhelmed. so exhausted (okay, that could be lumped under "tired" but i didn't feel like erasing this.) i've taken the week off from work. i have so much crap to do with the house, for mom, with bills, with oh hell you name it. and mentally i just can't get my head around work right now. just can't.

this is a short and sweet post.... sponsored by wellbutrin XL.
if i weren't on that, well, i think i would be just sitting on the couch downstairs in the fetal position under an afghan while Beri stared at me.

March 9, 2006

get ready for some f bombs

okay so i was on the phone a little while ago with the lovely jersey central power & light (aka First Energy) trying to whittle away at mom's bill.

first of, i was on the bloody automated system for 10 minutes saying "YES"

*sorry. i. did. not. under. stand. you.*


*sorry. i. did. not. under. stand. you.*


*i'm. sorry. i. still. did. not. under. stand. you.*


(it was like this for a while. it was like talking with one of my ex-boyfriends.)

anyway, i got fed up. said "OPERATOR" and then was on hold for 4 minutes.

ah, a person, finally.

*insert mr. moviefone voice that's been bred with the smarmiest game show host voice who's had an affair with a used car salesman voice*

"Hiii. This is Zachary"

me: hi zachary, i'm trying to pay my mother's bill

smarmasszachary: i need the account number!

(i give that. yeah, you didn't expect me to type that here, did you?)

smarmasszachary: how can i hellllllp you!?

me: as i said, i need to pay $300 my mom's bill

smarmasszachary: that's not gonna cut it

me: actually, my mother's in the hospital right now and that's all i can afford at the moment and *okay i started getting sniffly* sorry, i'm a little upset

smarmasszachary: hey, i'm upset too. $300 ain't gonna cut it

me: but i...... wait. what are you upset over

smarmasszachary: hey lady you try to have this job all day and you'll be upset having to deal with people who can't afford things, too

--------- okay... um... you may want to remove any small children from the room here because fucking zachary is getting his fucking ear kicked in here -----------

me: pardon me, zachary? oh iiiiiiiii'm soooooooo sorry that you have to deal with sitting there on your ass using your fucking weak psuedo mr. moviefone voice of yours that will never see the light of day and that you are upset talking with people while my mother is dying [okay. she's not dying now, but he was fucking pissing me off] how dare you, ignorant little twat [yeah, i said twat. i never say it. but seriously, he was a prig] i hope your fucking manager is hearing this conversation as it's being recorded right now. so how DARE you ever say that your pissy little fucking job answering phones and typing a couple of numbers is up there with someone's mother in the hospital on her deathbed you lowlife dolt"

smarmasszachary: but....

me: fuck you jackass


then i called back and bypassed the automated thing spoke with some awesome woman name carol paid the bill and then tattled on zachary.

okay. well. come on. first off, he shouldn't have said that. second, lose the fucking game show voice you arrogant little schmuck. third. you never know when some woman whose mother is in a rehabilitation center might be PMSing hard and on the brink of a nervous breakdown....

March 11, 2006


okay, this guy/movie trailer is great.

here's his myspace

don't make me get all maclaine on yo' ass!

so, i wish i had been at the rehab around 4pm. i was there at 11am til noon, then i went over at 6:30 til 8pm

at noon, my mom was saying that she was going to buzz the nurse for some percacet since her legs were killing her, but her roommate was leaving today and so she didn't want to bother anyone. but at 2:15pm, mom buzzed the nurse.
so the "hey, i need someone in my room" light was blinking over the door.

3pm, shift change. so mom - not having had anyone in to see her since buzzing - decided to be nice and wait til 3:20 to let the new shift get settled. then she buzzed for the nurse again...

she hears someone come into the room about 15 minutes later - it's not a nurse, but some senile old lady in a wheelchair who starts yelling "this your bed? THIS YOUR BED!?" and then hitting mom's fucking legs. my mom was like "hold on, hey, excuse me, what room are you looking for?"

crazy old bitty on wheels (the COBOW™) then wheels herself over to my mother's dresser - keep in mind, gigglemom is in the frigging rehabilitation center because she can barely effing walk, and cannot get up or move by herself - and the bypass surgery hooked up new arteries to her legs and so fuck you COBOW™ for hitting my gigglemom's legs. where was i? the COBOW™ was rummaging through mom's drawers (dresser, not underpants) and my mom's now buzzing like hell for the nurse (good luck) - then COBOW™ wheels over to the closet where mom's clothes are and starts opening that - gigglemom was like "Excuse me! Those are mine!"

COBOW™ then turns/wheels in gigglemom's direction and starts shaking her finger at GM and yelling "WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT A MINUTE!" then wheels out of the room (not sure if there was a trail of burned rubber, but....)

so, mom apparently was a little shaken.

she hears a nurse out in the hall talking and she yells "can someone come in here?" - so an aide comes plodding in and GM tells her what happened and the aide was like "okay" --- like "whatever" and starts to walk out. GM yells "hold on!" - aide comes back, GM says "i've been buzzing over the past hour and a half and no one has even come in to check what it was about - i have been in pain, i need to get percacet." aide says she'll get the nurse.

this was at 3:45pm.


4:20pm mom buzzes again (GM hates to feel like a pest. but, come on, this is ridiculous.)
4:30, still no one.
4:45 - nothing.

mom buzzes at 4:50. nothing.
so, mom calls the operator, which, apparently when you press 0, it connects you to the main hospital. so mom told them she's been buzzing since 2:15pm for percacet and they've not done anything. apparently, the operator then calls the nurses station at the rehab. a few minutes later at 5pm, a cranky nurse comes in and says "sorry, the nurse with the keys to the drugs was on break."

you have to be kidding me.

so GM then says "perhaps it's time that there's a duplicate key made. i sure feel sorry for the others in this place that really don't have their wits about them and are at the mercy of you people here, not that i'm not at the mercy of you right now, too. but i feel sorry for them"

nurse says nothing. no apology. fuck you, Ratchett.

gigglemom finally gets the percacet at 5:15pm - THREE fucking hours since buzzing for the nurse.

i had called her around 5:20 to chat and she sounded upset, and i asked what was up and she just said "i'll tell you when you get here" --- thus, the story unfolded when i arrived.

i am livid. this piece of shit hospice/nursing and rehabilitation center SUCKS FUCKING GRANNY ASS.

it's a filthy hovel and fuck horizon blue cross/blue shield for being a crap insurance and not giving the okay for GM to have gone to the rehab that was IN the hospital.

gigglemom told me not to say anything to the nurses at the moment. and i won't, but, i certainly want to get all kinds of shirley maclaine on their asses. oh. hell. yeah. me and my uterus are NOT in the mood, Shady Pines, NOT in the fucking mood.


i'm seriously considering throwing gigglemom in her wheelchair tomorrow and kicking in the doors at the nursing home to do a line-up of hte blue haired crew. which COBOW™ was it, GM? i'll slash some chair tires.

March 14, 2006


great- so on saturday afternoon, gigglemom's first roommate went home. then yesterday afternoon she got a new one. helen.

1 out of every 10 helens is apparently an insane bitch.

last night, my mom was cordial. woman barely spoke to mom and when I dropped stuff off to GM, the roommate shot daggers at me from her eyes. whatever. I figured she was tired from just arriving. word on the street is that she was in the hospital for something (don't know yet) and then got up in the middle of the night and grabbed the curtain, lost her balance and broke her wrist.

yeah - go ahead do the collective "awwwwwww"

got that out of your system? good. let's move on.

around 7pm HELL-en went to sleep according to GM. keep in mind my mom stays up late - but mom'd turned the tv down (HELL-en didn't even want a tv. psycho.) and bitch had closed the curtain anyway. and had been complaining that she wanted the room door closed - the room gets hot as hell in there so mom said that she would prefer it was open (that and the fact that the nurses & aides already don't go in the rooms, they sure as hell will ignore a room with a closed door.

9:30pm- HELL-en wakes up starts SCREAMING at GM "WHAT IS THAT SMOKE? THERE'S SMOKE!"... scared the fuck out of my mother - who is in with heart related stuff.

GM tries to calm her down by telling her nicely there's no smoke and all is okay.


luckily at this time, i called my mother, and a nurse was coming in with GM's percacet. so my mom asked the nurse to talk to the roommate.

fine. HELL-en calms down, goes back to sleep.


woke my mother the hell up out of a sound sleep - keep in mind - mom's in there to RECOVER FROM BYPASS SURGERY.

hell-en is in there recovering from a broken wrist (mom heard the daughter talking to the nurse yesterday afternoon saying "well, i just needed a break from her" ------ oh, now it's a daycare for senile freaks?

anyway, mom says "Are you talking to me?"


gigglemom: "I'm not, hell-en, i haven't been able to move from my bed as it is, and i sure am not scrubbing floors" (said in a calm voice - god bless her)

hell-en: "THE HELL YOU AREN'T"

[buzz for nurse]

flash forward to 4:30am - gigglemom sound asleep.


wtf? my mother is going to have a fucking heartattack from being woken up suddenly by Screamy McGee.

mom buzzes for the nurse to come help her to the bathroom. nurse actually arrives for mom.


nurse LEAVES my mother who needs to use the ladies' room and cannot get in there by herself - to go over and talk to hell-en.

mom hears her say "well, you aren't scheduled for it til 8am, but i will see if i can get it for you now."

---- hey folks, remember when it took the nurses 3 fucking hours to bring my mom a percacet that she needed for the pain?!? i. am. livid. ----

anyway - so yesterday - pre-insanity rearing it's head - my mom was trying to make small talk when hell-en was first there. mom saw that there was a little pot of live shamrocks on hell-en's dresser - so mom said "oh those are very nice shamrocks - are you irish?"

hell-en, the first inkling that she was a fucking whore bitch says, snarling:


fuck you. then get the effing shamrocks off your dresser.

i am going there in 2 minutes to speak with the advocate there and get that wench moved out of my mother's room...

HELL-en has left the building.

well, not the building, but her ass is NOT in the same room with gigglemom anymore

my mom buzzed for the aide to come in and help her (mom) to the ladies' room, right? as the aide was helping mom up, HELL-en goes into the bathroom.......

SHITS - diarrhea --- ALL OVER THE FLOOR.

smears her diaper all over the wall and sink.

fucking lunatic.

so they wheeled mom down the hall to the ladies' room as this freak was hauled off to the 2nd floor and isolated (i would hope) and 4 people from the maintenance/cleaning team had to go to town on the bathroom

it's ridiculous.

March 15, 2006

Shady Pines Revisited

okay - so gigglemom got a new roommate and they are 2 peas in a pod - she's really nice and it's almost like a slumber party in that room because they were up talking late etc.

funny thing is, the ambulance guys (who i've seen many many times over the past few weeks - one being really cute) put this woman in mom's room and then 15 minutes later- after the woman was settled and my mom and i met her - there was another stretcher that was about to be wheeled into the room with another person.

so. this woman (rose, the other pea in the pod) wasn't supposed to wind up in mom's room. she was supposed to be down the hall. i think God intervened and sent a really good roommate to mom. that's what happened. and they had to shove the other person in a different room.

as far as my "blasting an old, demented woman" - YEP. i will because it's my site.

so if you were trying to GUILT me by saying "That may well be you someday" - eh. no. that will not be me because i will have a few shotguns that i will have inherited from my father and before getting that fucked up into dementia, either it's a bullet or some pills. so how dare you attempt to pile guilt on me.

actually i DO blame the system for putting her in the same room with my mother. i DO blame the nurses for not coming to see what my mother wanted after buzzing 6 times over the course of 3 hours, yet, coming to the crazy ass lady's side within 1 minute of her buzzing.

and as far as improving money. well, perhaps when they stop telling my mother "sorry we were on break that's why we didn't get to you" (OVER THREE HOURS) then maybe we'll talk. my mother has paid a buttload of money into her insurance over the course of a few decades and she sure as hell shouldn't be in this shithole of a rehab.

oh and Kooky Hell-en McShittydrawers was sent upstairs to the 2nd floor where she broke into theoffice of the Director of the nursing home - and was promptly sent back over to the hospital (hopefully in a fucking straightjacket)

so if anyone chooses to comment on my site by trying to have sympathy for McShittydrawers, no, I don't have any. The daughter shouldn't have put her in the place to begin with to babysit her.

Call me cold, callous, whatever. I really am fed up with all of this shit. Seriously. So if anyone chooses to start in on me and giving the "oh you're wrong for saying this or that" - well, I would seriously think twice - or thrice - before flapping your yap.

I am bloated, tired, headachy, bleeding and not in the effing mood to deal with any of this.

March 16, 2006

i'm just saying.

today was the first day back in the office. working from home again tomorrow.

by the way, i popped over to shady pines for a few minutes after the train and mom had buzzed at 7:20pm for a percacet.

GM just called to tell me that the nurse just came in to check on why she buzzed (note the timestamp)

as far as money... same nurse was talking to gigglemom today - apparently she went on a week long vacation to hawaii over christmas and next week she's taking another week in hawaii. oh, and last september she went on a week's vacation to tahiti.

yeah. it's awful how much she gets paid.

okay... i have to go grab a hot pocket for dinner.

March 17, 2006


happy high holy day, folks...

oh i forgot to mention that as i was leaving work and heading down the main escalator into penn station tonight, i SWEAR that i saw my ex. the GSB™

for those not in the know, i suggest reading september '01 thru february '02 posts in the "past episodes".

anyway. going back to the possible GSB™ spotting - the guys he was with looked like his friends --- keep in mind i haven't seen him since i asked for my silverware back in feb of '02

it makes sense that he was coming up out of penn station because there was a rangers' home game tonight at MSG. (huge rangers fan)

here's the best part - if, in fact, it was him....

he must've gained about 100 pounds - which, really, i can't picture him doing because he was somewhat athletic.

but, i suppose he could've been so distraught from breaking up 4 years ago that he bulked up with the comfort food. har. har.

March 20, 2006


"Holy Saint Jude, Apostle and Martyr, Great in virtue and rich in miracles, Near kinsman of Jesus Christ, Faithful intercessor of all Who invoke your special patronage in time of need. To you I have recourse from the depths of my heart And humbly beg to whom God has given such great power To come to my assistance. Help me in my present and urgent petition, In return I promise to make your name known And cause you to be invoked. Saint Jude pray for me and all those who invoke your aid. Amen."

no worries, kids

didn't mean to scare y'all with the novena. thanks for the emails!

just was something i needed to do (will tell you more about that next week)

all is well. gm is okay. once you do the st jude novena, you're supposed to publish it ---- so rather than a newspaper, i used my site

March 23, 2006

pardon the interruption

am okay. just have been busy as sin - not to mention, getting ready for gigglemom to come home this weekend. so, bear with me as i post some jim gaffigan tour goodness - because i just am too tired to write much.

those in NJ, be sure to check him out at the May 13th show at the Strand Theater in Lakewood and on July 15th at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City. oh, and tonight he's on "Love, Inc" on UPN @ 8:30pm

i will be at both (in case you need extra incentive to go to the show.... no, not performing. just will be laughing.)

DateVenue City or
TV Show
Mar 03Moore Theater Downtown
Seattle, WA
Mar 04Aladdin Theater (7:30PM show)
Portland, OR

Mar 04Aladdin Theater (10:30PM show)
Portland, OR

Mar 10Capitol Theater (8PM show)
Columbus, OH
Mar 10Capitol Theater (10:30PM show) SECOND SHOW ADDED!!!Columbus, OH
Mar 10Jimmy Kimmel Show (12:05AM /11:05PM C) ABC
Mar 11The UptownKansas City, MO
Mar 17Michigan Theater
Ann Arbor, MI
Mar 17Last Call with Carson DalyNBC
Mar 18Pantages Theater (7:00PM show)

Minneapolis, MN
Mar 18Pantages Theater (10:00PM show)

Special Code is "BEYOND"
Minneapolis, MN
Mar 19Pantages Theater (7:00PM show) THIRD SHOW ADDED!!!
Special Code is "BEYOND"
Minneapolis, MN
Mar 22James Madison UniversityHarrisonburg, VA
Mar 22Late Night with Conan O'Brien (re-air) NBC 12:37amEST
Mar 23Love, Inc UPN 8:30PM EST
Mar 24Byham Theater
Pittsburgh, PA
Mar 25The Egg (7:00PM show)
Albany, NY
Mar 25The Egg (9:30PM show) SECOND SHOW ADDED!!!
Special PRE-SALE Code is "BEYOND"
Albany, NY
Mar 31Private Corporate Event Santa Barbara, CA
Apr 07Palace of Fine Arts(7:00PM)
San Francisco, CA
Apr 07Palace of Fine Arts(10:30PM) SECOND SHOW ADDED!!!
Special PRE-SALE Code is "BEYOND"
San Francisco, CA
Apr 08Spreckels TheatreSan Diego, CA
Apr 21The Trocadero
Philadelphia, PA
Apr 21The Trocadero
Philadelphia, PA
Apr 22Warner Theatre(7:00PM)
Washington, D.C.
Apr 22Warner Theatre (10:00PM)SECOND SHOW ADDED!!!Washington, D.C.
Apr 28Paramount Theatre
Special Offer Code is "BEYOND"
Denver, CO
Apr 29Celebrity Theatre
Special Offer Code is "BEYOND"
Phoenix, AZ
Apr 30 Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA
Apr 30 "Beyond the Pale" TV Special Re-airs COMEDY CENTRAL
May 02Private Corporate Event Carmel, CA
May 05State TheatreKalamazoo, MI
May 10Private Corporate Event Tucson, AZ
May 12Tarrytown Music HallTarrytown, NY
May 13The StrandLakewood, NJ
Jul 15Borgata Hotel & Casino
(NOT an "all ages" show)

Special Pre-Sale Code is "BEYOND"
Atlantic City , NJ

because i'm a slug...

in the meantime while my brain is de-frying, go over on the right side of my page and give a click to my new tenant Henry the Adequate ----------------------->

March 24, 2006

no benefits for you!

eh, so... myspace is interesting.
some 26 year old punkass sent me an email:

From: Chris
Date: Mar 23, 2006 11:52 PM

Hey there my name is Chris im moving down to Bricktown in 2 weeks i to be quite honest im looking for a steady friend with benefits type thing..if you may be interested add me to your friends list..

yeah. he's kidding me right? friend with benefits?
sorry, buddy. of course i had to respond.

From: gigglechick.com / erin
Date: Mar 24, 2006 6:48 AM

what? like 401k, dental, vision?

and my new friend sans benefits writes:

From: Chris
Date: Mar 24, 2006 11:15 AM

hmm very amusing

poor thing probably doesn't know what 401k is. anyhooooo...
i, being the bitch that i want to be today, write:

From: gigglechick.com / erin
Date: Mar 24, 2006 12:25 PM

eh. yeah. listen, i'm way past the fuck buddy immature stage, but i am sure some other girl your age would drop her pants for you. good luck

will let y'all know if he responds....


ah crap - he responded... now i feel bad (not bad enough to sleep with him. but just a little bad)

From: Chris Date: Mar 24, 2006 12:34 PM

ok sorry i pissed ya off havea good day
like i said i never had a chance to play the field
and im gonna be in a new place
furthering my lonliness
yea im younger and i guess im still immature
i didnt try n offend you i do apologize

so now, the guilty nice part of me wrote back:

it's okay. just go to Jenkinson's in Pt Pleasant and there are tons of girls there... wasn't trying to be a bitch (kinda just happens naturally)

- erin


March 28, 2006

*crick* OW!

okay.... i've let y'all dangle, haven't i?

can't believe i've barely been posting.... anyhooooooo....

let's see, on saturday i was able to call Houston and say "The Gigglemom has landed" and was back home, safe & sound sans infuckingsane roommates (even her last one started to get a little wacky - guess that's what a nursing home/rehab does to you)

taking this week as vacation at the moment since the GM needs me to help her around still.

although, i am strapping her down for a couple of hours this afternoon and i am getting a deep tissue massage and then a haircut/style.

i haven't had a massage in a while and i wasn't going to get one, but, yesterday - i suppose this is what being on the cusp of 36 does to you - i, let's see, what strenuous activity was i doing when i screwed up my right shoulder muscle?

oh that's right... i was laughing.

effing laughing and i effed up my back

okay - that's not as embarrassing as.... erm.... well, i suppose i've been honest with you about everything else in my life, may as well tell you....

i've screwed up my back/hip in the past by, eh, sitting on the toilet. (okay. wasn't just sitting... but there was the obvious toilet activity that was going on) one time my back was out of whack for a week and a half/two weeks.

yes. at that point i went to the chiropractor. what did i tell him? he being of the cute opposite sex persuasion..... of course i told him the truth - that i sneezed wrong and threw my back out.

anyway - this time, it wasn't anything to do with the lavatory. it was from laughing and i may have turned my head... of course, who WOULDN'T screw up their shoulder by laughing & turning their head? i really ought toi have worn a lifting belt or some sort of support brace before taking on that physically challenging task.

anyway - i figured i would pop on and say hello...

i may have gigglemom write a few words on here later or, for pete's sake, i'd set her up with her own blog last may - but she's been too afraid to post anything....

TELL GIGGLEMOM TO START BLOGGING. (then y'all can get more dirt on me.)

March 30, 2006

thank you, my international man of mystery

well today was/is a fantastic day!

first, gigglemom went to 2 doctors - and i got to see her hot surgeon. mrrrrreowww!

but when we came home between docs - i had to get another tank of O2 - there were 2 amazon boxes waiting for me

what the? i didn't order anything.

so i open up the boxes and there were some gift wrapped items inside.

the first with the note saying "IIIIIIIIIIIII"

i rip it open... it's a box of senseo coffee pods

cool. except. i don't have a senseo coffee maker.

i open the next note.... which reads "LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE"


i rip open the gift - it's, well, would you lookit that! a senseo coffee maker!

sweet! the next note has to say "coffee" right? i love coffee? makes sense. right?

nope, the next note said "YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU"

well, hellooooooooo, at this point i am getting all warm and tingly, mr. mystery!

this is a smaller package, like the size of a double cd case... i open it.

you have to be kidding me.... is this an early april fool's joke? because if so, i love it!

thank you mr. mystery guy from england for the Video iPod!

you rock! thank you --- you shouldn't have, but, THANK YOU.... (shoot me an email and allow yourself to introduce.... eh... yourself)

i am floored.

guess what i'm gonna be doing a lot of?

yep, getting likkered up on coffee and listening to my new bloody iPod!

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