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December 3, 2006

me and my fella, Ben

so i am slathered in ben gay right now. why?

last night around 5pm i walked 3.8 miles on the spring lake boardwalk in 1 hour 6 min and 38 seconds

i went back today and walked 3.8 mi in 1:00:31... so i've cut 6 min off my time already. i also did a couple of sprints between lampposts...

there are a ton of hot guys running on the boardwalk... nice motivation.

i feel good.

and am now laying on the couch.

December 5, 2006

these sneakers are made for walkin'... and that's just what they'll do.....

another 4 miles that i walked today! so that makes 12 miles since saturday... i feel good.

the boardwalk was gorgeous today... freezing cold, but beautiful... not too many hot guys running on it on a weekday though. guess they're all working on wall street or something during the day.

i signed up for a 5k run/walk for this saturday --- i shall be walking... even though i did jog about a quarter mile today (within the 4 miles)

and i also signed up for the mid winter beach run on february 17 - that's only a 2 mile run that day with the last 400 yards or so in the sand.- i "ran" it two years ago, i came in 9th... from last.

anyway, i think i am going to start focusing on the health/exercise thing. so far... so good.

December 10, 2006

my 11am 5k...

so, yesterday i got up at 8:15am, got ready for the 5k which was at 11am. i'd made plans to meet at Jude's house at 10:15 so we'd be early.

i'd registered for the race last week ($27) and Jude went to Bar A to pick up our shirts and numbers around 10:10am - she asked where the start line was and they said rather rudely that it was right out front and to start running around the lake. Jude replied "um, no, i'm going home first".

So we met up, hung out, checked out the tee shirts, tied the jingle bells to our sneakers (it's the Jingle Bell Run for the Arthritis Foundation) and then walked back over to Bar A. Got there around 10:40am and went inside.

So we get in, looking for safety pins to slap our numbers on our shirts and we see folks doing shots and eating burgers, etc.

Weird, right? Yeah. I thought so too.

So I ask the woman when do we line up for the start and she looks at me blankly and says that it's right out front.

Then I hear people talking about what their times were and stuff.

Lo and frigging behold, the race was at TEN AM not 11am.

Son of a biatch.

Granted, I wasn't going to "run" anyway, but I was planning on walking the 5k --- so, Jude and I wound up just doing 3 miles on our own --- it may have been a tad less than 3 miles because I was pretty pissed off that I spent $27 and the damned website was wrong. Yes, the $$ went to Arthritis but still.

Oh well, I double checked with the race guy last night to make sure that the Mid Winter Beach Run is at 11am on Feb 17th and he said yes. definitely at 11am because that's the race his wife runs and she'll kill him if he screws it up.

I suppose I will walk the boardwalk tomorrow if the weather's okay. I toyed with "mall-walking" but I think at this time of the year they might have a few deaths on their hands if I start trying to shove my way around a mall. First off, I hate shopping (not that i would be doing that if i were walking) and second, holy crap i cannot stand lolligaggers who traipse around without a set plan or purpose. maybe i've got higher levels of testosterone in my system, i don't know, but jeezuz, just go into the mall, buy the crap on your list and hightail it out of there.

or better yet, shop online (gigglemom has started to do this. thank gawd)

and on that note... my couch is calling me... just like it did after i got home yesteday. i sat on that beast and watched the ironman triathlon.

December 18, 2006

well, the comments seem to be dead... AGAIN

i am kinda getting sick of MT (moveable type) and thinking of switching to wordpress...

i've not posted at all this past week. busy with work and also doing that hectic holiday thing... but am thinking that i will be back in full force soon.

i promise. it's not the death or imminent demise of gigglechick.

in the meantime - feel free to email or comment me at my MYSPACE --- http://www.myspace.com/gigglechick --- especially if you have info about wordpress or some other publishing program that you use for your blog.


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