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April 1, 2007

did the 5k race and i came in 3rd

okay third from last.

anyway... the Fool's Run 5k Race in Manasquan was yesterday - i walked it (as i said i was going to.)

my time.... 49:30

oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah... a blistering pace. not bad for someone who hasn't done any steady walking. oh sure i walked a week and a half ago around the condo complex and before that, was on February 17th when the Mid-Winter Beach Run took place.

turns out my pedometer is a jerk. it said that I only walked 2.10 miles - so it's off somehow since a 5k is 3 miles (i'll have to futz with the stride thing or something.)

well, i am too dang lazy to get myself scrubbed and shined up to go to church for Palm Sunday. yep, i'm a heathen. oh well. and i didn't do the Rabbit Rabbit because gigglemom woke me up pointing out the window saying that some guy was trying to get into my car --- and i, 3/4 asleep, get up and i look outside and then i go try to find my car keys and... OH HOLY HELL SHE GOT ME WITH THE APRILFOOL'S PRANK.

it's been a while since she got me.

i remember when i was 8 years old, she purposely saved sour milk in the fridge and poured that in my cereal one fateful April 1st. ha. ha. and another time i was maybe nine, and she told me (when i was still in my nightgown) that a van crashed into the house down the street and it caught fire and everyone was still down there and to go look. i went. no one was there --- except me and my nightgown.

of course, there've been the obligatory saran-wrapped toilet seats, too... and many more pranks --- but as i stated before, i'm too lazy today.

April 2, 2007

hang in there kitty.


Dagnabit, i shake my fist at you, Ann Curry, for telling me about this.

if you can't see this, he might be getting swamped with hits.
here's the site, justin.tv

if not for the monetary investment and the threat of death from gigglemom, I would SO do this. anyone want to send me the camera and parapha-- parap--- stuff to do this?


dammit, i've been watching that justin.tv thing all day. well, mainly with a "crap, why didn't i do this!!??" sort of voice in the back of my head. can i sue him for causing my productivity to slide drastically today?

okay, it's not really "slid" - i've been working on 2 new sites and then i got a bee in my bonnet and went down to the boardwalk and actually jogged on and off for a mile and a quarter. (i don't jog. but i did.)

see, i was on the weight watchers message boards (i didn't weigh in today - maybe tomorrow) this morning and someone was talking about a CoolRunning.com "Couch to 5k Training" program and there's some guy who created a podcast with the different weeks... so, i slapped it on my ipod and did the week 1...

the Week 1 consists of:

Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.

I did the 5 minute warm up.
Then I proceeded to do the 60 second jog and then 90 second brisk walking intervals... made it through 6 of the 60 second jogs, then my body started turning it into 45 second and 30 second and pretty soon my body was doing the cool down when i should've been jogging.

baby steps, my friends. baby steps

April 4, 2007

JogFest 2007

okay - so, i am going to attempt day #2 of JogFest 2007 today. We'll see how it goes.

I know that I have to start getting into a mindset of "i'm doing great - don't stop yet" rather than the "holy hell - i am going to die if i run for 2 more seconds" thoughts that I had on Monday.

I forgot to wear my pedometer (that's filled with misinformation) on Monday - so, along with my ipod, i am going to have to remember that thing. I might want to look into the nike+ipod thing down the road --- alas, it's only for the nano and i've got the kickarse video ipod that was given to me a year ago by some mystery fella who never contacted me :{ he probably doesn't read this anymore and i never knew his name or anything. at least, i think it was a guy.

anyway... i have to make some time to do the jogging thing. My neck is twinged up a little from Monday - as I said, I'm not a strong runner and i probably look like a fat goose flailing her wings whilst moving at a 3.7 mile per hour pace - seriously, my "jog" seemed like it was one step above shuffling my feet.

again, didn't weigh in at the ol' WW today (nor yesterday) - we'll see if i have the time tomorrow - probably not, if i am heading out for JogFest 2007

my friend, The Other Erin and I are going to sign up for another 5k --- gotta figure out which one,

In the meantime - I am going to hit the hay...

all-weather exercise?

ah crap. it's pouring outside... there's no way in hell i am going to attempt to jog. i feel like i am about to fall when it's dry outside, much less, slippery rain-soaked pavement.

thank you, Mother Nature.

i suppose i can push some stuff out of the way in the living room and pop the walking dvd in... we'll see.

it's raining and all i want is a pork roll and cheese sammich.

April 8, 2007


hey all - this is short and sweet...


April 10, 2007


whew - thank gawd (yes. i have been following this story.)

congrats to Larry Birkhead

(like he reads this site... BUT in case he does - I've relisted my annanicolesmithsbabydaddy domains on eBay.)

April 12, 2007


hello and happy wet ass Thursday, folks (okay - actually, when i say "wet ass" i don't "technically" mean a wet buttock or donkey or whatever...) it's effing raining like a banshee here - this just doesn't help me when i have a convertible that needs to air itself out (it's not stinky, Phooka just likes to have his top down on at least a weekly basis.)



hey all - gigglechick here... below is an email i got from Wackbag (their spelling errors, not mine, but it's not about that.)...

not for nothing - let me preface this by saying i am not what one would call an "Imus Fan" nor do i think what was said was all that great... BUT... it's effing freedom of speech people (in fact, besides wackbag's Rally - which you should go to - check out April Winchell's write-up on this whole shitstorm [freedom of speech. i can say shit.]

---- AND YES --- i know that it wasn't the government that canned imus...


April 16, 2007


actually, it was the doorbell. anyway - it was fed ex (i was in the middle of getting changed and had no pants on... NO, this isn't the beginning of a Penthouse Forum letter.. i didn't open the door all the way.)

so i open the box (well, first i threw on a pair of sweatpants) and it's a verrrry cool packaging - it's a black box that has "Picture this..." on the front with a pair of hands that is framing a silhouette of a camera...

flip the flap open and there's a photo of the back of a camera with a really crisp image and it reads "Picture vivid, colorful images"

flip the flap and it's a profile pic of the camera that says "Picture never missing a shot"

flip. flap. (a lot of flaps, eh?) and it's a frontal photo of a Nikon camera and it says "Picture incredibly sharp detail"

flippity-flappity.and there's a box inside with a picture of a lens on it and it reads "Picture yourself..." and there are 4 holes on the right side of the box and instructions "Insert fingers and turn over."

box lid comes off - under which reads "...with a new Nikon D80 in your hand."

and inside the box is a framed mirror and on it is a sticker that says "You're looking at a new D80 shooter."

hey! that's ME in the mirror!!!? What the!?!?

Oh, wait, there's more - let me pull out this sheet explaining what the hell's going on...

Dear Erin, We're happy to write to you today to let you know that Nikon has selected you to be one of the recipients of a Nikon D80 digital SLR camera

SWEET! okay i've read the whole thing and it's a loaner for 6 months - which is fine. I've been wanting to get a new camera recently... I mean, i loved my canon digital elph thing - but i've had him since 2004. I love the teeny aspect of that camera, but, i actually have been toying with the idea of something a little better...

Sooooooooooooooo... I should be getting this camera in the mail from Nikon in a few days. Very excited.

What do I have to do? well, I'll be chatting with y'all about it and also slapping up photos on here... Which, I haven't been doing much of lately anyway - i mean, i have the fotki site with my pics and have my flickr account. I rarely use flickr (I might hunker down and post the new pics on there)

I suppose I will be taking more photos of "stuff" rather than posed pictures of folks in the bars. Heck, I have so many things down here near the beach (or, for youse folks up dere in north jersey, "the shore") amongst other things... perhaps more mini pics :}

Anyway - just wanted to give y'all a heads up that there'll most likely be a bunch of photos soon.

Also on the agenda, I am swamped as hell with work and also need to update my company site, but I need to fiddle with this blog's layout. Something about it is annoying the heck out of me.

ONE OTHER THING: it's Beri's 12th birthday (my pup) of course, she went a little nuts last night partying without my knowledge... see, she got into the garbage and UNTIED the bag... no holes. just untied it... i have no idea. anyway, there was an old package of bacon that was in there for 2 days... apparently, from the CSI evidence which was an empty pack of bacon on the floor, she ate old bacon - between 3 and 5 slices. She's kinda not feeling that keen this morning because she didn't eat her regular Cesar dog food. bacon thief. old stinky raw bacon thief.



to Mauritania.

why? here's a simple explanation...

[i've gotta digest my double quarter pounder with cheese and 18 chicken mcnuggets now.]

I NEED DANCE LESSONS (but not for a while)

okay - i wish i was at their weddings...

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April 17, 2007


doorbell rang again this morning... again, it was FedEx.

i had pants on this time.

The Nikon D80 SLR digital camera that Nikon is loaning me for 6 months is now safely in my hands... (actually Nikon hired PR firm, MWW Group to set this whole thing up - and i am happy they chose me to participate)



seriously (it also came with the 18-135mm lens which is absolutely stunning.)

i've been reading the manual and tooling around with it (i've got work to do today, but definitely need to get out there and take some snaps)

i did take a few test shots and holy crow, so crisp! the zoom is fantastic. i'm serious about this so far, i am smitten and it's only been an hour.

April 18, 2007


well, i started snapping a few photos with the new Nikon D80 --- still getting my bearings with it (and also will be taking them up on their offer of a half hour training session on it)

in the meantime - here's some of beri, me, and spring lake beach & boardwalk (MORE here on flickr)

Click on the thumbnails here to see the larger (crisper) photos:






April 19, 2007


well, my dad went in this morning because his carotid artery on the left side was 95% blocked. so i've been in the hospital since 8am and just got back a few minutes ago.

he came through very well.

see, he's got to get his hip replaced and about a month ago they were doing the pre-op testing and found the artery was clogged. soooooo... rather than him having a stroke, he got the carotid cleaned out.

coincidentally, my aunt had HER hip replaced 2 days ago.
she's doing well, too.

April 20, 2007


here are all of the photos from today... and a couple singled out:




April 23, 2007


just a couple of thoughts....

1] Alec Baldwin is my hero. I am sick of hearing about how parents need to pussyfoot around. when he says "straighten you out" - good. she's an 11 (or 12) year old kid. i know when i was that age i was starting to get a bit of an attitude (it didn't reeeeeeeeally blossom till i was 15) but all of these folks who are saying he's dangerous and has rage issues and should go to parenting classes, jeezuz. knock it off. i'm actually for people bringing the Belt and Wooden Spoon back into play (note: i am not a parent... and the more i watch SuperNanny, the more my uterus cowers in the corner with anxiety attacks. but i'll be damned if a personal voicemail to my future kid gets aired and they're burning me in effigy. believe me, IF i have a kid, i am pretty much willing to bet the farm that there will be some verbal fights... it's in my blood - sort of a tradition through the generations)

2] Donald Trump is a tool - I had been a fan of The Apprentice since the beginning... alas, THIS season tanked and the finale tonight was pathetic... actually, i didn't care about one single contestant the entire season... i don't care if he had fireworks. the jackhole needs to shut his pie hole... OR i suggest Alec Baldwin head over there and straighten Trump out. You're Fired? Hell no. Always Be Closing.

3] Virginia Tech. I'm still saddened over this and wish I was a Hokie instead of a University of the Arts Art-vark (yes. we were the Art-varks.)

4] Reality Show... as I stated in #2 (appropriate number for the topic) I thought the Apprentice was gawd-awful. ON THE OTHER HAND - tuesday nights at 10pm - my NEW favourite show is Deadliest Catch

and, on that note, i need to pass out.

April 24, 2007

i'm a little off-kilter

Manasquan Inlet

April 25, 2007

my D80 hoop dreams

hoop. there it is.

have i mentioned recently how smitten i am with the Nikon D80 SLR camera that is on loan to me through Nikon's "Picture This" Program?

click the image and then view the "all sizes" - the original size photo is amazing - you can totally see the fibers in the shot. really neat.

well... he dances better than me.

April 26, 2007

blogger awards

well, for some reason, somehow, someone nominated me for blogger awards. well, i can only hope for 3 or more votes :} personally, i don't see why because the past year i've been lax when it comes to my site. so, thanks.

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April 27, 2007


sooooooooo... i was talking to my friend cathy today - haven't yapped with her in a while - in fact, i haven't seen her since last july. anyway, her birthday is June 24th - which is 3 days after mine...

when i was speaking with her she'd mentioned that it was a milestone birthday for her (i'm only going to be 37) and that she was thinking of hightailing it to scotland by herself but then we had an idea --- how about she and i trek to Maine for our birthday weekend!?!

so, i think we're going to look around - see what the rates are for bar harbor or wherever.


i want a lobster roll.

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