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September 1, 2006

comedy central presents!

okay, so i got home late last night - went to the Comedy Central Presents: Tom Papa taping.

He was fantastico! seriously. the crowd had great energy and tom was awesome with the bits. it was clean - and this is good (better for the teevee and as we've seen with gaffigan, clean is good. the age demographic might be a little tighter than jim's because there's marriage and kids talk and not as general as hot pockets and cake. but he was still great and i can't wait til it airs)

second comic up was mitch fatel - who, the first time i ever saw him was the same night i saw gaffigan for the first time. october 22, 1999 (i'm not being stalkeriffic, i just remember that Fatty Pack and I broke up the night before and i went to Gotham by myself and was wowed by jim and saw a comic slay the room... and mitch kicked ass that night as well.)

and mitch was great last night too - he's a cute little creepy guy (weird way to descibe him i know, but you'll have to see his CCP when it airs) he's more into the yapping about women and sex etc - but in a nice weird breathy way - that's sometimes tough to hear what he's saying but that makes you try to listen to him even more.

all in all, i think there are going to be 2 CCPs airing that you should watch (will let you know when tom's is ready to hit the teevee)

September 8, 2006

sorry, i've been swamped


(eh, pardon the header, no crocodile pun intended, but, it'd have been great if i had) - didn't make this image, was up late working on stuff and saw it hovering about the internets. been busy as sin all week. thanks for all the emails and comments asking if i was okay - you guys rock!

i will recap either later today or this weekend what's been going on --- i have photos from last saturday when my comedy sistah Monica got married... a lot of fun. the rest of the week's been really rough though. as i said, i will recap later.

anyway, it's 3:10am and i am going to crash.

PS - by the way, i am not mocking steve irwin's death with this image. actually was quite upset over his passing. good egg he seemed to be.

September 9, 2006


jesus appears on lobster claw

um. i looked up at the teevee and saw this headline.

seriously? come on. seriously?

i've been searching online for the story, alas, haven't found it.

this, of course, is not to be confused with Lobster Jesus

nor should it be mixed up with finding a wallet in a lobster claw

okay - well, i'm off. gotta go to a parade fundraiser (it's halfway to st. pat's day)

my comedy sistah monica & me

from last weekend

September 11, 2006




September 12, 2006

um... i like alcoholics?

had to go to the dentist and have 2 fillings done today. joy.

actually, it wasn't that bad. my dentist is great.

i have to buy a new teevee. the main one in the living room (b. 1993) passed away last thursday evening. right now i am viewing my shows on a 20 incher from my mom's room upstairs (i'm sitting on the couch using the laptop at the moment)

anyway - the former teevee was a 27" ProScan. I was at BestBuy and Circuit City tonight checking out some flat tube thingamabobs... the looks so big and honking compared to the flatscreen slender pieces of brilliance. there's a flat screen HDTV that caught my eye at best buy... i have to contact comcast tomorrow to see if my dvr/digital cable thang is compatible with hdtv (i think it is. i have no idea.) then i think i am going to spend a little of my freelance change for a teevee.

right now, i'm sitting back and watching She's Having a Baby (one of my favourite movies... my title is from it)

that said. gonna get my Bacon fix and then hit the hay.


11:30PM -
okay i didn't hit the hay (yet.) i did a routine search on technorati for "gigglechick" (yeah, yeah, i do that. so what. it's all about me, people. jeezuz you should realize this by now :}

anyway... did a search and a few hours ago Mo! posted the "top 40 blogs by and for comedians"

the good thing is.... I am #12 on the list.

the somewhat blah news is... "gigglechick" is italicized. which means i am not considered a comic.
poop. guess i have to get back onstage at the improv and get deitalicized. yes, it has been since january that i've not been on stage.

has it been almost a year already since the HBO thing???

okay. well... guess i have to sit down and write a little (gee... maybe i can discuss odd habits of guys i have dated)

September 13, 2006

upgrading my gadgets!

so, my 2 years were up on my treo 600... and i've been itching to get a new phone.

the thing is, now that i don't have the commute from hell on the train anymore, i really don't use the treo for more than a cell phone. since i'm either near my laptop or home or at work and close to my email/web thingies.

the treo 600 - i can't speak for the 700 - but the treo 600 as a phone was absolutely god awful. seriously. unpleasant. not to mention if you looked at the thing cross-eyed, it broke (okay, i dropped it twice, it wasn't about my looks. but the damned thing busted and i needed to get a replacement.)

that said. i've resigned myself to the fact that i don't need to be near my email 24/7. *gasp*

in fact, i think that BECAUSE the treo stunk to high heaven with the phone part, I tried to steer clear of the phone.


today during lunch, i went to the verizon wireless store (yes. i am a VW gal) and hemmed and hawed over phones. nearly bought the treo 700 -- then i decided, screw it. i am going smaller. but not as small as the motorola razr phone (even though i like the look)

i wound up buying the Samsung SCH-a990

it's got a kickarse cameraphone and video stuff too.

and i've tested out the phone part and holy crap! i love it! it's clear and i don't have to swivel it to reach my ear then to reach my mouth (it's not like i have a frigging long horse head, but the treo was a straight flat thang) also i bought the bluetooth wireless headset - and THAT works nicely as well!!

who knows!? maybe i will scrap email altogether and get back to talking on the horn (well not 100%, but, more than i have been.)

the only downside to this is: now i have to enter about 250 phone numbers into this thing and it's a bit of a bitch after spending 2 years on a PDA phone.

[got a couple of my freelance checks in the mail. that's why i am upgrading the phone and also getting the teevee... not doing the HDTV though. also paying bills. ah, freelance. good stuff.]

to catch a sonofabiatch

watching dateline nbc and the to catch a predator episodes - man, i love those episodes...

i was screaming "TASER HIM!!" when they ran.

anyway, one of the freaks on there, well... they showed his myspace page - so i meandered over to ye ol' myspace to see if i could find it. i did.


and apparently a ton of other folks did too --- and they've been commenting on his blog. it's somewhat on the sad side and for one second part of you wants to go "awwww, poor kid" then you think "holy crap! he was trying to eff a minor. hell no. get him Dateline!"



i love dateline.

September 14, 2006

humor me.

<a href="http://eventful.com/performers/P0-001-000004899-3/demand">Demand Jim Gaffigan in your city with eventful.com!</a>Demand Jim Gaffigan in your city!

click the demand it button and DEMAND that jim perform in your city (or closest city to you) please! thanks!

so i have a huuuuge mega headache today and am not feeling well. and i have to go get checked out for skin cancer this afternoon (second opinion) no big deal - nothing's on my face. i figure that maybe i can convince the doc that my thighs and stomach are skin cancer and he can remove them for me. blah. joke.

bought a new tv last night. probably a stupid thing to do, but i don't care...... it's a tv/dvd/vcr combo (i know. i've heard the horror stories about the combos, but, it's just so darned easy --- gigglemom will be able to work it.)

that said. i need to nap (i stayed home from work today)

September 17, 2006

lazy sunday

hey all. been swamped - and in slight pain from the stinkin' biopsy things.. he only took 2 freckles off this time, but they were near my bikini line (okay, that is IF i wore a bikini. but you know the general vicinity) and it's painful to sit, etc. and so because i've been adjusting my body to be less hurty, i think my back is screwy now. blah blah blah.

anyway, i have to clean the house (at least, in my heart i know that i have to. but my couch is beckoning me)

so, i'll just post some silly crap off of youtube.

oh, daily show, you kill me:

i love this freaked out guy:

tonight.... the Amazing Race season starts up again (yesssss.)

September 18, 2006

GOOD MORNING, MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[okay, i've seen this clip a billion times, but, was reading christian finnegan's blog and he had it posted and i remembered how much it made me smile at this. yes. i am going to hell. but, you knew this already.]


knock it the fuck off.

quit jumping off the deep end over sound bytes taken out of context and freaking out.

perhaps you might want to google "pope" and you might see that the pontiff is not American - so quit using anything or anyone that you think looks cross-eyed at you as a frigging scapegoat/excuse for you to fly off the effing handle.

plus, hey, you got an apology. let it fucking go.

i don't know where anyone got the idea that Islam might actually BE a somewhat violent religion.

jeez. first a bloody cartoon sets you off and now someone reading an item that was written years ago that wasn't even his opinion, but was helping him express a point.

come on.

go take up a hobby like knitting or yoga... quit releasing your pent up anger by killing nuns.

*** this message was only to the muslims i directed it to. not the regular peaceful ones.

September 21, 2006

just popping on here for a sec.

big news - possibly - on the horizon.

also..... holy crap!

The Office
Grey's Anatomy

tonight. oh. yes.

teachin' fools some basic rules.

oh sweet lord! OCTOBER 11th at 10pm.


September 24, 2006

sunday - blaaargh.

ever try to clean your entire house while you're doubled over with menstrual cramps as well as battling corn-induced diarrhea?

yeah. that's my sunday.

yes. that was disgusting, but, whatever, i am likkered up on a possibly fatal combination of Pamprin, Midol, Immodium and Claritin... oh, and Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.

just to let you know.

[ooooooooh, GC is trying to be shocking with poop and period talk]

by the way, a couple of months ago the chick doctor prescribed me this Loestrin ABV (anti-baby vitamin for those just joining me here) and apparently it's supposed to make my friend's stay each month really short.

she hasn't shown up yet, but it's like she's been outside banging on my front door. with a sledgehammer. for 3 days.

that bitch.

oh the couch is really looking nice right about now, but, for those who've been reading me for a few years, you might remember that i battle sloth-like slovenly house-cleaning habits. so i am - come hell or high blood water - gearing myself up to haul arse with the cleaning streak.

speaking of streaking - someone just streaked across the green during the Ryder Cup.

announcer just said "no one wants to grab a naked guy. oh, he just made it into the water"

i love golf.

okay okay okay, going to have a chat with my innards and then get cracking on the housework.

September 25, 2006

oh how i love this fella... i mean, uh, President.

can't we elect him again? please? seriously.

remember the good ol' days when we actually had a president who could speak... intelligently?

UPDATE: i had the videos up of the interview - apparently foxnews got all pissy and took them off youtube.
anyway, they should be on their site

this one should work... til fox pulls it:

part 1:

part 2:

by the way, chris wallace is a smarmy little greasy weasel.

September 26, 2006

President of the Gigglechick Broadcasting System

okay, so, i need to get myself a big board like television programmers have.... with the time slots etc.


because i am a junkie and there are good shows on this season... and yes, i have a DVR that's working overtime.

so far... on my schedule i have a billion things... all are my picks, but some more tan others... when you see •WATCH•, well, those are my I LOVE THIS picks....

Amazing Race - CBS
Family Guy - FOX
Brothers and Sisters - ABC (haven't watched yet. recorded though.)

deal or no deal (yes. i watch) - NBC
Heroes - NBC •WATCH•
Studio 60 - NBC •WATCH•
The Class - CBS •WATCH•
How I Met Your Mother - CBS
New Adventures of Old Christine - CBS

Standoff - FOX •WATCH•
Help Me Help You - ABC (haven't watched yet. taped the pilot tonight)
(i take the lull on tuesday to watch the cbs stuff from monday)

Jericho - CBS •WATCH•
Biggest Loser - NBC (might have to forego this when other shows debut....)

on the wednesday radar:
30 Rock - NBC - starts oct 11

THURSDAY - here's the Sophie's Choice evening for me.

Survivor - CBS (yes. i frigging watch reality tv. get over that fact.)
Til Death - FOX •WATCH•
Ugly Betty - ABC (premieres this week. i want to see it, BUT... i have a DVR scheduling conflict since i can only record 2 shows at once)

The Office - NBC •WATCH•

Grey's Anatomy - ABC •WATCH•
Celebrity Duets - FOX (this is the last week. i want hal sparks to win. that is all.)

Six Degrees - ABC - •WATCH•

so far.... nothing. either i do freelance stuff, go out or sleep.


OKAY ---- so those were the main channels....now for the not-so-main channels

•WATCH• Coming this November..... Starting November 28th (a TUESDAY) at 9pm on TBS my DVR will be set to record "My Boys" (google it. find out why.)

September 28, 2006

i need coffee [and an open mic]

stayed up way too late last night (5am. yes. i am dying.)

what was i doing? i was updating my stand-up open mic listings.

see, for the past 5 years, i've been keeping the NYC open mic listings updated... now - in a fit of possible insanity - i am trying to branch out to other cities... right now NYC has a ton. Detroit has a few - trying to get folks to send in their mics.

Detroit - so far have a few listed here.
NJ (technically, new jersey's not a city, but, hey, i live here).

SO... IF you are a comedian... or know any comics, send them to my site - have them send me whatever mics that they know of (stand up ones)


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