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June 1, 2006

JAWS (wow, interesting shark theme in 2 headers)

they took her effing shoulder and GAVE her a jaw. she was JAWLESS and is married... WITH children

yet, i can't get a date.

maybe i should just wear a turtleneck, pull it up over my bottom lip and pretend i am Jawless Judy and find myself a fella.

kerry close. K-E-R-R-Y C-L-O-S-E. kerry close.

yay! jersey shore girl wins the scripps national spelling bee!

[my cousin kerry used to teach at H.W. Mountz where the Spelling Bee Champion goes to school --- it's also Giggledad's grammar school alma mater]

very cool. congrats, kid ---- i don't know who you are, personally, but you've been all over the Asbury Park Press and the Coast Star... putting the Irish Riviera known as Spring Lake, NJ on the spelling map!

very cool - 5th time's the charm!


June 4, 2006

lazy sunday

a bit of a rainy weekend here on the shore (at the moment it's dry, so i was riding around this morning with the top down..... on the car)

i think this week will be more of a Fat ON for me than a Fat OFF... oh well...

i've got a couple of other freelance gigs on the verge of being lined up... one we're just figuring out the $ and the other we're figuring out the time.

i really have to hunker down and clean the house (before gigglemom slices my throat in my sleep) --- the thing is, i am so unbelievably tired right now.

not a lot has gone on this week, mainly just work... and freelance... and gaffigan (which i have to put a ton of stuff up on the site) ---- check out the "monologue" clip in the videos here on his myspace (it's the 4th video)

speaking of videos, watched Rumor Has It and Goodnight & Good Luck this weekend. good stuff... loved the latter.

what else? nothing. just blah right now. have only used the grill once for hot dogs (am hoping to grill some tuna steaks later tonight... with sweet potatoes... it's up to the gigglemom as to what she wants though.)

what've all y'all been up to this weekend?

June 5, 2006

The Great Blogger Fat Off™ 2006 - Weigh Day #8 (June 5)

buttonforgbfoposts.jpgokay, well, here we are.... it's the weigh day #8

here's the grid page [click] and the forum can be found here [click] post your weight in the thread. don't create a new thread. just reply.

post in THE FORUM in the following manner:

name: --------
number on grid: -------
start weight: -----------
06/05/06 weight: --------
loss/gain THIS week: --------
how much lost or gained since 4.10.06: ----------

good luck to y'all...

my GI tract

well, last night, i bought the domain gigglechickinteractive.com ---- yeah it's a little lengthy, but, hey... i've got a rep in the comedy "world" as gigglechick... and rather than send potential clients to my portfolio site (which is fine, but it's just my regular portfolio crap) i am going to send them to GI for their design needs, etc.

so... what i am focusing on is the comedy field.

i have jimgaffigan.com under my belt (as you may have heard.) and he [jim] chatted up one of his friends about me and so i am now going to be redesigning his site [said friend opens for seinfeld and also had a sitcom... i will do the unveiling when i am done with the site... of course, if anyone wants to guess, go for it!]

i am hoping to get my crap in order where i can rival Kurt Noble (who does dane cook site) or Kurt Iverson (who does bill burr and adam ferrara's sites) - i gotta get my ass in gear with flash. i am not a huuuuge proponent of an all-flash site, but i've gotta bust out the elements and start kicking heinie. or change my name to Kurt.

okay - AT kurt noble , there ARE at least 5 designers in that company...

i want to punch up jim's site a bit with some flash stuff... gotta chat with him about that... i probably should hunker down with flash and learn the ins and outs of it.


June 7, 2006

darkness on the edge of town the toilet

so, a few minutes ago, i went to the ladies' room here at work (the bathroom is in the hall and is used by all the companies in the building)

anyway, there i was... doing my thang.

then some woman walks in, uses the other stall, did her thang, did the hand wash, did the hair flip (i could see through the crack in the door. you know.) then she went back and flushed again (water pressure is awful here)

then she walked out.

and turned off the lights.

me: "um..... helloooo?"

me: "eh......"

me: "fuck."

well, apparently my toilet paper roll was at 11 o'clock. the door is at 12 (of course.) and the sink was at 1o'clock. paper towels at 11 o'clock.

at least i know that i am quiet and my shit doesn't stink enough to alert people.

June 8, 2006

screw the Great Blogger Fat Off!

I think it's time to buy a couple of bags of Monkey Chow and drop a few pounds.

[hey, i can wax more if i have to.]

June 11, 2006

myspace yourspace ourspace

wow! i have 799 friends on the myspace. it'd be swell to break 800.... or 850.... can i hear 1000?

how y'all doing today? i have a headache (so no screaming in the comments)

June 12, 2006

Great Blogger Fat Off - Weigh-In #9 (June 12, 2006)

okay GBFO - weigh in #9 (i am a frigging slacker right now and have to hunker down and ALSO get last week's weights up on the grid SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY - busy as sin)



HBO - Heavy Bowel Overload

so i have the teevee on pause right now - but what is paused is the new TNT show, Saved, with tom everett scott (lerve him)

so, if you have a chance, go check this show out.

speaking of teevee shows....

entourage was great last night - so happy the new season started.

then i watched "Lucky Louie" on HBO. i like Louie CK. but good gawd - what a steaming bucket of crap that was. good thing i was drinking last night so that it made the half an hour i had to sit through "very lucky louie that has a timeslot crammed between entourage and dane cook's tourgasm" slightly bearable.

and then i watched Dane Cook's Tourgasm.

now, for those of you who don't know me, you can enter the term "dane cook" in the search thing over on the left and realize that i have been a fan for about 6 years now...


i am not exactly thrilled with the Tourgasm. in fact, I found myself faking my laughter about 3 minutes into it. let's see... comedians on a bus? gary gulman, sorry, but i didn't like you on last comic standing and i sure as hell don't like you on this. robert kelly? thanks, but no thanks. jay davis? the only one who is slightly palatable here. [note, i am gonna go out on a limb and guess that they would have never hired me to redesign their websites anyway]

sorry Dane, but I liked it the first time around when it was called "Comedians of Comedy" and was much funnier with Patton Oswalt, Zach Galifianakis, Brian Posehn ann Maria Bamford

so... there you have it... i thought it could've been 267% funnier... alas, it was not... is dane's bubble starting to burst slightly?

i do know that a certain pasty-faced comedian that may have been mentioned on my site once or twice, is now the #1 comedian on myspace as of today.

thoughts on Saved?
thoughts on Tourgasm?
thoughts on Lucky Louie?

speak up.

June 13, 2006

happy flag day eve!

so at 4:15pm, my co-workers and bosses (and i) went to monmouth mall to see CARS. it's research for our motion graphics division. :}

loved it. really i did. fun stuff. anyone else see this? it was amazing.

have the chick doc in the morning (regular check up.) and then after work we're heading over to my aunt's for my other aunt's 60th bday... her birthday is a week before mine, of course *ahem*

what else? nada, just doing stuff for jim and gearing up to re-design the other comedian's site that i mentioned a week or so ago.

oh and ready to hit the ban button after reading some comments in the myspace post.

June 14, 2006

hey - she said to post it.

so my "true friend" tricia responded to my query of "what exactly are you "implying" when you write 'drink another one'?" via email:


Your a smart girl, that's been around the block, you know what I meant.

Erin for the life of me I do not know why you love to rip on people. Who have enjoyed your blogg, through all the GM stuff, your compassion showed big time, and I respected you a lot for that, but lately when you and your posse, all rip together, it reminds me of a pack of animals. And it seem there is a lot of stinking thinking going on.

Only my take, but sometimes it's like your yelling have a bad day, because you are having one. "Giggle me that" Ripper. This might be a nice poor GC post to get positive feed back from more rippers. Who cares? There are many more words in the dictonary besides (imply). Find some, and have a good day. PEACE OUT!


PS I would note some good comes from bad sometimes, at least CM got pissed enough to blogg, how cool is that?


hmmmmmmmmm well... interesting ---- okay, here's my response... apparently i have a "posse" - so all y'all in my posse, here you go:

i thought you said that you weren't coming back to my site.

how dare you say that getting my mother pissed is "cool"? hate to disappoint you, she really wasn't "pissed" - she was just responding to your stupidity.

perhaps since you say there are other words in the dictionary - you should pick one up and, oh, i don't know - READ IT and figure out how to spell.

as far as "ripping" on someone, are you actually attempting to tell ME how/what to write on my site? because, listen, lady, i've put up with your inane comments on my site - however "nice" you say you were trying to be for the past few months - and dealt with them. however, the way i read them - because i'm a "smart girl" - you had a very passive aggressive tone - and spoke out of two sides of your mouth. so yes, i will "rip" - as you say - on people who are blatant idiots. because it's MY site. go get your own if you reeeeally feel the need to have your opinion.

you say i have "stinking thinking" - perhaps you need to go back to AA or your therapist instead of reading my website and living vicariously through that.

enjoy your life, tricia.

- erin


anyway, for the record, i've been having a kickass great week - so perhaps that theory of hers has been shot down. and for another record... if anyone thinks that i am posting with "poor GC posts" - you might want to re-read. i've never had a "poor me" post - they've always been tongue in cheek and have been made into "oh poor GC" posts in the comments that people leave (ie, last week - lights off in the ladies' room post) eh, not for nothing, but i wasn't saying "oh my god! i didn't know what to do! i am so helpless! the lights were turned off and i sat in there for 5 hours!" --- and the thinking wasn't what was "stinking" in that post.


apparently, at this point i am supposed to - according to "tricia" - say "release the hounds" or "release the cracken" or "let's roll" or "sic 'em" or something to my "Ripper Posse"

speaking of my posse, i have to go to the gynocologist in 45 min.

nobody puts GC in the corner!

UPDATE: here are more videos by MReel777

SIDENOTE: i didn't mention that THIS song was my senior year prom song. no. my date didn't lift me like that.

June 16, 2006

obviously, this is a whale that's gay.

there are more of these here


erin_bday36sm.jpg think i need to start my own vidcast.

the whole kit and kaboodle

wow! went to whole foods market for lunch today (and to pick giggledad up a father's day gift)

awesome place.

so what'd y'all think about the whale video?

June 19, 2006

The Great Blogger Fat Off™ 2006 - Weigh Day #10 (June 19)

buttonforgbfoposts.jpgokay - the effing GRID is BACK on the GBFO™ and MOCKING me. *@!^$*


only a few more weeks left until the GBFO CHALLENGE (i have to get the damned thing in order and make sure everyone who initially signed up will still be in on the thing. i have an excel spreadsheet i did with the names/email addresses. thanksfully. because the stinking post for it crapped out with the comments)

it's going to be a buttload of work to update (i've been swamped and now have a new client as well that i will be busy working on his site over the next month or so - hellloooooo late nights)


what was i saying? oh. right. the GRID for this week's GBFO is UP ---- i have to add the tallies for the past couple of weeks still, but the individual numbers are in (and mine aren't pretty.)


by the way - this week's episode of Tourgasm seemed almost MORE unbearable than LAST week's (and i was a dane cook fan. now for some reason he's causing me to feel violent and punch him in the skull. but that's just me.)

June 20, 2006

plans for this friday!

so, my cousin kerry and i are heading into the city this friday. gotta hit our favourite restaurant in Little Italy - we haven't been there in 2 years.

then we're going to catch this movie that's opening up on the 23rd (only in NY, DC & Boston) it's called The Great New Wonderful - here are the first 7 minutes, it's a little indy release, but it looks fantastic! take a gander at the clip and let me know what you think...

well, i have to skidaddle and get to work.

June 21, 2006

the past year flashing before my eyes

yeah i was fooling around with flash for a couple of minutes... haven't hunkered down properly with it...

ANYWAY... 36. man.

(i'm working on figuring out the "hey turn this thing off before the animation gives me a seizure" buttons.)

ALSO - go wish susan and lorna a happy birthday as well!!!!

June 22, 2006

and he dances better than i do

[go check out wherethehellismatt.com]

June 23, 2006

meet me @ 5:15 @ the angelika [to see the great new wonderful]

so i am hightailing it up to nyc this afternoon. getting out of work early (we get 4 hours off for our birthday, so i am taking mine today) and ker and i are meeting my friend cathy at the angelika to see the great new wonderful

ny daily news: ***1/2

rex reed loved it

boston globe

"The movie is one of those generously cast lost-souls-in-the-big-city movies along the lines of 2004's ``Heights" or 2001's ``13 Conversations About One Thing"; it's also a quieter, less melodramatic piece of work than last year's ``Crash," and arguably a better one."

gothamist - one of the picks of the week

patriot ledger. boston. - "the heart and soul of the movie are...."

(only in NY, DC & Boston) again, it's called The Great New Wonderful - here are the first 7 minutes

UPDATE [1:13am] - LOVED IT! unbiased opinion too. i promise. but i really did love it. ---- GO SEE THIS MOVIE.

after the movie, we had a surprise visit from the director, Danny Leiner, and the lovely Jim - who both popped in and did an impromptu Q & A session which was very cool.

anyway, it was a pretty moving film. i got a little misty at one point - as i know my cousin kerry did.

June 24, 2006

aaron spelling 1923 - 2006


he'd only done a couple of things in hollywood.

June 25, 2006

saturday. bruce. jersey. pnc. and a LOT of rain

okay - really quick - i meant to write this earlier - and i will write more later... but, last night was Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuce at the Garden State Arts Center (excuse me, i mean, PNC Bank Arts Center)

it was fantastic!

here's the set list (june 24th)

June 26, 2006

GBFO™ - WEIGH IN #11 (june 26)

hey there - i haven't updated the fat off grid from last week (busy. will get to)


if you forget what you said you were last week - REFERENCE THE FORUM FROM LAST WEEK

it being the birthday week last week i think i gained about 45 pounds. yay.

will update the grid this week. i think that when July 10th comes around things'll be a bit more organized (and i will actually become serious about losing some pounds.)

June 29, 2006

thank god for punctuation.


i was scrolling through the guide on my teevee and saw this... i didn't see the semi-colon at first. did a triple take.

wanna be my blogroll landscaper?

i re-added my crazy insane 42 foot long blogroll over to the sidenav again... we'll see if it lasts (sometimes blogrolling gets hung up and takes a little while to load.)

plus i have to comb through the links and see which are still living and which blogs have hit the high road and skidaddled off the face of the earth.

so.... if you want to help.... that'd be fantastic - just start clicking those links over there, and let me know which blogs are pinin' for the fjords (post the dead ones or the ones who haven't posted in over 2 months in my comments)

yes, i will be pruning the blogroll as well - but this kills two birds with one stone. weeding through and people getting a little traffic from my site.

also - i know that i have old URLs on there for sites that should redirect. i should only keep 5 blogs in a list for heavens sake. alas, i cannot.

UPDATE: thanks guys! so far the Hs have been weeded through - as you can see i haven't been too diligent about reading others' blogs over the past year... that usually happens to me when i tuck the blogroll into a popup link. i'm lazy like that.

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