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August 4, 2006

checking in......

wow! goodness gracious! i am alive, folks! (for the 2 of you who give a rat's ass. thank you)

taking a moment during lunch to post a short note.

ShrubBoy™ is coming down tonight and tomorrow and we're hanging out - not sure if we're gonna see talladega nights tonight (if it's raining) or if we're headed to the manasquan fireman's fair and doing the water taxi thing...

but, am alive. been swamped with the freelance stuff at night and doing the day job during the, well, day.

that's it. short n' sweet...

August 5, 2006

Me. Date. Guest blogger hijacking

hey am on the date. three Sols in. quite eventful thus far but, don't take it from me, let me pass it off to ShrubBoy....

so this most adorable young lady that presently resides to my right is most assuredly attempting to have me achieve a state of intoxication that would make any emerald islander most proud. Dizzying do I find this young creature to be. Lad de Shrub.

heh... okay i'm back! ShrubBoy has had more beer than I plus a shot of ye ol grey goose... and still can type "intoxication" correctly on a treo...

I am twitterpated.

::: plunked in on my treO:::

August 8, 2006


briefly.... first off, hey.
second, weekend date was fine. had fun.

third. erin. why the eff are you awake at 4am?

well because i've been trying to do effing work and then getting more thrown at me and now i am getting a touch peeved at it. while i enjoy it - seriously love what i am working on and have been working on for a while - i don't enjoy being badgered at 3am with emails when i should be asleep and i've been spending 7 hours a night doing this stuff.

anyway - i've said enough. all i know is that my BP was up and i think i was having a semi-panic attack over the past hour - not so much panic as it was an "are you fucking kidding me? attack"

so, i took a crumb of xanax and am feeling a little better. this sucks. i have to wake up in 3 hours and head to my dayjob.

i have to win the effing lottery. seriously.


August 9, 2006

Anyone wanna run a plate for me

CT (connecticut)


effing jerkoff tried to sideswipe my car doing a totally illegal cut at the tollbooth...

not to mention taunting me while his wife and devil's spawn were in the backseat (the wife was laughing and taunting as well)

so feel free to run the ct plate. 344ptv (an suv/epedition/explorer piece of crap. navy)

post the name/address/whatever here in the comments


::: plunked in on my treO:::

well that was short lived.

good thing i didn't plant Roger.

will discuss later.


August 10, 2006

well that was even shorter-lived

going to have to plant Roger.

August 12, 2006

The ShrubBoy™ and Gigglechick Comedy Hour

DISCLAIMER: I already asked for permission from the reinstated ShrubBoy™ to discuss this episode on my site. So, don't worry about this and don't give me guff for posting...

Okay... let me rewind a tad. Last Saturday, the 5th, ShrubBoy™ were out on another date... hmmm.. wait, let me rewind even further - before he guest-blogged last friday.

First off, are you sitting down comfortably? Have you a soda or beverage of choice in hand? Snack? This may be a somewhat long post - maybe. Not sure, because my allergies are acting up and causing me to be quite lethargic.

Alright. Last Friday, the 3rd, SB™ gets down from North Jersey (okay, technically, he's a Benny... sans accent - so he's one of those Bennys who walks amongst us without being totally obvious.) His drive is about 1.5 hours. Now, knowing that the drive is hellish after hanging out the previous week, he acquired a hotel room at the Horrible Lights, erm, I mean Harbor Lights Motel. He gets there after spending hours in traffic and just as they hand him the key to his room, 3 firetrucks pull up.

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August 13, 2006

sincere form of flattery?

hey all. fyi, someone's going around to other's websites and posting on them as me. first off they aren't signing comments as me correctly - nor are they using the email address that I use to post.

so, if you see someone posting with the IP address - that is NOT me.


and if they're saying a bunch of BS on your site AS me, i highly recommend you ban them in your .htaccess file.

August 15, 2006


okay let me begin by saying i am not writing to get folks to write awwwww or whathaveyou (thank you for thinking of it if you are)

basically just writing this stuff to keep y'all informed and all that.

thyroid info... remember how i went to the lab on saturday to get my prolactin and tsh levels taken? well my doctor called and let me know that all is fine and dandy with my crazy thyroid. nothing out of the ordinary.

i am just fat without that excuse.

sooooooo... i asked him to prescribe me Meridia (i was on it after i dated Fatty Pack 7 years ago and i lost about 30 or so pounds on it - without exercising)

so i will be starting that tomorrow.

now on to a little darker news. not dark, so much as not crazy great.

i went to the dermatologist today and had a skin cancer check.

very thorough.

so... after going to the beach for 36 years and tanning salons for 20 years and having a convertible... well....

i've got to get 5 moles removed and biopsied (which i thought were freckles - they aren't "uncle buck here's a quarter to get a rat to gnaw that thing off" type of moles.)

so, i have to go to a surgeon (have to call tomorrow for an appointment) and get that done between now and september 12 when i go back to the dermatologist.

it's just a biopsy (i've got one sort of near my belly - am going to ask him for a tummy tuck while he's down there) because she thought they looked atypical doesn't meant that it's cancer. but, hey, if it is, then i'll deal with it.

no crazy things on my face, so that's good *whew* --- just one on my right side of my belly, another on the left near my bikini line (ironic, since i don't wear bikinis) and another near the right bikini line, then one on the back of my right thigh and, eh, one on my left butt cheek

so, i'll get these puppies removed and see what's what.

if it's the C thing, i'll cross that bridge when I come to it. but for right now, I'll just say goodbye to some wackyarsed freckles...

that said DO NOT paint "save gigglechick's freckles" on watertowers. no sympathy here.

consider this a PSA and I am doing my best Taylor Hicks impersonation and screaming "get yo'self a MOLE PATROL!"

So, I've been forced to the sidelines of the sun with Neutrogena SPF 55 with Heliotrope --- which, basically when you slather it on, the heliotrope stuff congeals and creates an umbrella that pops out of your skin. it's nice.

August 16, 2006

you read that!? i wrote that!!


wow didn't see this one coming. sad.

(i'm going out on a limb and guess gerald ford and fidel castro next)

like a surgeon... hey!

okay so the dermatologist yesterday - actually the nurse practitioner - that i saw does not perform biopsies IN the office... so they referred me to a surgeon and i made an appointment for that on sept 7 - BUT - the surgeon wasn't going to do a biopsy that day - just was going to evaluate me.


anyway, last week when i made my appointment with the dermatologist i saw yesterday, i also made appointments with a few other dermatologists - i went to the one yesterday because it was the quickest appointment i could get. but i also made an appointment for september 14th with a dermatologist i went to about 15 years ago who is good. and i kept that appointment.

and he does biopsies in the office rather than shuffling me out to a surgeon.

so i will wait - hell, i'd have to wait till around then anyway - so i'm cancelling the follow-up appt at the derm-chick i saw yesterday (for sept 12) and cancelling the surgeon (sept 7) and just going to the tried and tested dermatologist that i know many others who go to him.

hey - nothing better than a second opinion.

and i haven't named the freckles in question - don't want to get too attached.

August 18, 2006

in the queue

gotta head to a tiki party tonight (it's a work thing)

also have to finish this one site later tonight so i can launch it (and then show y'all) it's coming along. i feel awful that it's taken me a while to make the time to design and code it.

probably going to attempt to revamp the belmar parade site (it's getting a little dead and stale - i have to get the approval from the big guys to go ahead though - yes, that's the pro-bono thing)

but got another comedy club website that i have to redesign so i am going to start that next week (lack of sleep on the horizon)

anyway - i am possibly hanging out with my friend tom tomorrow and then i have to see the shrub on sunday (plans haven't been defined though)

nothing else going on... just working. working. working. and slathering on spf 55.

what are your plans for the weekend?

August 19, 2006

what's your act called?

well i was laying here on the couch watching "The Aristocrats" (hbo ondemand) and laughing like a freak.

then gigglemom woke up and heard what was being said in the movie and wouldn't stop talking about it "being filthy" because of the joke being told had to include a family doing the incest thing (there's more to the joke. i am too tired to get into it.)

so, she snarled at me to turn on the news.

so i am now sitting here watching fox talk about jon benet being raped and murdered by a guy that they found in thailand who has been a teacher in multiple countries and cities and fired for being too intimate with children


is Fox re-telling the Aristocrats joke!!???

August 20, 2006

a few weekends left

just got in from hanging out with my friend tommy - who i haven't seen in forever, we'd dated in 2000 - had a great time tonight. went to surf taco (the burritos weren't up to their usual goodness) and then grabbed some coffee and he showed me the children's book he's writing. then we went to the movies and saw the Night Listener - i liked it, robin williams was in it and so is toni collette - go see it.

then we headed to the point boardwalk and he beat me 7 to 2 at air hockey - but we tied at skee ball.

haven't played video games in an arcade in a while... there're some new ones that i think i lost 24 pounds playing. jeez. who would've thought that wielding a gun and pretending to be a japanese cop would make you sweat and get out of breath (then again, at this point, i think i would be breathless playing Ms. Pacman)

so, the Ren Faire plans for tomorrow were called off - basically because it's supposed to rain... but maybe for other reasons as well.

i've got to finish this one website tomorrow and work on stuff for 4 other clients.

at least the freelance work is helping out my possible skin cancer thing. i mean, i won't be able to be in the sun or outdoors at all while i crank out these sites

what else? oh, my TurboJam dvd came in the mail yesterday. going to attempt it on sunday.

oh, going back to hanging with tommy. i parked on ocean ave in point and we were yapping so much i forgot to put money in the damned parking meter. when i got back to the car after my video game workout, voila! parking ticket. damn.

at least when i had to go through the DWI checkpoint in Brielle at 8pm tonight I was only hopped up on coffee (didn't go out drinking at all)

so that was my evening in a nutshell.

how went yours?

August 21, 2006

Tom Papa

woooo! i've tucked another comedian's website under my belt and launched it about 10 minutes ago.

please check out TomPapa.com

be sure to check out some of his clips on the "photos & clips" page
(personally, i love the tattoo convention report)

(here's what it looked like before)

August 25, 2006

my boy - 3 years later

August 26, 2006

my legs will hate me.

going hiking with the Shrub™ today then checking out wolves or something. i think tomorrow we're heading to great adventure (that's six flags for those not here in NJ)

this is short and sweet because i have to hop in the shower and then drive 2 hours

i need fucking midol. kill me.

August 28, 2006

will you stop looking at me!!??

so, i doubt that the Shrub™ is going to speak to me again (and that's fine)

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August 29, 2006

who's yo' papa?

so, tom papa invited me to the taping of his "comedy central presents"

heading there on thursday afternoon and meeting up with cathy.

those of you in NYC, he's at the comedy cellar on macdougal tonight and tomorrow - you should check him out!

(or say hey on his myspace and tell him gigglechick sent you)

pctweaker69@yahoo.com - shoot him... an email

so some guy named "Joseph", whose email address is pctweaker69@yahoo.com, commented on the post "My Legs will Hate Me" (where i mention i am going hiking)

here's his original comment:

Joseph: "This must be really be boring 4 u, wench! U should b so happy your not raising them alone, whiner!"

um. wtf? so, of course, i replied to him via email:

just curious... exactly WHAT were you attempting to say with your comment in response to the post below? What am I not "raising" alone? Hmmmm? do you even know what the frig you were commenting on? Seriously, would love to know.

interestingly enough, he responded today (apparently he DID use his real email address - see above):

"Well I happended by your posting accidentely, and just wanted to respond to how women in general are such whiners. They start out in life wanting this knight in shining armor. Basically someone to be a sperm doner to there cause and then support them while there raising there kids. And even when they do they seem not to do it correctly. Hmmm we r more of a kid then woman so we should fit right in. Because a guy surely doesn't have a clue what raising a kid is all about. They are just here for women to ridicule and honey do. The best way to have a husband is to treat them like a cainie. Women try to change them to what they want which will never be good enough, whilst they eat like a cow to then turn into a cow themselves. I think women should rethink there rolls and think more into becoming bi-sexual and eventually lesbians. I hope this doesn't steam u up 2 much."

and of course i sent him a short note back... think the boob just likes attention:

doesn't steam me up because apparently you are insane and don't read actual posts on websites.

grab a dictionary and learn how to spell, buddy.

anyway. we'll see if my new friend replies or if the looney bin only allows him to use the computer between certain hours.

(maybe he's psychic since he posted that a day before my staring shrub fiasco)

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