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May 1, 2006

The Great Blogger Fat Off™ 2006 - Weigh Day #3 (May 1)


okay, well, here we are....

it's the THIRD weigh day

here's mine -

start weight: 195
today's weight: 191
loss/gain THIS week: -1.0
total loss/gain: -4.0

for those of you ON the grid - i need you to post with the number that corresponds with your name [by the way, those of you who are ON the grid, remember, you are on the grid and there were 25 other folks who wanted to be on there - so i hope you post and don't waste the grid slot...how's that for some guilt??? hmmmmm?]

for those NOT on the grid just post your info here

both, post in here in the following manner:

name: --------
start weight: -----------
05/01/06 weight: --------
loss/gain THIS week: --------
how much lost or gained since 4.10.06: ----------

good luck to y'all...

[by the way, to those of you who've gained a pound or two, don't worry.... you'll get the hang of it. DO NOT QUIT - it's great that you posted. i recommend weighing and posting your comment in the morning here.]

definitely pay a visit to the grid to see how everyone's doing!

give soupy some sales!

got soup?

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May 2, 2006

week 3 tally for the GBFO™

buttonforgbfoposts.jpg well, all the numbers are in for week 3 on the grid

the leading "loser" of the week is Shania with a 4.2 pound loss... WAY TO GO!!!

so far christy is holding strong with a total loss for the 3 weeks of 11 pounds (awesome!)


now here's where i'm gonna ask for you to post what you've been doing differently this week

speak up.... what are you changing this week?

May 3, 2006

PF, CO, JG, PSH.... this ain't ta-bacco, bitches!

[to check out the first two episodes, click here.]

pass this clip along, kiddo.

May 6, 2006

tap,,, tap,,, is this thing on?

man alive i've been neglecting y'all.

not much besides work going on. also have some freelance gigs lined up - so i am looking forward to half an hour of sleep each night. yay.

so monday i am gonna go out on a limb and guess that my fat off tally in my line of the grid is going to go up (* a few factors to blame)

tomorrow i have an interview. nope, not for a job. some comedian wants to interview me for his podcast - so i'll send you over to it when it's up.

The Kentucky Derby was great today - love love love michael matz (since he was an olympic rider/equestrian guy)

watched Elizabethtown for the first time last night. now i think i have to take Phooka for a trip cross-country...

big day for the Phooka tomorrow.... (any guesses why?)

May 7, 2006



got this in my email - see, this is why i love the whole MINI experience:

Dear Phooka:

"Happy Anniversary" from your friends at Princeton BMW/MINI!

I hope you and Erin are getting along well and that Erin is taking good care of you. If you have any bumps and scratches, aches or pains, just come in and see us. We are here to care for you. As always if there is anything I can do, please call me at Princeton BMW/MINI at 609-452-9400.

I hope you and your owner have an excellent day!

Gian Tosti
General Manager

May 8, 2006


my friend josh showed this to me today.

The Great Blogger Fat Off™ 2006 - Weigh Day #4 (May 8)


okay, well, here we are....

it's the FOURTH weigh day

here's mine -

start weight: 195.0
today's weight: 191.0
loss/gain THIS week: -0.0
total loss/gain: -4.0

**my friend was stepping on the scale with me

for those of you ON the grid i need you to post with the number that corresponds with your name

for those NOT on the grid just post your info here in the comments too

both, post in here in the following manner:

name: --------
number on grid: -------
start weight: -----------
05/08/06 weight: --------
loss/gain THIS week: --------
how much lost or gained since 4.10.06: ----------

good luck to y'all...

[by the way, to those of you who've gained a pound or two, don't worry.... you'll get the hang of it. DO NOT QUIT - it's great that you posted. i recommend weighing and posting your comment in the morning here.]

definitely pay a visit to the grid to see how everyone's doing!

and she yapped and yapped and ya....

so yesterday, i went and met josh reynolds - who runs the Laugh Riot podcast.

so, hopefully by next week he will have it all swellegant and edited up and piece together my answers to make it seem like i have at least one coherent thought in my head.

for the love of god, i think i morphed into a hardcore jackass. and talk about giggling!? i never really technically "giggle" persay - i called my site gigglechick because it was a good name. but giggle? no. yet there i was teeheeing with the best of them.

there might be a lot of offensive material in the podcast next week - well, i know if this one person who blackballed me in 2002 winds up listening to the podcast, she may ask her minions to come after me with pitchforks and torches.

the weird thing is, he asked me questions and i seriously don't remember answering the questions properly. can you say tangent? and he asked me who my comedic influences were - yes, you already know the one i said, but i said one or two others, but totally went blank after a bit...


so my confidence level was not totally on the stellar end of the spectrum during the podcast. i turned into giggly pathetic pseudo comic chick and there's a good chance that part of my stand up will be played in the podcast.

i brought some of my tapes over to him.

mistake: watching 4 of my tapes right before leaving to go meet him... i was sitting there by myself in my bedroom with my hand over my face, right eye peeking out from behind and i was muttering to myself, nay, screaming at myself "oh. my god. that was awful"

so it's like a bad car wreck in my honest opinion. sure, it's the set that the hbo chick was at and liked enough to have me audition for aspen because of.... but still... see, i - and this is probably the problem - i never really watched my tapes. *shudder* i think i had a camel toe on one of them. yes. you know what i mean. and as i was watching, seriously i looked like cousin jeri from the facts of life standing there askew, one hip jutted out, camel toe in all its glory and the spotlight shining down on me... this was a set i did in september.

remind me to wear knee length skirts from now on when i perform.

anyway --- that podcast episiode should be up next week and i will definitely let y'all know when it's up

prepare to have your hopes and dreams and illusions about me shattered.

that is all.

May 9, 2006

eff midol

you know what's good for cramps and being a complete and utter bitch right now?

gigglemom gave me one of her xanax.

i, and my uterus, thank her. (and you'd better too because i have been ready to wield an iron skillet at the side of random people's heads today)

i even screamed out the window of Phooka today, "I HOPE A RABID MONKEY BITES YOUR ANUS!!!"

stupid nun.

May 10, 2006

evolution of dance

someone named dagny sent this to me (hah! thanks!)

makes me feel better about how i move

Thanks for tuning into American Idol. Hope you like Crap.

okay, i admit it, i watch The Idol.

at the moment i am floored. the one i wanted to take the whole kit and kaboodle, the whole enchilada, the whole shebang, Chris Daughtry.... booted.


yet, the Penis with Ears Elliott Yamin stays?

the Scientologist Dawson's Creeker Wannabe Katherine MacPhee stays?

Granted, I've liked Taylor Hicks from the get go. my choice from the beginning was Chris, Paris and Taylor.

Paris was sent packing last week.... Now Chris....

what's next, bastards? do not let the grayboy go quietly into this goodnight, while the skank and the drip stay on.

At least Chris should have a kickass career after this. Seriously. His voice is ready for the radio.

okay, well... go kick the shit out of the two freaks left, Taylor. Go, fly, Soul Patrol, fly!

May 11, 2006

hot diggity

well, well, some strong opinions in the idol post... anyone else want a piece of this? huh? huh? i am not on the xanax or midol right now... so.... beware.... that's all i'm saying. beware

May 12, 2006

yeah, this makes sense. of course.

so tonight my friends Jude and Fran & I met up at the Parker House for their opening night.

all was swell, had a great time, saw my friends Lara and Jen out as well.

around 10pm i was coming back from the ladies' room and I figured i'd go a different route to get back to my friends.

I turn right into an alcove and say excuse me to the guy in front of me (note: i was not paying attention)

who turns around? (keep in mind it's a full moon and my life seems to be a living hell filled with mockery)

yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have a mashed potato alert

i froze in my tracks, forced myself to say hello and make the small talk of "how are you?" while my skin prickled up and my heart started freaking out. stupid effing heart. seriously, calm the eff down.

anyway, i made it back to jude & fran and we stayed put for a few minutes then went upstairs.

now am home - which is good, i have an early appointment tomorrow and then off to see jim in the evening.

why do i feel sick cryie sick?

May 13, 2006

the power of loooooove!

so i get this "john groom's positive quote of the day" sent to me:

POSITIVE QUOTE OF THE DAY -----------------------------

I will make love my greatest weapon and none on who I call can defend against its force....My love will melt all hearts liken to the sun whose rays soften the coldest day.

-- Og Mandino

hmmmmm... well, after screaming at the jackass guy in the minivan behind me who kept honking at me to turn right into mega traffic and then almost slamming my fist into his skull this morning as i screamed "TAKE YOUR FUCKING NINE YEAR OLD PIECE OF SHIT MINIVAN THAT YOU DRIVE YOUR RETARDED KIDS TO SPECIAL OLYMPICS SOCCER IN AND GO HOME AND JACK OFF, FAGGOT..."

yeah, i suppose i haven't really made "love" my strongest weapon today..

let me rewind (i'll pretend i am quentin tarantino by starting with the ending above)

the light turned yellow, so i yielded then stopped since i was not about to plow my Phooka into the traffic...

minivan guy behind me starts honking (i have mini top down, mind you)

i raise my arm like "what the hell do you expect me to do? wreck my car? i'm stopping" (didn't say it at that point)

he starts yelling "YOU FUCKING WOMAN!"

--- okay.... um... did he jus--- oh hell no... at this point my blood pressure rises partially because of the full moon still wafting in the atmosphere... and my uterus' ears perked up and said "ess-cus' me? oh no he di'int!" --- seriously, i felt my uterus waggle it's head in a very urban motion... i digress, where was i? --------

riiiiiight.... "you fucking woman!"

then he proceeds to yell "IT'S RIGHT ON RED BITCH!"

my fallopian tubes have now rolled their sleeves up and started clenching their fists...

i sit (first off, because there's fucking traffic, and even though it's right on red, it doesn't mean drive into a shitload of cars ---- and second, i sit just to see the vein in his forehead become visible in my rearview mirror)


he opens his minivan door (looks like the window doesn't roll down more than an inch on the driver's side.) and he starts screaming "WHAT DID YOU SAY, TWAT?" then closes his door

the left ovaries have now started in and are murmuring to each other "did he say 'twat'? seriously? the guy's in his 40s and he said twat? oh man, shit's going down"

woman in the car next to me - around 60 - yells to me "go get him, honey, what a prick"

the light is unbelievably STILL red.

i flip him my british fuck off sign (i DO drive a Mini, I may as well do the brit thing) and yell "WHY DON'T YOU GO AROUND ME, HEAD INTO TRAFFIC AND DIE - DO US ALL A FAVOUR" (not nice, but my netherregions made me say it)

he opens his door again and i see him start to get out of his piece of shite minivan


he does.

light turns green.

i turn right.

as does he.

he's still behind me. we take the jughandle and are now at a light - he is now on my left side - (his passenger side window DOES roll down)


now, he's screaming like a frigging fishmonger.


light turns green. he gets behind me and is tailgaiting... i tap my brakes to piss him off (oh come on, like you wouldn't snap at this point?) oh, and i may have slowed down to the same speed as the car on my left so he was totally blocked behind us. heh.

then i punched the gas and went into the left lane... and then there was another red light ) seriously i live in a town riddled with traffic lights....

he pulls up next to me on the right. and i hear him saying something through the 1 inch crack of a window and i smile sweetly, flip my american bird at him and mouth "fuck you, loser"...

he now opens his car door and yells "YOU'RE STILL TALKING CUNT?"

and now, scroll back up to the beginning of the post for what I said back to him....

and then he turned right.... i went straight.

my fallopians high fived each other and my uterus gave a sigh of relief.


May 14, 2006

Gaffigan. Strand. Lakewood. Fantastico. Stalkeriffic.

well, my dears, tonight was gaffigan at the strand in lakewood, nj... we got there around 7:45pm. me, my friend erin (yes, erins do travel in pairs) and my godsister lori and her husband glenn...

jim left me 4 comp tix --- 3rd row, center. awesome.

first up was my buddy Rich Brooks who had a great set when he opened the show.

and then a one mister jim gaffigan graced the stage... do you really think that i would ever write anything that was less than "awesome" about him???? anyway, it was bloody fantastic. new stuff mixed with classic and it was great and even glenn said that he got tired because of laughing so much (seriously, jim's set is like rapid fire jokes, every single one stirs up a guffaw)

blah blah blah, we went back to his dressing room (hey do you like how nonchalant i am sounding here?) and waited for a few min - he was out there signing stuff for the crowd...

then they came into the DR and i got a big ol' hug from jim... you wouldn't know that i haven't seen him in 6 years and that i am the kate jackson to his Charlie (being that i talk with him daily, yet haven't seen him face to face)

anyway... um... yes, i turned into superfan and was like "can you sign this?? and this? and oh, can i get a photo? maybe another one? i'm a jackass. hmmm... one more? thanks!!!"

so we were having a beer afterward and then the Strand guy comes in and says "hey we have to close. gotta get out of here - we've been here since 8am" ---- yeah, i wanted to scream "HEY BUDDY, I'M DRINKING HERE." but refrained.

anyway... i am dog tired... and here is my photoshoot with jim...





[erin, one sec, i think you dropped something.... yep, here, just a name, here you go, you might want to tuck that back in your pocket]

May 15, 2006

The Great Blogger Fat Off™ 2006 - Weigh Day #5 (May 15)

buttonforgbfoposts.jpgokay, well, here we are.... it's the FIFTH weigh day

here's mine:

start weight: 195
today's weight: 190
loss/gain THIS week: -1
total loss/gain: -5

for those of you ON the grid i need you to post with the number that corresponds with your name

for those NOT on the grid just post your info here in the comments too

both, post in here in the following manner:

name: --------
number on grid: -------
start weight: -----------
05/15/06 weight: --------
loss/gain THIS week: --------
how much lost or gained since 4.10.06: ----------

good luck to y'all...

[by the way, to those of you who've gained a pound or two, don't worry.... you'll get the hang of it. DO NOT QUIT - it's great that you posted. i recommend weighing and posting your comment in the morning here.]

definitely pay a visit to the grid to see how everyone's doing!


buttonforgbfoposts.jpghey all - so still have a few fat off stragglers who need to weigh in.

i had an idea (not for this round of the fat off but for the next round... YES... i am going to have another fat off starting july 10th --- as this FatOff wraps up... and ending October 10th)

here's the skinny (hahahahahaha... oh that gets me every frigging time.)

IDEA: teams (yes, a la "biggest loser")

but i am thinking teams of 5. more than two teams. i am going to limit this FatOff to 50 people (yes i am biting off a helluva lot more than i can chew - but this is why i am putting this out there right now)

of course, i will have a reminder about this closer to the July 10th start.... it's less than 2 months away though

THIS time, a little more competition.

1. Once everyone has signed up (and i will get weights from y'all between July 5th and 10th) I will set up 10 teams with groups of 5. Almost a FatOffMixer, if you will.

2. your group of 5 will be one of 10 groups

3. no one will be voted out (this isn't the Biggest Loser)

4. in order to keep things honest.... i am figuring this part out right now. right now, there may be a digital photo of your feet on a scale with a scrap of paper with your name on it (i've got 2 months to come up with a better idea - and if anyone else has a suggestion, let me know)

5. there may be a prize involved for incentive... no, at the moment i am not offering a cruise for 5... unless there is some generous person out there who would love to donate a prize package (doesn't have to be a cruise. it can be something small and 5 of each for the winning team) EMAIL ME TO BECOME A SPONSOR

6. since this is the initial brainstorm - i will most likely be tweaking some ideas here --- but i think i might be pretty effing excited

7. the winning team will be the one who loses the most amount of pounds. and yes. i understand that there are some heartier people out there who lose weight faster than others who may not need to lose 50 pounds or whathaveyou. that's why i am going to match up the teammates - so there's not one team that's consisting of 5 people who weigh 400 each and another team whose body weight combined totals 400 pounds ----- and if by god there is such a freakish team that totals 400 pounds, they are winning nothing but a coupon to McDonalds with a note that says "Fucking eat something, Freak"

8. each team that i play God with by matching up, i will give you the 5 email addresses so you can play drill instructor for each other.

9. each team, once chatting with each other will come up with their own unique team name (and for the love of all that is holy, you'd better get crazy assed creative.)

10. is anyone opposed to weekly photographs showing progress - this is a thought that I am putting out there. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. it might be more of an incentive to have such a thing - nooooooo i am not talking stripping and showing naughty bits, but, it might be a nice thing to have the before and then the rocking after pics. THOUGHTS?

11. there will be a team captain designated to collect the 5 weights from their teammates and post them (so there isn't 50 different posts and teams can all be together... plus, i won't have to send out annoying mass emails trying to wrangle people to send their weights in)

12. thinking about there being a message board - one section that each team will have their own subsection in to discuss stuff. also another section where the scale images can be posted (verification/proof - not to sound untrusting.... but may as well make it honor system with a slight kick.)

13. as an incentive to get the weights in by monday nights - if any are late, the team whose weights are late will receive a +1 pound penalty for each person who does not have their numbers in to the captain. (working on this. because the demise of the first GBFO was having to wait for stragglers to get their weights in --- it's not like i am asking for measurments of bust sizes, etc)

14. you must have at least 20 pounds to lose. at least.

i digress.

anyone interested?

and yes, i am going to be on a team as well




May 16, 2006

5 years old

well, yesterday was my 5th bloggiversary - i can't believe i forgot.

all day i was thinking "may 15th is something. why am i not remembering? what the heck????"

(technically i started in 2000, but on May 15th, 2001, that was the first i ever heard of the word "blog" and checked out blogger.com)

sheesh, and i didn't even get myself a card or flowers.

5 years. this is insane.


well, during lunch, i went and purchased (cheap cheap cheap) thefatoff.com as a domain and have some hosting - that has forums built in and all that... so, i will start to get this all set up over the next few months...

in the meantime, the regular Great Blogger Fat Off will stay here ---- then i will switch it over...

am kinda excited about this ---- you?

May 17, 2006

GBFO™ week 5 tally

okay.... great blogger fat off folks - soon i will be posting the GBFO stuff all over on thefatoff.com, but for now, bear with me still

i have a tally for this week (we have one straggler, so i counted that one as a 0 gain/loss for this week)

anyway, the loser of the week - dragging her flu-riddled arse home from the hospital and weighing in today with an 8 pound loss is Amy #17

of course, there was a tie on monday as to the loser of the week (i am posting this since there were two extra weight loss days since monday)

jen #12 and stoner #14 both had a 5 pound drop in the scales this week. you guys effing rock!


this week, cumulative loss: - 26.7 lbs
(which is a far cry from the -8.9 loss last week between all of us... jeezuz were we all pmsing and gorging ourselves the week before!? nah, i think we've all just hit our stride this week. awesome!)

total loss, cumulative since april 10: -111.1 lbs
(nice! we've broken the hundred mark! fantastico! very proud *wiping a tear* very proud!)

stanley w. key and the wonderful world of mishaps

okay. so my buddy chris here at the new gig actually entered the 48 hour film project a few weeks ago. (*had only 48 hours to write/create/shoot/edit the entire thing)

go check out his movie short that he created on motorboatinmaniacs.com

here's the movie player

go tell him that you like his movie....and where you heard about it

amazing lost idol

amazing race!!! woooooooooooo! i've wanted them to win since day one!

idol... *whew* my grey man is still in the race!

[now i have to watch LOST - had to do the dvr thing... it was like Sophie's Choice during the 9 o'clock hour tonight - because with my DVR i can't record 3 different shows]

UPDATE: okay, i watched LOST now. man oh man i love that show. and for all who are interested, let me point you in the direction of the BEST podcast about LOST...jayandjack.com

May 18, 2006

20, 10 1 spot left!

okay.... this is awesome (first off, let me give an apologetic shout to all y'all who are skinny bastards while i am talking about the fatoff.)

so far, signed up for the Great Blogger Fat Off Challenge (to begin July 10) are 30 people! awesome

click below to see the names i have as being IN the fatoff. i know that there are a couple who are questionable... but i will add names and then i will email everyone when it gets a little closer to the july 10th date to see if everyone is still in like flynn.

UPDATE 05.19.06 @ 12:20pm - ONE more spot left - ALTHOUGH i WILL be taking a few more names on "standby" just in case between now and july someone changes their mind and opts out of this.

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May 19, 2006

platypus with a fishing pole.

ow! those damned hooks hurt!

go find out what TPS used as chum

lunch break

so i am heading up to the city this weekend to hang with a friend of mine - of course, i just realized that it's the weekend of the 9th avenue food festival... but it's supposed to be crappy & rainy all weekend from what i've heard.

tomorrow night i'm headed to the club to see a few friends perform, should be a good show - nope, i'm not performing (i haven't been up since january, kind of am itching to get back up there, but at the moment things are really effing hectic with work, freelance, life... don't really feel like stressing myself out [more] at the moment by writing new material.)

besides, after designing jim's site and having to word things on there in a jimmish way, not to mention going over every video clip numerous times to make sure everything is functioning properly, there's a good possiblity that i might be on stage and begin talking about hot pockets or having an audience voice.

[okay, no. no chance of that happening, but still... i want to write some more material and lately i just haven't felt it. sure, maybe the nearly killing a guy hinking behind me or having gigglemom in the rehab could work out to be something. i haven't even spent as much time writing on my own site.]

okay. lunch is over.

May 22, 2006

issues with GC.com and the GBFO™

whew. jeez. first off, i am home from work and feeling like crud (throat/stomach for those keeping score at home.)

second... i am finally able to post to my site... for some reason this one file jammed up and no posts or comments were allowed and i had to get my webhost to kill a process. ugh.

buttonforgbfoposts.jpg so the GBFO™ - because of the issues with the inability to post/comment, i've created a forum that those on the grid (and those who are going to be in the FatOff in July) need to register and post to rather than leave weights here on my blog... since this is the 3rd time in a week the problem with comments/posts/etc has happened.

here's the new grid page [click] and the forum can be found here [click] post your weight in the thread that corresponds to this week. don't create a new thread. just reply.

May 24, 2006

okay, slipping back into my 12 year old mental state:


gooooooo grayman! silver fox round headed boy!

okay. yeah. i like taylor.

sue me.

[and yes, i got through and voted for him. so there.]


yay!!!! TAYLOR HICKS!!!!


[in the audience. david hasselhoff. crying with joy. weird.]

May 28, 2006


memorial day weekend + sun + convertible = eff the blog for a few days

am heading out with my dad to pick up my somewhat early birthday present...

what? what? what could it be?

it's a grill, baby! woo!

our barbeque grill thing kinda has stunk over the past couple of years and i want to get a new one that i am not afraid of blowing up or getting tetanus from. so rather than ask for a pony this year, i asked gigglemom for a grill (yes. i want to grill healthy crap. veggies, fish, etc. we'll see how long that lasts and how soon i am slapping the burger with monterey pepperjack cheese with tomatoes and craziness on there.

anyway, dad's coming over in a few (with his truck) so, just wanted to post that i am alive

hey - fat off folks.... don't forget that tomorrow is weigh-in (now that i mentioned cheeseburgers!)

May 29, 2006

The Great Blogger Fat Off™ 2006 - Weigh Day #7 (May 29)

buttonforgbfoposts.jpgokay, well, here we are.... it's the SEVENTH weigh day (happy memorial day to you!)

here's the grid page [click] and the forum can be found here [click] post your weight in the thread. don't create a new thread. just reply.

post in THE FORUM in the following manner:

name: --------
number on grid: -------
start weight: -----------
05/29/06 weight: --------
loss/gain THIS week: --------
how much lost or gained since 4.10.06: ----------

good luck to y'all...

May 31, 2006

do some people smell blood?

shark.jpgseriously, i fear that a number of folks out there actually keep a schedule of when i am fucking PMSing. yes. i am getting the friend on mondayish...

so, i get a comment to a post that i entered, what, SEVEN weeks ago about the start of the Great Blogger Fat Off™

welll, i think having only 20 people is quite disgusting, since, there are 1ooo's of people, who read, and surf the net every minute, i would request out of my appreciation for your support, to have at least 100, people, it would be nice, to be able to join, and not see that there is a limit, as , there is the hope, that some one out there will listen, or hear them,you are all not alone. i am 5'2 and feel that i am over-weight by at least 30 lbs, i am tipping the scale at 145 and i really do feel it in my feet, all the weight, so hey, thanx for letting me share, anyways, from a friend...who has the same concerns..take care all...and be safe..with great respect for your support, shootingstar...bye

now, not for nothing, but thanks, shootingstar696@hotmail.com for saying that i am "disgusting" for only having 20 people in the FatOff...

perhaps you didn't read further or click the link that led to LAST YEAR'S attempt at the GBFO™ where i had 93 people sign up (THIS IS FUCKING FREE, MIND YOU. FUCKING EFFING FREE.) and i had to email and babysit people and ask for weights after people signed up - so THIS time i only had 20 - and welcomed others to post to the comments with their weights if they didn't make the grid.

so, "shooting star", as i replied in your comment on the post earlier, if you would like to use hours of your life to chase people down for their weights and collect them, enter them, calculate them, post them, etc - be my fucking guest.

if you would like to purchase a seperate domain and pay for monthly hosting and set up a forum for others BE MY FUCKING GUEST. otherwise, you might want to take your comment and.........*

the thing is, even though you disguise the rest of your comment with the "thanx for letting me share", "with great respect" and "take care all" crap, maybe understand whose blog you are posting to and that it IS only one person who is maintaining all of it and who DOES have a fulltime day job as well as freelance crap at night and is doing the fat off on the side of on the side of on the side of her life.

anyway - THAT SAID - now on to the Kitsy person who commented on the last GBFO™ with the comment"

"Where are all the weight losses this week??? Too many hot dogs, chips and ice cream on Monday?"

not quite sure if you were attempting to be funny, but it wasn't - you might want to click into the forum and see that that's where people are entering their weights... YES. the same forum that i set up to make things a little more organized for the folks participating in the GBFO™

anyway... anyone else?

oh and by the way... don't forget to frigging "rabbit, rabbit" first thing in the morning.

[people. you hear/read my mood. if you have no idea what the hell 'rabbit rabbit' is, don't ask me in the comments like people do every effing month. that's why i provide a link to it every last day of each month. click it.]

that said....

if anyone wants to appease the Beast [whose 36th birthday is june 21st]... feel free.

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