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February 4, 2007

super bowl XLI... The Ads.

here's a link to all commercials on the SB... myspace.com/superspots

okay - here's where i'll be listing the ads as they come up... hoping sierra mist gets some early ads right after kick-off... we'll see. we're barely into pre-game stuff and i'm likkered up on english muffin pizzas and pepperoni/mozz rolls.

UPDATE 4:24pm: i've eaten 4 slices of pudding cake with whipped cream as well as 2 cups of strawberries and a handful of peanuts. only 2 hours til kickoff and i've eaten through half the food.

UPDATE 5:14pm: glued to the set watching the Puppy Bowl III on Animal Planet (i missed the kitten halftime show though)

UPDATE 6:06pm: moving on to celery with ranch dressing to cleanse the palate

UPDATE 6:19pm: think i am rooting for the colts. they have that redhead.

So, let the Adverts begin! (if you see an ad that i don't have listed - it might be a regional thing, so post it in my comments. Also, comment about which ads you like throughout the game -- or after if you're too drunk to post!)

NATIONAL ANTHEM: billy joel singing. um... ultra-close up of a bear's eyeball. marlee matlin signing... she really hit that high note. adverts after the anthem aren't really important. it's what's after the kickoff that counts.

AFTER COIN TOSS: (chicago won toss. heads)

• ford superduty - pick up. flying parts - neat 3-d schematic.

eh. holy shite. 14 seconds in, bears have a TD. did i say i was rooting for the colts? well, no one in chicago will be paying attention to the first commercial. and now the bears intercepted a few minutes later. okay... NOW the fist advert

bud light. rock paper scissors. threw rock. (meh. sierra mist had a roshambo ad last year. it's been done, bud.)
doritos - airbag.
blockbuster... wait. guinea pig, rabbit. wasn't that mouse ad about 3 years old???
• katie couric begging for viewers of the CBS evening news.

2nd BREAK:

Sierra Mist Free - Beard Combover (yes, that's jim gaffigan as "Ted" in the beard, cutoff shorts and rollerskates!)
SalesGenie.com - some weird ass commercial for sales leads. no idea.
Sierra Mist - Karate. (gaffigan. michael ian black. tracy morgan.) karate class learning how to defend themselves against someone trying to take their SM

Indy scores! aaaaaand wtf?!?! crap. holder had slippery fingers

toyota tundra - showing off speed & brakes.
fed ex - moon office. the comet got bob.
bud light - wedding auction. cute.

woo! indy recovers ball!
crap. bears recover ball. crappity crap! bears run 52 yards...
son of a... bears score. at least it's looking like an interesting game.

snickers. chocolately man kiss.
schick quattro come on. if you're going to run an ad, run a new one.. or at least a good one.
Pride - movie trailer. looks good.
• survivor ad. it starts this thursday

chevrolet singing folks in different song styles. "peaple who love cars love chevy"
bud light carlos mencia. i taste vomit in the back of my throat (that's not the ad. that's just me telling you i can't stand him) in an ESL class.
Late Show - you want the bears, i want the colts, but we both win because we're in love. pan out to show oprah and letterman sitting on couch in football jerseys -- LOVE IT.

bear down. (not a suggestion for the pregger chicks out there. bear hurt on field.)


go daddy - room of whores.
coke - video game - nice guy . "give a little love and it all comes back to you"... i like it (sort of the video game era version of the feel-good "i'd like to buy the world a coke"...)
• a group of CBS ego-stroking ads

come on vinatieri --- make this.whew. okay.

budweiser - faux spot. damn, i love these ads with dalmatians (or dalmatian imposters.) AWESOME!
garmin - gps mapasaurus. blah.

careerbuilder - it's jungle out there... what? no monkeys?
doritos - checkout. meh. really not loving it. dale and wes creation?
chevy - college ad challenge winner - cute - half nekkid car wash with guys (cameo by the naked cowboy)

TD indy!! have i mentioned i LOVE rainy football games!!??

bud light - face slap! that's in. haha liked it.
beatyourrisk.com - heat being beaten up like crazy. liked it.
united way

wow! nice crazy graphic on the field, CBS. freaked me out.

GM - "all by myself" - oh my god! i nearly started crying over the machine. Bravo!! Bravo!
Coca-Cola Black History Month - coke bottles and Black history since 1909. last bit of history is today (2 black coaches in SB) - very nice. simple. classy.

Wild Hogs. eh. john travolta, martin lawrence, bill macy, marisa tomei. jury's out on this.
Sprint Mobile Broadband - Connectile Dysfunction - people suffering from CD in an airport (nice - i had to rewind to find this after shamrock pointed it out)

effing bears. what the hell!!!!??

woooooo! effing colts! got the ball back.

tostidos - more than a game. history (reference to the all african-american coach superbowl) nice.

coke - never had a coke - "what else haven't i done?" a little silly.

frigging colt kick is wide.


the bubble team - march madness - cbs
dunkin donuts - maple cheddar sammich - maple tree in office
foot locker - kevin garnett - autograph on shoe
honda - trucks. meh.

CBS ego ads
acura - advance generation to generation. meh.
pnc bank - starting a business blah
toyota tundra - showing how it can handle a ton
bud light - what would carlos do? well, i'm thinking vomit in his mouth again.


tony what are you challenging?? dammit.
whew - indy FG is good.

meet the robinsons - disney movie trailer - looks good
etrade - getting robbed by your bank? nice masks. crap advert. it's no "money out the wazoo" for etrade this year.
coke - how a coke is born. animation. beautiful.

bud light - gorillas - plotting to get the beer. somewhat cute.
revlon - sheryl crow - colorist, not fade away. blah.
careerbuilder.com - survive the work week.
taco bell - lions chatting. thought it was a repeat. guess just another in the series
vanheusen - out guy just knows how to dress

nothing like field goals to move the score ahead...

toyota tundra - flaunting their torc and brakes
emerald nuts - robert goulet messes with your stuff
t-mobile - charles barkley - old ad from a couple of months ago. whyyyyyy?

fed ex ground - can't judge things by their name... right mr. turkeyneck
nationwide - k-fed --- wait... it makes me long for carlos mencia... um... no.
bud light - he has a "bottleopener" & bud light

bears have warmed their legs up and scored a FG
we've got a CBS cameraman down in the mud after being tackled.
another colt challenge. it has to be a catch. come ON. lookit it! it's a catch! official! woo tony!

mercedes - packed with technology. ad nothing special
pnc bank - 24 hours to get closer to your dreams - yawn
toshiba - pulling guy out of chopper onto couch. meh.


bud - crab. cooler crab god. niiiice. cute.
prudential - rock can inspire. rock solid retirement.
honda cr-v - ad a couple of months old. please.

INTERCEPTION! TOUCHDOWN INDY! feck. challenge flag from bears. WOO TD STANDS!

HP - with the orange county chopper guys - computer is personal again.
izod - showing all the sports or whatever you can do whilst wearing an izod shirt. they should've animated the alligator.
budweiser select - high tech "video" games of the future

interception INDY!! flag on play. penalties on both teams. INT stands.

flomax - men biking. guys who want to stop peeing so much. guys, is it the amount of beer you've been drinking right now or do you have an issue? nice timing flomax
etrade - things you can do with one finger. wow no wazoo.

manning sacked. poop.

• Hannibal Rising - movie trailer. not going.
• CareerBuilder.com - people still "surviving" in the woods. nice paper clips. still not wow'd by the ads.


• Honda - gas milage slalom. snore.
• godaddy.com - same whore commercial. remind me to cancel my plan with them
• snapple - old ad going to the guru guy in nepal or wherever.
• NFL - teams that aren't in SB - music: nola funeral march.

gatorade dumped on colts coach. COLTS WIN!!!!!!!!


michelin - earth friendly
blockbuster - old alec baldwin v/o
state farm - don't care.
california cheese - california - happy cows (i love them) singing

cadillac - nice showing all the caddies through the years

where the hell's the 3rd sierra mist commercial!!??? it's a hospital one. did anyone see it?

February 6, 2007

okay this is frightening...

i had the sixapart folks install MT for me... and i now am trying to import the past 6 years of my blog.

bear with the layout - at least i will be able to futz with it etc better than wordpress

i've been sick. for the past 12 hours it's felt like someone has been stabbing the back of my right lung with a ginsu knife.

that said... trying to get my blog to rights....

February 7, 2007

by jove! i think i've got it!

okay - well, i've imported 5 of the 6 years of my blog so far (must get the blogger crap in here somehow. and i've lost the last few weeks of the wordpress schlock)

fear not, minions! I will have the old layout implemented here shortly - or later.

I think i have pneumonia. seriously, i sound like a pterodactyl with a head cold. it's purty. really.

the vick's vap-o-rub has eased up part of the knife that's been stabbing the back of my lung though.

i love vick's. slathered that crap on my nose last night too. oh, yes, my dears, i am a sight.

anyway, i was up late last night uploading videos for jim - he has an old ad for Energizer that never aired y'all should check 'em out - they're silly.

http://jimgaffigan.com/all_video.shtml --- the energizer links are over on the bottom left...

also have to get tom papa's tonight show appearance up... but in the meantime, y'all should check out his comedy central presents clip that he's got up on myspace.

and with that... i've got a bucket of robitussin and alka-seltzer cold meds with my name on it.

February 9, 2007

i can't believe she's dead...

i am in mourning over this whole thing. seriously.

i wasn't prepared for it, and now i've got to say goodbye... to my dishwasher.

darned thing. granted, it was probably 20 years old, but it still worked. until i pulled the bottom tray out and the spickety thing that comes up from the bottom of the dishwasher didn't retract far enough and i pulled the rack and it broke the effing thing off.

i tried to see if i could repair it, but the part that's broken is attached TO the bottom of the floor of the washer... i think that this model is out of existence.

anyway, i just shelled out $438.76 for a new one and installation.


Well, since I am not Anna Nicole's Baby Daddy, the best I can do is give all of you who ARE in the running the chance to step up to the plate.


[spare me the finger-wagging about how sick in the head i am... just buy something before this stops being news.]

February 10, 2007

saturdayyyyy in the house...

okay - so, right now, i've been getting my blog back to rights in the "looks" department... she still has work to be done on her though.

the individual pages are still the MT template. bear with that for now... just trying to go slowly through here and tweak. good lord it was a mess. so, you might see funky huge arsed type and broken images, etc every so often... i know. and my apologies thus far.

i'm supposed to go out tonight to the Dublin House in Red Bank. it's my friend, The Other Erin's birthday.

this cold has ravaged me (and not in a good way). hoping to get a second wind - even a first wind would be acceptable.

oh, the dishwasher was delivered today!!!!

it's still in the box because the installation guys still need to set up an appointment with me. *sigh*

now, all i need is a new dryer (dead. RIP 07.26.2005) and a new microhood microwave (also dead. RIP Thanksgiving Eve 2006)


awwwwwwwwwww... shucky-darn. looks like i got some hatemail again.

this time it's railing on me about my FREE OPEN MIC LISTINGS.

anyone know some "comic" named "Leo Martin"? has the email address: deadbabyleo@ the google email (one could only wish that email address were true)

I'm asking because I've never heard the name before... guess he's some little sniveling weasel that crawled up from the sewer...

In any event, he sent me a delightful love letter in time for Valentine's Day... keep in mind, ON MY FREE OPEN MIC LISTING SITE i DO have a disclaimer saying that folks should call ahead to the place because it's not my problem if a venue/producer/open mic bigwig hasn't sent me an update...

It's a shame that my friends and clients don't find his shite amusing...

[UPDATE 02.11.07 at 12:30ishAM: got an apology... click here for it --- after you read the crap below]

here's his email:


From: Leo Martin [mailto:deadbabyleo@ the google email]
Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 11:40 PM
To: erin@gigglechick.com
Subject: Gigglechick dot com is yesterdays news FYI

Today was the last open mic that I will go to with the wrong information, thanks to you again, giggle bitch.

I used it for my material in my set as well, also called you giggle cunt, and a fat bitch. Someone should stuff a whip cream covered cock in your mouth in that pic of yours.

I will be starting my own website promoting open mics and keep real information on them. If I cannot do it myself (LIKE YOU TWINKIE CUNT) then I will pass it on to someone else who would be happy to throw a horrible, fat, unnatractive, retardesque picture (LIKE YOURS) so that comix may get their real information.

I think if we ever met in person I would shove a papaya dog in your fat face.



MY response - keep in mind, i'm attempting to be cordial (and am awaiting his response with open arms.)


TO: Leo Martin [deadbabyleo@ the google email]

Dearest Leo,

why, thank you SO much for your immature email.

howabout you tell me EXACTLY what open mic you tried to go to... hmmmmm? what information was incorrect?

which city were you attempting to grace the stage with your pre-pubescent dane cook-wannabe-schlock? i do have a few cities that i maintain open mic listings for, so if you could clarify, that'd be swell.

please, DO tell! this way i can update the site accordingly and you can hone your pathetic little poop & fart jokes in front of comics who could give a rat's arse that you are doing 5 minutes whilst holding your little notepad you scribbled into after a 3am date with your crust-filled sock.

if you have the time & money to set up your own website with open mic listings, go for it! please send me the link when you do...


- erin

February 11, 2007

and thus follows the apology

apparently, my trusty minions went forth and had my back. and for that, I thank you. we can now muzzle the hounds and put them back in their cages (that is, if you want to, but who am i to tell y'all what to do?)

here's the apology from one "Leo Martin"... enjoy:

Dear Erin,

I am ashamed that I sent you such a spiteful e-mail of hatred and insult on Monday and I would like to truly apologize. I have received invitations to be subscribed to various spam and junk mail since you posted my letter and e-mail on your blog. I have also received an e-mail from a friend of yours who used quite cunning wordage to cut me down at the knees. All of this and more I deserve.

I don't expect you to accept my apology, or forgive me, since I could not conceive of doing the same for someone if they had insulted me in the way I have done to you. I did however, being in a better mental state then I was on Monday, see it fit for me to whole heartily apologize and not because you made my angry words public. I have no motives professionally to make an apology to you, believe it or not (and actually, like they say, there is no such thing as bad press) , I am actually just ashamed that sometimes I spit out such garbage at people for no reason. I'm sure you have no desire to know what insane, neurotic behavior and mental illnesses plague my mind on a regular basis, nor do I think these things would excuse me if you did. I say that only to be candid, and humble, and to allow a better chance to be understood.

I would like to assure you that if in anyway this apology has seemed insincere, it is not. I hope it isn't overkill to say one last time, that I apologize. I would especially like to apologize for my heartless words, and abusive, angry tone. Thank you for helping me further understand how much further I need to work on being a compassionate human being. Thank you for posting your information about open mics for free, I'm hope you know that everyone appreciates your service even though sometimes people like me make the mistake of taking out their mental garbage out on you for no reason.

Sincerely apologetic,

Leo Martin

my work here is done. thank you, my precious flying monkeys, thank you.

great for KP duty!!!

hmmmmmm... does anyone REEEEEALLY need Tater Mitts?

like, seriously!? who the hell needs --- wait a second... it's brilliant. dammit, now i want a pair of 'em.

stinking marketing. damned infomercials. *sigh* i must have them.

February 12, 2007

week 5 weigh in.... ta-DA!!!

sweeeeeeeeeeet! just got back from WW.

i lost 2 pounds this week! yay!

so far, a total of 9 pounds lost since january 8th... yes, i am tooting my own horn, folks.

February 16, 2007

hitting the hay!

wow, been swamped all week. gained a new client yesterday... so that was a keen part of valentine's day (i forgot it was valentine's day, actually)

been cooking a lot.

yesterday morning i made these things called "haystacks" that my WW leader told us about. except, they're made with Fiber One cereal and melted chocolate. that's it. [for all of you on ww, they're only 1 point each]

the only problem with the haystacks is i am now addicted to them. which isn't bad because they're only one point... BUT... um... the things are pretty much 100% fiber.

[think about it..... eh... yeah. okay, ya' see where i'm going with this?]

anyway - the other night, i made some sort of pork cutlets with apples and leeks. last night i made a kick arse macaroni and cheese from the ww comfort foods recipe book. it effing ROCKED for 5 points. and then tonight i made a meatloaf.

so, yeah, i've been erin homemaker.

oh, the dishwasher was installed on tuesday morning - installation guy was actually really bloody cute, i'm thinking of buying more appliances until i get a date with him (ha.)

eh... okay... i have to make a "haystack run".

haystacks : the recipe

okay - in the previous post, i had mentioned the fiber one haystacks

1/2 box of Fiber One cereal (1 sleeve)
10 - 12oz Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate (Chips or Chunks) --- make sure it's dark chocolate, the darker the better.

melt the chocolate -- either in the microwave, stirring every 10 seconds or so because you don't want the chocolate to burn... or do what i did and cook the chocolate in a double boiler thing --- stirring constantly til melted through.

use one sleeve of the cereal (there are 2 sleeves per box) - pour into the chocolate (or pour both the cereal and the chocolate into one bowl and fold until all the cereal is coated with the chocolate

i've heard that you can use little mini cupcake sleeves to spoon the stuff into, but i basically lined a cookie sheet with wax paper and spooned balls of the stuff on there.

shove 'em into the fridge until they're cool, stiff and hard (yes. i went there.)

it should yield 24 haystacks. 1 ww point each

*** buy toilet paper before making these.

February 19, 2007

Happy President's Day (i thought it was last week)

hot diggity dog! had an awesome weekend!

saturday morning, my friend jude and i did the Mid-Winter 2 Mile Run... of course, um, i walked.

but i walked it in 32:09 and came in 805th place (there were like 1000... not 806) - considering i have not been exercising in a few weeks or walking because i think i had bronchitis --- i dunno, whatever the heck was causing me to feel like someone was stabbing me in the back of my lung -- i did pretty well, especially since the last quarter mile was on the sand. yes. the bloody sand. now, i don't know if you folks have trekked on sand often, but it's fine when it's packed and stuff and somewhat hard... but, when 804 runners have skipped along before you on it, it's a pain in the keester. longest quarter mile i have ever walked.

then jude & i headed to the parade committee meeting and dragged fran back with us to leggett's to the after party for the race....

THEN we scooted over to Kelly's Tavern in neptune for a few more beverages and some food.

THEN we headed to fran's and watched movies and ate chinese.

i have eaten a TON this weekend. i think weight watchers was closed for Prez Day and I didn't go...

anyway... yesterday was the Parade Fundraiser at the Boathouse... goooooood time. i may have had a few too many beverages and maybe a shot or two, but all in all... really keen time.

OH!! this friday - for all of you who might get the Asbury Park Press - they interviewed me last week and sayyyyyyy that the interview is going to be in the Jersey Alive section of the press on Feb 23rd.

That said... i have a tummyache. ate too much pizza.

February 21, 2007

SWEET!!! JUNE 3rd... who's in!!??

Okay - those of you who know me personally, know that I am a huge Cowboy Mouth chick [this goes back to 1993 or 94. pre-pre-pre-me designing posters for them... of course, they were in NYC a few weeks ago and I couldn't make it.

(shaking my fist in the air angrily)

Who else is heading to the Crawfish Festival?? Who wants to? I think I might have to do a little camping and go through withdrawal from being away from the computer for a day or two, but it might be worth it.

June 3rd. Main Stage

Cowboy Mouth -- AND...
Dr. John, Jon Cleary and The Absolute Monster Gentlemen, Papa Mali and Corey Ledet and His Zydeco Band

On-site Camping (it's a couple of days.. but, The Mouth is playing on June 3)
Sussex County Fairgrounds (near where i went skydiving in 2000 i think)
37 Plains Rd, Augusta, NJ


Crawdads, Cowboy Mouth and Camping, anyone???

February 22, 2007

am i losing my mi----- what was i talking about?

so wednesday was beautiful. i went out, got my ashes, then went to the grocery store... it was about 55 degrees and the sun was warm, so i put the top down on Phooka (my mini, for those not in the know)

drove home, unloaded the groceries, went upstairs to work and only came down for dinner and Lost.

I'm laying on the couch at 4am watching the repeat of the 11pm news and the weather comes on. Says its gonna snow tomorrow night.

I glance out the window and through the curtain the ground looks white... and Phooka's hood looks white... and Phooka's top looks... where the eff is the ragtop!!???

CRAP. totally forgot to put the top up when I got home.

i RUUUUUUUUN out to him and it wasn't snow on the ground, but it WAS major frost.

poor thing, the interior was covered in frost. big ice crystals all over his odometer, etc.

I'm a bad mini mommy.



that is all.

[by the way.. i'm betting the answer is yes.]

February 23, 2007


okay... okay... if you want an autograph, form an organized line and i will help you out.

yes, Ed Kaz wrote an article about me for the Asbury Park Press. It's in the Jersey Alive section of the paper (the actual paper-paper has my big ol' noggin in a photo in case you are in the area and want to pick it up... and laminate... and hang on your wall.)

here's the article:


yes, i know that it says that most importantly is one's web presence/storefront... and my gigglechickinteractive.com is a little lacking in the "presence" area... ah, irony. i've been so damned busy that I've not even focused on my own company's site ----- but i do give a little link to my previous portfolio site on the homepage...

that said... not a bad little Q&A... i think.

February 26, 2007




okay - i have set up some st. pat's para-parapha----stuff. i suggest if you have any parades or pre-st. patrick's day parties, you should buy and express ship this stuff (there's more on the page than buttons...)

there's the craic addict and craichead stuff and then at the bottom of the page there's some other silliness.

so, buy something for the love of all that's holy and i can make $0.49 per item (woo!)


PS - the Erin Go Braghless items are basically for those named Erin. Since I was 13 years old, I've heard the ever so clever "Erin Go Braghless" slurs from the fellas wearing their green plastic bowler hats... so if you know an Erin... help the lady out so she doesn't have to deal with the "pick-up line".

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